Wednesday 30 June 2004

Davids Diary am Back in

David's Diary


10.30 am. Back in the studio after a late night (2 am) trip back from the Albert Hall, watching G3. Well worth it. The show in the BIC in Bournemouth on Sunday, which I also saw, was workmanlike, but not wondrous. Perhaps the building, perhaps the audience, perhaps the artists. I hear they are planning to knock the venue down and start again. I would suggest that having a venue that is designed as one large bar, with a concert attached might not be the future.

No such problems with the Albert Hall. Not always the place for rock shows, but the peaks of this show were sheer genius.  I took my 14 year old son, and keen guitarist, to his first major concert. It will be a long while before he betters it.

The format/venues/audiences are challenging for soundscapes. It will be interesting how these evolve over the tour.  Perhaps a trigger for another step change – as with the tour to Argentina, or the performances at the Festival Hall.

Before the show, Robert suggested that if DGM does not move to the next level, perhaps we should stop at the end of the year. It is difficult to describe the relief with which I hear those words. Not that I expect to be stopping.

1.30pm. Wrestling with music that I do not understand. It is fascinating how, throughout one's musical life, the music that is really exciting is the music that is slightly beyond you. I am rearranging a tune called « Count Your Blessings » - perhaps familiar to a soul or two as it was covered by Camilla's Little Secret, as once sold on the DGM"mso-spacerun: yes">  When I wrote the song, the chord progression fascinated me, sufficiently to drive a powerful tune. To my current ears, it seems hackneyed. So I wrestle with notes that are always just beyond my control. What if Bartok had written the harmonies, or or…Flying by your underpants with nothing but a semblance of good taste to stop you spinning into oblivion. And the results are sublime.

2.30pm. One consequence of the « Missing Sid » is that I must again accept the helm of the DGM site. So music stops for the day.