27 January 2017

Wild Horses

Woah! Thus far this year has felt a little like a bareback ride amongst a herd of galloping wild horses. Difficult to lead from the front when you are fighting to keep up with the herd. Which means that life continues much as normal.


What practical news can I give from the various spheres of my life? The Website. This has finally begun to bed down and the dreaded “server unavailable” message is gradually becoming a distant nightmarish memory. We have yet to start populating all the pages, but the foundations of the building feel more sturdy. I wrote yesterday to the web developers, saying that we might finally be able to draw breath and concentrate on some of the finer details that remain outstanding…only to completely countermand that order today, requesting that we should now please add ticketing to the website. Those wishing to purchase “The King Crimson Royal Package” for the forthcoming shows should shortly be able to do so on these very pages. And what will I get, you may well wonder. Early entry, insights into DGM and King Crimson from yours truly, a Q&A with one of the band members, a programme signed by all the band, a T-shirt, a laminate, a great seat. How could anyone refuse such a package?!


And when not planning such delights, there is the small matter of the logistics of the new eight-headed wonder beast, and which cities and venues they may visit - not to mention a string of releases to make even the most dispassionate fan salivate into his beard. I shall not give the game away, suffice to say that, in addition to other announcements already made on the site, we are planning a new live release from this band, and yes, another Xmas boxed set.


All of which might be simple enough, if my family and I were not also relocating to Bredonborough, so that Robert and I can once again be within walking distance. We were meant to exchange to sell our house on the 3rd January (after protracted negotiations of nearly six months) – and our buyer changed their mind. They had already demanded once that we lower the price, perhaps they were angling to do it again, an immoral practice which seems all too common these days. So we put it back on the market, and have another buyer. One day you are packing up your home of 20 years and moving, the next day you are not. And then you are. Maybe. A horrible rollercoaster, and even worse for my long-suffering wife.


Time to catch up with those horses again.