09 November 2017

long time, no see.

when i was 18 or 19, i got into a fender bender which left me on the 
hook for the car i dented.  i had no insurance, no money, and no clue.  
i was naïve, unsophisticated, and an easy mark.  my antagonist was
unsympathetic and i was intimidated.  since i felt the obligation to pay my debt,
i sold the only thing of value i had - a 1971 black Les Paul Custom.  
it was sold to David Surcamp (ex of Pavlov’s Dog) for a song;
he was the only guy i knew who had money and he got the
deal of the century.  the guitar has since made in into the hands of a man 
i’ve known for 40 years, local to the area music scene.   
today, my friend Kurt told me the guitar might be up for sale.  
i called the owner and spoke with him about it for a while.  in a chance meeting, 
i saw the guitar earlier this year at Gibson where Kurt works repairing the
instruments of endorsees & civilians (Gibson Seattle is very good about this).
i'm sad to say that this poor guitar has not been treated well in the 40-ish years since
we last met.  it was a bit heartbreaking.  nevertheless i’m interested, and asked that as a
courtesy i be given the first right of refusal.  or acceptance.
so, i’ll meet up with my old guitar early next week.  if i decide to go for it,
even if it’s trashed, i could pull a Ronson and just remove the finish.  we’ll see...