30 October 2018

effort was rewarded

i was readying to post my report of the first performances in bournemouth, but there's been a change of plans:
recently, i was interviewed for a japanese music-website in advance of our shows there next month.  i spoke in my usual american-english which was then translated into japanese for the website (duh).  now, presented here, for the first time anywhere, is a first glimpse at some of the wisdom of Reef Lin, re-translated into english, courtesy of the google machine.  much better than the original.
Bill Reef Lin, who was in charge of mixing and downing this work, hits drums in 2015 and is in charge of keyboards this time.  I got the opportunity to interview that building. Reef Lin.  Bill was extremely white about Meltdown - Live in Mexico...
Whether you go to the 2017 tour, the first leg this time, or wherever you go, is Bill san, can you enjoy the tour himself?
Well, when I start complaining, I do not have a rash (laugh). Honestly, there are more people who are more difficult than enjoyable things. But our thoughts are one and it is very simple, but do your best every time. It follows this….From time to time, you can experience dreamlike exhilaration….
...I think music is "to listen on my belly". Do you understand? It is not music if you do not come and get it on your belly...I want to rock from the bottom of my belly with music. I want to tremble. So I also wanted this work to make it look like nature and body trembling. Also, I also like the messy...part, so I dare dare to leave that element a bit... For example, if you do not have your hair cut for a while, it is just the place to make you think that it is time to go cutting it. I like a bit of disorder and irresistible feeling of control (laugh)….Personally, I think that this time star is Tony Levin. So I tried raising the base to the point where I could forgive. To tell the truth, the base of the first mix was bigger than this. It can be said that it was big like an idiot….
...If you made a mistake, that mistake was a good mistake. I feel like I said "I made a mistake now, I could not have thought of myself", I will try to use it from the next. Mistakes with high utility are appreciated.
Positive thinking?
It is not always the case though. Many mistakes are tragedies (laugh)….
...There are days when the set list is perfect and it flows surprisingly smoothly. There are days when set lists are difficult to avoid and there are tremendously long feelings.
It is totally out of my mind.
That's right. It means that it is a member of King Crimson. It is totally safe.
By the way, it is a small story, but the moment when the "Epitaf" Melotron enters. I have listened to fans for decades and I remember their timing and so on with my body. It's just that the timing when you flush the Merotron. I feel a sense of chilling back. Does one who is playing also have a stain on your body?
Yeah, when you play, you say that you can become a King Crimson, I want to play the Crimson that I know as it is, so I am making efforts to acquire techniques accompanying it. I am glad that you said so. Effort was rewarded.
Although I can not talk, David Bowie's tribute song "Heroes" is included. Were you a fan too?
Of course. His works are very important, and none of the albums are wonderful.
In the early 1980's, the album "Discipline" was released. That is in my opinion the most radical (innovative) and iconic (idol) work in the world. Prior to that, such a work did not exist in this world. It is no exaggeration to say that the vocabulary of music was rewritten by that album. No matter how loudly I say it, I can not overdid it. It's extraordinarily big, but it's truly amazing that one commercial rock band has done it. It 's very difficult to do "doing something different from the past", but doing it with "music that people want to listen to" it is possible.
By the way, is it true that you were a Crimson linap researcher?
Am I? I think that is wrong information. I have not studied anything….
In the year 2015, you hit the drums, and this time you will be in charge of the keyboard. This is a very rare thing.
I will make you laugh. But that is the way King King Crimson operates...
Do you have anything you are looking forward to?
Food! Especially ramen is my favorite food, this time to miso ramen to pork bone ramen .... Oh pleasure. There is a corn in Hokkaido, do not you? I also like it, put the garlic into the pig bone!
Can you please give me a message at the end?
Of course. Hello to everyone in Japan! Those of you who first knew about King Crimson for the first time, please visit the concert by all means. We will make everyone happy with beautiful music.