Apollo Glasgow United Kingdom

This Track is no longer available at the moment, but will be part of Mr Stormy's Monday Selection Volume 8 His Seventh year of treasures from the murky, cavernous DGM archives, are now available in Full Flac Fidelity

In December 2014 on a DGM Live guestbook visitor,Whiskey Vengence wrote, "In the liner notes (of the Starless box) it’s mentioned that the only mix available of the Glasgow performance of "The Night Watch" has the Zurich solo edited in, and as such that’s how it’s presented on the box. But, the DGM Live download of Glasgow apparently has the entire performance without the Zurich edit. Will there be some way for fans who bought the box to get the unedited version of that particular song in the near future?"

One month later, Mister Stormy has descended into the vaults and retrieved the track and made it available.
The Night Watch
Written by Jonathan Meyers
Thank You Mr. Fripp
As a young King Crimson fan, I haven’t been exposed to Robert Fripp’s masterpieces for more than a few years. So far, this song (The Night Watch) is one of my all-time favorites by Crimson, (I made a top ten list for my graphic design class and "The Night Watch" was number ten on my list of "top 10 prog rock songs"). I am so happy Mr. Fripp gave us this song as a freebie, only God knows how many times I have listened to this wonder already. Thanks again! :-D
Written by Thomas Butler
Small pleasure, great joy.
Thanks for this jewel to add to our collection. Love the unhurried solo. Though the commercial value is only a few pennies, this small gift to us to brighten a day is priceless.
Written by Conner Hammett
Thanks so much for making this available, guys! Great to hear the unedited version after all these years. And you’re welcome for the help on the show notes, Sid. :p
Written by Roger Sañé
Has anyone noticed that the part before the patch sounds the same? Not the instrumental introduction, just the verse that begins with "Shine, shine...". I mean, in the "Starless" versions, the part from 1:31 to 2:07 of the Glasgow show (and this download), compared to 1:19-1:55 of the Zurich show. I think that happens with earlier versions too. Can anyone compare them and notice any diferences between the verses?