I had only learned about KC and Robert in the year before the show, and was excited to see the musician behind the magic that I'd missed out hearing when it was fresh and new, all of 6-12 years previous, at an age when that seemed like a VERY long time. I think I only heard about the opener when I got there, but recognized Adrian's name from long scrutiny of the first Zappa album that I'd bought. Gaga's lineup doubled Adrian - he was the drummer, via tape. I remember that Robert came out to watch Adrian and Gaga. Later, Adrian came out to watch Robert and LoG. We were a serious audience, sitting on the floor, and we were flabbergasted when Robert insisted "This is a dance band. Stand up and Dance!". I remember loving the energy of both bands - very frantic energy from LoG with Barry's organ and the fast picking. Still a favorite memory!