7th Note San Francisco United States

7th Note San Francisco United States

Performing for the first of two nights before a sell-out crowd in San Francisco’s 7th Note, the ProjeKct Four crew are a little tired but on devilishly good form.

With P4 you’d often get the musical equivalent of four seasons in one day - sunny climes, frosty sleet and everything in between. The transition from the opening ferocious blast of Ghost into a strangely undulating Heavy ConstrucKtion is seamless. Yet once the main theme has been sounded, things veer off the beaten track, a charge that is led by Mastelotto and supported the sub-sonic salvos of Levin’s bass.

Fripp’s manically angular soloing over the shifting beats during shows a remarkable tenacity in pursuing the notes however much the rhythmic terrain around him shifts and alters. It’s interesting to contrast this with Gunn’s more reflective approach tames the unruly mood.

Interestingly the duet between Levin and Gunn is perhaps more full-blooded than any of the Two Sticks duets they performed whilst in the Double Trio and the intro into Seizure is a great example of players thinking on their feet, as Pat’s rhythms kick in a touch faster than Levin expected. After the thumpingly good stuttering shunt of Seizure,

Bass is definitely the place in the second half of this gig with Ghost 3 especially interesting. Whilst the bass duets between Fripp and Levin had often been jokey in nature on previous occasions, tonight in San Francisco there’s a ruminative, immersive feel to their circling of each other. When Gunn comes in with a contrasting high register roar of the Warr, it’s startling stuff.

Taken from the KCCC 7 mixed by Pat Mastelotto and Chris Murphy, this download comes with Vrooom which had been omitted from the KCCC edition. Vrooom has now been restored and is presented here mixed directly from the ADATS by David Singleton and Alex Mundy.
Heavy ConstruKction
Light ConstruKction
Deception Of The Thrush
Ghost Pt III


Written by Cameron Devlin
P4 distilled to its best parts, but maybe less exploratory than other evenings
P4 follows possibly their worst set 2 nights previously in Portland with an incredible last gasp(s) at San Fran's 7th Note. It's easy to see why, after listening to all the P4 gigs, why these two evenings were chosen to piece together the "Roar Of P4" Collectors Club release from, with much of it recognisable from this evening in particular. P4 takes all that they have learnt and discovered across the previous 5 nights and delivers it with confidence and ease, an incredible feat given that some of these pieces didn't exist at all at the start of the run. Heavy & Light ConstruKction - which in previous gigs felt leaden and forced - find their feet here to dramatic effect. Seizure has developed into a replicable track and presumably only didn't make it to Crimson proper due to Levin's exit. Perhaps most exciting that is unique to this show is Ghost Part III taking on the themes of ProjeKct One's remarkable 1 ii 4, to significantly less success in my view, but it's fun to hear a new take on this "Trio" level moment of musical synergy, perhaps standing as the ProjeKcts most successful 5 minutes as a whole across all six versions (though I am yet to hear a note of ProjeKct 6). Of all the P4 shows (and I've listened to the following one already to be sure I can say this), this is probably the best overall and gets the only perfect rating of the run. Whilst it doesn't have the sense of discovery that the Richards On Richards show had, it provides at least the 2nd best versions of all of these themes and gives us 12 minutes of extremely solid semi-improv in Ghost Part III. If there's one P4 show to download, this is the one. If there's two, it's this one and the Richards On Richards show. If there's three, it's those two plus the following show at the 7th Note... and if you've downloaded all of those you may as well get the whole tour.
Written by José Francisco Correa Caro
Wrong artwork
The concert is excellet but the artwork is wrong.