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King Crimson

King Crimson

King Crimson

King Crimson

King Crimson

King Crimson

King Crimson


 out of 5 stars5 out of 5 stars5 out of 5 stars5 out of 5 stars5 out of 5 stars5 out of 5 stars6 out of 5 starsTango chords   October 26, 2011
Written by casenave

...and you can hear the (very) final chords which are a kind of homage to Tango. Remember that KC reincarnated in Buenos Aires in 1994...

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Fan Review
Do yourself a favour   Sun., Mar 10, 2013
Posted by: jeremykeens
The title of this review is Australian Rock Music Press ikon Molly Meldrumís signature phrase. And you would be mad not to buy all four of these shows for a mere $20 (or a bit more for Read more

Fan Review
   London, London, United Kingdom   January 07, 1974
Posted by: johnnypro
this heals my soul Read more

Fan Review
Lovely   Sat., Mar 9, 2013
Posted by: myshadow
Now we have around five minutes of music from Starless And Bible Black, and these ístudiesí are lovely.  I too, am amazed these werenít added to the 40th anniversary edition.  I know, often artists feel that the final takes are Read more

Fan Review
Last show? Miniature perfect   Sat., Mar 9, 2013
Posted by: jeremykeens
This is the last soundscape available, and for that reason (mainly) I bought it. It would make sense to have these three Japan shows available as a set: they are relatively short compared to some other ones that are Read more

Fan Review
Immensely beautiful   Wed., Mar 6, 2013
Posted by: orrason
A real gem this one. Outstandingly beautiful, I wish more of these ... Read more

Fan Review
Breathtaking   Tue., Mar 5, 2013
Posted by: microbunny
This should have been part of the 40th Anniversary release. Astoundingly beautiful to hear it stripped down like this... Read more

Fan Review
Beauty   Mon., Mar 4, 2013
Posted by: fhc339835
It is so wonderful! Pure beauty. Read more

Fan Review
Yayyyy!   Mon., Mar 4, 2013
Posted by: snufkin
No offense to the Vicar, but I missed these precious Crimso nuggets. Thanks for the return of the Mighty Crim! Read more

Fan Review
Great music and a small correction   Sat., Mar 2, 2013
Posted by: th6640c
Really like this CD. A small thing, but itís spelled Champaign-Urbana. Read more

Fan Review
Happy to finally have this!   Mon., Feb 25, 2013
Posted by: cuicawrangler
I missed out on the CD release, so this FLAC version is most welcomed. Crimsonís ideas and sketches, particularly from this era, are so rich and musical that they make great listening even in unfinished Read more

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King Crimson
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