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The Vicar's Diary       Fri., May 22, 2015
To stream, or not to stream: that is the question: Whether it serves music better to suffer The slings and arrows of outraged fans, Or to take arms against a sea of vested interests, And by Read more

Spotlight Review
The Vicarage   Winterbourne under Lyme, Wiltshire, United Kingdom    December 03, 2012
Posted by: Bakullama
10cc meets Queen meets Wolfman Jack?  Someone had a grand time mixing this! Read more

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Fan Review
Well OK.   Thu., Dec 6, 2012
Posted by: Bakullama
10cc meets Queen meets Wolfman Jack?  Someone had a grand time mixing this! Read more

Fan Review
Tasty Previews...   Tue., Nov 20, 2012
Posted by: TheNightWatcher
This is absotively, posilutely a tasty preview of unbelievabubbly beauty! I have been cherishing these songs since yesterday, and boy, not only are they pieces of wonder, but theyíre growers as Read more

Fan Review
So where do I get the album?   Fri., Feb 11, 2011
Posted by: HarrySpade
Iíve been enjoying these samples and freebies over the last few years, and this download is piquing my interest in the entire album. I love the strings and harmonized vocals. Read more

Fan Review
All 3 tracks highly recommended   Sat., Nov 17, 2007
Posted by: dangelus
Not only you get three arrangements of this fine tune, but also a different contribution from The Guitarist everytime. Have you got more versions of Tantalyzing Eyes? Read more

Fan Review
All 3 tracks higly recommended!   Sat., Nov 17, 2007
Posted by: dangelus
Read more

Fan Review
Take a quick breaker....   Fri., Nov 16, 2007
Posted by: adbass
A lovely little improv (I suppose). Plaintive, insistent, urgent. Iíve being playing it more or less continuously since I downloaded it this morning. Thanks for this wonderful freebie. Read more

Fan Review
Camilla   Wed., Feb 28, 2007
Posted by: sergegirard
This song is also on "Camillaís Little Secret" which is full of this kind of stuff! Excellent and worth buying but very hard to find. Read more

Fan Review
   Salisbury, Wiltshire, United Kingdom   February 21, 2007
Posted by: Crimsoid
I think that Robert Fripp aka Bobby Willcox have a great fun while recording this cheerful song. To be honest, this hauntingly beautiful solo gives me more hope than ProjeKct 6 Read more

Fan Review
Once again a little masterpiece   Thu., Feb 22, 2007
Posted by: Stahlhofen
Well it seems we have missed a musical talent all the time. This song is a little masterpiece. I really like the guitarwork of this unknown guy Bobby Wilcox. It seems that he has learned his guitar lessons very Read more

Fan Review
You do something to me   Sun., Feb 11, 2007
Posted by: albemuth
This little song caught me by surprise.  I enjoyed the Vicarís earlier tickle but this one really captured my heart, somehow.  It does not happen often that I find myself hankering for a song and have to Read more

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