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King Crimson

King Crimson

King Crimson

King Crimson

King Crimson

King Crimson

King Crimson

King Crimson


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Robert Fripp's Diary       Mon., Aug 25, 2014
08.42 Cottage Quite Acceptable, Woodstock. In the first part of NightWorld, with Greg Lake: attempting to perform In The Wake Of Poseidon live with pre-recorded backing tracks, which wouldn’t quite load or Read more

Press Comment Sunday Times
Jazz Cafe   London, England    December 01, 1997
’Since 1992 it has again been possible to discuss without whispering the music of 1969-1976," writes King Crimson’s Robert Fripp in the sleeve notes to the recently Read more

Spotlight Review
Olympic Sound Studios   London, London, United Kingdom    July 11, 1974
Posted by: sergegirard
Great! Love to hear more of those isolated guitar tracks. Serge Read more

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Fan Review
Kimmel center   Mon., Sep 15, 2014
Posted by: oaklandraiders
Saw the concert at Phila. Kimmel on the 12th. of Sept. -Mind blowing-one of the best concerts ever, and I have been to a lot of shows over the Read more

Fan Review
Great!!!   Sun., Sep 14, 2014
Posted by: hawling
Probably something that will annoy the young ’uns who probably don’t even realise this could be annoying or a poor way to appreciate a show. At least in the old days tapers had to be discrete and there may have been Read more

Fan Review
I Agree   Sat., Sep 13, 2014
Posted by: RonToon
Was happy to read that there wasn’t a report of one cell phone being used during the Albany shows. Bravo Albany. Let’s hope the other cities, including hometown Chicago, extend the same Read more

Fan Review
Great   Fri., Sep 12, 2014
Posted by: Luminol
I was so happy to hear this the first night of the tour in Albany. Its about time someone said this. The cell phone generation has ruined more than a few shows for Read more

Fan Review
clapping   Tue., Sep 9, 2014
Posted by: jedzxor
I’d like to hear a version with just the drums and without all that infernal clapping. ruined the sing for me. Read more

Fan Review
Tremendous   Tue., Sep 9, 2014
Posted by: microbunny
Extremely interesting to hear this in isolation.  Many of these unheard parts would make for a fantastic alternate remix of this track.  Wondering as well if there are any alternate takes, as it would Read more

Fan Review
Lacks all the guitar parts!   Mon., Sep 8, 2014
Posted by: reinisp
It was pleasurable overall but I cannot give five stars because it lacks my favourite guitar part - the high climbing guitar notes during the first part of each Read more

Fan Review
On repeated listening   Mon., Sep 8, 2014
Posted by: myshadow
By the time I listened to this for the fourth time, I am increasingly impressed by the layers of guitar that form one of the densest tunes on the album.  For a person who was within weeks of disbanding the Read more

Fan Review
A*W*E*S*O*M*E   Mon., Sep 8, 2014
Posted by: Radiolux
Awesome 7 minutes One More Red Nightmare Fripp solo version. Ten stars ! Read more

Fan Review
Absolutely stunning   Mon., Sep 8, 2014
Posted by: myshadow
This is certainly worth the wait for a new tickle.  Thank you for sharing this. Read more

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