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    The Fenix    Seattle, WA

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Written by BTWilson

It is my pleasure to review this show, 13 years after the fact.  With all that has passed in that time, it is difficult to recall when these sounds were brand new.  This was before The Power To Believe or ConstruKction Of Light.  Many of the formative motifs of these future KC albums were being bounced around in the ProjeKcts.  It was an exciting time to be a fan. 

I was nursing a bad head cold that night, but nothing was going to prevent me from witnessing this event.  The venue was all decked out for Halloween with mock headstones all around the surrounding balcony.  The room at the Fenix was much more used to the resonance of blues or reggae; I donít think the foundation had ever been shaken quite like this.  How to describe this music?  Whacked!  What kind of mind comes up with these compositions?  Of course, they are not tunes so much as launching points.  I was very excited to see these top-shelf musicians improvise.  Despite loving the Double Trio, they didnít often just lift off (except during Thrak).  Having first come on board with the 80ís KC, I had gradually reached back and grown a serious appreciation for the 73-74 band.  So the prospect of having multiple improv-ready Crim units touring frequently had me drooling. 

This performance did not disappoint.  I was about 2-3 bodies from the stage (standing all night).  It was LOUD.  This was my first real chance to see what Trey & Pat were really up to outside of KC.  Pat was making all kinds of crazy noise and loops and beats and stuff.  The string players would lay out, and it would reveal the coolest groove you can imagine just spinning and morphing and percolating.  Trey was brilliant; some of his lines could have easily sounded like Robertís if you werenít paying attention to who was playing what.  (Witness his always glorious "angel music" at the end of Deception of the Thrush.)  Of course, we all are familiar with the abilities of T-Lev and Mr. Fripp.  But the sheer pleasure to see them up close and personal, obviously having some serious fun while totally shredding was extraordinary.  The smirks and smiles, the telepathic interplay, the gleam in the eyes.  This is still in my top 10 list of shows Iíve seen in the last 35 years (and Iíve seen a lot of different shows...) 

So, what to be said about P4?  It was a moment.  A flame that burned up quickly for itís 10 or 12 days of existence.  But oh how brightly.  The Fenix sadly is no more.  The foundation (obviously weakened by the power of P4) could not take being shaken by the Nisqually Earthquake of 2001.  (At 6.8, Seattleís last big one.)  I canít wait to indulge in the rest of this great 1998 tour... and then delve into 20 shows of P2!

Regards, BT Wilson


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