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Robert Fripp

"Meanwhile, 'Exposure' isn't just a title, it's what the record demands." Nick Kent, NME Reading through some of the press clippings at the time of Exposure's release in 1979, you can tell how surprised and wrong-footed reviewers of the day were by Full bio

New Release Posted: 28 November 2011
WGTB Radio Interview    New York, NY    Jan. 20, 1978
The sequence of interviews conducted around the time of his work on Exposure talks about his work with Peter Gabriel, his thoughts around the Larksí Tongues quintet and its formation, the dissolution of Crimson in 74, and much else

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Unknown    London, london, United Kingdom    Dec. 05, 1977
ďA bit more guitar!Ē says Phil Collins as he prepares to go through another take of what would turn out to be Disengage. Itís a barbed kind of riff which the players are still getting to grips with as John


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Robert Fripp's Diary       Tue., Jun 6, 2006
09.20 Hotel Modesto Acceptable, Exeter. Oh no! Rising at 06.00 on the morning of the Read more

Spotlight Review
WRAS Atlanta   Atlanta, Georgia, USA    July 11, 1979
Posted by: xoconostle
I remember this period well but being Californian hadnít heard this rich interview at the time. Although "Music for Sports" and "Discotronics" werenít released as such, it might be said that "God Save the Queen/Under Heavy Manners" in Read more

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Robert enjoys the local talent in a Pittsburgh bar (Phase 3).



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