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New Theo Travis Album
:: Posted by Sid Smith on Sun., Dec 21, 2014

Speaking to Prog magazine, Theo Travis has revealed details about his forthcoming solo album in 2015. Check out the mag's website for further details. 

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Release Schedule Update
:: Posted by Sid Smith on Sat., Oct 18, 2014
A lot of folks have been asking about the availability of downloads from the last tour. As Mr.Stormy indicated in his reply to a guestbook question earlier this week, there are no downloads of the 2014 tour envisaged at this stage. Jakko Jakszyk is currently listening through all the recordings of the concerts assessing what might be made available for release in the spring of 2015. 

Staying with the 2014 tour, the good news is that the phenomenally successful Elements Of King Crimson tour box will be available for mail order (Inner Knot) and regular retail from November.

The 40th Anniversary Edition of Beat will now also be 2015. While many will be disappointed at the news, the prevailing view is that it's better to have the CD/DVD-A release as good as it possibly could be, and in order to achieve that the release date has been shifted.

Elsewhere, there are plenty of reasons to be cheerful if you’re a Crim fan. Islands is now available on vinyl, as is Fripp & Eno Live In Paris (Inner Knot & Burning Shed), Travis & Fripp Discretion (Inner Knot & Burning Shed).  Of course, if that's not enough then the Starless box (Inner Knot & Burning Shed) set is now available.

Do You Want A Job At Crimson Guitars?
:: Posted by Sid Smith on Fri., Oct 17, 2014
If you want to make the jump to building guitars full-time then check out this video from Ben Crowe at Crimson Guitars. 

Remembering Boz
:: Posted by Sid Smith on Fri., Oct 17, 2014
Earlier this week DGMLive Towers received the following post from site visitor, PigletsDad: “I was in Edinburgh over the weekend with my wife, and we took the bus out to Leith, and walked back to the Botanic gardens along the Water of Leith footpath. Just outside the Malmaison hotel in Leith, on the East side of the river, I found Boz Burrell’s simple but touching memorial.”

The memorial wasn’t something we’d heard about before PigletsDad’s post and a little googling revealed the origins of the memorial itself was something of a mystery as this media item from 2011 indicates.

More inquisitive mouse clicking reveals the memorial, in the shape of a bass clef, was made by sculptor James Parker who reveals that it was commissioned by Boz’s widow, Cath.

You can view the piece on James’ flickr page and these photos taken by Hugh and originally posted on the Black Cat Board.

Discretion Required
:: Posted by Sid Smith on Fri., Oct 17, 2014
There's a review of Discretion, the latest offering from Travis & Fripp, in the latest Edition of The Wire magazine. 

You can grab Discretion from Inner Knot and Burning Shed.

Belew's Tour Dates & FLUX
:: Posted by Sid Smith on Wed., Oct 15, 2014
Adrian Belew's new app, FLUX, will be launched on November 25th. You can read all about Adrian's ongoing FLUX project here. In the meantime, the Adrian Belew Power Trio are about to hit the road to play no less than 41 (yes you read that right) dates during October, November and December. Check out the dates on Adrian's website. 

Wetton & District 97
:: Posted by Sid Smith on Wed., Oct 15, 2014
John Wetton's collaboration with District 97, One More Red Night - Live In Chicago is now out. 

The album is available in record stores (remember those, folks?) as well as all the major online retailers.

On This Date 42 Years Ago
:: Posted by Sid Smith on Mon., Oct 13, 2014
Bill Bruford, David Cross, John Wetton, Robert Fripp and Jamie Muir made their live debut at Frankfurt’s Zoom Club. The event was captured on CD as King Crimson Collectors' Club 20 (now sold out but available as part of The Complete Larks' Tongues In Aspic boxed set) and also available for download here. 

Through The Keyhole
:: Posted by Sid Smith on Mon., Oct 13, 2014
Last night ITV screened an episode of Through The Keyhole which featured Toyah Willcox and a certain rabbit. Though not featured, Robert chronicled the filming in his diary. You can watch the episode here (registration required).

#KC2014 - All About Warfield
:: Posted by Sid Smith on Sat., Oct 11, 2014
John Kelman's review of King Crimson's two nights at the Warfield Theatre is up at All About Jazz. 

On This Day 45 Years Ago...
:: Posted by Sid Smith on Fri., Oct 10, 2014
In The Court Of The Crimson King was released on Friday, 10th October 1969.

"Put all these five guys together and they all seemed to have part of the puzzle in the making of this band, which made it untenable but glorious too."
Stephanie Ruben

The album was released with an endorsement from no less a shaker and mover than Who guitarist Pete Townshend who was asked to endorse the album by EG.  Famously calling the album an “uncanny masterpiece”, Townshend noted: "A friend listening to the album from a room below says, 'Is that a new WHO album?' Deeply I'm ashamed it isn't but I'm also glad somehow. That kind of intensity is music, not Rock."

With just a handful of gigs and their groundbreaking appearance on the stage at Hyde Park, the band were seen by many as The Next Big Thing.  But, now that the album was soon to be public property, there was a sense of anti-climax in some reviews. 

The NME spotted an apparent lack of drive in the material compared to their live performances and in doing so coined a recurring leitmotif that would surface in many subsequent Crimson album reviews over the next thirty years. Less measured was a short piece in International Times, which described it as "the ultimate album" whilst Disc lauded the brilliant mixture of "melody and freak-out, fast and slow, atmospheric and electric". Melody Maker dependably intoned: "This is one you should try to hear."

Rolling Stone, which weeks earlier had gushed about Crimson, signalled that open season was about to begin.  Beginning with something of an own goal, Jonathan Green lamented the lack of musical consistency.  "'Confusion is my epitaph' they sing on ‘Moonchild’ and confusion certainly sums up this album…The confusion comes in the mixture of styles on the LP...The difficulties come through the lack of positive force on the whole LP. The title track in particular is a weak parody of the same number when delivered to a live audience…In judging this LP one must discriminate between their live performance and the result of their time in the studios...Bob Fripp, lead guitarist, admits willingly that the group play for themselves.  Hearing this album, they may well be bored."  Thus began the media's long love/hate relationship with Crimso. 

Your thoughts and observations on King Crimson's debut album are most welcome on the guestbook.

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