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More KC 69 Now Online
:: Posted by Sid Smith on Mon., Feb 13, 2012

You can now nab yourself two vintage bits of Crimso history via DGMLive. First up is the historic Hyde Park gig which helped bring the band to much wider world, and their next-day gig at the Marquee from their legendary run at the London club. Please note both of these gigs (with bonus tracks) are available as part of the King Crimson Collectors' Club series via the mail order shop.

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Fart For Your Rights!
:: Posted by Sid Smith on Mon., Jan 14, 2013
The Vicar has more information about the latest video addition to the website. 

Important Mail Order News
:: Posted by Sid Smith on Mon., Jan 14, 2013
Some changes have been made to the way mail order via the site is fulfilled. Burning Shed are now formally operating a European store for DGM releases, allowing Inner Knot to concentrate on their customers in the US.

Both companies are independent of DGM, and our aim is to co-ordinate worldwide pricing and release dates, avoiding problems we know customers have been having when hard-earned pay is prised from their grasp.

Happy Birthday King Crimson
:: Posted by Sid Smith on Sun., Jan 13, 2013
On this date in 1969... There was much excitement in camp of the as yet unnamed King Crimson.  Why so?  Greg, Bob, Mike and Ian started their very first rehearsal in the basement of the Fulham Palace Road Café.  The venue had been found by Pete Sinfield, who turned up on the 13th with fellow KC roadie (and later tour manager) Dick Fraser at Ian McDonald’s place to collect Mike’s drums.  After that Dick, Pete, Bob and Greg returned to Ian’s to haul the Mellotron off to its new subterranean home and get their first rehearsal in their new space underway.  KC had truly become part of the underground scene!

And speaking of the underground...

In 2011 a Japanese film crew making a documentary about the song The Court Of The Crimson King chose to visit the site of the Fulham Palace Road Café as part of their show. You can read what happened over on the blog. Here's some snaps of the place as it is today. 

Helping celebrate King Crimson's 44th year are two feature articles in major magazine publications.

(thanks to Anthony V Hall for sending in this picture)

Mojo offers an 8-page feature written by Mike Barnes and covers Fripp's time in Crimson as well as his various collaborations.

Prog contains a one-page piece penned by Fripp himself which asks the question What Is King Crimson? This is followed by an 11-page feature written by yours truly and centered around an interview with Robert that  focuses on the years from Court up to Larks' and the creative processes that were at work at the time. You can see some of the magazine spread over on the blog. This is followed by a 4-page appraisal of Giles, Giles & Fripp's Cheerful Insanity album by Lin Bensley, with commentary from Mike and Peter Giles.

So raise a glass of your favourite tipple and toast to the King!

Dgm Shop Discount!
:: Posted by Inner Knot on Fri., Jan 11, 2013
Visit the DGM Shop to check out three new shirts including a vintage-style Larks' Tongue in Aspic. Currently, purchase three shirts and receive a 15% discount (25% for Frequent Fliers).

Bowie's Blast From The Past
:: Posted by Sid Smith on Thu., Jan 10, 2013
My thanks to Albemuth who writes "Spiegel Online has an article called "Back in Berlin, At Least in Spirit" by Kristen Allen, which tells of the understandable excitement Berliners have about Bowie's new single.  The photo at the beginning of the article shows Bowie standing with two of his genius collaborators, whom all of us will recognize!"

Fripps Crisps
:: Posted by Sid Smith on Thu., Jan 10, 2013
Is there no end to Robert Fripp's shameless marketing plans to part people from their hard-earned pay?

My thanks to Michael Peters for the heads-up 

Guitar Circle Goes Red
:: Posted by Sid Smith on Thu., Jan 10, 2013
Currently on a short mini-tour, the Guitar Circle Of Europe have a version of Red online for your enjoyment. The Circle have two more dates where you can see them if you're in the neighbourhood.

10th January.19:30 hs Antikriegshaus Sievershausen
Free admission, Kirchweg 4A, 31275 Lehrte

12th January  20:30 hs Rabotheater Hengelo - Eijsinkzaal
Tickets EUR 15

Where's Levin Now?
:: Posted by Sid Smith on Tue., Jan 8, 2013
David Bowie has released a new single - Where Are We Now? - today and Tony Levin plays bass on it! You can hear it over on Bowie's website

Court Considered
:: Posted by Sid Smith on Tue., Jan 8, 2013
The latest in an occasional series looking at the art work of the KC catalogue has just gone online, and under consideration this time is none other than the first King Crimson album. Read all about it here. 

More Tracks Vicar?
:: Posted by David Singleton on Mon., Jan 7, 2013
Get Your latest Vicar tracks here

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