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More KC 69 Now Online
:: Posted by Sid Smith on Mon., Feb 13, 2012

You can now nab yourself two vintage bits of Crimso history via DGMLive. First up is the historic Hyde Park gig which helped bring the band to much wider world, and their next-day gig at the Marquee from their legendary run at the London club. Please note both of these gigs (with bonus tracks) are available as part of the King Crimson Collectors' Club series via the mail order shop.

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Sultry Scapes
:: Posted by Sid Smith on Wed., Apr 2, 2014
Markus Reuter is releasing a limited edition CD of his opening soundscapes from the current Crimson ProjeKCt tour. You can find out more information here. 

McDonald & Wallace
:: Posted by Sid Smith on Tue., Apr 1, 2014
Ian McDonald is featured in the latest edition of Classic Rock's AOR magazine.

The piece details McDonald's time in the mega-selling band which he joined after relocating to New York after the recording sessions for Red. And here are a couple of photos of Foreigner onstage in 1977 in their little known double-drummer lineup with Dennis Elliot and Ian Wallace on drums.

Perry, Fripp & Eno
:: Posted by Sid Smith on Tue., Apr 1, 2014
Today marks the release of two recently discovered tapes found in the DGMLie archive by Alex Mundy featuring percussionist Frank Perry, Brian Eno and Robert Fripp.

Spiral Of Lo consists of a solo percussion set by Frank Perry recorded at Command Studios in June 1972 during the making of Keith Tippett’s Fripp-produced Blueprint album.

The other session was a solo VCS3 loop by Brian Eno, which hails from the Matching Mole’s Little Red Record sessions, again at Command Studios.  Fripp then overdubbed acoustic and sustained electric passages over both sessions.

They originally formed the backing tracks for The Cosmic Children album, a proposed Fripp collaboration with Walli Elmlark, a New York Journalist and wicca witch, which was never released and whose master tapes have long been lost.  

Side one of The Cosmic Children consisted of Fripp and Elmlark in conversation over the Perry / Fripp backing track, while side two had Elmlark in conversation with well-known London DJ Jeff Dexter as the Fripp and Eno piece played in the background.

Speaking to NME’s Simon Stable in July 1972 Fripp stated: "The function of the album is to reach out to the Children like the drummer from Badfinger, I want to say; ’You’re not nutty, you’re not a freak because you can’t relate to what’s around you…’ "

The album was discussed when Fripp gave an interview with Trouser Press’s Ihor Slabicky in 1978:

RF: The music for it was a 45-second piece by Eno on synthesizer which I did in a way that lasted about 20 minutes. I just repeated it time and time again and cross-faded it in places. Side one has a percussion solo by Frank Perry, who’s a quite remarkable percussion player. But overall it wasn’t a very good album. It certainly wasn’t a commercial one, so it was never released.

Sadly the spoken passages of The Cosmic Children were not part of the cache of tapes found in the DGM tape store in February this year. However, after some careful Mister Stormy restoration work, the separate instrumental tracks by Perry and Eno, along with their Fripp overdubs, are now available here on DGMLie as Spiral Of Lo. You can read my take over on the blog.

The Road To Red At Home 33
:: Posted by Sid Smith on Tue., Apr 1, 2014
When The Road To Red arrived in Dennis Montgomery's home in Olympia, Washington, he couldn't resist putting it next to his Gibson Les Paul...

Dennis liked the box set so much he penned this extensive review here.

King Crimson At The Felt Forum
:: Posted by Sid Smith on Mon., Mar 31, 2014
Today’s download features a hot date with KC74 in New York.

You can download the concert here.

My Red Book
:: Posted by Sid Smith on Fri., Mar 28, 2014
That's the title of the next album by Andrew Keeling and Otherworld which will be available later in the year. You can find more about the release and Robert Fripp's inadvertent role in the album's creation by taking a sneaky peek here

Bill & Yes
:: Posted by Sid Smith on Thu., Mar 27, 2014
Bill Bruford played his last gig with Yes in Boston, Massachusetts on March 27th 1972. They were supported that night by a happening beat combo called King Crimson whose gig is available here.  Bill would go onto record Close To The Edge and, of course, quit Yes for KC once it was completed.

More recently Panegyric have announced the forthcoming reissue of The Yes Album with brand new stereo and 5.1 mixes by Steven Wilson. You can find out more about the CD/DVD-A edition here and the CD/Blu-Ray edition here.

The Road To Red At Home 31 & 32
:: Posted by Sid Smith on Thu., Mar 27, 2014
It's been a while since we had a few The Road To Red At Home pix, so here's two for the price of one. First up here's Clive's package lounging about in Bedfordshire

And because this is the internet, there has to be a cat. Kos, from an undisclosed location somewhere on the planet (presumably), makes it so.

Crimson ProjeKCt Reviews
:: Posted by Sid Smith on Thu., Mar 27, 2014
The Crimson ProjeKCt's recent appearance in London is the subject of two reviews. First up is Minty's track by track assessment and then Jez's ear and eye view over at the Dutch Progressive Rock Pages, where their gig in the Netherlands is also considered. Meanwhile Chris McGarel takes Live In Tokyo for a spin. 

Management Assistant wanted
:: Posted by David S on Wed., Mar 26, 2014

We have just posted an "Assistant wanted" job description on Linkedin - and as we all know that DGMLive is far more "Linked in" than anywhere else, it seems only right to post it here as well.


With the benefits of cut and paste - the advert reads  :


We are seeking an outstanding candidate interested in music management, with a particular focus on marketing and the exciting, fast-changing world of digital media.   
The successful candidate would join our management team, with a brief to expand the reach of the catalogue and the artists – covering, for example, the areas of social media, Youtube, sync licenses, radio, press, sponsorships and personal appearances.

We invite applications from bright, ambitious candidates who share our passion for the arts and who want to pursue a career supporting them.
Relevant educational qualifications are an advantage but not a requirement.

DGM is a small independent company based near Salisbury, UK.  Ideally, candidates would work in our office for an initial period. Thereafter, working at a distance combined with regular meetings in person could be arranged if needed.

The varied role of the winning candidate will include the following tasks :

1. Helping develop a social media strategy and then overseeing this on a daily basis. The candidate would need to be confident in writing postings for Twitter, Facebook and mailing lists

2. Developing and managing relationships with business partners in such key areas as sync licenses and sponsorships.

3. Helping develop and oversee strategies for radio & press.

4. Arranging and overseeing suitable personal appearances.



·                      Strong organizational skills – The ability to co-ordinate and micro-manage a series of diverse initiatives.

·                      Strong communication skills – Phone and face-to-face. Much of the role is about managing relationships.

·                      Good command of the English language :  The ability to create content for social media and e-newletters, as well as communicate clearly and appropriately in written correspondence.

·                      Good technical skills: Confident using all basic Office programmes and online social media applications. Also able to research, learn and adopt appropriate new software.


You should be

·                      Self-motivated : We encourage and support initiative, and are always available to offer advice and encouragement. We do not, however, expect to oversee tasks to ensure that they are completed on time to a high standard.

·                      Diligent and organized with a good attention to detail : We need a candidate to whom we can reliably delegate, confident in the knowledge that items will not be forgotten or overlooked.

·                      Highly personable: A confident, personable individual, with a friendly nature who fits in neatly with our team.

·                      Willing to learn: We are not expecting a candidate with knowledge of all areas. We want a bright individual, who displays a willingness to learn and undertake independent research. The right person will grow and use this role as a great step in their career.


Should there be any interested souls out there, a CV should be dispatched by email, owl or carrier pigeon to indeg @ dgmhq.com (without the spaces). 





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