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Crimson & The Hall Of Fame
:: Posted by Sid Smith on Sun., Feb 26, 2012

My thanks to Tony for alerting me to this piece in Goldmine about KC and the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame. 

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On This Date...1969
:: Posted by Sid Smith on Sat., Apr 5, 2014
Barry Godber had been busy constructing and painting a couple covers to augment Michael Giles' twin bass drums, and on this date in 1969, took them to the basement of the cafe on Fulham Palace Broadway where Crimson were rehearsing.

This is one of the few colour photographs of the fiery eyes adorning the drumkit and was captured when the remnants of the original King Crimson mimed Cat Food on Top Of The Pops. The occasion also marked the last time Godber's augmentation to the kit were seen in public.

Mmm Bacon
:: Posted by Sid Smith on Fri., Apr 4, 2014
My thanks to Neil Forker for this pic. Never mind cigarettes, ice cream, figurines of the Virgin Mary - try this...

I'll Drink To That pt 42
:: Posted by Sid Smith on Fri., Apr 4, 2014
My thanks to Tony Isch for this pic which speaks for itself.

You can order your very own LTIA glass here

Gavin In Print
:: Posted by Sid Smith on Fri., Apr 4, 2014
Gavin Harrison has a new book about to fly off the shelves. Rhythmic Composition features transcriptions of his work on Porcupine Tree material.

Find out more details here.

Fripp & Eno On Vinyl
:: Posted by Sid Smith on Thu., Apr 3, 2014
After our Fripp & Eno April Fool story earlier in the week, the news that this month sees the reissue of classic Fripp & Eno titles on vinyl for the first time in nearly 30 years, is no joke.  Both No Pussyfooting and Evening Star are issued on 200-gram super-heavyweight vinyl from newly cut artist-approved masters. You can pre-order from Inner Knot (No Pussyfooting / Evening Star) or if you’re in Europe, Burning Shed (No Pussyfooting / Evening Star). You can also take a sneaky peek at one of these handsome chaps played over on the blog

It Was On This Date In 1995
:: Posted by Sid Smith on Thu., Apr 3, 2014
Thrak, the eleventh studio album by King Crimson, was released on this date in 1995.

Looking back at the reviews in the press at the time, the reception to the first proper KC album in over ten years was very positive indeed. Mojo observed "While some of Fripp’s bouts of axe mayhem are not recommended for the aurally sensitive, Thrak is a powerful and inspired comeback." Vox magazine reckoned that the album featured KC’s "finest aggregation in ages...it’s simply top-notch King Crimson on sparkling form; the title cut itself blows the competition out of the water".

Even the of Crim skeptic Rolling Stone had only good words for the team concluding in its three-star review that "The potential of King Crimson’s renewal is most fully realized with the grinding close of "VROOOM VROOOM" and its coda, in which the band twists the themes of the opening piece into so much bent metal. It’s the artful abandon of these final moments that bode best for the longevity of this egghead-banging outfit."

What are your memories upon hearing the album for the first time? Who remembers ringing the special telephone number that allowed you to hear snippets of the album down the line? How has the album stood up in the intervening years? Let us know on the guestbook.

OCG's Entrance And Opening
:: Posted by Sid Smith on Wed., Apr 2, 2014
The Seattle Guitar Circle have posted a video of Robert Fripp and the Orchestra of Crafty Guitarists in action last year. Check out the impressive entrance and circulation here. RF and the OCG are playing three dates in the US next month.

Friday May 23 – Bellingham, WA
First Congregational Church of Bellingham
2401 Cornwall Ave
Bellingham, WA 98225
Doors: 7:30pm/Show: 8:00pm
Tickets here Saturday May 24 – Portland, OR
First Congregational United Church of Christ
1126 SW Park Avenue
Portland, OR 97205
Doors: 7:30pm/Show: 8:00pm
Tickets here Sunday May 25 – Seattle, WA
Washington Hall
153 14th Avenue
Seattle WA 98122
Doors: 7:30pm/Show: 8:00pm
Tickets here

Sultry Scapes
:: Posted by Sid Smith on Wed., Apr 2, 2014
Markus Reuter is releasing a limited edition CD of his opening soundscapes from the current Crimson ProjeKCt tour. You can find out more information here. 

McDonald & Wallace
:: Posted by Sid Smith on Tue., Apr 1, 2014
Ian McDonald is featured in the latest edition of Classic Rock's AOR magazine.

The piece details McDonald's time in the mega-selling band which he joined after relocating to New York after the recording sessions for Red. And here are a couple of photos of Foreigner onstage in 1977 in their little known double-drummer lineup with Dennis Elliot and Ian Wallace on drums.

Perry, Fripp & Eno
:: Posted by Sid Smith on Tue., Apr 1, 2014
Today marks the release of two recently discovered tapes found in the DGMLie archive by Alex Mundy featuring percussionist Frank Perry, Brian Eno and Robert Fripp.

Spiral Of Lo consists of a solo percussion set by Frank Perry recorded at Command Studios in June 1972 during the making of Keith Tippett’s Fripp-produced Blueprint album.

The other session was a solo VCS3 loop by Brian Eno, which hails from the Matching Mole’s Little Red Record sessions, again at Command Studios.  Fripp then overdubbed acoustic and sustained electric passages over both sessions.

They originally formed the backing tracks for The Cosmic Children album, a proposed Fripp collaboration with Walli Elmlark, a New York Journalist and wicca witch, which was never released and whose master tapes have long been lost.  

Side one of The Cosmic Children consisted of Fripp and Elmlark in conversation over the Perry / Fripp backing track, while side two had Elmlark in conversation with well-known London DJ Jeff Dexter as the Fripp and Eno piece played in the background.

Speaking to NME’s Simon Stable in July 1972 Fripp stated: "The function of the album is to reach out to the Children like the drummer from Badfinger, I want to say; ’You’re not nutty, you’re not a freak because you can’t relate to what’s around you…’ "

The album was discussed when Fripp gave an interview with Trouser Press’s Ihor Slabicky in 1978:

RF: The music for it was a 45-second piece by Eno on synthesizer which I did in a way that lasted about 20 minutes. I just repeated it time and time again and cross-faded it in places. Side one has a percussion solo by Frank Perry, who’s a quite remarkable percussion player. But overall it wasn’t a very good album. It certainly wasn’t a commercial one, so it was never released.

Sadly the spoken passages of The Cosmic Children were not part of the cache of tapes found in the DGM tape store in February this year. However, after some careful Mister Stormy restoration work, the separate instrumental tracks by Perry and Eno, along with their Fripp overdubs, are now available here on DGMLie as Spiral Of Lo. You can read my take over on the blog.

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