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McDonald & Shakespeare
:: Posted by Sid Smith on Tue., Feb 14, 2012

My thanks to Brian Thomson for sending me the news that Ian McDonald will be providing the music at an all-star benefit reading of Hamlet in New York this month.  

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On This Date 41 Years Ago
:: Posted by Sid Smith on Wed., Apr 29, 2015
King Crimson stepped out onto the stage at Pennsylvania's Stanley Theatre 41 years ago and played a blinder of a set before a lively crowd. My thanks to Stan Kos for sending in this photograph of the building today, now known as The Benedum Centre For The Performing Arts.

Back in 1974,  Keith Webber was at thee gig and recalls "KC shared the bill with Robin Trower. Both groups put on a great show. Bill Bruford was amazing. Fripp didn't seem like a happy-camper due to the audience being so loud on a couple of songs. Wetton was alright but didn't compare or come close to Lake's vocals on original 1969 King Crimson songs they did that night."

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette offered this review: "King Crimson managed to sell out the Stanley Theatre with ease, putting on at least the second best show of the week. King Crimson, the grandaddy of progressive rock, put out albums five years ago that the rest of the world is just catching up to now, and spawned either by influence or ex-members most of the progressive stuff flying through the airwaves now.

The show was basically an aural experience, without the benefit or frills of dramatic visuals, and it featured even more free-form, synthesized way-out warpings than is usually associated with Crimson. The show ranged from the ethereal to some heavy undulating electronics, sharpened by David Cross' violin and John Wetton's choking vocals. The act had an outer space feel to it, underlined by a sometimes hard use of synthesizers."

By way of highlighting the unrelenting glamour of life on the road at the time, here's Robert's diary for the day.

(The day began in Columbus, Ohio).

Arose, with difficulty, 10.20  D.E. 'phoned from N. York: he'll stay there to work instead of joining us in Pittsburgh. Exercises and pack.

11.15 Restaurant. Stamp mail. JW joins.
11.40 Practise.
Room: crimson carpet; red patterns on curtains & bed covers; fawn walls; 2 pictures of antique cars.
12.10 Lobby.
12.45 Airport. BB rushes off & leaves DC with cases (as I do!). DC gives him the word. I begin to go through security at the wrong gate.
13.20 Take-off.
13.55 Land at Pittsburgh. Taxis to Hilton.
14.40 Shave.
15.15 Sleep.
15.30 Awoke & shower.
16.00 Snack & coffee. Uptight for leaving early - snap at Dik.
16.30 Lobby. Taxis to gig. Buy "Old Straight Track" opp. in cheap bookshop. Change strings & lose little screwdriver. Snap at Dik. Barbara told me yesterday she carried a ouijii board in the back of her car; crashing by predetermination. Today she offered me her board.
New music at soundcheck. I have doubts.
18.30 Return to hotel. Barbara cut my hair short.
19.40 Practise.
20.00 Prepare.
20.20 Lobby.

Recording for the King Biscuit hour. I played v. badly. Brought down - couldn't talk to anyone. Back to hotel with Barbara & PW. I walked to White Tower & had a big cheeseburger & coffee. KC went by in car as I was returning. In lobby JW asked if I was OK. I said it was the gig. DE 'phoned as I entered my room: 1.30. I told him I refused to do any recording for radio or tv where veto didn't exist. Watched end of "Charge of the Light Brigade" with Errol Flynn and "Mission Impossible" on tv.

2.40 Retired.

Dream: With BB & DC at a kind of volley ball game. I climb off the floor to join BB with the spectators & am in danger of falling into a swimming pool over the polystyrene fence.


1.JW = John Wetton, DC = David Cross, BB = Bill Bruford.

2. Managers are seemingly always able to travel to capital cities, or exotic locations, but prove too busy by far to visit the Pforzheim Jahnhalle.

3. Barbara was a friend of Peter Walmsley.

You can download the entire concert here.

Frippertronics Revolution
:: Posted by Sid Smith on Mon., Apr 27, 2015
Robert Fripp's 1979 concert in Cleveland Ohio's  Record Revolution is now available to download. If you're a fan of this extraordinary sound then this concert is a must-have.

You can purchase the concert here.

This is also probably a good opportunity to point to this interesting piece on the world of live looping by German guitarist, Michael Peters.

Jumping The Grooveshark?
:: Posted by Sid Smith on Mon., Apr 27, 2015
Here's an update on the current situation facing Grooveshark, who you will recall were found by a judge last year to been involved in illegally uploading music for download to which they had no agreement with owners to do so.

:: Posted by Sid Smith on Mon., Apr 27, 2015
The London premiere of Crimson! with Gwilym Simcock and the Delta Saxophone Quartet will take place at St John's Smith Square - Friday 1 May 19.30. The programme details are as follows.

Dedicated to You
A set drawn from the Delta Saxophone Quartet's ground breaking album 'Dedicated to you' featuring the music of  Soft Machine.

New work for saxophone quartet & jazz piano by Gwilym Simcock

A Kind of Red (Gwilym Simcock)
Coda: Marine 475 (Belew, Bruford, Fripp, Gunn, Levin, Mastelotto from the album Vroom Vroom 1995/6)
The Night Watch (Fripp, Wetton, Palmer-Jones from the album The Night Watch 1973)
Dinosaur ( Belew, Bruford, Fripp, Gunn, Levin, Mastelotto from the album Thrak 1995)
Two Hands ( Adrian Belew, Margaret Belew, Bruford, Fripp, Levin from the album Beat 1982)
The Great Deceiver ( Fripp, Wetton, Palmer-Jones from the album The Great Deceiver: Live 1973-74)
Gwilym Simcock - piano
The Delta Saxophone Quartet
Graeme Blevins - soprano sax
Pete Whyman - alto sax
Tim Holmes - ten sax
Chris Caldwell - bari sax

21st Century Orchestra, Man...
:: Posted by Sid Smith on Sun., Apr 26, 2015
King Crimson's 21st Century Schizoid Man has been worked over by an orchestra on a new album, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Plays Prog Rock Classics. Gavin Harrison added drums and Govan Guthrie, from Steven Wilson's band spanked the plank. You can listen to the results of this orchestral collaboration and find out more by clicking here.

Pat's New Project: KoMaRA
:: Posted by Sid Smith on Sun., Apr 26, 2015
Pat Mastelotto has another new album currently percolating ahead of its release in a couple of months. KoMaRa is a new venture consisting of guitarist David Kollar, Mastelotto, and trumpeter Paolo Raineri. The trio played a series of dates together in 2014 and after scouring through the live tapes, an album is due out at the end of June. Check out the KoMaRa website for samples and this teaser video.

Keeling's Out Of The Blue(s)
:: Posted by Sid Smith on Sun., Apr 26, 2015
Andrew Keeling’s work for soprano sax and piano, Out Of The Blue(s), is being performed at the CCA in Glasgow next Thursday, 30th April. For more details about the programme, check out the McKenzie Sawers video.

Down To A Tee
:: Posted by Sid Smith on Fri., Apr 24, 2015
There are a new range of official King Crimson T-shirts available.  Check out the range over at Burning Shed. 

Happy Birthday David Cross
:: Posted by Sid Smith on Thu., Apr 23, 2015
Please raise a glass of something convivial in the direction of ex-King Crimson violinist and keyboard player, David Cross, who celebrates his birthday today.

David is holding a very special launch gig for his forthcoming album, Starless Starlight in London next month.

King Crimson on iTunes
:: Posted by Sid Smith on Thu., Apr 23, 2015
There are now eight King Crimson albums available on iTunes.

Recent additions to the catalogue include In The Wake Of Poseidon, Lizard, Islands, and Starless And Bible Black.
All the albums come with bonus tracks, a  digital booklet and have been mastered specifically for the digital format. Check out the King Crimson iTunes store here. (link opens iTunes)

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