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Stick Mel In Japan
:: Posted by Sid Smith on Thu., Oct 20, 2016

Stick Men have announced they are playing in Japan next year and will be joined by special guest, Mel Collins.

Details on Osaka show here.
Details on Tokyo show here.

This gig follows on from last year’s Japanese shows when Stick Men teamed up ex-King Crimson violinist, David Cross. You can hear and buy the results of that collaboration here.

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Happy Birthday Pat Mastelotto
:: Posted by Sid Smith on Sat., Sep 10, 2016
Raise a glass of your favourite tipple in the direction of King Crimson's Pat Mastelotto, who is 61 years young this very day.

photo by Scarlet Page

Please pass on your best wishes to Pat via the guestbook and share your favourite Mastelotto moments.

Radical Action In The Charts & Reviews
:: Posted by Sid Smith on Sat., Sep 10, 2016
King Crimson’s Radical Action To Unseat The Hold Of Monkey Mind entered the UK album charts this week.

No. 3 in the Rock & Metal albums chart
No.12 in the Indie albums chart
No.26 in the physical albums chart (no downloads or streams and more representative of what’s actually selling)
No. 71 in the main Top100 (all formats) albums chart

The album is also reviewed here by John Kelman and here over at Progressive Music Review.

Keeling's Eye View Of Crimson
:: Posted by Sid Smith on Thu., Sep 8, 2016
Composer Andrew Keeling was at Aylesbury on Monday this week and shared  his impressions of the concert.

The question is this: is it King Crimson who play the music; or, is the music which plays King Crimson? As I listened to The ConstruKction of Light on Monday evening in their concert at the Waterside Theatre I had a momentary and brief glimpse of the music standing outside and apart from the players themselves. I can only describe this as a shimmering, living entity. To verbalise this either sounds like the words of a madman or a mystic. I don't think I'm either, but it's difficult to say. I can say that this is precisely the effect that great music should have on a listener: music should come from the deep unconscious. It isn't enough to be the product of celebrity and perhaps this is why the current zeitgeist is failing to produce much at all except copyists.

KC Live Stream Scam Warning
:: Posted by Sid Smith on Thu., Sep 8, 2016
Please note that any sites popping up around the internet, particularly on Youtube, claiming to give access to pro-shoot video and audio streaming of King Crimson on tour are fake. These are simply phishing sites aimed at getting your details for later exploitation. Anyone subscribing or signing up does so at their own risk.

King Crimson '80s Box Details
:: Posted by Sid Smith on Wed., Sep 7, 2016
Here's the updated details on the forthcoming 19 disc boxed set chronicling the life and times of the 1980s quartet.

On (and off) The Road

King Crimson: studio, live, audio & audio-visual  1981 - 1984

Following a seven year absence King Crimson returned in 1981 with a radically different line-up & sound. This ‘new’ version of the group was as different from the 1970s incarnation as the 1970s line-ups had been from the original 1969 band.

Taut songs were balanced with lengthier instrumentals, driven by complex interwoven guitar lines from Robert Fripp and Adrian Belew, Bill Bruford’s new armoury of electronic percussion & Tony Levin’s fluid bass and Chapman Stick lines.

Three studio albums and tours between 1981/84, built a considerable musical legacy which still resonates. This boxed set extensively covers the line-up’s live and studio work, including much unreleased and upgraded audio and video material.

Disc 1:

Mixed and produced from the original multi-track tapes by Steven Wilson and Robert Fripp (2011). Mastered by Simon Heyworth and Robert Fripp (4)

Disc  2:
Live in Japan

Taken from an audience cassette recording at Kokusai Hall, Tokyo on December 18th, the final concert in 1981. Audio restored & newly mastered  at DGM by David Singleton and Alex R Mundy 2016. (1)

Disc 3:  

Mixed and produced from the original multi-track tapes by Steven Wilson and
Robert Fripp (2016). Mastered by Simon Heyworth and Robert Fripp (4)

Disc 4:
Live at Alabamahalle

Recorded September 29 in Munich, the final concert in 1982. Remastered and
recompiled 2016 by David Singleton and Alex R Mundy with six tracks from new audio sources. (2)

Disc 5:

Mostly recorded January 17-30, 1983 at C.V. Lloyd Music, Champaign, IL
Recording Engineer: Gary Platt. Produced by Robert Fripp and David
Singleton. Two new bonus tracks 2016. (3)

Disc 6:
Three of a Perfect Pair

Mixed and produced from the original multi-track tapes by Steven Wilson and Robert Fripp (2016). Mastered by Simon Heyworth and Robert Fripp (4)

Discs 7 & 8:
Absent Lovers

Live at The Spectrum, Montreal, July 11th, the final concert of 1984. Mixed by David Singleton & Robert Fripp from the original multi-track tapes for the DGM release "Absent Lovers" (1998). As newly recompiled in high-resolution for inclusion on Disc 15  

Disc 9:
Are You Recording Gary?

An insight into the inner working of the band, and the familiar heard in an unfamiliar way. Edited & assembled by David Singleton from original album session tapes, with additional downmixes by Alex R. Mundy

Disc 10:

Audio content: 5.1 surround mix; original mix; 2011 mix & additional tracks in 24/96 and Album rough mixes in 24/48. Video content: Old Grey Whistle Test (4)

Disc 11:

Audio content: 5.1 surround mix; original mix; 2016 mix & Alternate Album in 24/48. Video content: Heartbeat promo; two tracks live in Munich (4)

Disc 12:
Three of a Perfect Pair

Audio content: 5.1 surround mix; original mix; 2016 mix in 24/48. Video content: Sleepless promo (4)

Disc 13:

Contents as Disc 10 (audio 24/96) plus:
Video content:
Moles Club French TV interview
Live in Frejus 2016 audio & video transfers

Disc 14:

Contents as Disc 11 (audio 24/96) plus:
Video content:
Complete Alabamahalle TV broadcast  (widescreen format).

Disc 15:
Three of a Perfect Pair

Contents as Disc 12 (audio 24/96) plus:
Video content: Three of a Perfect Pair - Live in Japan (Widescreen format).
Japan April 29th 1984 Part Show;
Japan April 29th 1984 (single camera);
Japan April 30th 1984 (single camera).
Audio content: Absent Lovers
High resolution and surround sound

Bonus Disc 16:
Live at Moles Club

Taken from an audience cassette recording of April 30, 1981, the very first performance by Belew, Fripp, Bruford & Levin, while still called "Discipline". Remastered and recompiled 2016. (2)

Bonus Disc 17:
Europe 1982

A newly discovered unreleased live album. Mixed by Brad Davis & Robert Fripp in 1983. Taken from the concert in The Arena, Frejus, August 27th 1982. Plus four bonus tracks from the remainder of the concert

Bonus Disc 18:
More Neal and Jack and Me

Video content: The Noise - Live in Frejus as previously released on the DGM DVD Neal and Jack and Me (2002). Plus Three of a Perfect Pair - Live in Japan - re-assembled from newly discovered master reels with previously unseen footage. Both in their original 4:3 standard definition format.

Bonus Disc 19:
The Town and the City

Audio content: Live in Philadelphia, Asbury Park, Cap D'Agde, Frejus 24/48 high-resolution stereo, Europe1982, previously unreleased live album 24/96 high-resolution stereo
Video content:
Alabamahalle TV broadcast in its original
4:3 standard definition format.

Also includes:

40-page album-sized booklet with previously unpublished photos by Tony Levin, and sleevenotes incorporating Robert Fripp’s diaries, new interview material with all band members written by Sid Smith and David Singleton

2 concert posters, concert, programme, setlist, concert tickets, press releases, promo photo and other memorabilia

1)  Previously available as a download only from www.dgmlive.com

2)  Released in an earlier format in King Crimson Collectors’ Club.

3)  Partly released in earlier format in King Crimson Collectors’ Club.

4)  Available in King Crimson 40th Anniversary Series

Download KC 2016 Track
:: Posted by Sid Smith on Wed., Sep 7, 2016
In the coming weeks we'll be taking a random selection from the setlist and making it available for download.  Coming directly from the tour soundboard, courtesy of FOH sound designer, Mark Vreeken, the tracks are offered as a love letter from a hot date for your listening pleasure.

From the friends and family show on Saturday 3rd September, grab yourself an earful of Easy Money here.

Tony's Pix
:: Posted by Sid Smith on Mon., Sep 5, 2016
There's a new gallery of photos from King Crimson's dress rehearsal shows over on Tony's website. 

Happy Birthday Mel
:: Posted by Sid Smith on Mon., Sep 5, 2016
Birthday greetings and a bottle of convivial bubbliness to the man who Robert Fripp refers to in reverential tones as The Guv’nor. Mel Collins celebrates his birthday today.

Programme Sellers Needed
:: Posted by Sid Smith on Mon., Sep 5, 2016
For King Crimson’s 2016 shows there will be an “Old School” style tour programme featuring 28 pages of unseen photographs, articles, artifacts, etc.
If you are attending a show on the tour, would you be interested in helping to sell the programme?

You would need to already have a ticket for the show and be able to arrive at the venue about 15 mins before doors are due to open.

We’ll kit you out with a bag of programmes and some change to roam the venue with before and after the show… don’t worry you won’t miss any of the show!

In return for your help a Crimson t-shirt of your choice and a copy of the programme will be yours to say Thank You.

Please send an email to iona@dgmhq.com specifying which night(s) of the tour you are able to help with.

The Merchandise Emporium Of The Crimson King
:: Posted by Sid Smith on Mon., Sep 5, 2016
A general heads-up for folks attending the current King Crimson European tour from the Merchandise stall. As well as the brand new Radical Action set and the 2016 Tour Box there will also be a myriad of other goodies available including four different t-shirts, embroidered work shirts, hats, coffee mugs, tote bags, tour programmes, sets of guitar picks and a range of music on CD & vinyl.

PLEASE NOTE - SALES ARE CASH ONLY! Unfortunately banking laws make it impossible for us to accept card sales when we are typically in each country for only a few shows.

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