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Happy Birthday David
:: Posted by Sid Smith on Wed., Apr 23, 2014

Birthday greetings to David Cross who celebrates his 65th today.

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More Words About Streaming And Artists
:: Posted by admin on Sat., Oct 12, 2013
Former Talking Head David Byrne has been talking about the effects of streaming upon musicians and fears for the future of creativity. 

UpHill Struggle
:: Posted by Sid Smith on Sat., Oct 12, 2013
Following on from Lauryn Hill's letter on the music industry, my thanks to Bakullama for this link on the follow-up to Hill's ongoing troubles. 

Planned Parenthood
:: Posted by Sid Smith on Fri., Oct 11, 2013
Cadence And Cascade from In The Wake Of Poseidon has been featured in NBC's TV show, Parenthood last night.

DGM guestbook visitor scharvey exclaims "Hey, did anyone happen to catch the episode of Parenthood on NBC tonight? Cadence and Cascade was used as background music in one scene. Very cool! I heard the guitar intro and then Gordon Haskell started singing. I've never heard KC on a U.S. prime time TV show, and it was very awesome to hear. I'm proud of our boys!"

It Was 44 Years Ago Today...
:: Posted by Sid Smith on Thu., Oct 10, 2013
"Wessex Studios mid-August 1969. The apocalyptic blast of 21st Century Schizoid Man is abruptly cut off in mid-flow as recording engineer, Robin Thompson, mutes the speakers. Gathered in the cavernous performance area of Wessex Studios below, Robert Fripp, Michael Giles, Ian McDonald, Peter Sinfield and Greg Lake stopped work to welcome the arrival of artist Barry Godber, carrying a large rectangular package wrapped in brown paper.
A few weeks previously Sinfield had commissioned his friend to come up with something for the cover for what would be King Crimson’s debut album. “I used to hang around with all these painters and artists from Chelsea Art School” says Sinfield recalling the event 40 years later. “I’d known Barry for a couple of years...he’d been to a few rehearsals, and spent a bit of time with us. I told him to see what he could come up with. I think I probably said to him that the one thing the cover had to do was stand out in record shops.”

Godber tore off the brown paper and laid the painting on the floor as the band gathered around to see his handiwork.

Greg Lake recalls “We all stood around it and it was like something out of Treasure Island where you’re all standing around a box of jewels and treasure...this fucking face screamed up from the floor and what it said to us was Schizoid Man - the very track we’d been working on.  It was as if there was something magic going on.”

Magic and King Crimson never seemed to be far apart during 1969... "*

* from Schizoid Men 1969 - 1974: A King Crimson History by Sid Smith

Fripp's War
:: Posted by Sid Smith on Thu., Oct 10, 2013
The latest edition of Classic Rock magazine devotes five pages to an article Fripp's War opening with this interesting variation on the famous screaming face.

The piece explores the dispute with UMG in the most comprehensive detail yet. As well as Fripp himself, there's also commentary from David Singleton and Panegyric's Declan Colgan. Here's the cover of the latest edition - any excuse to show a pic of Lemmy!

The Road To Red Reviewed
:: Posted by Sid Smith on Thu., Oct 10, 2013
Some reviews of The Road To Red box set are starting to come in. Record Collector awards the set 4 stars and says "The critical consensus is that the 1972-74 King Crimson, with Robert Fripp, Bill Bruford and John Wetton as the consistent core, was the only incarnation capable of burning the 1969 line-up - and the evidence is all over TTie Road To Red. That's 21 CDs, one DVD and two Blu-ray discs of incontrovertible proof, if anyone's counting."

Elsewhere, Classic Rock magazine awards the 2disc version of Red 9 out of ten stars, and 8out of 10 for USA. Of Red the reviewer notes "Already both abrasive and attractive, it rings clearer, allowing you to embrace its contradictions."

You can take a look at the arrival of my copy of The Road To Red  over on the blog.

Book Of Lyrics
:: Posted by Sid Smith on Thu., Oct 10, 2013
There's an Italian-language translation of King Crimson's lyrics from In The Court Of The Crimson King through to A Scarcity Of Miracles just been published. The book also features commentary on said lyrics by its author Donato Zoppo, and can be found online here.

"Artists have been reduced to replaceable cogs"
:: Posted by Sid Smith on Wed., Oct 9, 2013
Here's another rumination on the long-term implications for musicians in the age of streaming services and iTunes by Jeff Price

Mister Stormy's Monday Selection
:: Posted by Sid Smith on Mon., Oct 7, 2013
Here's a snippet from one of the Islands-era line-up earliest rehearsals - as Boz tries his hand and voice with Cadence And Cascade

Yorke & Spotify (Slight Return)
:: Posted by Sid Smith on Mon., Oct 7, 2013
Radiohead's Tom Yorke has been sharing his views on Spotify once again

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