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iTony eBook?
:: Posted by Sid Smith on Thu., Feb 16, 2012

My thanks to the mighty Vargan for alerting me to this item from Tony's website. "I have the opportunity to re-release my photo book, Crimson Chronicles in digital format (for iPad). It will feature all the photos, but also a lot of extras, including other shots that didn't make it to the original book. So, that's got me digging through my files for photos, itineraries, tour passes, and music I can use for that release."

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Taking Notice...
:: Posted by Sid Smith on Sun., Nov 22, 2015
From Robertís camera...

Queen Elizabeth Theatre, Toronto;
Friday 21st. November, 2015 c. 17.23...



Queen Elizabeth Theatre, Toronto;
Friday 21st. November, 2015 c. 23.16...







Toronto Reviewed
:: Posted by Sid Smith on Sat., Nov 21, 2015
Here's a review of the November 19th show in Toronto.

And some commentary on the above review from Robert.

..."well-executed and intricately composed music needs more than technical mastery to make it sing."

agreed. it needs both players and audients coming together with goodwill, present in the moment, that they might welcome in and become parents to the Music. otherwise, the notes remain not much more than DNA. my views on this night's performance are already available for those with any interest.

"A tour based on a "best of" album, in this case King Crimson's Elements, can be a pretty safe bet, musically and in performance."

firstly, this is not a tour based on any album.
secondly, safe bet? not on Planet Crimson! playing this music in this KC is like walking through a minefield with friends.

The View From Stage Left
:: Posted by Sid Smith on Sat., Nov 21, 2015
This was the view from the stage left guitarist last night.

Queen Elizabeth Hall, Toronto:
Friday 20th. November 2015 c. 22.54...



Montreal Snaps
:: Posted by Sid Smith on Sat., Nov 21, 2015
Here's some snaps taken in Montreal on the 17th. First up is from Maria...

and a snap wasn't the only Maria nabbed at the gig. She writes "Mesmerized!!! To Pat , a special thank you for the drum sticks.xx
Please come back soon.xx"

Next up is a couple from Phil from the same gig.

Churchscapes 2006 Bundle Goes Live
:: Posted by Sid Smith on Fri., Nov 20, 2015
All eight of Robert Frippís Churchscapes tour of 2006 is now available as a bundle or as individual downloads.  Starting with his concert at Bishopís Cleeve through to the grand surroundings of Norwich cathedral, all eight performances present some remarkably moving music.

For those that have already purchased all three previously available shows (Pershore, St.Paulís and Salisbury) and want to buy the bundle you will be able to nominate a free download of your choice.

Colin Coates wrote in 2006 that he was looking forward to be able to download the performance he attended at Norwich cathedral. Well, nine years later, Colin, here it is!

KC2000 Previously Unseen Video Footage Goes Live
:: Posted by Sid Smith on Fri., Nov 20, 2015
There's more fab previously unseen footage of the Double Duo in Italy 2000 over at DGM's Youtube channel.

A Message From Toronto
:: Posted by Sid Smith on Fri., Nov 20, 2015
This just in from Robert in Toronto.

The band went onstage at 20.15 in good spirits. Mel played beautifully over the Eb major / Cm Soundscape. Into Larksí I and onwards.
My experience was of pouring wine into a cup with a hole in it. Once upon a time, I would have attributed this feeling-experience to the presence of bootlegging. Several times the thought flew by: you only need one prick in a balloon.
The energy of a performance contains and embraces those within it, performers and audients. When the energy encircles and holds the event, the performance develops intensity, shifts gear, and becomes a qualitatively different undertaking: it takes off and flies away into a different world. When we are carried with it, sometimes a performance can be transformational: even, redirect the course of lives. A requirement of players and listeners is to remain engaged and present, hopefully with goodwill, to the extent that all can bring to bear. Tonight, strangely, nothing took off IMO; a first for this KC.
Persistent camera persons persisted, despite rounds of applause for the Revised Photo Policy announcement before the show, continuing into the encores.

The Guitarist Stage Left also persisted. Until finally, having been slapped around the face and stabbed in the heart too many times (this is how I experience violation in performance), it was not possible to honourably continue. Robert left the stage, followed shortly by the other Crims. The show finished, a result of ongoing photographic abuse.
The revised KC photo policy is a fair and reasonable way of engaging with those who hand over their hard-earned pay and feel the need to take a picture of the band. To photograph outside those parameters is at least rude, and discourteous to other audients and the players. At a certain point, given the intentionality that gives rise to an act, proscribed acts become aggressive; even close to an expression of ill will. This is what I felt tonight.
A report on tonightís performance, presented from a viewpoint of playing in public for over 56 years.

The Crimson Merchandise Emporium
:: Posted by Sid Smith on Thu., Nov 19, 2015
The King Crimson merch stall is well known as a point of congregation for earnest men with glasses and facial hair.

Increasingly however, this  phrase is happily being displaced by the appearance of what can only be described as women joining the line at merch stall.

Adrian, the merch manager, wishes it to be known that The Crimson Merchandise Emporium has a range of 4 skinny fit shirts especially for them.

Thu 19th Nov Toronto Queen Elizabeth Theatre
Fri 20th Nov Toronto Queen Elizabeth Theatre
Sat 21st Nov Toronto Queen Elizabeth Theatre
Tue 24th Nov Calgary Jack Singer Concert Hall
Thu 26th Nov Vancouver Vogue Theatre
Fri 27th Nov Vancouver Vogue Theatre
Sun 29th Nov Victoria Royal Theatre

Tony Talks Prog & Pix
:: Posted by Sid Smith on Thu., Nov 19, 2015
Tony Levin is interviewed here ahead of the bandís appearance in Toronto this evening.  Tony can also be heard in conversation here.

You can also check out his latest gallery of snaps of before and after in Montreal here.

Also from Montreal, this note and request from Robert regarding his experience at the Nov 17th show.
"Regrettably, during the encore slot, a persistent camera person persisted with camera. This was a distraction. Perhaps audients seeing camera persons cameraising, while KC are playing, might encouragement them to stop immediately. Better this fall to a proximate audient than to the Guitarist Stage Left."

:: Posted by Sid Smith on Wed., Nov 18, 2015
Here's another bunch of THRAKKIES sent in by their proud owners. First up, Laurence Duffy casts our minds back to 2012 when his daughter, Hannah, could barely pick up that year's arrival.

And now... 

Hannah's verdict on the THRAK BOX? "It's loud!"

Next up,  we have Neil Forker who's looking, well, rather pleased!

Of course, it's not just humans that want to hug a THRAK BOX as this next snap from Doug Bramley makes clear...

It turns out that it's not just Shakespeare that appeals to those primates engaged in the infinite monkey theorum. David Robson says "The monkeys are quite keen to get started on the set (and so am I, frankly). Probably start with the Warfield concert since that's where we saw Crimson last year. Excitement!"


Please keep your THRAKKIES coming via competitions@dgmlive.com. In case you've not seen inside, you can take a look at this whistlestop video tour of the THRAK BOX and its contents. 

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