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Wilson Talks Lizard
:: Posted by Sid Smith on Mon., Feb 13, 2012

There's a major interview conducted by Anil Prasad with Steven Wilson over on the ever-informative Innerviews website.  

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Dusty Rhodes Remembered
:: Posted by Sid Smith on Fri., Jan 15, 2016
Keyboard player Philip Aaberg toured with Peter Gabriel's first live outings as a solo artist and in this interview recalls working with the team, including being mistaken for  Robert Fripp by eager fans.  

Carpet & Frock
:: Posted by Sid Smith on Fri., Jan 15, 2016
My thanks to Nuages, who writes "A check to the Twitter-sphere found a delightful post by John Wetton (@arkangel2605) who had been visited by Robert earlier in the day. Mr. Wetton is looking phenomenally good and they both seem rather happy. Was quite pleasant to see."

Yer Tiz...

On This date 47 Years Ago
:: Posted by Sid Smith on Wed., Jan 13, 2016
This date in 1969 marks the official beginning of King Crimson with the start of rehearsals in the cramped basement of the Fulham Palace Cafe.

Situated at 193 Fulham Palace Road, W6, the cafe was owned by George and Peter Calatychos who let out their basement as a rehearsal space. It had been found by Peter Sinfield, then the band's roadie and lighting person.

According to Ian McDonald's diary at around 7.30pm, Dik, Pete, Bob and Greg called round to his flat to come and shift the Mellotron to the Fulham Palace Road. Once they'd set everything up, McDonald's diary also notes the band had a blow until just after 10.00 p.m.

In the weeks that followed all kinds of visitors making their way to this unassuming location. They included various journalists, record company executives and one or two rock stars, all interested to hear the sounds emanating from the Fulham Palace Road. 

The cafe (now called Ottoman) as it is today

In 2011 Mark Ferraro, from Ozone Park, New York came over to London to make a pilgrimage to lots of buildings tinged with a bit of Crimson history. "I walked in the present day restaurant and went right downstairs without anyone questioning me and took some photos of this tiny space that once contained the sounds of ITCOTCK rehearsals. How the walls were able to take such thunder I can only wonder. Think of those lucky "invited guests" that were able to witness these young musicians and what was coming out of them in this tiny basement."

Here's some of Mark's photographs from that day...

It’s astonishing to think that a four piece band and all their gear used to fit into such a confined space. The same space was used by bands after King Crimson vacated the cafe in 1972 for several years.

Belew On Bowie
:: Posted by Sid Smith on Tue., Jan 12, 2016
Adrian Belew talks about his work and times with David Bowie in this interview. Adrian also shared his thoughts on television. You can see his interview here.

Mister Stormy's Monday Selection
:: Posted by Sid Smith on Mon., Jan 11, 2016
Alex has been rummaging in the archives and blown the dust off the Lizard multi-tracks to reveal Keith Tippett playing a solo rendition of Prince Rupert Awakes. Go, Polonius and check it out here. 

David Bowie
:: Posted by Sid Smith on Mon., Jan 11, 2016
David Bowie’s death from cancer was announced today. In a recording career that spanned more than fifty years he achieved the kind of commercial and artistic success - chart sales and artistic integrity - that most other musicians can only dream about.

Robert Fripp’s seminal work on 1977’s Heroes and 1980’s Scary Monsters provided a significant and lasting contribution to Bowie’s sound.

Similarly, Adrian Belew’s work on 1979‘s Lodger, and as part of Bowie’s live ensemble, brilliantly captured on Stage the previous year are a testament to Bowie’s keenness to explore and push at the boundaries. Crimson connections extended into Bowie’s later career with Tony Levin appearing on 2002‘s Heathen and 2013’s surprise return, The Next Day both of which also featured Levin’s partner in BLUE, guitarist David Torn.

It should be noted that King Crimson played Heroes during their 2000 and 2001 tours - the only song by another artist to be performed by King Crimson on a regular basis. 

Aaaaaaaah! DVD Pre-order
:: Posted by Sid Smith on Sun., Jan 10, 2016
Steve Oram’s controversial film, Aaaaaaaah! featuring a soundtrack provided by various King Crimson ProjeKcts, is now available for pre-order. The movie, which stars Toyah Willcox, The Mighty Boosh’s Julian Barret and Noel Fielding and others will be out on DVD and Blu-Ray January 18th

You can sneak a peek at the trailer here.

KC 2016 Tour - Extra Date In Prague
:: Posted by Sid Smith on Fri., Jan 8, 2016
With the first date in Prague having sold out, an extra date has been added to the 2016 European tour which begins in September. The band will be performing the second show at Forum Karlin, Prague on Thursday 15th September 2016. Tickets are on sale today.

The revised 2016 tour dates are as follows:

King Crimson 2016 European Tour

Sun 4th Sept    Friars Aylesbury  Friars at the Waterside Theatre UK
Mon 5th Sept    Friars Aylesbury  Friars at the Waterside Theatre UK
Thu 8th Sept   Stuttgart, Beethoven-Saal, Germany 
Fri 9th Sept     Stuttgart, Beethoven-Saal, Germany 
Sun 11th Sept     Berlin, Admiralpalast, Germany
Mon 12th Sept  Berlin, Admiralpalast, Germany
Wed 14th Sept Prague, Forum Karlin, Czech Republic
Thur 15th Sept Prague, Forum Karlin, Czech Republic
Sat 17th Sept, Zabrze, House of Music & Dance, Poland   
Sun 18th Sept,   Zabrze, House of Music & Dance, Poland   
Tue 20th Sept,     Wroclaw, National Forum Of Music, Poland
Wed 21st Sept Wroclaw, National Forum Of Music, Poland
Fri 23rd Sept     Copenhagen, Falkoner, Denmark
Mon 26th Sept    Oslo, Sentrum Scene, Norway
Tue 27th Sept    Oslo, Sentrum Scene, Norway
Wed 28th Sept Oslo, Sentrum Scene, Norway

Crimson! - New Album By DSQ & Gwilym Simcock
:: Posted by Sid Smith on Thu., Jan 7, 2016
Crimson! is the title of a new album by the Delta Saxophone Quartet and pianist and composer, Gwilym Simcock, due out in February on the jazz label, Basho Records.

The album features an original Simcock composition, A Kind Of Red and his arrangements of five King Crimson pieces: Two Hands, The Great Deceiver, The Night Watch, Dinosaur and VROOOM / Coda Marine 475.

Check out this video preview of the album here.

Simcock, who will be known to some King Crimson fans for his time in the last incarnation of Bill Bruford’s Earthworks, is currently working with Pat Metheny.

The Delta Saxophone Quartet, primarily best known for their work in the contemporary classical sphere, are no strangers to crossing over into progressive music and jazz; Dedicated To You But You Weren’t Listening saw them tackle the work of Soft Machine via a series of inventive arrangements. (You can read my take on that one here).

Crimson! is scheduled for release in late-February.

KCCC 42 Pre-order
:: Posted by Sid Smith on Tue., Jan 5, 2016
The long-awaited King Crimson Collector’s Club 42 is now available for pre-order here.

Taken together with The Champaign-Urbana Sessions (CLUB21), the work-in-progress sketches, outtakes, bright ideas, dead-ends and cul-de-sacs gathered on Rehearsals & Blows (May-November 1983) provide a kind of counter-factual, alternative history to King Crimson’s catalogue; a shadow album that traces those points where things came together or fell apart in the trying, where ideas either bloomed or withered.

Even at the best of times, when a group is riding high and firing on all creative cylinders, the process can still be something of a struggle. So when a band is in a less-than-optimal state, things can be tough. Very tough indeed. As Tony Levin notes, “In the studio it’s always a battle; wielding guitars like weapons to fight the clock, the headphone mix, budget, record company demands - we struggle to capture some of the magic that happens effortlessly every night in front of an audience.”

Speaking after the release of Three Of A Perfect Pair in 1984, Bill Bruford commented upon the album that took the group a year not so much to make as it did to find. “It did take quite a while...It’s kind of the fourth album with this version of the band. You see, we recorded one LP and more or less dumped it. We couldn’t quite see the way it was working out. When we reconvened the problems we had just evaporated! Sometimes, time is the only thing you need. Just to get away. And then suddenly the project was on its feet again and we knew where it was going and what to do.”

King Crimson
Rehearsals & Blows
May - November 1983

1 Adrian And Robert
2 Slow Groove
3 Funk Groove
4 Sleepish
5 Slow Sleepless
6 An Entry Of The Crims
7 Sacramento
8 Perfecting Three Of A Perfect Pair
9 Open Hearted
10 Working On Sleepless
11 Easy To Solo Over
12 Do You Dig Me?
13 Industrial
14 Steinberger Melody
15 Shidare Zakura

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