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KC Outlined
:: Posted by Sid Smith on Mon., Aug 29, 2016

Courtesy of Pat Mastelotto today, the team are getting the flight cases ready for the start of the tour.

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New Drummer For KC
:: Posted by Sid Smith on Mon., Mar 7, 2016
Robert Fripp has announced that drummer Jeremy Stacey will be replacing Bill Rieflin on the forthcoming 2016 tour starting in September. Writing in his updated diary, Fripp notes:

Bill Rieflin recently decided to take a sabbatical, a decision supported by all the Crimson Brothers. So, what to do with September performances already sold out?

Both Gavin and Jakkoís first thought was: call Jeremy Stacy. Jeremy grew up in the Bournemouth Scene, where I went to see both Stacy Brothers at Bumbles (a Bournemouth club) in 1981. Jeremy worked with Paul Holman in Wimborne, next door to the former Fripp World HQ. Bournemouth features large in the Crimson world of players: Michael Giles, Greg Lake, Robert Fripp, Gordon Haskell, Andy McCullough, John Wetton and now - Jeremy Stacey.

Hot shots from Jeremyís CV:

Jeremy grew up in Bournemouth in the 1960s, learnt drums, piano and recording technique with identical twin Paul Stacey, also a guitarist, keyboard player and producer.

Attended acting school at the London-based Drama Centre in his teens after appearing in adverts and TV series as a child actor.

Involved in the London Jazz scene from his twenties, including with Jason Rebello.

A member of The Lemon Trees with Guy Chambers in the 1990s.

Toured with Aztec Camera, The Waterboys, World Party, Omar, Echo and the Bunnymen, Eurythmics, Chris Robinsonís (Black Crowes) New Earth Mud, The Finn Brothers (Crowded House and SplitEnz) and Tom Jones.

In 2000, Jeremy began a 10-year working partnership with Sheryl Crow, recording and touring the world; then Noel Gallagherís High Flying Birds.

Recorded with Ryan Adams, Ethan Johns, Noel Gallagherís High Flying Birds, Sheryl Crow, Aztec Camera, The Waterboys, Joe Cocker, Paul Young, Sia, Echo & the Bunnymen, Zero 7, Roachford, Robbie Williams, Amy Winehouse, Chris Robinsonís New Earth Mud, Gary Barlow, Take That, Charlotte Gainsbourg / Air, Staves, Glyn Johns, Nick Harper, Benmont Tench (Heartbreakers), Eric Clapton, Tom Jones, Tal Wilkenfeld, Chris Squire, Steve Hackett, David Jackson, David Holmes, Alfie Boe, Neil Diamond, and others.

Played in recent years with, among others, Doyle Bramhall, Sixto Rodriquez, Madeliene Peyroux, Wayne Krantz, Hamish Stuart, Pino Palladino, Rudder and Jason Falkner.

Produced and recorded albums for Tim Garland (Chick Corea), Tom Baxter and Rob Bravery, learning from the New York Jazz scene, now taking a new direction.  Dismantling a substantial recording studio in 2015, currently returning to a simple digital set-up; and adopting a discipline to sit down and put together his own album.

Jeremy will be the Centre Drumson for KCís Autumn 2016 Euro-touring.

Jakko On BBC 6 Music
:: Posted by Sid Smith on Fri., Mar 4, 2016
King Crimson's Jakko Jakszyk will be appearing on Tom Robinson's BBC 6 Music show on Saturday night at 9.00 p.m. As special guest, Jakko will be talking to Tom for an hour of conversation and choosing tracks from Jakko's career.

The link to the programme on the BBC iPlayer can be found here.

Jakko and Tom worked together in the 1990s and released an album together entitled Blood Brothers, which also features Gavin Harrison on drums. You can listen or buy the album over on Tom's Bandcamp page.

Eno's Vinyl A Peel
:: Posted by Sid Smith on Thu., Mar 3, 2016
My thanks to Albemuth who points our attention to a video interview we missed when it was first broadcast last year. It's Brian Eno exploring John Peel's record collection, wherein No Pussyfooting receives an honourable mention. Take a look at the video here and take a look at the albums Mr. Gordon Stomach chose here while at Peel Acres here. And on the subject on vinyl, Brian Eno has a new album in various formats coming out in April, details of which can be found here.

Purchase Problem Resolved
:: Posted by Sid Smith on Wed., Mar 2, 2016
The Great Crims Crash of 2016 has been reversed! The e-commerce problems which had prevented people from either downloading or ordering Live In Toronto in the last 24 hours have now been resolved.

All of those good folks who tried to order a CD via Inner Knot or download directly from this site but were denied, will be contacted by email in the next few hours.

In the meantime Live In Toronto awaits your listening pleasure!

KC2015 Download Breaks The Internet (Kind Of)
:: Posted by Sid Smith on Wed., Mar 2, 2016

The popularity of the King Crimson show in Toronto set live on Monday has been tremendous. So tremendous in fact that it tripped a limit on the number of orders the e-commerce provider can process on our behalf in a given day.

They are aware of the problem and working to get our order processing facilities back up and running.

Many thanks for your patience and we'll let you know as soon as this frustrating situation has been resolved.

In the meantime while you're waiting to place your order, don't forget you can still download a full track from the concert for free as a hot tickle. The name of the track? Easy Money. And they say irony is dead!

Happy Birthday Michael Giles
:: Posted by Sid Smith on Tue., Mar 1, 2016
Please raise your glasses in the direction of King Crimson co-founder, Michael Giles, who celebrates his 74th birthday this very day.

Doctor B
:: Posted by Sid Smith on Tue., Mar 1, 2016
Congratulations to Bill Bruford who is now a Doctor of Philosophy. Doctor Bill writes "Youíve all at some time or another expressed interest in the progress of  my doctoral dissertation (and maybe regretted doing so) begun 4  I/2 years ago at the University of Surrey. Iím happy to say it has now been completed and the degree of Doctor of Philosophy awarded. I know, I know: and to a drummer, too. I now join the small band of drumming academics (or academic drummers) who continue to shed light on what drummers are for, in the broader context of music performance and creativity.

Iím thrilled to be back in the land of the living!"

King Crimson 2015 Gig Now Available
:: Posted by Sid Smith on Mon., Feb 29, 2016
Itís a fabbo-to-the-max, triple whammy of a day for King Crimson fans. Not only is the first in-concert download by the current line-up now available via DGMLive, a mail-order only, 2-disc official collectors bootleg edition of the gig will be released on the 17th March.  

If thatís not enough, then how about a full live album gathering together the complete King Crimson setlist compiled from numerous nights and selected performances. In response to overwhelming demand for video of the groupís shows, the multi-disc set will come with selected in-concert footage.

This major release will be made available to coincide with the start of King Crimsonís return to live performance later in September 2016.

If you donít want or canít wait until March or September, you can download King Crimsonís performance at Torontoís Queen Elizabeth Theatre on November 20th, 2015 today. A superb example of the band in full-flight, it features some of the best-loved pieces in King Crimsonís catalogue as well as new material such as Radical Action To Unseat The Hold Of Monkey Mind and Meltdown. You can download it here right now.

The first full concert release by the current line-up of King Crimson will be released via mail order on March 17th.  You can pre-order here:
Inner Knot (USA customers)
Burning Shed (UK and Europe)

This Official Collectorsí Bootleg captures King Crimson on a single night in the middle of the bandís Canadian tour in November 2015. With the exception of one small edit following an announcement before the band take the stage, the running time of this concert is exactly as it was heard in the hall by those fortunate enough to have been there.  Even by the high standards set by King Crimsonís current line-up, this concert was agreed by all involved to have that extra special ingredient, making it the perfect choice when seeking an official release to counter the poorly recorded bootlegs that have begun to circulate.

Featuring the recorded debut of new material such as Meltdown & Radical Action, the three drummer percussion pieces Hell Hounds of Krim & Banshee Legs Bell Hassle & a variety of King Crimson classics Ė including material from In The Court Of The Crimson King performed & recorded live for the first time in decades, a return to the live set of Easy Money for the first time since 1974 & more recent powerhouse pieces such as Level Five & VROOOM Ė all material that the seven piece King Crimson has made very much its own in an absurdly short time of touring.

The first release by the current band was the 2014 mini-album, ďLive at the OrpheumĒ.  This autumn, they will be releasing their long-awaited and much anticipated first major album Ė a comprehensive live release, taking the best performances of each song from the extensive set list (which changes nightly) & also including footage of selected performances. It will be released to coincide with the bandís 2016 European tour, which begins in the UK with two concerts at the Waterside Theatre in Aylesbury on September 4th & 5th, the bandís only UK dates for 2016.

For those who cannot wait until the autumn, this Collectorís Edition makes the perfect teaser.

Mel Collins: Saxes & flute, Robert Fripp: Guitar & keyboards, Gavin Harrison: Drums, Jakko Jakszyk: Guitar & voice, Tony Levin: Basses & stick, Pat Mastelotto: Drums, Bill Rieflin: Drums & keyboards

The tracklisting is as follows
Disc 1:

1 Threshold Soundscape

2 Larksí Tongues In Aspic Part I

3 Pictures Of A City


5 Radical Action (To Unseat the

Hold of Monkey Mind)

6 Meltdown

7 Hell Hounds of Krim

8 The ConstruKction of Light

9 Red

10 Epitaph

Disc 2:

1 Banshee Legs Bell Hassle

2 Easy Money

3 Level Five

4 The Letters

5 Sailorís Tale

6 Starless

7 The Court of the Crimson King

8 21st Century Schizoid Man

RF & GC Completion
:: Posted by Sid Smith on Mon., Feb 29, 2016
Earlier today Robert Fripp posted the following on Facebook.

Re-affirming the belief that Music can change our world, note by note, beat by beat, in Silence and in sound, Robert's work with the Guitar Circle in Mexico was declared complete at 23.13 and 30 seconds.

Completion Of Guitar Craft & The Guitar Circle.
:: Posted by Sid Smith on Fri., Feb 26, 2016

Robert Fripp has posted the following announcement via his Facebook page.

Completion Of Guitar Craft & The Guitar Circle.


DGM is planning a Guitar Craft Box Set for release in October 2017 to include a comprehensive selection of recordings and videos from throughout the period.

A key element is written and pictorial material to present the History Of Guitar Craft & The Guitar Circle 1985-2016.

Consider time, place, person and circumstance.

Timeline: 1985-2016. The beginning and unfolding of events. NST.

Geography: GC in the US, Europe, Japan, Argentina, Mexico.
Houses: RLH, Elizabeth at the RLH; Alfeldt.

Personal: journals, comments, reports, observations, noticings and Points Of Seeing.

Circumstances / Situations:
Projects: Performance Projects, The LCG, Bogo Tour, The OCG, The SofGC,
Small groups: CGT, Gauchos, Big Time, Zum et al.

Local Circles:
Seattle Residential Performance Project.

The Guitarist Inside: the place of Morning Sitting, Inner Exercises.

Bodywork in GC: Alexander and Tíai Chi.
The role of women in GC.

Robertís primary written contribution will be The Guitar Circle book;
with translations where available.


Worthwhile ventures and undertakings are subject to the laws of process: they go off course. Forms of organization and expression become fixed, sclerotic and ossify. This is especially so when the Founder, and/or moving forces in a venture, leave.

For the creative current that moves through GC, to continue in an authentic and living fashion, the recognisable GC forms must change. My own work and participation in GC courses and projects completes in October 2016.

GC has its 31st. anniversary on March 25th. 2016. It is in its fifth 7-year cycle, entering its Great Divide. I propose that, as of March 25th. 2017, all formal structures connected to Guitar Craft and The Guitar Circle will cease to exist: no more Guitar Circles, no more Orchestras Of Crafty Guitarists, no more League Of Crafty Guitarists, and so on.

Compiling The History Of Guitar Craft, in the Guitar Craft Box Set, I see as part of the process necessary to carry the GC current through its Great Divide. Forms, vehicles and structures will be different on the other side, with their own names, originating from and through those who wish to find new ways of working with the GC current.

Guitar Craft will cease to exist, again.
The Guitar Circle will cease to exist, as will local Guitar Circles.


Meanwhile, the GC Box Set is on the way.

Hernan is responsible with his Team for assembling audio and video material from throughout the period.

Various Team members are looking at how best to bring together recollections and personal histories. All those who have participated in GC activities are invited to contribute. Where these contributions do not become part of the Box Set printed History, it may become part of a GC archive available on the DGM website.

DGM is looking at having the written, audio and visual material available in outline by the end of 2016; compiled in presentable formats by March 25th. 2017; when Guitar Craft, The Guitar Circle and its offshoots will formally cease to exist.

In actuality, GC will most likely have already completed its work before then; and new forms begun to appear that carry the recognisable creative current which has moved through Guitar Craft since the beginning.

Robert Fripp
Thursday 25th. February, 2016;
Quinta Tonantzin Retreat House, Tepoztlan, Cuernavaca, Mťxico.

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