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Thrak On A Plate
:: Posted by Sid Smith on Sat., Feb 18, 2012

My thanks to Adam Aronson for sending me this picture of his recently acquired personalised number plate.

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Mister Stormy's Monday Selection
:: Posted by Sid Smith on Mon., Jun 13, 2016
Mister Stormy's investigations into the Beat multi-track reels continues with another one of his splendid remixes. Today, Heartbeat gets a decidedly sparse and intriguing makeover. Check it out here.  

Full Circle
:: Posted by Sid Smith on Sun., Jun 12, 2016
Earlier today Robert Fripp posted this update to his Facebook page.

To Those Who Know And Who Are Known...

The Guitar Craft Workshop is in process of being dismantled.

Guitar Craft, The Guitar Circle, The League Of Crafty Guitarists and The Orchestra Of Crafty Guitarists will cease to exist on Sunday 25th. March, 2017.

In a traditional model, apprentices served in a workshop, grew in personal stature, capacity and understanding, left the place of their instruction, and moved out into the world to establish a studio or workshop of their own, or form a partnership with others.

Perhaps some of you feel called upon to continue to act in service to the creative current we recognize acting in and through Guitar Craft and its several forms. You have my support and encouragement.

If this is so, put your own name, and/or find the right name, for that work. It is legitimate to present your lineage; and the extent, degree and participation in Guitar Craft and Guitar Circle courses, projects and activities. It is illegitimate for anyone to claim authorization or mandate, moving forwards, to formally represent and/or direct forms of Guitar Craft and The Guitar Circle.

I have seen claims made, in the professional arena, to have been a student of Robert Fripp. No “student of Robert Fripp” would claim to be a student of Robert Fripp.

Robert Fripp
Sunday 12th. June, 2016;
St. Mary’s Retreat Center, Oxford, Michigan.

Happy Birthday John Wetton
:: Posted by Sid Smith on Sun., Jun 12, 2016
Congratulations to John Wetton who celebrates his birthday today. I’m sure all King Crimson fans will want to send John, who recently began his 12th round of chemotherapy, their very best wishes today.

No Panic In Detroit
:: Posted by Sid Smith on Thu., Jun 9, 2016
There's no need to panic in Detroit when the final date in OCG's tour takes place tomorrow night. Tickets are still available. Here's a preview taken from the Detrtoit Times.

You can check out details of the performance here.

Tony Traveling Again
:: Posted by Sid Smith on Thu., Jun 9, 2016
Tony Levin is about to start touring with Peter Gabriel and Sting later this month but has still found time to create a new website.

Check out tonylevin.com

Happy Birthday Jakko
:: Posted by Sid Smith on Wed., Jun 8, 2016
Fill a glass of your favourite fancy and raise a toast to Jakko Jakszyk, who is celebrating his birthday today.

Dave Cross Video & Single
:: Posted by Sid Smith on Tue., Jun 7, 2016
A radio edit of Starfall, the opening track from Sign of the Crow by the David Cross Band is available as a single download on iTunes. Check out the video here.

Sign Of The Crow, is  released on Noisy Records on 5th August 2016. The album can be pre-ordered from www.david-cross.com (all pre-orders carry a free and immediate previously unreleased DCB download).

Happy Birthday Tony Levin
:: Posted by Sid Smith on Mon., Jun 6, 2016
Tony Levin, whose stint with King Crimson began in 1981, is celebrating his birthday today.

Please raise a glass of something convivial to one of the most well-respected and liked musicians on the planet this very day!

Soundscapes In Warsaw
:: Posted by Sid Smith on Thu., Jun 2, 2016
Alex has been plundering the DGM Bootleg TV archives and has come up with this little gem - Robert soundscaping before King Crimson took to the stage on 10th June in Warsaw. Check it out here

Adele Says Hello To Concert Snappers
:: Posted by Sid Smith on Tue., May 31, 2016
A recent quote by popular singer Adele addressing those in the audience who might not be giving their full attention to the moment. "Can you stop filming me with a video camera because I'm really here in real life", said the singer from the stage. "You can enjoy it in real life, rather than through your camera. Can you take your tripod down? This isn't a DVD, this is a real show. I'd really like you to enjoy my show because there's lots of people outside that couldn't come in".

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