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The Road To Red - Q & A
:: Posted by Sid Smith on Sat., Jun 22, 2013

This just in from those lovely people at Panegyric.

The Road To Red Q & A

The Road to Red

What is it?

Itís a multi CD/DVD-A/Blu-Ray set drawn from King Crimsonís final US/Canadian tours from April - July 1974 & the studio recordings at Olympic studios in London in July 1974 presented in a 12" box similar to last yearís Larksí Tongues in Aspic set.

I was at one of those shows. I still treasure the ticket stub/handbill/poster I grabbed from outside the venue after the show.

Lucky person. Please feel free to email DGM a decent scan of any/all of the above. If itís something we donít have in the archive & we use it, youíll get your name included in the íthank youí section in the booklet, so long as you tell us your name.

When will it be released?

Weíre aiming for October.

Whatís in it?

The exact contents are still being finalised but itís looking like about 20CDs, 1 DVD-A & 2 Blu-Rays.

Thatís a lot. But what Music - not what number of discs?

Oh, yes, well on CD:

One concert from audio restored bootleg - Central Park - July 1st 1974 - previously only available as a KC mail order Collectorsí Club release.

A number of concerts drawn from the bandís own stereo soundboard cassettes.

Four of these are unreleased in any format: June 5th & 8th from Texas, June 16th from Colorado, June 23rd from Michigan.

A further group of concerts are issued on CD for the first time - having been available from DGMLive as downloads only.

The complete concerts from this tour previously issued on CD only in edited form on The Great Deceiver and/or as downloads from DGM live are also included:

Pittsburgh, Toronto, Penn. State University & Providence, as is the Chris Murphy mix of the Asbury Park concert - These CDs were all mixed from multitracks & appear as they did on the CDs as released.

Finally, on CD, there is also a new stereo mix of the Red album by Robert Fripp & Steven Wilson.

Some fans already own Great Deceiver and/or Asbury Park

We allow for this fact when weíre setting the price of the set. Many other boxed sets in the market offer far less music for a similar or higher equivalent price.

Is that everything you have at DGM?

From this period, no, there are some bootlegs from the tour - but it would have made the box too expensive to include them. We could issue them separately at a later date if thereís demand. The final concert in the box (from bootleg) is included as itís a great performance & the last of its kind. The DGM archive covers all eras of the band that may form the basis of future releases, but it made most sense to focus this set on the April/July 1974 tours

OK, sticking with this one for the moment, what about the DVD-A & the two Blu-Ray discs? What footage is there?

No footage (unless someone decides to send us the footage they shot of [insert gig name here] & forgot about for the last 39 years), this is an audio only set.

The DVD-A will feature the new stereo mix of Red & the stereo mixes of USA in high-resolution stereo.

The two Blu-Rays will feature the stereo mixes from the DVD-A above &
the (previously released) 5.1 mixes of Red.

You need two Blu-Rays for that?

I hadnít quite finished. The Blu-Rays also feature those complete concerts, Ontario, Penn. State University et al, that were professionally recorded & mixed from multi track recordings, newly transferred from the original Dolby SR half inch stereo master tapes in high resolution stereo.

Wow, what does that sound like?

The boxed set allows a listener to take a ívirtual tourí with King Crimson in 1974. For most of the concerts - drawn from soundboard cassettes - the sound is broadly similar to the perspective of the guys behind the desk on any given day, perfectly reasonable & better than many live recordings from the period.

The stereo CDs from the shows that were multi-tracked sound even better, as anyone familiar with The Great Deceiver knows.

The new transfers on the Blu-Rays are in a different league when it comes to audio quality.

Effectively, the listener is placed front & centre a few rows from the virtual stage while King Crimson play some of the best concerts of their career on a final tour schedule immediately prior to the recording of the classic Red album.

All of the previously download only gigs have been comprehensively remastered also.

This is a key era for the band & one of the most requested from fans of the band when it comes to archive releases.

When can I order it?


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King Corbyn
:: Posted by Sid Smith on Fri., Sep 4, 2015
Not long after King Crimson came off stage in Wales last night, BBC TVís Newsight programme were using The Court Of The Crimson King in a piece on Labour leadership contender, Jeremy Corbyn. Check it out on the BBCís iPlayer at around 30 mins into the show. 

King Cymru
:: Posted by Sid Smith on Fri., Sep 4, 2015
King Crimson's concert in Cardiff last night is reviewed here.

Pat's Percussion & Allsorts
:: Posted by Sid Smith on Thu., Sep 3, 2015
Check out Pat's quick tour of some of his sounds from the current tour. 

Tony's Pix
:: Posted by Sid Smith on Thu., Sep 3, 2015
Tony Levin has updated his website with some great pix from Aylesbury.

You can check the full set out here. Tony also posts setlists from the two dates. Over the course of the tour, we'll be posting the setlists usually the day after each gig - with a clearly marked spoiler alert in case you don't want to see what the team are up to.

Tour Box 2015 Tracklisting
:: Posted by Sid Smith on Thu., Sep 3, 2015
The all-new 2015 Tour Box is on sale at the merch stall for the tour but will be available for general release from the usual outlets after the European leg of the current tour has finished.

Following the same format as the highly successful 2014 edition, this 2 disc set features a variety of outtakes, alt mixes, excerpts, previews of forthcoming releases, many of which appear on CD for the very first time. Alongside the music thereís a new essay as well as a selection of Tony Levinís photographs and KC ephemera and memorabilia.

CD I Tracklist

1: Wind extract 1969 In The Court Of The Crimson King recording sessions: from In The Court Of The Crimson King 40th Anniversary CD/DVD-A

2: Epitaph 2015 - Steven Wilson 2015 instrumental mix: previously unreleased

3: Catfood - from In The Wake Of Poseidon recording sessions: previously unreleased on disc

4: Bolero - from Lizard recording sessions/T. Lev overdub: Frame by Frame boxed set/Lizard 40th anniversary edition CD/DVD-A

5: Islands (extract with Oboe) - from Islands recording sessions: Islands 40th anniversary edition CD/DVD-A

6: A Peacemaking Stint Unrolls - from Islands recording sessions: Islands 40th anniversary edition CD/DVD-A

7: LTIA II (2014 rehearsal extract) - 2014 Band rehearsals: previously unreleased

8: LTIA II - 1974 Asbury Park: USA CD/DVD-A & Road to Red boxed set

9: Fracture
- 1974 Gottingen: Starless boxed set

10: One More Red Nightmare (guitars extract) - from Red studio sessions: previously unreleased on disc

11: One More Red Nightmare - 2014 Los Angeles: Live at The Orpheum

12: Elephant Talk (12" mix) - 12" single version, dubbed from vinyl Discipline CD/DVD-a, previously unreleased on CD

13: Absent Lovers - from Beat studio session: from forthcoming Beat 40th anniversary edition CD/DVD-A

14: SF soundcheck extract - 2014 San Francisco: Previously unreleased

15: Larksí III/Sleepless - Three Of A Perfect Pair studio sessions: from forthcoming Three Of A Perfect Pair 40th anniversary edition CD/DVD-A


1: Jurassic THRAK (edit) - THRAK recording sessions: from forthcoming THRAK boxed set

2: The Hell Hounds of Krim - 2014 Los Angeles: from 12" Cyclops Picture Disc EP, previously unreleased

3: VROOOM - Live in London 1995: from forthcoming THRAK boxed set

4: VROOOM Coda Marine 475
- Live in London 1995: from forthcoming THRAK boxed set

5: ProjeKction (P4) - 7th Note,1998 San Francisco: previously only available via mail order CD

6: Larksí Tongues In Aspic Part IV / The ConstruKction Of Light - from The ConstruKction Of Light recording sessions: previously unreleased on CD

7: Sus Tayn Z (P3) - May 2000: previously unreleased on CD

8: The Power To Believe II (demo) - 2002: from the forthcoming The Power to Believe 40th anniversary CD/DVD-a

9: The Power To Believe II - 2003: from Live in Milan

10: Ex Uno Patres (Fripp, Belew, Levin, Mastelotto) - 2004: previously unreleased on CD

11: The Light of Day - 2010: Alt take from A Scarcity Of Miracles CD/DVD-a previously unreleased on CD

12: Ba Ba Boom Boom (Harrison, Mastelotto) - 2008: previously unreleased on CD

13: ATTAKcATHRAK (end edit) - 1996: from forthcoming THRAK boxed set

14: 21st Century Schizoid Man - 2014 San Francisco: Previously unreleased, From 12" Cyclops Picture Disc EP & forthcoming USA II album

Andrew's Aylesbury Eye-view
:: Posted by Sid Smith on Thu., Sep 3, 2015
Andrew Keeling has blogged about his recent trip to Aylesbury to see King Crimson and reveals he's writing a piece for Jakko Jakszyk. Check out Andrew's blog out here. 

David Singleton Speaks In Cardiff
:: Posted by Sid Smith on Thu., Sep 3, 2015
Ahead of King Crimsonís concert in Cardiffís St.Davidís Hall tonight, David Singleton will be giving a pre-show talk at 6.00 p.m. prompt. He will be discussing and providing audio examples of the DGM teamís restoration work, the challenges of mixing orchestral soundscapes, teasers from the forthcoming THRAK boxed set and lots more.

In addition there's an informal Q&A in which David will also be taking questions about the King Crimson / Robert Fripp archive - so if youíve got a burning question that youíve always wanted to know the answer to, then reserve your place today!

Attendance is free but limited so in order to attend you must register for a place. Send an email to indeg@dgmhq.com to reserve your place for tonightís talk or any of the other dates on the tour.

UK Tour
03rd Sep Cardiff, St.Davidís Hall
05th Sep Brighton Dome [SOLD OUT]
07th Sep Hackney Empire, London [SOLD OUT]
08th Sep Hackney Empire, London
11th Sep Lowry, Salford [SOLD OUT]
12th Sep Lowry, Salford
14th Sep Symphony Hall, Birmingham [SOLD OUT]
15th Sep Symphony Hall, Birmingham
17th Sep Usher Hall, Edinburgh [SOLD OUT]
18th Sep Usher Hall, Edinburgh

A Second Singleton
:: Posted by Sid Smith on Tue., Sep 1, 2015
David Singleton will be giving another Q&A talk tonight before King Crimsonís second gig in Aylesbury. If youíd like to attend please email indeg@dgmhq.com to have your name put on the list. Davidís session begins at 6.00 p.m. prompt and lasts approximately 30 minutes. Items may include THRAK box excerpts, how restoration on 70s soundboard tapes have been done, and life in the Vicarage.  

Jakko Talks More Crimso
:: Posted by Sid Smith on Mon., Aug 31, 2015
Jakko Jakszyk talks to David Stopps of Aylesbury Friars club about Crimson.
Part One
Part Two
Part Three

King Crimson In Aylesbury
:: Posted by Sid Smith on Mon., Aug 31, 2015
King Crimson begin their first UK tour since 1982 tonight in Aylesbury at the Waterside Theatre.

Last the night the venue played host to a run-in friends and family show. The invited audience enjoyed a set that took in many of the key landmark moments in the Crimson catalogue as well as the unveiling of new material.

This event followed on from a more intimate occasion the previous day at King Crimsonís rehearsal space in Tring. Tony Levin has posted several pictures of the rehearsal and play through for invited guests, one of who will be familiar to Crimheads. 

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