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Dont get me started!
:: Posted by Bakullama on December 03, 2014

Since it’s snowing outside and I have a day off of work to chat and nothing better to do than drink coffee and babble on... Then I think I will. In regards to another question posed to Robert in the 80s on carnamagos post...
His answer: (which I also agree with)

A.: Dislikes: The collapse into style and the vaporation [sic] of intent in the so-called English progressive/art rock music. Even more do I dislike the uncritical support of it. ’Art rock’ took the wrong turn and became more intrigued by pseudo-gothic visitors than giving a genuine impression of multi-dimensionality which it at best implied.

Agreed! Why in those days did I forego bands I historically loved like Yes, ELP, Tull, Genesis, etc, For bands like Wire, Stranglers, Buzzcocks, Shriekback? Who for me seemed to to be taking the titles and themes of progressive rock and art rock to entirely new plateaus. The drama and power and subtle nuances of songs like "I am the fly" , "Toiler on the sea", "I Believe" and "Nemesis" were not philosophically so unlike Tulls "oh God" or Raels psychotic episode in lamb, except they were rougher and edgier, starker and sometimes darker. Less musicianship, more power and pressure. These bands in my opinion took the ball and ran with it, and KC thanks to Adrian belews influence managed to ride this new wave as well with true to form Kingly glory.

The pseudo Gothic vistors were not present in this exciting and somewhat sparser style of art rock and for me that was a good thing. Personally I can see nothing to criticize at all in Roberts well put answers to these questions posed to him back in the day. Bowie managed to re-invent himself as well through this change. Blondie was an awesome pop band, Talking heads breathed art... Joni Mitchell I know nothing about except that Hissing of summer lawns was quite the treatise in female psychology with interesting melodies. Not really my cuppa tea.

Starless Boxxx - The best one can get
:: Posted by fhc339835 on December 03, 2014


A couple of days ago I left Gottingen, turning now towards and drowning in the brutal, beautiful, chilly, shining and banging final tour of Mark III in the US (as available from dgmlive and the Road to Red box).

Everything John Kelman has written in his review on All About Jazz is true. Nothing to add on this - no addict’s gobbledygook - just the plain truth.

Get out and get it - it is a limited edition box.

Best from Germany


:: Posted by CyNoth on December 03, 2014

For all guitar freaks with open minds, and I think there are a couple on this forum, you should take the time out to listen to ’room’ the new album from Nels Cline and Julian Lage. I guarantee you won’t regret it.

Red by Paco Rabanne
:: Posted by FraKcman on December 03, 2014

Did I just hear 21st CSM in the background of a Paco Rabanne ad on TV?

I did! Then, because endorsement advertising works, I had better go and buy some perfume immediately...

O hang on, the perfume seems to be called ’Red’.

Duh! They chose the wrong song!


:: Posted by Bakullama on December 03, 2014

"A musician is someone who instinctively knows how to play the right note, at the right time, with the right tone"

I almost agree... But you need to take into account the tool used by the musician and the hard work and practice time it requires to become able to actually make the right note emanate from the tool... The trumpet, the guitar, the voice, whatever your chosen tool, requires a great deal of training and discipline. Practice practice practice. Also, instinctively playing a note is fine and good, but, can you play it again? Can you repeat the performance over and over again without having some knowledge of what note it was you played? My amateur status makes me nothing more than a lucky jammer. Relying on Music I have heard throughout my lifetime (especially the music of King Crimson) to provide me with a benchmark of what I can only dream about producing... Add to that a little magic and sometimes get lucky.

Magician or musician? I am certain that having extensive musical training can only be beneficial when it come to bringing your musical imaginings to fruition... Over and over again.

:: Posted by dermis on December 03, 2014

A musician is someone who instinctively knows how to play the right note, at the right time, with the right tone.

:: Posted by Bakullama on December 03, 2014

"What is a musician?"

Well, I suspect a real musician knows how to read and play music, probably practices daily, knows a bit about music theory, chord progressions, knows exactly where the notes are on their instrument. A real musician can probably actually write music on paper from a whistled tune... Stuff like that.

I make attempts to learn these things from time to time, but, like my struggles with mathematics, I have found I personally lack the discipline it takes to successfully retain what I try to learn.

Winging it though, seems satisfying enough for me. I find it to be a lot like exploring a cave... Never know what I’ll come across.

My 12 year old reads and plays music in a jazz band at school. Her mind grasps the mechanics of music well... She is also a math whiz. Right brain, left brain... She has what it takes to become a real musician. Her dad just makes cool noises.

Questions 2
:: Posted by zebanet1 on December 03, 2014

So what is a ’musician’?

:: Posted by Bakullama on December 02, 2014

Thanks for posting those answers...
"Likes: Overcoming the mystique that only musicians can make music."

I like this answer, being an untrained musician that makes music from time to time... (For better or worse). I like it and agree with it. Here where I Live there is a group of about 10 middle aged women who get together in the park every weekend with bongos, tambourines, shakers, etc. They are by no means "bona-fide" musicians but they usually draw a crowd eager to hear them.

The Eternal Art and Commerce Braid
:: Posted by Dr_Erock on December 02, 2014

Seeing KC in all its glory was a peak experience in my life.

And seeing RF happy was an added joy.

But amidst all the positivity I am missing the rancor and the cold eye RF brought to discussions of the music biz.

The expenses Pomplamoose posted for their recent tour provide a nice snapshot of the state of the art.


And the writer’s failure to disclose his financial interest in the online funding enterprise Paetron is a reminder of the eternal shiftiness of the music biz.


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