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Beat box set...
:: Posted by DanAnderson on May 08, 2016

I keep hearing about a Beat box set. Bearing in mind that RF and BB have stated that it was hard work getting any keeper music for that album, is this box set going to be relegated to only that album’s material or will it include Discipline and TOAPP as well? Just askin’.

Beat & TOAPP 40th Editions?
:: Posted by brighton on May 05, 2016

I too would like to see the arrival of the long awaited 40th anniversary editions of Beat and TOAPP!! Sid, any news??
No news as yet but keep watching

Mundy multitrack Neurotic(a)
:: Posted by rocketmancs on May 05, 2016

... gosh, it’s got a good Beat hasn’t it?

So, might this interesting remix be evidence of a revisit to the multi-tracks, which could (please) hint at a release of the Beat 40th edition treatment sometime not too far away? Really hoping so.
Loved that album on it’s release. Nothing else quite like it before or since.
And also hoping, maybe against hope, that there might be some interesting studio extras or alternate takes/rehearsals, noticeably absent on 30th edition.

(enjoying the curious angles and edges of KCCC42)

KC in Poland
:: Posted by rzachol on May 04, 2016

All four gigs sold out on Ticketpro.

On the Etiquette of Improvisation
:: Posted by Dr_Erock on May 04, 2016

Sociologist and onetime bar room piano player Howard Becker on the collective experience of jazz and improvisation considered more broadly.

"As people listen closely to one another, some of those suggestions begin to converge and others, less congruent with the developing direction, fall by the wayside. The players thus develop a collective direction which characteristically—as though the participants had all read Emile Durkheim—feels larger than any of them, as though it had a life of its own. It feels as though, instead of them playing the music, the music, Zen-like, is playing them."

and for all the Crafties:

"Allowing the bad to play with the good, in deference to professional etiquette, has real consequences. Collective improvisation—not like Keith Jarrett, where one man plays alone, but like the more typical small jazz group—requires that everyone pay close attention to the other players and be prepared to alter what they are doing in response to tiny cues that suggest a new direction that might be interesting to take."


2016 Tour Box
:: Posted by AgentOrange on May 03, 2016

Burning question. Will there be a 2016 Tour Box? Love the first two.
Yes indeed!

Get the message
:: Posted by Rockette on April 28, 2016

If a band tells you they don’t want you to take photographs, film their gig (etc.), please take it at face value: it’s their expressed wish, based in this case on a long and distinguished career. If you don’t like it, don’t go to the gig. Since when did buying a concert ticket entitle anyone (regardless of what kind of tough life they think they may have had) to a free photo gallery and take-home personal recording? Show some respect and leave your cameras at home.

:: Posted by gasmrv on April 28, 2016

Not only should photography and videoing be allowed at every KC gig during the performance, but RF should be available right after every concert and do a selfie (or two) with every KC fan who wants one; and perhaps, too, go out for a drink (or five) with some of them. RF, after all, is only where he is thanks to us, and only to us, so I do think he owes us quite A LOT — it’s about time he acknowledged this publicly.

PS To GodSaveTrudeau: KC has played in Argentina and Mexico (more than once) and they managed to go well past the first song/piece of music as evidenced by the (legal) recordings available.

PPS To GodSaveTrudeau: Some people may consider growing up (or spending a long time) in (parts of) England, Germany, France, the US, Canada, Australia, etc. as pretty “shitty”; some people may actually consider growing up (or spending a long time) in (parts of) a so-called developing/third world country a blessing.

Plastic Pennies
:: Posted by indoorgames on April 27, 2016

To froggy55 and everybody: All G,G&F and KC lyrics you can find at IndoorGames - The Russificated King Crimson site. Don’t be afraid of Cyrillic letters - all the buttons have English translations. Best regards, Vladimir Kalnitsky.

God save GodSaveTrudeau
:: Posted by emory0 on April 26, 2016

GodSaveTredeau wrote...

"To finalize my point of view, please don’t hurt your liver thinking about cellphones, especially in this era of technology out of control and Social Media"

One consideration I don’t see given by folks with this point of view is acceptance of the fact that their beloved artists really don’t want to participate in events where people are recording and/or holding up their phones. Isn’t that sufficient in and of itself?

Think of it like this: What if it’s not just a philosophy and really truly the way someone feels? What if continued recording made person X no longer want to participate and no longer give concerts?

Take my wife of 28 years. She has a terrible snake phobia. Take her favorite thing in the world and put even just a photo of a snake in front of it and she’ll have zero interest in said favorite thing. There’s no arguing or explaining possible: "Hey, that’s not a poisonous snake, snakes eat vermin and they’re relatively clean...Plus, that’s your favorite thing behind that snake" and so on. Doesn’t matter. Trying to make her "get over" her snake phobia just makes one look like a douche.

In other words, maybe we as people can surrender what we believe we have a "right" to, in order to accommodate the wishes of another actual human person we want to participate in a concert we want to attend. And what did we give up anyway? An image of Fripp sitting on a stool frowning into the camera? Seems easier to go find a band that actually likes seeing cellphones held aloft.

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