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Jakko interview
:: Posted by DannyX on September 06, 2014

For anyone with any doubts as to his credentials and/or chops, this brief article and accompanying video will quickly dispel both.

drum solo.3drummers.
:: Posted by tim7777 on September 06, 2014

Now its clear what bruford meant when he said he felt sorry for anybody who had to play his licks.Hope they have sense enough not to try to.

Happy Birthday, Mel
:: Posted by EnoMan on September 05, 2014

One of these days, Iíll get an early night!

Happy Birthday Mel Collins
:: Posted by cschrecker on September 05, 2014

Hi Mel,

First and foremost, I wish you all the best and hope you have a super day with friends and family.

As most of the fellow KC fans have attested, it goes without saying that your riffs/licks/solos, have added an undeniable dimension and character to the music youíve played on. Thanks for continuing to push the envelope in terms of creative usage of the various woodwinds that you employ. Some of my favorites that havenít been mentioned are from your contributions to Alan Parsons music such as Donít Answer Me and Old and Wise. Of course, there are numerous times where youíre influence is felt in KC songs that have already been mentioned, but the sax break on The Letters is still one of the best examples of a mid-change in song structure and form, but yet you are able to bridge everything back together.

Best of continuing success. Take care.

Chris Schrecker

Happy Birthday Melvyn,
:: Posted by zustang on September 05, 2014

Happy Birthday Mel,

You donít know me but I know every note you ever played with KC and a lot of your fantastic work with many others.

The soundtrack of my life is literally paved with your notes, licks and breathing into metallic tubes. KC has been a huge influence on me and my musical life and way of thinking. Your playing played a key part in this experience. I love your style, craziness, delicacy and everything in between. I would say that As far as Sax goes, Islands and maybe Lizard proved over the years to be the most inspiring and ass kicking works for me.

I mean the flute and sax on these albums is just on of a kind. Lady of the Dancing water. Boom. What a flute part. Man.

There is a really special part towards the end of Formentera lady and coming Sailorís tale where you play some jazzy jamming after the flute and it goes into sax which is simply perfect and this is what I want to hear in honor of your birthday.

Also, Indoor Games. Itís the sax that really makes this track and the whole album, some of the riffs on this album are just so good. Again. One of a kind. Super.

I am sure you are a great person. I donít really know anything about you except your music. I wish you and your loved ones a one heck of a happy birthday.

Doron Barness, musician and PhD. physicist,

Happy Birthday Mel!
:: Posted by DannyX on September 05, 2014

Truly too many contributions to mention, but one of my favs has always been his alto on "Lucky Seven" from Chris Squireís Fish Out Of Water.

Mel Collins
:: Posted by Wilbert on September 05, 2014

Happy birthday Mel

The most beautiful fluteplayer in the world with his so very beautiful melodic lines.  Thanks for that Mel (Favorite: all Melís flute songs)

The most heavy sax performance is in the Earthbound period. Groon of Earthbound, hooked me of sax for ever.  What power, my God, never heard that before as 15 years old in 1972.

Even the jazz friends of my older brothers said: "hey whatís this cat doing?"

The alto and soprano I prefer less, but thatís personal:  Mel of Tenor of Bariton (?did he once?) is the real thing.

Mel never forget the powerplay on sax that makes you playing so special!!!!!!!

Happy Birthday, Mel!
:: Posted by nungboy on September 05, 2014

A very happy birthday is what I wish for Mr. Collins! Like many, I have a hard time picking a favorite moment (because he has played so many great lines for so many people) but Iíll single out the delightful sax solos on Camelís "Never Let Go." There are several live versions and he never fails to stun me with his passion, precision, and gorgeous tone. Donít even start me talking about his flute work...he has both motivated me and made me want to put my flute away! Fortunately, the motivation wins out every time. Thank you for scads of sublime musical moments!

:: Posted by Tom239 on September 05, 2014

As much as I love Mel Collinsí recordings, there was nothing like seeing him live with 21CSB -- in particular when playing Starless.

Happy birthday Mr. Collins and thanks for all the music.

Happy Birthday Mel
:: Posted by myshadow on September 05, 2014

Many happy returns for this day, and within the band again. Just know you are appreciated, very very, much.

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