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Slŗinte mhor a h-uile lŗ a chi 's nach fhaic
:: Posted by Petitwazoo on September 16, 2015

After 15,304 days, Iíd like to welcome the band back to Scotland!
Break a leg, as they say!

Rhode Island Red - or Doctor Diamond?
:: Posted by Royston on September 16, 2015

While spending a week in Rhode Island, Iíve just come across the following poster:

Apart from the unusual date ("Remember, remember, the tenth of October"), it announces a performance by King Crimsonís Jesters, presumably playing the music of Neil Diamond (with, presumably, only one drummer.)

It makes you think.

:: Posted by miles58 on September 16, 2015

The show at the Waterside (1st) was amazing and fulfilled all my expectations, need I say anymore. The residual effect of the concert being:

  •  After stopping collecting the KCCC at number 35 I have decided to start purchasing again, I now only require another 5 to be up to date. my wallet is empty.
  • I have blown the dust off Islands (vinyl) forgot how fantastic this album is and glossed over by writing commentators.
  • Will be ordering Thrak (box) once the wallet is re-loaded.

Regarding the future,

  • Further KC dates in the UK would be welcome
  • If there is to be a TCOL box set, please include a) a disc or two containing all the improvisations from the European Tour 2000, and b) all the available bootleg TV concerts on dvd or blu-ray.

2nd Nights
:: Posted by willesley on September 16, 2015

Iíve seen the current band on successive nights at the same venue on 3 occasions, Boston last year, Salford and Birmingham on the current tour.

On each occasion Iíve come away with the opinion that the second night was better than the first.

I know that there are various personal factors that could influence this eg. different seat locations, different company etc, and other factors such as different audience levels (Salford and Birmingham not sold out on 2nd night.)

However, Iíd like to think that the improvement (slight but discernable) is down to the sound guys getting a better measure of the room, and primarily to the band feeling more relaxed in familiar surroundings.

A vindication of Robertís thoughts about touring?

So Who Won??
:: Posted by BenMMusTech on September 15, 2015

So who won "Be The Singer" contest? :)

P.S good to see the triple headed beast on the road...how about a trip to OZ Bob!!


Setlist Hopes for Edinburgh 18/9/15
:: Posted by johnvalente on September 15, 2015

I hope KC have not dropped/are not dropping The Letters and Sailorís Tale from their setlist for this tour - please include them on Fri 18/9/15 in Edinburgh if possible if u are listening so we can get the full Mel Collins effect 

Ladies On The Road
:: Posted by emmapeelfanclub on September 15, 2015

Indeed I did notice a fair amount of ladies in the audience at the Salford shows but one in particular stood out. She was dressed in red and was in the front row on Saturday night. She had a whale of a time... she was truly rocking out throughout. What makes this worthy of note is at the end as the band soaked up the applause, Pat tossed one of his drum sticks directly in her direction which I thought was a lovely gentlemanly gesture and he made sure she got the stick too.

A few days on and Iím still buzzing from those 2 shows. Just extraordinary. Iím sorry to learn that the flashbulb menaces were in force in Birmingham. There was a worrying moment on Friday when I noticed one flash go off towards the end of "Starless" which made me wonder if weíd get the encore or not. From what I could observe, the Salford audiences were well behaved and I did see many switching off their phones following the band announcement recording.

Birmingham Symphony Hall
:: Posted by PigletsDad on September 15, 2015

I saw Monday nightís performance, and had a great time. There were a few pieces I didnít recognise, which I guess must be the new material, but most of the set was familiar music given a fresh outing. The sound balance was a bit odd (boomy excess round 60-80Hz) sitting in the back of the circle, but I think that was the effect of reflections from behind and above. The band started well, but warmed up as the evening went on, and were clearly rocking out by the time the encores came round.

..salfordian sympathy...one night stands..
:: Posted by AndrewJohn on September 15, 2015

...yes unfortunately you did miss an excellent Red..a great and wonderful surprise to me when they broke into it on Saturday..but let me pass this feeling on. Of the 3 us who went on Friday 1 felt Friday was the best night and the 1 who didnít come on Saturday loved Friday. Please embrace the subjective here; the hall was full with a large smattering of females which supported a warmer and more generous empathic response. Saturday, more beer but no less well behaved attentive crowd. I liked the louder fuller mellotron sound on Saturday, but wanted more Talking Drum, which was awesome, also would have liked a louder screeeech between TD and LTIAPt2, which itself became finer as it moved on. The band was more even the 2nd night and relaxed and itís highs were higher than Fri. Fripp was louder on Saturday which is always a bonus. However itís clear that no less than a 100% effort is required for KC, to err is human & no sin....being honest and true to the music brings the result it should.

...like so many here Iím glad I have followed this band...thanks for working at it, those who do....this form of musical odyssey is a real treat to enjoy...

Birmingham September 14th 2015
:: Posted by PaulChames on September 15, 2015

As posted on my FB page...

Having patiently waited over three decades to see King Crimson in my home town it could have gone either way. Uncluttered by fancy lights, faux jovial banter or excessive physical movement the band did not disappoint... by a long, long way. Curiously, it would be easy to lable this band as dinosaurs. However, any keen follower will know that, unlike dinosaurs, they have evolved and are certainly hot blooded. Excellent. Complex. Thunderous. Sensitive and very, very tight, in a loose way! OK, Iím biased, but my unKrimsoned friend Alan Smith came along for the ride and was "amazed". Iím tempted to return tonight for the second night.

Thanks. It was a delight.

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