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Future KC performances
:: Posted by Turumarth on February 07, 2015

I hope to see Stick Men with David Cross in Tokyo!!! Hey, Mr Tony L, hey, Mr Pat M, can you guys play Starless? Please??? An instrumental version would be awe-inspiring.


(posted by a Yank who lives in the land of the rising sun)

Daevid's cancer
:: Posted by markmmarkm on February 06, 2015

Where there is life, there is hope.

Leave no stone unturned?:


Best wishes,
Mark M

:: Posted by gasmrv on February 06, 2015

Never mind whether I like Fracture, or whether or not I want to listen to it live live (I do), but I wonder whether RF, these days, can play this piece competently, and if he does (I suspect he does), would the current line-up offer a decent enough, honourableógenuine!órendition of this one unique piece of music? True renditions of The Talking Drum & Fracture would be more than welcome, and dare I say necessary, to European audiences these days.

King Live Holland 2015
:: Posted by Wilbert on February 06, 2015

yes I bought tickets for me and my son. Utrecht Holland. Hurray.

For my son the first time, for me the 7th time.  However the first time again since 1995.. My very 1st time was 1973 (the Nightwatch Concert in Amsterdam).

Hurray King Crimson and hurray for seeing Mel Collins with RF for the 1st time.........

:: Posted by kingcrimson7 on February 06, 2015

The churchscapes is something, that has to do with the church.

can trust Jesus, thanks to our dear Mr. Robert fripp

Love and Peace.

:: Posted by thecapitolcardiff1971 on February 06, 2015

Some 44 years after seeing Mel with the Islandsí Crimson, at the Capitol Theatre in Cardiff, the gents are back in town. Tickets purchased for the concerts at Cardiff, Brighton and Birmingham.

SP. <><

I repeat myself when under stress
:: Posted by DannyX on February 06, 2015

Isnít "One Eyed Cyclops" redundant? Sort of like having three drummers...

Daevid Allen
:: Posted by farranhite on February 06, 2015

Very sad and yet warmed to read Davids poignent words below.
Co-incidently got a copy of "I see you" last week and have been playing it back to back with Orpheum live on the journey to work. every day. I think the wind instruments used on both albums seem to compliment both works in a very similar way. Gong sound very Crimso to me on this album, especially ontrack 2 "Occupy". But that mix of bluster and whimsy still make gongís sound very distinctive as well of course as the thundering psychadelic guitar riffs.
I saw them at the lemon tree in Exeter UK a few years back with Theo Travis providing flute and sax, so there is a nice RF connection there too.
Very sad 

King C. Tickets
:: Posted by colincoates on February 06, 2015

Likewise I signed up to Livenation, a waste of time ++ as the site only offered limited seats.

Today went straight to the Brum Symphony Hall site, got a good £50 seat, [Circle, row B], booking fee £3, and pleased, will be six hour drive there and back, [why no East Anglia date, Norwich has excellent venues, and the home of Burning Shed], but know I will regret it if I do not go at their ages and mine !!

The tour
:: Posted by david55 on February 06, 2015

Whoopee, I just booked my ticket for the Lowry at Salford on 11 Sep. Interestingly, the venue itself indicates a second show on the 12th, but tickets not available yet. I wonder what that signifies.

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