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Larks Query
:: Posted by Petitwazoo on July 02, 2014

I’m a regular reader here but clearly missed a couple of things.
Why is everyone talking about LTIA #5? And where did Sailors Tale get mentioned as being ‘in the setlist’?


’Médéric Collignon et le Jus de Bocse’ are impressive but can they do it on Segways?

Venturing Into Joy / Larks' Tongues / Earthbound
:: Posted by jacethecrowl on July 02, 2014

Catching up...

This new track bodes well for the mighty new Crim! Normally I don’t care about spoilers, but once the shows start, it’ll be hard to stay away from the forum (specifically set list leaks), and I want to be mostly surprised at my L.A. show. I will allow Hot Tickles such as these onto my radar however.

As for the legacy of things titled "Larks’ Tongues in Aspic," I think all entries in the series are compositionally-tied and completely credible. I’d be delighted if the new band cooked up another Part, and we’d all be damn fortunate if such inspiration were to strike them.

Earthbound -- I too am troubled by scat vocals in a rock context, and in fact can only tolerate it as executed the most exceptional practitioners, which I’d guess would be exclusively in the jazz realm (sorry Boz). But the instrumental edit of 21CSM that appears on the 21st Century Guide to KC is one of the most wonderfully unhinged and thrilling imagined performances I’ve ever heard.

The New Band Members
:: Posted by SEK2344 on July 02, 2014

I’m a bit behind so who are the new band members?

21CSM Brass
:: Posted by DanAnderson on July 01, 2014

Is there a Facebook location for the Segway version of Schizoid Man?

Re: Thoughts on Venturing Into Joy
:: Posted by Rhymes_With_Eloquent on July 01, 2014

I’m not suggesting that the title will be LTIA or that they plan to use it at all on any song, I’m giving my opinion that they should retire that moniker.

Thoughts on Venturing Into Joy
:: Posted by jeffo621 on July 01, 2014

Could it be that this song is not actually a new LTiA but a snippet of them rehearsing Part I?

:: Posted by Rhymes_With_Eloquent on July 01, 2014

I’m not suggesting that the title would in any way indicate the musical quality. I’m saying they should retire that moniker.

Tour Dates
:: Posted by Jazzrok on July 01, 2014

Is there any  reason why Michigan is to be excluded from KC performances ???

Larks 5
:: Posted by ZaneCox on July 01, 2014

I believe "Level 5" from "The Power to believe" is Larks Tongue’s in aspic part 5.

So a new Larks would probably be part 6.

The new...
:: Posted by emory0 on July 01, 2014

Man if the new Crimson will sound like that then I am stoked. And already, Rieflin’s drumming approach combined with Levin has tilted the sound ever-so-slightly Jazz-like. Even grumpy ole man Fripp appears to be stoked, and I guess that almost validates Belew being stuffed into a canon and shot off. (Uh...kinda kidding: If we had to choose between no Crimson at all, ever again and a Crimson without Belew then I prefer the former.)

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