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:: Posted by becarmi on October 11, 2014

HarrySpade is right on! I could not have said it better. I do not understand all the fuss about the fact that there will be no DVD of this fall tour. Music is what count and downloads, hopefully sooner than later, will do the job for me.

Music fanatics
:: Posted by HarrySpade on October 11, 2014

The commentary online just baffles me sometimes... King Crimson release giant boxed sets of their albums and theyíre accused of gouging their fans, or they donít release a live video and theyíre also accused of somehow screwing their fans. Damned if you do, damned if you donít.

I didnít see the 2014 tour, which was a bit of a letdown, but... I and my family are in reasonably good health, weíre not impoverished, the kids are doing well in school, in addition to a steady day job I make some money playing guitar on the weekends, and overall life is good. If I donít have the opportunity to see a concert or buy a video, I wonít foam at the mouth and rant to the digital ether about it.

I would respectfully suggest that other presumably stable adults develop some perspective, or at least count to ten before posting online. The infantile comments Iíve seen here and elsewhere recently are really not necessary.

:: Posted by fishbonealice on October 11, 2014

Unlike others herein I am, I must confess, not particularly interested in a dvd of the recent KC concerts. Naturally, from sheer curiosity it would be interesting to see the on-stage shenanigans of the band. But in my humble opinion what matters is the music, and I often find visuals distracting (on screen I mean; live is a different thing altogether). I would, however, love to know if any of the gigs will be released on cd/download some time in the future. Now that I most definitely WOULD want want to have.

RE: Re; Filming
:: Posted by masanori on October 11, 2014

Dear Valhalla.

Firstly I think I should tell you first that this comment from me might destroy your impression on Eyes Wide Open DVDís Japan portion. So if you donít want it to, I should suggest you not to read on from this point.

Some views from a Japanese guy that is myself.

Yes Japanese crowd/people have been traditionally polite. Still may looks polite today, comparing to some other cultures. Quiet?? Mmmm.... Yes, quiet. But being quiet and being forced to be quiet are different. And the latter is majority, it looks like to me. In other words, they have no courage to start doing something no other poeple are doing. Especially when it makes you highlighted, like start making noise in complete silence. You very often see this fashion in so many scenes in todayís Japanese society. From my experience, I have no doubt that Japanese crowd at concert is one whose amount of communicaton with musician during concert is one of the very least in the world, and I think thatís one of the biggest reasons why something truly special or magic hardly happens in concert in Japan, comparing to concert in other countries I have visited. Of course communication can be done not only with words from mouth but also with.... almost everything you can do at your seat. With your eyes, your bodyís movement, etc etc.

My impression on Eyes Wide Open DVDís Japan portion is that it sounds very different from what I heard in the venue. And I love what I heard in the venue much more than whatís on the DVD. So I rarely watch the DVD. Maybe fearing it might end up taking over the sound of what I heard in the venue.

Then, crowd who usually tend to be quiet cannot have huge amount of communication with musician during concert?? No way!! The crowd of Kate Bushís shows I attended were having unbelievable amount of communication with her while most of the time they were listening quietly. Their status beautifully changed: For exmaple they could stop huge cheers and go quiet whenever they wanted, even if they started huge cheers few seconds ago. One of the best crowd I have ever seen.

No DVD??? Has DGM gone corporate?
:: Posted by froggy55 on October 10, 2014

I am extremely disappointed, and upset to learn that a dvd of the recent King Crimson tour is not in the works.

This is a big F**K YOU to us blue collar working class King Crimson fans who couldnít afford to buy a plane ticket and fly half way across the country, and shell out $300 to see our favorite band!

Perhaps John Lydon was correct in his assumption in the 70s when "Prog" bands such as Genesis, became popular with the doctor and lawyer crowd, he accused them of taking rock ín roll away from the working class. Has King Crimson joined the ranks?

Always in the past, DGM has done, or has done their best to, accommodate their fan base, but you surely dropped the ball this time!

Re; Filming
:: Posted by Valhalla on October 10, 2014

Hello andyfromozz, I would love to see a live dvd from a concert of this lineup, but alas maybe later perhaps? I would hope we can hear a live audio recording maybe, somewhere down the track. Many bands need time to ínail ití so to speak! A couple of dozen gigs possibly, before everything falls into place. I remember reading something years ago from Fripp, stating that the filming process is an uncomfortable one for him, it kills the ímomentí or something along those lines.
It is a gamble to film a concert & maybe they will play some Japan dates (which would be rather frustrating for us being that close). Unless we can put intense pressure on the band, so they feel really guilty & then drop downunder? Ha!
The Japanese crowds are very polite, quiet & respectful. Australian & American concert crowds tend to have the occasional loud mouth yelling crap out etc! This totally disrespectful attitude from the minority of an audience, certainly rankles me big time. Hereís hoping they do Japan (& Oz) & film a gig in Japan like the superb Eyes Wide Open dvd, what a recording that is, one of the best I have ever seen & I also own! Donít worry about your ranting, good to see such passion for the mighty Crim! I often wonder as to how many Crimheads there would be in Oz, that would support a concert or three out here? Cheers.

..end of tour..Tony's Take..
:: Posted by AndrewJohn on October 10, 2014

  Tony Levinís choice of a final picture to epitomize the tour is very apt.

...although a collective and happy scene, its more than clear that RF looks joyous. Something I think most of us would want him to enjoy, as perhaps we, as fans, have had in a continuing joy in KC. For some of us this has been for many, many years. So its only fitting that KC has reciprocated this to its main protagonist.

In 1974 when R.I.P. appeared on the USA vinyl I wasnít surprised. However then we had so little to go on but with TheYPGtoKC and scrapbook a sort of sense appeared and provided a suitable close. But as KC resurrected in 81í it was clear the gloves were off....we were not to enjoy KC as a distant teenage nostalgia trip.........

and now suddenly itís 2014(!)...wow!...

 whatever follows.....itíll be worth waiting for........

.....some of us never grow up, but hell yeah the mantra was always íStay Youngí anyway!

:: Posted by farranhite on October 10, 2014

Thanks for the tip Albemuth
Rachel Flowers is expletive awesome.....
Guess if ever Bob wants to retire as band leader, just parachute her in...
Her cover of Peaches en Regalia is a force to be reckoned with as well........
Maybe its a consequence of previous sight issues, but the attention to detail is absolutely astounding. I am just blown away with someone who can exercise such focus and come back with an interpretation which is both totally honest to te original but intuitively adds some clear personal interpretation, particularly in the middle section of LTIA part 1, loved it.

:: Posted by kitchens on October 10, 2014

Level 5 was so heavy it left a void in its wake. When it was over all the air had been removed from the room.

have you got a video?
:: Posted by vargan on October 10, 2014

there was a video camera positioned next to the soundboard in albany capturing a wide angle shot.  perhaps this may be considered for the one of the remaining KCCC releases. 

the perspective iíd like to see would be the drummers wearing go-pros, i think the P@ cam would be very entertaining. 

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