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The ConstruKction of Starless Joy
:: Posted by nkLottery on December 04, 2014

Consider me excited. To see that in 40 minutes of material we get some new music, and arguably my favorite three tracks of the show (ConstruKction, One More Red Nightmare, and Starless--the latter two being RARE cuts!!), I will certainly preorder. Thank you King Crimson & Co for this early holiday present of Hype! Cheers

LA Show.
:: Posted by myshadow on December 04, 2014

Great selection of music.
Would it be possible to specify which nights each title is taken?
Pre ordered

:: Posted by emory0 on December 04, 2014

And thereís a DVD-A disc version, too. Iím a big fan of the higher bandwidth disc formats such as SACD and DVD-A. Interesting choice of material, too, with a couple of improvs.

Not to be a grouch but....
:: Posted by snkzato1 on December 04, 2014

I plan to pick up the Live at the Oprheum album on release day, but I must ask, what is the deal with packing in DVD-Aís into these recent releases? Is there any real serious benefit of a DVD-A versus a CD? It adds another 8-10 bucks to the sticker price and itís going to just collect dust on the shelf.

Perhaps a knowledgeable Crimhead can educate me on this one, but I simply donít get it.

Shoot, at 40 minutes this desperately needs to be put on vinyl.

:: Posted by apisch on December 04, 2014

Ordered!  Now, I feel the need to avoid reading future Guest Book posts about how awful the RHVL is, teasing us with this hideous 40-minute snippet of the #KC2014 Tour.

Excited? Only VERY!!!
:: Posted by DrDick on December 04, 2014

New mini live album preordered? Check. Stupidly high levels of excitement not felt since waiting for the Roar of P4? You betcha!

It's December... where's the Beat 40th anniversary edition?
:: Posted by tcj226 on December 04, 2014

So when Starless was announced, it was mentioned that Beat was going to be released alongside it. Itís now quite a while after Starless was released and no sign of Beat. Is there any information on when weíre going to see Beat? Or TOAPP?

With Thrakboxx on the horizon, Iím beginning to doubt that weíll even see the remaining two 80s albums next year. Some of us have been waiting YEARS for these specific albums. The whole 40th anniversary edition program has been pretty painfully slow - six years to reissue a dozen albums?!
You missed the announcement in October about Beat being put back until 2015.

There it is!
:: Posted by Bakullama on December 04, 2014

The New album Live at The Orpheum is here... That was quick.... Faster than the US mail... Great cover photo. Pre-ordered... Yup.

No Mere Frippery
:: Posted by davidly on December 04, 2014

Those answers sound like something that had been translated into another language for a foreign rag and then found and then translated back into English to be excerpted for the subsequent source of that clipping. Having only a best guess as to its origins, I cannot help but find the accuracy of the quote suspect. Still, even if I find the syntax wambly, I am sympathetic to its overall tone.

At any rate, as it regards "so-called English progressive/art rock music": That someone had a vision of gamelan-like guitar movement and found just the right person to play catch with was not only essential to KCís continued existence, but also itís continued influence on the future of music. Given the direction of that pursuit, that RF didnít care to be associated with good intentions cum commercialized ideology Ė a method of genre-fication that continues today with terminology like "Indie music" Ė is understandable.

:: Posted by CyNoth on December 04, 2014

"A musician is someone who instinctively knows how to play the wrong note, at the right time."

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