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The Cyclops
:: Posted by timohara on November 11, 2015

The first association that came to mind for me:

"In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is King....(Crimson)"

:: Posted by miles58 on November 11, 2015

For those of you who (like me) enjoyed the three drummers experience of KC (Waterside) you may wish to check out Roxy the Movie by Frank Zappa and the Mothers. This band has two drummers Chester Thompson and Ralph Humphrey plus Ruth Underwood on percussion and the playing is fabulous. Furthermore at some point on Dog/Meat, Frank joins the three players on drums and so we then have three drummers and one percussionist playing, need I say anymore.

It may have  taken 40 years to be released but its been well worth the wait.

Regarding the Thrak Box Set, I have to wait until Santa arrives, its a long time since I have been so excited about xmas.

thoughts on the cyclops
:: Posted by johnfgibson on November 11, 2015

Itís a giant contrast from the Schizoid Man cover of the first album: youth, poise, calm, privilege, and placement in this world versus fantastic adult raw terror. The fine suit, high collar, parted hair, similarity to the Eye of Providence on the $1 bill all convey to me a combination of status and wealth. To me this reflects a difference stance of the band after forty years, its self-assurance from the all it has achieved in all its incarnations. Itís no longer a group of near-teens exploding onto the scene with an outraged protest, but seven mature men in crisp black suits who have accomplished something with their lives, made the world more beautiful and interesting, and reached positions of influence and affluence, despite the fact that the same horrors remain (Vietnam, meet Iraq).

But that steady single eye betrays a deep weirdness beneath the calm. Try staring into it a few minutes, and see where you end up.

Itís a powerful, subtle, weird, image that triggers a range of associations. Weíll be grappling with it for a long time.

Cyclops and the Music
:: Posted by RickyM on November 11, 2015

Having been a life long KC music follower/observer since the very beginning, Iíve always found some form of relevance between the art work that graces the packaging and the music within.

For me, the Cyclops contains some direct (and indirect) pointer to the music.

1) The Cyclops is well dressed - it aligns to the KC8ís stage appearance. All band members are smartly dress to some degree or another.

2) While the Cyclops is a departure from past works of art, it has its similarities too - A work from a artist of high caliber, an intriguing and thought provoking piece (hey, many here are talking about this, right?), and a logo in some shape or form.

3) "The music is fresh whenever it was written". While this band can perform old (and new) repertoire like none before it and present it in new and fascinating ways, so is this art work - timeless, yet new, thought provoking, and disturbing, all at once.

4) Finally, nothing says íFocusí like a Cyclops. Focus on the music, focus on the performance, focus on the tour, etc. KC has always been about focus in just about everything it chooses to do. There is no where else to go!


I've seen something like it before
:: Posted by Turnip on November 11, 2015

in the eye on the pyramid decorating the back of the 1$ bill. Design-wise thatís the first element that jumps out at me. Then maybe she has "put a human face on it"? And when was KC ever calm, Edwardian and of -ahem- singular vision? So far it hasnít moved me like SaBB, the 12 archetypes or even Red, ItCotCK or Thrak - all of which led us to believe the cover art was an integral part of the message. I donít mind obscure and I donít mind that it may take years to digest but Kcreepy is a new flavor for me. And Iím working on it as best I can.

:: Posted by froggy55 on November 10, 2015

Gordon Haskell once made the bitter remark: "King Crimson, is what happens when first cousins marry!"

Could the cyclops be a humorous nod towards that statement?


What's wrong with the one-eyed boy?
:: Posted by emory0 on November 10, 2015

Man are you guys kinda square. Whatís the big deal about the one-eyed boy? Heís kind of a mix of English dandy and mutant. Also, his single eye and lines of his face definitely reference the Masonic pyramid on the back of the US dollar bill. Is this any more disturbing that the screaming red Schizoid face? Have a sense of humor fer crissakes and loosen up a bit, or your Crimson discs (even collectorís club!) will be confiscated and sent to the one-eyed orphan children society.

poseidon's boys redux
:: Posted by sylvanasheart on November 10, 2015

I bílieve I done TOLD yíall the current "face oí crim" is but Percyís 1/2bro from the kiddy-show "Percy Jackson:Sea of Monsters";this ,of course,being my unmitigated opinion.But,to hold forth on said opinion,I quite like the fact that it does seem to elicit a most familiar,i.e "schizoid" effect on the crim-population at large.Seems just right for the 21st century,so I DO say.Thankee-sai!

...fans have eyes and wallets for T's & KcC's(perhaps less so)..
:: Posted by AndrewJohn on November 10, 2015

...I have always been unsettled by KC; music and images. I have regard that as great and very fulfilling and look forward to it continuing... surely then this new image follows that tradition of íonce complacency or ease rears itís ugly head a pointed stick and jolt to re-invigorate the work is requiredí ...and then the music of KC pops up!...
....if liking KC was easy and to be noticed then maybe more people would listen...but thatís not the aim ..quality and taste is a fact in KC and that has never been lacking and thatís the case with the new merchandise, very 2015. The Cyclops boy is now....and yet just look at BB at Warfield(1995) with his necktie fastened to the top during Indiscipline with his effort and fully focused attention set to the max - spot a pictoral link?...I did.

...fortunately there are musicians out there who are prepared to jump in the pool and see what they find...why would 7 talented individuals choose to work together in the finest of rock bands, alongside an expert back-up team, with little idea of what might happen?....because they trust that KCís muse may visit and then POW!...JOY!HORROR!BEAUTY!TRUTH!...emerge from the music they create in a KC of now.

...any one who is prepared to wear their KC T of any style is brave... I see none on the flesh - other than at recent shows...perhaps itís because we really are wearing our heart on our sleeve. We understand the joy we share and itís a little too close the bone, but this is good itís honest itís true.

KC does this to me through the years thru itís sound, itís images, itís ever emerging ethos and the team that includes us all. This sounds all so crazy and somewhat juvenile, but to read a 13 year old grasp the KCnettle is cool. But then this is music we are hearing and images enhance our experience both in pain and pleasure.

Indiscipline is awesome on THRAK BOX and to have it linked with pregnancy(birthday boy BB) was a totally unexpected twist....so funny to hear ABís adaptation... and then to see the DVD of Warfield with the same track astonishingly adapted with fun again is just fantastic.

..ta..thanks for your time...

:: Posted by albemuth on November 10, 2015

The fact that so many people find our one-eyed friend disturbing proves that the artist is doing her job!  Count your blessings: at least he does not have one ear.  That would really be disturbing!

I think the one-eyed man is evocative.  Does it call our attention to the focus and purpose that we all know KC has?  Or does it reflect a fallen world, filled with citizens (and audients) with blinders on?  Or what?

Anyway, Iím ready to rock out.  Thank you, oh cyclops, for helping bring KC into the world.  I will leave you with two lines from Ghostís song "He Is" which is also rather disturbing in a KC kind of way:
"Weíre hiding here inside a dream and all our doubts are now destroyed.
The guidance of the morning stars will lead the way into the void."

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