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Live At The Opheum
:: Posted by eternalriver on January 14, 2015

I listened to the KC Live at the Orpheum yesterday.  Sublime musicianship abound.  It is a beautiful recording of a band incarnated at its best, in my opinion.  That the inflow of the vision of this band followed almost immediately after Mr. Fripp was mugged of his spirit on a boat in the River Thames a year before the band came to life is simply mind-boggling! 

:: Posted by rhino2011 on January 14, 2015

Just listening to new live album and I’m blown away with Jakko....vocals are just the perfect fit - outstanding! His guitar playing isn’t too bad either!

I hope we hear more from this Crimson!

Orpheum Reaction
:: Posted by simkin_eden on January 14, 2015

Had my first listen to ‘Live at the Orpheum’ last night, it having arrived earlier in the day (the 13th, seems us in Europe got if first, well US you got the tour!)

Firstly, surprised how much has been drawn from ‘Islands’ including the walk on piece. When that was first released on LP I wondered how many people listened on to that final segment where RF directs the orchestral players.

The performances of The Letters, Sailor’s Tale and Starless are an interesting combination of being close to the originals but very different (I know this sounds illogical but I can’t think yet how to describe it, further listens may sort this out!)

All the players sound as if they are enjoying themselves.

The only downside – the crowd are noisy, depressing to know that people still go to such events and talk and call out during the performance. Why?

Thanks to RF for getting back to playing in public!


:: Posted by discorderly on January 14, 2015

.........no wait the Guestbook has not switched off........it’s Jan. 13th!! He only said "...how about.."

...... errr or maybe they’re looking for the plug.... 

Quick question
:: Posted by HarrySpade on January 13, 2015

Is the release date for the new live album January 13 or 20? I’ve seen both dates referenced.

Judging by the amount people posting pictures of the album on social media, it's  hit the streets on the 13th in Europe and digital. I understand that some retailers and territories don't have it going out until the 20th.

:: Posted by DanAnderson on January 13, 2015

Welcome back, my friends (to the)
Guestbook that never ends
We’re so glad you could attend,
Step inside, step inside.

We’ve got thrills and shocks,
prog that really rocks,
you will lose your socks,
come along, come along.

Come inside, inside this noisy blog.
Someone here will call you a dog.
Surf the shop, you’ll get your money’s worth.
Greatest show on heaven, hell or earth.

Awwwwwww, hell. You make up your own lyrics.

On a different note, I got the new Crimson cd via iTunes. So that’s what Mel was playing! The acoustics at the Moore Theater (Seattle) was so crappy I couldn’t hear his sax at all and Tony was reduced to a dull boom most of the time. All for now - over and out.

:: Posted by thecapitolcardiff1971 on January 13, 2015

Yippeeeeeee. I have just read David Singleton’s post. Yipppeeeeeeee "... AGAIN."

SP. <><

:: Posted by thecapitolcardiff1971 on January 13, 2015

Given the sad demise of Guestbook what other message boards do Crimheads intend using to keep intouch with each other? Ta.
SP <><

:: Posted by emperornobody on January 13, 2015

and to all, a good night <3

:: Posted by twatts1000 on January 13, 2015

Just DLed the new live set from the Orpheum via iToons...

Thank you!!! The Letters is beautiful!!!

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