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Radical Action Inner Knot Status
:: Posted by kprieger on September 09, 2016

not to fully speak for them, but as there was a question below, figured iíd share my interaction with them from yesterday.

shot them an email asking what the status was and they confirmed a few hours later that yesterday they received the box sets at the inner knot offices and that it would take two days to ship them all out. They confirmed you should receive a shipping notice when it ships.

so if you live in the US, check your email for shipping notices. imagine if it were to take two days that means yesterday (Thursday) and Friday w/ an assumption that it should be in the mail starting early next week.

thanks to inner knot for responding quickly and clearly to questions - itís much appreciated. looks like us US people will have the box shipped next week!

:: Posted by HarryPipco on September 09, 2016

Just want to say thank you for the great concert yesterday in Stuttgart.
I think it was the best Crimson Iíve ever seen (if not even the best Iíve heard).

The side effects of anticipation
:: Posted by kboman on September 09, 2016

I just had a weird dream that I thought could give the readers here a little chuckle:

My dad and myself were at the first Copenhagen gig. Between two songs Fripp unexpectedly leaves the stage (the rest of the players are completely unfazed by this). He soon sits down next to us, eating an egg sandwich and enjoying the show. This was so weird it woke me up - feeling very hungry!

Radical Action box sets
:: Posted by DanielM on September 08, 2016

Any / all whom it concerns,

Any word of whether the "Radical Action" box sets have gone out from Inner Knot to pre-order customers in the U.S. yet? As far as I can tell by looking on the site, the item has transitioned from a pre-order to *SOLD*OUT*, yet I (as one pre-order customer whose credit card has seen the charge go through) have not even seen notification- email or otherwise - of the item shipping. A glance at my orderís status page says itís still in processing. Just curious whatís up.

Radical Action etc.
:: Posted by Wilbert on September 08, 2016

My Radical Box arrived yesterday.

And today I enjoyed the complete 3 cdís in my car, very loud, while making detours in stead of going direct to work.. This evening I compaired some songs of Radial to Orpheum and Toronto downloads  (by the way: I prefer the Toronto íEpitaphí).

Radial is superb. Recordings very clear, good mellotronvolume (which was not at the 2nd Utrecht concert 2015) and overall wonderful sound + musical atmosphere. Balance between the drummers and the rest is very good.

Letís hear it for the King. Hurray! Iím very happy with this powerful King, this King is very much alive!!!

One remark: I miss the audience, thatís all, but besides of this, the box is a ímustí!

2016 Euro tour tickles
:: Posted by myshadow on September 08, 2016

   Posting a track for each gig of the euro tour is an incredible idea! Living in the USA I wonít be able to catch a gig. This idea allows all of us, from all over the world to attend the tour day by day.  I will gladly pay a dollar per track to experience this! Thank you so much for sharing the music with type of outreach, and Iím glad to provide my support for the band in this manner.  Please, keep these tickles coming.  

Radical Action on iTunesÖ?
:: Posted by homemadeparachute on September 08, 2016

Hello, wondering if there are any plans to have Radical Action available on iTunes or in some other non-physical format for those of us spatially challenged?

Thankin yew.

:: Posted by shrimp on September 08, 2016

Easy Money what a great start to the sporadic downloads for those of us of not the fortune to see or hear the monster crim! Love Melís sax hooting especially. More please asap.

2016 Tour Booklet/Programme
:: Posted by revroth on September 07, 2016

Sid, will this also be available for mail order? Many thanks!
Not sure at the moment. It won't be until the end of the tour that we'll know.

2016 Tour Box
:: Posted by brighton on September 07, 2016

Thank you Sid for answering my query so promptly regarding purchasing the 2016 tour box online at dgm/Burning Shed - I hope its made available very soon!

In the meantime, and in anticipation, would it be possible to post a track listing on dgm?

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