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:: Posted by mGarnice on November 10, 2014

I want I want I want King Crimson to


come play in my country, no,

come play in my city, no,

come play in my home, and


play a certain song, no,

play a certain song not at all suited to the current lineup, no,

play a set list I provide.


And although they never ever do this, I have several suggestions as to former-member guest-performers, including some that are no longer with us.


In my estimation, King Crimson should charge me very little for the privilege of meeting these King Crimson needs of mine, because I am a big fan. I will yell "Whereís Bruford?" at a quiet moment to prove this point. Remember, turning a profit for a tour or a release is CORPORATE, and thatís bad!


If any/all of this request cannot be met, I will actually become angry at the band and will punish the community with forum posts that poorly written and more poorly thought out, compelling the well-meaning to respond.


Next week, I will post on how I should be able to photograph, tape, video record, plaster-cast, acquire multiple autographs that I can put on eBay, steal wallets and take DNA samples.

:: Posted by PPmINTY on November 10, 2014

Mr Bakalluma,

I agree that "Live at Hammersmith Odeon" does have a certain historical ring to it...

But, sadly, the famous Hammersmith venue (which many of us still fondly remember as simply the "HAMMY-O") is not called the Odeon anymore, and hasnít been that since the early 1990s.

Itís now known as the HAMMERSMITH [insert name of latest big corporate sponsor here] APOLLO

UK Tour venues.
:: Posted by Petitwazoo on November 10, 2014

Thereís really only two venues in Glasgow that would be considered suitable.
The Royal Concert Hall or, my preference, The Armadillo (or The Clyde Auditorium to give its proper name).
Perfect sight lines and impressive acoustics.

Mel C to Mel C
:: Posted by PPmINTY on November 10, 2014

Mel Collins -> Phil Thornally -> Melanie C

Mel Collins played on Phil Thornallyís "Swamp" album.

Phil Thornally co-wrote songs on Melanie Cís "Northern Star" and "Reason" albums.

Is that one ídegree of separationí or two?

Mr. Anderson
:: Posted by JBeerLTIA on November 10, 2014

Did they do the slower acoustic version? I have yet to see either, but thatís the way they play it on Live in Warsaw.

lying for money
:: Posted by Tom239 on November 10, 2014

Mr. Frippís words (in translation) "Do you think John Lennon lied for money? Dylan? Hendrix?" are questions, not assertions. I read them as an invitation to consider the broader issue of what artistic honesty means, and to recognize its value.

Note that Mr. Fripp asked whether those musicians lied for money in particular. Commerce is not inherently bad but there are things it doesnít mix so well with. Itís not inherently wrong to play music for money or have sex for money; itís just tragic when the quality of the experience falls way short of what we know is possible.

Music is not prose and is not true or false in the same way that a matter-of-fact statement is. Yet we know what is meant when someone says of a musician, "he could not play a note that was not true."

I think ZoltŠn KodŠly summed up the relation of truth to art well when he said, "The roots of science and art are the same. Each, in its own way, reflects the world. The basic conditions: sharp powers of observation, precise expression of the life observed, and raising it to a higher synthesis. And the foundation of scientific life and artistic greatness is also the same: just man, _vir justus_."

Cage trickery pickery
:: Posted by DanAnderson on November 09, 2014

Hey JBeerLTIA,
If I remember correctly, doesnít the triple CD "Heavy ConstrucKtion" have a 40 minute bit of live concert video on it, a concert from Rome? That video has the tune Cage on it. Also the "Eyes Wide Open" Live from Shepherdís Bush segment has Cage on it as well. Enjoy!

Re: Lies and truths
:: Posted by markmmarkm on November 09, 2014

:: Posted by JeffTruzzi on November 04, 2014

"So Bob Dylanís a big liar. About drugs, no less. ..."



"Do you think John Lennon lied for money? Dylan? Hendrix? When we lose faith in our artists, our culture is extinguished."


So I posted a link to a Rolling Stone article that has Dylan lying early on in his career about running away from home and joining a carnival (or something untrue like that) and the heroin stuff and a remark by a Dylan expert (Heylin, as I recall) saying a chapter in Dylanís Chronicles is apparently completely made up.

Since I doubt Dylan wrote the book for free, it appears, yes, he will lie for money.

Here, I again found the story:

In many interviews he gave in the early Sixties, Dylan claimed to have dropped out of school at a young age to work in a traveling carnival.
Some Dylan experts feel that many of the fascinating details in his 2004 memoir Chronicles: Volume One are completely made up. "Jesus Christ, as far as I can tell almost everything in the Oh Mercy section of Chronicles is a work of fiction," Dylan biographer Clinton Helyin recently said.

Mel C to Mel C...
:: Posted by rogadaire on November 09, 2014

OK, darn it, I do want to know how to get from Mel C (Sporty Spice) to Mel C (Mel Collins) in one! If I understand the rules of these things properly, JHesselís example of Toyah and Sporty both appearing in Queenmania (together in 2005, I presume) would do it in 3 steps - Sporty to Toyah (1), Toyah to RF* (2) and RF to Mel Collins (3). So how do we do it in one, Sid??

(*By the way, the RF to Toyah ístepí is I believe much earlier than commonly acknowledged. I think RF has spoken about them meeting at a Royal garden party, and Toyah has written about visiting RF and finding him dressed in his pyjamas (I think that was the gist!), and yet I feel certain that years before all this they actually were on the same stage together playing at a benefit gig for Hugh Cornwall of the Stranglers, who was in prison at the time on some drugs charge. Am I right?)

:: Posted by Bakullama on November 09, 2014

Never been there but was always intrigued by albums that touted the Hammersmith odeon... "King Crimson LIVE at the Hammersmith Odeon"

Just has a magical air about it.

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