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One More Red DreamComeTrue!
:: Posted by mipoch on September 08, 2014

Please sir, I want some more!

Talk about making oneís morningÖ amazing.

:: Posted by royskagen on September 08, 2014

These words are directed to Sid, who sure knows - but will sure not tell (yet). Any plans of filming one of the shows? I canít see any reasons for not releasing the Elements BD! 👍

Skagen, Norway

:: Posted by EnoMan on September 07, 2014

From the details of VIP packages:

"You will be contacted via email by SLO Customer Service approx. one (1) week prior to show date with details about your package elements. Package elements are NON-REFUNDABLE and NON-TRANSFERABLE. NO REFUNDS will be given under any circumstances. NO NAME CHANGES will be permitted."

I remember thinking, these many weeks ago, that "elements" was an odd noun to use in this context, but I didnít entertain it further. Today I wanted to refresh my memory about when the VIP package materials were supposed to ship, and noticed the word again, but, armed with the additional context...wow, Iím a little excited about it!

Tour Box link
:: Posted by Powell8 on September 07, 2014

The Elements Tour Box from Burning Shed has no link to the product info from the picture.

Tourbox track listing question...
:: Posted by buserian on September 07, 2014

"forthcoming release, THRAKBOXX"? Any more details available?


:: Posted by Bakullama on September 07, 2014

Married guy here whose wife has no interest in driving to Seattle from Walla Walla for a band she does not care for. Looking for hot date... Male or female, I donít care. Any Washington state folks? Sometimes i feel like iím the only guy in Washington That remembers king Crimson.

Seattle show. No i will not pay for your ticket. :)

Possibly dumb phone question
:: Posted by albemuth on September 07, 2014

Iíll be attending one of the upcoming Krimson shows with my wife.  Of course, phones cannot be taken out or used while at the KC show.  But I assume that I can bring my phone with me (in my pocket or purse).  Is that correct?  For the earlier and and later part of the day, Iíd like to have the phone to find my way around, contact the kids, and so on. 

On a slightly different topic, maybe there should be a DGM blackout on concert reports for a little while? Maybe that is not possible, but elephant talk is a prison.  Maybe I should just avoid looking at the web too much?!

Re: Tony's Gear and Sirius stuff
:: Posted by SnakeCained on September 07, 2014

Tony started to use the Kemper on the Peter Gabriel tour. Yes they are an alternative to the ubiquitous AXE FX. It is interesting to see a bass player using what is essentially a modelling guitar amp. Two because of a Stick and also a Bass Iíd guess. And am I right in thinking you can get stereo (split mono really) from the two halves of a stick?

However the thing that both these boxes do is to allow you to "capture" the sound of your favourite vintage or modern amps that can be big and bulky and, the reason why these things are so popular, seriously expensive to transport around the world. I am a guitarist and built a lovely sounding rack of stuff, and then tried to lift it. Now I am semi computer based, but also not really looking for traditional guitar tones.

I tried the Kemper in LA and met Mr Kemper who seemed really friendly and not like the owner of the rival company who apparently can be a bit Fripp-ish ;-)

Regarding Mr Frippís new rack set up, even he himself acknowledges that there are easier and cheaper ways of doing it using computing power, but I feel if legends like him cannot have a huge complex rack of toys then what hope for us mortals.

I guess for non tech heads they expect to see their hero with lots of flashing lights and toys when they pay good money to see a show.

The irony is the old adage of "its all in the hands" is so true.

45 Years Ago Today
:: Posted by willesley on September 06, 2014

45 years ago today, as a callow youth of 15 ( before i.d. was even thought of ) I attended my first King Crimson concert at Chesterfieldís Victoria Ballroom;better known in Crimson kchronology as the Jazz Club.

As the first note of Schizoid Man crashed into the room the Crim Beast stood behind me, breathed on my neck and took me into his thrall. I was never to escape: but a soul is a small price to pay for the pleasure, excitement, solace and, yes, joy that the music has given me over the years.

On September 15th and 16th, along with my son, I shall attend the Crimson concerts in Boston. Heís a devotee of rock music, having attended many gigs and festivals, but this will be his first Crimson gig. I hope that he enjoys the experience, but more importantly,  that he is prepared for the consequences.

Personally, Iím as excited as the 15 year old me was following that first gig. Bring on the Magnificent Seven.

What's Yours?
:: Posted by RayMaybe on September 06, 2014

As the minutes tick by before the beast rears its head
does anyone want to predict the setlist? It could be fun.
I hear clues from the videos and tickles. Mr Levin states that they are telling a story. Both he and Mr Fripp seem concerned with quick changes in gear. The drum solo sounds like a filler between songs.
My guess...a chronological history of KC with non-stop music.
Kind of a "Crims on 45".
This is a prediction not a wish-list.

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