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:: Posted by sylvanasheart on January 04, 2016

Sai,I was just finished perusing the DGM news-n-forums when I decided to replay the new/old ProjeKct Hot Tickle Sus-Tayn-Z for my own "first of the year" KC jam.As it happens,a ProjeKct6 download of Feb18 2006 Time Groove follows.They melded SO perfeKctly!!! Seems to tell me that SOMEthing needs doing with the ProjeKcts,but my hillbilly mind nigh-on exploded with the possibilities!!

:: Posted by miles58 on January 04, 2016

Well Santa brought the Thrak and needless to say I was not disappointed, the quality and the production of the box sets just improves. Thrak has been given a new lease of life and the additional live concerts are well chosen. As someone who has collected all things crimson I am hoping for a similar treatment to TCOL, except it would be fantastic to have more bootleg TV and a disc containing the improvisations, as I have said before they are some of the best creative pieces by any of the line ups.

As for a projekcts box set that would most welcome.

It was my understanding that KCCC 48-50 would be video footage similar to 47, but I might be mistaken. Looking forward to 42 to fill the gap which has been there for sometime.


Easy Money
:: Posted by PPmINTY on January 04, 2016

"Easy Money" was easily the highlight of the King Crimson set when I witnessed them at the Brighton Dome concert hall.

This particular number was, to my ears, as close as the ’new’ band came to channeling vintage 1972-74 KCrimprov.

The guitar solo was jazzy and evocative (regardless of what tuning was being employed).

I also thought Jakko’s scat vocal was an inspired touch.

I still get goosebumps, throatlumps and a wee tear in the corner of the eye just to think about it! 

I wish to add my fourpenn’orth to those previous, in saying that a live release from 2015 can’t come quickly enough! Forget all the arguments and speculation about what should be in the next archive box set. We demand new KCrim! ;-)


Easy Money NST
:: Posted by emmapeelfanclub on January 04, 2016

I too think Fripp’s solos in "Easy Money" were great. I can only judge from the 2 night stint in Salford, but Fripp’s solos within it were spellbinding and fascinating. On the second night, that number truly stood out where time seemed to stand completely still and I, for one, was transported elsewhere. Had Fripp played badly or the NST didn’t sound right, I doubt that that magic would had happened!

I also look forward to DGM releasing a version of that song by this seven headed beast - they truly transformed it into something remarkable.

:: Posted by thecapitolcardiff1971 on January 04, 2016

I can assure you that the guitar solo on Easy Money, from the first of the Birmingham concerts in September 2015, was excellent. The interplay between Fripp an Jakko’s scat singing was tremendous. I hope it will eventually be released on a forthcoming KC8 cd.

Sid, please get to work on that one. Ta.

S. Perry.

John Wetton
:: Posted by BluesLibrarian on January 04, 2016

Has there been any recent update on John Wetton’s health? It seemed that he was going to begin a dose of powerful therapy, so I wish him all the best.
John is still currently undergoing chemo. Any updates will come via John's website.

Mr. Fripp, on
:: Posted by froggy55 on January 03, 2016

I don’t think there is a human being alive who enjoys hearing RF’s guitar playing more than I do. But twice, I’ve heard the band play Easy Money, and twice, I’ve heard the guitar solo ruined on my favorite song.

It sounded like someone noodling around on a guitar that had never played one before.

Easy Money is one instance where the New Standard Tuning does not work!

ProjKCt box next?
:: Posted by emory0 on January 01, 2016

No one talks about the projects much here. And I admit I haven’t spent tons of time with some of those discs despite their quality.

But it seems to me the Crimson Projects are deserving of their own box, and indeed their scattered nature would benefit even more than the more concise output of central Crimson.

Of course, practical considerations include the question of whether there’d be enough demand, and as to that I can’t say. Do we need repeatable and easily-identified "songs" in order to sustain interest? Lyrics? Dunno. But it’d also be fascinating to see some written material about how this period unfolded behind the scenes over time.

And as a small piece of information, I’d note that when I saw Bruford Levn Upper Extremities at the Knitting Factory many moons ago Bruford referred to BLUE as a sort of R&D project, so perhaps BLUE also counts as a Project?

Again, dunno. But a Projects box could really be fantastic. Disagree if you dare.

2003 KC soundscapes
:: Posted by jeremykeens on December 31, 2015

As an avowed soundscape fan/collector, while looking at the 2003 KC tour (I am looking to have a live concert from each incarnation) I noticed that there is a live soundscape introduction (often up to 30 minutes) at the start of the concerts. Is there any chance of these being collected into a download set?

:: Posted by wildea on December 31, 2015

Will we ever see the rest of the series? I think we are missing 42 and then 48-50. I thought we would see more of these sooner rather than later. I miss anticipating finding out when the next one would be released.

Also was there ever ProjeKct 5?

Thanks for listening

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