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Reynolds & KC
:: Posted by natron on March 11, 2015

 I wonder if Poseidonís Wake will feature the Pattern Jugglers that appeared in several earlier books by Alastair Reynolds.

(I I suspect thats a connection Sid already knew about )

Er, I wasn't but thanks for the info!


Let the Power Fall
:: Posted by kingcrimson7 on March 11, 2015

Let the Power Fall is an inspiring work to get done musician, amazing themes logically get to become an original guitarist, exciting, an inspiring recording to the music in the world.

Trust in Jesus.

:: Posted by thomasc1982 on March 11, 2015

Are starless and road to red available in other languages for the packaging and book etc or only English? Thanks There's a Japanese edition of RTR and Starless with accompanying inserts translating the English booklet etc into Japanese. Other than that they English only.

the great deceiver
:: Posted by andyfromozz on March 11, 2015

So a "health food faggot" isnít a homosexual with a good diet? Well, I stand corrected...a lesson learned, deception of the thrush? or wisdom from the great deceiver?
Bertrand Russellís teapot in you I trust...
cheers andy from oz

:: Posted by emory0 on March 10, 2015

"I see, so there is no good or bad music, only good or bad listeners. ;"

Well, I wouldnít say that either. Iím of the opinion that there is such a thing as good and bad music. Moreover, bad music thrives when it encourages its fans to not actually listen to it but, instead, regard it as a "lifestyle" accessory.

But there is the possibility that Music X is good, and we havenít heard it as good because we havenít given it the quality of listening that it deserves. For instance, I didnít REALLY listen to Bjork for the longest time because I thought all the wacky personnas she sported was all their was to her music. But my Jazzer brothers insisted I sit and really listen to her, and I did and realized I had been wrong. I think TCoL can easily fall into this category.

:: Posted by konaman on March 10, 2015

the diary lives ! Hoorah !

:: Posted by kingcrimson7 on March 10, 2015

Thrak is an issue where Robert Fripp plays a mandatory notes, the long version, never stop, all the instruments together at the same time, I like the style and personal teaching, our beloved Mr. Robert Fripp.

Trust in Jesus.

:: Posted by Bakullama on March 09, 2015

Got off work at noon today and dug out some old Hendrix LPs that I have not played in years. Pretty much as a result of guestbook ramblings and the stuff that dreams are made of. AXIS my favorite. It sounded new again it has been so long. Speaking of drummers, the way Mitch Mitchell weaves his beats around almost like a lead instrument is pretty interesting in itself... He didnít just keep time, he really muscled his way into the groove and core of the music. That the original band clicked and had chemistry is putting it mildly.

Banks and their corporate (and very, very, very wealthy) customers... Always an interesting topic. I guess they are forced to become partners in crime through shared "interests" so to speak. They always know what the other is thinking and most likely work towards the common goal of keeping one step ahead of their books and the law... Who better to get them both out of a tight spot than their age old lackey... Government. Just file for bankruptcy and get the money from the taxpayers, Everything will be fine.

Big money knows who it belongs to and always comes back home after a binge. Not so long ago Joe Public would never have gotten wind of the news you link to.

Guilty of many opinions that could be misconstrued as dissent or worse, please know that after long nights whoring around on the internet, my heart still belongs to daddy. But you indeed have convinced me to keep my own (probably not so controversial) opinions in check, and now that spring is almost here I can go back to work and free myself from this horrible internet addiction.

The Crying Game
:: Posted by DannyX on March 09, 2015

On March 06, 2015, emory0 spake thusly:

"Of course, itís certainly possible to listen to music on its own terms and still not like it, but I think the language one uses in such situations doesnít place the onus on the music but on oneself."

And thusly: "But I am quick to ascribe my dislike of Mozartís music to something I lack or donít have in sufficient quantity."

I see, so there is no good or bad music, only good or bad listeners. ;)

For the record, I never tried to ícram you and your ears into a boxí. I find the prospect quite distasteful, and, I assume, illegal in most countries. I was merely remarking on what seemed to be demands you were making of the music, and not it of you.


Which Recordings Best Represent and/or Capture the RF/KC Ethos?
:: Posted by UnusualMuse on March 09, 2015

The other day I was attempting to explain to a friend, unfamiliar with KC/RF, the way the approach to creating and performing this music differs from most other musical artists, from the ground up, as elucidated over the years by the various writings and observations RF has shared via Diary entries, interviews, and his general way of doing business. This could in part be conveyed by sharing contextual information; e.g., the DGM business model, RFís perspective on the contributions of all parties (performers and audients) to the creation of "creative space," the guiding principles of KC and the Guitar Circles, and so much more.

However, while there are many words than can be/have been said of the approach that goes into creating the Space from which Music arises, there is also the recorded music itself as a manifestation of that ethos. I am curious to know RFís opinion as to which among the recorded works in which he has participated most successfully represent the character of that ethos and/or capture that manifestation of this "way of doing things;" both in terms of "archival" recordings (compositions as manifestations of ethos) and "live" recordings (performances as capturing Music arriving), granting that the two are of very different character but are both informed by that common "way of doing things."

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