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Freebie Downloads
:: Posted by zeconon on September 22, 2016

Thank you Robert and DGMLIVE for the freebie downloads of the tour.

This means a great deal to those of us following the tour At A Distance who are unable to attend the gigs.

Regards john stevens

Setlist in Wroclaw
:: Posted by Thommie on September 22, 2016

Thanks for reply!
Then Iím relieved, setlist.fm is of course not a authorized site and not totally reliable.
That was the explanation I was hoping for.

Kind regards

Thanks for the site - keep up the good work!)

:: Posted by buserian on September 22, 2016

The Blu-Ray most definitely has the centre channel mixed. Canít imagine why this wouldnít be the case with the DVDs. Are you possibly playing the stereo mix by mistake?


Tour Box 2016
:: Posted by brighton on September 22, 2016

Re. The tour box 2016 going on general sale... Is a date set yet? Iím still annoyed with myself for overlooking this (or rather not realising they were available)on the merch desk at the two Aylesbury gigs!
There will be a pre-order announcement in the next few weeks.

reduced setlist
:: Posted by Jonathan on September 22, 2016

In reply to thommie-though I canít be sure , I donít think the setlist was reduced.The list on setlist.fm for that date doesnít mention things like the tune-up,introductory sound-scape- maybe interlude and radical action was played.Sometimes people who put these lists up arenít sure what all songs are called and so there will be no comment on the set list.

Reduced number of songs in Wroclaw?
:: Posted by Thommie on September 21, 2016

Looking so much forward to attend the Crimson show next week. Have followed the setlists on setlist.fm and the setlists are absolutely fantastic.
23-24 songs every show until Wroclaw Sept 20th. Just 17 songs on that show.
Is that correct? And in that case - for what reason?

Center Channel, Downloa ds, USA
:: Posted by dvzaccari on September 21, 2016

I only can play DVDs and do not have a blu-ray player. I have tested other DGM 5.1 DVDs and the the center channel works on all of them. So itís not my set up. My guess the concert was not mixed with the center channel in mind for the DVD 5.1. I find this odd because with so many members in the band now I would think you would need that center channel. Anyway, Iím still happy with the sound.

...just jesting....quite absurd visually mental reminders.....certainly personal but humourous I hope....
:: Posted by AndrewJohn on September 20, 2016

....couldnít help but smile when the wonderful AB reminded me of Max Wall, a rather wonderful and clever British comedian/actor, on account of his haircut at the time. More recently it was great shock to see RF appear to be a lookalike to my father-in-law and more frighteningly like my Uncle Charlie!
Not withstanding this to see JSís comb-over reminded me of my long gone Dad!

So itís now with a sigh of relief that JSís new titular covering is a fine and suitable choice.
...any emulation of the crisp & cool BR is totally inappropriate.....for me JS is a wonderful, colourful powerful addition to the KC cannon.

..rock that bowler to the Europeans...

Itís clear to see that the European pictures captured by TL reflect something rather more splendid than the faded glory of British Cities and towns that clearly exits. Letís hope the new optimism promoted by the latest KC encourages a continuing new found energy in the renewing of the British scene.

Level Five from Radical Action
:: Posted by abunai on September 20, 2016

Just got through listening to Level Five. Not only is it the best live version of this song Iíve ever heard, it might be the *heaviest* thing Iíve ever heard from Crimson. Then when Mel starts losing it at the end... just wow.

Center Channel, Downloa ds, USA
:: Posted by Bwilmot on September 19, 2016

Dvzaccari wrote about having no center channel. Iím not sure if he meant Blu Ray or DVD. I listen on a 5.1 soundbar so it is possible I just hear front left and right but getting up close I am sure there is a center channel. If it is DVD on my player it defaults to stereo. I must switch to surround. Could this be your problem?
Love the downloads. I think the Sailorís Tale is the best version so far. I like the Monkey Mind better on the other songs.Orpheum has one more number but I think the downloads are already ahead in minutes. I am dieing to hear the new tracks. Please please please do Fracture, Circus, and Lizard soon.
Does any one have the 40th Anniversary USA? I asked awhile ago and got no reply. All descriptions are ambiguous to me as to whether the original version with fadeouts and Jobson overdubs is included. Obviously the restored David Cross and complete songs would be preferable,but I also like Jobsonís more synthetic sound for variety.
On a final note, so far all Amazon reviews of Monkey Mind (mine included)are emphatic 5 star reviews. Everyone mentions they have the dvd version which I believe was only offered direct from DGM. I donít mention it but also have the limited edition.Hmmmmm
Brad Wilmot

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