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Upcoming Show downloads?
:: Posted by DanAnderson on July 06, 2014

Holy Smokes. I followed jimbugtmís lead and clicked the next button and it does show a page per tour show. Ooooohhhhh, this could be good!

I wonder if this Crim is going to do improvs a la the Wetton/Bruford band or the TCoL band... So many questions. Seattle, here I come!

Even more Joy!
:: Posted by jimbugtm on July 06, 2014

I visited the Full Recording link for A Venturing Unto Joy, and lo and behold, there was a "next" navigation link. Curious (and being a software tester with a destructive mind), I followed it.

Talk about another venturing unto joy (no-caps intentional). It looks like there are plans (tentative, at least, who knows what the future holds) for downloads of the upcoming tour.

Canít wait to see and hear the upcoming show in Boston!

re: accoustic guitars
:: Posted by ericbest on July 06, 2014

I have always enjoyed Frippís acoustic guitar playing: very pure and sweet, and always at the service of the music.

re: acoustic guitars
:: Posted by ilgebra on July 05, 2014

I was at one of the Frippertronics shows at Inroads in 1981 and a member of the audience asked why Fripp doesnít play acoustic guitar (I assume he meant publicly) and Fripp replied that acoustic guitar is an anachronism. I recalled this exchange with amusement 8 or 9 years later while at the Bottom Line for a League of Crafty Guitarists set, faced with a half-circle of guitarists playing Ovations. I suppose that it can be argued that Ovations are only semi-acoustic but I still found it ironic.

re: acoustic guitars
:: Posted by acroyear on July 05, 2014

Thereís an "unplugged" version of Eyes Wide Open on the Happy With What You Have ep, but I donít know if they actually played acoustics or if they just applied a sample to the signal generated from the electrics. It is a very nice version in my opinion.

There was a mention about acoustic guitars in Crimson mentioned somewhere that I read once, but I canít recall if it was in Sidís book or tucked away in Frippís diary somewhere. Given that thereís more than a decade of words in there, trying to hunt for that needle in haystack is beyond my time this morning.

in re diary post may 2
:: Posted by dubhthaigh on July 05, 2014

one is never too young to enjoy tea with fripp


2014 Crimson
:: Posted by Valhalla on July 05, 2014

One thought that has been lurking in the back of my mind over the decades, what happened to the occasional acoustic guitar in Crimsonís music? I donít recall any since the early 70ís, I may be wrong on that, I wonder if that will change with this current lineup?

Venturing Unto Joy = LTIA pt. 1?
:: Posted by DeVito on July 04, 2014

It definitely sounds like Larksí part 1 to me, specifically the section where (on the original version) Wetton plays a sort of wah-wah bass solo.

Charity Strat
:: Posted by EnoMan on July 04, 2014

I wonder if we could get more details:
- about the strat
- about the likely location of the seats

Re; Venturing by schizoidman
:: Posted by Valhalla on July 04, 2014

It is nice indeed to hear the Frippmeister ripping it up! Is that track an updated version of Larkís Tongue in Aspic part 1? As soon as the drums kick in, it reminds me of something from that album! Bravo I say!

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