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Elements Downloads
:: Posted by MikeLockyer on October 18, 2014

Sad to hear that nothing is planned regarding the Elements tour downlands. I must admit with the tour box set and DGM Live on Youtube, I had been really hoping for the complete tour to be made available and I would happily accept a rough mix with a more considered proper mix (maybe of the best bits) to follow at some later time. A rough mix would give all of us a chance to hear the music as it was heard by the lucky few.

Given the reported fantastic behaviour of the audience on the tour it would seem a perfect reason to issue such rough mixes - particularly as this is such new version of the band and with such a limited tour schedule.

So please re-consider as I am sure you will make a lot of fans happy.

Many thanks


Yes! Yes! Yes!
:: Posted by SoulForHire on October 18, 2014

I am soooooo stoked! Confirmation that there WILL be downloads from the AWESOME 2014 Elements Tour! Well, not sure if there will be multiple shows, but hell, Iíd be happy with even just one. So it/they wonít be available until Spring 2015. So what? I think people are spoiled expecting live recordings IMMEDIATELY. Thanks so much!! You guys are AWESOME!!

2015 spring
:: Posted by mratosi on October 18, 2014

Sad news for me. Iím a little bit afraid of Jakszykís mixes (and of his other skills), the editing and...okay iím patient, and hopeful.
Mister Stormy, please come back with some old (but fresh) material from the vaults!

Beat 40th Anniversary edition... when?!
:: Posted by tcj226 on October 17, 2014

Beatís 40th Anniversary set was announced alongside the Starless box, but we have yet to see any information about the release date, contents, etc. When are we going to get this set? Iím much more excited about this than the Starless set.

Is it really going to go this way - one a year? We still have 3 to go. Is it really going to take ANOTHER three years to finish off this series? Itís already been 6 years to release 9 albums. This really should have been finished up within a couple of years. By the time this is done (at this rate, anyway) it will be two years before the 60th anniversary editions come out!

:: Posted by emory0 on October 17, 2014

"I also was at that concert, and while Toolís fans were indeed attentive and open for the Tool set, not so much for the opening set by Fantomas, who I was there to see as much as (if not more than) Tool. Fantomas was booed, ignored, catcalled with derision--you know the drill. Major bummer."

I vaguely remember that, though we arrived deep into the warmup bandís set. Though I donít remember actual booing (though I believe you), I do remember the reception not being particularly enthusiastic. Part of the blame, however, rests with the horrendous acoustics there in the Garden: You could hear the concrete resonating in a really ugly way to a random subset of frequencies. Not a venue in which to discover a new band. (It was the first and last concert Iíve ever seen at the Garden.)

On the other hand, I heard that the Toolfans received another warmup band warmly, though I remember Belew describing walking behind some Tool fans after one of the gigs and hearing one of them say that "those other guys were good too", the other guys being King Crimson.

Tool (and Tool fans) at Madison Square Garden
:: Posted by revroth on October 17, 2014

I also was at that concert, and while Toolís fans were indeed attentive and open for the Tool set, not so much for the opening set by Fantomas, who I was there to see as much as (if not more than) Tool. Fantomas was booed, ignored, catcalled with derision--you know the drill. Major bummer.

:: Posted by KantspelldiKc on October 17, 2014

As an audient October 4th I will kick down the one visual that should have been recorded, Melís happiness

:: Posted by bloggulator on October 17, 2014

The UK is definitely a loss maker, unless youíre a corporate stadium/arena act and can sell out a series of successive shows in a large venue like Londonís 20,000 seat O2, where the fans do the "touring" and the band does the residency. This saves on many expenses, and with the sound system, bandís onstage equipment, lights and other technical paraphernalia remaining in one place, consistency and predictability becomes an added bonus - with the less potential for things to go wrong on account of not having to set up and break down and travel every day.

Then, thereís an other issue - peculiar to (a portion of) the UK music media: Any band which doesnít (a) conform to a specific brand of youth culture, (b) does not express overt sexuality, (c) isnít "flavor of the minute", (d) has (individually and collectively) supreme musical ability, (e) takes musical risks and presents challenges to the audience and (f) doesnít neatly fit in marketing pigeon-holes/genres - will routinely get panned and pilloried from here to the Yangtze river and back by the UK music press. I think weíre all aware of one band that fits all the conditions necessary for an arbitrary slagging-off by (most) UK music reviewers! Who needs to read puerile, dopey negative commentary after a lot of hard work - commentary which will reach more readers than attended the show?

Red Live
:: Posted by djangobole on October 17, 2014

can anyone direct me to good quality live recordings of Red era Crimson, I have been trolling through the downloads but could do with being pointed in the right direction.

You'll find 18 concerts by the band in 1974 here if that helps.

:: Posted by emory0 on October 17, 2014

"incidentally, Iíve never seen a more engaged, respectful & attentive young audience (at a rock concert) in my lifeóin that sense, Tool fans were simply remarkable"

A whole bunch of years ago (maybe 14 or so?) my brothers dragged me to see Tool at Madison Square Garden, where I experienced the exact same: Somehow, in that vast space (with terrible acoustics), the Tool fans were actually PAYING ATTENTION and (so it seemed to me) LISTENING. Indeed, I nudged one of my brothers and pointed towards the vast crowd and we were astonished to see so many people really locked in to the music. It was amazing.

And since this was after the joint Tool/Crimson tour, while the DJ was playing warmup music I shouted CRIMSON! and shortly thereafter they played some joint Fripp/tool music (I think it was Frippertronics with the Tool guitarist and bassist.)

So Tool and Tool fans have my utmost respect. They are a great band with great fans, arguably better than us Crimhead rabble.

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