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Cocktails anyone?
:: Posted by CyNoth on April 11, 2015

How to make a Court of the Crimson King cocktail

It’s composed of ruby port, kirsch (a cherry brandy), 5 drops of cinnamon tincture, Briottet apricot liqueur and Campari.

:: Posted by aquamine on April 09, 2015


thank U very much, that some albums come out now on iTunes.
I just downloaded the Orpheum.
Not that I am a fan of Apple, but the reason for not ordering directly from DGM was, that I do not want to give my credit card info to anybody on the net, even not PayPal.
I would have ordered from DGM directly at least 50 titles/albums.
Cannot such a payment method be arranged by DGM, like U go and get a prepaid voucher, and have then an account?
I probably will replace all my vinyls, instead of playing them on a record player and then transferring into MP3’s for casual listening, with downloads, as they are crackle free and remastered.
I hope U guys get some money out of the deal with iTunes, and are not in the position like with EG/Islands Records, which Robert complained about.
As I see me as a 21st Century Paranoic Man, I don’t know, what would be better. Paypal or iTunes. And as I sit in South Africa, it is not easy to just transfer money around the world to pay into a special account at DGM directly.

In Construction Of Light nice citing by Mel of old phrases.
The band "Suck" from SA did a version of ’21st’ already in the 7ties and it’s on YT. Did not yet see it in your references yet. Steven Gilroy, from England, runs a micro brewery now around the corner, he was not very much appreciated by the then government, which forbade further live appearances.
I might travel to London to see the Who on 26th June 2015.
And Weller. In the Hyde Park.
Would be nice to see U guys as well there. Then I definitely come. (Like a blast from the past, when KC was doing Hyde Park with the Stones)
No, I was not there then, but at the Wheeley festival in 1971. Unluckily I was half time asleep as U played around 3.00h in the morning.
Is there any recording available on DGM from that festival?

I only have one of VDGG, which is very bad quality, and I think there is one from TRex, which I cannot find though.

Some people recorded at least VDGG and TRex.
Why not U? The live sound was better than in a couple of other bands as a different PA was used.
(Changed from Marshall to something else or backwards)

And, hehe, I remember that U made the Entry Of The Crims quite spectacular by moving from the back through the crowds to the stage.


Well, we are not that young anymore, but what I sense is that the spirit of KC is still developing, as I hope mine is.

Warmest regards

Robert Fripp guitar solos on Eno’s St Elmo’s Fire
:: Posted by mGarnice on April 09, 2015

The good posts about the guitar on Brian Eno’s Baby’s On Fire bring to mind another of my favorite Robert Fripp guitar solos – the one on Eno’s St Elmo’s Fire. I love the way it matches the mechanical yet organic sound of Eno’s arrangement, so very precise but so alive. I love the way it hunkers down to give the spotlight to a repeated synthesizer phrase, only to pick up where it left off after the synth has had its say. And I love the way it’s contained yet furious leading to the fadeout as the synth returns.

Supposedly, Eno asked Fripp for a lightning-fast guitar solo and he got exactly that. It’s lightning in a bottle. If you factor the quality of Fripp’s playing with the length of the performance, this has to rank as one of the best solos from one of rock’s best guitarists.

Piracy & Theft
:: Posted by WaitingMan on April 08, 2015

A refreshingly scathing view regarding piracy & pirates of the digital kind, courtesy of Australia’s Sydney Morning Herald

Meanwhile, even our politicians are weighing in on both piracy & the Industry’s bullying response to it.

:: Posted by boblette on April 07, 2015

A really cool looking app for Microsoft’s Surface 3 and Surface Pro 3 running Windows 8.1...

Check out this app for the musician who embraces technology.

I’m not affiliated with Microsoft or the developers of this app. But, I have been wishing for something akin to this.

:: Posted by mikefrost on April 06, 2015

When Live In Argentina (CLUB46) was released, it was announced that the KCCC would cease to exist at CLUB50, and that the remaining four releases would be of visual content. Whatever happened? Will we ever see CLUB47,48,49 or 50? If so what could they entail? Complete Japan 1984 footage? Cleaned up Frejus and Munich 82? San Francisco 95?

The Elements of KC back to America.
:: Posted by dbelzile on April 06, 2015

I am pretty sure you have already thought of touring America again with your Elements. Remember that since the last time you guys came to Montreal, Canada, multiple venues have been created on the island of Montreal or in the suburban.

Montreal being the ’’point of entry’’ for multiple Prog band in North America, King Crimson will always be received with the required honors, fans and moments for you guys to remember.

As always, Bienvenue à Montréal,

Oka, QC, Canada


Easter 'Shepherd' ....chocolate enhanced musings ...
:: Posted by AndrewJohn on April 06, 2015

......... I suggest if you want to experience real energy and effect you do not miss the KWS Band’s short visit to the UK shortly. His October gig at Manchester last year was a total blast!

 ...tending the sheep by a true shepherd of the blues with Noah alongside too......

Rising tones not rising sheep
:: Posted by CyNoth on April 06, 2015

It’s the Shepard Effect not Shepherd!

entropy and life
:: Posted by Tom239 on April 05, 2015

We only see water flow downhill. Yet water that has reached the ocean is returned to mountaintops, not by flowing uphill in riverbeds but by weather--a process driven by energy from the sun.

Temperatures in a room naturally tend toward uniformity. But a refrigerator pumps heat out of its interior--if it has a power supply.

These examples show that the natural trend toward increased entropy is reversible at the cost of energy use.

All life requires energy. This is true for each individual (a man’s gotta eat) and for the larger process of evolution that got us to this point. Life, a process that exhibits remarkable order and organization, is not a violation of the second law of thermodynamics. It is an instance of what is possible when energy is available.

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