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Seems I better post my comment on Live Album
:: Posted by masanori on December 04, 2014

I have an impression that I donít need to buy this immediately. For some reasons.

From a view of one who could attend two shows of the tour, 40 some minutes of duration will not do justice enough, as it looked/sounded to me like there was a flow throughout the show.

OH NO! All the most impressive tunes (at least to me) are lacked!

Unfortunately itís from the shows I attended and fortunately I still remember them very well.


Thus my best possible option may be a complete concert from the show that I did not attend.

Thank you very much. Looking forward to it.

:: Posted by emory0 on December 04, 2014

"Perhaps a knowledgeable Crimhead can educate me on this one, but I simply donít get it."

Well, DVD-A is an audio-only high definition format (like SACD) that is 24/96 (24 bits, 96kHz sampling rate). Itís only going to matter if you have a decent audio system (mine is Krell/Linn/Thiel). And itíll also only matter when the recording is good and the mastering chain has been excellent.

When all that is true, then it can really sound wonderful and far more accurately reproduce (eg) room acoustics and other fairly subtle information. Including it is my preference, and Iím sure there are other audiophiles out there that want it too. Does it bump up the price a bit? Sure, but itís worth it.* And even if you donít use that disc now, if you ever upgrade to a disc player that can handle it, then you may have a nice surprise when you whip out that other disc and slap it on.

(*: And please, no one try to take me to task about why 24/96 canít possibly matter. Of course, I trust my ears, but if someone will insist on engaging me in a technical conversation, then be prepared to discuss Gibbs phenomenon along with quoting Digital Signal Processing textbooks and theory, which as a former electrical engineer I am able to do until Iím too annoyed to proceed.)

Before The Deluge
:: Posted by Carnamagos on December 04, 2014

Since the Fripp quotations I posted are about to be buried under a deluge of commentary regarding the latest "King Crimson" offering, Iíll go ahead and answer a couple of respondents now:


It is a rare pleasure to encounter someone with whose every word I completely disagree. You and I must live in parallel universes, and I fear for whatever universe if we should ever happen to meet in person (matter/anti-matter reactions and all that)


"I cannot help but find the accuracy of the quote [sic] suspect"

*Groans* If you find the syntax suspect, then you havenít read much Fripp. The clippings are legitimate, almost certainly from Musician magazine (an American publication for which Fripp also used to write), and my transcription is accurate. Whether you believe me or not matters almost as much to me as whether Adrian Belew ever plays with "King Crimson" again.

Pledge Tour Release
:: Posted by fhc339835 on December 04, 2014

Who needs a full release of a tour of about two dozen concerts, one recent friendly poster was asking similarly. Hey, at least me! And some of the others who showed themselves to listen through tour bundles graciously released for now about 4 years on this site as well! The purpose: To experience the development of a band  night after night. Look out for the slight nuances of the brilliant 2000 Euro and 2001 US tours, all ProjeKcts, the beautifully charming and lovely RFertronics / scapes releases... When one can do: At travelling with any carrier, whilst ironing, housekeeping and tyding up, even at work :-)
For the faint-hearted feeble consumer live recordings made available someday somehow are the only source of retrospect joy, but with the option for repeated listening. A tour pack / bundle is designated to all of those feeble faint-hearted characters who cannot afford - for any reason -  to travel with the band the full tour (or at least parts of it). In fact I only met those hard core real fans (devotees) at Peter Hammill / VdGG concerts only during the last three decades.
My recent visit to petergabriel.com confirmed that there is demand for strange fetishism Ė get a paperback pack for about 300 EUR, the deluxe edition amounts nearly 500 EUR (back to front winter tour 14) (Gosh, this is a lot, but if I still was a PG follower as I used to be as a teenager, Iíd purchased all since the launch of the programme, even if I needed to starve for it).
Tony, P@ and Markus made a pledge appeal for their then forthcoming DEEP touring and recording in summer 2012. As a result, even the deluxe package could be produced with the financial support raised (I love the DVD). If more than 200 supporters can do for Stick Men (see article on somethingelsereviews.com), 2000 and more should do at the Court of the Crimson King.
My plea is for pledge in regard to the recent tour and all forthcoming touring and any other activity that would require security in financial planning.

Live at the Orpheum
:: Posted by macnishtop on December 04, 2014

Nice setlist... I was really hoping for a Larksí Pt. 1 though. Guess Iíll have to wait for the tour bundle!

New CD
:: Posted by fhc339835 on December 04, 2014

Here it is, my 41 minutes of despair - great that the vinyl fraction getís the item on their preferred medium as well. The artwork shown is stunning, the labeling looks like more is going to come. The setlist is very promising, sailorís tale and omrm should be essential. Very glad to see tcol as well, did not dare to hope for it, making me the most curious. Despite my mourning I just ordered it directly from burning shed, thus directly from the artist to give all the financial support and goodwill I can provide.

Excitement and gratitude
:: Posted by jameswills on December 04, 2014

Iím stoked that the Orpheum shows were chosen for the live album, because I was there. This hasnít happened to me before to my knowledge - "being on a live album". As soon as I get this message posted Iím sorting the pre-order. Excitement abounds at the kitchen table this morning.

Particularly gratifying is the cover image which has transported me back to the afternoon of the show. I sat in a coffee shop across the road watching that guy put the sign up, drinking my twentieth Americano of the day to ensure that jet lag wouldnít ruin the show. It didnít.

"The Letters" was the surprising standout of the night for me. Iíll be interested to see if the recording recreates the magic, which was probably a product as much of the surprise of re-discovery of the song as of the striking performance itself.

All in all - this album is a positive wonderful thing, set to rattle the windows of my car in January. I donít have to worry about misplaced expectations this time. Or at least I think I donít...

Orpheum release - vinyl?!
:: Posted by jacethecrowl on December 04, 2014

I pre-ordered the CD via Inner Knot since there was no mention of a vinyl version in the announcement. Why is the LP only available through Burning Shed? Now I gotta cancel my pre-order in order to get the format I didnít even know was being offered.


Why so buried in the shop?

The ConstruKction of Starless Joy
:: Posted by nkLottery on December 04, 2014

Consider me excited. To see that in 40 minutes of material we get some new music, and arguably my favorite three tracks of the show (ConstruKction, One More Red Nightmare, and Starless--the latter two being RARE cuts!!), I will certainly preorder. Thank you King Crimson & Co for this early holiday present of Hype! Cheers

LA Show.
:: Posted by myshadow on December 04, 2014

Great selection of music.
Would it be possible to specify which nights each title is taken?
Pre ordered

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