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:: Posted by RayMaybe on August 06, 2015

Has anything from Lizard been considered for this tour?

THRAKBOXXX - What about Beat and TOAPP
:: Posted by mikefrost on August 06, 2015

Iím glad to hear about the THRAKBOXX and the cheaper option for those of us who canít afford huge box sets (or just arenít interested in them). However, what about the reissues of Beat and Three Of A Perfect Pair? Ever since hearing that thereís a whole KCCCís worth of rehearsals and outtakes on TOAPP Iíve been even more interested.
Aside from that, what about Under Heavy Manners / God Save The Queen, League Of Gentlemen, etc on CD? I know thatís a long shot. But will we EVER see Beat and Three Of A Perfect Pair get their 40th Anniversary treatment?
We'd hoped to have Beat and Three Of A Perfect Pair for this year but they  aren't ready yet. As to the other items you mentioned, well, there are plans to address all of them in the fullness of time, subject to available resources.

poseidon's boys
:: Posted by sylvanasheart on August 06, 2015

 Eh-Thatís just Tyson,Percy Jacksonís brother.Cleaned-up good,huh?

:: Posted by dwayne on August 05, 2015

The inclusion of new material on the upcoming tour was no surprise to those who kept up with the diaries, since Mr. Frippís diary for 27-3-2015 refers to three new pieces being addressed.

The REAL news in Sidís announcement was the band will be playing material from S&BB, whereas during the US tour of 2014, they didnít.

There used to be a time when speculations about what piece could be involved would have filled the pages of this guestbook in a matter of hours.

Fracture, now wouldnít THAT be a challenge? I would love to hear it performed live, on a Dutch stage for the first time since itís recording in Amsterdam in 1973.

Incidentally, may this have triggered the release of the Bonn (FraKctured) video?

:: Posted by bloggulator on August 04, 2015

The news of "Classic Crimson repertoire" to be performed by the 7-headed beast of terror is "smile from ear to ear" material for any Crimson aficionado. However, even though itís great to listen to the band playing and re-interpreting older tunes with fresh new approaches, KC has never been a band to rely purely on the tried and tested...far from it! As Sid inferred, it is the prospect of "brand new material from the 2015 rehearsals" which is the news item that extended my broad smile from ear to ear, to right around the back of my head! We all have our "top 10 of favorite KC songs and instrumentals", but each and every single one of those tunes, at some point in the bandís 45+ year history, once had the status of "never been heard before"!

This is wonderful news indeed.


:: Posted by unclejab on August 04, 2015

The Groon bootleg LP cover of Polyphemus is taken from the Ray Harryhausen 1958 classic "The 7th Voyage of Sinbad." The TX show is a classic, as well. Cheers!

SABB material... Fracture?
:: Posted by macnishtop on August 04, 2015

I noticed that part of the latest announcement mentions material from Starless and Bible Black being included on this tourís setlist (last yearís setlist was sadly lacking in this department). So the question is, which song(s)? My money is on Fracture, but Iím also hoping for Night Watch.

:: Posted by jtwillia on August 03, 2015

With the controversy over the cyclopean image, an odd memory just came back to me (just got the Starless box, and listening to the Arlington TX show brought it back). There was a single disk bootleg of the TX show that I got in early 1976 called Groon (LTIA1 and Easy Money side one; Lament, Bk of Saturday, improv, Exiles, with maybe Groon tacked on-- canít remember), and the cover was Polyphemus, I think from the cheesy 40s or 50s film of the Odyssey. I donít think Iíve seen anyone mention that here... alas, I no longer have the album...

Crimson in Australia/NZ!
:: Posted by Willmatic on August 03, 2015

Are there any plans to bring the Crimson 7 to Australia or New Zealand? Perhaps in 2016?

Iím not sure if the Crims have ever been out this way but would love the opportunity to see KC live!

Wheres Pat M?
:: Posted by Bakullama on August 01, 2015

The Bonn Germany Live clip was great. But I wonder why the cameraman kept his lens away from Pat Mastelotto? Who next to Fripp is probably the most photogenic and good looking guy in this particular lineup, and very interesting to watch him drum? I watch a lot of Live concert footage and the drummer action scenes are often the most exciting. Maybe the guy could not get a good shot. Seems odd.

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