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:: Posted by Bakullama on February 12, 2015

Thanks bloggulator for your well thought out and nicely written response... I may very well be the only one here who after many attempts to get it... Never did.

Thrak Box - Warfield DVD
:: Posted by jbricker on February 12, 2015

My question for Mr Singleton -

The Crimson shows at the Warfield in 1995 were over three nights (June 24 - 26). Is the footage all from the same night, or is it a compilation from the three?

My first Crimson show; very memorable! California Guitar Trio opened!

- Jim

:: Posted by bloggulator on February 12, 2015

The news of more THRaKaTTak is music for these ears!

I can understand how some listeners can be put off by, or outright reject it; after all, every semblance of what we expect in traditional musical organization has to be shelved - much of the time, there is no obvious rhythm center, no discernible or repeatable chord structure, melodic content is fragmented, and the dynamics range from a gentle caress to being whacked upside the head with a piece of 2x4. In other words, first impressions are often of chaos and cacophony.

I purchased my (now well played) CD copy of THRaKaTTak shortly after its initial release in the mid 1990s. My first impression, when the long, segued improv finally closed out with the outro riffing, was "phew, that was hard work". It was another few months before I gave it another airing, but this time it all started to make more sense. Each subsequent listening has uncovered more musical gems and moments of excellence, as well as some inevitable "warts and pimples" - which of course, are part and parcel of improvised music. I can now say that THRaKaTTak is my favorite KC recording of improvised music, and that includes the classic offerings by the 1972-74 band - but it did take some effort on the part of this listener.

Group improvisation (as opposed to jamming) is supremely tough - itís a different ballgame compared to solo instrument improv, or the standard jazz format of players taking individual turns soloing over a fixed structure. Autopilot, reliance on stock licks, or any other "safe ground" approach, is cast to the wind, and every band member has to be acutely aware of what everyone else is doing, and how to respond, what notes to play, and what not to, and when to be quiet... and all without thinking about it! As we all know, this mindset is not part of standard rock expression! Audiences, especially in these days of limited attention span, and being presented with something so radical, are likely to reject this largely unexplored area of musical expression out of hand. Even when RF played Soundscapes on the G3 tour - which is easier on the ear than the likes of THRaKaTTak - a number in the audience rejected it - partly perhaps because it wasnít what they expected from a guitarist sharing the stage with Satriani and Vai.

King Crimson has a long history of including ínot easy listeningí material, a well established part of the bandís acquired vocabulary. If there is an audience in the world which can handle, or understand this type of sonic palette, itís that of KC. Even though I personally favor structured songs and instrumentals in general over the improv offerings, the latter can take the listener to the most unexpected places - when it works of course! Just give it a chance!

More THRaKaTTak? Bring it on!

nik g

Full agreement with Singleton
:: Posted by albemuth on February 12, 2015

"I often feel that one of the worst inventions of this infernal industry of ours is the concept of copyright Ė particularly when it confers ownership of a particular set of notes on an individual or company."

Of course, this made me think of George Harrisonís copyright dustup regarding "My Sweet Lord."  I always thought his video for "This Song" did a good job at showing how crazy a legal analysis of simple melodies and harmonic changes can get. 

This also made me remember that, some years ago, an acquaintance of mine was marketing a food product.  Because of the clever name of the product, he was attempting to gain a copyright on the word "cool." 

:: Posted by Bakullama on February 12, 2015

>The only (KC and associates) disc I personally found practically unlistenable. Am I the only one?

Nope. My grandmother doesnít like it either.

Perhaps my age does have something to do with my dislike for Thrakattak. I really like THRAK though. My old ears require a bit more organization and purpose. I do understand that improv sessions like Thrakattak are great and necessary vehicles for discovery of new ideas and directions though. Like with Projekt X, many great ideas and compositions were discovered. So, being an older guy makes this new lineup with Jakko & Collins all the more exciting for me. Iím just wondering if anyone else (honestly) feels the same way?

Singleton's Thrak Labor
:: Posted by matthusela on February 12, 2015

Thank you David for your Thrak Labor. It is exciting to read your entries. Personally, my interest in the Thrak box, aside from a remixed version of the album itself of course, is a collection of the many many wonderful outtakes which have dribbled out as Mundy selections over the years, and any as yet unheard similar outtakes. I donít mean the occasional instrumental version of SSEDD, or early versions of pieces, but the great little pieces that were abandoned along the way.

Thanks again.

Where is crimson band
:: Posted by PPmINTY on February 12, 2015

"at this time I do not think thereís another guitarist, but do panning in the music world and I still think king crimson is the best there is, logically their leader Mr. Robert Fripp, what I say I say to heart, thatís good..."

Dear Sir, you are Samuel K Ampong of Ghana and I claim my five pounds

Winter Doldrums?
:: Posted by apisch on February 12, 2015

Put on the new KC "Live at the Orpheum" album and have a sip of this while listening.

Double THRaKaTTak!
:: Posted by Turumarth on February 12, 2015

Bakullama, there are a few of us who, like me, regard "THRaKaTTak" as our very favourite disc by the 2ble3o! Bring it on!

RE: Thrakattak x 2 = why?
:: Posted by vargan on February 12, 2015

>The only (KC and associates) disc I personally found practically unlistenable. Am I the only one?

Nope. My grandmother doesnít like it either.

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