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Streaming Article mentioning a famous Guitarist
:: Posted by jhessel on December 31, 2015

Here is an article about the Beatles, streaming, and artist compensation that mentions a famous guitar player.

Tour dates (again!)
:: Posted by richardrj on December 30, 2015

It pains me to point this out again, but it would be really nice if the tour dates page could be updated with details of next yearís European tour.  A casual visitor to the website right now would leave under the impression that there were no more KC live gigs in the offing, which would be a great shame!

Barefoot Dream
:: Posted by TheMarkedMan on December 30, 2015

I doubt most of the regular posters here these days know me. I was very active on this forum several years back and Robert dubbed me The Marked Man, perhaps because I posted views that were not always in ageement with views he posted in his diary and also items that leaned toward spiritual concerns. Sid might remember "Frillips" (my Barre Phillips/ Robert Fripp "dream" project). Anyway, enough of that:

I had the most interesting dream shortly before waking this morning. I dreamed I had a job interview at DGM (no recollection of the position though I am a project management professional)
I was wearing a nice beige linen suit but could not find my shoes so I showed up barefoot and RF took great delight in this. He laughed a lot and then gave me the job. This is first time RF has shown up in one of my dreams.

Now letís get those Jungian analytic minds (Mr Keeling) to work on the meaning...

:: Posted by ChewChewGumChew on December 28, 2015

I was wondering how many copies of the THRAKboxxx were produced? Are we allowed to ask? Am I allowed an answer? I love this thing!

:: Posted by cloudscapes on December 27, 2015

A very merry birthday to Peter Sinfield, poet extraordinaire who always wore his ink well and knew a good grape when he saw one . . .  Cheers!

THRAKBox photos
:: Posted by Teledan on December 27, 2015

I see from the latest THRAK Box receipt photos that Trey Anastasio from Phish received his, and promptly put the wrapping-bag on his head....

Original Trio position
:: Posted by bduhigg on December 26, 2015

Someone may have posted previously to the Guestbook about this matter, but searching previous posts is about impossible, so I thought Iíd write it up....

On page 36 of the Starless box booklet David Singleton writes in paragraph 4 "There is no complete version of the show from Amsterdam....so it is impossible to know exactly where Trio originally appeared."

Inside the back cover of the booklet is a photo of the tape box "Master Live Blow Reel 1" with the improvs from the Glasgow, Amsterdam and Zurich reels, stating the original locations of each: "4   Amsterdam   Trio   After Lament".

Beautiful version of Peace
:: Posted by bloggulator on December 26, 2015

This performance of "Peace, an End" is superb. It is not only the perfect way to wrap up the tour but also a fitting message for the season from the band to all the people of the world. Many thanks to all at DGMlive for editing and posting this video so promptly, and bringing a big dose of needed joy into this crazy, screwed up world. And to echo some previous commentary: any lingering doubts as to Jakkoís place in KC, both vocally and instrumentally, have been summarily squashed flat.

Peace Osaka
:: Posted by Wilbert on December 26, 2015

The beauty of King Crimson is shown here!!!!!

:: Posted by emory0 on December 25, 2015

Yeah, great. Really great. Just got it for X-mas (actually I bought 2 and gave one to the wife to give to me and gave the other to my brother). Just listened to snatches of...

1. THRAK 2015 mix (DVD-A, stereo mix).
This isnít a radical remix. Rather, it de-90s-itizes the "old" mix and removes the hashy claustrophobic sound. In other words, it has all the strengths of the old mix but with none of the noisy weaknesses. Sounds fantastic, and Iíd point out that this is what the higher resolution digital formats were made for: The louder passages donít scorch your eardrums.

2. Crimson at the Longacre
This is a new mastering + mix (I assume) of the KCCC release, and itís a performance I attended live. And I have to say it sounds considerably clearer and less noisy than the KCCC release even though itís still just CD sound. Amazing what 20 years can do to even an outdated technology.

Might I also point out that the graphics and little knicknacks are first-rate and the equal of the Beatles Box (at least)? Thereís lots of little items packed in, such as a (faux) ticket to the Longacre gig. Itís done extremely well, so well Iíd bet everyone in the band wants one of these boxes even though they were there! For $140 (or whatever I paid), itís a great deal.

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