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Note for Gonzalo
:: Posted by jeremykeens on September 30, 2016

Radical action is available in the iTunes store now. (australia anyway!)

[subliminal message]
:: Posted by mGarnice on September 29, 2016


Radical Action TUTHOTMM video
:: Posted by mGarnice on September 29, 2016

I finally got around to watching the video portion of Radical Action TUTHOTMM. What a joyful surprise it is! Because of the great performance? No, spoiled by the band, this was expected. Because of the generous length? Sure, but that’s not what I was thinking of. It’s the approach to visual presentation that delighted, perfectly suited and impeccably executed. This is easily the best VHS, Laserdisc, DVD, Blu-ray, or stream the band has released. Gotta go watch it again right now.

Fracture and Cirkus
:: Posted by Wilbert on September 29, 2016

Interesting news I read about King playing Fracture and Cirkus again.  Indeed I also hope these will be given away as free download as well, because these track were not played during the tour end 2015.

I was there when King played Fracture for the first time, in Amsterdam November 1973. The recordings made then (with The Rolling Stone Mobile equipment) ended up on side 2 of Starless and Bible Black.

A power concert it was.  I am very curious about  ’Fracture.2016’.

290974....a smile & a wave...
:: Posted by AndrewJohn on September 29, 2016

..can you recall how bereft you felt the day after getting your copy of Sounds, NME & MM on the 28Sept’74...and how you had to fend off those who were only to happy to put in the dig of ’how can you carry on now’.... KC is dead!.......

......ha ha ha ha ha....who’s still smiling now then!....

:: Posted by gasmrv on September 29, 2016

I believe I can understand why both Fracture and Cirkus have not been made available as downloads yet — I think this is very likely due to the fact there are still many who have yet to experience these tracks live...for the first time. I attended both Aylesbury performances. Fracture on the second night was simply outstanding (RF’s playing throughout the whole extraordinarily difficult guitar parts was practically flawless). My memory tells me that Cirkus was better on the first night (particularly Jakko & Mel’s playing/singing). I hope both of these tracks become available soon.

On a separate note, it was wonderful, and a privilege, to meet and speak to Patricia (Fripp) on both nights. Lovely, too, to meet a Japanese woman and her teenage/early 20s daughter on the second night — they were not accompanied by a male! Wonderful! On this second night I was accompanied by my wonderful 15-year-old nephew, who, as much as I tried to put him off the music of KC, insisted he wanted to attend one of the concerts last year in London — he was blown away.

My sister and best friend, who for decades had never been too keen to witness KC live (she tends to like the more melodic KC stuff [Epitaph, etc.], like most females, I suppose [she does like most of the Discipline album, though]), was completely blown away when she saw the band live for the first time in her life on the first night at Aylesbury. She remarked, “This is a band you REALLY must see live to get it” (she was most impressed with Red, Fracture & Starless). She also said that this music had unexpectedly allowed her to get something out of her system she was not capable of under ordinary circumstances (she was very grateful for this). She added that it was wonderful to witness the chemistry between the musicians, and that they truly seemed to enjoy playing this music. She said, "Now I understand why you’ve loved this band so much so long. You’re absolutely right, they sound like no-one else. No-one else sounds like them"

The power of music (a cliché, I know, but clichés, after all, normally come from...).

KC2016 Tracks
:: Posted by AcousticPhenomena on September 28, 2016

Just wanted to say thanks to the whole DGM team for these awesome freebies. It’s great to have them available since I haven’t seen the boys since the first KC tour in 2014.

Does anyone know if there is an Elements of King Crimson v3 for this new tour??


There's a Tourbox 2016 currently on sale at gigs but will be made available for general purchase later this year.

Kcrim Oslo
:: Posted by diffraKction on September 28, 2016

10,000 feet fun fair. Trying to tap their feet to the rhythm.
Trying to keep an eye on Pat, then Gavin. Back to Jeremy, when did Mel switch to sax. Sat memorized by Fripp’s spider fingers. Tony also makes it look easy (money) glad Jakko could join the fun of a Cirkus.

Really impressive set list.Thank You

Hope Jeremy had a happy birthday celebration

:: Posted by markmmarkm on September 27, 2016

Thanks for the downloads! A wonderful gift!

Radical action mp3
:: Posted by Gonzalo on September 27, 2016

First of all, cheers from Chile, still expecting the announcement of King Crimson in Chile, maybe next year... nevertheless we have adrian belew power trio + the aristocrats in november (it’s something haha). Well, my request is where i can find mp3 of the Radical Action boxset, because i bought it, but i need mp3 for my car and cellphone, because i’m moving house this week and probably i wouldn’t have my blu-ray for a month (bad luck, transitory house).

Radical Action will be appearing on iTunes soon, Gonzalo.

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