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Keeping it simple?
:: Posted by rogadaire on March 30, 2015

PigletsDad cites Schrodingerís theory about life being a system that reduces its own entropy. Not being familiar with this one, I presume there is a little bit more to it (the question might be íreduces its entropy to what extent?í) But such a theory seems not that far removed from the idea I put forward here earlier - that life is the property we ascribe to any entity that maintains itself through interaction with its environment. Where I would certainly see things differently to PigletsDad (and possibly Schrodinger) is regarding the suggestion that the universe would have to ícompensateí for such an aberration against one of its ílawsí. PigletsDad refers to infringement of the 3rd Law of Thermodynamics , but I wonder if he means the 2nd Law, the one about everything tending towards disorder over time? If life comes about entirely as part of some sort of natural process - which is what I beleve - then I donít see that any natural law is being broken at all. One might want to say that life is an exception to the 2nd or 3rd Law of Thermodynamics, but - unless Iíve musinderstood this completely - so is the creation of planets and solar systems and galaxies. I am rather drawn to the conclusion that breaking these laws (at least, the 2nd Law) does not seem that big a deal (and why should it be?).

In the meantime, if there are any readers shaking their heads pityingly at my modest attempt at answering the ílifeí question, I should be extremely grateful if they could share those thoughts with me here.

CERN music
:: Posted by Bakullama on March 30, 2015

You mentioned a King Crimson fan who was there when the Higgs Boson particle was discovered... Here is some music created by one of the LHC staff (Piotr Traczyk). Composed from LHC and other CERN data streams... Not sure if this is the same man or not because he seems young to have been listening to KC in 69... They (other CERN scientists) also made a lot of chamber music from the data streams. Worth looking into, it actually sounds good.

indoor games... Loved it then, love it now, love hearing the breakdown of parts... Cannot remember a thing about when I first heard SABB although a vinyl gatefold (EG) copy I bought much later has been with me quite a while now.

:: Posted by chakadad on March 30, 2015

Ah yes. March 29,1974. I remember it well. As it was my 16th birthday. I had luckily discovered the wonderful Crims by this time in my life and was I excited to pick up this monster on the week after release at the local college record shop. See, as we all know, back then there was no interweb only paper copy to let us know of what was coming. My best source was Melody Maker and it came a week late to us Yanks. So, when I heard of this wonderful release, I rushed out to find it and find it I did. Was then and is still now my favorite KC release ever. I always thought that the only thing keeping it from being my all time favorite LP irregardless of artist was the inclusion of "Starless". That would have certainly knocked íClose to the Edgeí off. But anyway, itís on my list of discs to be placed with me for my journey to the everafter. (Yes, I have a list of 5 must have in eternity discs.) Anyway, as is my custom to do, yesterday on my birthday I gave this great album a spin (actually a cd of it) and relived my glorious youth. Thank you Robert, Bill, David & John for this stunning work.


What is life?
:: Posted by PigletsDad on March 30, 2015

David Singleton asked for our thoughts on this. There is a wonderful book called "What is Life?", published in 1944 by Schrodinger, the physicist. The book is based on a series of lectures that he gave at Oxford during the war.

This was written before the structure and role of DNA was understood, so there are a few things that he gets wrong with the benefit of hindsight, as he thinks genetic information is encoded in protein. But he deduces an amazing amount from very general arguments, and comes up with his answer, which is that it is a system that locally reduces its own entropy. Of course, to do so the impact on the wider universe must create more entropy to keep the Third law of Thermodynamics satisfied.

sometimes you never really can tell
:: Posted by Undisciplined on March 30, 2015

markmmarkm wrote:

RF noted the whinging AND dopeyness.

My impression was there was as much worship as whinging.

It is known that he does take reasonable suggestions into consideration. Far be for me to read the manís mind, but itís also possible that this was the intention all along. RF just doesnít strike me as the kind of guy, who reacts favorably to complaints.

KC does have a history of issuing shorter albums, or EPís if you will, prior to a grander release. Examples include Vroom, Level Five and HWWYHTBHW. These whet the appetites, and hopefully help finance future endeavors.

Form No.1
:: Posted by PeterW on March 30, 2015

I have only recently purchased The 21st Century Guide To King Crimson Vol.2 1981-2003 as I, erroneously, believed that I already had a copy of everything on it. So Iíve only just had the joy of hearing the intriguing little gem entitled Form No.1.

Although the bass and percussion elements sound familiar, with its orchestral timbres itís quite unlike anything that Iíve heard from KC (or anywhere else for that matter, funky jazz metal groove for rock band and string quartet, vaguely reminiscent of John Adamsí Lollapalooza!) and Iíd appreciate any more information on its genesis.

From the similarity in title to Form No.2 KCVII released on the 40th Anniversary Tour Box and from evidence of its publishing rights, it may be from the Fripp / Belew / Mastelotto / Levin sessions of September 2004? This still-born KC line-up seems to have been referred to as number seven at the time.

The only other information gleaned from the CD packaging is "string arrangement and co-production by The Vicar". Are these strings, and the bass horn sounds, over-dubbed acoustic instruments (expensive) or, as I suspect, synthetically derived and manipulated from Fripp & Belewís guitar lines? The pizzicato strings certainly sound like Fripp guitar runs. If theyíre not, thereís no evidence on the track of these two musicians apart from Adrianís brief vocal.

Any answers please? Happy listening and creating to all concerned.

:: Posted by kingcrimson7 on March 29, 2015

Elektrik, is another difficult issue, but it seems that Mr. Robert Fripp is something all day because he would go in peace while the other musicians are grappling with no mistakes.

I love heavy hand, and then return to these difficult notes, clearly it is a subject that belongs to Mr. Robert Fripp, the way to play it is certainly Fripp.

Re: full set
:: Posted by markmmarkm on March 29, 2015

Undisciplined writes in part:

>Happy to hear the news of the full set of live material from last fall!

Me too.

>Interesting that there havenít been any mea culpas from those who ranted endlessly about only getting about 42 minutes or so of music on Live at the Orpheum (in DVD-A, no less, and with a very reasonable price!). 

Or maybe the squeaky wheels got some grease?

>The lesson from these scenarios? Considering the negativity, which nearly shut down this forum

RF noted the whinging AND dopeyness.

My impression was there was as much worship as whinging.

21st Century Monkey Mind
:: Posted by djcub00 on March 29, 2015

I have wondered if the 21st Century Schizoid Band could now be seen as some sort of ProjeKct? I hope being seen as such wouldnít insult the other members of the band who are not in the current KC lineup. I also wondered about the title of one of the new (hooray!) KC instrumentals: "Radical Action To Unseat The Hold Of Monkey Mind". Could it be a reference to Bennett/Gurjieff teachings? Darwin perhaps? Might I add that after seeing one of the NYC concerts last September, that the current lineup is just spectacular. It was also fun seeing Bill Reiflin for the first time since I saw him perform with Ministry many years ago, not long after I first discovered KC. Imagine my surprise...

God save the king
:: Posted by kingcrimson7 on March 29, 2015

God save the King is another work that belongs entirely to Fripp, like all the music of King Crimson, Fripp, stands by the accuracy of the speed of the guitar, all subjects have the Fripp label in this recording, making notes and Fripp known melodies, excellent recording with a touch of dance, very truthful.

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