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Spotify & the value of Streaming
:: Posted by emory0 on July 07, 2015

ONE POINT I see no one making about Streaming music versus how much the content-creators are paid is how much these damn companies are worth. For instance, Spotify is valued at 8.4 BILLION BUCKS:


Meanwhile, each stream pays tiny fractions of a penny, even though all of that valuation comes from streams. Of course, you canít really say that the $8.4B is the just the sum of all those streams: Theoretically, thatís what investors will pay in order to "own" a chunk of Spotifyís ongoing revenue stream when the company goes public. But still, itís obvious thereís a giant discrepency between what the streams are supposedly worth and the value that the market is actually placing on them.

Of course, a main source of discrepancy stems from the fact that those streams are used to generate advertising revenue, but artists donít see any of that. (Did David Singleton make that point in the Singletonian blog?)

Iíd bet the other streaming startups have similar valuations. And itís worth noting that such valuations wouldnít be possible if they were having to pay some actual $$$ to content creators.

Reminds me of Uber and other "disruptive" services: Extraction of value and living income at the expense of everyone else.

Free DGM downloads
:: Posted by mikefrost on July 06, 2015

Just wondering. Wouldnít it be good to have a seperate category of free downloads? The only free download I know of is Glass and Breath. Possibly itís the only one. Can anyone confirm?

In Reply to Sid's request,
:: Posted by throbber on July 05, 2015

46 years ago there were so many easily accessible excellent gigs. We lived in a council flat off the Edgware Road ten minutes walk from Hyde Park. Not a special location back then. Anyway, the conversation was something like this:
"Shall we go the concert in the park?"
"I donít know. Whoís playing?"
"The Stones, I think."
"Oh, theyíre quite good, arenít they, letís go along"
I donít remember Crimson, though. We had probably gone off to find an ice cream, or something. Gigs seem to be a much more serious business nowadays.

Auspicious KC hot date..
:: Posted by AndrewJohn on July 05, 2015

..and July5 1969 I would have been an innocent 12 year old coming towards the end of my first year at a well regarded direct-grant school in the northwest. A real mixed bunch of personalities with a range of gifts, promise, privelage and no privelages. These advantages unrecognised by many, and certainly by me. Now I feel lucky to understand the move from an innocence to experience far slower than future generations would be afforded. The generation gap still existed - teachers were not to be regarded as your ífriend & supportí even though they and you may have liked to think so. Parents were on another planet despite how young or old they may have been. Fortunately somethings are now most definitely better. Surrounded by love though it was clear to me as a boy that the qualities of the ífreeing upí of the 60ís pop culture was something to aspire to.

As I came to immerse myself in what was felt to be the counterculture of írock musicí, enjoying but kicking against the seeming banalities of the charts & pop culture King Crimson as the musical force encouraged and excited me the most.......so this date was always a ímissed gemí - something to recall for many years but now with more knowledge of others who dreamt of it. Naturally this was perhaps to overestimate how good it was. But over the years before technology made so many things opaque I searched to see any sign of KC, well remembering spotting the Fripp, momentarily, on the Rolling Stones Hyde Park show that was shown every so often on the TV.

So now itís amazing to revel in so much KC....and yes the music sounds just as special to me.

...also...lets stop whinging though about the coming and goings of KC....it shouldnít matter whether itís the first the last the middle the worst the best ...if itís in your town or not. DGM more than compensates us for ínot being thereí.....KC is alive and in the air now, itís on active service to musician, listener and money-maker alike and does not always bring us what we may want or desire....thatís the fun....

......on the sad passing of Chris Squire...I have spent many many hours jumping about playing air-bass to his wonderful sound, dynamics and energy. His studio provided many opportunities for excellent írockí music making as well...Phil Manzaneraís K-Scope being a real gem.

Farewell -- hope not!
:: Posted by tobyhoward on July 04, 2015

The first line on http://www.dgmlive.com/diary/photos/KCjaptour.jpg says

これが最後となるのか !?

or "is this to be the last !?"

It does seem odd to have this on the official ad if this is (as I sincerely hope!) not the case, as Sid has confirmed!

cheers all,

Toby (the ET guy)

This is most definitely NOT a farewell tour.

The Who Sell out
:: Posted by Bakullama on July 03, 2015

This phrase "sell out" where music is concerned was likely coined by an angry or jealous individual... Or a disgruntled pink floyd fan... A band cannot "sell out"... They can only go their own way. itís their business alone and if the spirit moves them .... Then play on.

Answer to no one, and owe listeners nothing... If anything fans should be grateful that the Dead keep coming back to life. And if someone criticizes a band for wanting to make a buck at their "highly skilled trade" I just wonder why and continue to applaud this working mans Dead.

Countless Bands have moved on successfully after losing a key player... And why not? Case in point... Stranglers with Paul Rogers and/or Baz Warne, both who I happen to really really like, just as much and maybe even more than the original lineup. I would hope my favorite bands would continue on as long as their health and desires allow. You never know what magic might happen.

King Crimson Japan Tickets
:: Posted by elbung0 on July 03, 2015


Will it be possible for citizens of countries other than Japan to purchase tickets to the upcoming KC shows there? Iíve read this can be very difficult without a local address/credit card.

( Iím hoping to make the trip from Australia)


Selling Out
:: Posted by ilgebra on July 03, 2015

Regarding accusations of artists "selling out" when they play their own songs, I donít understand what some members of the "general public" expect musicians to do. Theyíre constantly complaining about "selling out" when a band plays its older material, or reforms for a tour, or makes a new album that isnít as good as their old albums, etc. How do they think musicians pay their rent? Buy food or clothing? Get medical attention when theyíre ill? Why are musicians in particular (and artists in general) expected to do everything their fans want for free?

Many of these same people work for sleazy corporations--perhaps even in the music industry--and see nothing wrong with themselves doing what they need to do to pay rent, buy food, etc. They donít demand that their boss work for free or refrain from falling back on the same tricks that got him (or her) to the top of the ladder. Why are so many people so pro-capitalism and yet they condemn musicians for simply trying to make a living in an industry where every card is stacked against them? Itís baffling.

I think that capitalism in general is a scourge and I usually side with its critics. But in the Isle of Wight film by Murray Lerner, when the people outside the gate were complaining that bands should give their music away for free, they were twisting the "fight capitalism" message into absurdity. Go after the record labels that have screwed these artists again and again. Go after the lawyers, the accountants, the radio stations demanding payola, the publications that make demands in exchange for reviews, etc. Tell the person with 5 homes to give 4 of them to the homeless. Iím down with all that. But itís the artists that continually have to be above the desire to have an income. When a band in its 60s or 70s gets together for whatever reason and plays some of the stuff that made people love them in the first place, theyíre just selling out.

This mentality makes no sense in the commercial, materialistic culture of the late 20th and early 21st centuries but itís been around for a long, long time. Itís fortunate that bands like KC and the GD ignore this garbage and play to those of us who appreciate what theyíre doing.

By the way, hearing KC reinterpret their early material in the context of this great new lineup last year was an unimaginable joy.

Many thanks to DGM!
:: Posted by candrsn on July 03, 2015

Limited supplies or not, I just wanted to post a small token of my gratitude for the discount that DGM applied to my Great Deceiver: King Crimson Live 1973-1974 Boxed Set! I had to sell this set a couple of years back and I finally had the extra cash enough to purchase it yet again. Many thanks to DGM!


ps. I think that you all should consider re-releasing the same boxed set. I know that there is the Starless set and the 2-CD collection of exactly the same music, as well as the KC Collectors offering, but the artwork, CD sleeves, and liner notes in this particular boxed set were always spectacular to me. I suppose, though, that it could be my 21 year old self calling to say how much he enjoyed it all when he first heard it all in 1994........astonishing then, just as it is today.

Not Dead ends
:: Posted by albemuth on July 03, 2015

It is interesting to hear that some Grateful Dead fans view the upcoming tour as a "sell out," a "nostalgia act," and a "cash grab."  I do not know much about the Dead but I find it hard to believe that they would do such things.  We heard some grumblings along these lines before KC played the States last year.  But I doubt that anyone who saw those shows would view them as a sell out. 

The Dead need a philosopher in their ranks.  Of course, KC has The Redoubtable Uncle Bob.  Perhaps Deadheads should watch one of the best DGM videos, "Fresh Whenever It Was Written," and hear TRUB speak (once again) about "the assumption of innocence within a context of experience."

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