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:: Posted by emory0 on April 10, 2014

you are partially correct in that it is a sort of ídays of the Frippís livesí!

And remember too, itís Robert Fripp: Youíre probably not going to read a lot about him smashing up a hotel room or nailing groupies or sticking his face into a giant mound of blow.

Though I do remember the one time at the Savoy Fripp got off his stool while playing. Whoo-hoo! ROCK ON!

Re: Robert's Diary
:: Posted by Valhalla on April 10, 2014

 andyfromozz- you are partially correct in that it is a sort of ídays of the Frippís livesí!
Seriously though, is that a joke? If you donít enjoy reading it, donít read it!
I rather enjoy the Frippís ídays of their livesí stories! The only section of his diary that I donít read, is the guitar craft/circle comments, & that is only because I cannot relate to it, so I donít read it! Well obviously I have to read a little bit of it at times to see what was is going down, but then I no longer continue!

Robert's diaries
:: Posted by andyfromozz on April 09, 2014

I was chatting with a mate recently about the DGM site and in particular Robertís diaries, we both are very great admirers of Robert and his music, especially KC of course!
But we were laughing because we both agreed that reading the diaries is like watching Days Of Our Lives (or insert any appropriate long running soapie here!)You can come back after a long absence and find that things are the same as the last time.
Dear Robert, this isnít a personal attack on you by any means, you can write what you want! But the reason why I only visit here once in a while instead of regularly like I used to, is because I find the diaries a little frustrating. Itís just the same stuff over and over with lotís of detail about tasty cakes, fine antiques, or what book you are reading, or how much time you are spending (or not) with Wilifred or the wife...As I said itís your diary, but all that familiar day to day detail getís a bit old. Iíd love to hear a bit more detail about the musicking, for one example, you "caught up with John Wetton for lunch and you shared road warrior stories"...ok thatís interesting, but can you give us an example of such a story? Otherwise itís a bit of a tease! or, when you rehearse with Jakko, what goes on there? Maybe a bit more about how you work things out for the songs, what songís donít work or do, etc. I do love the pics of your garden, being a keen gardener myself, but sometimes instead of more pics of your hometown and the cakes therein, could you share some more KC or other behind the scenes info that isnít too personal? Quite rightly you may say, "sod off you aussie git" but I hope you arenít offended by my comments, I mean no offence!

The roar of P4
:: Posted by barking on April 09, 2014

Itís seems with only another 3 or is it 4 Collectorís clubís left to be released that my hopes for one more ProjecKt 4 night to be released in a hard format may be dashed!!

Much as I enjoy the first half of the CC release of P4 on Nov 1st I find the second half rather less riveting and am surprised that Nov 2nd in San Francisco or the Boulder gig wasnít the preferred release if it was to be the only release.  I cherish my burnít downloads of P4 in San Francisco Nov 2nd and Boulder, (with my excellent artwork homemade artwork!),encasing what I find to be supremely exciting evenings, but unfortunately these recordable discs certainly seem to come with a short-lifespan and invariably a distortion problem and a short shelf-life. And as my hard-drive has packed up and lost the original mp3ís.....well, you get the idea, itíd be great to have these gigs on a proper disc!

So, my fingerís are crossed for one more P4 gig released on the Collectorís Club,...and possibly a P6 disc as well ????

:: Posted by rja1967 on April 09, 2014

45 years ago today King Crimson played their first gig at the Speakeasy.

As a footnote to that, amongst the great and the good in the audience that night was a relatively unknown singer who went by the name of David Bowie. And he was introduced to an American girl called Angie.
So King Crimson - not only did you unleash your music on the world that night but you were also responsible for the future Mrs Bowie, who (for better or for worse) was instrumental in the rise of Ziggy Stardust and without whom the career of David Bowie may have been very different.

Robert's Diary - 11th March 2014
:: Posted by chrvau on April 09, 2014

Possible caption for the tea at the Goring with Vintage TVís David Pick + wife.


Pick & Minx.


Ode to Space Groove + the duel of the duos drumming
:: Posted by davidly on April 08, 2014

Was a fortunate attendee at the ProjeKct Two show in Chicago, available for download in thesehere pages. Belew looked like he had just woken up as he mounted the drum stool, but displayed seemingly effortlessly the tap-trigger to the bass-line of the title track(s). In between numbers he dialed around the V-Drum brain in a way that made me feel like I was watching the band in the rehearsal room. At one point during the evening, that awful Fripp guy actually laughed aloud joyously. I was inspired to buy the album on the night and have not been disappointed.

On the other note, the comparison between the batterie of the double trio and that of the 2008 celebration is unfair for a number of reasons, the prime of which would be that the one constant, Mastelotto, had developed a KC approach and his technique & technology thereof for a decade by the time he played those gigs with Harrison. With that in mind and there-under, I really donít think that one can adequately say who showed more promise double drumming between Bruford and Harrison in that Pat gave Gavin substantially more to work with than he was able to do with Bill.

Moreover, I saw the í08 Crimfiguration at the same venue in Chicago as the P2 show -- and if the sound and my proximity to it versus where I saw the double trio are any indication of how most people received these live, well, letís just say that it is like the diff between a transistor radio and the stereo in a hopped up hiphop hooptie. Itís true that Gavin made my jaw drop, but he rattled my teeth, as well. That alone makes comparisons difficult. I felt the drums in í08; in í95 I recall hearing them.

Nevertheless, it is a shame that the double trio didnít continue for another album, at least. Iím sure it would have got more interesting. Still, even as the ones expressing disappointment in a perceived limited payoff in the promise of Thrak, their love of THRaKaTTaK would seem to at least redeem the drumming a bíbit.

As far as Harrison with two others this autumn: thereís no better choice available, and I ainít just sayiní that cuzín Brufordís retired.

Pat & Gavin
:: Posted by HarrySpade on April 07, 2014

Iíll cast my lot with the camp that says the 2008 drum line with Pat and Gavin was more enjoyable than the Double Trio. I saw them live in Glenside that year and while thatís not a fair comparison to studio recordings (never saw the Pat/Bill lineup in person), there seemed to be more cohesiveness and sympathy to their playing.

And hey, DGMLive, howzabout a download of August 12, 2008? Itís been over five years and Iíd love a trip down memory lane.

:: Posted by bloggulator on April 07, 2014

A little speculation perhaps here? In a photo in Robertís February 5 journal entry, one device is visible which caught my eye - the rack-mount (keyboard less version) of the Memotron. This is a modern digital recreation of the Mellotron. See here: http://www.manikin-electronic.com/en/products_memotron.html

I am now curious if this may be employed to produce the famous Mellotron sound in future KC live shows? *evil grin*

David Byrne on streaming
:: Posted by Tahuna on April 06, 2014

Terrific analysis by David Byrne of the consequence of music streaming on, well, income streaming or the lack thereof here:


And rather than just bemoan the situation, he offers some concrete suggestions to move forward with regard to this intractable problem. Good stuff.

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