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Amazing tour!
:: Posted by StarlessinAspic on October 03, 2016

Thank you for the opportunity to enjoy the best concert experiences of my life. We waited from 2004 to 2015 to see you live - And honestly did not thought the day would come. We instantly went from Norway to Paris last year when the EU tour was a fact - and were BLOWN AWAY! We all were speechless... One of our guys thought you were like Ian Anderson says; "Too old to rock"... He was proven wrong. It was out of question the most satisfying musical experience I have heard and seen. We also went to your concert in Oslo last week - you did not disappoint here either. Fracture was in a league of itself. Amazing.
Ordered the Blu-ray, cannot wait to revisit the tour with that one.

The only side effect to mention with going to these concerts is that I know I have seen the top of the cake - everyting else is not going to be as good as this.

Thank you!


Stockholm 30/9 Filadelfia
:: Posted by Amphibia on October 02, 2016

Hello, just wanted to say thanks for the fantastic show. It was really the best concert i have been to. Fantastic!

Stockholm 29th
:: Posted by Jonathan on October 02, 2016

Just want to say thankyou to KC. Saw the show on the above -mentioned date. Have listened to KC over last 30 years and heard many live recordings, but RF is right-these do not compare to seeing the band live. I had been concerned that, despite my best intentions, I would view the show as a nostalgia fest.How wrong I was-the band is vital and very present-the music is really new, whenever it was written. Jackko is a fantatstic interpreter of songs, Mel was brilliant and the three drummers are incredible-as are Tony and Robert of course.Wonderful night-will never forget it. Once again thank you to all concerned.


KC Wroclaw gig reviewed
:: Posted by rzachol on October 01, 2016


:: Posted by speaker43 on September 30, 2016

I too am hoping to hear Fracture 2016 in the download series. I saw the current incarnation of KC in 2014 before Fracture was added to the playlist. I would really like to know how it is being played now.

Download tour 2016
:: Posted by sergegirard on September 30, 2016

Thank you so much for the downloads of the 2016 tour, I canít wait to see them in Antwerp !!

This is off topic, but...
:: Posted by froggy55 on September 30, 2016

Recently I read an interview with Mr. RF from Rolling Stone, 1973. In the interview, Mr. Fripp stated, and I quote:

ďI read an interview the other day with a very rich and successful English pop star who started off saying the only reason he kept recording and touring was that he didnít want to became a vegetable. He spent the rest of the interview talking about his velvet carpets and drapes, the fishing at his lake and his well-trimmed grounds. I found it alarming that the gentleman had failed to realize he had already become a vegetable. Itís a paradox that artists tend to be rewarded with fame and fortune. The prosperity almost always dissolves the squalor that spurred them on to creating in the fashion they became rich and successful for.Ē

Can anyone tell me who Mr. Fripp is referring to?

The music plays me.
:: Posted by CyNoth on September 30, 2016

The following quote from master jazz bassist Miroslav Vitouś ought to ring bells amongst Crimson fans.

"Because all my music comes from above; my music is descended down to me. I am an instrument of music. Just like I play the bass, the music plays me" Ė Miroslav Vitouś in an interview in the Observer

KC in Oslo
:: Posted by torpedo_girl on September 30, 2016

Thank you so much for such an amazing show in Oslo, Norway. It was my first time ever at a King Crimson gig. Here`s to many more years to come for the mighty King Crimson!!!

Fan for life...

Best regards

Note for Gonzalo
:: Posted by jeremykeens on September 30, 2016

Radical action is available in the iTunes store now. (australia anyway!)

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