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Adrian Belew Dust
:: Posted by caseyjbye on December 06, 2014

Has anyone seen the current Belew tour and picked up a copy of either of the Dust CDs heís selling? I canít find much information online other than the artwork Belew posted on Facebook. Iíd love to see the tracklist. Thanks!

Robert Fripp
:: Posted by francoisgoethals on December 06, 2014

              This is completely in relation with Frippís character and options. He is "lovecraftian", never lets things be seen or heard immediately. His lady (very fascinating Toyah, very alive, very true, very sexy, a true woman) surely knows it, and surely must not fall in sex with him without lots ot exciting "temporisations". In french "paliers" means graduations, several graduations. Of course, without scales, there is nothing ...

                Iíll speak another time of Gurdjieffís influence on our Robert, he escaped a lot and even has had benefit ot him,  while writer Katherine Mansfield and Louis Powells went exhausted to death.. Really.     
                Bob is great, for sure (and works for it).


Re; Live 'Mini' Release by Court Sage
:: Posted by Valhalla on December 06, 2014

A live EP?????? Are you serious? Do you know what an EP is? Or does that just suit your condemnation of this live releases length of time?
A EP doesnít run for 40 minutes, & it is not a mini LP! As for the absurd MP3 comment, surely that is a joke!
MP3 is rubbish, we all know that! If you think this is a tad too expensive, donít buy it!

:: Posted by Undisciplined on December 05, 2014

: Posted by emory0 wrote:


A man after my own heart.

Happy new year!!!
:: Posted by sandy_mccune on December 05, 2014

I never thought the day would come when I would be awaiting, with great, excited, anticipation and baited breath, the release of a new Crimson live recording (of any length or format) This band has informed my musical sensibilities since I was 16/17 years old and it continues to do so. That beast is with me and there is nothing I can do about it. To hear so many negative responses to the gift of music is confusing and bizarre to say the least. Is it not obvious to some why this recording is a nice, compact 41mins? If it was 11mins, Iíd still be excited about it!!

It seems this band has unfinished business. If Robert is contemplating a UK tour next year then why would he release a recording of the US shows in their entirety? Iíd rather not hear it on CD if Iím going to get the opportunity to see the band live, some months down the line. It looks like a perfect teaser from where Iím standing, I canít think of a better way to get the ĎCrimson publicí salivating. I donít imagine weíll see much more of king Crimson after this current line-up have taken their final bow. We should savour this moment with unlimited positivity. Robert Frippís genius reaches right back into rock history, it has spanned the decades and touched some of the greatest records of our time. Musicians like Fripp and bands like King Crimson donít come around very often. We should treat them with the ears and respect they deserve, especially if weíre to call ourselves Ďfansí of the music. Thank you King Crimson, Thank you Bob x           

:: Posted by Bakullama on December 05, 2014

Camamagos... I was sure we had differences in opinion immediately after I read the last sentence in your original posting. No matter. Differing opinions are what make the world go around. If RF has changed his opinions on these topics mentioned since published, then that is fine too. We all have the right to change our minds over the course of 40 years. But I still agree with his observations from this article. Parallel universe... Lets hear your rebuttal in good faith.

The Grouch: DVD-A
:: Posted by SnakeCained on December 05, 2014

To answer your question, yes indeed there are benefits to the DVD-A format over CD. Without boring non tech people to tears, the DVD-A format allows more bit depth (24vs16) and a higher sample rate (96vs44.1). Essentially this means a more accurate "picture" of the recording is presented. If you compare a CD to an mp3 you get an idea of how better audio quality can make a more enjoyable sound. After over 10 years of working with and experimenting with this kind of thing, I can almost guarantee that it is the increased bit depth that provides the "magic". One would also assume that the original live recordings were captured at this higher quality, so essential you hear at home exactly the same thing Jakko heard in his studio. The 40th anni. series already benefits from this and sounds fantastic on DVD-A.

Live (Mini) Release
:: Posted by CourtSage on December 05, 2014

When I saw this on the front page I went, "Oh neat!" My enthusiasm dropped when I saw the price tag of $18. Now $18 isnít bad for a live album...But this isnít a live album, its a live EP. Yes I know stuff like this helps fund future band projects, and Iím all for that, but Iím sorry youíre going to have to throw me a bigger bone here if you want me to part with that much money.

Make it available as an MP3 and price it at 7 or 8 dollars (or pounds) and that would be fine. Iím probably going to be spending $18 when a full live album comes out eventually so whatís the point?

Now I wasnít one of those who were complaining about this being a mini album and I was willing to get this but thatís way too much and the DVD-A is never going to be played.

Sorry guys

Will the US get a vinyl preorder too?
:: Posted by snkzato1 on December 04, 2014

Before I spend an arm and a leg on shipping, Sid can you confirm whether the US will get a vinyl preorder as well?

Seeing that listing on Burningshed caused my heart to jump a few beats. Live 2014 KC on vinyl. Life is good! I don't have any information on US timescale for vinyl - hence no link - but am endeavoring to find out.

Seems I better post my comment on Live Album
:: Posted by masanori on December 04, 2014

I have an impression that I donít need to buy this immediately. For some reasons.

From a view of one who could attend two shows of the tour, 40 some minutes of duration will not do justice enough, as it looked/sounded to me like there was a flow throughout the show.

OH NO! All the most impressive tunes (at least to me) are lacked!

Unfortunately itís from the shows I attended and fortunately I still remember them very well.


Thus my best possible option may be a complete concert from the show that I did not attend.

Thank you very much. Looking forward to it.

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