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NST 1.2
:: Posted by thecraftywidow on April 08, 2016

In answer to the question:

A number of the team are experimenting with this (not this one - Iím too old a dog to learn such a new trick). It does offer all manner of possibilities, but it does mean re-learning a lot of things that weíve spent a long time re-learning from OST, as well as re-learning all the Crafty repertoire.

Time will tell - it usually does, anyway.

The .007 String
:: Posted by Royston on April 08, 2016

Maybe Goldfinger had something to do with it.

New Standard Tuning 1.2
:: Posted by CrumbledFingers on April 07, 2016

In 2012, Robert says in his diary:

A Future Project presented: Gary Goodmanís .007 string was distributed to particular seats in the Circle, with the suggestion that the NST 1.2 tuning Ė C,G,D,A,E,A Ė be investigated. Had Garryís string been available in 1985, C,G,D,A,E,A might have been NST 1.1.

He is referring to the incredibly thin guitar string developed by Gary Goodman of octave4plus.com, which could conceivably be tuned high enough to enable a high A on the top string.

Since then, I havenít heard anything about the tuning being changed, and Robert is still using the high G as far as I can tell from listening to the chords he has been playing, and the Guitar Circle repertoire doesnít seem to have adopted the 1.2 tuning either. Iím interested in hearing why it didnít pan out with the .007 string.

Adrian Belew - Pixar
:: Posted by Clavius on April 07, 2016

I am really excited and happy to hear that Adrian has not only written the music for Pixarís new animated short Piper (which will debut before Finding Dory this summer in theaters), but that his music has directly insprired the creative team behind the project. I think this will open a new chapter in Adrianís career and itís big news for his fans.

Fashion in a parallel universe
:: Posted by Erik_Skysawed on April 06, 2016

Paid hommage to Bowie (yes a bit late; time constraints) by going to the David Bowie exhibition in Groningen (The Netherlands). This is the David Bowie Is exhibition (previous stations were the Vicky & Bertie Museum in London, Toronto, Sao Paulo, Berlin, Chicago, Paris, Melbourne, see http://www.vam.ac.uk/content/articles/t/touring-exhibition-david-bowie-is/ ). A bit chaotic in display (due to the odd building the Groninger Museum is), most of it at display was familiar to me.

One new thing I learnt was that The Man typically made his art, by first (letting) the musicians assemble the music, and DB would follow suit with textlines as spontaneously as possible. Famous case is "Heroes". What I read at the exhibition is that for "Fashion", however, words were not coming directly. DB was considering to shelve the track...

Now imagine the "Scary Monsters" platter (side one) not ending with Fashion... Imagine a detective story developing in the 1990s or beyond -possibly after people read cryptic remarks about it in Nathan Adlerís diary- about a Lost Track with RHVLís guitar bursts. People, hunting for some leads into this matter, asking the Guitarist, who only replied in his trade-marked cryptic aphorism mode "If we wish to know, breathe the air around someone who knows."  and "The artist is a bridge between the possible, the impossible, and the actual."  and  "If we donít know where weíre going, weíll probably get there."   And finally several DB-watchers claiming the rumoured track was hidden in a subliminal sense underneath the drum&bass layers of "Earthling".

Best Thela Ever?
:: Posted by DouglasBramley on April 05, 2016

Just downloaded the New Haven 2001 show. Adrianís soloing on Thela is absolutely wild! This version has the momentum of a bullet train, and the broken string handoff to P3 just makes it better. This is now my "reference " Thela!

Saudade et al
:: Posted by Antonion on April 05, 2016

Maybe old news, but I am listening to this for the first time:

Amlehn, Fripp & Jeanrenaud

:: Posted by AgentOrange on April 04, 2016

How about for future Hot Tickle consideration the Francois Kevorkian remixes of Sleepless only available as a Maxi-Single 45 RPM 12 inch vinyl long out of print? Or do we have to wait for a deluxe Three Of A Perfect Pair 40th Anniversary Edition when the band celebrates itís 50th anniversary? Tony Levin's mix of Sleepless, along with Bob Clearmountain's and F. Kervorkian's, have already been released on the 30th Anniversary edition of Three Of A Perfect Pair. Stormy

Three of a Perfect Pair
:: Posted by Lamont on April 04, 2016

Ha! Donít think Iíve ever before spontaneously applauded an mp3 when it ended!

little sister
:: Posted by markgaffney on April 02, 2016

you guys are coming across these days about as strongly as my marvellous little sister...I`d personally like to hear some king hitting Fripp again but the stone has no blood..?

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