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Growing live 'album'
:: Posted by jeremykeens on September 13, 2016

As an antipodean fan I want to thank you for the new ísong download from each concertí which you are providing. This is going to build into a great alternative live album and a nice option for those of us who wonít buy the tour (if it is available) and are unsure which concert to buy.
A very generous gift from DGM.

:: Posted by Otohiko on September 13, 2016

Hello fellow Krimheads attending the present tour! As a Canadian sitting this one out, Iím vicariously following the tour in Europe, and itís been brought to my attention that at yesterdayís concert, there were incidents involving flash photos that very nearly ended the concert early. Having been in Toronto last year for the infamous November 19th show, where RF did indeed walk off the stage early, and then seeing the wonderful turnaround for the next two shows (one of which can now be heard on the great Live in Toronto release) - I just have one request for you!

To those of you who are local and/or speak the local language, PLEASE TALK TO THE PEOPLE SITTING NEXT TO YOU before the show, and explain to them how important it is both for the band and for you that they donít take pictures or otherwise disrupt the show. Be friendly, and make it personal - but tell them itís essential. Remind them that shows not only can, but DO get ruined by bad behaviour. Even more importantly, PLEASE TALK TO THE VENUE STAFF. Remind them how important it is they take care of any disruptions. Thank them for the work they do. Ask if you can do anything to help.

Believe me, this DOES make a difference - Iíve seen it first-hand in Toronto, and it really was night and day between the first and subsequent shows, and it shows qualitatively in the music too (as, again, you can judge got yourself from Live in Toronto). Iíd been worried that in Europe, with so many cultural differences and language barriers from tour stop to tour stop, things could get a bit hairy. But I just wanted to remind you that fans, staff and band working together really really helps. You can help too!

Thank you, and enjoy the tour :)

Setlists, maybe a little messed up?
:: Posted by MarKco on September 12, 2016

Hello Everybody,
I saw the post about the setlists of the first dates of the tour (http://dgmlive.com/news.htm?entry=5602). I was at the Aylesbury Riverside Theater on the 3rd for the Family and Friends show and I remember the setlist was different.

Do you notice other flaws in the setlists published in the post?

:: Posted by AndrewJohn on September 12, 2016

..I must agree with that sentiment....and say how bowled over(nay..ecstatic!) I was Aylesbury when KCís brilliant interpretation of this was unleashed unexpectedly...and it was a stonking rendition!

:: Posted by EnoMan on September 11, 2016

Having not followed recent set lists, I was completely bowled over by the opening of the encore last night in Berlin.

Thanks, gents, for a deeply emotional moment.

Working overtime.
:: Posted by Bwilmot on September 11, 2016

Our long national nightmare is over. Monkey Mind is wending its way across the continent to starving yankee Crimheads. My shipping notice says it went out Saturday so thanks to the Inner Knot crew for working overtime to get those hummers out. With a little luck, Iíll be carping about the artwork by Tuesday. Thanks again.
Brad Wilmot

Happy Birthday Pat
:: Posted by WaitingMan on September 11, 2016

Happy Birthday Mr Mastelotto... & many more!

A favourite moment? The Crimson ProjeKCt tour in Australia a couple of years ago. I met Pat at the Sydney show, with a friend of mine whoíd attended one of the Camps with Adrian et al. I came away from that meeting thinking he was a nice guy to spend so much time with us, especially as it was a technically frustrating gig for the bands on the night

The following night at the venue in Brisbane, my wife & I were talking with some new friends/fans, when Pat walked past us & took time out to chat about everything from KC to castles in Scotland. In fact, he only stopped when the gig was about to start!!

Yep... A nice guy. A wonderful player. To get both in the same package is a rare thing. More Power (to Believe) to you Sir. I hope you had a wonderful birthday...

Happy Birthday Pat 'Allsorts' Mastelotto
:: Posted by duncansneurotica on September 10, 2016

Congrats on your 61st. You are well on your way through Level 6.

Thanks a million for Power To Believe and for ProjeKct Three in Alexandria (2003). Most of all, thank you for taking over the Allsorts (pioneered by Mr. Jamie Muir in 1972). Those things that go bump in the night are an essential part of the Crim world.

Stuttgart WOW
:: Posted by pleomaxminidvd on September 10, 2016

This was a happy evening in Stuttgart. This City has always been a place for me of extraordinary music experiences. But your concert on the 9th lighted up my soul. Thank you very much. The encore transmuted Stuttgart to Berlin. Best wishes for the following tour! You are wonderful!

Aylesbury 2016...the good fairy sprinkles fairy dust in ways unpredicted...
:: Posted by AndrewJohn on September 10, 2016

As a confirmed Crimhead after last years considerable financial investment in seeing KC in Salford(and that is what should have been on the merch!) I had resigned myself with the fact that as the 2016 gigs were advertised it was unlikely that another similar commitment would be possible.
Personal responsibilities & commitments weigh heavy, but fortunately I was able to take the plunge and buy 2 Monday night íin the godsí tickets. Suitable and economic accommodation was found for 2 nights in a town never visited but legendary and the music was eagerly anticipated.

However with an eagle eye and with the luck/good fortune associated with KC some nights before the first gig I spotted 2 tickets in an ideal position in Circle 1 for the Sunday night opener. Within 20mins of failure/failure/successful keying we had both nights of KC at the Waterside to anticipate.

May I say it was a real treat and adventure. To see Pat F at work both nights, to cross her path within moments of getting to the theatre on the first night but only realising once she had walked by and to be with a crowd of like-minded people enraptured by the moments in the sound, music and ambience of KC is exhilarating.

...this is rínír the KC way... boy would JH have enjoyed it... he heard then and we still hear it now!..but then again perhaps he does!

...íback to the millí for me now watching for the next time...

Thanks DGM team...KC rocks and rolls....from one joyous fan.

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