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:: Posted by Chet_Kincaid on February 24, 2015

David Singelton should put an accurate biography on this site. That way it can be used as a reference for a Wikipedia article. Wikipedia is only as good as the stuff that backs it up -- many (old) people understand that, even if the young and dumb digital generation doesnít. It would also be helpful if the bio explained exactly what Singleton does for King Crimson and DGM, since that is not understood and has not been adequately explained by Fripp. All the years of coyness about who or what "The Vicar" is have not helped Mr. Singletonís "online brand", either.

Three of a perfect...trio
:: Posted by fishbonealice on February 24, 2015

Circumstances mean that I am forced to listen to music via headphones a lot recently. Generally Iím not a fan of ícansí as I believe industry folk call them, but one advantage has been to get a focus on the three drummers on Orpheum. Actually I have become a teeny bit obssessed with the record, not least because of the startling interplay between the three guys. It is truly fascinating to concentrate on the attention to detail. Their work is so meticulous yet effortless and musical. Donít know where RF got the idea, but it was an inspired one. Canít wait to see that team in action later in the year.

1974 concert footage
:: Posted by mikefrost on February 24, 2015

On the 1991 Robert Fripp documentary íCareful With That Axeí which dealt predominantly with Guitar Craft some footage of KC from 1974 appeared. Itís black and white, all from the right angle and features close-ups and stage shots. The question is what is this footage, where is it from and will it ever be seen? On a side note, the photo for the Arlington 6th Oct 1973 show looks suspiciously like a still from black and white VHS, but itís too small to be sure...

Cat care
:: Posted by Bakullama on February 24, 2015

LOLZ for andyfromoz.

:: Posted by DanielK on February 24, 2015

In Davidís latest diary entry he writes about a perceived slight from not being acknowledged for his compositional contributions to the King Crimson canon on Wikipedia, repeatedly inferring that the King Crimson article was the product of a single author.

I sympathize.

However, it and pretty much every article that passes inspection and that isnít removed by the those that curate the site is the collective work of multiple authors.

While it is generally frowned upon for individuals to edit their own names into an article, it is highly encouraged for anyone who wants to and has references to back up their edits, to do so.  So this is clearly a gap that needs correcting and we all have the ability to make right what is wrong.

I, for one, would love to know who all the contributors are for each recording, so if an arbitrary line has been drawn up until this point, maybe it is time that line is adjusted to the right.

So letís get to it!

BTW, in a similar vein, Iíve been patiently waiting the past 13+ years for Sid Smithís "Toxic Tome" to receive a 2nd edition printing.  Apart from the fact the passage of time has added to the King Crimson story, and that weíre starting to get old waiting for Robertís definitive edition account, otherwise called the Writing Project (which, btw, I am quite happy to wait for longer if there remains more music that might lean over and take us into its confidence), Sid will know why Iíd be the first in line to grab a copy of any new printing. :^)

Cheers all,

Dan Kirkdorffer
Portland, OR

Contributions & Improvs...
:: Posted by DanAnderson on February 23, 2015

You go a little bit general in your diary entry. Your production credits go unquestioned. Your writing credits, Iím afraid to say, have escaped my eyeballs as well. Could you be a bit more clear where you have contributed compositionally. I know back in the ancient days where Richard Palmer-James was credited per song that he added something to the lyrics. Maybe Iíve been a bit blind but I havenít seen (nor scrutinized the CDs you mentioned) the same kind of crediting for you.

Back to improvs - the Boz band jammed and had a start through to the finish. The Wetton/Bruford band was excellent at creating something from nothing and making a full "composition." The TCoL band did the same thing. I relistened to Thrak Attack and they donít. You go from power (BíBoom and Thrak) straight into noddlesville. Sorry, my two cents worth.

What is going to be on the Thrak box set, anyway? Any general description yet (disc numbers, remixes, live gigs, etc)?


a blessing of cat food
:: Posted by andyfromozz on February 23, 2015

Cat food represents for all of us, the idea that cats should be fed...not just the once but cat food cat food cat food again! If Robert Fripp had a cat, he would undoubtedly feed it...but unfortunately he has a rabbit.
cheers to you oh my guru Fripp
andy fromoz

:: Posted by nighthealer on February 23, 2015

Hello David,

If you feel that your work with KC and DGM is not fairly represented on Wikipedia, why not create an entry for yourself? I would be happy to set up the page if you provided the content and Iím sure other people on the Guestbook would help too. Or maybe you could ask Sid? Sections might include: brief bio, your work with DGM and KC, your solo career as the Vicar. Then when you do get a mention on Wikipedia it could link to the page about you.

Best wishes,

Brett Davies?
:: Posted by readandburn on February 23, 2015

Does Mr. Singleton mean Rhett Davies?

Yes I most certainly do. Do not write diaries when in a rage as you make lazy errors! I will be getting my own wifeís name wrong next...

The Case of the Invisible Vicar
:: Posted by JBeerLTIA on February 23, 2015

I think the answer is quite clear, David. A drummer wrote the Wikipedia page. Hopefully it gets fixed! If I knew all the proper info Iíd change it myself. Your contributions to DGM and all things Crim and Vicar are invaluable to us listening. Thank you for all the sonic journeys this far!

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