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:: Posted by Petitwazoo on December 17, 2014

Perhaps thereís a fairly simple excuse like the batteries in his torch have expired or maybe heís dropped his famous fedora, but Iím beginning to wonder if we should now consider reporting Mr Stormy as a missing person !

I'm still here! Working on such things like tour bundles, takes up a lot of time, and the last one, 1981 US tour is an example of that. The Starless box set, is another. I do have many duties to perform which keep me busy, so thanks for your concern. Best Stormy

The Diary Lives!
:: Posted by mipoch on December 17, 2014

Yes, Iím a happy boy! Christmas came early this year.

:: Posted by PPmINTY on December 17, 2014

"Does anyone else think that Robertís wifeís voice and sisterís voice are uncannily alike?"

Um... no.

Patriciaís voice retains a considerable amount of Dorset íburrrrí, mixed with a touch of ímid-atlanticí acquired from long-term Stateside residency.

Toyahís is quite definitely íMidlandsí (eg, Birmingham > Black Country > Worcestershire), with a wee bit of stage írefinementí and, of course, that distinctive lisp.

Diary Updates
:: Posted by dougside on December 16, 2014

So is this the longest gap between updates? I think it might be. Iíve been following the diary since about the time it first appeared on the internet back in the mid-90ís. I kinda miss it.

I know Robert is super busy, so I completely understand. But it feels like a longtime friend has moved to another town.


Hurry back Diaries! As soon as you are able! Iíll buy you a pint and weíll hang out and catch up.

Re: Valhalla
:: Posted by CourtSage on December 16, 2014

Oh look a response

"A live EP?????? Are you serious? Do you know what an EP is? Or does that just suit your condemnation of this live releases length of time?"

Youíre right I donít know what an EP is. Mini album it is then.

"As for the absurd MP3 comment, surely that is a joke!"
Well lets look at my "absurd MP3 comment": "Make it available as an MP3 and price it at 7 or 8 dollars (or pounds) and that would be fine."

Umm no, that wasnít suppose to be a joke. Iíve bought quite a bit of gigs and other stuff on this site for about that price, maybe a bit more. So I donít see why you would think I was being funny.

"MP3 is rubbish, we all know that!"
Oh now I see why. Whoís íweí? Is this the general opinion? Well then I donít agree with the general opinion.

"If you think this is a tad too expensive, donít buy it!"
And that was the point of my post. I thought that $18 was too expensive for a mini live album that wasnít the full show. Iíll wait for the full release and then I will gladly purchase it.

Good day

More Memorable Than Expected
:: Posted by kevinz on December 13, 2014

Although it was truly wonderful that E. "Doc" Smith included the Mighty Beastís San Fran show in his tops of the year list, his memory seemed to flow into the KC wish list mode with his inclusion of "Fracture" as part of their repertoire.  Also, I donít recall KC performing in NY this past June.  Trust me, had the band been in NY in June, I wouldíve been well aware of that.  And speaking of, it has been far too long since King Crimson has played in New York.  I mean, "only" 6 shows a long 3 months ago is unacceptable!  (Those memories for me are quite fresh today regardless.)

:: Posted by thecapitolcardiff1971 on December 13, 2014

Does anyone else think that Robertís wifeís voice and sisterís voice are uncannily alike?

:: Posted by emory0 on December 12, 2014

That in-situ photo of the Starless box is great: Note not only a tube amp but a tubed CD player. Tubes, of course, boost the even harmonics of the audio signal, causing the music to sound a lot warmer and more pleasing. Of course, from a pure measurement standpoint tube amps (and Single Ended triode tube amps in particular) measure pretty high from an harmonic distortion perspective, and yet I know of no one who has spent time with tubes that doesnít prefer their sound to plain old solid state amps, even those that are theoretically perfect from a measurement standpoint.

(Iíve even heard the enormous Wilson Alexandria speakers driven by 8 watt triode tubes, and that was a very interesting experience.)

RE: Starless box - wow!!
:: Posted by gasmrv on December 11, 2014

WhiskeyVengeance wrote: "...I think this is bar-none the best of the mega box-sets DGM has put out thus far. I always thought Crimson were way more interesting when they played in Europe vs. the U.S., and the setlists were way more improv-heavy to boot...

Not sure about other US vs Europe performances from other periods, but I have to agree that the golden period (October 1973 - April 1974) of the Golden Period (late October 1972 - July 1974) in KC history is indeed these very fine European performances. The band seem to be comfortable enough to play the challenging new repertoire and are often adventurous and focused in the improvs, while still seeming to enjoy performing, whereas the ílateí 1974 US performances find a band pretty confident technically but slightly lacking something present just a few months before.

Tickles redux
:: Posted by DanAnderson on December 10, 2014

Sid - Iím not such a cheap bastard. Iíve bought the three Wetton/Bruford era box sets plus every studio recording of the beast as well as a good number of KCCC and DGMCC discs. Iím spoiled. I want my frequent KC tickle (sing to "I want my MTV").

I also want a full concert of the newest Crim. Greedy bastard, not cheap bastard.

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