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DGM Live! website
:: Posted by bloggulator on August 15, 2015

I am very much an appreciator of the "if its not broke, then it donít need fixing" philosophy. I donít believe that such is a Luddite position - but more of a practical one - and such is an effective way to keep site visitors regular and loyal.

There is little more annoying in the internet world than drumming oneís fingers on the desk - waiting, waiting, waiting, for the front page of a flashy (pun intentional), graphics-spectacular front page to load up. Itís perhaps second on the "web peeve list" to being spammed. Time is life, and life is valuable - and to waste it by giving techies an opportunity to show off their mastery of "less than necessary aspects of web design", will ensure that casual visitors will not return, and regulars will become occasional.

Kudos to the DGMLive web designers for keeping this site straightforward, informative, stable, reliable and appropriate. Sure, itís probably not the "prettiest place" on the web, but what would be the point of that? This site is all about music, and news about a particular community/pool of musicians. And for me, this format has been delivering the goods without a hitch for the last 10 years+... which is why I keep returning.

Thanks to all.

:: Posted by DevlinC on August 15, 2015

In my view, itís long overdue. You can tell this is a site that has existed for more than a decade. A lot of the ways product and digital content is being delivered is now being done better, and while Iíll always applaud DGM for being trendsetters of a type, itís time to move with the times.

However, it seems clear that King Crimson is returning to serious active duty, and for the first time in over a decade the visual branding and the types of products weíre seeing has dramatically changed. Live at the Orpheum was a "highlights" release, with no full-show downloads available. Thereís a new vinyl on the way, the first in 31 years. Most of all P J Crookís ubiquitous artwork isnít being utilised. Everything has clearly been rethought for the first time in a long time and a new website feels imminant. Possibly/Probably to coincide with the new studio album?

Focus on the music
:: Posted by nkLottery on August 15, 2015

Is there something Iím missing? This website provides all of the information, discussion, and archived information on King Crimson one could look for...

Ignore the aesthetic if it bothers you. Focus on the music and the content. Iím a huge fan of DGMLive and its organization. This site delivers! No need for a change here.

Website Design
:: Posted by emmapeelfanclub on August 15, 2015

Interesting thoughts on the DGM website design. Itís proved to be perfectly functional, easy on the eye and not a browser hog like a few that have been pointed out. Iím sure the ever busy David Singleton did say earlier this year in his diary that work was planned on a facelift of the site but like others I hope and trust it wonít be too elaborate or overtly flashy. I agree that with the current design, "centering" the page would be good, but otherwise, I have zero qualms or problems with it.

DGM Live, like the grand beast that is King Crimson has itís way of doing things.

And the countdown gets ever closer to the 2015 tour. Iíll be seeing both shows in Salford and Iím sure it will be an experience Iíll never forget, not to mention one Iíll feel privileged to witness in the moment.

One More Web Nightmare
:: Posted by PPmINTY on August 15, 2015

I agree with the gentleman who cited the Yes website and others as being nightmares that ítake forever to loadí. That is a problem with websites that try to keep up with the times and insist on themselves with all the latest HTML5 and dynamic CSS coding. They DO look flashy and impressive on some folksí browsers... but they slow down most others (and, by the way, I hate those windows that swish horizontally. They might be fun for five minutes on tablets and phones, but therein lies the ínightmareí on a mouseíníkeys desktop workstation. No one designs pages to FIT THE SCREEN anymore!).
I donít want to sound like some sort of cyber-Luddite, but please donít go THAT road. Keep it simple and informative. I like to come to DGM Live for reliable information, not to see the web designers showing off their new tricks. Having said all that, this site IS a tad archaic from an HTMLjockeyís point of view, being mainly based on nested tables for its structure.


The ONLY things I would change:-

- shift the main ícontainerí table so that it does center on the browser window instead of being to the left of the screen. (I wrote a simple STYLISH script to do this on my own Firefox. It is a lot easier on the eye!)

- include navigation buttons at the BOTTOM of pages as well as at the TOP. When browsing through the diaries and gig pages, when one reaches the foot of the page, it has become necessary to scroll all the way back to the top in order to use the ípreviousí/ínextí buttons.

...and thatís it! Really.

Hugh Muir is not a loud...
:: Posted by davidly on August 15, 2015

A: Itís just like my pa always told me, "If itís broke, donít fix it."
B: Donít you mean, "If it *ainít* broke, donít fix it"?
A: He used to say that, too.

2000 Crim Videos
:: Posted by JBeerLTIA on August 15, 2015

I would just like to say thank you so much for releasing these ConstruKction-era videos. They are absolutely fantastic and are giving me a whole new look at the brilliance of the double duo. I didnít get to catch them the first time around since I was a wee lad, completely unaware of the beast that play before me.

Re; Website
:: Posted by Valhalla on August 14, 2015

I have always enjoyed this site, for it is all that is needed for my perusing of all things Crim. There is nothing worse in the internet world, than over the top, glitzy, high definition unnecessary images & the like! Many people in this ítechnologicalí world, do not have super fast internet speed, so the simpler the site, the more appreciated it is! A bit like Crimsonís music, a couple of cheap chords & a simple drum beat, will suffice!  I also agree with mikefrost in regards to Yesí website, a perfect example of wasted time & space!  

RE: Crumbled Fingers
:: Posted by mikefrost on August 14, 2015

Yes are my favorite band but the website is a fucking nightmare. It takes half an hour to load and you canít get to the relevant things for all the hype and plugging of various releases and tour. The brilliance of DGM is how simple it is. Please donít change anything.

On screen real estate
:: Posted by CrumbledFingers on August 14, 2015

Sorry if I touched a nerve about the websiteís look and feel. To rogadaire, I may be in need of new spectacles but the site looks about the same today as always. For reference, hereís a screenshot of what it looks like for me:


All Iím saying is that itís at least fair to ask, in a spirit of goodwill and constructive criticism: why is King Crimsonís official website mostly a blank white screen?

Not that itís any indication of what DGMlive should do, but it seems as though KC/RFís contemporaries are lately updating their designs. The "parallax" scrolling thing looks to be the latest bandwagon.


I donít like all of these, but Tullís page is pretty damn gorgeous.

And to simkin_edenís point about monitors, perhaps "cinematic widescreen" was not the correct term. What I meant was that computer displays these days are decidedly rectangular, that is wider than they are tall, when in the early days of the internet they were more square.

I have to agree with rogadaire on the guestbook, now that I think of it. Fan pages can deal with the forum stuff and the accompanying logistics. This guestbook is lean and thatís how it should stay.

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