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live gigs are over-rated
:: Posted by andyfromozz on October 16, 2014

Yes I think live gigs are over-rated, though I have indeed been to many live gigs that were fantastic. But as I grow ever more wrinkly and silver-haired, I have a lot less tolerance for certain "live gig behaviours" of both the crowd and sometimes even the musicians.
Here are my top 10 reasons:

1: Having my ear-drums pummelled by a wayyyyy too loud mix, and/or a too loud and/or muddy and/or distorted mix by Mr Cloth Ears the FOH mixer. Earplugs I hear you say? Like having sex with a condom! fine for some, but not my idea of a "hot date".

2: Standing only venues. Not fun for a guy with a titanium plate in his leg, especially after the first hour or so.

3: Standing only venues, where you are constantly trying to see something/anything in between the taller than you people in front of you...

4: People in the crowd who have to "whoo! yeah! allright!" at the top of their lungs, or worse, whistle! right next to your already half destroyed eardrum.

5: When the gig is extra "rocking", the pure revulsion of receiving head-sweat landing in your mouth from Beavis the headbanging dickhead in front of you.

6: Even at the quiet gigs, the people who continue to chit-chat chit-chat...even when the band has quietly and sensitively begun to play.

7: People who don’t believe in wearing deodorant in a packed venue where escape is difficult and/or problematic, (especially if you’d found a prime spot where you could actually see something for a change).

8: Yes I agree with most of y’all here, using cameras and/or talking on mobile(cell)phones is an annoying distraction.
As Christopher Hitchens so aptly once commented, "you can have no idea how unimportant your call is to the rest of us"

9: Sitting wayyyyy up the back, in the only seat you could either afford, or was still available, trying in vain to recognize those tiny people on that far distant stage.

10:...and to end on a high note (because farts are funny!),
I once had the misfortune of sitting next to a gentleman, who kept breaking wind every few minutes, kinda made it hard to enjoy being "in the moment" for me and probably the other folks in the vicinity.

Having said all that... would I go to see a KC concert if they came to Australia?? Of course I bloody well would!
cheers andy from OZ

US vs. UK
:: Posted by Rockette on October 15, 2014

>how come a group, which has its roots in Great Britain, tours the US first? I’ve never quite understood that.

Better venues, better money, a large population of enthusiastic listeners who tend to be a little less critical and reserved than the Brits.

:: Posted by DannyX on October 15, 2014

Good to see both Stick Men and AB’s Power Trio on tour again, although I’m going to miss seeing them together. They do seem to be running only days apart in the same neck of the woods...

Tour Download
:: Posted by fhc339835 on October 15, 2014

A longer post of mine is in the can.
In the meantime: I would love to have the full tour as a bundle download, say for 175 $?
Best from Germany

:: Posted by GonzalezPaulo on October 15, 2014

There will come a time when KC will cease to exist. Twenty years from now people will regret not having footage from this (supposedly) last gig..... in the same way we regret the fact that there’s no footage of the 1969 band (apart from the Hyde Park snippet), no Top Of The Pops Cat Food film, no the Islands band or Fripp/Eno videos, etc...
For the record (once again) this tour was not nor was ever intended to be the final tour by this incarnation. Also, unlike several of the examples cited EVERY gig and every soundcheck was recorded on multi-track and soundboard, so this line-up has been fairly well documented.

Re; DVD concert filming etc
:: Posted by Valhalla on October 15, 2014

There is NO comparison to a genuine live concert experience with a recorded film of a concert!
As I stated earlier, it is a 2nd choice for many from the 1st unavailable choice, in most circumstances. But there are enjoyment factors in certain live concerts filmed, that can be & are enjoyed for different reasons! I own many ’live’ concerts on dvd & I have enjoyed many a moment ’being there’ in that sense of it. I would prefer that, to not to ever experience any visible aspect to a concert at all & just listen to the audio? It is also a bonus in many ways, to be able to select certain musical moments & not be bothered with others. It also can be handy if one is interested in a musicians technical ability, if you are intrigued as to how they manage to play something or even if you want to learn that piece for yourself. The most annoying turn off for me is constant audience shots! Why do they film the crowd at all, I don’t attend a concert to keep looking at the audience! So there are many ’live’ concerts that I don’t watch for that reason, but the audio can still be a blast, so to speak! As for snkzato1 & the comment regarding the camera ’forcing’ the viewer to watch what he may not want to watch, that is true & at times may be annoying also! However his comments regarding not being able to ’dance’ at the gig he attended, well, each to their own! Dancing at a 2014 Crimson concert?
As for emmapeelfanclub & the ’dopey’ comment, well who is ’dopey’. No one is & it isn’t absurd, it is simply people stating their preference, likes or dislikes or even ’expectations’! There hasn’t been any ’live’ filming of a concert as yet, so we all move on & look forward to 2015 hopefully! Still interesting to read other Crimheads comments though, isn’t it?

hold the phone
:: Posted by Undisciplined on October 14, 2014

:: emmapeelfanclub wrote:

The amount of dopey ranting about there not being a DVD or BluRay release from the recent tour is downright absurd.

Wait a second.  Only one appeared to have come unglued about a tour DVD.  The rest (present company included) were just expressing interest.  Let me expound upon the reasons, and it’s not as if the lack, or delay, of said product will lead to any hurt feelings.

* KC was there at the beginning of DVD and surround, and it seemed appropriate that there’d at least be a Blu Ray.

* This was also my hope on the ’08 tour, but nothing has yet materialized in physical form.  The downloaders did, however, receive preferential treatment, the very next week, if memory serves. 

With selective outrage being what it is, the desires of the downloaders are never held up to ridicule.  Meanwhile, wanting to hear the band in DTS HD Master 5.1 is "dopey." 

Music videos
:: Posted by Ernanibanana on October 14, 2014

Hello all.

As someone pointed out, it is rare to find a musical video that is really enjoyable. Few are so pleasant as the audio only and none can replace the concert experience.

Nevertheless, some of them are worth watching. The Stones’ ’Shine a Light’, directed by none other than Scorsese, is a true cinematic and musical experience.
 Peter Gabriel’s Secret World and Growing Up are visually striking, perfectly directed and staged.

Recently, a friend gave me a worn out copy of Ministry’s ’In case you didn’t feel like showing up’. I believe it is out of print. Filmed almost entirely from the audience’s point of view, the band plays as if caged (to protect themselves or the audience?). Bill Rieflin already proves to be a master drummer and his work with a second drummer just me wonder what he managed to do with two others in this new Krim!

:: Posted by Bakullama on October 14, 2014

Thinking out loud... Some music videos are just awesome... Like the music videos of the band Grizzly Bear... Those really enhance the music and the magic. Has king crimson ever produced artsy vids like those?

UK dates
:: Posted by dvaidr on October 14, 2014

So, when do we get dates in the UK?

And how come a group, which has its roots in Great Britain, tours the US first? I’ve never quite understood that.

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