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Re - Second night in Stuttgart
:: Posted by christoquinn on September 17, 2016

Thank you very much for your answer Sid!

And to answer your question, I am absolutely loving the downloads from the four other shows made available so far! I find that these versions of the songs are all as good (if not better) than the ones from Radical Action (which I do also own), mostly because I find that the drummers have much more presence/we can hear them much better (and I am a huge fan of the drumming in this lineup of King Crimson!).

Starless and Level Five from this tour are the two downloads I am really enjoying the most and I think that these versions are better than on Radical Action. On this version of Starless, every member is absolutely stunning, even if itís the drumming on Starless which really impresses me, especially during the middle section! But unfortunately Tony Levinís Bass is a little too quiet for my liking during this section. The drumming on Level Five is fabulous and it seems like the parts are more elaborate and complex, and I find it suits the song better.

Sailors Tale is also great and I found that the Mellotron parts were greatly interpreted by Mr Stacey.

As I havenít yet had time to really listen to the second CD of Radical Action, the new download is the first version of Suitable Grounds that I have heard properly. I like it, but not as much as the other new songs (Radical Action, Meltdown and Hell Hounds of Krim which I all think are better).

And finally, I sadly havnít got any of the Tour Boxes... But thatís OK because Iím busy listening to the downloads of the actual 2016 live shows!

Anyway, thanks again for your answer Sid!

Second night in Stuttgart
:: Posted by christoquinn on September 17, 2016

I was at the second show in Stuttgart (Friday 9 September), and was totally amazed both by the setlist (which included lots of my favourite King Crimson songs which I wasnít expecting) and by the quality of the playing on that night!

Only I have noticed that a song from Stuttgart the night before (Thursday 8) has been put online, but then the next song to have been uploaded is from Berlin on September 11!

Will a song from the second night in Stuttgart be put online? Or has it been decided not to put a song from every night of the tour on this website? I hope that this isnít the case and that a song of this show will be available for download because it really was a truly incredible and memorable evening!
Hi Christoquinn - no idea as to the answer to you question but are you enjoying the downloads from the four shows you weren't at? What's your favourite moment of the four tracks made available so far? Any player stand out? Any aspect of the new version for Level 5 or Sailors Tale or Starless surprise you? Any thoughts on Suitable Grounds? Have you had a chance to hear Radical Action yet? Or how about the two discs of the Tour Box?

Fripp's Diaries.
:: Posted by willesley on September 16, 2016

So pleased to see that someone at DGM has taken pity on me and re-instated Robertís diaries.

This early capitulation has, no doubt, saved everyone from any hours of lobbying and exhortations.

Now if only Robert could be persuaded to make new entries...
There was some maintenance work being done hence the short outage.

Being For The Benefit of Mr Bamford
:: Posted by rogadaire on September 16, 2016

As no-one else seems to have picked up on this I thought I would do so, albeit slightly late in the day.

As unfortunate as it is that Daniel Bamford does not much care for íCyclops Boyí (an unnerving portrait which I think is rather spiffing, myself) it should not really be such a surprise that he did not receive a response from P J Crook to his enquiry about the painting, because P J Crook is not the artist responsible for it. That would be Francesca Sundsten. 

Carry on, all.  


Radical action
:: Posted by Jonathan on September 16, 2016

Got to say that the concept of virtual albums on the new release works brilliantly.I keep forgetting the tracks are from live shows. The mixing is superb and itís a pleasure to hear different musical nuances with each listen. A very different beast from toronto.Glad to have both.

Robert's Diary
:: Posted by willesley on September 15, 2016

I note, with sadness and a sense of loss, that Robertís diaries have been taken down.

I shall miss them as the definitive source of reference, as an insight into his thoughts and beliefs, and as close a personal connection as he would allow.

..MM,RF & KC...
:: Posted by AndrewJohn on September 15, 2016

....microbunny thx for bringing this up.

Little Red Record by MM is a great piece of work I think for many reasons.

No way could I see Wyatt being a KC person, but I think both KC & MM inhabit a similar wavelength musically. RFís work with MM coloured, I feel, a great deal of the subsequent KC sound.

...you only have to listen to all the CDS of both of the Cherry Red releases to hear the influence, but especially MMís LRR.....

...well I think so anyway.....back to my burrow cKomrades...

:: Posted by GratefulJerry on September 15, 2016

I just wanted to say that I love the new Radical Action release and thanks for new tour song downloads and even more so for the FLAC option.

Monkey Mind 5.1
:: Posted by Bwilmot on September 14, 2016

Last year I found a crazy deal on a Vizio 5.1 sound bar and got it specifically to start collecting the 40th anniversary series. I have enjoyed it a lot up til now but the Radical Action concert is what it was made for. If I crank it it sounds better than most actual concerts Iíve been too. Itís the first system Iíve had that I didnít have to run over and turn the sound down 4 minutes into Larkís Tongues. Youíve all been there. The aggragate effect of all those drummers is a mind blower along with Tonyís amazing lows. I canít imagine listening to this on tv speakers.
Regarding a previous post, love Robert Wyatt. Saw him pre accident with Soft Machine opening for Jimi Hendrix. His humor and voice made the band as a three piece. Soft Machine second album was the closest thing to what I saw. Absolutely canít see him with Crim, although his quirky style could be compared to some Belewisms. Maybe it would have been ahead of itís time.

Robert Wyatt in 1971
:: Posted by microbunny on September 14, 2016

Hereís a question from way out in left field.
Having just finished reading the authorized biography of Robert Wyatt, I have always wondered if he was ever considered to fill the vocalist shoes of Gordon Haskell after the dissolution of the Lizard configuration. The timing would have been in perfect synchronicity with Wyattís departure from Soft Machine and before he formed Matching Mole. Fripp also went on to produce the 2nd Matching Mole record as well, so clearly there was some sort of mutual awareness. I know that Wyatt is not known for his bass playing, but he is an incredible multi-instrumentalist and Boz Burrell was taught bass for the role by Fripp himself, so that would not have been an obstacle either. In particular his trumpet skills would have been amazing. My mind reels at the thought of what might have transpired had that been the case.

Sid ?

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