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Burning Questions
:: Posted by crimsonkng on July 09, 2015

Whatever happened to the Burning Questions?  Did I miss the responses?


RF & Mel were the only players who were able to respond. Excerpts from RF can be found on DGM's Youtube channel. Mel's have yet to be edited & uploaded.


Re. Tony Clarke
:: Posted by Bakullama on July 09, 2015

Thanks Devlin... Another revelation, Another mystery. I have not heard that recording yet. Iím guessing they did not have much time together and probably not much more was committed to tape.

Hyde Park 1969, from someone who missed it
:: Posted by Royston on July 09, 2015

So far weíve seen one response from someone who was at Hyde Park in 1969, but that someone doesnít remember Crimsoís performance at all. Is there really no-one out there who does?

Unfortunately, I wasnít there, so have no memories to share. A good friend from school, however, went and told me how he was blown away by Crimson. As well as a bunch of stunning original songs, theyíd played a Donovan song neither he, nor most people in the UK at the time, had ever heard of - Get Thy Bearings - (which Crimson presumably had acquired on import).

Needless to say, he introduced me to the first album on its release, and Iíve never looked back. Except with regret for not being there that day in July.

Tony Clarke & King Crimson
:: Posted by DevlinC on July 08, 2015

Bakullama - a version of Schizoid Man from the Tony Clarke sessions was released on the Hyde Park Collectors Club CD, sadly without vocals. Itís absolutely outstanding, in my view actually superior to the album version! How much of that is down to Clarke and how much is simply down to the overdubs not being done yet Iím not sure without knowing whether it retains Clarkeís original mix too. 

What is certain is that the bass and drums have a great deal more clarity - in fact, everything is just a lot more clear than the ITCOTCK version that we know. The attack of the bass, the air around the snare.. the only thing inferior to the released album version is the soloing, which are all clearly placeholders for later overdubs that never came.

Clarke may have been more famous for working with the softer Moodies but he was, first and foremost, a talented sound engineer - I can only presume the reasons for him not continuing with the album were personal rather than professional. Possibly the fact that King Crimson didnít end up signing the contract with the Moodiesí label Threshold and went with Island instead was part of it too. Still, a fascinating "what if" - I hope more remains from the Clarke tapes and that someday we may hear whatever is left.

40th Anniversary
:: Posted by barrows on July 08, 2015

So, what has happened to the 40th Anniversary Series? I am actually really looking forward to Beat... Any news Sid et al?
Beat is scheduled for later this year, though the precise date has yet to be set.

Re: Downloads
:: Posted by mikefrost on July 08, 2015

Thanks Stormy! Of course I know and collect the hot tickles religiously. I was just wondering if there were any long form downloads. Thanks for the reply!

Free DGM Downloads
:: Posted by Anonymous on July 08, 2015

Replying to Mike Frost,

Most free downloads are on the site for a 2 week period. After that they are removed and then collected together for release at the end of the year, in the form a Stormyís Monday Collection album, this is available in Flac, as well as MP3 format.
As you say the only download still available is RFís Glass And Breath. We encourage you to collect the free downloads when they are available, and if you are new to the site, then these great SMS collections are a way of catching up with all the tasty audio clips that have been available over the years!



Toronto shows
:: Posted by jimdelaney on July 07, 2015

I am very happy to say that I will be trekking from New Jersey for the 3 Toronto shows. I was unable to attend the US tour last year due to nasty health interference, and so I am psyched that I have an opportunity to see this lineup. I caught all of the shows in 2008, and thought that was my last opportunity. Can anyone suggest decent accommodations nearby? And is there a likely meet up place for pre show festivities?
Now to get that passport renewed...

:: Posted by Bakullama on July 07, 2015

As far as streaming music goes, anything more than a 1/3 of a song streamed should immediately be made illegal ... That goes for you tube also. Seems like the only way

.000001 cent seems more of an insult to an artist than some jerk passing it around for free...

At the end of every song there should be a guy (Preferably Joe Pesciís voice) saying... "streaming more than 1/3 of dis song for any purpose over da internet is punishable by a 5000.00 fine or 2 years in the Concrete Mama".

Tony Clarke
:: Posted by Bakullama on July 07, 2015

Wondering if any of the sessions made it to tape? And if so, any audible inkling of Tony Clarkes influence atall? I donít remember reading about this in your book Sid, but it must be there somewhere. The moodies were pretty tame compared to KC... I wonder if TC was aiming for a mellower or more orchestral, grand vocals, sound. We may never know. Drowning in reverb maybe?

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