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Quotes Kerfuffle
:: Posted by WaitingMan on December 07, 2014

Ah Carnamagos... the Grinch that keeps on giving

I don’t doubt the authenticity of your discovery, but I fail to understand what it is that requires such "great self-restraint" to withhold comment on. The only problem I can see, if I stand on a chair, on a table, on tiptoe, is RF’s blatant self-promotion in his choices of favourite records. Okay, maybe not ’Blue’... given his disdain for the acoustic guitar at the time, but it must also be said that the others were great albums anyway, regardless of whether he’d played on a track or two... Hell, it’s not like ’Tormato’ or ’Works Vol. 1’ were going to be on his list... or anyone’s. And as for the first UK album, well...

Otherwise, I find his comments on prog/art rock quite accurate & that’s with the benefit of nearly 40 years of hindsight - Fripp was on the money at the time. ELP had disappeared up their collective fundament & Yes & Genesis were starting to write shorter, more ’pop’ oriented songs in bids to remain relevant & get some radio time. Pretty much everyone else from the Movement was either gone or in deeeeep hibernation, waiting for the climate to change so they could resume playing in American stadiums with lasers & dry ice once more

As to the musician/non-musician claim... well, Eno has never considered nor called himself a musician & look what he’s done

So come on, let’s hear your unrestrained comments... You know you want to. And we know you want to... too

A question for the audiophiles here
:: Posted by JBeerLTIA on December 07, 2014

Has anyone listened to The SW Yes remasters? I just got Relayer and have only listened to the CD so far, and I can’t really notice any difference in the mix from the old one, like as he has done with KC. Is the true SW magic in the DVD? Or am I not listening well enough?

:: Posted by jhessel on December 07, 2014

While we are all waiting for the January release of the new live Crimson album, may I suggest you fill the time and download the FLUX app from Adrian Belew if you have an Apple device.

I wasn’t sure how, "it’s never the same twice" would work, but it works really well. There are songs in the app, but they are sometimes delivered as complete (the longest one I listened to so far is 4:54) and sometimes just as snippets of the songs as short as 13 seconds.  Regularly the songs/snippets are around 2 minutes. Some of the songs are delivered with different lyrics, guitar parts, or different belew sounds. No setlist is ever repeated. If you are using an iPad the visuals are stunning, and as in the music, are never delivered the same way or with the same snippets.

After listening for about 45 minutes, the app stops on my iPad (by design I think) and you hit the play button again and the whole experience starts over. It truly is never the same twice!

You can save images, collect favorites, get info on the recording of each song/snippet, and share on social media. You can also refer to the history and see what was played.

Your iPad has to be connected to WiFi in order for it to function.

Live vinyl
:: Posted by fishbonealice on December 07, 2014

Very excited about the new album, and apologies if this has already been dealt with, but will the vinyl version of the new LP come with mp3 codes? Thanks.

RE: Seems I better post my comment on Live Album
:: Posted by masanori on December 06, 2014

Wait! Wait!! There’s also this vinyl release!!

Which means this is totally a different story than my previous guestbook comment. I will try to buy the vinyl copy of this Live Album. But in cheaper price as possible. This is a huge chance to listen to the recording in possibly the best quality available, even if only a portion of the show. Hope this vinyl will be carefully produced so that it will sound good. I’m sure DGM will!!

I praise and love this dgmlive.com’s attitude of approving even a comment like my previous comment. No question that this is much fairer than approving only positive comment or retweeting only positive response on Twitter, which is something many musicians are doing today. Hoping I am not brainwashed!!

Adrian Belew Dust
:: Posted by caseyjbye on December 06, 2014

Has anyone seen the current Belew tour and picked up a copy of either of the Dust CDs he’s selling? I can’t find much information online other than the artwork Belew posted on Facebook. I’d love to see the tracklist. Thanks!

Robert Fripp
:: Posted by francoisgoethals on December 06, 2014

              This is completely in relation with Fripp’s character and options. He is "lovecraftian", never lets things be seen or heard immediately. His lady (very fascinating Toyah, very alive, very true, very sexy, a true woman) surely knows it, and surely must not fall in sex with him without lots ot exciting "temporisations". In french "paliers" means graduations, several graduations. Of course, without scales, there is nothing ...

                I’ll speak another time of Gurdjieff’s influence on our Robert, he escaped a lot and even has had benefit ot him,  while writer Katherine Mansfield and Louis Powells went exhausted to death.. Really.     
                Bob is great, for sure (and works for it).


Re; Live 'Mini' Release by Court Sage
:: Posted by Valhalla on December 06, 2014

A live EP?????? Are you serious? Do you know what an EP is? Or does that just suit your condemnation of this live releases length of time?
A EP doesn’t run for 40 minutes, & it is not a mini LP! As for the absurd MP3 comment, surely that is a joke!
MP3 is rubbish, we all know that! If you think this is a tad too expensive, don’t buy it!

:: Posted by Undisciplined on December 05, 2014

: Posted by emory0 wrote:


A man after my own heart.

Happy new year!!!
:: Posted by sandy_mccune on December 05, 2014

I never thought the day would come when I would be awaiting, with great, excited, anticipation and baited breath, the release of a new Crimson live recording (of any length or format) This band has informed my musical sensibilities since I was 16/17 years old and it continues to do so. That beast is with me and there is nothing I can do about it. To hear so many negative responses to the gift of music is confusing and bizarre to say the least. Is it not obvious to some why this recording is a nice, compact 41mins? If it was 11mins, I’d still be excited about it!!

It seems this band has unfinished business. If Robert is contemplating a UK tour next year then why would he release a recording of the US shows in their entirety? I’d rather not hear it on CD if I’m going to get the opportunity to see the band live, some months down the line. It looks like a perfect teaser from where I’m standing, I can’t think of a better way to get the ‘Crimson public’ salivating. I don’t imagine we’ll see much more of king Crimson after this current line-up have taken their final bow. We should savour this moment with unlimited positivity. Robert Fripp’s genius reaches right back into rock history, it has spanned the decades and touched some of the greatest records of our time. Musicians like Fripp and bands like King Crimson don’t come around very often. We should treat them with the ears and respect they deserve, especially if we’re to call ourselves ‘fans’ of the music. Thank you King Crimson, Thank you Bob x           

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