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Three Wise Monkey Minds
:: Posted by Spinal on September 19, 2016

I just love the reveal under the first three discs of "Radical Action to Unseat the Hold of Monkey Mind" box set.

Bill, Pat and Gavin, we know you have a sense of humour and it shines through into performance.

Discs four to six reveal the more serious members of the band. ( Only Joking !)

To get serious about the humour though it also makes an appearance in the "Seven Principles of King Crimson" which I guess adds to the joy and creativity of the music.

PS. I wait with anticipation for the next instalment of " Crim Comix" ? Ok so The Large Hadron Collider is more pressing. I understand that Tony! Stan Lee and Marvel must surely be waiting in the wings ?

Brahms also suffers
:: Posted by toycritic on September 18, 2016

In reference to Sidís news brief about pianist Christian Zacharias stopping in the middle of a piece by Haydn when a cellphone rang, the same thing happened a few months ago when Murray Perahia performed Brahms at Lincoln Center. He had little choice. The ringing was prolonged. For my own part, I never bring a phone to a concert.

Collector's Club 21 and 42
:: Posted by caseyjbye on September 18, 2016

Has anyone read anywhere (or, Sid, maybe you can provide an answer) will the entirety of the Champaign Urbana Club 21 release and/or Rehearsals and Blows Club 42 releases be included in On and Off the Road?

I see mention of disc 4 "mostly" including recordings from Champaign and 2 new bonus tracks (exciting!), but wasnít sure if I should try to pick up those club releases to finish my collection. The í80s quartet being my favorite lineup, Iíve gotta be a completest, ya know!

Radical Visual Live...
:: Posted by DanAnderson on September 18, 2016


Iíve watched a good bit of the DVDs of the new Radical (I hate the rest of the title!) and all I have to say is this:


I saw the Beast at the Moore Theatre with the worst acoustics in the world so I only got to hear what I could over the din.

Listening and watching the DVD, Bill Rieflin contributed SO MUCH in terms of subtleties throughout. Bill - thanks for your contribution. It was so easy for me to overlook what you were doing in the the veteran (Pat) and virtuoso (Gavin) that now Iím a bit embarrassed.

Reap the benefits of your time off and welcome back when you return.

Radical action DVD
:: Posted by dvzaccari on September 18, 2016

The 5.1 DTS sounds pretty good but there is no center channel mixed in. Is this intentional?

Not always a Cyclops
:: Posted by dirtygum on September 18, 2016

On the Blu-Ray/DVD part of the Radical Action package, the Cyclops Boy has two eyes.
Iím not paying 5 cents to go into the tent to see that. I want one eye only!

Tony's King Collider
:: Posted by Discipulus on September 18, 2016

Hi Tony, thanks for sharing your visit to the CERN. You were amazed by big numbers, 40 million pictures/s, but found 100meg each wasnít so big. Absolutely youíre right... but did you realize each one may only cover few mm≤ or even far less. Please grab this small number for us.

bye bye
Seear you in Paris, 3 dec.

Tour Box 2016
:: Posted by ulrichspiegel on September 18, 2016

Will the 2016 Tour Box be made available to all non-concert- goers just like the two tour boxes before?
I do hope so.
The tour box will be made available later this year.

Downloads 2016
:: Posted by pehjott on September 17, 2016


thanks for the downloads from this tour.
Are there any plans to make complete shows available in the future?

Iíve seen this incarnation three times (24th september 2015,11th/12th september 2016) and they get better and better :)

And one question:

The beginning of level five (11th september) sounds strange,it starts out really quiet, sounds like a technical error?

Greets, Paul
These downloads are hot of the sound desk taken on the fly as it were. As with all the other downloads on the site from numerous line-ups over the years, you'll hear deficiencies, discrepancies, disparities and these are only words beginning with a D at this time.

Radical Action Track Question
:: Posted by pyroseed13 on September 17, 2016

I was a little disappointed to see that the liner notes do not list which shows the Radical Action tracks were culled from. Is there any overlap with the Blu Ray set? Amazing collection by the way. The band is sounding better than ever!

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