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New King Crimson Live Album Set For January 2015
:: Posted by whutchins254 on November 20, 2014

"New King Crimson Live Album Set For January 2015" like I am supposed to be excited NOW to get whatever 40 minutes someone decides to dole out to me, rather than an entire concert "warts & all;" BFD :( However, this tidbit tells me what I need to know for future, so I can stop wasting time on Mark VIII and decide what few items I still want to download from days of yore, so thanks for that.

New Live of the Mighty Crim
:: Posted by royskagen on November 20, 2014

I am very happy to read that a Live album of the Mighty Crim is to be released in January í15 ☺But I donít see why itís gonna be a mini album of 40 min only, said in other words thatís maybe 6 tracks. ⚠⚠ Humming like hell I am sure itís gonna be anyway... Looking forward to it! 👍

Great Story...No Pussyfooting
:: Posted by emory0 on November 20, 2014

" "Well, that just goes to show you that true love can blossom under any circumstances. I think Iíll put that in my sermon tomorrow!"

Hilarious and angular. This man of God is truly a Crimson fan.

As for No Pussyfooting, Iíd been seeing it in the bins of Bleecker Bobís (when it was up by 8th street) forever. It had a cool cover and from Eno, Bowie and new wave records I knew that this Fripp guy seemed to consistently make interesting music (Iíd even tried to get into a few Frippertronics performances but always found out too late). Since it was an import, I think, it was pricey and (since I didnít have much money in those days), I didnít want to end up with something completely experimental that Iíd only listen to once or twice.

But after a year or two I bought it and was mesmerized. Yeah, it was one giant "song" per side and it was indeed improvised, but there was Frippís lightning-sounding guitar and the whole thing built up...it did sort of have a structure. Instead of being throwaway it felt like a really bold statement: Kinda ballsy, really, and it was.

No Pussyfooting memories
:: Posted by randomelement2 on November 19, 2014

I was 17 when it came out. I may have come across it accidentally in a record store (remember record stores?) and bought it because of Fripp. I hadnít the slightest idea who Eno was at the time, not to mention Roxy Music. The trendy bands of the day were Pink Floyd and Jethro Tull. Anyway, I bought it expecting King Crimson as played by these 2 gents (what do expect from a 17 year old?). I wasnít at all prepared for what I heard. If I remember correctly, I was thoroughly confused by this album, and put it away after listening to it once. I eventually gave it another chance because of Fripp, and fell in love with it. My musical taste expanded because of this; if it werenít for the Fripp connection, Iím sure I would never have listened to it again.

As an aside, I remember playing No Pussyfooting for a couple of people a few years later. The first side was almost over, and one of them asked when it was going to start. Those nasty expectations again.

:: Posted by Bakullama on November 19, 2014

While King Crimson is touring the UK, could you please send us Nigel Farage?

...on the way to...
:: Posted by AndrewJohn on November 19, 2014

Idambrossa, I connect with your recent entry.

Sometimes, often but not always God hides and itís become clear to me and has always been rather embarrassing to admit over many years, especially to myself,  that a truth that touches me within the music of KC has a clear link to sexual urges & energy. Having a partner that gets and shares that must be mind-blowing, certainly from my perpective. My wife tolerates and understands my KC passion. Love conquers all and always will. 

One of the main facets of the KC thing/way/relentless bloody minded journey that has haunted us, and Fripp, is its unavoidability.

Oh what a different world it would have been if KC had ended R.I.P. after USA.

We know now what we would have lost......but what a release and differing alternate future could have been unleashed, freeing us from the restriction of a reasonably successful rock band of the early seventies born in response to a desire to change the world for the better through free musical expression and enthusiasm. (that felt like a Russell Brand moment!...thank goodness it wasnít Ted Nugent(love the dirty dog though). 

But it didnít....it couldnít...the man with the mission didnít perhaps want it but those driven are not always in control. Itís often noted that RFís finest and most recognised, successful work is outside KC. I personally believe itís not - KC contains the honey and this hive is buzzing baby and its now!

KC as a force is transparent and beguiling and almost impossible to turn your back on. Itís that nagging dog tugging on your sleeve to take it out for a walk. You may want to put it off for a while but eventually youíll have to succumb.

That this year a higher level of joy has been reached is clearly a sign that the world is catching up with KC. Itís technology and musicians abilities are now reaching a level worthy of KCís voice. Whats coming I feel will not be a rehash but an event of the now. A maturing of the potential of the then and a foretaste of what the future may be.

...all that being said though...I have to say for me;

Gentle Giant were the greatest rock band to grace this planet.

...thanks and have a good day.(8.58-19/11/14)

Bob Dylan & lies?
:: Posted by mutant on November 18, 2014

I donít mean to burst anyoneís bubble, but his real name isnít Dylan.

Also, wrestling is fake to.

On Authenticity/Lying
:: Posted by caseyjbye on November 18, 2014

The title of this Salon article is complete clickbait, but its actual topic and how its discussed is pretty solid: http://www.salon.com/2014/11/16/lets_all_be_a_lot_less_honest_lena_dunham_naked_selfies_and_the_irony_of_oversharing/

For the record, I donít agree with everything the author says, but I thought those of you here discussing Frippís comments on lying might get some food for thought from it.

Basically it argues that being authentic doesnít necessarily mean divulging oneís private life to the public. A lot of the article has to do with being able to do oneís job well without the public wanting the person doing that job to have to be fully honest about their private life and what may often have little to do with their ability to successfully do the job. European politicians (compared to those in America and how we often allow our desire to know about their private lives affect how we trust in their abilities) are discussed near the end. Actresses having nude photos leaked is also discussed.

Hereís the relevance as I see it: I donít think Fripp was speaking in terms of, for example, the idea that we should disavow an actressesí ability to successfully engage in her art based on the fact that she would prefer the public not to know of privately taken photos intended to be shared intimately with someone she felt comfortable sharing that part of herself with. Similarly, we shouldnít disavow Dylan if he did not want the public--not just his fans, but everyone--to know he was addicted to heroin (to be clear, Iím not equating taking naked, privately shared photos on some sort of morality scale to using illegal and damaging drugs; our opinion of the morality of the act should be irrelevant, itís the fact that its private that matters). Even if an actress were to be asked and respond in an interview that she would never take these kind of photos (maintaining the security of her private life) only to have the photos stolen and released, effectively showing she had lied in that interview, even if you disagree with her actions and would find the act of taking photos like these rude, immoral, or worse, this statement/lie would not affect the authenticity of her art.

I think some of the willingness to leap to simplify things and discredit someone like Dylan comes from an almost universal appreciation of someone like Lou Reed who chose to use information about his use of heroin to feed his art, which to a lot of listeners was appealing in its authenticity. But that doesnít then equate to a need for anyone who has done heroin to make it the focal point of their own art in order to make that art honest.

Even though using heroin seems like such a huge component in someoneís life (as evidence in many Lou Reed songs), so would be taking those naked photos discussed above, at least in regards to the fact that sexual intimacy--no matter how you might wish to write off the act of taking these photos--is actually very rarely casual, definitely not to the point of having it showcased for the entire internet to witness (and even if these photos are just a symbol of that celebrityís private life, assuming we as the public deserve to know about them implies we deserve to know about the intricacies of that personís entire sex life).

Dylanís lack of focus on that part of his personal life (although there are some poetic references if you dig) doesnít make what he has to say about any other subject tackled in his songs any less true. The same way I donít need to see a semi-autobiographical movie where Jennifer Lawrence plays a character who takes naked selfies to ever again believe that she can portray a character who feels any sort of intimacy with another human, we donít need to hear Dylanís "this is what heroin was like for me and the pain I felt while addicted to it" song to validate what we know about Dylanís experience of pain in "Itís Alright Ma,(Iím Only Bleeding)." We definitely donít need it to validate any anti-war song or songs on any other unrelated topic Dylan wrote.

Anyway. Bet no one gets into debates like this on the Gentle Giant forums.

A funny thing happened on the way to the Philly show ....
:: Posted by ldambrosa on November 18, 2014

1. I accept responsibility for this post; I do hope no one is offended, as I intend it for enjoyment of things Crimnson
2. There are some mature thoughts in here; if they offend, please stop reading.

Living half-way between Philadelphia and New York, my wife and I have the advantage of being able to go to shows in either place, or in the case of King Crimson, in both places. So, we stop at an Irish pub before the 9/13 show to grab a bite to eat. As weíre getting ready to leave, my wife goes to the restroom, and I am in the process of paying the bill. Up comes a man who, upon seeing my "Larkís Tongue" t-shirt, asks "Are you going to the show?" I couldnít help but notice that he has the collar of a priest. Sure enough, he tells me that he drove up from Delaware to see the show, but he has to be back early for tomorrowís sermon. He is a Crimson fan, and so we chat for a while about our favorites songs and albums, the Steven Wilson remasters, and other things Crimson.[As a side note, he is the second person who talks to me about the remasters, but has never listened to Porcupine Tree ....]. Eventually, my wife comes back, and I introduce her. He says, "nice, not too many women go to see King Crimson". My darling bride says, "Yes, well, we kind of fell in love to King Crimson". This is very true. We starting dating in October 1973, and got married in October 1977. I listened to a LOT of King Crimson during that time. The priest (I never did get his name; when we asked he said "just call me father"; OK ....) starts talking about why women donít like King Crimson, saying itís the "heaviness" of the music, the lack of "pretty" songs, etc. Then he asks my wife, "What is it about their music that you like?" Uh-oh. We both look at each other with that "Should we tell him?" look. Finally, my wifeís expression changes to "OK, Iím going for it". So she says "Well, we like to make love to music, but especially to King Crimson music. Larkís Tongue in Aspic Part II is one of our favorites" And she goes on to explain that itís the rhythm, the beat, that does it for us. I have to interject with an aural example: DAH-da-da-DAH-da-da-DAH-DAH. His response was classic to us. First he asks us how long weíve been married. "37 years", I say, "and never exchanged bodily fluids with anyone other than her:-)" He says, "Well, that just goes to show you that true love can blossom under any circumstances. I think Iíll put that in my sermon tomorrow!" So, maybe somewhere last month, King Crimson made it into a sermon. Then, being a former teacher and having to explain things in 400 words when 10 would have done just fine, I tell him the story of Emmanuelle. When I was in college, I had a class called Jazz Rock and Cinema. For the Cinema part of the class, we had to go watch a movie and do a report on the score. But, the catch was you had to watch the movie 3 times in a row. The teacher said the first time you watch for the plot, the second time for something else which i canít recall anymore, and only the 3rd time can you actually pay attention to the score. So, being the anti-traditionalist I was at the time, I decide to go see Emmanuelle, a French soft-porn movie. And my darling bride agrees to go with me to keep me company through 6 hours of movie-watching.We begin to watch the movie, and the first 10 minutes or so set the stage. Imagine our surprise when the first sex scene starts and a slowed-down, loungy version of Larkís Tongue in Aspic Part II comes on as Emmanuelle gets it on with someone or other! (I am telling the priest this whole story). So, that began our association of King Crimson with sex. He seems duly impressed :-) .. or is just a pro at being polite.

Eventually, we pay our bill, say goodbye and leave. We listen and watch the show; we both love it. My wife, who was undecided about going to the New York show, says, "Iím going; those tickets are MINE!" And, of course, towards the end of the show, on comes LTIA PtII. I whisper to my wife, "Somewhere in the audience, a priest is laughing".

Fracture Footage
:: Posted by DevlinC on November 18, 2014

Could be wrong, but if my memory serves me Robert plays a short section of Fracture in the dressing room at the start of the Live In Japan 1984 video, released on DVD as Neal & Jack & Me.

God I havenít watched that in years, think Iíll stick it on now.
There's this from Anthony Garone

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