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clearly, the solution is
:: Posted by emperornobody on October 24, 2014

for them to do another tour, but this one is filmed by the audiences, entirely on cell phone cameras.

Best DVD ever. :D

It was an honor...
:: Posted by RickBasini on October 23, 2014

I got to see the two Philadelphia shows. It was...overwhelming.

Believe it or not, the last time I saw KC was in 1969 at a concert that the timeline says didnít exist. It was over the Thanksgiving weekend at the Palm Beach Festival. THE ORIGINAL BAND for shows over two days. It was like an alien invasion.

Anyways, hereís hoping you come back to the States soon (the South this time) and start releasing live CDS from this past tour. I have my Amex Card ready....Rick Basini

Starless Boxx
:: Posted by fhc339835 on October 23, 2014

There was some recent post in regard to the Starless box - missing contributions. Here is what I was writing via email 2 days ago for the Starless in situ competition:

The tryptich is now complete! My favourite band (with its incarnation and specific tour schedule being my favfavfav) has now arrived in Munich. I was happy to find the free download from my hometown - recorded when I was just learning to speak :-)
Wow, this will be a listen trough from box 1 Frankfurt Zoom Club (now Sinkkasten) to box 3 NYC Central Park.
My first impression of the 2014 remasters (Glasgow, Fracture, closing section): I thought the dgmlive downloads have been impressive in their clarity and room temperature, then a huge improvement from the (very fine) TGD box. This is again a climatic improvement.
Thank you all for making this possible. I never even dared to dream of it back then in the later 80íies, when I became acquainted to the crimson king...

Indeed I am currently re-assembling the stuff a little bit, meaning wav-files editing, e.g. segueing the Mainz blue tape with the bootleg; another great shot is taking Pforzheim Fracture segment, switching to the Fracture segment of Fripp-Gunn í92, and climaxing it with Toronto closing section later the í74 tour (I did this with the PF download a couple of years ago).

Even switching to the studio recording may provide very interesting results (e.g. Brescia Exiles cut or Augsburg LTiA cut to the studio) as the painting of both very different styles and presentations amalgamate with some magic.

So far my verdict of what have been listening to: Go and pick it, if you donít have it. The crystal clear sound of all CDs, even the bootleg recordings, is compelling. Taking the music aside, the box is the best so far, very lovely with wonderful details and very intelligible, insightful and entertaining liner notes, assembled and composed by Sid.

If you are short of means, scrimp and save it.

:: Posted by Rockette on October 23, 2014

>Why should I be made to feel like Iím being childish for asking a business to release something that I want to give them cash for?

I wouldnít say íchildishí, but I do think youíre being a little naive to expect a business to adapt its release policy merely because you want something now.  These guys have their reasons for doing things, and they donít owe you or anybody an explanation. Having said that, Iím sure the general desire for downloads will have been noted!

:: Posted by Ornate_Coal_Man on October 23, 2014

May I recommend, instead, stepping away from the keyboard, going outside, and enjoying the fresh air and sunshine?

I guess the feverish fans really have to have the product. At the Chicago show I attended in October, the lines for the Murch table were incredible. I hardly go to any big rock shows anymore, so I donít know if this is typical.

Of course, I am as guilty as anyone-I bought all the reissues, all the MegaBox sets and several tour downloads. King Crimson is approaching Miles Davis liike levels of collection for me.

I am fine waiting for however long it may take for any product to be released from this tour. The starless box, the larks box, the Redbox, the 1995 tour bundle, the 1971 and 1981 bundles, -I think of these as less of a product then as music that will provide me a lifetime of enjoyment

Starless vs Road2Red comparison
:: Posted by kevineden on October 23, 2014


so far so good as far as the mixing goes, but then again I have only played Glasgow, Zurich and Amsterdam to date.

The Amsterdam mix by Steve Wilson is decidedly different in that it sounds more roomy, a little more ambience to its sound. But its still full in your face when needed to be.

Wettonbass is awesome when he turns things up to 11. Brill Buford as ever makes my jaw drop, David Crisscross plays some wild violin and beautiful mellotron lines while the Venal Leader sways between teeth clenching guitar madness and achingly beautiful gentler moments. The best beat-combo in town!

I personally had no problem with any of the R2R mixes. Obviously limited sonics can be applied to bootleg source tapes but the DGM team are truly masters (no pun intended) when it comes to sprinkling magic over the tapes they have at their disposal.

The fact that all of the Starless box comes from either multitrack or soundboard tapes with only the 3 bonus disc being bootleg quality (only added because they complement the other tapes) bodes well for the rest of my listening pleasure (and hopefully your too).

Its great to read so many first-hand anecdotes from fans who were at the gigs on the night and some personal reflections from KC members.

All in all, other feast for eyes and ears and well done to all at DGM for sterling work.

Now what about a box set covering the live period post LTIA-boxset and pre-dating the Starless box set!! There must be loads of tapes to sift though and put out.



#KC2014 Download P.S.
:: Posted by AcousticPhenomena on October 23, 2014

Iím glad to see some people responded to my thoughts on the KC2014 download. Iím always interested to hear what someone else has to say even if that someone disagrees.

In reply to the ísix month easy jail sentenceí. My question is why? Why am i waiting six months? What if I die in the next six months? I donít get to hear KC2014 again because of a scheduling conflict? Many bands are able to make shows available the same night. We saw in KC2008 that DGM is more than capable of meeting the demand, so this seems like a thought out decision rather than an inability. So, let us know! Is the idea to let our experiences mature before relistening in the future? OK, fine. Why not be up front about it?

DGMLive is such a great progressive idea that many older bands have not taken hold of, and DGM did it before it was rather commonplace. Why then, am I not able to walk out of a show from the current tour with a nice DGMLive USB dongle, with the show I just experienced on it? I understand that many people on this forum grew up in a different era where these items could never be made available this quickly. But we do not live in that era. ProjeKct Six got a sampler released right at the end of the tour.

Also, I am a DGMLive customer. I love the site and am expressing excitement and desire to purchase a product. Why should I be made to feel like Iím being childish for asking a business to release something that I want to give them cash for? It seems like DGM wants to have it both ways. You cannot have bootlegs, but we will not counteract this excitement with hi-def promptly released purchasable product.

To meet in the middle, I propose a solution, a la nine inch nails: Why not release a 5 track sampler to whet the whistle of everyone who is yearning, and then continue on the current course for spring 2015? The 5 tracks can be the ones that have been played with some frequency in the last 2 decades, i.e. Talking Drum, LTIA Pt 2, Red, VROOOM, and L5. That leaves all the new stuff to age until the spring, and then I am left with nothing to complain about. Come on AcousticPhenomena, we gave you a 5 track sampler, can you relax now? Well I guess so....

DVD/download debate
:: Posted by DannyX on October 23, 2014

Has anyone else grown weary of the battle between the childish demanders and the oh-so-mature above it allers? Surely there must be another topic worthy of discussion...

:: Posted by DanAnderson on October 23, 2014

I utterly agree with your first two paragraphs. I couldnít have said it better myself.

Starless vs Road2Red comparison
:: Posted by StarlessBibleBlack on October 22, 2014

Hey fellow crims,

As I anxiously wait for my next kc boxset, I was wondering how you guys felt about this new audio output provided thereís no reviews so far (yes, 20+ CDs is a lot!)

I wasnít totally blown away by the mixing of rtr receipt for a couple of shows... That said they can only go far as the sources would take them. I winery if this is a totally different experience for you folks.

I definitely enjoyed the TGD set and the live in Mainz cd... I hope Wetton is up on the mix in this one! I love hearing his overdriven bass snarl!

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