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KC Elements tour box
:: Posted by GregK1 on September 10, 2014

Sex Sleep Eat Drink Dream from forthcoming THRAKBOXX?? What is this box, and how soon can I get it??!

Elements Tour Box
:: Posted by unclejab on September 10, 2014

Confirmed...Elements Tour Box available at both Inner Knot and Burningshed.

:: Posted by markvankempen on September 10, 2014

All of a sudden, Robert Fripp is everywhere. On YouTube, on the cover of The Wire,
and, most startingly, actually visible on stage.
I see an analogy with the return of Miles Davis in the 80s, after an absence of
6 or 7 years (his long weekend).
Miles was seen smiling, even waving on stage -
a far cry from his usual playing with his back to the audience.
Ok, so...how was it yesterday?
My patience is severely tested.

Songs beginning with H
:: Posted by kitchens on September 10, 2014

According to a posting on setlist.fm they are new songs.

:: Posted by boobuns on September 10, 2014

I noticed a few new song titles in the set list.. perhaps a new studio effort after the tour is done?

  Note to Sid: I have a few items on pre-order at Inner Knot and would like to add a copy of the Elements tour box but I cannot find it on the site. I noticed that itís available though Burning Shed in the UK. Did I miss it, or is only available from the UK?

I believe itís available with Inner Knot here

:: Posted by Guitarman on September 10, 2014

Am I the only one not recognizing the songs starting with "h" from the setlist? Or were they improvs?

Setlist..... 1984 rewind.....
:: Posted by DrDick on September 10, 2014

I too just had a peek on Setlist.fm to see what was played - all sounds like a fantastic set of stomping KC tunes. However, I was struck by some of the additional information that tried to suggest that both Sailorís Tale and Pictures of a City were last played by KC at different gigs in 1984.... Surely this is some sort of "wikified" history or have I (a) found the next challenge for Mr Stormy Mundy to pursue or (b) shown myself up by missing something??

:: Posted by markvankempen on September 10, 2014

So...how was it?
I mean...the show, of course.
Is everybody too flabbergasted to file in a rapport?

:: Posted by Yalien on September 10, 2014

Just saw the setlist. Please Mr. Fripp put tonight and last nightís concert up for download as soon as possible.

I really wish I could be in Albany to see you guys but alas I donít have a car and Iím busy with work (I live in Montreal).

Thank you Fripp for such a great selection of songs and for bringing Mel Collins back!

:: Posted by DanAnderson on September 10, 2014

Okay! I had to do it! I went to setlist.fm and read the set list for last nightís gig. For you guys who donít want spoilers, ok. All I can say is this is going to be one hell of a show and I really hope DGM makes the wrote tour available for download. Seattle - can hardly wait!

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