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The Crim & a forthcoming BD-release
:: Posted by royskagen on July 14, 2015

I hope for a Blu-Ray release of the Mighty Crim. If you’re useing 20-30 Go-Pro cameras for setting up around the stage it would be fantastic. The overall cost would not be to high by that arrangement. The release WILL be a Winner!! Skagen/ Norway

Multiple missing mix request
:: Posted by Redbert on July 13, 2015

RF Diary from July 25, 1998: Chris Murphy is re mixing USA.

RF Diary from Feb 6, 2001: Decision is made not to use  this remix :"no reflection on Chris: his mixes are excellent. The overall flavour of the original "USA" is the governing factor:

 Bruford’s mix of Absent Lovers

Tony Clarke’s mix of ITCOTCK.

On one hi-res Blu-ray?

The Ronan Chris Murphy mixes which Robert refers to appear in full on the 40th anniversary edition of USA.


Re; Wishbone Ash
:: Posted by Valhalla on July 13, 2015

No it isn’t only you Toby. I was listening to this era of the Ash about 12 months ago & thought the same thing! Why I haven’t heard that guitar similarity in that light before, during approximately 4 decades of listening, I cannot tell! Really like that early to mid 70’s Wishbone Ash, a true twin guitar band if there ever was one! There’s The Rub is a classic album indeed! Their first self titled album & Pilgrimage also! A very ’influential’ band in many ways!

Tony's Turkish D
:: Posted by snkzato1 on July 12, 2015

Is there more material from these rehearsals? I’m loving this snippet and it shows a pretty interesting direction that was never fully explored. Feels like a hybrid of ProjeKct 4 and the 2000-2003 King Crimson in terms of sound.

:: Posted by patrickmtl on July 12, 2015

Might be just me, but the guy playing trumpet 2:10 onwards on Cheerleader seems to have been inspired by Islands 6:10 onwards. I find the melody seems similar here to that of the mellotron on Islands, albeit a little faster.

:: Posted by jtwillia on July 12, 2015

Nah... the piano/trumpet dynamic at the beginning is a little reminiscent, but it’s a different chord progression and the melody is not much like Islands...

Wishbone Ash
:: Posted by tobyhoward on July 12, 2015

It may just be me, but...

... Wishbone Ash’s song "The Pilgrim" from their 1972 Live From Memphis promo EP (the tracks also appearing as bonuses on the 2002 remix CD of "Argus")... sounds uncannily like "Discipline".

Well a bit.

Sort of.

Cheers all,

cheerleader by omi
:: Posted by patrickmtl on July 12, 2015

Anybody else notice the similarities between this song called Cheerleader by Omi (which, here in Montreal, I have been hearing too much of on the airwaves BTW) and the much more appreciated Islands by KC?  Should RF be collecting royalties? What do you think?

Absent Lovers
:: Posted by snkzato1 on July 12, 2015

Took me a while to finally check out Absent Lovers. Finding ToaPP one the King’s weaker releases didn’t make me think that a tour supporting could add much. Glad to know I was quite wrong. The opening ’Entry of Crims’ is so delicious and haunting. Reminds of some dystopian cyber-future (Blade Runneresque if you will).

The ToaPP songs are quite elevated live and helped fix some of their stilted nature that irked me on the studio release. Industry is seething and Robert’s mad guitar work on Lark’s III makes me miss its absence in all future live works. Even Man With an Open Heart came alive with Bill’s clever drum play making it quite and quirky.

The one track, however, that stands out in my mind is Sleepless. Sleepless always seemed like a track that was a proper mix away from being a true classic and this version proves it. Tony’s bass line is out of control, taking the song from plodding to thunderous. Robert and Adrian’s guitar work adds a avant-garde dimension to it and Bill’s heavy drum work keeps it anchored. It is sublime and unlike any version of the song I have heard. I’d love to hear the ’Elements’ version attempt it.

If you haven’t checked out Absent Lovers I highly recommend it. Summer is upon us. Roll the car out at night, drop the windows, hit the highway, and blast Sleepless at full volume. It’s a surreal experience.

Elements of KC Tour Poster
:: Posted by BillSabab on July 11, 2015


I absolutely love the 2015 One-Eyed Man is King tour poster. Who was the artist?

– Bill Sabab
The artist's name is Francesca Sundsten

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