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Thank you to the Thin White Duke
:: Posted by DanAnderson on January 18, 2016

Tom Cruise said this of NASCAR racing legend Jeff Gordon at his retirement benefit. When I think of his passing these words apply to David Bowie as well.

"When you’re treated to excellence...for many years, well, that’s not something you let go of easily. Transcendence. Few reach it. He did. And although many of want to say ’We’ll miss you’ what we really mean is ’We thank you.’ "

One of Bowie's new songs
:: Posted by Teledan on January 18, 2016

"Tis a Pity she was a Whore", track #2 on "Black Star" has a sound that brings to mind "The Talking Drum". And the snare drum head is under very high tension, reminiscent of Billy B’s drum sound. These sound like companion pieces.

Re: Bowie
:: Posted by DannyX on January 17, 2016

I think we expect our heroes to live forever...

:: Posted by TheMarkedMan on January 17, 2016

Here is the reason so many of us feel a profound loss with the passing of David Bowie: I think most people do not truly understand how art moves us, it seems mysterious. But it really isn’t mysterious at all. An artist is really holding up a mirror in each of their works (how they arrive at their work IS in fact mysterious but that is not what I am writing about). We are drawn to it because we see some aspect of our own self relected back to us and feel a connection to the artist. Sometimes we discover things about ourselves we weren’t even aware were there, lurking in the subconscious. So when an artist like our David passes we feel a bit of that deep intimate connection we share has died along with the artist. But of course the work does not die with the artist and we can take comfort that it is still there to revisit and know that at some point in time someone understood a part of who we are.

Even the death of a band can effect us in this way. I recall feeling a profound sense of loss in the fall of 1974 when I learned, upon picking up an import copy of Red at a local record shop, that King Crimson was no more.

Robert Fripp and I briefly exchanged emails about 15 years ago He wrote about mirrors and I didn’t fully grasp his point. With David Bowie’s passing it became very clear.

Pat Metheny Reflects On Bowie
:: Posted by TheMarkedMan on January 14, 2016

Pat Metheny has a very nice tribute on his site regarding his work with Bowie

:: Posted by GonzalezPaulo on January 14, 2016

There are many songs within a King Crimson song.  Tippett  wrote another tune out of  Prince Rupert Awakes just by soloing and making his piano arrangements and "fills". Awsome musician. Awsome line-up with Tippett, Robin Miller, Marc Charig, Harry Miller (on Islands LP), Nick Evans.... I miss that KC sound.

:: Posted by anthemofthesun on January 14, 2016

This link is intended for brother Robert, however I have faith that the guest book will find it food for though.




Happy Birthday
:: Posted by AndrewJohn on January 13, 2016

Congratulations to KC. 47 today! Alive and kicking.
Thanks for all the shivers and shakes. It continues to be one helluva ride.

(..hats off those who were able to see that R.I.P (1975) was perhaps an error of judgement...and those of us who dreamed that a question mark had been omitted!)

I Can't Give Everything Away
:: Posted by albemuth on January 13, 2016

As a number of people have pointed out, with Blackstar, Bowie turned his own death into inspiring art.  Throughout, the disk is a sad farewell but also a powerful reminder that creative work lives on.  It is enormously impressive that Bowie collaborated with jazz artists like Donny McCaslin, Jason Lindner, Tim Lefebvre, and Mark Guiliana.  Online, you can read their touching remarks about Bowie, after they were surprised by his death like the rest of us.  (I found a particularly nice article on the Ottawa Citizen.)  And Ben Monder’s guitar work brings just the right touch, incorporating echoes of Robert Fripp, especially on the moving final track.  Godspeed!

:: Posted by gbruner on January 12, 2016

Just thought eveyone might like to know that Adrian has been posting some good Bowie stories and pictures on his facebook page...

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