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USA edits and more
:: Posted by crazedloner on July 20, 2014

Iíve just caught up with the news item celebrating the anniversary of the release of USA and the contentious edits of the original.  I too was bitterly disappointed by the decision not to remove the edits on the 2002 remaster, though at the time I didnít realise that the incredible Asbury Park had also been edited.  I couldnít see the logic of it - providing unreleased tracks but not removing the Easy Money edit.

Anyway, when the edits were fully restored, I think it was a case of two for one, as they say.  Easy Money was greatly improved by Frippís extended solo, although Iíll admit I have myself edited the track for my iPod by removing the final keyboard section (and Iíll also confess that I also prefer the following nightís corresponding, structurally similar Its For You But Not For Us instrumental).  On the other hand, I think Asbury Park suffered nothing by its previous edit.  It had a beautiful crisp, succinct finish and was stylistically congruent.  The restored final section is interesting but really adds little to the overall piece compared to what has gone before IMO, and dilutes the piece stylistically.  I only ever listen to the edited version.  BTW, I find the restored/amplified keyboards quite intrusive and distracting so I only ever listen to the ícleanerí original edit where the guitar is more prominent for that reason alone.  My 2c worth...

Only just seen The Crimson ProjeKCt last month - utterly fantastic.  Two metres from the amazing Mr Levin.  Though Iíve seen Adrian twice before here in Oz, this is of course the first time weíve been visited by anything like the one true Crimso.  It only took 40 years of fandom.

New member
:: Posted by WMECK1 on July 20, 2014

This is my first visit to Guestbook. I hope to enjoy this for many years. So hello to all my Crismso friends.

May 11 posting re: Bun
:: Posted by dubhthaigh on July 19, 2014

Sorry to read this. It brings back painful memories of the passing of our Tibetan Terrier, Dubhthaigh. Dubh was the heart and soul of us, and if anyone was the pack leader in our house, it was he. Renal failure, courtesy of a tick bite is what did him in. The symptoms didnít show until it was too late. As he was failing, our dear friend Ally took him to the Tibetan monastery in Philadelphia, where the good abbott placed a hite scarf around him and said, Welcome home, Brother monk. In the end, Dubh passed at home, in the arms of my wife, with his sister and I beside him. The story about Tibetan Terriers is that they are the monks who wouldnít behave and so they came back as these dogs. In the course of his final days, I told him how honoured i was to have my heart broken so. Dubh no doubt redeemed whatever mischief he had caused bringing my wife and I closer together. Welcome home, Brother monk. We shall join you in due course, free from the cycle of suffering.

It strikes me, that for all the times he washed your toes, he was rinsing away as much of the endless grief as he could. If, in fact he has passed since this posting, may you find grace in the honour of bearing a broken heart on his account.

Hang in there, Robert. All the best to both of you.

no need to post this. this is for you.

:: Posted by NoiseMachine on July 19, 2014

On the off-chance Fripp reads this comment, my condolences to WillyFred. Hoping for a turn-around in the upcoming diary entries, it seems he brought a lot of love and happiness in the Fripp/Wilcox household.

New Travis/Fripp, too!
:: Posted by unclejab on July 19, 2014

The Bowers & Wilkins release of Discretion is set to get the Panegyric treatment as well. Yippee! https://www.burningshed.com/store/panegyric/product/70/5878/

Wishful thinking ó I WISH
:: Posted by gasmrv on July 19, 2014

We donít know if KC will (eventually) perform in Europe ó I am hopeful, but donít take things for granted. The two performances I attended in 2003 were a little underwhelming; the one in 2000 had much more substance.

A real (utterly unrealistic) wish: That the current KC line-up attempt to play Cross Crisis in Lust Storm.

As an aside, some quite interesting recent posts. Been wondering for a while whether, apart from RF, the other very skilful musicians will be able to be really present in a live setting AND deliver, and not just kinda go through the motions, ie just being rather profesional (the only 2008 download I have was/is not convincing at alló good playing, yes, but really lacking soul/trueness/substance).

So, to the rest of the KC gang, and with respect to you all: Go on, take risks, make mistakes, be present, be real, be alive! Experience music as if you were much, much, MUCH younger. I am hopeful.

All the very best.

re: froggy
:: Posted by snkzato1 on July 19, 2014

Hi Froggy, not sure why it wonít let you post a comment (it is my website) and yes I am not as well versed in that eras live material. I will be checking it out based on your comment here. I was not a big fan of TCOL so I skipped on the live shows too. Apparently a large mistake!

I do hope we can at least both agree that Frippís mutton chops must return.

Fripp & Eno - Live in Paris on CD!
:: Posted by sweetfeed on July 19, 2014

Maybe Iíve missed it but Iím surprised this hasnít been talked about here: https://www.burningshed.com/store/panegyric/product/340/5877/

Re: Interim Demands
:: Posted by froggy55 on July 19, 2014

I went through the trouble of setting up a wordpress account, just to post a response to that blog, and it STILL wonít let me log in, so Iíll just response here.

NO IMPROVISATIONS? Itís obvious the blogger was sleeping during the 2000-2001 "ConstruKction of Light" tour.

The live "Heavy ConstruKction" cd has a third disc that is nothing but improvisation. Parts of it sound like the gates of hell are opening up, lol.

By the way, Iíd like to see Heavy ConstruKction re-released with a bonus dvd instead of that outdated computer video that you canít even play anymore.

Fripp and Eno - Paris
:: Posted by kevineden on July 19, 2014




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