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:: Posted by emory0 on July 15, 2014

" Maybe Iím just not rock concert material."

Me neither. Come to think of it, I rarely see rock anymore. Both times I went to see Steely Dan people were holding LOUD conversations near me so I just stood up and ítoldí (well, screamed at) them to SHUT UUUUP: I found it incomprehensible that theyíd be screaming about some irrelevant bullshit during a concert. And remember: I paid for a concert, not to hear someone else screaming about how drunk they got some time previously.

In classical and Jazz and pretty much any other kind of concert, this kind of yapping is absolutely unheard of. BUT, I once remember seeing two little old ladies get into an actual physical fight (with swinging purses and everything)  at the Metropolitan Opera when some seat crashers came down from the cheap(er) seats during intermission.

Re; Drum Heavy
:: Posted by Valhalla on July 15, 2014

In regards to Mastelotto being brought into Crimson, I thought I read that Fripp wanted a ítime keeperí, a human metronome perhaps, who played a solid beat or two!
With the Deep Purple comments, Blackmore didnít necessarily ísevereí Ian Gillan from Purple, Gillan resigned. Sure there are reasons that may implicate Blackmore, but from what I have read & heard in interviews, there were other mitigating factors. As to Ritchie ínot likingí Coverdale, well maybe he was íoverí the Purple thing & he had also met RJ Dio & was into evolving, as a musician should! From reports all those years ago, Paul Rodgers was one name mentioned as a Gillan replacement & Blackmore & Ian Paice had jammed with Phil Lynott also, so things were certainly moving forward! He was looking for a íbluesyí type of singer for Purple!
Glenn Hughes apparently was a soul/funk influence that allegedly Blackmore didnít or couldnít relate to. There are many reasons things happen in rock bands, just like anything else in life I suppose, especially when human beings are involved!

Drum Heavy
:: Posted by JeffTruzzi on July 15, 2014

RFís displeasure with BBís "Satorri" mix may have triggered a decade long Crimson lull, but Bill WAS asked back for the next incarnation. Maybe the purpose of adding another drummer as well was to annoy Bill and drive him out of Rock & Roll. Mission accomplished.

And now THREE drummers. I am reminded of two things. One is Ritchie Blackmore severing Ian Gillian from Deep Purple to get a more melodic singer. And when he got it in David Coverdale, he didnít like it.

The second is the íex-leperí scene from Monty Pythonís Life of Brian, where the ex-leper is disappointed with Brianís alms to him.
"Half a dinare for me bloody life story?"
Brian responds: "Thereís no pleasing some people."
As Brian walks away, the leper realizes - and says:
"Thatís just what Jesus said."

:: Posted by randomelement2 on July 15, 2014

When I saw that title, the first thing I thought of was the STFU sign at The Jazz Cafť when I saw ProjeKct One there (remember, Sid?). Took me a few secs to figure out what it meant.

My second memory, which doesnít quite relate (probably more of a personal frustration for me)- I remember going to see Crimson back in 2003. I said to my friend that there was no way weíd get the long fading power chord at the end of Dangerous Curves because the audience would start cheering the second the chord was hit (I love that long fade). Unfortunately, I was right. At too many concerts, it seems that any quiet moment is considered an invitation to yell. Maybe Iím just not rock concert material. In fact, one of the things I liked when I saw the boys in Nashville in 2000 at a small club (the live debut of that band), was that people were actually listening to the quiet moments. To me, the quiet is just as worthy of listening. Again, maybe Iím just not cut out for rock concerts.

No, no - yes
:: Posted by JeffTruzzi on July 15, 2014

Tom White, a kid from Omaha, had a picture taken of himself (not technically a íselfieí) with Paul McCartney and zillionaire Warren Buffett sitting on a bench in the background, that has now received worldwide exposure.

White heard McCartney was at a local store, and brought discs and a guitar for him to sign. He was told by a bodyguard that Paul would not sign anything or shake hands - "but take all the pictures you want."

:: Posted by albemuth on July 14, 2014

Thanks Hajduk1973 for the idea to compare the two versions of Satori in Tangiers (on Frame by Frame and on Absent Lovers).

Iím confused by the whole issue, however.  From what I understand, RF was disappointed that BBís mix was heavy on drums.  Is that right?  And yet we now look forward to a KC that has not one but three drummers?  Where will it all end?  An octogenarian RF appearing with the League of Noise-Pollution Drummers?

Don't open it
:: Posted by bucket on July 14, 2014

Not so much a can of worms, but Iím worried about the dodgy looking outbuilding in Robertís garden with the ricketty doors, and worried that he has discovered an entrance to hell as comprehensively documented by the marvelous Mr Irvine

sounds more like it
:: Posted by Undisciplined on July 14, 2014

:: revroth wrote:

 I donít recall, but it may be in the notes there that he shares his feelings on Billís mix and the perspective on Crimson it reflected.

Thatís probably where it appeared.  It does ring a bell.  Also, to keep things in perspective, this particular incident probably wasnít the first time that Bill did something to which Our Leader took deep offense!

Bill's Montreal....
:: Posted by charlietip on July 14, 2014

so R-F was miffed at Billís effort,well it is percussion heavy
but thatís no bad thing,but it was done on the hoof whereas
R-F had time and technology for his version and it is still drums to the fore..that is no bad thing..result.. one of the best
Crimson live recordings ever.
will the current crop of crimson old geezers reach this standard?..i wonder...wouldnít mind the opportunity to find out though ! ..any chance of a tour of N E Scotland..itís nice here..........."Islands "Forever....xx

Bill's Montreal Mix
:: Posted by revroth on July 13, 2014

Actually, this was heard by a larger audience than the audience at the show, who would have been hearing something else entirely, a live mix presumably prepared by the sound man.

Billís mix was created for a radio broadcast, and subsequently widely bootleged, most famously as the "Absent Lovers" release. Thatís how it came to pass and whatís kept it in circulation. The later official release has a mix supervised by Robert. I donít recall, but it may be in the notes there that he shares his feelings on Billís mix and the perspective on Crimson it reflected.

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