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KC sampling
:: Posted by stevenrbrownlee on December 09, 2014

Perhaps this is old hat but, is Mr. Fripp aware that Kanye West sampled 21st Century Schizoid Man and performed it live on SNL in 2013 or 2014.

I would like to believe that Mr. Fripp would never allow this. Please tell me that this was used without permission.

Iím sure everyone will agree that society does not need to believe that Con-yay had anything to do with the creation of 21stCSM.

If Robert approved this, then I no longer have any hope for humanity.


Starless box - wow!!
:: Posted by WhiskeyVengeance on December 09, 2014

I think this is bar-none the best of the mega box-sets DGM has put out thus far. I always thought Crimson were way more interesting when they played in Europe vs. the U.S., and the setlists were way more improv-heavy to boot. The audio quality, physical curios and booklet also set new benchmarks for music box sets, and I look forward to more of these in the future!

I did have two minor questions/concerns with the set that maybe Sid or somebody at DGM can clarify for me:

1. In the liner notes itís mentioned that the only mix available of the Glasgow performance of "The Night Watch" has the Zurich solo edited in, and as such thatís how itís presented on the box. But, the DGM Live download of Glasgow apparently has the entire performance without the Zurich edit. Will there be some way for fans who bought the box to get the unedited version of that particular song in the near future?

2. The S&BB 40th edition had a great upgrade of "Guts on My Side" from the Udine show, with two audience sources mixed together. The sound quality is much better than the DGM Live download and had me excited that an upgrade of the whole show would be released someday. The Starless box appears to have the same source as the download, so what happened to the other sources used to create the Guts mix on S&BB 40th edition? Did the DGM team only have additional sources for that one song?

Anyway, thanks again for such great, fan-pleasing work, and thanks for bearing with our anorak fanboy inqueries!

re: the visual.
:: Posted by davidly on December 09, 2014

Waiting for the other tickle to drop :^o

Adrian Belew's DUST and Concert
:: Posted by Tatala on December 09, 2014

The track list for Adrian Belewís DUST:

1. Intro to Something 2. What Do You Know 3. Happy Guy (1989) 4. One Time (personal demo) 5. Hawaiian Cowboys(1990) 6. Big Blue Sun (remix) 7. Pygmies(1981) 8. Neptune Pool (1989) 9. Shoe Salesman (1990 - composed in 1972) 10. Superboy (1985) 11. Still Life with Dobro (1986) 12. Neurotica (vocals only) 13. Duck Funk Symphony (1994) 14. Antarctica (1983) 15. Peas (1979) 16. Postcard from Holland (demo) 17. Collage for "Girl With Clouds"

I saw Adrian Belew perform in Big Bear a few weeks ago and, as always, left the theater with a smile on my face. I drove up for the weekend with my nephew, went for a spectacular hike high into the mountains, and attended the show that same night. Wonderful time!

Adrian played an energetic set and spent considerable time afterwards signing autographs and talking with fans.

The concert set attempted to capture the spirit and flow of Flux, with numerous songs from throughout his entire career, often blending together, rarely in their entireties, and frequently interrupted by unusual sound bites. On one hand, it was an interesting experiment, played with insane energy and focus, that allowed audience members to hear at least parts of nearly 30 songs spanning close to 35 years of material. On the other hand, I personally prefer hearing the whole songs, and my favorite moments were the rare occasions when the band really stretched out on pieces like "Beat Box Guitar". Perhaps one or two Flux-like medleys mixed with more full songs and jams would have suited me better, but I have no complaints. Again, it is always a pleasure seeing Adrian perform live, and this latest concert was no exception. The whole weekend was a wonderful experience!

the visual.
:: Posted by abhitaranath on December 09, 2014

Sid: "Itís tickle time when itís tickle time and not a moment before."

And thus my nightmares begin.

:: Posted by DanAnderson on December 08, 2014

Uh, guys. Isnít it time for a new tickle for us ungrateful, pseudo-fans? Hmmm?
Come on, Dan - there's a huge amount of gigs for you to download while you wait for the occasional tickle. It's tickle time when it's tickle time and not a moment before.

The Diary
:: Posted by Halloway on December 08, 2014

Is the diary dead?

Live Vinyl/CD
:: Posted by AcousticPhenomena on December 08, 2014

So excited to hear about this new Live album! Iíd love to hear about how those specific tracks were chosen. Sounds like itís going to be a burner!

A lot of Vinyl, to encourage people to buy, include a copy of the CD in a paper sleeve. I wonder if this will be the case for the Live at the Orpheum.

Quotes Kerfuffle
:: Posted by WaitingMan on December 07, 2014

Ah Carnamagos... the Grinch that keeps on giving

I donít doubt the authenticity of your discovery, but I fail to understand what it is that requires such "great self-restraint" to withhold comment on. The only problem I can see, if I stand on a chair, on a table, on tiptoe, is RFís blatant self-promotion in his choices of favourite records. Okay, maybe not íBlueí... given his disdain for the acoustic guitar at the time, but it must also be said that the others were great albums anyway, regardless of whether heíd played on a track or two... Hell, itís not like íTormatoí or íWorks Vol. 1í were going to be on his list... or anyoneís. And as for the first UK album, well...

Otherwise, I find his comments on prog/art rock quite accurate & thatís with the benefit of nearly 40 years of hindsight - Fripp was on the money at the time. ELP had disappeared up their collective fundament & Yes & Genesis were starting to write shorter, more ípopí oriented songs in bids to remain relevant & get some radio time. Pretty much everyone else from the Movement was either gone or in deeeeep hibernation, waiting for the climate to change so they could resume playing in American stadiums with lasers & dry ice once more

As to the musician/non-musician claim... well, Eno has never considered nor called himself a musician & look what heís done

So come on, letís hear your unrestrained comments... You know you want to. And we know you want to... too

A question for the audiophiles here
:: Posted by JBeerLTIA on December 07, 2014

Has anyone listened to The SW Yes remasters? I just got Relayer and have only listened to the CD so far, and I canít really notice any difference in the mix from the old one, like as he has done with KC. Is the true SW magic in the DVD? Or am I not listening well enough?

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