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The tour
:: Posted by david55 on February 06, 2015

Whoopee, I just booked my ticket for the Lowry at Salford on 11 Sep. Interestingly, the venue itself indicates a second show on the 12th, but tickets not available yet. I wonder what that signifies.

song that can change
:: Posted by jhessel on February 05, 2015

"The original ’song that can change’ was done in a pre digital, pre Internet age and simply used multi groove vinyl to give the effect of performance. There were four subtly different performances and you never knew which one you were hearing."

So how does Adrian Belew’s Flux app fit into this concept of "a song that can change", or the same music that can never be listened to the same way?  In the Flux app there is, of course, pre-recorded music, however the pieces are never composed(?) the same way twice. Is FLUX an algorithmic composition of a kind?

I strongly endorse the FLUX app, it is certainly an interesting and enjoyable listen every time.

Bob Dylan
:: Posted by markmmarkm on February 05, 2015

tho this happened in the 1980s when he owned a farm near Minneapolis, MN.

An employee found in the barn, complete with bird crap on them, some of Dylan’s gold records.

"Hey, look what I found in the barn!"

Bob: "That’s where they belong. Go put them back."

As reported in a story in the Minneapolis Star-Tribune about Dylan owning a Minneapolis theater for a time.

Dylan went to some of the shows there including Beatlemania.

I no longer have the article which my brother gave me and I gave to a Dylan fan; I think it ran about 2 months or so ago.

Cyclops tour poster
:: Posted by markmmarkm on February 05, 2015

Looks like something out of MAD magazine. Alfred E Newman’s cousin.

Re; One Eyed Cyclops
:: Posted by Valhalla on February 05, 2015

Bakullama, thanks for the reply regarding Blavatsky. I thought there would a few Crimheads out there, that may be aware of her writings, cheers.
In regards to these dates in the European & British parts of this world, man I am in a situation indeed! I have been thinking of trying to get to that part of the world this summer coming, & also waiting for the Crimson concert dates! With the Ashes cricket tests on also, sheeesh, it is time one feels.Tickets for Crimson will be snapped up big time I fear. With my work commitments, I feel anxious for some ’strange’ reason.

The crucial ramblings of a sleep-deprived jerk
:: Posted by echamparnaud on February 05, 2015

1. Accepting responsibility & accountability


2. Engaging in a spirit of goodwill.

Fuck that shit.

I am kidding of course, I just want to share how excited I am at the prospect of maybe being able to sign up for a pre-sale event in the hope of maybe being able to buy some tickets for the upcoming tour.

Knowing the French producer/promoter as well as the venue, I know it will be expensive and boy, am I thrilled: that can only mean the gig will be excellent and that I, along with my bottom-dweller rat friends, will be able to engage in the behavior Mr. Fripp so abhorrs: that of stealing his soul by the way of a camera phone. Because I PAID FOR THAT RIGH GOSH DARN IT! That’s right, I went there.

Do you take requests? Because I’d really like to hear Freebird.

A grey hope that ... years to be
:: Posted by Royston on February 05, 2015

Not only were the lucky few who saw Crimso in 2014 the first audience ever to be treated to the Starless opening riff on guitar, not violin, but now British punters - who missed the chance of a live rendition by mere months back in 1973 - have their very first opportunity to hear the song live on their own shores.

’Bout time too.

Daevid Allen
:: Posted by kevineden on February 05, 2015

For any Gong heads and PHP’s sad news:
Hello you Kookaburras,
OK so I have had my PET-CAT scans (which is essentially a full body viewing gallery for cancer specialists, ) and so it is now confirmed that the invading cancer has returned to successfully establish dominant residency in my neck.
The original surgery took much of it out, but the cancer has now recreated itself with renewed vigor while also spreading to my lung.
The cancer is now so well established that I have now been given approximately six months to live.
So My view has Changed:
I am not interested in endless surgical operations and in fact it has come as a relief to know that the end is in sight.
I am a great believer in "The Will of the Way Things Are" and I also believe that the time has come to stop resisting and denying and to surrender to the way it is.
I can only hope that during this journey, I have somehow contributed to the happiness in the lives of a few other fellow humans.
I believe I have done my best to heal, dear friends and that you have been enormously helpful in supporting me through this time
So Thank you SO much for being there with me, for the Ocean of Love
and Now, importantly, Thankyou for starting the process of letting go of me, of mourning then transforming and celebrating this death coming up - this is how you can contribute, this would be a great gift from those emotionally and spiritually involved with me.
I love you and will be with you always - Daevidxxx -

UK dates..(& Live at The O...Tale of no consequence Part 3)
:: Posted by AndrewJohn on February 05, 2015

...yes I have come across other possibilities.

Can you feel the huge tension between the relief & joy we share and competitiveness in attempting to obtain the tickets we would like. I have joined LiveNation to give myself what I thought may be a better chance. But their ’pre-release’ is unattractive, so waiting till to-morrow is becoming the preferred option. I know we are all friendly aquaintances here, but the prospect of missing out for the Friday [or even the Saturday at The Lowry, which may be an error or a wonderful possibility] gives me a nasty sinking feeling in my stomach.

Anyhow the mature me understands the reasonable & the realistic. In the scale of things near misses are a fact of life. Especially if your lucky enough to be the sort of person who does not neccessarily knows what he wants, but is very happy to enjoy what he receives and is lucky enough to have received a fair share.

..still if I could have centre stalls on Friday & Saturday please..

I received my CD/DVDA only yesterday after its expected delivery date of Jan13. On first listening KC are a strong & confident bunch, tight sound, lots to hear & re-listens sure to reveal more. Must say Burning Shed were fautless in dealing with it’s delay. KC as an entity is leading the field again with its use of graphics, style and music. Great to have King Crimson in the air again.

More tour dates
:: Posted by BillySunday on February 05, 2015

 Are there some more UK dates to be announced yet ?
Anyone else come across this ? Extra Manchester, London ? Any others ?

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