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frontline backline
:: Posted by tim7777 on June 09, 2014

The frist time I heard this phrase was from Wayne shorter of weather report.He spoke about weatherreport like that during and interterview he did a while back.

:: Posted by emmapeelfanclub on June 09, 2014

"Earthbound" was strangely my initiation into the world of the Crimson King. It was in 1991 and during a visit to my best mate, he said "Youíve gotta listen to this!" He placed it on the turntable, placed the stylus into the groove at the start of side one and the speakers seemed to erupt and explode for the next 11 minutes or so with a violent intensity Iíd never quite experienced before with rock music. It was scary too with the excessively distorted vocals and overall in yer face sound of fury emanating from this band. As it suddenly ended, my pal lifted the stylus and asked what I thought. I was momentarily speechless as I struggled to digest and encapsulate what Iíd just experienced. My reply was "Whatís the rest of the album like?" He said "itís not as good... thatís the best song... the rest rambles a bit"

Unusually for something I liked, I didnít ask him to play it again like I often did. Two or three years later that "Schizoid Men" CD single was released, instantly bought and it was the 1972 version that was played to death. It became my "go to" track to annoy noisy neighbours. There was one classic occasion in 2004 when I heard the female neighbour above arrive home around 2:30am with a male. It was quickly clear what their intent was. Having suffered a month of continual noise abuse from this moron and faced with another sleepless night, I decided to take matters into my own hand. I swear you could hear everything that went on above in crystal clear detail and just when it sounded to me like clothes were being removed, a quick press of a button and the sound of 21CSM blasted out my speakers. The result was comical. You suddenly heard much frantic movement from above swiftly followed by a slamming door. Thus ended my neighbours attempted night of passion and I was able to get my beauty sleep!

To me, the "Earthbound" version of "Schizoid" is one of the greatest rock recordings ever. Itís swampy lo-fi quality actually adds to it. I now have a couple of dozen performances by various Crims, most of which sound better but none of them have the raw violent intensity of this version. Itís visceral, violent, grungy, adventurous... just downright brutal. The band were on fire - Bozís treated vocals, Wallaceís thundering drums along with Fripp and Collinsí incredible solos.

Iím not as keen on the rest of the album though. It has itís moments usually whenever Mel Collins is soloing, but it seems a deliberate attempt of sabotage to denigrate the band. It wasnít until DGM began excavating other recordings of this line up that one heard them in much better form making one believe even more that "Earthbound" was designed to show the band at their worst but itís redeemed solely by THAT "Schizoid Man" - just fantastic.

Listening to Mel Collins across ALL the live tapes, he became my fave Crimson musician (apart from the Venal one!) and his inclusion in the current mark VIII Crimson truly excites me since I never thought weíd get the chance to hear him perform onstage with Fripp again.

Set List
:: Posted by sporkfly on June 09, 2014

Dear KC,

Am very much looking forward to seeing you. But please: no more set list spoilers.



:: Posted by markmmarkm on June 08, 2014

A FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD of a rehearsal tune would be really cool!!!(!)!

Disappointed no Milwaukee show
:: Posted by markmmarkm on June 08, 2014

As I no longer like driving and Milw is an hour away (bad enough), I regard Chicago and Madison as simply too far.

I will have to content myself with the 2 other times I saw them in Milw, ca. 1995 and 2000, and any CD or DVD this new line-up releases.

Hopefully, a free MP3 download of a song too!

As for ticket prices, I saw Winwood (Traffic fan) a couple years back in my hometown of Minneapolis (no KC show there either) for $90 for not-bad seats (a few rows back and off to the side).

Didnít exactly like the price, but these KC prices are in the same ballpark.

I think I saw that Trower will play Madison for about $35...

@masanori re: Boston
:: Posted by jimbugtm on June 08, 2014

Youíre correct, there are tickets available for ~$47.75, up in the upper balcony. I was searching for best available. Hope is restored. Maybe we can *all* sit in the back row. :D
Barring that, Iíll still hold out hope for a live recording.

@DanAnderson Re: Seattle
:: Posted by KramNamloc on June 08, 2014

Yes, I will likely take the train from PDX to SEA to see KFC!

:: Posted by masanori on June 08, 2014

Just in case you are not talking about the price for two tickets or not talking about front row ticket or VIP ticket....


I see 47.75 dollars ticket for Boston on ticketmaster.com

:: Posted by KramNamloc on June 07, 2014

I saw the "Farewell Tour" billing on Seattleís Moore Theater site when shopping for tickets.
Oddly, it seems to have been removed.

It is referred to here

Letís hope the Muse decided differently!

Warfield SF
:: Posted by KantspelldiKc on June 07, 2014

seating sections disappearing in front of my eyes, my victim, (a friend with a nice car who I brought to ZPZ) will now follow me to the gates of Hell, ha ha ha ha............

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