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KCCC release date?
:: Posted by DanAnderson on February 12, 2016

Is there a tentative release date for the newest KCCC?

:: Posted by Bakullama on February 12, 2016

I think fame has more to do with push, package, flash, and personality, than it has to do with sales. To me KC is far and away a better listen than PF. And for all their sales PF seems to not have become ultra famous as individuals... Not commercially at least. They seem to have maintained artistic integrity without the hollywood flash. Kind of hard to explain. Take the kardashians for instance... What have they done? What do they sell? Justin Beiber? Is his fame manufactured or is he laying down groundbreaking art? Its a grey area. Bowie attained a monumental fame and yes his sales were probably good, but I reckon there was a lot more to it than that. Ziggy was a famous character, so was Major Tom. Alice Coopers stage persona was famous for a time... But Alice isnít really Alice.

:: Posted by Undisciplined on February 12, 2016

: emory0 wrote:

Perhaps one of the reasons Fripp has periodically disbanded Crimson at the seeming cusp of megapopularity is in part to avoid the kind of popularity that ensures you can never leave your home or live a normal life. And without a normal life, is it possible to keep on creating things that are relevant to normal people?

Emís been one of my favorite contributors since the KN days, and we generally see eye to eye on most things Crimson-related and audiophilia. However, this last paragraph leaves me mystified though. Reasonably, the 1st incarnation of the KC was the one on the verge of stardom. The í73-í74 group certainly had a strong following, but was never going to rival Pink Floyd, as JW wished. The 80ís band was outside the mainstream, and nothing since has flirted with platinum status either.

:: Posted by Bakullama on February 12, 2016

Andrew John has good grasp. We have a lot in common when it comes to who we are and what we know about our capabilities or lack of. The comfort zone being most important. And Emory hits the nail on the head as well. King Crimsons has the ability and wisdom to play second fiddle to the music... The art is the star, the artist sends it on its way into the world and lays low. At least it seems that way. And then home to the bunny and books. Smooth moves.

The real price...
:: Posted by emory0 on February 12, 2016

"There is always a whole lot of money riding behind famous people. Jobs, sales, management, advertising, cottage industries, designer fashions, T-shirts, soda pop"

See, thatís what always appeared the trickiest thing to me: That in order to have a successful career in a performing arts field like music, youíd íHAVE TOí embody (or pretend to embody) those characteristics that mass audiences want in their favorite famous person. If you were unwilling to do this, economically it would be far more difficult.

Worse, youíd eventually start BELIEVING the thing that people wanted you to be, and that you chose to embody in order to keep payiní the bills. I canít help but think youíd either eventually lose yourself (*cough* Ted Nugent), or else theyíd eventually cart you off after you went apeshit on some poor fan/sap who was a little too aggressive with an autograph.

Perhaps one of the reasons Fripp has periodically disbanded Crimson at the seeming cusp of megapopularity is in part to avoid the kind of popularity that ensures you can never leave your home or live a normal life. And without a normal life, is it possible to keep on creating things that are relevant to normal people?

Pretentiousness Fame Truth and Openness to the moment.
:: Posted by AndrewJohn on February 12, 2016

Over the years I have come to a realisation of many things, procrastinated on most that I shouldnít have and not fulfilled my potential.I have over the most part been happy, lucky in love and in good health. I perhaps always had the Protestant work ethic inbuilt and certainly on the surface it showed, but internally I was only able to activily turn this on in my late 40ís!. Contentment, time rich and yet unambitious are all facets of my personality.

Strangely as it might seem ítruthí seemed to echo from the music of KC (and to similar degree Gentle Giant). Neither groups are or were aiming for fame and not particularly photogenic.
Accusations of pretentiousness, artistic and instrumental ability over warmth and empathy abounded. Heck though this was the 1970ís and RnR was still fighting to survive like an other modern íright to existí.

From the Rosen interview itís clear that even back then I ígotí that íFripp didnít careí. Naturally I would have been just as much a bumbling, awe struck fan given any chance at that time to be so close to a rock star of such stratospheric abilities! Seeing him tug his forlock at Liverpool Empire and that the band didnít play 21stSZM indicated the band were not just playing for us. When as a group of teenagers we waited for GG to come out and perhaps sign autographs outside the Free Trade Hall Stage Door in the mid seventies, it was salutary to see the drummer John Weathers cymbals in hand jump into his mini to go home? Guitarist Gary Green seemed to wander towards the nearest pub but the 2 Shulman brothers & Minnear climb into some sort of limousine(recollections hazy & perhaps enhanced now).

We all grow up, perhaps differently, but today itís clear what is of true value holds always and for us all. Those who are able with confidence to take the risk to move towards achieving that which they feel is their true vocation then good luck. If they stumble, fall, get up try again then power to their elbow. For a musician or poet to take a risk with nothing at all is truly remarkable. Those of us who are less able or want to control our lives require motivations to be in the moment where we find ourselves at our most content.
Truth is though that to work is a focus we all need. Often the best satisfaction work can bring to your whole life is working at something you do not want to do. A richness in the balance of a life brings blessings.

The ability of KCís music/sound has this quality. My view is that RF saw this. He didnít like the situation, but found himself forced by experiences the band encouraged from early days to tap into a new energy of the right quality. He encourages the system and situations but not the outcome and clearly senses if the truth is achieved.

....was that pretentious?....probably.

Thx for the Cut-out and Keep Sid...now I know and I hear.
..it was brief RF embellishments!...

On Pretentiousness
:: Posted by Carnamagos on February 12, 2016

Crimsophiles of a certain age: Remember suffering the slings and arrows of hearing the music you loved habitually labelled "pretentious? Well, relief and revenge are here at last, forty years too late:

http://www.theguardian.com/books/2016/feb/11/pretentiousness-why-it-matters-dan-fox-review .

U 2 can be famous!
:: Posted by Bakullama on February 11, 2016

So Albemuth, are you saying fame makes one loose and hard to swallow?

Of all the fantasy worlds one could end up in, being a famous actor, musician, or artist seems the most desirable to most. I suppose others would seek fame through political or monetary power, or even firepower! Being a household name, being known by the world... Everybody knows me now. Going through Bowies songs and lyrics I get the impression that he was imparting this message or idea with his art. You get the feeling that he understood the fantasy of fame very well. Its highs and lows... Its dangling carrot, its delicate balance, its inherent danger.

Most folks go through life with only a small group of people who even know their names. Friends, family, coworkers... They watch and wonder at the famous lives fed to them by media giants... The eccentricities, the material successes and excesses, lives on public display for "entertainment" but most of all for profit... There is always a whole lot of money riding behind famous people. Jobs, sales, management, advertising, cottage industries, designer fashions, T-shirts, soda pop.

All that said, From a fans point of view iíd venture to say that RF and his KC crew have weathered rather well in the arena of fame ... Just enough, and not too much. good balance.

Temperament and Phil Collins
:: Posted by albemuth on February 11, 2016

How artists react to fame varies a lot with their personality and temperament.  I certainly respect Frippís musical accomplishments and many of his views about the music industry.  But he is an extreme case and it is hard to take everything he said, especially in the 1970s, altogether seriously.  Kanye West is a different extreme case and, 40 years from now, I doubt we will take everything he said seriously!  Incidentally, Iím hoping The Life of Pablo, released today, is another winner for the 21st century!

Also today, there happens to be a good article in the Guardian about Phil Collins and his experiences with fame.  The combination of the crush of 1980s fans and then the backlash in the 1990s was not pleasant for him!  But today everyone from Kanye to Lourde are hailing Collins as a genius.  Do not speak ill of Phil!

:: Posted by emory0 on February 10, 2016

"I was happy to have read that 73 interview of Fripp - it made complete sense to speak of his guitarist contemporaries with such disdain (if not respect)."

Sweet Jesus Iím glad Iíve never had to live in the public eye! Imagine saying some of that stuff and then, years (or maybe months) later, cringing as one reads what one allegedly said. I think Iíd want to melt away and hide.

Itís funny, but we the Public so often think of "fame" as something desirable or as incredibly validating, and assuming for a moment it is either of those things, seems to me the price is way too high, particularly after the novelty wears off, which probably doesnít take too long.

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