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we want gods
:: Posted by andyfromozz on November 05, 2014

To many of us who donít have the talents of the Dylans, Lennons or Fripps of this world, their skill can seem amazing, mystical, even god-like. As there is no evidence of the actual existence of any supernatural beings... we mere mortals instead must elevate our heroes into "god" status.

Alas our "rock gods" are only too human. The bullets that ended Lennonís life suddenly made him into a saint, yet we all know he most certainly was not. Dylanís fans seem almost cultish in their devotion to the great man. Dare I say it here, but many of us seem to worship RF in the same way.

Iím not putting anyone down, just making the point that we humans want gods...I can only imagine the mindfuck it can create for the talented people who become "gods" in the minds of their fanatical followers. It must be difficult to keep ones feet on the ground in the face of incessant grovelling and praise for ones talent.

For every humble artist who just wants to be treated as a normal homo sapiens, there would be another that desires to be a god...and if they are lucky enough to have the requisite star quality, there will be the fans ready to help them achieve their dream.

cheers andy from mt olympus

2015 venues in Silesia
:: Posted by rzachol on November 05, 2014

Well, if venues are being discussed at Silesia Studio, why not discussing a venue in Silesia ? For example in the beautiful city of Wroclaw, which happens to be the capital of Lower Silesia, every May 1st there is a "Market Square of Guitars" event where a few thousand people play Hey Joe as a tribute to Jimi Hendrix (you might want to look up www.heyjoe.pl) with the likes of Steve Morse, Al di Meola or Steve Vai on stage - would be wonderful to have #KC2015 gig there ...

WFC 2010
:: Posted by mkennon10 on November 05, 2014

The series of concerts given by Mr. Fripp in 2010 as part of his residency at The World Financial Center, NYC, were groundbreaking for me. It was an experience I will treasure forever; and as I continue to seek guidance in my quest to learn how one truly gets out of bed, I find myself wishing I could hear the concerts again. Large snippets exist on the WNYC website, which brought me to tears today after not hearing them for over 4 years. I ask now, if it please Mr. Fripp, could he make the full recordings available for purchase on DGM?

Thank you for the great inspiration you have given me, Robert.
Sincerest regards,
The concerts have been under consideration for release though no date has been set for this.

Question for ulrichspiegel
:: Posted by rogadaire on November 05, 2014

Um, what has the prospect of KC playing in Cologne, or not, got to do with Sporty Spice?

Nov 4 2014....what!.. more KC..
:: Posted by AndrewJohn on November 05, 2014

  ..Jakszyk, Singleton & Fripp...now thatís a real Power Trio.

Notice how Singleton leads the way in íthe best Christmas fashion cardigan competitioní. 

Tagging for iTunes importing..
:: Posted by rmaiolo on November 05, 2014

whomever was behind it for this, and the Road To Red set...excellent job, you have my eternal thanks..everything is where it should be, and song titles followed by venue/date...for the LTIA box, I had put the venue in the íinfoí metatag...but this format seems much better

RE: Question to any fan
:: Posted by jacethecrowl on November 04, 2014

For francoisgoethals, the compilation you speak of sure sounds like:

The Deception of the Thrush: A Beginnersí Guide to ProjeKcts (DGM9915 or PCCY-01456)

Re: Question to any fan
:: Posted by apisch on November 04, 2014

The ProjeKcts 4-CD box set (sold out on Inner Knot) is a packaging of these four CDs (none of which appear to be available on Inner Knot):

- ProjeKct One - Live at the Jazz Cafe
- ProjeKct Two - Live Groove
- ProjeKct Three - Masque
- ProjeKct Four - West Coast Live

A quick search of Amazon.com shows that the box set and some of the individual titles may be found.  Good luck and good listening!

Lies and truths
:: Posted by JeffTruzzi on November 04, 2014

So Bob Dylanís a big liar. About drugs, no less.
John Lennon & Jimi Hendrix did their share of lying about drugs, despite their relative honesty.
People who do drugs and DONíT lie about them get busted.
In the 70s, people who didnít do drugs often said they did. To appear hip, cool.

Being an excellent liar is a prerequisite for political service.
We decry politicians lying to us, yet refuse to elect those telling unpleasant truths we donít want to hear.
Is that their fault, or ours?

Drugs, sex, relationships, employment, school, family, politics, friends -
thereís SOMETHING in there NONE of us are completely honest about.
To be honest with the world, we must be honest with ourselves.
Show me someone who says they have never lied, and Iíll show you a liar.

We all have - even need - secrets.
The more public someone is, the more they need to keep something for themselves.
Something no one else knows, or needs to know.
The moment anyone tells a secret, itís not secret anymore.

Truth is relative. Lies are relative. EVERYTHING is relative. E=mc2
Life is in flux. Things change. What is true in one era can become untrue in another. Even love.

Robert Fripp said King Crimson was ďcompletely over for ever and everĒ in 1974.
Do their subsequent rebirthings make him a liar?
No. Not even a quadruple one.

Considering venues
:: Posted by ulrichspiegel on November 04, 2014

If RF and JJ are really considering venues,they should not forget Germany and if they think about Germany they should choose Cologne.
Reasons: Mel Collins has lived and worked in Cologne , Mark Charig lives pretty close.
If they choose Cologne they should select the Philharmonie.
Reasons: the quality of the music, the qualtity of the music and the quality of their dress code, and Mel C has never played there (( and the Blue Shell is too small!!). The two venues KC played in Cologne were the Stadthalle in MŁlheim (whre now only Abiturfeiern take place) and the Tanzbrunnen (which is an outdoor - live-under -the-sky- venue).
And the best beer in Germany is from Cologne (I do not think that this might convince RF).

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