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almost made it..
:: Posted by timohara on November 15, 2015

In spite of my full intent to make it to Saturday night’s Crimson performance in QC, my wife and I were sadly unable to attend, as our car suffered a catastrophic and complete engine failure soon after crossing the border on the way up from Vermont. Priorities had to be radically adjusted and we headed back home to deal with the fallout.

So, I am sad that I missed this opportunity to hear Crimson, but heartened that there seems to be more coming judging from Tony’s recent comments.

I am appreciative of the way the band is handling the current round of touring. The lack of youtube videos of the shows and other recordings (other than the Orpheum release, which feels like more of a teaser) is giving these events a special feeling for those in attendance. I think that is very refreshing and welcome in our day and age of instant gratification.

That said, I wanted to go on the record that I will be among the first in line to shell out hard-earned pay for whatever live recordings the band decides to release. I am looking forward to having that opportunity.

I also wanted to leave here this quote from Leonard Bernstein, made on the occasion of the New York Philharmonic’s performance of Mahler’s second symphony just days after the assassination of President Kennedy:

"This must be the mission of every man of goodwill: to insist on the achievement of a world in which the mind will have triumphed over violence.

We musicians, like everyone else, are numb with sorrow at this murder, and with rage at the senselessness of the crime. But this sorrow and rage will not inflame us to seek retribution; rather they will inflame our art. Our music will never again be quite the same. This will be our reply to violence: to make music more intensely, more beautifully, more devotedly than ever before. "

Best of luck to Crimson on their tour.

:: Posted by Undisciplined on November 14, 2015

OK, here’s a complete impression after spending a week with this new addition to the collection. The packaging and boooklet are excellent.

The Dvd-a and Blu Ray Audio discs are absolutely top shelf. As an album, only a couple of tracks enthralled me when it was new, "People" and "B’boom." Some of the other material seemed like reworking of "Red." However, it was always my belief that it would make more sense in surround. This version confirms it.

In 1995, the double trio concept seemed confusing in stereo. Plus, space was supposed to have been an issue with the it’s lineup. Why was there a need for an additional Stick player and drummer when 2 of the very best were already members. In stereo, it was difficult to ascertain the contributions of Trey and Pat. No such problems now.

Like anything else, nothing’s perfect. Not sure why complete Vroom Sessions and Nashville Sessions weren’t included, although the better material made the cut. My thinking is that this appeals to the same people who go for the CC releases. Edits and singles seem kind of superfluous, if not unnecessary.

Final verdict is that if this set had wider apppeal, it would have fit neatly on 3 Blu Ray discs. The redbook CD’s are the LOUDEST that have ever been run on any of my equipment. A real ear fatigue. This is rather perplexing, as this was not the case with any of the previous sets.

:: Posted by kboman on November 14, 2015

I’ve been speechless for something like 20 hours now. So horrible that there are just no words for it.

And the following was posted on Twitter by Jakko:

"Amazing crowd in Quebec. Just come off stage. Only to hear Helen who do catering for us has been shot in Paris. Her boyfriend died in her arms. We’re in state of shock. So fucking senseless"

Live tracks on Byte-Size THRAK
:: Posted by spanishbomb808 on November 14, 2015

One of the little mysteries left unresolved on the THRAK Box booklet was the provenance of the four live cuts featured on Byte-Size THRAK. Which performances did these assorted takes come from? 1994 Argentinean shows, perhaps?

THRAK tale of the tapes
:: Posted by GregK1 on November 14, 2015

Fantastic box set, congratulations on another excellent release! This 40th anniversary series is clearly how it should be done! One thing though, in David Singleton’s Tale of the Tapes in the liner notes, I believe there is a mistake. He states that VROOOM VROOOM was released in 1996; I believe it was actually released in 2002.

:: Posted by miles58 on November 14, 2015

So what brought about this change in photo policy that allowed Tony to be able to take pictures of the audience in Canada. Did this policy include allowing the paying customer to take photo’s, I very much doubt it. I was quite happy for Tony or any other band member to take photo’s of the concert I attended in the UK, and I am sure that most individuals who attended UK concerts would have been thrilled to have Tony take pictures of them cheering and clapping and have the opportunity to see themselves on his blog. I did not want to take pictures of the band and I did not want to see other individuals take take photo’s or film the concert. For seem reason I feel aggrieved that Tony was not allowed by the headmaster to take pictures of the audiences in the UK and yes I must sound like a school child who thinks they have been deprived but typically its always the UK audiences that are on the receipt of poor decisions when it comes to KC. I guess I should just be thank full they actually played here. I apologize for my wining.

Looking ahead.
:: Posted by Bakullama on November 13, 2015

Davidly lol... (I see what you did there) Say what you will about Spiro C. He has had a pretty good track record lately here in the U.S. Unfortunately.
And He is the only politician forever hoping he is wrong. All that aside, maybe the cyclops is merely The man with an aim. Peripheral vision being a thing of the past.

Out of Oculi, the Oculus
:: Posted by davidly on November 13, 2015

Those who forget the literary origins of King Crimson are doomed to repeat them. As are those who do not. I concur single-heartedly with Bakullama. This cover is dedicated to an American political personality whom we all know and love dearly. His name is Spiro C. Thiery.

With an eye toward this evening: Break their legs, gentlemen!

Single Eyed people....
:: Posted by Festus on November 13, 2015

have no perception of depth and have a reduced peripheral vision.
This would surely be a massive disadvantage if you were trying to watch a band with 3 drummers!

One eye again
:: Posted by Bakullama on November 12, 2015

To me the cyclops represents the rich and the inbred. The secret ruling class. Masons perhaps. Poised and ready to take us all to hell in a handbasket without a care in the world... Again.

Of course I’m reading Coudenhove Kalergi today... So I’m worried.

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