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Downloads of the
:: Posted by rtkcfan on August 09, 2015

Since the full reissues of "Beat" and "Three of a Perfect Pair" are not ready for release this year, would Robert Fripp consider at least releasing downloads (through Burning Shed) of Steven Wilson’s stereo remixes of the two albums, so that way we can enjoy the stereo remixes while waiting for the surround mixes and other bonus material that these 40th anniversary reissues will have?

At the very least, I hope if there’s a new Tour Box for the 2015 tour that it will contain an unreleased stereo remix or two from these forthcoming reissues.

Thanks! :)

Good idea
:: Posted by Bakullama on August 09, 2015

Stumpybunker, that really is a good idea... Those 3 albums so belong together. Three of a perfect pair being enough of a title for the red, blue and yellow. I cannot think of any three albums that could so beautifully be combined into one grand package.

Japan footage?
:: Posted by DouglasBramley on August 08, 2015

Hold everything! Does the US version of the Box NOT contain the Japan concert video? You wouldn’t be that heartless, would you? Please clarify. Thanks.

80s Box
:: Posted by stumpybunker on August 08, 2015

Whilst we’re waiting for Beat and 3OAPP, how about a reconfigure into a combined 80’s box?

It could be called something like ’ Perfect Beat Discipline’ and include the Moles club concert, Frejua soundtrack, absent lovers etc etc. .

It could have the 3 couples as horizontal stripes on the box relating to each title.
Lots of love, Frogpest.

:: Posted by silverwheel on August 07, 2015

Will there be a layaway option for the THRAK BOX?

:: Posted by orrason on August 07, 2015

If KC has any problem selecting material for the upcoming tour may I suggest the following:

Fracture and/or FraKCtured (maybe too challenging now in NST)
Easy Money (with a long improvised soloes from RF, JJ and MC)
Ladies of the road
The Great Deceiver

See you in Edinburgh

:: Posted by CalvinHobbes on August 07, 2015

Great news about the forthcoming THRAK BOX! A suggestion: How about a digital edition of the box via DGM Live for those of us whose budget is in between the physical box and the 2-disc CD/DVD-edition?

David Byrne
:: Posted by DouglasBramley on August 07, 2015

Nice to hear from Mr. Byrne, but how about a new album, David?

everything you wanted to know? not quite!
:: Posted by richardrj on August 07, 2015

The heading of the Thrak box Q&A claims to address "everything you wanted to know about the Thrak box".  Not quite true – the most important detail of all, the retail price, is not mentioned.

:: Posted by RayMaybe on August 06, 2015

Has anything from Lizard been considered for this tour?

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