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Only in the event - counterpoint
:: Posted by DanAnderson on October 20, 2014

A download release helps me to keep the event fresh as well as sonically fill in what I missed by bad acoustics (a lot of Mel Collins in my case). I guess weíll have to wait... sigh.

2014 Tour downloads
:: Posted by Hengus on October 20, 2014

Iím genuinely surprised by the decision not to release at least one show quickly...especially when there is clearly such a strong demand for one (from memory a 2008 recording came out very quickly after the show...and is, I think, the highest selling download to date on DGM?).

Unfortunately I guess the demand will be filled by the unofficial recordings which do exist, and in reasonable quality.

An opportunity (both for income, and to fuel interest in any upcoming activity from the band) missed, in my opinion.

Only in the event... :: by mGarnice
:: Posted by Valhalla on October 20, 2014

if I were lucky enough to attend one of those recent 2014 Crimson performances, I would be more than content to live in íthatí moment for a lengthy period of time. A download or recording of another live performance would to me, possibly be a downer in many aspects! Whenever I attend a decent concert that blows my socks off, I donít listen to any music for weeks after, in an attempt to remain in that ízoneí for as long as possible! Alas, time passes & the ízoneí slowly fades into a memory, but usually a good one at that! Cheers.

Sid - thanks.
:: Posted by DanAnderson on October 19, 2014

Thanks for the clarification. It sounds more like there arenít plans for immediate release as opposed to any downloads. Itís the difference between "wait for the goods" and "there ainít no goods."

Only in the event...
:: Posted by mGarnice on October 19, 2014

Only in the event that DGM might use this message board to gauge interest in such things, Iíd like to state that I would prefer to be able to buy KC2014 downloads as soon as is possible prior to the release planned for spring. I havenít stopped thinking about the two shows I saw on the tour and yearn to hear that music again. Enormous, unceasing yearning.

did I miss something?
:: Posted by DanAnderson on October 19, 2014

Whatís this about no downloads for the recent tour? I keep my eyes open on this site and I donít recall any mention of no downloads. Did I miss an announcement or something?

Sid or Stormy - please clarify.
There was a news item I posted yesterday and Mr.Stormy also responded to a guestbook query on Oct 16th. "At this time there are no plans for a download from the Elements Tour, as the multi-tracks are with jakko, and the band want to go through all the material before any release is made."

:: Posted by Chris_DeVito on October 18, 2014

Sid Smith sez: "there are no downloads of the 2014 tour envisaged at this stage."

Why not?
As stated Jakko is working through the tapes of the concerts. Once that's been done there'll be a discussion as to the most appropriate format for release.

Re: October 3, San Francisco: An Observation
:: Posted by gasmrv on October 18, 2014


Your 13th October post has got to be one of the most genuine posts Iíve ever come across on this site ó thank you. I took the liberty of forwarding the entire contents of it to a very meaningful person and they were quite moved by it. Thank you again.

(On an unrelated note, and regarding the rather lame "KC DVD release" posts I made a few days ago , I wonder how I could possibly have left out Exiles, such a meaningful track which formed part of the soundtrack of my life at a very key moment in, er, my life)

No downloads
:: Posted by becarmi on October 18, 2014

Well, we have been waiting 40 years to ear One More Red Nightmare live, I suppose we could wait a bit longer. Still, no plan download with spring 2015 as a soft date is a sad news.

Patience brings sweet rewards.
:: Posted by boobuns on October 18, 2014

   Like most DGM customers I am hoping for future downloads of the US Elements tour. An entire tour bundle would be ideal. From the reviews it appears that each night was stunning, warts, rowdy audients and all. It would be a very special treat to hear a live rendition of One More Red Nightmare and the drum trio in action. Perhaps there will be a live CD in the future.

  These things take time, and if/when they happen it will be done to the Crimbeastís standards. I would be more than happy if even one or two of the gigs are made available for download, and if not life will go on. Thereís more than enough concert material on DGM Live to keep me mused for a lifetime. Itís probably for the best that none of the concerts were filmed, as that would only distract from the performance.

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