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Caption competion
:: Posted by Obtuse17 on September 26, 2014

Live on stage it’s Levin and Fripp in an evening the critics are calling "unforgettable". The duo’s uncanny portrayal of G. Gordan Liddy and Timothy Leary through interpretive dance, will leave you breathless, and them also.

                                                           The Helm’s

Sea level is for sissies  

Re: Madison
:: Posted by snkzato1 on September 25, 2014

Not sure about the chocolate shop, but my brave girlfriend (who barely knows a Crimson song) and I found a kickin’ tex mex place down the street. Some pre-crim pork belly tacos were supreme.

Agreed, the show was amazing. Mr. Bill keeping his cool even while missing his bassdrum for a few songs, the electronic gamalan intro was such a gorgeous way to bring you into the impending chaos (For a brief moment I thought we were revisiting the 80s and about to hear waiting man), and a whole endless list of other glorious moments that if I indulge in will just sound like a raving madman.

I will share a brief exchange between myself and my girlfriend on the long drive back to Milwaukee. I figure you will all get a chuckle out of it.
"I liked the drummer on the left."
"Pat? The one with all the extra stuff?"
"Yea him. He was moving a lot, I liked that. He looked like he was having the most fun"

So kudos Pat for winning the "seemingly having the most fun award"

:: Posted by Light_ConstruKctor on September 25, 2014

So it can take pictures, but it doesn’t send text messages or make phone calls?? Genius.

Caption Contest
:: Posted by KLeigh88 on September 25, 2014

"How many times have I told you? You cannot truly experience the experience while taking a photograph!"

Madison 9-23-14
:: Posted by arrcee on September 25, 2014

Thank you to everyone who makes King Crimson touring possible. The payoff last Tuesday at the Barrymore was almost too splendid for words.

Sid - here’s my question for The Raging Heartless Venal Curmudgeon - "Does KC play the Barrymore because of the incredible chocolate shop next door?"

:: Posted by SSImuse on September 25, 2014

Remember, the law firm of Levin and Fripp are ready to fight for YOU!

Photo caption contest
:: Posted by keys2ascension on September 25, 2014

"Tony can photograph the audience but the audience can’t take photos of the band. Not fair? Get over it. Life isn’t fair. Just shut up and enjoy the music."

Desert Island Discs
:: Posted by FraKcman on September 25, 2014

Great to hear a snatch of 21stCSM on the latest edition of Desert Island Discs (BBC Radio 4, 21/09/14) - even if it was only courtesy of Kanye West. For those in the UK Steve McQueen’s Desert Island Discs is here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b04hml41

Staten Island NY 2/14/72
:: Posted by MarkLiebenthal on September 25, 2014

This was as peculiar a night as any. It was mid-week, raining and Valentine’s Day. I was already out of my mind over KC having seen them a couple of times already. Here they were headlining. I can’t recall the opening act, maybe Spooky Tooth. I don’t think it was Black Oak Arkansas who opened a few shows I’d seen. Well the venue was an old movie theater seating maybe 1500 or so. There were probably less than 20 people in the audience of the Ritz Theater. I wonder who is still out there pining away for this great music that attended that show. I am very fortunate to have experienced the life of King Crimson!

:: Posted by DALLENRUSKIN on September 25, 2014

2 shows in BOSTON, 4 in NYC, Do not miss these shows KC will rock your socks off! Fave show NYC #3 best running setlist and Tony put the gauge on RED that night and so did the other elements. If i had any easy money left i would go to the west coast shows. Any one have a free airline ticket? Best KC show since Central Park 1974.

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