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:: Posted by dgardiner on June 07, 2014

I always loved Frippís acoustic guitar in a King Crimson context.
Itís been a while.
Is he blowing the dust off it for this new inkcarnation?

What's so special about Wisconsin?
:: Posted by jimbugtm on June 07, 2014

@TheMarkedMan - If Iím not mistaken, Biff (see Robertís diaries for more info about Mr. Blumfumgagne - sorry if I misspelled it) is from Madison.
As for cheddar, having grown up in Madison myself, Iíve never had English cheddar, only the Wisconsin and Cuba (New York) varieties, so Iíll trust that the English variant is indeed superior as you say. (Until I get the chance to verify for myself, though, I have to say Cuba rules it, sorry Wisconsin.)
In any event, I hope that youíre able to attend in either Chicago, Madison, or wherever you can score tickets. As I said in an earlier post, the Boston shows are selling for $200, so $90 is a comparative steal. For a while there, I even thought about $90 + airfare + hotel as an alternative. (and there would be deep-dish pizza too.)
Best wishes, and good luck.

Seattle show
:: Posted by DanAnderson on June 07, 2014

Anyone heading up from Portland, Oregon to the Seattle show? Also love the picture after the first rehearsal of 21CSM. Sounds like all heíll is gonna break loose. Love it. See you there.

:: Posted by cmeixner on June 07, 2014

To theMarked Man
I happen to be in Milwaukee...there is a long history of Crim appearances in both Milwaukee and Madison. I saw the band at the Barrymore in 2002 (3?). This area has a significant fan base and I believe Mr. Fripps N. American equipment tech lives in Palmyra, Wi. a short distance east of Madison and Fripp has refered in the past to having equipment stored in Madison. And, Iíll put Wisconsin cheddar up against anybodyís anytime!

Chicago - EnoMan
:: Posted by TheMarkedMan on June 07, 2014

Thanks EnoMan.  $90.00 is do-able... just (Iím paying to take my nephew as well and I have a buddy flying out all the way from Colorado and we have a 3.5 hour drive to Chicago).  The prices I had been seeing for Chicago were more than I have would paid to see Miles Davis resurrect from the dead to play a show.

I wonder if the tour is really going to be limited to these 17 locations or will shows be added? Thereís certainly opportunities in the schedule to add shows.   Itís as if most of the states east of California all the way to Pennsylvania momentarily ceased to exist when they announced these shows.   Ok, thereís Illinois and... Wisconsin?  Really? Wisconsin?  Whatís so special about Wisconsin?  Itís not as if the cheddar is really all that great compared to the real English stuff and gosh, Madison is literally on Chicagoís doorstep. Weird, just weird.

:: Posted by JBeerLTIA on June 07, 2014

Where did you see that it was a farewell tour? Frankly, my information is limited to these excruciatingly teasing rehearsal pics.

:: Posted by EnoMan on June 07, 2014

Tickets for the Chicago show arenít being sold through ticketmaster. They are being sold through etix.com.

Chicago Sep 25/26 - Scalpers Only?
:: Posted by TheMarkedMan on June 07, 2014

I still do not see any tickets on tickemaster for the September shows in Chicago though Madison Wi is available already...   I DO see tickets at absolutely outrageous prices on scalper, ah um, "broker" sites for the Chicago shows.  This leads me to believe that scalpers, ah um, "brokers" got all of the Chicago tickets.  Anyone happen to know whether this is the case?   Sid???

Tickets for Chicago are here

A soundboard recording is the next best thing
:: Posted by jimbugtm on June 07, 2014

How I would love to attend the Boston or Madison shows (or both!). I have history with both places (live in the former, grew up in the latter), and saw crimsonís THRAK tour show at the Orpheum Boston.
Sadly, the $200 ticket price, while understandable in light of the cost of touring these days, is just out of the question.
So, hereís my very best wishes to the Mighty Crim, and my hopes that a recording will be offered here on DGM before too long.
And Happy Birthday to Robert (belatedly) and to TLev!

Maybe My Third King Crimson Show
:: Posted by TheMarkedMan on June 06, 2014

First was Denver May or Jun 1974.   Power was cut at the height of Talking Drum :(    Anyway, looks like Iíll have to make the 3.5 hour drive to Chicago though Ticketmaster does not yet have Chicago on sale as far as I can tell.  Looks like there are some gaps in that schedule.  Are those true rest days or opportunities for additional locations?  Would sure love seeing you back at the Egyptian Room here in Indianapolis.  Hey, you have a street named after you here   King Crimson Court.   Isnít that worthy of a visit?

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