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2000 tours
:: Posted by GregK1 on February 22, 2016

If you were to choose only one, which would you recommend, the west coast fall tour bundle or the Japan bundle? Iíll get them all eventually but which should I start with?

Japan 2000 Tour Bundle
:: Posted by GratefulJerry on February 22, 2016

Just a quick thanks to the powers that be for the Japan 2000 Tour Bundle.

Breathless and pretentious heroes
:: Posted by albemuth on February 21, 2016

I finally looked at the article that Carnamagos posted, regarding pretentiousness.  Thanks for that.  It is a good insight that the claim that something is pretentious is a lazy form of criticism, and one that often limits the imagination.  I will certainly come back to this and read Dan Foxís work. 

Thanks also to AgentOrange for the suggestion of Gabrielís cover of Heroes.  Thatís a nice way to recast the song and it works for Gabriel.  It is still a little hard for me to hear this song differently because I connect it so strongly with Bowieís voice. There is a live performance from Berlin in 2002 (with bass player Gail Ann Dorsey, who I had not noticed before) that is so good I do not want to touch it.  But now I am limiting my own imagination, I guess.

Thanks also to DGM for the article about Stein and Harryís plans to remake Alphaville.  Godardís reaction is amusing and a little bit mean, as usual, but he was surely correct.  The remake of A Bout de Souffle (featuring a snippet of Fripp and Eno) was not successful, IMHO.  However, Frippís Breathless, four years earlier, certainly was!

in the court of
:: Posted by 21stcenturyfripp on February 21, 2016

hi, just happy that king crimson are up and running again. In the court of the Crimson King was the first LP I ever bought. Looking forward to the UK dates.

What makes music?
:: Posted by Bakullama on February 21, 2016

Robert said.... "very difficult to put into words. But for reasons which are beyond knowing, at one particular point music bent over and took this band into its confidence. And itís very difficult not to have another shot at that."

Over the years Robert has many times quite successfully (in my opinion) endeavored to express himself and put into words the idea that the music is not always of us, but from a higher place. That we are merely a conduit with tools. This ancient vibe, this connection to the soul, this magic moment, when we somehow connect and relay, through a very personal and innate ability to receive.

These happy accidents, or gifts of creation, most certainly belong in the category of ancient wisdom.... Cavemen, Indians, hillbillies with fiddles, King Crimson, all with the need, the longing, to pull some sort of rational magic from their complicated worlds, surroundings, and minds, by using their hands, their voice, their instrument, and a sense of rhythm possibly inspired by their beating hearts, or sunrise and set, or waves on a beach. (Whatever it is, its very old).

This pipeline to the unintentional, the inspirational, the magical, has been flowing over the course of human history forever I Suppose, to whoever might recognize it, welcome it, and allow it to take them... If just for a little while.

yours truly,

We Could Be Heroes
:: Posted by AgentOrange on February 19, 2016

Posted by albemuth on February 18, 2016 wrote:


"But the song (Heroes) is very difficult and I have never heard a good cover of it (including KC)."


Check out Peter Gabrielís cover and lead track on Scratch My Back. The Deluxe CD even has an alternate mix on Disc 2. No guitar. Sparse piano and a bit of acoustic orchestra. Chilling ambient heaven.

Reasons to love the '70s
:: Posted by Frippouille on February 18, 2016

Hi there!

Stumbled upon this :

ęThere are lots of un-ironic reasons to love the 1970s, but most of them are musicalóthe punk explosion, No-Wave/mutant disco, MotŲrhead, Thin White Duke era Bowie, those really kickass King Crimson albums with John Wetton, and on and on and on.Ľ


Between and Bowie
:: Posted by albemuth on February 18, 2016

I never thought of KC as being outside the mainstream.  Prog was a reasonably-good market in the early 1970s.  KC was interesting, then and later, because it put itself in between pop music and avant guard.  Itís a tough balancing act.  To his credit, Fripp has recognized when it is necessary to walk away from the market.  It does not lessen KCís accomplishments to say that the other thing is true also: that Fripp was careful to insure that KC was commercially viable.

Kanye West is also in between, but in a different sort of way.  Listening to the new disk, it is hard not to marvel that those truly weird sounds are on a "mainstream" release. 

I donít think it mattered much that Nile Rodgers had a different interpretation of Heroes.  But the song is very difficult and I have never heard a good cover of it (including KC).  The main thing is that the vocals need power and pain.  Lady Gaga has the power but not the pain.  Her review of Bowieís songs was a little too "Vegas."  I think she meant well and was glad to see her and Rodgers having fun.  But Bowie is deeper stuff.

Bowie and the Grammys
:: Posted by snkzato1 on February 18, 2016

Perhaps Iím being overly critical, but was I the only one frustrated to see only ONE person who had worked with David Bowie performing during his tribute piece on Monday nightís Grammys?

Why not include the many living musicians who were involved in his recording and touring life....many of them Crimson affiliates. Nile Rodgers, bless his heart, did a terrible job of Frippís part on "Heroes". Not sure if Robert would ever want to be on The Grammy stage (except to maybe get a few minutes to blast the big record companies on national television), but someone needed to be there to do it justice. Iím sure Belew could have done a serviceable job.

Iím assuming the thought process went "Well yea we could invite the many living people who worked with David Bowie to perform some of his songs...but the kids really dig Lady Gaga. Throw Nile Rodgers in for good measure"

:: Posted by writingmiles on February 16, 2016

Come, now. Music is not dying. Just listen.

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