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Tonight In Toronto
:: Posted by zootz1962 on November 20, 2015

Wonderful show tonight in Toronto. So great to hear Easy Money. Disappointed that you left the stage when clearly the show wasn’t over. Considering that everyone in the entire house had a camera and DIDN’T use it throughout showed great restraint. I’m not sure why you think doing something like that to a paying audience is ok.
Still love you though.

:: Posted by Frippouille on November 19, 2015

Hi there!

A matter of interest for Mr Fripp (and anyone else curious about the corruption in the music industry):


About Sly Stone’s royalties for several years paid back to him.

By the way, great Crimson show in MTL the 16!

Philippe Dansereau

T Lev sez...
:: Posted by Bakullama on November 19, 2015

"To me, yes, King Crimson is progressive rock, but I avoid using the term ’prog rock’ because it’s come to signify the progressive rock of the late 60s and ".

That settles it!

Don’t think i have ever heard a simpler or better answer to this age old question. Now Gospel in my book. :)

T. Levin interview
:: Posted by DannyX on November 19, 2015

"To me, yes, King Crimson is progressive rock, but I avoid using the term ’prog rock’ because it’s come to signify the progressive rock of the late 60s and early 70s".

Um, doesn’t that include the bulk of the material they’re currently touring with? ’Reimagined’, of course...

Response to 'Undiciplined'
:: Posted by jazzlover on November 19, 2015

In your blatant hypocrisy, you have just illustrated the posting style of the immature, obsessive, offended at the drop of a hat, hypocritical and irrelevant name-dropping music fan on the internet far and wide.

Thank you for further proving my point.

Thanks fellas - this correspondence is now closed.

:: Posted by Undisciplined on November 18, 2015

Funny how a impression can cause somebody else offense, and then

’Undisciplined’ Audiophoolery
:: Posted by jazzlover on November 16, 2015

Regarding the CDs in the THRAK BOX being the loudest CDs ever made, one suggestion: figure out where the VOLUME knob is on your rig.

The CDs are not overly-compressed. Team DGM has again done a wonderful job.

1.) As point of reference, I’ve messaged multiple times and spoken at great length on transatlantic phone calls twice with the DVD authoring engineer, Neil Wilkes. It would be safe to say that he respects my opinion. Indeed, it was my direct feedback to him that the 24/196 were overkill on previous editions. He was quite interested in my feedback. Notice also that the Blu Ray audio discs are now in 24/96. A connection, maybe?

2.) As for the next sentence, that wasn’t even close to what was posted. The statement was that it was loudest on my equipment.

Oh, and seeing the current lineup Friday night. (If Sid is around and time permits, hopefully, there’ll be a chance to say hello!)

If you still think my opinion is so invalid, would love to hear the reasons!

:: Posted by Headless_Horseman on November 18, 2015

This grin... I cannot wipe this stupid grin from my face. I received the 2-Disc edition of THRAK earlier today, and I’ve just finished the CD stereo mix. I wish to thank everybody involved for not only a tremendous album (I always enjoyed the original mix), but for this beautiful and chaotic remix, too.

Wayne Shorter and future-sound
:: Posted by Chris_DeVito on November 17, 2015

From a recent interview of Wayne Shorter (http://www.kcet.org/arts/artbound/counties/los-angeles/jazz-saxophonist-wayne-shorter.html):

Shorter still tours regularly with his quartet, challenging audiences with a collective improvisation that dances with the ethereal and blinks with synchronistic sorcery. After more than 60 years onstage, he is still happily reaching for the unknowable with horn in hand.

"There was always a lot at stake," he says. "In hindsight, I can see it more clearly. The trap-door is becoming gratified in a moment, of believing that you are there wherever there is in the world. You’re there and somebody else is not there. You have reached a place lots of people haven’t reached. To be in a state of glorified bliss, that’s a trap. A big trap. To realize that humbling oneself sincerely, going through that process of being humble, to realize that awards are OK but to reveal oneself in front of an audience... Take off all your awards. Go on the stage naked. Or your pajamas. And go out there and do what you can do to inspire something greater than yourself."

:: Posted by AndrewJohn on November 17, 2015

..thank you albemuth for raising this now. You’ve given me the courage to comment.... I agree... so all the very best for good health to return to Gary Green and JW, and indeed the fabulous John ’Pugwash’ Weathers.

For me Gentle Giant musically speaking are the other side of the coin to KC indeed the antidote to KC and vica versa. Surprisingly this feeling continues despite GG’s 10 year lifespan and note the absence of their resurrection.

I was lucky enough to see GG, with friends and others, in the 70’s, March 1974, Manchester&Liverpool in 1975(?) and at the Free Trade Hall on the Interview tour May 1976. At this last gig ’our crew’ waited at the stage door and kindly the band gave us their autographs (I recall how simple & easy this was-politeness the order of the day). ’Best Wishes’ added Kerry Minnear then as he does on the Burning Shed signed picture available now. What a special link and reflection this is over the years.

GG drove their music and created wonders - Music drives how KC sounds and challenges those who create it to discover what it might be now. The control comes from different places but the system works.

Long may the thrill of the music of these 2 bands continue and that of any music that moves anyone to feel more keenly the experience of life.

Gary Green
:: Posted by albemuth on November 16, 2015

I’ve always been a big fan of Gentle Giant.  I can’t quite figure out why their contribution is SO important, but I am convinced that it is! 

I’m sorry to hear that guitarist Gary Green is having health worries.  (We are already worried for John Wetton and thinking good thoughts for him.)

On the Three Friends website it says: "Gary Green was admitted to Hospital yesterday with a heart attack, he had a cardiac stent fitted and he is recovering well and should be home in a day or two but must take things easy for a while."

I am sure we all wish Gary the best!

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