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:: Posted by emory0 on June 28, 2016

"it is always horrible when they die"

I was once present at the moment one of the family cats died, a dummy of a cat named Dizzy. But my experience was almost the opposite of horrible: Strangely, I felt privileged: Privileged to be present at the very moment of Dizzy’s death (he knew I was there), and privileged to have had several years with that nutty cat (several times a day he’d jump at pigeons on the fire escape despite the fact there was a screen in the windowsill). Because Dizzy didn’t die young, nor extremely old and enfeebled, it felt like Dizzy had a good, if not exceptionally long life, so that mourning his loss also came with a sort of thankfulness that he had been with us. But being present at his death felt like a significant and rare gift that can not easily be put into words.

:: Posted by GonzalezPaulo on June 27, 2016

Some people don’t care about animals , but for those of us who love them, it is always horrible when they die. I lost my cat about a month ago. Sorry Robert for the loss of your pet.

:: Posted by emory0 on June 27, 2016

That Yondr thing’s interesting.* Perhaps we will soon get to the point where people ask before buying a ticket whether the show will be phone-free or not. Those wanting to stare into their phone during a great concert will seek out those bands that welcome it, while us old anti-phone squares can slum it staring at the actual live band, in all its analog glory, without intermediating screens or having our field of view cluttered up with the tiny glowing screens of phones held aloft.

I’m curious to see if there will be bands that have some concerts phone-free and other concerts with phones free to do whatever. It’ll be interesting to hear the performers as well as the fans compare the phoned and unphoned shows.

*: Meanwhile, I still think my idea of selling tickets to a conveyor belt in front of a high rez screen of a show for the purpose of selfies, etc... could make us a bundle. Who’s in?

Happy Birthday to Ian McDonald
:: Posted by holmini on June 25, 2016

Wishing Mr. Ian McDonald a joyful day with family and friends, thankful for wonderful music on various instruments. When I was a teenager, also another band co-founded - Foreigner had some well-known hits, that are for me connected with memories... For your future all the best with the fabolous Honey West and everything you plan. 
Peaceful, happy days,


:: Posted by microbunny on June 24, 2016

So sorry to hear of the passing of Willyfred.
My wife and I really loved reading and seeing all of his photos and stories over his many years.
He will be sadly missed.
Our sincere condolences to you both.

Wilyfred's passing
:: Posted by ghorra on June 24, 2016

Sincere condolences on Wilyfred’s passing.

His appearances on here always made me smile and the obvious joy and even glee he gave you both was wonderful to behold.


Passing of WillyFred
:: Posted by holmini on June 24, 2016

I feel sad to hear that WillyFred has left you ... It was always so joyful to see the pictures and hear the story’s. ..we’ll never forget,. fly home prince of rabbits

:: Posted by sylvanasheart on June 23, 2016

Good Rabbit Willyfred.May we meet in the clearing at the end of the path.And we say thankee-sai,Robert and Toyah,for sharing that love.

:: Posted by jbyrne on June 23, 2016

My deep condolences to Robert and Toyah on wee Wilf’s passing.
Jeff Byrne

Willy Fred
:: Posted by llampcat on June 23, 2016

My condolences. It was endearing for the KC family

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