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in re diary post may 2
:: Posted by dubhthaigh on July 05, 2014

one is never too young to enjoy tea with fripp


2014 Crimson
:: Posted by Valhalla on July 05, 2014

One thought that has been lurking in the back of my mind over the decades, what happened to the occasional acoustic guitar in Crimsonís music? I donít recall any since the early 70ís, I may be wrong on that, I wonder if that will change with this current lineup?

Venturing Unto Joy = LTIA pt. 1?
:: Posted by DeVito on July 04, 2014

It definitely sounds like Larksí part 1 to me, specifically the section where (on the original version) Wetton plays a sort of wah-wah bass solo.

Charity Strat
:: Posted by EnoMan on July 04, 2014

I wonder if we could get more details:
- about the strat
- about the likely location of the seats

Re; Venturing by schizoidman
:: Posted by Valhalla on July 04, 2014

It is nice indeed to hear the Frippmeister ripping it up! Is that track an updated version of Larkís Tongue in Aspic part 1? As soon as the drums kick in, it reminds me of something from that album! Bravo I say!

New Vinyl releases?
:: Posted by DevlinC on July 03, 2014

Excited to see Equatorial Stars get a vinyl release - does this lead the way for future vinyl releases of albums previously unavailable on vinyl? The remaining 3 Crimson albums, for example?

good sounding recorded music possibility
:: Posted by ericbest on July 03, 2014

Have very much enjoyed the high definition music on the recent bout of issues and reissues. Neil Youngís Pono project seems promising in this direction. Is this something of interest to the folks at DGM?

:: Posted by schizoidman on July 03, 2014

Thank you for the Venturing Unto Joy Pt 1 download from KC í14. Itís good to hear Robert Fripp playing those long sustained guitar lines again and the KC í72-í74 feel of the music. The new band are going to be terrific!

It's only talk!
:: Posted by Rhymes_With_Eloquent on July 02, 2014


... recent Guestbook activity ...
:: Posted by DeVito on July 02, 2014

... Babble, burble, banter... Bicker bicker bicker ... Brouhaha, balderdash, ballyhoo ... itís only talk ... Cheap talk!

:: Posted by Rhymes_With_Eloquent on July 02, 2014

To clarify: thereís been absolutely no official mention of anyone using the name Larks. I just heard the new snippet and it occurred to me that I hope they didnít try to tag one of the new songs as Larks. I will still enjoy the music exactly the same, I just postulated they should retire the name rather than having a new version with each incarnation. Itís Frippís et alís call, not mine. Iím just giving an opinion on the forum.

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