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turntables / wall plaques
:: Posted by nighthealer on October 21, 2014

The splendid turntables have given me a idea for some merchandise. How about wall plaques of the Discipline & LTIA covers, about 12" in diameter? I would definitely buy them!

NYC Shows
:: Posted by jhessel on October 20, 2014

At first I thought the idea of 3 drummers was absurd and indulgent. Then I let go of the negativity and bought tickets.  The three drummer set up, especially with the drummers out front, was so unique and refreshing, I gained such an appreciation of the talent and creativity of these 3 men.

Not to short shrift anyone else in the band whose talents and creativity are well documented, but there was something really special about the drummers and they way they played so well together.  I think in the diary Robert Fripp said something like, itís okay not to play, and that really gave everyone the space they needed.  So thankful to see these shows!

And Mel Collins was an added bonus!!

Highlights were all over the place, but sitting in the first row on Saturday in NYC and listening to Bill Reiflin play the Sailors Tale is my favorite memory of the show. My good friend next to me is still talking about Starless.

I also bought a hat!

I think the confusion about downloads is caused by the Elements tour link which has a column for Audio Downloads for every night including the rehearsals.  Wouldnít that be awesome!

If you buy the tour box (highly recommended) you will get some recordings of this new Crimson along with some great older stuff.

And thanks to Tony Levin for taking my picture!

Boston Night 2
:: Posted by username1 on October 20, 2014

I havenít seen as many people writing about this concert, which is unfortunate as it was extremely good.

"Larksí Tongues in Aspic I" was a great way to start. The percussion intro was executed perfectly, and Melís saxophone (and flute) fit the piece well. "Level Five" kept the momentum going. "A Scarcity of Miracles" was very good as well, but it sort of killed the momentum built by the first two songs.

Next was "Pictures of a City" with a short percussion intro. The arrangement was changed quite a bit, and the three drummers created a lot of sonic space for the rest of the band to play within. I especially loved the fills right before the vocal sections.

Iíve never liked Islands as much as King Crimsonís other albums (although I still find it to be rather good), so I wasnít expecting much from "The Letters" or "Sailorís Tale." Not only did they sound far better than they do on the album, but they were some of the best performances of the night.

"The ConstruKction of Light" was slightly altered to include a flute-based section. It was different, but without standing out as something thatís out of place. "Red" was great, especially the addition of the flute played over the bass solo. That was, for me, as good as the addition of the saxophone to LTiA1. "One More Red Nightmare" was perhaps the low point of the concert for me, although thatís probably because everything else was so good.

"VROOM," "The Talking Drum," and "Larksí Tongues in Aspic II" went together well.

My favorite version of "Starless" has always been the one from CD1 of The Great Deceiver. The Boston performance came close, if it wasnít as good. Melís saxophone was great, and Robertís guitar intro was as good as the violin in the older recordings.

After "Starless," the band left the stage. When they came back, there was a short percussion intro followed by the best rendition of "21st Century Schizoid Man" Iíve ever heard. There was so much energy in the performance despite being at the end of the set. I usually hate drum solos, but Gavinís solo was amazing and didnít take away from the song as a whole.

There were a few things I didnít like about the concert, but they are extremely minor (such as the level of vocal distortion during "Schizoid Man" or the guitar tone in LTiA2).

Overall, not only was the music played very well, and with amazing intensity, but it all felt new. They took songs that people know, and continued to adapt and improve them. Every King Crimson line-up before has done this, and to me itís a defining trait of the band. I really hope there is a new album or something released by this incarnation of the band. I also hope that there are downloads and/or another tour, not just so I can hear the music again, but so other people can as well. They have, once again, continued to push new boundaries and do things it seems only King Crimson can do in a way that sounds good.

Starless and Bible Black Vinyl?
:: Posted by abunai on October 20, 2014

Since I didnít think there was quite enough comments on here about new and upcoming releases, I wanted to ask if there are any plans of re-releasing S&BB on vinyl in the future?

Also is the vinyl/3D Blu-Ray bundle of all the shows from the Elements Tour coming out this week? (just kidding!!!)
There will be a vinyl edition of Starless & Bible Black scheduled at some point

Stick Men are THE Man!
:: Posted by drewkahn on October 20, 2014

I couldnít figure my old ID so made a new one. I discovered KC in 1982 at 13. Was at two of the Best Buy shows and did as I hoped get to Iridium with my 10-year-old son (and sometimes band-mate) to be wowed by the magic of Markus, Tony and Pat...hoped to meet them apres and more importantly to give my son a chance to do the same. Mission accomplished. The performance was obviously tremendous, and a treat in such a room. But I am posting to let the men know what an impression they made on my kid, signing CDs, taking pictures, giving him props for being into music so young, etc. As I was fortunate to do because of my fatherís involvement in the biz, I am doing with my kids which is exposing them to music of all kinds early...my son has seen KISS and Stick Men this year...as he has eaten McDonaldís and Michelin stars too. My daughter is close behind and wants to be a drummer. Wife is a flautist. I muck about on anything with strings, skins, or buttons. My point is that my kids might like to jump around to Miley when they play with friends but they drum to Thrak in the car. To MEET some of those players pretty much blew his mind and will no doubt be remembered for life when the 1D and Miley records have been long forgotten. So in a word or two - THANK YOU Stick Men. On Saturday in NYC you were "da man" ;) And now about 200 5th graders in Connecticut will hear all about it today...

:: Posted by simkin_eden on October 20, 2014

I find it quite strange that the loudest and most persistent demands for the release of downloads of the recent KC concerts is coming from those who attended performances!

Seems some people are never satisfied, those of us who couldnít see them for a myriad of reasons are willing to wait. And if they never appear, then that is the choice of the performers.

Any chance those that did attend can have more to say about the performances (other than wanting downloads)?

Only in the event - counterpoint
:: Posted by DanAnderson on October 20, 2014

A download release helps me to keep the event fresh as well as sonically fill in what I missed by bad acoustics (a lot of Mel Collins in my case). I guess weíll have to wait... sigh.

2014 Tour downloads
:: Posted by Hengus on October 20, 2014

Iím genuinely surprised by the decision not to release at least one show quickly...especially when there is clearly such a strong demand for one (from memory a 2008 recording came out very quickly after the show...and is, I think, the highest selling download to date on DGM?).

Unfortunately I guess the demand will be filled by the unofficial recordings which do exist, and in reasonable quality.

An opportunity (both for income, and to fuel interest in any upcoming activity from the band) missed, in my opinion.

Only in the event... :: by mGarnice
:: Posted by Valhalla on October 20, 2014

if I were lucky enough to attend one of those recent 2014 Crimson performances, I would be more than content to live in íthatí moment for a lengthy period of time. A download or recording of another live performance would to me, possibly be a downer in many aspects! Whenever I attend a decent concert that blows my socks off, I donít listen to any music for weeks after, in an attempt to remain in that ízoneí for as long as possible! Alas, time passes & the ízoneí slowly fades into a memory, but usually a good one at that! Cheers.

Sid - thanks.
:: Posted by DanAnderson on October 19, 2014

Thanks for the clarification. It sounds more like there arenít plans for immediate release as opposed to any downloads. Itís the difference between "wait for the goods" and "there ainít no goods."

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