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London gig 2015
:: Posted by royskagen on November 07, 2014

I would rather say itís an insult for people abroad, like myself as I am from Norway. I would very much like to travel to London to see Crimso The Mighty Beast. Of course I like people from Manchester and else where to get Crimson nearby, but a gig in London too is Very important for the abroad crimson entusiast. Great news anyway... Hurray!

Re; New Crimson material
:: Posted by Valhalla on November 07, 2014

Excellent news indeed! Wonderful to hear Fripp & Jakko are in the studio, & whoever else from the band also! Agree with his London calling, getting out & about in the country, so to speak! I am from Oz & I agree with that, being a country lad & all. The Mighty Crim, brilliant.

Mel C to Toyah Willcox to Robert Fripp
:: Posted by jhessel on November 06, 2014

Mel C and Toyah performed in Queenmania (April 9, 2005)  and Toyah and Robert have performed together in the Humans.

I wonder how many people beat me to this?!?

RF WFC 2010
:: Posted by toycritic on November 06, 2014

Like mckennon10, Iíve been praying for a release of RFís Soundscapes at the World Financial Center in NYC. While a bundled online release of FLAC and MP3 files would probably make the most sense economically, I would be glad to pony up for a DVD-Audio or Blu-ray set including surround sound mixes. The performances were beautiful and a great gift to the audience. I still play the WNYC streams quite often.

Question for ulrichspiegel
:: Posted by ulrichspiegel on November 06, 2014

It has never occured to me that anyone here might connect Sporty Spice (who ever this might be) to King Crimson. In my context Mel C of course refers to Mel Collins who has a long-time member of the Helmut Zerlett studio band in the Harald Schmidt late night show. The last recording with Mel Collins here in Cologne was the final recording of the late Stefan Krachten. There will be a concert honoring Stefan Krachten on November 8, 2014 in the Rhenania Club, and I hope Mel Collins will participate. Mark Charig gave a concert in the award winning LOFT in Cologne just one month ago.
Quetion for the net competetion: connect Mel Collins in as few steps as possible to Mel C (of Spice Girls).
Now there's a challenge - I can do it in one. Anybody else?

RE: Mixing
:: Posted by gruffydd on November 06, 2014

Years ago, I took 2 different version of íMaryí from Robert Frippís "Exposure" CD, and made a version that had Daryl Hall in the right channel, and Terre Roche in the left channel. It was interesting to be able to simultaneously compare and contrast their phrasing and attack of the vocals. It was a little chaotic, but still fun. Iíll have to see if I still have that stored away somewhere.

RE: Mixing
:: Posted by SnakeCained on November 06, 2014

Ah so you have your own mix of Frame by Frame?

But have you added your own guitar parts to the mix? ;-)

Thanks to the fantastically accurate score that Treyís friend did there is nothing stopping you.

Well assuming that you can actually play the guitar and are also capable of executing the parts. Belewís is mostly do-able but Frippís..... well lets just say it took me a couple of years! And Iím still not happy with what I have.

I encourage DGM to do more of this kind of thing (Multitrack revelations) it really provides fantastic insight into our favourite music and allows those of us with unchecked ambition to join the band for the evening in our own home.

For those of you with a technical bent, the Thrak and Power to Believe albums can be very revealing if you start muting the left or right channel. For example you can make Belew "disappear" on say Level 5 and enjoy the challenge of replacing him. And that is a challenge!

And lets not have any comments on Belew disappearing from Crimson in general. It has happened. We move on...

:: Posted by gruffydd on November 05, 2014

I was able to make my own new mix of "Frame By Frame" by marrying the latest Mr. Stormy Mondayís Selection - the version stripping away the guitars, and adding the center vocal track from the 5.1 mix. It sounds pretty cool.

we want gods
:: Posted by andyfromozz on November 05, 2014

To many of us who donít have the talents of the Dylans, Lennons or Fripps of this world, their skill can seem amazing, mystical, even god-like. As there is no evidence of the actual existence of any supernatural beings... we mere mortals instead must elevate our heroes into "god" status.

Alas our "rock gods" are only too human. The bullets that ended Lennonís life suddenly made him into a saint, yet we all know he most certainly was not. Dylanís fans seem almost cultish in their devotion to the great man. Dare I say it here, but many of us seem to worship RF in the same way.

Iím not putting anyone down, just making the point that we humans want gods...I can only imagine the mindfuck it can create for the talented people who become "gods" in the minds of their fanatical followers. It must be difficult to keep ones feet on the ground in the face of incessant grovelling and praise for ones talent.

For every humble artist who just wants to be treated as a normal homo sapiens, there would be another that desires to be a god...and if they are lucky enough to have the requisite star quality, there will be the fans ready to help them achieve their dream.

cheers andy from mt olympus

2015 venues in Silesia
:: Posted by rzachol on November 05, 2014

Well, if venues are being discussed at Silesia Studio, why not discussing a venue in Silesia ? For example in the beautiful city of Wroclaw, which happens to be the capital of Lower Silesia, every May 1st there is a "Market Square of Guitars" event where a few thousand people play Hey Joe as a tribute to Jimi Hendrix (you might want to look up www.heyjoe.pl) with the likes of Steve Morse, Al di Meola or Steve Vai on stage - would be wonderful to have #KC2015 gig there ...

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