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Vinyl orpheum
:: Posted by Bakullama on March 05, 2015

Count me as another who got that same email from amazon about the vinyl orpheum... I took the refund. I’m guessing the vinyl sold out pretty quick?

The Power To Believe review & the 'occult etc' comments!
:: Posted by Valhalla on March 05, 2015

A wonderful review indeed. I agree whole heartedly with the ’review’ of the TCOL album also. I personally think that album is Crimson’s lowest point in many ways, a damn boring album & the few tracks that are played on the Eyes Wide Open DVD, are suffice to represent it’s better moments. TPTB was a much improved effort & that ’live’ dvd I mentioned, is second to none for sound & filming quality. A Brilliant DVD!
On another topic, I enjoyed the comments a few days ago from both Bakullama & TheNightWatcher. I nearly jumped in myself there for a second, but thought that enough was said already. Cheers.

:: Posted by NoiseMachine on March 04, 2015


I received the same email from Amazon, and opted to stick it out. Anecdotally my band did a small vinyl release for our LP last year, and we had several issues that caused us to delay the release of the physical records for a few months. I am not implying anything about the way DGM or any other parties do business, but there may have been an issue which pushed the entire timetable back.

P Alexandria
:: Posted by DanAnderson on March 04, 2015

What impressed me about the gig was that Ade got sick so what did the boys do? Instead of giving up the ghost for the night, they went into P3 mode and cooked. Many other bands would have taken the night off. Impressive.

ProjeKCt 3 Alexandria - Mandatory!
:: Posted by Maximus on March 04, 2015

I strongly recommend this one. Introductory soundscape went extremely well for an opening soundscape. Usually, the introductories are not that great (with the exception of the ProjeKCt gigs) but this one is very beautiful, it evokes some pretty yearning emotions from a listener. The overall ’scape is quite minimalistic, not a huge orchestration, but that doesn’t matter here. The high quality of music is there, regardless of the amount of sounds looped.

Improv I - The ’scape continues and Pat adds the Heaven & Earth motiff of his, there are some vague but beautiful soloic additions from Robert, and Trey is playing bass. After the ’scape fades out, the Improv morphs into something similar to Heavy ConstruKCtion motiffs, unfortunately the boner-giving opening chords of that theme are not there. Maybe not highest point of the gig, but its not low either! Still good, and I rarely skip that moment.

Level Five - Shortened, changed and cut in few places, but very interesting because of this. Trey’s solo at the end is SICK!! It brutally fires me up to the highest level possible.

Improv II - OMG. The patented brand of extremeley fast series of bell sounds from Robert, and Trey’s bass are just an introduction to something utterly fantastic. If Light ConstruKCtion theme would die and get reincarnated to be a better person, then it would become this. If you have weed somewhere close (the best music enhancer in the world), then pack up your pipe or bong to the fullest, smoke it all up, wait for the peak (few minutes), and listen to this. Every piece of bass solo from Robert at the low end is just perfect, and that Trey’s soloing over this is out if this world. While being in that blessed state of THC influence on the mind, I had an impression of sitting in a dark theatre of Crimson colours. Yes, pure Crimson quality is there, it is radiating from this track.

TPTB II - Every single musical operation is twice as long, as is the length compared to the original track. I like it, it went very well. If you want to hear more of that singing-whale-impression Trey’s motiff in that track, then you’re welcome. Want to hear more of those gentle bell exchanges? Listen to this.

Facts of Life - The fact is, no matter how closely I study it, no matter how I break apart my mind with this, it remains consistently explosive. Almost nothing is left of the original theme except the blistering and destructive solo from Robert. If you’re about to take off the headphones, but you still have those three minutes before the bus stop or whatever the place of the destination, and that craving for a good tough shot of Crimson music is still there, then listen to this.

SUS-TAYN-Z!!!! My favourite ProjeKCt theme, 3 minutes of that extremely powerful, tear squeezing out-of-your-eyes (of course: YEARNING) soloing between the duo. Leaves me always speechless. Then the exchanges get more spacious, even ambient-like, while Robert is looping his additions, together with soundscapal effects. Trey’s contributions: psychoticly enhancing to the musical experience of this track. At one moment he’s just keeping one sound for quite long, that one got me too, sick. Great!! Around the 7 minute mark, Robert creates a new loop and Trey gets more oriented towards bass sounds (but still adds some screeching-wyvern guitar sounds of his). The overall mood after that 3 minutes is more scary, spacious, as if someone was discovering something, like diving into a big underground spacious abandoned ancient ruins. That new loop is even more like this, like more fear, but together with a sense of completion, with that screaming guitar lines looped. Utterly amazing moment, and emotionaly tough. Pat has found a really fantastic way to fit even better into that theme, throughout the whole song. Pat is generally so good and at the steady level of high quality, that I forget to mention him. Because its obvious that he is going to deliver! But here he delivers even more.

TDOTT - One of the better renditions of this theme. I have a lot of TDOTTs, I listen to those that I judge to be the best. This one is on the list.

VROOOM - Well, Vrooom. As usual, fiery and powerful.

Fantastic gig, that has a specific musical atmosphere to it. It was great to see that one-day short-lived another manifestation of one of the best KC line-ups. It sounds very different when compared to P3s of ’99. I miss all of the ProjeKCts terribly, and when I’ve found out... that there is something more... I’ve grabbed this one instantly, and it does satiate that hunger, as much as it can.

Orpheum vinyl
:: Posted by ChewChewGumChew on March 03, 2015

I pre-ordered "Live at the Orpheum" back in January from Amazon. I just got an e-mail saying they are "still trying to obtain" a copy, and would I rather have a refund. Did anyone else get this message? Does everybody here in the states have one but me? Are there any other places that have this in stock? Suggestions?

My Squ3lchy Lif3
:: Posted by KramNamloc on March 03, 2015

Immediately after listening to the audience questions to P3 (in i-Tunes), and hearing RF revealing his reasoning on why his private life is private [!], "My Squelchy Life" started playing. Apropos.

:: Posted by Bakullama on March 02, 2015

Thats one fine resume Mr Singleton...

"But first... Are you experienced?"
"Have you ever been experienced?"

Wish you the best of luck Sir.

As much as I’d like to try my luck on the V factor, I’m afraid I sound a lot like Willie Nelson after a giant bong hit. I noticed that the song "San Manuel" could very easily be sung with a country twang. Hmmm. Maybe.

:: Posted by chessplayer on March 02, 2015

...I wonder whether RF signed off that poster, KC in San Francisco, or not. If the answer is yes, everything is in order. If not, then the issue possibly loses any relevance, flushing into the most common nonsense stream.

:: Posted by Bakullama on March 02, 2015

Apology accepted... Must have been my dramatic writing style. And I Am honored that you took the time to dissect my post so thoroughly. I was thinking about writing a paragraph about how dark symbology could possibly affect impressionable minds. You know, just for conversations sake... But now i see there is no need.

Now the guestbook is really cooking

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