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if it's not too late
:: Posted by Undisciplined on August 13, 2015

Seeing as though Beat & Three of a Perfect Pair are delayed, this might still be a good time to offer a suggestion. It would certainly seem appropriate (if possible) to include the "Bruford and the Beat" video as bonus material on Beat!

Website Design
:: Posted by simkin_eden on August 13, 2015

So CrumbledFingers DGM needs a re-design.

You tell us í... cinematic widescreen monitors as a standard...í Oh yes, whose standard? I donít see that many in my job giving PC support to home users, and those I do use them like none-widescreens, as if the extra width wasnít there. Both of us arguing on flimsy evidence!

Dump the P J Crook icons, are you really trying to upset people - if that era has passed why on the current tour are the 2015 incarnation of KC playing stuff from that time? Perhaps nobody has told them its time to move on.

Sounds like change for changes sake, the curse of the modern world.

Yours stuck in the dark ages - Mike

Prime meter love
:: Posted by johnfgibson on August 13, 2015

dnewkirk, vargan: thanks!

Of course youíre right about many pieces having multiple meters or being written as 4+3 while heard as 7. For example, David Singletonís transcription of LTIA2 is in 10/8, but I hear it in 5/4.

Iím grateful to you for pointing out that the end of Lament is in 7 --Iíve been so busy simply rocking to that over the years I never bothered to count. Iíve also heard a measure here or there of LTIA2 in 11, but itís so fleeting. Oyster Soup drums in 11? Iím still working on hearing that!

Iím looking for pieces that are *driven* by the primes and thoughts from people on how they hear ambiguous meters. Do people agree that Night Watch and Sailorís Tale feel like slow 2? Also, Iíd appreciate any alternatives to Prelude: Song of the Gulls for 3 (though it is growing on me...)

Current list:

0. Larksí Tongues in Aspic, part I, intro
2. Night Watch, Sailorís Tale
3. Song of the Gulls
5. Larksí Tongues in Aspic, part II, Discipline, Indiscipline, FracKtured, ...
7. Level Five
11. Oyster Soup Kitchen Floor Wax Museum
13. Starless

Regarding the seven headed beast taking on material from Starless and Bible Black: Iím thrilled. For me, thatís one of Crimsoís finest. My guess for material is Great Deceiver or Lament, both incredibly strong pieces well-suited to the current line-up. Starless and Bible Black itself is maybe the greatest thing ever recorded, but itís spontaneous black magic never to be summoned again.

Warfield Theatre Video
:: Posted by crimso69 on August 12, 2015

I read with interest about the inclusion in the THRAK BOX of video of a live concert from 1995 at the Warfield Theatre in San Francisco.  I was present at all three of the Warfield shows in June 1995 but do not recall any filming taking place.  Was I so into the performance that I was oblivious to outside intervention?  Sid, please elaborate...

Website redesign
:: Posted by CrumbledFingers on August 12, 2015

I think itís about time this site got an aesthetic and functional makeover. I know time and money are not unlimited resources, but if they were both available in sufficient supply, this site could do with some tweaking.

The entire website occupies less than half of the space on the left side of my monitor. The rest of the page is blank white nothingness. At the very least, centering everything would make it better. I suspect the advent of cinematic widescreen monitors as a standard has made this more obvious in recent years.

The guestbook format appears to be intentionally structured to resemble an actual guestbook at a bed-and-breakfast. Why not adopt a more standard forum design, with message boards and topics, so threads of conversation arenít so hard to follow? Of course, when you open that box you increase the potential for nastiness and trolling.

Finally, I wonder if the time has come to ditch the ubiquitous P. J. Crook iconography. That look suggests to me a particular era of King Crimson, and that era has passed. This is, of course, a quibble, but Iíve been looking at that mustachioed guy with the green hat for the better part of a decade now, and I still canít figure out what he has to do with tour dates.

Iím sure there are other ways to improve the site, which would be more obvious to people who know about web design (I know very little). It just seems a little dated these days.

Idle musings on 'DGM time'
:: Posted by rogadaire on August 12, 2015

3 of an imperfect pair + 1 of musings:

1. I get it that the 40th Anniversary Editions Series relates to any reissue of material from the last 40 years, but it still looks mighty odd to see references to the í40th Anniversary Edition of Thrakí, as though that beast had, in resurfacing in 2015, somehow distorted time by about 20 years from its original conception. Or maybe it has!

2. David has been back in the office for 3 weeks which surely begs the question: what has he been up to all this time? You see, David, this is the price of success - a devoted following starved of attention and hell-bent on asserting their unreasonable/unrealistic consumer demands and expectations....[which leads us nicely on to....] 

3. The correspondent following RFís Facebook page reminds us that Robertís presence on here is not what it was. Which is a shame - although I have not quite given up all hope of seeing further diary entries in the fullness. 

Re: sugarskull
:: Posted by mikefrost on August 11, 2015

Can you post a link? I canít find any official Facebook page for Robert Fripp.

New Merch
:: Posted by sugarskull on August 11, 2015

Surely we will have further information in this page very shortly, but it bears mentioning that earlier today Mr. Fripp posted a photograph to his Facebook page of the 2014 Tour Box with an additional insert mentioning a "Limited Edition 12" vinyl picture disc EP" and a "Forthcoming Live Album" with our cyclopean friend in the cover. Get ready to pounce upon the preorder for that Ltd. Ed. goodie!

Australian tour
:: Posted by HandeAkman on August 11, 2015

Please include Australia to your new tour. I am not from Australia but I am sure you have lots of fans in Australia who would love to see you perform here. In one of the videos on Youtube, there are Australian fans telling that they come all the way to America. Please tell me a way to make King Crimson to come to Australia.

..being in the present moment...
:: Posted by AndrewJohn on August 11, 2015

  ...how many others like me, who may not create but certainly listen, often gaze at the huge collection/bank of KC music/memorabilia thinking how am I to activily engage and choose (often whist listening to something else incidentley) what to listen to next...possesion can become a curse...a seemingly insignificant decision becomes awkward and difficult. Itís a great collection now to pour over but control is I find needed, or at least a system to follow.

...so when the random nature of individuals armed with Tech tools that infringe any simple act into something worthy(not!) of recording now affects so many simple tasks it is affecting our present moments. In no way do I believe in ignorance, but simple manners and an ability to ignore others lack of them is becoming a useful part on oneís personal armour.

....just feel now how disappointed we would feel if KC walk off the stage because of some oikís inability to resist the urge to .....and it would not be the first time as the Walk off is a documented appropriate KC response.

..however Iím really looking forward to extra THRAK and anything else you may throw at  us....VROOOM seeded KC really set off and ran alongside the emergence of my family life so itíll be great to hear the sounds from that era again.

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