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Discipline on iTunes
:: Posted by DanAnderson on March 23, 2016

Hey Sid,
I went to iTunes and saw that there is a bonus track on the Discipline album called "Studio Sessions" (bonus track) clocking in at 11:05. I donít see anything on the 40th anniversary remaster like this. Is this an upcoming track on a future box set or something?
It's a special mix by David Singelton. Not sure of its future status however.

Setlist Requests
:: Posted by emmapeelfanclub on March 23, 2016

The only setlist request I have is for the audiences to behave respectfully to enable the band to perform whatever setlist and encores they wish to play at each show. Every show is a unique experience.

Sure, we all have our favourite numbers weíd like to hear that they currently play or donít, but ultimately Iím happy with whatever we receive. Five years ago none of us could had expected to enjoy the opportunity to hear the songs they play let alone with a line up like the current one.

US Tour
:: Posted by zenithrocker on March 23, 2016

Dear The Brothers Crim,

I love you guys more than red meat. Me and my mother spent too dollar to go see you guys at the Orpheum in 2014. One night in front row seating, where we actually got a chance to meet Pat, and the next night in the balcony. Both shows were fantastic and utterly changed my life. it was so inspirational that I even formed my own band the next day because of it. Please com the the US again! We need you guys to come back and save the music scene here! You guys absolutely smashed the place last time around, and I guarantee that I am the the only Crimhead out here that would love to here the demonic melancholy squeals of Robertís guitar along with Jakkoís, the Godzilla like thunder of the three drummers, the subdued phsycopathic bass of Tony, and the hell hound barks from Melís sax!

Setlist request:
:: Posted by froggy55 on March 22, 2016

2 more songs please: "Book of Saturday" & "Exiles" I believe Jakko could do an excellent job singing both of those to say the least!

EZ money
:: Posted by cube_monkey on March 22, 2016

I have to say this version EZ Money knocked me out. As much as I appreciate all versions, this one I think is my favorite.
P.S. Thanks for going to the trouble to post the older
things from Lizard and other albums.

Thank you.

KC Live In Toronto
:: Posted by sergegirard on March 22, 2016

Just received "KC Live In Toronto" and now listening to íEasy Moneyí. The best live-CD you can get at the moment! I watched them in Utrecht so this is a nice encounter again.


Toronto 2015
:: Posted by hmozel on March 22, 2016

Has Toronto 2015 started shipping yet? I guess Iím like a kid anticipating Christmas!

RE: Setlist Hopes
:: Posted by pyroseed13 on March 21, 2016

Living in the states, I will not have an opportunity next fall to see the Crim back an action. If I could, here is what I would like to see:

1. Cirkus. I imagine this would sound very strong with this incarnation of the band. I could see the three drummers composing something interesting for this piece.

2. Cat Food. Ok, so probably no piano in this version, but I could see Jakko and Robert coming up with some interesting guitar phrases for this, and Mel Collins sax would fit nicely here.

3. Fallen Angel. I would like to see this song make its live debut. The original features some guitar overdubs, so it would work for two guitarists.

4. The Great Deceiver. Much like Cirkus, I could envision the drummers creating interesting parts for this. I can see Fripp and Jakko having some nice interplay here as well.

5. Lament. Same comments as for The Great Deceiver.

:: Posted by DevlinC on March 21, 2016

And just to quickly add to my previous post, the version of Sailorís Tale from the new release might just about be the definitive version. Absolutely astonishing.

Infamy at last...
:: Posted by DevlinC on March 21, 2016

Well almost.

Toronto arrived today. Up to Pictures of a City now but damn, this is a smoking hot mix. Far beyond Orpheum already, much more representative of the shows I saw. Looking forward to Red, the only track I didnít hear for myself in London & Brighton.

In the booklet, David Singleton refers to Frippís diary between 16th-19th of October 2007 as being "particularly instructive and amusing". Those dates sounded familiar so I went and had a look and sure enough, itís the period where Robert spent 3 evenings dissecting some posts I made on the subject of concert photography. Iím not altogether surprised these interactions have stuck in his and Davidís minds given it was possibly Robertís most exhaustive and exhausting public debate on the matter before or since, but I am surprised to see them referenced such a long time later.

I havenít read them since the time so while listening to the show, I went over them again. It wasnít easy - I was 22, just about to start a sound engineering course after about 4 aimless years, full of opinions as young men are but also quite bitter and angry. Itís never easy to look back on your youthful self, particularly when what youíre looking back on is having one of your musical heroes call you witless, selfish, "Clueless and Slightly Slack", dopey, basement dweller ... but read them I did.

I wonít go on and on, Iím sure no one cares - I have at least learnt that much in the 9 years since. David is right to say that they are highly instructive posts and give you a very good sense of who Robert Fripp is as both a person and a performer and the lens through which he views the world. Perhaps they do the same for me.

All the best to you Robert. Looking forward to your upcoming concerts (where I will, as always, not be using a camera).

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