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UK TOUR 2015
:: Posted by SnakeCained on November 07, 2014

Ok, I have spoken to the Parish Council and the village hall can be made available for the Crimson Beast in 2015.

We are just over an hour from London and have a very large military airbase near to us, so we can definitely accommodate Mr Fripp’s equipment rack and all the drum kits.

The band will have to pack up overnight however as there is a children’s playgroup in the morning.

Tour Eur 15
:: Posted by fhc339835 on November 07, 2014

Excellent plan to focus on one region, this is physically and mentally relaxing for the musicians.
I suggest to add maybe 5 convenient places on the continent - my suggestion is 4 nights in a row per place.
This would offer the dedicated European follower to hop over - it is more short distances here in g’o’ Europe..
I always thought the very famous and frequently visited Olympia in Paris would be a place Robert would enjoy and as fond memories of supposedly.
I fully confirm Ulrichs suggestion on Köln (Cologne) Tanzbrunnen. I think having been there for The Musical Box’ Foxtrot tour. Very nice venue. In NRW (North Rhine Westphalia) with about 15 million inhabitants in the Rhine-Ruhr area a lot of excellent venues are to be found , a huge potential of followers (fantastic people there) and big chances to get a venue for a couple of days in a row as the economy there is a little bit ailing.
Lisbon or Madrid should not be missed, as most interco flights from Latin America to Europe end there.
I continue thinking about it.
Best from Munich (no appropriate / available venue here unfortunately).

:: Posted by thecapitolcardiff1971 on November 07, 2014

Have my many postings on Facebook pages during the KC8 States’ tour extolling the virtues of that wonderful city, Cardiff, as a venue for the Autumn 2015 itinerary been successful?
Whilst reading the present issue (Nov 7th 2014)  of Prog magazine imagine my delight when I read:

"[Fripp] says it’s a challenge to find venues that are, ’workable and available,’ but adds: ’We’re looking at Glasgow or Edinburgh, Manchester, Birmingham, Cardiff and maybe something in the London area, though not necessarily London itself.’ "

Thank you Crim; thank you Robert for this initial encouragement.

On October 29th 1971 I first saw King Crimson in Cardiff. The first song played that night was, ’Cirkus.’

It would be fantastic, 44 years on, to see the gentlemen, so close to home, once more.



Prog Interview
:: Posted by DannyX on November 07, 2014

“It’s the first Crimson where I don’t sense any animosity or resentment from at least one member." Forget about insulting England...how about insulting former bandmates?

UK dates near London
:: Posted by nighthealer on November 07, 2014

Robert has spoken highly of a certain vegetarian restaurant in Brighton in his diary so how about playing the Dome in Brighton, if it is available? Easy access from Gatwick Airport too (30 minute train ride). The fact that I live in Brighton is purely a coincidence :-) (And I would travel to any venue in the UK to see this version of KC!).

Access to UK gigs from Norway
:: Posted by PigletsDad on November 07, 2014

Dear royskagen, there are direct flights from Oslo to Manchester or Birmingham - it is actually easier to get to venues in these towns from their airports than most London venues.

London gig 2015
:: Posted by royskagen on November 07, 2014

I would rather say it’s an insult for people abroad, like myself as I am from Norway. I would very much like to travel to London to see Crimso The Mighty Beast. Of course I like people from Manchester and else where to get Crimson nearby, but a gig in London too is Very important for the abroad crimson entusiast. Great news anyway... Hurray!

Re; New Crimson material
:: Posted by Valhalla on November 07, 2014

Excellent news indeed! Wonderful to hear Fripp & Jakko are in the studio, & whoever else from the band also! Agree with his London calling, getting out & about in the country, so to speak! I am from Oz & I agree with that, being a country lad & all. The Mighty Crim, brilliant.

Mel C to Toyah Willcox to Robert Fripp
:: Posted by jhessel on November 06, 2014

Mel C and Toyah performed in Queenmania (April 9, 2005)  and Toyah and Robert have performed together in the Humans.

I wonder how many people beat me to this?!?

RF WFC 2010
:: Posted by toycritic on November 06, 2014

Like mckennon10, I’ve been praying for a release of RF’s Soundscapes at the World Financial Center in NYC. While a bundled online release of FLAC and MP3 files would probably make the most sense economically, I would be glad to pony up for a DVD-Audio or Blu-ray set including surround sound mixes. The performances were beautiful and a great gift to the audience. I still play the WNYC streams quite often.

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