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KC- Live in Toronto
:: Posted by nuages on February 29, 2016

Extremely excited to hear the news of a full show finally being released. Although, I have to ask (perhaps Sid can answer), is there a vinyl release of the album planned, as Live at the Orpheum also got its release on vinyl as well?
No plans as far as I know for a vinyl release of the Toronto show.

Utrecht, September 25, 2015
:: Posted by joolzz on February 29, 2016

When scrolling back one page from the recently uploaded Toronto 2015 show, I get to a page labeled "Utrecht, September 25, 2015", but where nothing is uploaded http://www.dgmlive.com/archive.htm?artist=35&show=1986

Is this a placeholder for a (near) future upload of that show, or is it just there for completeness?

I ask this because I was there (great show!) and I would buy it in an instant.
Sorry to get your hopes up but it's just the start of an ongoing backfill of line-up information for the site's database. No immediate plans to make it as a download but never say never!

Toronto Show 2015
:: Posted by Sandro on February 29, 2016

Thank you so much for making the Toronto show available. A great bless for us who could not attend any of the new Crimsonís shows and consider Orpheum an appetizer...Thanks again!

Breaking the circle?
:: Posted by emory0 on February 28, 2016

Seems like the ending of this phase of guitar circle follows a sort of pattern: Robert Fripp divesting himself of "stuff" as he gets older. My thinking about the end of Guitar Circle is that he wants it to develop the capacity to keep going without him constantly pushing it and being a central feature of it. That makes sense, though the medicine seemed a tad harsh to me (for instance, I was unaware that the local Circle of which I am a part could be made non-existent by such a declaration!).

On the other hand, as someone relatively new to the whole Guitar Circle thing and who has been working pretty hard at becoming less-than-terrible, I actually like the idea of there being a finite timespan over which this phase in my personal effort extends. Last year we had a number of public performances and over the next 3 months we will have another 3: I know I couldnít keep up this level of commitment indefinitely, so knowing thereís an "end" (even if perhaps thereís another beginning after that) is actually a good thing.

Guitar Craft
:: Posted by repret on February 28, 2016

"The function Guitar Craft was created to serve has a duration of 200 years in linear time (although the subjective durations of some courses come close to that). If Guitar Craft meets its aim, it will then honourably cease to exist. If Guitar Craft goes off course, or fails to properly embody the life which is available to it, it will also cease to exist. Guitar Craft may also disappear: this does not mean that it has died, or gone away, but that it may be hiding."

-Robert Fripp, 26 March 2001 (from his diary)

Global ripples of craft
:: Posted by albemuth on February 27, 2016

Congratulations on another completion, this time of Guitar Craft.  I remember hearing about this in 1985 and excitedly calling West Virginia.  From talking to the woman on the phone, I had the impression that they had been receiving calls from be-spectacled young white men all week.  Even though I was a BYWM, I figured out that the course "was not for me."  But Iíve been very happy to see Guitar Craft persevere over three decades!  And, like most completions, I am sure that it will continue to have consequences; in this case, global ripples of craft. 

In other news, Iím listening to a lot of Young Thug these days.  He is not so much about the words but about the sounds of the words.  The sounds of the production tune up the words and what comes back is a sort of incantatory spell.  Apparently, YT comes up with piles of these things, one after the other, without much preparation, writing little more than abstract symbols on the page.  Thatís a kind of "tuned up," although maybe not of a Frippian kind.

The End of Guitar Craft
:: Posted by pyroseed13 on February 26, 2016

I am very happy that I was able to attend a Guitar Circle course last summer. I found Robert to be pleasant, funny, and full of wisdom. I am saddened to hear that he will be retiring from Guitar Craft/Guitar Circle, though I am grateful to have spent a week in his company. I look forward to the box set!

Guitar Craft
:: Posted by JBeerLTIA on February 26, 2016

I am kicking myself for not going to Mexico a couple years ago... This is sad news. I had hoped to take a course as I can currently find no further way to better myself as a musician. However, this box set may be it! Maybe I need a personal journey; a reference manual. Maybe having Robert as a teacher is just a fanís wish that would have proven ultimately distracting for me.

framebyframe of reference
:: Posted by sylvanasheart on February 25, 2016

God pound my eyes,but my technologyís all stuck in the 2000s.And to think what wonders I could do with dangerous curves,elekctrik,or even fractured.Ah,but then,Iíll likely never hear/witness INDUSTRY with the Drummers MarKcVIII.And donít EVEN get me started with Level 5,might it do ya.

Belew Power Trio
:: Posted by sergegirard on February 25, 2016

Yesterday Adrian Belewís Power Trio in Tilburg/Holland.

What a delight to see this man at work!

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