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Singleton & Fripp..and other musings..
:: Posted by AndrewJohn on February 22, 2015

Any of us alive to the machinations of KC, since itís inception or as close to it as we could get, should have no need to follow Fripp&Frippís vocalizing in the forthcoming lectures. That is to say; if weíve not ígot ití now perhaps weíve not been listening and hearing the music. Equally though I am sure it will be great fun to listen to. However we have been afforded the chance to ignore the way of things presented by KC, but some of us have not. On the Salford Lowry link itís clear to see at least one person has been off KCís radar for many years but very happy to be now able to see the Beast in itís latest re-incarnation alongside their offspring.Those of us who have kept a close eye for over 40 years are also similarly enabled, but the main highlight for me is that KC is here now.

 David Singleton is a key, if not the major, equal in stature to any of the musicians. RFrippís discipline and conformity to working for the Greater Crim is well documented. Its no wonder that now he feels joyous that that fruition is achieving. 

Following and being a part of DGM if only as a purchaser and consumer has been fine. And donít forget itís actually me and us itís aimed at. We/I donít only buy out of loyalty and personal hubris. Itís the music and sounds that we actually connect with and enjoy, whether itís pleasurable or painful.

So hatís off again to Singleton, and all others who provide something that we luxuriate in and find so uplifting, true and real. Personally KC makes me embarrassed enjoying because it bears my soul and connects to such a level of reality that leaves me feeling vulnerable and naked to what may come next. Why this should be is a mystery to me, but perhaps it allows me a level of innocence so fundamental to enjoying life.

:: Posted by Tom239 on February 22, 2015

Thereís a long history of people with first-hand and/or expert knowledge of subjects having their edits to Wikipedia reversed and getting annoyed and frustrated by the experience. "If I canít edit an article to say what I know is true, Wikipediaís policies are stupid" is a common response. This has happened to many smart and knowledgeable people; Mr. Singleton is in good company.

I get that frustration. But a fair appraisal of Wikipediaís policies comes from considering the results they have produced, which are nothing short of amazing. If someone had described the Wikipedia concept to me 15 years ago, I wouldnít have guessed it would achieve the scope and quality that it has today. Itís a welcome nonprofit island in a largely commercial World Wide Web. Yes it has inaccuracies and gaps, but so do professional works like, say, Encyclopaedia Britannica (which covers a fraction of the topics Wikipedia does). And I doubt EB has an article that describes its own shortcomings in as much detail as does the Wikipedia article on Wikipedia.

Wikipedia is far short of what could be done if more people would pitch in. The time it took for everyone to write and edit todayís Wikipedia is smaller than the total time people have spent watching the Gangnam Style video on YouTube.

DGM is in a unique position to publish accurate information about itself which could then be cited by others. So far, DGM has done this in an idiosyncratic manner: much of whatís available is to be found in Mr. Frippís diary entries, at times in language that newcomers may find cryptic, and interspersed with updates on WillyFredís health and so on. That style has its charms--I like reading the diaries--but what info is there can take a while to discover.

Meanwhile, the "About DGM" page at http://www.dgmlive.com/about.htm has histories dated 2002 and 2005.

More questions
:: Posted by mikefrost on February 22, 2015

Thanks Sid for the reply about the Drive To 1981 albums and my other questions. I have some more questions, not about release schedules and such but more about abondoned projects and the such.
On the íSchizoid Maní CD single, released in 1996, the version from USA was labelled:

Track 5 from "USA II" recorded at Ashbury Park, NY on 28th June 1974.

What was USA II? A proposed project? What did it entail?
Also, why is the three months of King Crimson in 1974 in which they recorded Red enshrouded in such mystery? No outtakes (as such) have surfaced, no photographs exist and the íRoad To Redí box set had nearly nothing about the actual album that it was supposed to promote. (On a personal note, I believe that box set should have been called The Road To USA, as I view the US tour of 1974 and the Red album as two completely seperate periods, but thatís just me...) Do outtakes exist?

And finally, whatever happened to Blue??? The piece was finished. John Wetton says he remembers it to this day. Robert Fripp has the original sheet music for the piece. It would be great if the modern King Crimson could play it live on the upcoming UK/Europe tour. But again Iím falling into the territory of dreams...

And now comes the pleading for releases...

Are there any plans to release KCCC releases to the public market again? I would KILL to hear Guildford 1972 and the Champaign-Urbana sessions!!! Iím a latecomer, couldnít get them at the time and, since I havenít got the means to buy on internet, I canít get these releases legally.

Anyway, sorry for blabbering on for so long. Iíll get banned at this rate!

Best regards, Mike

Larks' Tongues in Aspic
:: Posted by kingcrimson7 on February 22, 2015

Larksí Tongues in Aspic Part 1 is excellent, but the part that belongs to Mr. Robert Fripp is higher, the riff and the bass drums, the riff and the bass and drums with these pauses is really amazing, Fripp an issue with the brand.

He thought Mr. fripp when he Larksí Tongues in Aspic Part 2, really amazing.

Trust in Jesus.

Re; Improvs not working
:: Posted by Valhalla on February 21, 2015

markmmarkm, yes it works both ways indeed, hence my comment, ímost of the timeí. My previous comment was taken predominantly from a listeners perspective. Improvisation walks a fine line between pleasure & pain. Cheers.

:: Posted by DannyX on February 21, 2015

I would agree with Valhalla, in that when itís NOT working, itís more enjoyable to be íinsideí (part of the creative process) than out.

Re: improvisation of any kind
:: Posted by markmmarkm on February 21, 2015

Valhalla wrote in part:

"However, to an outsider it could & often does appear boring, directionless & doesnít seem to go anywhere etc!"

It CAN seem the same way to a musician partaking. Not all improvs work.

For instance, not all comedy improvs are going to be funny or fun to those performing it.

Re; improvisation of any kind
:: Posted by Valhalla on February 21, 2015

Any musician improvising, is playing for themselves & the other musicians they may also be involved with at that time. It is usually a self gratifying enjoyment by those musicians, they are enjoying it & trying different ideas. However, to an outsider it could & often does appear boring, directionless & doesnít seem to go anywhere etc!  Sure, it may be wonderful at times also to an íoutsiderí, but really, it is the musicians who are getting into it first & foremost. In my experience, playing is much more interesting than íoutsideí listening most of the time, but listening can be a joy also at certain times!

Wiki and self promotion
:: Posted by Bakullama on February 20, 2015

David, self promotion is a difficult thing, sometimes embarrassing. Even JC could not push his sermons in his hometown... He had to go where nobody knew him.

If you are already a household name youíll be all over the web. If not, you have to push your name out there. Or have friends help. Or climb Big Ben in bra & panties.... Works every time!

Lots of Vicar songbook reviews would work too, but be sure to put your name to them.

:: Posted by kingcrimson7 on February 20, 2015

Red is an incredible work, the subject Red, belongs to an advanced mind of his time, It is like without breathless, like everything subject of Mr. Robert Fripp, incredible,
Red is a work of musicians who make you want to listen to the album all the time.

Trust in Jesus, Love and Peace.

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