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Your photo caption contest
:: Posted by Rachelmollyloonin on September 21, 2014

Trust me:  a genie really will come out of the spout but first you need to rub this 35mm lens.  Three times.  Counterclockwise. 

Caption Competition
:: Posted by JBeerLTIA on September 21, 2014

RF: All right, Tone, letís be real here... Does this suit make me look fat?

TL: Oh hush, Bobby! You look Fripptastic!

:: Posted by frackered on September 21, 2014

RF I need a bass note thatís about this big, and heavy.

TL Let me get a picture of that.

Caption Competition
:: Posted by gregier on September 21, 2014

I swear if I have to hear Robertís fish story one more time.....

:: Posted by jchahn on September 21, 2014


:: Posted by CourtSage on September 21, 2014

"Tony, you do realize Iím going to have to confiscate that camera once weíre done right?"

:: Posted by blug83 on September 21, 2014

You saw it here first! And this is the only place to get one! Thatís right, itís an INNNER KNOT TIE (no pun)! Yíknow you gotta have one! You donít have to be a Krim, but you can feel like one! So what are you waiting for? This is limited edition! Once the supply is gone, theyíre gone forever!

Caption Competition
:: Posted by Turumarth on September 21, 2014


:: Posted by Chris_DeVito on September 21, 2014

eclecticguy ("Leave the camera. Take the cannoli.") wins.

:: Posted by MarkLiebenthal on September 20, 2014

Just got home from my third night of KC. My experience each night has been trying, akin to Robertís airplane adventures with rude passengers. Itís difficult. The first night I was on an aisle seat with the exit door continually opening and closing with the security staff babbling away. Last night I was hoping to be in the clear when a behemoth sat directly in front of me and the person behind me continually screamed things all night such as song titles and band members names. Tonight I sat next to two guys who were either conversing or playing with their cell phones all through the performance. Mel was phenomenal Thursday night. Robert seemed to be beaming Friday night. But tonightís set list changes enhanced the show and with whatever little room is left for Robertís playing he seemed to be able to extend and enhance a few bits tonight. The Best Buy theater is horrible from my perspective. Thereís very little graduation from row to row so youíre always craning your neck to see. The seats are narrow, uncomfortable folding chairs. They have aisles going across the room so people are walking in front of you all night. I had that experience Thursday from a side "promenade" seat. I had a better side promenade seat tonight as well. Last night I was in the 5th row off the left aisle and tomorrow Iím in the 2nd row on the right aisle fearing all Iíll see is Gavinís drum kit. Musically everythingís been a dream. Physically? Iím 61 and cranky. I just love and respect King Crimson and since seeing them for 43 years I cherish every moment. Oh, thanks for cutting down on some of the taped bits.

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