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South American Tour
:: Posted by chaser on April 01, 2016

Please , let me know if we have some chance to King Crimsons shows in South America this year. In Brazil we love King Crimson

Re: albemuth's
:: Posted by Chet_Kincaid on April 01, 2016

Thanks for bailing me out there, albemuth! I thought I was the only oddball hearing a clear KC/Fripp influence in the alternate "Unconditional Love" and other tracks on "Emilyís D+Evolution."

Live in Toronto
:: Posted by emory0 on March 31, 2016

Q: How do you know the Live in Toronto discs and performance rule?

A: Larkís Tongues in Aspic pt 1?

Good answer, but incorrect. The correct answer is:


In comparison to the Live at the Orpheum disc, everyone seems to have settled in and are cutting loose, the drummers in particular. Thereís a sort of loose chaos that gets unleashed that is a joy to hear, punching and kicking at the formal boundaries of the song. And the solo by Mel is fantastic too, leaving me to miss Belew only a little.

Strangely, I also keep feeling like this version of Crimson has the ability to penetrate areas that were closed to the Double Trio.

KC link in aviation magazine!
:: Posted by PTurner on March 31, 2016

The July 2015 issue of FlyPast magazine - devoted to vintage & veteran aircraft and their crews - included a multi-page article devoted to the WW2 experiences of Robertís Uncle Alfie Fripp. And most interesting it was, too with some rather moving contemporary photographs.

"Alfie" was a POW and survived the war, returning to his wife whom heíd married just a few weeks before being shot down. His pilot was one of those shot following the escape upon which The Great Escape was based.

The last page of the article appeared opposite a page bearing 2 half-page advertisements, the lower of which was for the Chalke Valley History Festival Air Show 2015.

I wonder if Uncle Alfieís RAF "descendants" flew over DGM HQ?

:: Posted by miles58 on March 30, 2016

Iam with Frank, I have spent a lot of English pounds, in the main with DGM and in last couple of years with Burning Shed. To find out that Itunes now sells some download which has an extra track which I may have to purchase because I suffer from an addiction of being a completest in all things crimson; this causes me great angst.

I do not wish to purchase anything from Apple at this moment in time for reasons which are not worth discussing in this forum. I suggest that DGM sells this same download on their own site to allow those individuals who do not support apple to make the purchase. I have to say its most disingenuous to selling music on itunes that is not readily available on DGM. I realise this will cause people who have been calling for crimson material to be on itunes to cringe but its old fashioned customers like myself who keep the small companies going, but hay ho itís a free market, or is it.

I hope DGM is not slipping into a corporate domain which treats its customers without respect, how awful would that be. By the way Live in Toronto† is excellent, looking forward to the boxset later this year. I need to fed my habit.
David will be writing a diary entry sometime today, and will address the iTunes issue, Stormy

The Beast has landed... In my mailbox.
:: Posted by JBeerLTIA on March 30, 2016

Jakko, you have a wonderful voice. And your support isnít half bad :) That is all.

Re; Live in Toronto Flac
:: Posted by Valhalla on March 30, 2016

After waiting for my broadband connection to be repaired over the last few weeks, I have Just downloaded & decoded the Flac file & it sounds great indeed! Will now digest it over the next few days & post an observation sometime soon! Thanks DGM. Bravo!

On the extra Discipline track
:: Posted by pyroseed13 on March 29, 2016

My understanding, just from sampling it, is that the extra track on the iTunes version of Discipline is just a compilation of Discipline studio tracks that have already been released as free downloads on here. So if youíve been keeping you with Mr. Stormyís Monday downloads, you probably already have everything.

Discipline iTunes extra track blues...
:: Posted by DanAnderson on March 28, 2016

Iím there with Frank. Iíve spent a bundle of money on the Beast collection only to see that there is a mix that I have to buy the entire album in order to get. I am not as fanatical a completist as I used to be but this sucks. If it is included on a Discipline box set or if the Beat box set is a combo of the trilogy of albums, well okay. Otherwise, it sucks. My 2 cents. David will be writing a diary entry sometime today, and will address the iTunes issue, Stormy

iTunes artist share
:: Posted by Rockette on March 28, 2016

>I consider iTunes not being exclusive to the artistsí account, but the major share goes to a corporation bigger and richer as some developing economies...

Actually, iTunes has set a reasonable example by paying more to the artist than most download sites, and certainly ***WAY*** more than the execrable Spotify, who I suspect would pay musicians nothing if they could get away with it. To quote a seemingly knowledgable web source, "Apple takes $0.30 from a $0.99 sale. Of the $0.69 left, half goes to the label. The other half goes to the publisher..."

Since KC own their own recordings (and are therefore presumably able to retain some of the label revenue), itís not a bad split. This would not be the case if the band was still signed to a grossly unfair, old-school record deal, but happily theyíre not.

Apple iTunes stores have a great world reach AND their .m4a music files are much better quality, and smaller in size, than mp3s. BTW I donít work for Apple, but I know plenty of musicians who are reasonably happy with the iTunes royalty model.

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