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Equipment on Lizard
:: Posted by observehypothesis on April 15, 2015


does anybody know which bass brand/model Haskell played on Lizard?



:: Posted by thecapitolcardiff1971 on April 15, 2015

I have felt for some time now that Robert, as an acknowledgement to his beginnings in the music business, should title a future KC musical extravaganza with the reply of a Mr Giles when RF enquired whether he got the gig in GG &F. Should be good.

SP. <><

Out Ambienting the Ambient
:: Posted by Dr_Erock on April 14, 2015

If youíve a long commute, late at night, I suggest the following.

Play the "Kennealy" and "End of Time" downloads that were up on Hot Tickles a while back. Play them back at half speed and at barely perceptible volume.

I do not know how the algorithm works on iTunes, but a shadow of a 16th note pulse arises underneath the music.

The plectrum hits come out with clarity.

It is like the soundtrack to a Michael Mann film. Stasis, suspension, motion all happening together.

Send The Vicar to The East!
:: Posted by NoiseMachine on April 14, 2015

Any chance for any Vicar speaking dates on the east coast of the US?

Fripp solos and work
:: Posted by albemuth on April 14, 2015

The discussion about Frippís contribution to Babyís On Fire was interesting.  However, just as the Fripp and Eno albums were not the same as Frippertronics, no contribution on an Eno album probably can reflect the contribution of an individual artist.  Eno mixes and messes with the sounds a great deal and does not even remember what he did.

I have never understood the huge interest in the Babyís On Fire solo.  Maybe because it is speaks to the rocky and rhapsodic mainstream?   Donít get me wrong, itís a great solo (whoever did it).  But my interest in Fripp does not lie here.  Instead, I am attracted to his attitude of restraint and almost removal, an almost clinical investigation of sound.  For me this comes out best when there is a certain kind of meditative focus on a narrow range of ideas and a working out of their consequences in an abstract manner.  The way that this happens may not be planned, but the result often has a strong logic to it. (I read that Beethoven could not do basic math and yet his symphonies are architectonic masterworks.)

If I had to pick one solo that shows best what I like about Frippís work, then it would probably be the one he laid down for "God Save the King" on the "Network" EP of 1985.

But it might be the Soundscapes that best capture Frippís attitude.  Oddly enough, I have not listened to them all that much, probably because there are so many that I have trouble choosing which ones to buy and listen to.  But one of the Estonia concerts got me thinking that the pieces had great formal beauty, even though they were probably not planned (except maybe for the general harmonic content and timbre). 

Sorry to rattle on, but my last thought is whether Frippís work should be lumped in with minimalism (Reily, Reich, Glass, and so on).  I hope not, especially because I do not like minimalism much.  Recently, I was listening to Ruth Crawford Seegerís atonal/serialist String Quartet.  The third movement is strangely evocative of Soundscapes (or maybe Threnody for Souls in Torment, also one of my favorites).  Of course, I do not see Fripp as a serialist composer/improviser.  But although Iíve enjoyed aspects of minimalism, I like to think that Frippís work is something else altogether. 

Cheating the Polygraph
:: Posted by tobyhoward on April 13, 2015

Got my pre-order CD (+5.1. DVD) today -- this is FABULOUS! Itís been a long time since a first-listen of anything blew me away, but this did! Wow!


The Devil's Triangle
:: Posted by brotherbeavis on April 11, 2015

A friend spotted this poster for a 1974 documentary on the Bermuda Triangle featuring "music by King Crimson."


Gavin's album
:: Posted by Bakullama on April 11, 2015

Is Gavins CD available here at DGM? Cant seem to find it in shop. Great interview, makes me want to pick up a copy.

Cocktails anyone?
:: Posted by CyNoth on April 11, 2015

How to make a Court of the Crimson King cocktail

Itís composed of ruby port, kirsch (a cherry brandy), 5 drops of cinnamon tincture, Briottet apricot liqueur and Campari.

:: Posted by aquamine on April 09, 2015


thank U very much, that some albums come out now on iTunes.
I just downloaded the Orpheum.
Not that I am a fan of Apple, but the reason for not ordering directly from DGM was, that I do not want to give my credit card info to anybody on the net, even not PayPal.
I would have ordered from DGM directly at least 50 titles/albums.
Cannot such a payment method be arranged by DGM, like U go and get a prepaid voucher, and have then an account?
I probably will replace all my vinyls, instead of playing them on a record player and then transferring into MP3ís for casual listening, with downloads, as they are crackle free and remastered.
I hope U guys get some money out of the deal with iTunes, and are not in the position like with EG/Islands Records, which Robert complained about.
As I see me as a 21st Century Paranoic Man, I donít know, what would be better. Paypal or iTunes. And as I sit in South Africa, it is not easy to just transfer money around the world to pay into a special account at DGM directly.

In Construction Of Light nice citing by Mel of old phrases.
The band "Suck" from SA did a version of í21stí already in the 7ties and itís on YT. Did not yet see it in your references yet. Steven Gilroy, from England, runs a micro brewery now around the corner, he was not very much appreciated by the then government, which forbade further live appearances.
I might travel to London to see the Who on 26th June 2015.
And Weller. In the Hyde Park.
Would be nice to see U guys as well there. Then I definitely come. (Like a blast from the past, when KC was doing Hyde Park with the Stones)
No, I was not there then, but at the Wheeley festival in 1971. Unluckily I was half time asleep as U played around 3.00h in the morning.
Is there any recording available on DGM from that festival?

I only have one of VDGG, which is very bad quality, and I think there is one from TRex, which I cannot find though.

Some people recorded at least VDGG and TRex.
Why not U? The live sound was better than in a couple of other bands as a different PA was used.
(Changed from Marshall to something else or backwards)

And, hehe, I remember that U made the Entry Of The Crims quite spectacular by moving from the back through the crowds to the stage.


Well, we are not that young anymore, but what I sense is that the spirit of KC is still developing, as I hope mine is.

Warmest regards

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