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Of course, it shouldn’t be necessary to have such a recording:
:: Posted by 21stcenturyD on September 30, 2014

Exactly my point. Crimson is a professional band, and despite NO PHOTOS and RECORDINGS plainly written on the tickets and signs on the door, someone is going to take a pic. Drop the reminder recording. We are all adults and it was very condescending to the fans. Also a "thanks for coming" wouldn’t hurt from the band.

No matter how great a band is, without fans they are nothing.

Starless box Disc 13
:: Posted by Nibbles on September 30, 2014


Starless box full track listing,,,  splendid indeed

With respect to the location of the concert on disc 13, it likely was called

Halle der Fachhochschule

rather than "Halle Der Fachoschule".



Seattle request
:: Posted by discorderly on September 29, 2014

.....hey can we not fly David Cross in for the last gig of the tour? I’m sure he travels light...how much can an electric violin weigh? One vote for a surprise appearance to close out N. America! C’mon guys give him a call....


Lingering question about Blue
:: Posted by Mindwarper on September 29, 2014

Inquiring minds wonder if Mr Fripp during his remastering with Mr Wilson found different or useable version of Blue and will we ever hear it? Is it a bookend to Red? Is there a complete version?

Mindwarper Wonders

I hope to hear Level 5 and all the other glorius controlled cacaphonous musical movements this weekend in SF if all goes well.

Alas Blue was never recorded although the score exists and a section of it was reused/ recycled on Vrooom


Starless Boxx
:: Posted by fhc339835 on September 29, 2014

Dear friends,
The 1973-74 Europe tour is my absolute favorite of all Krim incarnations - especially the already available German gigs from Augsburg to Kassel - thanks for making this happen (and for JW’s liner notes to the Mainz KCCC release).
This helps me a little bit to bear the pain and despair not be part of any of the 2014 concerts 40 years later. I have to accept it, and can enjoy The Elements later once the downloads have been made available. Looking back, I was just about 3 years old when my favorite tour enrolled, and this is okay form me as well not having visited any of the concerts then in retrospect :-).
Some site info corrections:
The venue of the 03-28-74 gig in Dieburg should be "Aula der Fachoberschule" (auditorium of the university of applied sciences).
The Mainz venue is correctly spelt Eltzer Hof, instead of Elzer Hof (one of the three manors of the Nobles of Eltz).
On Disc 26, the date of the Mainz gig is erroneously the one of Arlington TX Hall.
Maybe these changes can still make their way to the upcoming release.

All the best for you and for the lucky punters over there in the US.

:: Posted by abhitaranath on September 29, 2014

Question for anyone reading this regarding the mixes of “Fracture” and “Starless” that appear on the USA 30th Anniversary CD from 2002: Were those two pieces mixed in 1975 with the album proper (even though they couldn’t fit on the original LP), or were they mixed in 2002 explicitly for the 30th Anniversary CD?
They were mixed in 2002 for the anniversary series

Buzzkill recording
:: Posted by emory0 on September 29, 2014

"Please do not talk down to us and and drop that buzz kill recording"

I really disagree there. Of course, it shouldn’t be necessary to have such a recording: I go to classical and other performances pretty regularly and (almost) NEVER see idiots recording, etc... But at rock "shows" I see it all the time and it is distracting. So without the warning there are certainly clueless idiots who will take that as an excuse to pretend they didn’t know, so they’ll whip out that phone with the glowing little screen.

So even though it’s a bit of a buzzkill, I feel like the recording greatly decreases the odds of an even bigger buzzkill coming down.

Caption competition
:: Posted by Ratch1 on September 29, 2014

"Bespoke means trousers included, Tony" 

The Vic Show Sept. 26
:: Posted by 21stcenturyD on September 29, 2014

Drove from 300 miles from St. Louis to see the show. I was super excited for weeks to see you guys. I will say I am one of the 50+ crowd ,and did not appreciate the lecture about NO PHOTOS. I felt it was an extremely unnecessary recording and a buzz kill, as well as not being able to purchase drinks  barely after the show started.

I thought the show was over-all good. I wonder why it was nearly 45 minutes before vocals? I also thought three drummers were a bit too much, and I am a drummer. I wanted to hear Mr. Fripp better, and the drums seemed to overpower the rest of the band.

I am a big fan and wanted to get a photo or two at the end of the show, since Tony was taking pictures of the audience. I can’t speak for the rest of the crowd, but my memory is not what it once was, and a few pics without flash, should not bother a professional band such as yours. I did respect your wishes, but was disappointed.

All in all, I tried to get a ticket to Saturdays show in vain, but listened a bit from the alley. You sounded better than the show I saw Friday. 21st Century was still in my brain even today so thank you.

Please take note. The fans are paying big money to see shows. Please do not talk down to us and and drop that buzz kill recording


A Neurosurgeon Screaming for More...
:: Posted by JBeerLTIA on September 29, 2014

I am a little late in my review, but to put this in to words is already near impossible. When I first heard news of the tour, I was so ecstatic, I didn’t even know what to think. I immediately got tickets.

Madison wasn’t my first choice, but being a 23 year old with a tight budget, it was more economical than Chicago, and either way being a long drive coming from Fort Wayne, IN (which by the way, think about the Embassy Theatre, Mr. Salt, should you lads do another pass through in the future). Madison, in itself was a great town, a lot of good, local food, and we even found a Ma and Pa pet store to spoil our dogs.

The Barrymore Theatre is not pretty on the outside. You would think this would be a bad thing, but I have seen the best shows of my life in less-than-asthetically-pleasing venues, so my excitement increased. My girlfriend and I went back to the hotel for drinks and other pre-show preparations. The whole time I’m not there. I can’t be. Ever since I have had the fever of the Beast, I knew that would I ever have the chance, I would be beyond containing myself. The fact is, I contained myself, and I felt an anticipation I have never felt before. I was very quiet, only half listening to anything.

Our cab arrived at the Barrymore, and I snapped a picture of the marquee and then promptly turned off my phone. Walking in, I realized how beautiful the place really was, and it did nothing to deter my expectation. My wonderful girlfriend (who has had to put up with this near-obsession and was not asked to do this) bought me $100 dollars worth of DGM goodness. Walking past the Sistery Person, I saw the display of wonderment that was the stage. We sat there, silent. The pre-show announcement loosened me up a bit, but I still couldn’t really talk. I fortunately/unfortunately knew what was coming first, and that particular piece is my favorite song of all time. The introduction was a strange, very unexpected way of starting things, and I am wondering why in the hell they never did it that way before. The absence of an introductory soundscape was sorely missed, but this way was probably better.

The build-up to the onslaught of seven musicians literally brought me to tears. I cried during the opening song. The show was jaw-dropping. I never thought there was a single dull moment in the 2 hours we heard. The songs were meant to be heard this way. Nothing is quite album exact, but hearing these re-interpretations, you feel that that was precisely what they were supposed to sound like. Pat was on fire. They all were, of course, but Pat and the perfectly deafing acoustics of the Barrymore made you feel the presence these songs needed. That is not to say that Bill and Gavin were lacking, because they weren’t, Pat just happened to be channeling Jaime that night. When the 3 played all together, it was almost like watching a dance routine, if you stared at their arms.

Not much else can be said. The setlist was basically all of my favorites by the band, and I think most of you will feel the same. I wish those of you unable to see this monster, at least be able to download these shows, because seriously, this is the greatest performance I have ever seen. Crimson is not fading whatsoever, I know it in my heart that this band is on to newer, even greater things. I will be the first in line for whatever the Good Fairy brings us.

Oh, and MEL COLLINS!!!!!!!

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