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Crimson N American Tour
:: Posted by Ratdog on June 10, 2014

Vastly disappointed that Crimso is not scheduled to appear in Toronto on the upcoming tour. Having seen the band in many assorted venues in the Toronto area through the years I can say that many Canadian fans would share my opinion. How about adding one more blast in Massey Hall!

:: Posted by toycritic on June 10, 2014

If itís not too late to suggest material for the seven-headed beast, may I suggest "Breathless" from Exposure? It has Crim DNA all over it. If it is too late, Iím sure the shows will be fabulous anyway.

Earthbound / drummer
:: Posted by Wilbert on June 10, 2014

The very first KC album Iíve heard and bought. I was 15 in 1972 when one evening I heard this ever pounding bassdrum throught the radio and I was paralized.

The complet 21st CSM version was airplayed in Holland. I bought the album played it dead and bought it again.  I think I had 3 album version in total (LP) and an earlier cd version before buying the latest cd-version that was to be bought. (30st anniversary).

I remember my first Island LP-version. The Label of side 1 was on the side 2 of the platter and the side 2 label was on the side 1 of the platter........

By the way: Ian was the only íoneí drummer of the band. He played for three, but there was no overkill.

I truly hope there will be no overkill now.  I am however excited about the new line-up....

Tour Dates section of site
:: Posted by jacethecrowl on June 10, 2014

why no current dates at http://www.dgmlive.com/tour.htm? someone might actually be looking for them!

....(not yet)...Earthbound..
:: Posted by AndrewJohn on June 10, 2014

  ...on the way to a holiday I recall in the mid í70s remonstrating with a Record Store in Wales that they were charging the incorrect price for it .....the way the hairs on the back of my neck stood and stand on end when Mel Collins powerfully returns to the tune, after Fripps blistering cosmic solo and Melís brilliant and competitivily encouraged (Boz I presume címon Mel uhh!) sax solo in the awesome 21stCSM.......and the kerrang of Frippís guitar at the end of the same.

KC is very good at beginnings and ends.....its also not bad in the middle bits.....and its habit of returning is proving fruitful......its a great and continuing First Class journey.

Gush: Best Sept ever
:: Posted by thencame_crimso on June 10, 2014

Because I get to scratch a big one off the bucket list: seeing the Beast in full force.  I had the pleasure of seeing RF perform at WFC on the first night (pilgrimage he described; pilgrimage indeed) and the Crimson ProjeKct a couple years back.  Bringing the whole family and a few close friends to share in the experience.  Even on the dreariest of days, each time I think to myself that Iím going to see KC in a short amount of time with my family and friends my day is brighter.

These months cannot pass by fast enough, but that which passes, passes like clouds.

End Gush

:: Posted by schizoidman on June 10, 2014

Thank you for the photos of the new KC in rehearsal.

This band looks amazing! Itíll sound incredible.

Earthbound, but Less Earthbound Than Most Later Versions
:: Posted by Carnamagos on June 09, 2014

As some of my fans here may remember, all post-1974 versions of this band to me are mere pretenders to the throne of the King, including the current version. If I were the sort who looked forward with bated breath to fifty-year-old Doo-wop revival bands with one original member (if that) playing on PBS during fundraiser week, however, then Iíd be as excited about the current tour as everyone else appears to be.

On the other hand, the Earthbound lineup pushes the definition and vocabulary of Crimson as far as they can be pushed and still remain Crimson.

Boz exudes powerful earth-rooted anti-Crimson energies on this record, but somehow the Good Fairy neutralizes them--most of the time--and the three brilliant players are on fire, more often than not. Pace all the comments about its being an "official bootleg", the distorted soundboard cassette low-fidelity is certainly better than just about any audience recording of the era not by Dan Lampinski, and it feels fitting for this version of Crimson.

Iíve always had a slightly guilty fondness for this record for many reasons, but to me the most important function of this band and this tour was to provide escape velocity for Fripp to move in a completely opposite direction, and to found a new version of the band that was the antithesis of the Earthbound crew in all respects, with a few guys named Bruford, Cross, Muir, and Wetton.

I do like surprises
:: Posted by EnoMan on June 09, 2014

One of my top ten KC moments was when they came out and blasted into íRedí the third song at the Bismark in í95. I was so blown away! I canít say it would have been the same level of excitement for me if I had known in advance.

:: Posted by cube_monkey on June 09, 2014

As a kid, after the Beach Boys first live album, this was the second live album I heard. The only other KC album I had was Lizard. Never heard of COKC until a few years later. So this was a WOW...i noticed the distortion, but I had never heard such powerful playing before. This was the cool, exciting life the "big kids" were leading and I got to listen in.

When it says recorded on a cassette, do they mean like the kind of cassettes you put in a cassette player vs. a commercial radio station (or whatever) cassette? I assume these were soundboard tapes for review after a gig, not meant for release? This is still after 45 years one of the KC albums I listen to the most. Maybe because I have heard LTIA and SABB a million times.


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