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I am what I play.
:: Posted by davidly on October 01, 2014

I think the recorded announcement is helpful in eliminating those extra few people who would ignore what is otherwise clearly stated on the tickets and at the venue.

As a hardly scientific example, my feeling is that the pre-show announcement at the Kate Bush performance I attended recently went so far as to preemptively shame those last few into shutting down their devices. Iím not a big proponent, or even believer, in emotions like shame and pride, or the insistence on their necessity, but I was quite grateful to have experienced a show free of mobile intrusion; it helped contribute to a magically immersive theatrical experience.

I cannot say for sure that people would have snapped away had the pre-show announcement not been given, so I will not claim that it is necessary, but neither is photographing performances underway in the theater space. If I were to use my own diminishing memory as an excuse to capture photos, Iíd be taking a picture of my keys wherever I place them as soon as I get home. A picture of Mel or Bob? Tonyís providing enough of those.

Hope no RULE BREAKER on 2nd LA show.
:: Posted by masanori on October 01, 2014

I know I may be wrong in posting this at Guestbook. So I have no complaint at all if DGM donít approve this post. I only hoping that the remainng shows to be better ones.

Once or twice in every one or two tunes during the first LA show, a guy very close to me at SECTION: MEZZ, ROW: A, SEAT: 108 looked like operating camera or smart phone and making those noises from the device. Throughout the show. I did not confirm those action with my eyes because I was concentrating on the music. But the light from the device lit the area often along with those sounds which were obviously sounded from the device includng the one that sounds when taking a photo.

Three things I would like to mention:

1: No staff came to stop this guy.

2: He said to a person sitting next to him about the location of his seat for the 2nd LA show, if my ears were good enough.

3: After clear statement from the musicians, he might have tried to become the bravest man in the world. But the fact is, he only proved by himself that he is a person who cannot follow/respect the rule which was requested even by a person he wants to see. And also the more he shares them with other people the more he spreads the news that he is a person who cannot follow/respect the rule which was requested even by a person he wants to see.

Thank you very much.

Re; No photos, recording message
:: Posted by Valhalla on October 01, 2014

It seems to me that certain people attending a Crimson performance, expect that the band owes them a few things. If you purchase a ticket to a concert, you get what is delivered from the performance, whatever that may be. That would be about it from my perspective. Sure we all like to hear certain songs & a nice sounding mix, but that is the risk we take when attending a concert, isnít it? Seriously, to be at a gig of that caliber would be suffice one would think! Some people should think themselves lucky that they have that opportunity!
In regards to comments like "No matter how great a band is, without fans they are nothing". Well what a load of rubbish, talk about self gratification! The band existed before any fans knew of it! And donít give me that drivel of íyes but we supported them financially for eons"!
Also, being asked to refrain from taking photos, filming or the like is not condescending at all, far from it actually! It is simply that certain people cannot handle being told what to do, or even being asked politely it seems! Tough titties as the saying goes! Put the stupid camera or mobile phone away for crying out loud, your life will exist for a little while longer, surely? Maybe they should just confiscate all devices at the door into a compactor bin & then activate the start button! Then we would hear some complaining no doubt! Although some may think that that sound was part of the Crimson performance! Cheers.

Joshua Bell
:: Posted by albemuth on September 30, 2014

Here is violinist Joshua Bell, commenting on a concert he gave September 30 at the Washington D.C. metro stop.  May it be so for KC!
ďMusic ó you need the give and take from the audience, the feeling of attention. Itís not about me its about the music itself.Ē
You can find the full story on one of the pages of http://www.pbs.org/

:: Posted by Squidward247 on September 30, 2014

Is there going to be a reissue of this? I missed out due to rough financial times. Now I am back on my feet and have money to burn.
I believe so although a date has yet to be set.

Actually, I understood...
:: Posted by emory0 on September 30, 2014

"Look, I truly enjoy Crimson and just thought it was unnecessary for a band of their caliber to put that recording on before a show."

I personally understood where you were coming from. And had I not personally experienced it a zillion times, I might have experienced that íexortationí from the band not to record as kind of silly, like treating the audience like children rather than adults. I get that and I wish that the reality I had experienced matched what you felt in this case.

BUT...Iíve been to too many rock "shows" (I really hate that word) which were perforated by countless devices held above heads. And Iíve seen it at shows where there were explicit messages around the venue and on the ticket: My feeling is that the phone-ees think those messages are perfunctory boilerplate: "The promoters have to put those messages there but everyone knows itís OK these days to record." So I actually welcomed the message as I knew it would reduce the phonees.

Hey...a cool counterexample:
I was at Barbican in London a few years ago watching Sonny Rollins and, next to me, some numnutz would lift some little device to his ear and Iíd hear a little noise come out. I didnít know what it was but I was kind of annoyed.

BUT, shortly before the end of the encores, the guy listened to that little thing again which I could now see was his watch. He got up and unfolded a collapsible cane: He was a blind music fan of Sonny Rollins and, apparently, had to make a connection.

:: Posted by 21stcenturyD on September 30, 2014

I was merely trying to give feedback to enhance the experience of the show. That is my opinion, and you have yours. I did not take a picture because I can read.  Look, I truly enjoy Crimson and just thought it was unnecessary for a band of their caliber to  put that recording on before a show.

Boobie behaviour
:: Posted by EnoMan on September 30, 2014

When one is arrogant, self-entitled, and oblivious, of *course* an explicit reminder to keep oneself in check is going to be perceived as "condescending"!

re: "No matter how great a band is, without fans they are nothing."
:: Posted by DannyX on September 30, 2014

Without listeners, perhaps. Still, if a tree falls in a forest...

No photos please.
:: Posted by timohara on September 30, 2014

In light of the comments from the reviewer from St Louis, I re-listened to the pre-recorded message from the band, and I must say that I fail to perceive the condescension or insult there.

I hear an invitation from the band and RF for the audience to enjoy themselves, and a simple request for people to put their phones and recording devices away. No more than that. Not sure why it struck such a nerve.

Even in the six years since Crimsonís last tour, phones and devices have proliferated exponentially at all kinds of public events. An additional reminder beyond what is on the ticket seems well-justified to me. At the one show I saw in Albany, the message seemed to have the desired effect and for me it helped create one of the most memorable and moving live concert experiences I have attended. Itís really a special feeling to be a part of an audience who is so fully engaged and attentive.

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