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American Horror Story: Freak Show (
:: Posted by caseyjbye on January 22, 2015

So did anyone watch the final episode of American Horror Story: Freak Show? Jessica Langís character has a thing for Bowie songs and she sings "Heroes." Iíve gotta give kudos the show band/music coordinator--they do a really faithful rendition with one of the best recreations of Frippís guitar lines on a cover version Iíve ever heard. I almost thought it was the original track with replaced vocals, but the version of "Life on Mars" they use, although also faithful, definitely had its variations.

Sid, Iím sure the Bowie catalog is licensed completely separately, but do you know if there was any involvement on Frippís end to okay the songís use? Iíd like to think heíd enjoy the way it was applied to the show, but Iíd just as soon assume (which I hate to do, but...), unless he was a fan of the show already, his take in response to its use in the episode might be similar to his response to the question "Have you heard the Peter Gabriel II remaster and do you approve?"--(paraphrasing, possibly butchering here) "To answer the second question first: Yes. And to the first question: No."
Robert has no involvement in the sync use of Heroes or any other David Bowie tracks he appears on.

A Haiku...
:: Posted by twatts1000 on January 22, 2015

Thanks for The Letters
the Set is immaculate
Please give us the rest

It went that away!
:: Posted by nungboy on January 21, 2015

Thanks so much for the link, Sid!! It was worth the wait to listen!

Where did it go?
:: Posted by nungboy on January 21, 2015

I admit it...I waited too long...for quite a few weeks, every day when I checked the site I saw that tempting image of Bill Bruford and his KC bandmate (I forget who else was pictured there). The promise was of a different version of one of the tracks from DISCIPLINE. And I waited too long to click on it; it has disappeared. I cannot seem to find it in the older íNewsí section nor by searching. Might you enlighten me as to where it might have drifted off to, Sid? Thanks in advance!!
This is what you're looking for

Doubts even here
:: Posted by chessplayer on January 21, 2015

I know that in the end itís not my business, but how comes that just when itís time to reap (after such a thunderous KC come-back) quite a few items in the DGM shop appear to be sold out?
The shop should overflow NOW with premium products.
DGM can not sustain itself "just" with the KC catalog?
Well, for that some "proviso" are needed...
Pls. discard if not relevant.

:: Posted by PPmINTY on January 21, 2015

For years, I saw Robertís Soundscapes as fitting within Brian Enoís definition of íambientí as "music that can be ignored as well as listened to" (I may be paraphrasing here).

Then I heard some Churchscapes performed in the flesh, as it were.

It changed my whole way of listening (and hearing?) this kind of music.

You have to be there.

This is music born of a particular time and space. I think Robert himself said something along those lines.

That seems to be why Soundscapes recorded in various churches or galleries (a dedicated audience seated in quiet reverence) "work" a lot better than those played before inattentive rock audiences baying for the guitar shreddings of a Steve Vai or Joe Satriani. Or indeed King Crimson.

My own favourite Soundscape recordings are the ones from Salisbury Cathedral and St Paulís in June 2006... because I was there. They may not be considered Robertís "best" in any technical or musical sense, but listening to the recordings will always evoke personal emotions for this listener.

Orchestral Soundscapes... A good place for these might be the BBC Proms. I recall a number of Proms bills over the years where orchestras have presented contemporary works alongside better known ípopularí classics and won over audiences who might otherwise not have given them the time of day.

Sometimes this doesnít always come off - I recall the critical uproar in 2012 when they put several "difficult" works by Pierre Boulez on the same bill as some standard Beethoven repertoire, or, going further back, how upset the traditionalists were when they included  Harrison Birtwistleís free-jazz influenced "Panic" in a "Last Night Of The Proms" programme. But Iíve also heard disparate programmes of music by John Adams and Frank Zappa which wowed the Albert Hall prommers (and drew a massive radio audience).

I believe "The Wine Of Silence" pieces could comfortably be presented alongside ípopularí works by Arvo Pšrt or John Tavener, if you can find an orchestra and conductor who can be persuaded to play them properly!


RE: No squash please!
:: Posted by snkzato1 on January 21, 2015

Mr. Bloggulator I must assure you that this album is wondrous in the car, but you gotta crank it pretty high...not that I need a reason to blast One More Red Nightmare at dangerous volumes.

Iím sure someone else would also agree that íSailors Taleí is some seriously epic highway driving music. Nothing like blasting through the countryside with those amazing guitar swells and pounding bass.

Canít wait to hear more.

Lifted My Heart
:: Posted by DrEngel on January 20, 2015

I attended the Seattle concert. I had a ticket for my son, we had seen Crimson two other times. He had caught the devil flu and I was holding an extra ticket. Glory be, a chance conversation with a chap in a parking to elevator revealed not only was he unaware of the concert but was a raved fan! A quick exchange of fund for the face value and I had a new friend. Oh my soul, I never ever thought I would hear those great songs live. I would look over and my new friend was singing the words to the 73-74 era tunes. And then came íStarlessí. Iím not ashamed to admit the last crescendo brings a tear to my eye every time. Thank you so much Mr. Fripp.

2014 KC Live CD
:: Posted by Luminol on January 20, 2015

I just received my new copy of the 2014 tour live cd which I have eagerly awaited since I pre-ordered it a month ago. Much to my dismay it only has about half the live material from the show. I saw two of these shows (One at Albany and One at Boston) and they were fantastic. Best live music I have heard in a long long time. So why not release the whole show? Red, LTIA 1 and 2, Talking Drum, Schizoid Man? Oh man, why are they missing from the CD? I guess I am just curious about the decision to leave out so much. Perhaps holding it back for a 2014 live Part 2 release? Maybe to make each show available for download on DGM? I guess there are many possibilities and I do appreciate that RF has put this all together. I just donít understand the logic of putting out half a show.

Orpheum sound
:: Posted by fhc339835 on January 20, 2015

There is a lot of discussion and complaint in regard of the sound, very prominently here as well as on amazon.co.uk, amazon.it and amazon.de. I admit that I do not understand at all the technical details on compression and so on discussed here, as I have no knowledge of such stuff, and that I had my issues with the sound as well, not in regard to complaining that instruments are barely listenable (can happen on live recordings) or the bass box is jumping around, but more in a way of finding the right balance and atmosphere.
My way of fixing it (funnily enough I found out in the car) was to switch off treble and bass - brilliant! It is just the linear way.
My take on this is that Orpheum is not mixed like a rock recording, but a classical recording.
Earphones home, in ear plugs mp3 and car CD copy are working pretty well; I did not have the possibility to check hifi, I canít tell about, but I have no fear that the sound will be fine.
Maybe! Maybe, there is some learning curve: The last regular KC release was the verrrry powerful TPtB. Machine did an outstanding job on shattering mountains. 12 years later, itís not the time of nuveo metal any more, it is jazzy chamber rock music (with three drummers, believe it or not).

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