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time to hang it up
:: Posted by kjtdude on October 05, 2014

SF. Warfield.

Frip was not there on his last tour.

Time to let him go. Itís true.



Four Down, One to Go
:: Posted by BlackDogBarking on October 05, 2014

I have been lucky enough to follow the band since they hit LA and wanted to share a few thoughts and opinions...

LA - Night 1

I laughed, I cried, I was blown away. I have seen every tour since Discipline and this was the most emotional I have been at a Crimson concert, mostly due to the opportunity of hearing songs live that I never thought I would. Starless brought tears to my eyes...

I love the Orpheum, great acoustics, comfy seats, and you donít stick to the floor. I never thought I would say this, but Robert was too loud. :-) Well, the backline in general, they were overwhelming the front line, as least from my vantage in the front of the mezzanine.

LA - Night 2

The boys were hot, the sound was more balanced, the set list flowed perfectly fitting the seemingly more energized mood of the band. Sure I missed One More Red Nightmare, but not really much, it was a fantastic show.

SF - Night 1

I went tonight with my old friend who had on one fateful day in the summer of í78 played Red for me on his fatherís high-end stereo. Sure I kind of knew who Crimson was but once I heard Red in all of its glorious beauty, I was hooked.

Why oh why did Crimson have to be booked at the Warfield?!? I (and my friend) despise the Warfield due to its poor acoustics. And it did not disappoint tonight... the sound was not as muddy as it usually was, but it appears that Mr. Bond was fighting that beast and the sound improved throughout the evening.

The band, especially Robert and Pat, seemed to be in good spirits. In fact, I could have sworn I saw Robert crack a smile or 2.

SF - Night 2

I took my wife tonight, who was kind enough to let me embark on this once in a lifetime adventure; she wanted to hear what all the fuss was about. Surprisingly she enjoyed a lot of it, mostly the more mellow, jazzy songs, e.g., Starless, Scarcity of Miracles, etc.

Mr. Bond beat down and tamed the Warfield - the sound was great. He needs to leave notes for the sound guys that follow...

A very energetic show, a big surprise in not opening with LTIA Pt I, everyone seemed extremely engaged and having fun and it came out in the playing. Heck, Robert actually appeared to laugh a few times. And Tony is a true professional, just going with the flow when he had technical problems, couldnít play his bass, and switched to his standup bass without missing a beat.

On to Seattle!

40th anniversary of
:: Posted by hajibektashvili on October 04, 2014

Hi there,

anbody knows about the fate of the forthcoming 40th anniversary edition of "Beat"? hab deen announced for October, now there is too much silence for me not to think it has been postponed again...


Tour Box
:: Posted by emory0 on October 03, 2014


I havenít seen the fantastic tour box discussed here. Itís great, and Sidís voluminous prose greatly enhances the experience. Itís an interesting collection of little bits here and there from the entire span and breadth of Crimsonís, uh, lifespan. Weird alternate takes, some live stuff, also a couplaí tunes we know and love but without the vocals (perhaps the vocal-less versions are also alternate takes, Iím not sure).

Like the current live set the only difficult thing is trying to draw a line through the trajectory of all that stuff over the years. It is, perhaps, impossible: It varies too much and there are so many different contributors over the years. But if youíve heard or own most of the recorded output, itís really cool to hear all these little snippets: They are also enjoyable just by themselves. Iím happy too that Belewís contribution to the band isnít downplayed: Thereís another phenomenal live Level 5 solo on there, along with a few other Belewsongs. And the mastering is good, too: Most of the versions here sound better audio-wise than Iíve heard them previously.

So good work all and, in particular, Sid.

Oh, and a PS: Coltraneís live gig at Temple University in 1966 (where he sometimes sings) just came out on double CD and so far itís kicking my ass. Pharoah Sanders is on there as well as Alice and a bunch of others. Itís really a spiritual performance, and 9 months later Saint Coltrane had passed on.

1 Oct, Los Angeles
:: Posted by rmaiolo on October 03, 2014

The first concert I was invited to go to was King Crimson at Merriweather Post Pavilion in the early 80ís. My parents felt I was too young to go to a írock showí.

It took 30+ years but I finally saw. Iím glad it was after I could really appreciate their entire catalog rather than the first incarnation I was exposed to.

I felt the audience was rather chatty throughout most of the show and that aggravated me a bit. Regardless, Iím glad I had the opportunity to seeing the band finally and count it as the pinnacle of life...yes, it mean THAT much to me...

Orphium Show Sept 30
:: Posted by jiffylube on October 03, 2014

This seemed to me to be nicely expanded version of the 20th Century Schizoid Band of 2002, covering a lot of the same pieces but including important post 1995 material. Soild performances thoughout. They sounded great. I think we got our moneyís worth. I hope this isnít the last one.

for absent nightmares
:: Posted by deagan1 on October 03, 2014

Iíd have to agree with the previous poster in that the absence of One More Red Nightmare was a big time bummer. I understand Sid"s explanation of set changes but this number should be untouchable. Otherwise a great night...brought my kids like a number of others have mentioned here and they loved it too! Many thanks to all involved and the band for playing LA.

One more concert review
:: Posted by snkzato1 on October 03, 2014

I did a rather long (and mentally meandering) concert review from the Madison show I attended.

Hopefully for those who have not been able to make it to a show it helps paint a bit of an image as to what has been going on.

Los Angeles, Sept 30
:: Posted by petergrenader on October 03, 2014

Let me take this time to thank you all for Tuesdayís performance at the Orpheum, Los Angeles - a hallmark recapitulation of a legacy which has during itís tenure, changed lives.  Mine included.  

Dead shark
:: Posted by Rockette on October 03, 2014

:: Posted by emory0 on October 02, 2014

>Gotta say Iím glad to see Grooveshark get bopped on the snout. 

Me too. Great post!

>Grooveshark, of course, thought they were "disrupting" music distribution by in effect bypassing copyrights

Yes, outright thieving does tend to cause a certain amount of disruption.

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