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King Crimson at the Wiltern, 1995
:: Posted by Tatala on March 08, 2015

I saw King Crimson at the Wiltern Theater in Los Angeles on June 29, 1995. It was a great show, their first in LA since 1984. One moment that stands out in my mind was the performance of Indiscipline: As I recall, an article had been published in LA that week calling King Crimson "Prog Pond Scum", and Adrian Belew gave a rather amusing commentary in response to this during the song.

In any case, I was curious if a recording of this concert exists. A Collector’s Club release of their third show at the Wiltern that year on July 1st has been issued, but to my knowledge no recording of the June 29 show has ever been available as a download. Will a recording of this concert ever be issued as a download from DGM Live in the future? Just curious.



Masters of the Tickets
:: Posted by PPmINTY on March 08, 2015

"...since in this digital age surely it’s quicker and easier to deal with tickets than it was in the good old days before such stupid charges existed when it was all snail mail and paperwork..."

Yes, you’d think so, wouldn’t you, ’emmapeelfanclub’? But it seems that Ticketmaster have a monopoly on these things and that’s the way it’s done now. If there was still an option to go to the venue box office and buy tickets over the counter "the old-fashioned way", I’d pick that any day! But then... even if you purchase your tickets in person, as I have done at (e.g.) Southampton Guildhall, you still pay out the non-optional extras to Ticketmaster, because it’s through their online network that you are buying. The only difference is that the lady in the box office does all the online stuff on your behalf. As I say, the additional booking fee is non-negotiable and non-optional (so why don’t they just include that in the face value of the tickets in the first place?). Then, should you opt to have your tickets sent to you, they slap a further additional delivery charge on top of that which far outweighs the GPO’s postal charges... It’s an extortion racket, is what it is!

Your own case has certainly put my mind at ease, ’emmapeelfanclub’... not!! ;-/

I’d better shut up about it now, or someone at Ticketmaster Towers will take umbrage... then I’ll never get my tickets!

Hand. Cannot. Erase.
:: Posted by royskagen on March 07, 2015

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Record Day CDs
:: Posted by thomasc1982 on March 07, 2015

Are these going to be in other places to buy as well? e.g. amazon and real shops?

When Will The Tickets Arrive?
:: Posted by emmapeelfanclub on March 07, 2015

I wish I could give PPmINTY an answer to the question regarding when the tickets will arrive. I too share their concerns and all I can go on was the last gig I went to booked through an online agency similar to Ticketmaster (I can’t remember which one) which was a few years ago. It ended up being a stressful farce. Three days before the gig, still no tickets. I’d booked some 4 months earlier. They were supposed to arrive "by courier" but of course, they didn’t. I had to ring the company up on a premium rate number... all they did was pick up the phone and left it hanging on the desk so I could hear all the office noise, but nobody would speak. I was having to use a phone box and three pounds later (not very much time) the call had to be aborted. I emailed them. No answer.

In the end, I emailed the venue - Manchester Bridgewater Hall - and they bent over backwards to try and resolve the issue. I ended up having to collect a specially printed out ticket from their box office three hours before the show. I was very grateful to the theatre staff but angry with the agency who of course snaffled the obligatory "booking fee" with no refund or apology.

So, thanks to that experience, I can’t help but feel a little apprehensive. Hopefully, I was a rare bad case but the whole "booking fee" (which I actually call in Spoonerised form... just swap the first letters!) thing does annoy me since in this digital age surely it’s quicker and easier to deal with tickets than it was in the good old days before such stupid charges existed when it was all snail mail and paperwork.     

:: Posted by Bakullama on March 07, 2015

Reading Jimi Hendrix name in the diary, alongside "Working on a blues tune"... Somehow makes me yearn for the resurrection and rediscovery of a certain "serious" style of blues song. One that would make Jimi proud.

:: Posted by PPmINTY on March 07, 2015

Vicars and t’Arts

...is what I meant to say

(a puny punny reference that might lose translation transatlantically - but I’d be very surprised if no one had thought of it previously).

Thanks for clarifying the Two Vicars quandary though, Sid. I’d often wondered about that.

Did I hear right? Did Stormy just say that he’d found ’new’ recordings of the Jamie Muir era? I personally can’t get that excited about tour bundles from 2000, or ’Hot Tickles’ that I’ve already downloaded, but that one passing mention certainly made my ears prick up!

KC 2000-03
:: Posted by GregK1 on March 07, 2015

How very exciting to read this in Mr Fripp’s diary:
"A step forward in the re-evaluation of this KC Period, and also waiting re-addressings are The ProjeKcts and KC 2000-2003."

Skip the 80s stuff and jump right to this, please!!!

Great to hear from Fripp, as always
:: Posted by thinwhiteduke on March 07, 2015

Can’t wait for the rest of the 40th Anniversary series. Especially THRAK. Though, if I was actually waiting for the 40th Anniversary edition of The Power to Believe, I’d be waiting til 2043. I hope it’s not that long.

also excited at the mention of a blues number

Vicars & Tarts
:: Posted by PPmINTY on March 07, 2015

I just read the rough draft of David’s biographical bumph. It certainly puts things into perspective ("Too much f..." ah! you know the rest!)

There’s one other mystery factoid that often keeps me awake at night. On Anthony Phillips’ first couple of solo albums (circa 1978-79), there is someone called The Vicar credited with guitar, vocals and keyboards. I now wonder if these gentlemen were one and the same? For many years I’d laboured under the assumption that, in this case, The Vicar might have been a pseudonym for producer Rupert Hine, a name that often crops up in the world of all things proggy... hmmm... hmmm?

On a completely unrelated note:- Does anyone (particularly anyone here in the UK who might be familiar with such things) know how long it usually takes for Ticketmaster to dispatch tickets? I’m not entirely comfortable in this world of electronic transaction! I’ve paid out a lot of money for tickets to see the KCrims at the Brighton Dome; I have email confirmation; I have printed out my receipts to ’prove’ it, but I won’t rest easy until I have the actual, tangible, real-life tickets in my sweaty mit - if only for the fact that I tire of fellow potential audients who keep badgering "Are they there yet?"

re Anthony Phillips - a vicar of a different diocese I'm afraid.

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