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Nov. 19 Concert in Toronto
:: Posted by strider on November 20, 2015

I attended last nightís concert in Toronto and thoroughly enjoyed the music and the band. The experience was both ecstatic and sublime - at times I felt engulfed and embraced by the music and transported to a place that only KC can take me. As a fan for 45 years I can say that I have never been disappointed with a KC performance.

I have, though, been disappointed by my fellow audients, several times. It seems that every KC performance that Iíve attended in Toronto has been diminished by the selfish and disrepectful actions of a cretinous minority who place their wants before those of the rest of the audience and the band. Throughout last nightís performance I could tell that Robert was distracted by the actions of a least one picture taker and I completely understand his decision to curtail the performance after what he perceived was an aggressive act displaying the ill will of at least one member of the audience. I was one of the audience members who applauded the announcement of the revised photo policy that occured before the performance and naively believed that the attendees would respect the bands wishes. Based on experience I should have known better.

Although I was disappointed that the performance didnít conclude in the manner that I had enthusiastically anticipated, I refuse to allow the actions of a disrespectful individual to detract from what was a wonderful experience. Iím sorry that the band members were forced to engage in concertus interruptus and also that we werenít allowed to fully express our gratitude and appreciation to the band.

:: Posted by grudolf on November 20, 2015

As previously discussed here, performances sometimes appear very different from performersí and audientsí points of view. When reading Robertís comments about last night, it was surprising to see the suggestion that "nothing took off". Even after having seen this lineup six times before (during the NY and Utrecht runs), yesterday still held several highlights including some sublime flute solos from Mel, Easy Money, and of course the new drum arrangements.

The íradical actioní taken by Robert at the end was, sadly, appropriate. Hopefully a line has been drawn, which will benefit future performances; seeming disadvantage to an advantage and all that..

Thank you to the band for delivering a beautiful show despite the disruptions, and looking forward to tonight and tomorrow.

:: Posted by RayMaybe on November 20, 2015

Was the Toronto audience in violation of the photography edict?
I hope all is well with Mr Fripp healthwise

Keeping it positive!
:: Posted by albemuth on November 20, 2015

My wife and I are on our way to see the beautiful city of Toronto.  During our visit, we also will take in the mighty Krim.  We will think only good thoughts!  And we are not bringing any cameras! 

"You are me, I am you, all of us together, no go íOMí."

Toronto Nov. 19
:: Posted by richardr on November 20, 2015

I have been listening to King Crimson and following the interesting ideas of Robert Fripp since fall 1973. I have seen them live only once before: Toronto, fall 2000 (Construcktion of Light tour, I believe). Last night was a much different experience.

I was at the theatre early, in my seat by 7:30, feeling so lucky to be there. I closed my eyes and gave thanks. I watched people drifting down to the stage, milling around, gazing at the set-ups, telling stories. My sense of the good fortune and good will responsible for this King Crimson arriving there, on that day, was overwhelming. I have listened to the music, rested with it, thought about it, lived with it, for over 40 years. The concert was interesting, fascinating, arresting, memorable.


I was concerned that what happened was destined to happen. I believe the numbers of photographing-devices in that theatre overwhelmed the reluctance to actually use them. As the band prepared to play the second song of the encore (Schizoid ManÖ?), Robert pointed toward the back of the theatre over to my left (someone was shooting I supposeÖI turned to look but I couldnít see), then he stood up, removed his guitar, and left the stage. The others also left, waving. We stood and clapped for a bit, but I knew that was it.


I want to thank the band, and everyone who assisted them in traveling to Canada, to Toronto, to play ten feet in front of me, to my heartfelt delight. I wonít forget it.


Bob Richardson

Toronto Nov. 19
:: Posted by hmozel on November 20, 2015

Dear Robert

You DONíT throw the baby out with the bathwater. I understand and applaud your stand on picture-taking during concerts but allowing one or two a&$holes to get under your skin to the extent that you ruin the night for everyone was a sad and confusing way to end a great show. The show must go on! Petulance does not not become you. Two wrongs donít make a right. I have Parkinsonís and made the effort to come to the show. There was also at least one gentleman in a wheechair. The fellow behind us drove up from Rochester. To have the band start late and quit early left a bad taste in everyoneís mouth. I sincerely hope you donít leave a long wake of ill feelings across the breadth Canada. And to the relentless photographers, show some respect and thanks a lot for your part in spoiling what could have been an entrancing evening.

Howard Mozel

Montreal & The Fripp Perspective
:: Posted by DevlinC on November 20, 2015

Sad to hear that, despite the most respectful and fair photography policy Robert has implemented in decades, possibly ever, that the evening was still ruined for him by people who donít take the hint.

Iím sure Robert remembers me from our interactions regarding photo policies in 2007 - only because he mentioned recently having saved his negative correspondences from the guestbook, not out of personal ego - but the photo policy of the recent Crimson shows have actually been exactly what I suggested all those years ago. Respect the audience, donít talk down to them, and your requests are more likely to be adhered to. Sad to see that this wasnít the case in Montreal. Hopefully itís been his experience everywhere else - I think I saw one flash go off at one of the London gigs, but all 3 of the UK shows I saw were phonescreen-free.

Unfortunately, discussion of this here is probably preaching to the converted - who that comes to DGM would use flash photography, aware that it could cut the evening short?

Off to see Keith Jarrett tonight, so concerns about photography very much on my mind at the moment!

Photo's Montreal
:: Posted by Wilbert on November 20, 2015

You are absolutely right, Robert.

Toronto Concert Nov. 19
:: Posted by garryho on November 20, 2015

Good concert.
For the first time I had the feeling that some of the newer songs reached a superior level of artistic freedom and a certain degree of integrity ...simply because of the three drummers arrangements...Interestingly enough I wouldíve bet quite the contrary considering the high level of rhythmic complexity and the highly rehearsed "themes"...
 On the other hand I am not impressed with Frippís attitude. When showing up for the encore everyone in the public was waiting for the 21-st Century Schizoid Man ( we all saw the set list of the previous concerts !!!)...but Fripp had to cut it short and left the stage early, after íAt the court..." apparently irritated by something while the rest of the band was just preparing for the next number ...We waited for more then 10 minutes for the Crimsons to show up...applause, callings, etc. Nothingís enough to tame Mr. Frippís irritation ...Personally I couldnít care less for that specific song - although I enjoyed it for about 2675 times - or any other...is just the attitude ! And it wasnít just me! Everyone was upset ...
   Are we in service of the music Mr. Fripp or in a personal war against the world and mostly with ourselves ?!!!

Tonight In Toronto
:: Posted by zootz1962 on November 20, 2015

Wonderful show tonight in Toronto. So great to hear Easy Money. Disappointed that you left the stage when clearly the show wasnít over. Considering that everyone in the entire house had a camera and DIDNíT use it throughout showed great restraint. Iím not sure why you think doing something like that to a paying audience is ok.
Still love you though.

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