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... and Bible Black
:: Posted by Royston on February 07, 2015

Those who were lucky enough to hear a live version of Starless from March 19, 1974 (Udine) onwards must have been baffled - and somewhat disappointed - on buying the brand-new Starless and Bible Black album to find it didnít actually appear to have the title track.

Of course those of us in the UK (and those in North America who had yet to be treated to a live performance of the song) didnít know what we were missing in the first place. Now we do.

:: Posted by AlexGT on February 07, 2015

Very excited to have got a ticket for the Salford Lowry gig. Never thought Iíd get a chance to see them. Thanks for O2 Priority, I managed to get almost the exact seat I wanted.

Daevid's cancer
:: Posted by markmmarkm on February 07, 2015

I know nothing about this beyond this blurb.

I recommend the book I previously posted a link to.

University Scientists May Have Discovered Major New Cancer Drug--and
Itís Cheap
Animal trials at a Canadian university suggest that there is a cheap drug out
there that is potentially a major cancer fighter.
The University of Alberta, Canada, is reporting that this drug, dichloroacetate
(DCA), appears to suppress the growth of cancer cells without affecting normal
cells, suggesting that it might not have the dramatic side effects of standard
The drug has been used in human beings for problems other than cancer, and
animal trials suggest that it could be an effective and important addition to
the cancer-fighting arsenal. Because it offers no profit to drug companies,
there has been no testing.
The Unviersity of Alberta, however, is planning clinical trials in human beings.


I Wonder
:: Posted by willesley on February 07, 2015

if Turumarthís wish might be granted.

Ms Willcox recently tweeted "Ooohhhh just learnt im off 2 japan ( 4 1st time in my life!) In december. Ive loved the culture 4 so long.....now 2 c real thing". It only takes a leap of faith to add "accompanying hubby"

Crimson in London
:: Posted by brighton on February 07, 2015

I posted a few days back bemoaning the fact that KC might not be playing London. How wrong I was, I now have tickets for both nights at the Hackney Empire which is very close to me and I cannot contain my excitement!! Thank you RF/KC for including London in your UK/Euro tour.

Future KC performances
:: Posted by Turumarth on February 07, 2015

I hope to see Stick Men with David Cross in Tokyo!!! Hey, Mr Tony L, hey, Mr Pat M, can you guys play Starless? Please??? An instrumental version would be awe-inspiring.


(posted by a Yank who lives in the land of the rising sun)

Daevid's cancer
:: Posted by markmmarkm on February 06, 2015

Where there is life, there is hope.

Leave no stone unturned?:


Best wishes,
Mark M

:: Posted by gasmrv on February 06, 2015

Never mind whether I like Fracture, or whether or not I want to listen to it live live (I do), but I wonder whether RF, these days, can play this piece competently, and if he does (I suspect he does), would the current line-up offer a decent enough, honourableógenuine!órendition of this one unique piece of music? True renditions of The Talking Drum & Fracture would be more than welcome, and dare I say necessary, to European audiences these days.

King Live Holland 2015
:: Posted by Wilbert on February 06, 2015

yes I bought tickets for me and my son. Utrecht Holland. Hurray.

For my son the first time, for me the 7th time.  However the first time again since 1995.. My very 1st time was 1973 (the Nightwatch Concert in Amsterdam).

Hurray King Crimson and hurray for seeing Mel Collins with RF for the 1st time.........

:: Posted by kingcrimson7 on February 06, 2015

The churchscapes is something, that has to do with the church.

can trust Jesus, thanks to our dear Mr. Robert fripp

Love and Peace.

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