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:: Posted by thecapitolcardiff1971 on August 20, 2015

The hiatus of 34 years is now almost over. As I look out to the horizon, the good ship King Crimson once more is coming into view. After seeing Crimson in Oct 1971, Nov 1972, March & Oct 1973 little could I think that after the next concert (Venue in London, Oct 1981) I would have to wait these three-and-a-half decades to be in the same hall as them again.

Ah well, as I write, the reunion is just 11 days away and I’ll be at five of these UK concerts. Excessive, maybe. But will the mighty Crim ever tour these shores again? Who knows apart from Mr F.

S. Perry (S Wales)

New Vinyl as CD?
:: Posted by brighton on August 20, 2015

Sid, maybe you could help... Will the new 12" vinyl also be available as a cd on the forthcoming tour?? It would be really helpful for those fans like myself who don’t have a turntable anymore.
There'll be a formal announcement soon.

My (easy) money back
:: Posted by orrason on August 19, 2015

seems that Robert listened  to my guest book entry recently where I asked for Easy Money.  Love you man.. and please do not outsource the solo to JJ although he is fine. 

Of Happenin' Do's & Todo's to Happen
:: Posted by davidly on August 19, 2015

Speakin’ o’ DGM according to Websters— from Stormy’s surprise (thanx Mister Mundy!) on through the DGM Knot to see the latest DGM video re. i.a. NST applied to older creations, and His Increasingly Lesser Venalness’ closest crop yet, looking sharp!

RE: Another Guitarist?
:: Posted by tboyd1802 on August 19, 2015

Oh Sid, where is the fun in being so literal !-)

Picture Disc
:: Posted by snkzato1 on August 18, 2015

Seriously who do I give my money to so I can get one of those picture discs here in the states?

Last time I saw you I wanted to paw you
:: Posted by albemuth on August 18, 2015

I am not sure what possessed Hattjkn to post those reviews of Roches albums by Robert Christgau.  But this reminded me that Tony Levin, Bill Bruford, and Robert Fripp all played on the Roches’ album "Keep on Doing."  Does this make "Keep on Doing" a Krimson Projekct, avant la lettre?  And, if so, then is possible that we will hear "Losing True" on the upcoming tour?

Another Guitarist?
:: Posted by tboyd1802 on August 18, 2015

Yesterday on Facebook Dave Kilminster posted a photo of his new guitar with the following comment:

"’Rose’ finally arrived home today... picked her up from the ’King Crimson’ rehearsals!!!"

Any idea what this means?
Doesn't it mean that Dave K picked up his new guitar from the King Crimson rehearsals?

Re: Searching Iconography
:: Posted by davidly on August 18, 2015

(blush) Suddenly it all makes a lot more sense.

Nice review by Robert Christgau about Robert Fripp's production of The Roches' album.
:: Posted by hattjkn on August 18, 2015


Consumer Guide Reviews:

The Roches [Warner Bros., 1979]
Robert Fripp’s austere production of this witty, pretty music not only abjures alien instrumentation but also plays up the quirks of the Roches’ less-than-commanding voices and acoustic guitars. Thus it underscores their vulnerability and occasional desperation and counteracts their flirtations with the coy and the fey. The result is not a perfect record, but rather one whose imperfections are lovingly mitigated. Replete with memorable melodies, heartbreaking harmonies, wise words, and lotsa laffs. A

Nurds [Warner Bros., 1980]
They’re trying too hard. The title cut’s all moue and double-take, you can hear Suzzy upstaging her big sisters, and Maggie’s side-closers are so intense and compressed it’s impossible to know what they mean, though for sure a more experienced poet wouldn’t put so much weight on her metaphors (chocolate versus soybeans somehow getting us to boat people living--and no doubt sufferin’--in Suffern, whew). Nor does Paul Simon henchman Roy Halee channel them the way Robert Fripp might have. Even so these songs have an almost magical esprit; Maggie’s "One Season" will be in their act when they’re fifty. Nobody in pop music equals their intelligence or delight. But I hope they calm down some. B

Keep on Doing [Warner Bros., 1982]
This sounds so good I’m beginning to believe Robert Fripp was put on earth to produce the Roches (each of us has a place in the cosmic plan, after all). It’s not just the honest depth and sweet bite of the voices that make it richer musically than the debut--the songs ring with acoustic guitar ostinatos hookier than any Byrds rip you fancy. The writing has rebounded, too, though because the narrative punch and sense of overarching purpose still lags they no longer seem like protofeminist avatars--just pros who set out to prove themselves with a good album and damn right succeeded. A-

Another World [Warner Bros., 1985]
"Love Radiates Around" has a once-in-a-lifetime melody and was written by a pal of theirs, but its blissful sentiments don’t suit this depressing compromise of a "rock" record any better than it would one of their Robert Fripp jobs. Even turning out songs on deadline they’re sardonic weirdos, and though the material could be stronger, the monkey wrench is the received irrelevancy of the synthbeats and guitar solos furnished by three strangely indistinguishable production teams. "Gimme a slice" is one thing, "with everything on it" another. B+

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