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Iriskeys comment
:: Posted by Bakullama on February 26, 2015

Irriskey said...."I would suggest Mr.Singleton is suffering from the effects of years of selfless devotion to doing his job and doing it well. The problem is that he didnít include self-promotion in his job description. That can be remedied."

Excellent post and assessment, Iím sure David Singleton has all the means and tools necessary to remedy his temporary situation.

For the little guys out here, the "hobbyists" such as myself and others. Promotion is daunting, time consuming, and expensive. I like to see it as a fun and creative enterprise... Only as important as we make it.

David Singleton
:: Posted by Irissky on February 26, 2015

I would suggest Mr.Singleton is suffering from the effects of years of selfless devotion to doing his job and doing it well. The problem is that he didnít include self-promotion in his job description. That can be remedied.

re: trivial trivia question
:: Posted by DannyX on February 26, 2015

Iím going to go with Terri Roche on this one.

trivial trivia question
:: Posted by andyfromozz on February 25, 2015

Does anyone know who says on the old LOG album:

"Rock & Roll is about fucking, it really is"??

Not exactly a burning question and yet...
cheers (and a :-) to Bakullama)

All seeing eye posters
:: Posted by Bakullama on February 25, 2015

I was thinking about how apropos the all seeing eye poster for the KC San Francisco show (and the poster for the British shows done by Bill Reiflins wife) are, for these times we live in.

Here in the US they are working hard to regulate and control internet information... The all seeing eye sees us allright, but it did not imagine it would be a two way street, and has exposed those behind the eye for what they really are... And itís all rather disheartening.

Some of our own Shady character today called for the "True" stories to be told. And they figger the best and only way to do that would be through state run and regulated internet and media... Haha...Of course freedom of speech and information are a hindrance to be dealt with, but they already have it under control in most parts of the world.

We know too much. The true powers are being reckoned. The world is not what we thought it was, and that hurts. Watch for that all seeing eye... Itís in defense mode now. Those posters are a ethereal warning of sorts. Great artwork too. The 21st century will likely be one wild ride. 21st Century Schizoid man returns.

:: Posted by markvankempen on February 25, 2015

Dear David,

Let us not forget...Vincent van Gogh never sold a painting during his lifetime. Not that I would suggest that you...No, David!

:: Posted by Chet_Kincaid on February 24, 2015

David Singelton should put an accurate biography on this site. That way it can be used as a reference for a Wikipedia article. Wikipedia is only as good as the stuff that backs it up -- many (old) people understand that, even if the young and dumb digital generation doesnít. It would also be helpful if the bio explained exactly what Singleton does for King Crimson and DGM, since that is not understood and has not been adequately explained by Fripp. All the years of coyness about who or what "The Vicar" is have not helped Mr. Singletonís "online brand", either.

Three of a perfect...trio
:: Posted by fishbonealice on February 24, 2015

Circumstances mean that I am forced to listen to music via headphones a lot recently. Generally Iím not a fan of ícansí as I believe industry folk call them, but one advantage has been to get a focus on the three drummers on Orpheum. Actually I have become a teeny bit obssessed with the record, not least because of the startling interplay between the three guys. It is truly fascinating to concentrate on the attention to detail. Their work is so meticulous yet effortless and musical. Donít know where RF got the idea, but it was an inspired one. Canít wait to see that team in action later in the year.

1974 concert footage
:: Posted by mikefrost on February 24, 2015

On the 1991 Robert Fripp documentary íCareful With That Axeí which dealt predominantly with Guitar Craft some footage of KC from 1974 appeared. Itís black and white, all from the right angle and features close-ups and stage shots. The question is what is this footage, where is it from and will it ever be seen? On a side note, the photo for the Arlington 6th Oct 1973 show looks suspiciously like a still from black and white VHS, but itís too small to be sure...

Cat care
:: Posted by Bakullama on February 24, 2015

LOLZ for andyfromoz.

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