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:: Posted by gregory1 on November 20, 2015

I saw King Crimson in Brighton and London in September. I traveled from Australia to do so. My first experience of them live in a 46 year "love affair". Now, if Iíd been in the audience at the Toronto gig and had to endure an encore cut short by small minded individuals with small cameras/phones, taking small pictures or small films for their own small-world gratification... Iíd be mighty pissed off. as Iím sure many courteous Canadians were.

:: Posted by zootz1962 on November 20, 2015

Iíve really got to stop reading this forum.
Are you people actually DEFENDING what Fripp did??
I donít need someone to tell me how to enjoy a concert or how to experience its transcendence.
Your a band. You play instruments. We paid to come see you. We were short changed. Period. You donít heal. You donít walk on water. You donít need to look at the audience to see if theyíre taking your picture. Apparently it hurts you.

...less and Bible ... BlackStar...less and Bible....
:: Posted by Antonion on November 20, 2015

Re: Mr. DBís new video.

Is he Mr. RFís look-alike? Or is Mr. RF Mr. DBís look-alike? Why is Mr. DB holding a Bible Black for all to see? Why canít I dance to his Mr. DBís new tune? Why does it remind me of Mr. Honeggerís La Danse des Morts?

(Shut up. Shut up!)

:: Posted by rightback on November 20, 2015

Not only did I miss out on one of the encore songs, but where I was sitting (at the back of the orchestra section), there were a couple of yahoos yakking all the way through the concert. Now, thatís par for the course for a rock concert but to echo another posterís mention of a more rigorous security detail with regard to photos, I would suggest something similar for people who just canít manage to shut up. Ejection would be fine...torture with hot implements ideal. Great concert though.

:: Posted by snkzato1 on November 20, 2015

Iím still surprised that people canít respect a relatively simple and straight-forward photo policy.

You can have your opinions on whether he is being strict or not, but if those are his rules for coming to see him play, why be so discourteous? Do you lay on a guests coach with shoes on despite endless please not to?

I hope the individuals grainy photo someone acquired from the back of the house warrants not being able to witness 21st Century Schizoid Man by this line-up.

Iím sure that person believes he did nothing wrong and that Robert is just ístuck-upí.

Iím sure I would never want to invite him to my home.

Re: Toronto
:: Posted by DannyX on November 20, 2015

I thought Canadians were supposed to be polite...eh?

About the Toronto show
:: Posted by MarcusAlmighty on November 20, 2015

Hello friends. Just like to say a few words about last nightís show in Toronto. I for one have been a long time KC fan and have bought pretty much everything available in terms of albums and boxset and have enjoyed them very much. Last night was my chance to see them live for the very first time. I must say it was a very impressive and inspired performance. I enjoyed every second. I thought the 3 drummers were brilliant, Jakko sang incredibly well and the rest were very tight. High points were Epitaph and a blistering performance of Easy Money. My only complaint and by now Iím sure this will come as no surprise was Mr. Fripps decision to cut the encore short. Now i know why he did it but Iím just going to say that after spending close to 200 dollars on a ticket I think I deserve to have Robert maybe suck it up and do the last song. Hey how about next you grab the mic...point out the clown who was taking the pictures and have security take him out. And then continue. I donít get it...maybe itís a British thing. No offense to my British friends. In any case I will always have great memories of the show....as for the encore...

:: Posted by microbunny on November 20, 2015

Apologies on behalf of the entire city of Toronto for the idiots that deliberately violated the performance last night, which was otherwise tremendous. I am saddened that these dimwits spoiled the night for Robert. Indefensible behaviour. I really wanted to see the smile on his face that I saw last year in at a performance in Chicago where the audience was fulfilling their roles and there wasnít a single "vampire" in sight.  I would like to note that in Chicago there were some very excellent security staff members that enforced the photography policy BEFORE the performance began, with ZERO tolerance (the policy at the time).  It seemed to work well and I strongly suggest that this be instituted for all subsequent performances. This new phone/human hybrid species that has emerged in the last few years are incapable of exercising any control once they have the device in their hands. Might want to use one of those small laser pointers to more accurately identify to security these "vampires" and have them removed from the premises.  Also I suggest a member of the staff should announce it from the stage before the show in addition to Robertís pre-recorded gentle message...Zero tolerance. Immediate ejection from the venue. I would also like to point out to a few other commenters in this forum that the show was not "short", even going so far as to perform an encore of "In the Court of the Crimson King" !!!! when clearly some of the members of the audience did not deserve such generosity.  I am very thankful and truly hope this can be rectified for the Saturday performance which I am very much looking forward to attending and perhaps hearing some other gems!

:: Posted by zootz1962 on November 20, 2015

So again...I have to state...you think its OK to abandon a show that people PAID HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS TO ATTEND over a photo?? You need to drop the drama and get over yourself.
So now according to MY policy you owe me a refund.

Nov. 19 Concert in Toronto
:: Posted by strider on November 20, 2015

I attended last nightís concert in Toronto and thoroughly enjoyed the music and the band. The experience was both ecstatic and sublime - at times I felt engulfed and embraced by the music and transported to a place that only KC can take me. As a fan for 45 years I can say that I have never been disappointed with a KC performance.

I have, though, been disappointed by my fellow audients, several times. It seems that every KC performance that Iíve attended in Toronto has been diminished by the selfish and disrepectful actions of a cretinous minority who place their wants before those of the rest of the audience and the band. Throughout last nightís performance I could tell that Robert was distracted by the actions of a least one picture taker and I completely understand his decision to curtail the performance after what he perceived was an aggressive act displaying the ill will of at least one member of the audience. I was one of the audience members who applauded the announcement of the revised photo policy that occured before the performance and naively believed that the attendees would respect the bands wishes. Based on experience I should have known better.

Although I was disappointed that the performance didnít conclude in the manner that I had enthusiastically anticipated, I refuse to allow the actions of a disrespectful individual to detract from what was a wonderful experience. Iím sorry that the band members were forced to engage in concertus interruptus and also that we werenít allowed to fully express our gratitude and appreciation to the band.

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