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The Eye of Providence
:: Posted by Teledan on June 22, 2015

Having started the discussion about the 2015 tour poster, I must respond: I simply noticed that the "Eye of Providence" motif is approximated in the poster’s design, and noted that some ascribe it to conspiracy symbolism involving a mysterious "illuminati" with the connections to historical figures and secret societies, as mentioned. I am not promulgating any such personal beliefs!

Perhaps if Mr. Fripp himself were to don the mask of the "smiling Polynesian" of the "12 Archetypes", and mutilate himself into a twisted version of the Vitruvian Man, whilst laying amid the vandalized ruins of his garden statuary, inspiring Dan Brown to find enuff furthur evidence of chicanery to chronicle the events into a best-selling book, THEN perhaps I would believe that hurlyburly is afoot and something wicked this way comes.

Until then, Fair is foul and foul is fair. Hover thru the fog and filthy air!

One eye.....
:: Posted by bloggulator on June 21, 2015

One thing which I am sure we should all be aware, especially after some 45+ years, is that King Crimson has always retained the capacity to disturb minds, on a number of fronts. This is one of the the few aspects about KC that often conforms to expectations i.e. "No Bland Permitted!".

The current poster follows a history of disturbing artwork - from "In The Court....", through "A Young Person’s Guide", all the P. J. Crook album artwork, and now, what I call "Young Polyphemus".

And I am pretty sure that King Crimson wasn’t nicknamed "The Beast" for being "nice" :)

Marketing genius at your service.
:: Posted by Bakullama on June 21, 2015

In the olden days vinyl albums would sometimes come with a cutout or other (sometimes useful or goofy) moving gimmick in, or on, the cover.. The Doors had one, Zeppelin 3 had a spinning wheel, Uriah Heep had a mirror, Jefferson Airplane had a cigar box with weed in it... Alice Cooper Schools out came with a pair of panties that I still wear on special occasions.

Wouldn’t it be a hoot to have our "one eyed jack" die cut into a mask we could all wear when the clampdown commences? It would be a lot better than that silly Guy Fawkes mask. Imagine thousands... (Well, hundreds) of King Crimson fans wearing these at a concert.

Tour Poster - One Eye
:: Posted by simkin_eden on June 21, 2015

Sorry Brighton but the ’one-eyed’ man quote doesn’t answer it.   H G Wells wrote a short story ’The Country Of The Blind’ which is stumbled upon my a sighted man, his attempts to explain ’sight’ to them is dismissed, and his attempts to take control and integrate fail dismally. So in Well’s kingdom of the blind the one-eyed man is useless and doomed!

As for the tour poster - to me it is disturbing, very disturbing.

2015 Tour Poster
:: Posted by brighton on June 21, 2015

Mystery of the poster?? C,mon,’in the kingdom of the blind the one-eyed man is king’... King Crimson!!

Cyclopian humour
:: Posted by Festus on June 19, 2015

Some say "never trust a man with a monobrow" - oh dear, our cycloptic man is screwed!

cyclopian humor?
:: Posted by jtwillia on June 19, 2015

With all the disturbances noted, I wonder if anyone else actually found humor in the image? And perhaps the "meaning" is deliberately multiple...

Sinisterer and sinisterer
:: Posted by Royston on June 18, 2015

While googling ’King Crimson Cyclops’ in search of a decent-sized picture of the (admittedly disturbing) image, I came across the following character in Warcraft:
’Magnus the Red (Also known as the Crimson King, the Sorcerer-King, Cyclopean Magnus or the Red Cyclops)’.

I leave it to others to make of this what they will. Or not.

One Eye Haiku
:: Posted by nungboy on June 18, 2015

How to wink one eye?
A cyclops gets no respect
and he gets no dates


Eye Wide Open
:: Posted by nungboy on June 18, 2015

I think I saw somewhere on the interweb that the 40th Anniversary release of The Power to Believe has a substantial change in one song. Apparently, due to the success of the "Cyclops" tour poster, the lovely ballad on the CD will be renamed "Eye Wide Open" and Adrian Belew is re-recording the vocals to reflect the change. (wink)

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