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Where is Robert ?
:: Posted by llampcat on October 22, 2014

Two weeeks whitout news, no diaries, no touring
With only a couple of days break after the US tour, Robert then flew to Argentina to undertake work with the South American Guitar Circle. As we speak, he is most likely in an airport terminal many miles from home.

#KC2014 Downloads
:: Posted by AcousticPhenomena on October 22, 2014

I think that everyone is very excited to get their hands on a KC2014 live show download. I am very saddened that it is going to take DGM until spring 2015 to make something available. Iím sure they have something special in mind, but for me this is a huge missed opportunity.

The nature of download culture is that you can essentially have whatever you want whenever you want. When KC2008 live download came out about 3 DAYS into the tour, before they could even get out album art, this was immensely satisfying, and to me a much better alternative to bootlegs. If I can get a great quality audio right from the source, Iím fine paying some money, and it will definitely keep me from hunting down bootlegs. But, this has to happen sooner rather than later.

King Crimson: Your fan base is ravenous, and you didnít even tour around to give everyone a chance to hear it. I understand why, but given the extremely aggressive anti-bootleg stance of DGM, I think the sensible move would be to satisfy your clever fans with an up front download.

For me, I waited a few days into the tour. With no live bootleg on the horizon, I was unable to contain my excitement and immediately began looking for bootlegs, of which there was not a short supply, although it looked like the DGM team was hard at work corking all the leaks. In the end I decided that I would prefer to respect Robertís wishes, a man I have never met in person, and refrained from downloading any boots. My reward is having to wait 6 months.

Is DGM concerned about flooding the market in light of the R2R and Starless box sets? I canít imagine this is the case. Also, if not 2014, why not another 2008 show? Sex, Sleep, Eat, Drink, Dream and Walking on Air have not yet been released to the general public.

While it wasnít the news I wanted to hear, I was very happy that Sid took the time to address this elephant in the room, and I wasnít left wondering each day whether or not anything was going to surface. And while it looks like my only choice is to sit tight, I think I and probably a few other drooling fans would like some more insight as to why weíre being asked for patience from a site whose purpose is to make live shows available in a very on-demand and global fashion.

Iím not trying to call anyone a jerk, or to make anyone angry. What I am is someone who had an amazing time on this last tour and wants to enjoy it over and over and over and over on my ride in to work. ASAP Please.

T shirt
:: Posted by Bakullama on October 22, 2014

Looking forward to the day when the RED with back cover image T -shirt will be re-stocked. My old one has seen its last days unfortunately. As it faded to a dark grey from its original black, it just looked and felt better and better.

turntables / wall plaques 2
:: Posted by Brutus on October 22, 2014

:: Posted by nighthealer on October 21, 2014 The splendid turntables have given me a idea for some merchandise. How about wall plaques of the Discipline & LTIA covers, about 12" in diameter? I would definitely buy them!

Hi there, I am Max, the author (together with my wife Sam) of the two turntables. I have always been fascinated by logos in general and that is one of the reasons I have chosen those two covers for our turntable projeKCts. For the LTIA one I decided for a "professional" approach when it was time to create the mat; so I asked a company to print the logo on a plastic material called Forex (used for posters, plaques, etc.). Forex is quite rigid but can be easily cut. I ordered two copies of the digital print (around 35 euros for both) and I think I will use the second one for a wall clock. This could be another idea for the DGM merchandise area.

Starless Box Set
:: Posted by kevineden on October 22, 2014

Ordered mine from Spin in Newcastle (cheapest online) and it arrived yesterday.

My ears are thrumming and buzzing at the gloriousness of it. A feast for the eyes too

Starless Box Set
:: Posted by DanAnderson on October 21, 2014

Hey DGM,
Have all the Starless box sets been mailed out? I am eagerly awaiting mine to arrive (Gresham, Oregon).
Hi there Dan,
It all depends on who you ordered it from. If you went via Inner Knot or another US based retailer then it'll be another week or so as the stock, which is shipping from Europe, has to clear customs,etc. Rest assured your American-based retailer is very keen to ship your order. If you bought it from Burning Shed or another European-based retailer then it's arrival is imminent.

:: Posted by Mikhail664 on October 21, 2014

I donít know if RF remembers me but I joined around 2007 when I heard crim and kept nagging RF to rejoin the band and stop writing diaries to which I got a lot of sarcastic responses by him. The band rejoined in 2008 to play a few shows which I was most eager to see but could not go to as I lived up in Canada. Well its 2014 and I decided to save the money and drive down to see them in Albany.

It felt stupid driving six hours just to see a band but on the way back I couldnt have been more content. I was pissed at the decision for excluding Belew and brining back horns, it felt like such as step back as I really thought the guitar only approach was a step forward in Crims music. Also I wasnít a big fan of Jakko, sure he was talented didnít think he was Crim material as Adrian Belew is one of the few few few musicians who can transcend generations, from Bowie to Zappa to NIN and Porcupine Tree.

Again Fripp proved me wrong with his choice and it made perfect sense seeing the band live, this show never felt like a regurgitation of hits or trying to be hip and young again as KC has always managed to stay relevant. These shows felt like a celebration of KCís music and its philosophy from the old from the new, couldnít have asked for a more perfect and varied setlist, although it would have been interesting to see a few more renditions of 80s and 90s material. Regardless I felt privileged to hear One More Red Nightmare and Starless being played live infront of audiences for the first time and in over 40 years respectively. Both Jakko and Mel were perfect, I feared they would take over the music to much but like everyone in the band they were only in service to the music. Horns and flutes added nice touches to THE Construkction of Light. Although the Red drumbeat and flute in the solo did not strike as big of a chord to me. Jakko proved to be a capable guitarist doing hte fast runs on LTPA and thank god he didnít sing Adrianís part as it doesnít suit his personality, as a lot of Kcrim material doesnít suit Adeís American demeanor.

Canít thank Fripp enought for this moment, you can go back to writing your boring diaries and winning lawsuits again :)

the other live shows?
:: Posted by Undisciplined on October 21, 2014

So, who else is going to see Stick Men and/or Adrian Belew Power Trio?

2014 Tour Downloads
:: Posted by UnusualMuse on October 21, 2014

I was fortunate to be present (both literally and, to at least some degree, figuratively) at the first San Francisco show... and it was incredible. Having thoroughly enjoyed the experience of "recording with my eyes and ears," now that that experience has passed I would love having a document of that very enjoyable performance, any and all clams and warts included and welcomed. I have heard that the second night in SF had some technical difficulties that actually resulted in an interesting on-the-fly adaptation by Mr. Levin that I, as a bassist, would love to hear. I should add: In addition to a desire to respect the wishes of the performers, the "being a present witness/participant" aspect of the evening was aided by the knowledge that I would be able to purchase a download of the eveningís performance at some later date; I certainly hope that will be the case.

Starless Boxx ZŁrich
:: Posted by fhc339835 on October 21, 2014

Very good alternative solution for LoMD-Mincer-LoMD!

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