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September in New York?
:: Posted by emory0 on June 12, 2014

I know that many of you DGM guestbook folks have excellent taste in music, as do I, so I thought I might mention another musical event on par with Crimson, that will be happening in September here in NYC. At BAM (Brooklyn Academy of Music), Steve Reich, Phillip Glass and both of their ensembles will be playing TOGETHER for 3 nights, as part of the Nonesuch Records anniversary (40, I think). This will occur on September 9th, 10th and 11th, so if you will be in New York during that time I highly recommend getting tickets as they are going fast.

Tony's sheet music
:: Posted by snkzato1 on June 12, 2014


Tony posted some sheet music yesterday on his journal and Iím curious if anyone has any guesses as to what songs they could be.

I heard one opinion that due to the right sheet saying í5 and 7í it could be Level 5 and the one on the left could be VROOM or VROOM VROOM considering the note íTrey Rambleí. It would be pretty interesting to hear how these songs sound with some jazzy horn additions.

Crossing Paths
:: Posted by gbruner on June 12, 2014

Iíve just noticed that Asia and KC will cross paths on 20th September in NYC.   Perhaps John and Robert will do something completely unexpected and go busking together in Times Square during the daytime prior to their shows....  Think about it, men, think of the publicity potential!   Iím sure the NY Daily News would be on top of it!

Men in Suits!
:: Posted by bloggulator on June 11, 2014

I had such a chuckle looking at the King Crimson photo session by Scarlet Page! Trust King Crimson to be, once again, the nonconformists - this time in their mode of dress for a rock band! And, why not?

If you didnít know who this particular group of people were, they could be mistaken for 1. FBI agents. 2. Jehovahís witnesses (ouch!). 3. Senior executives of a corporation or bank. 4.The Men in Black (!), or.... perhaps even a delegation from the Bilderberg Group (!!) ;-)

Hey, itís the the League of Gentlemen! Dapper to the max! Hehe... I love it. Brilliant, and i bet the band had such a laugh too!

Re: Farewell Tour?
:: Posted by KramNamloc on June 11, 2014

Sid, whew! THANK YOU!

It was on Seattleís Moore Theater ticket site originally too.
I am even more happy now!

KC in the movies
:: Posted by nungboy on June 11, 2014

I want to add my voice to the chorus of disappointed folks who are not able to get to a show on the upcoming tour. The feeling of melancholy has not lifted since seeing the minimal tour dates that are only in huge metro areas. The purpose of my post is not to whine about the number of dates but rather, to join the list of people suggesting that the tour be filmed for a DVD release. Please. Pretty please!

I am begging!

Farewell Tour?
:: Posted by KramNamloc on June 11, 2014

Has the "farewell" issue been discussed by Robert?
I may have missed it?

Mentioned here in title.
You'll notice there's no mention of the farewell tour in the official press release, Mark. Journalistic license?

Kc: Earthbound
:: Posted by froggy55 on June 11, 2014

A lot of people out there may not like it, but I like "Peoria". Itís a funky jam. Mel Collins gets down with his bad self. Then Boz adds some improvised vocals at the end. The band sounds like theyíre having a good olí time.

Chicago meetup?
:: Posted by Ornate_Coal_Man on June 11, 2014

Iím going to the Thursday show.

Anyone wanna meet up earlier? Native Foods on Belmont, just due west of the L, (and, of course, the Vic) is an excellent choice: great food, affordable, and walking distance from the venue.

Any interest?

2014 Tour
:: Posted by retlaw on June 11, 2014

Hello all!  I am kind of brokenhearted that I wonít have the chance to see King Crimson this time out - first time missing a tour since 1981.  There are a variety of reasons - I have moved to the south of the US from NYC for one, but mostly it is financial.  I just cannot do it.  And believe me, if I could I would.  Crimson is my favorite band.  In any incarnation.  So, I am just hoping that a show will be filmed, and also a CD released at some point, as well.  Are there plans for this?  The unfortunate ones amongst us I am sure would be grateful, and buy both. 

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