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:: Posted by Rockette on March 28, 2016

>Putting in "requests" for particular tracks is rather odd.

Itís not uncommon for listeners to put in requests for their favourite songs on upcoming tours, and it could be  a useful reminder to the band as to which tracks are particularly popular. No point shouting them out during the gig of course... rehearsing such complex repertoire with a seven-piece band takes months of preparation, the musicians canít suddenly conjure a tune* out of thin air.

(*With the possible exception of that old KC favourite, Louie Louie.)

Does Crimso do requests?
:: Posted by throbber on March 28, 2016

Putting in "requests" for particular tracks is rather odd. Your typical professional musician doesnít do requests. Do you intend to shout them out during the gig, as well? How would you like if a client of yours started telling you how to do your job?

Setlist ideas- improvisations, the 80s
:: Posted by crimson_fan on March 27, 2016

Two humble requests for the bandís consideration regarding upcoming performances:

- full on improvisations (as in separate improvs ala Trio)
- the 80s tracks. Iím not sure if any of these have been played recently and while I understand this Crimsonís focus on more jazzy and raw sound reminiscent of the pre-1981 incarnations (which I love) I do miss the 80s stuff. personally. Perhaps Sheltering Sky could make it onto the setlists?

Setlist request:
:: Posted by froggy55 on March 26, 2016

Peoria (2016)!

Live in Toronto
:: Posted by Alfonso on March 25, 2016

Listening to Live in Toronto at home, south of Spain, in front of my stereo, evoking the two nights at the Hackney back in September 2015. This is a fantastic job!: for setlist, performance and sound quality/production, easily the best live record of King Crimson to date.
I hope the concerts in London will be available for download, however I also ask, pray, for the only concert of the group that being I there, is not available for download, and it was a fantastic concert with the happy epilogue of a brief chat with Adrian after dinner: it was Madrid, July 6 of 2003.

2015 Tour - further releases
:: Posted by ghorra on March 25, 2016

Hi there,

Looking at the page for the current release from the Toronto gig, I went back through previous dates.

I see there are other dates from the tour listed in the SOUND section, but no mp3ís are available.

Is the rest of the 2015 tour likely to be released in the future?

I was at the Lowry gig so would like to get a copy of that one you see.



These are just placeholders and not in any way indicative of what will be released.


Press red button for banana
:: Posted by Bakullama on March 25, 2016

I second Bramleys "Indoor Games" suggestion. That would be something.

The Nascent Soul's Journey into my music collection
:: Posted by CrumbledFingers on March 24, 2016

Now that Orpheum and Toronto are both available, the bulk of the songs played by this KC incarnation are available for at-home, on-run, or in-car listening. The notable exception is The Talking Drum into LTIA part 2. How long until there is a download or CD release that contains the new lineup playing this piece?

FLACs and sample rate(s)
:: Posted by davidfsnyder on March 24, 2016

Probably this has been answered elsewhere, but Iíve looked and not found the answer quickly. What is the sample rate of the FLAC downloads from the DGMLive Library? Is it 44.1 kHz? Iím presuming such is so, though other online libraries (2L.no, for example) are offering some higher hi-res downloads.

Has anybody on this forum tried out a consumer Auro-3D playing system? Iíve been pleased with 5.1 so far and could see 11.1 really making for a nice listening womb. A bit pricey, but closer to "being there" ...

About Setlist
:: Posted by pinkmilk on March 24, 2016

why not add Dr Diamond in the setlist ?

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