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Also To kjtdude
:: Posted by microbunny on October 06, 2014

Not sure Iím fully understanding that post either, but in Chicago Frip(p) was most certainly "there" and killing it along with the rest of the band! Therefore IMHO it is not "true" and I would love to see and hear more in whatever form it takes!

To kjtdude
:: Posted by JBeerLTIA on October 06, 2014

Um... What?

:: Posted by KantspelldiKc on October 06, 2014

I had a great time because the moments that shined outweighed my disappointment of the muddled achoustics, often using my imagination to invoke separation, Mel killed it, everybody killed it, historic moment, I have a feeling the recording will be superb being of itís main priority? I thwarted a flash photographer at some risk to his health but he cooperated, his stupidity pushing me over the edge, loaded up on schwagg and said howdy to Patricia, the love and gratitude of the audience was a match to the performance, money talks and bullshit walks but I would have payed any price to see KC at the Zellerbach in Berkeley

Probably WAY too late for (another) burning question
:: Posted by jimbugtm on October 05, 2014

I know, I already posted one, but this is truly burning me up.

In this picture, from Tonyís web diary:

Does anyone who was present that day know WHAT Robert said, that so cracked up the others?

Either way, whether you answer this burning (for me) question or not, I just wanted to pass along a final "ThanKcs!" for putting this all together. I was lucky enough to see and hear the show in Boston on Sep 15, and itís still vibrating in my head.

Canít wait for the tour audio. This will definitely be a tour bundle to download.

KC - Chicago 25 / 26
:: Posted by brucemulle on October 05, 2014

King Crimson - Chicago - The Vic Sept. 25 / 26

A few observations from Thursday and Fridayís Crimson shows at the Vic.
I had hoped that I would be in decent shape after a rushed morning flight to Chicago from Birmingham, AL hoping for an early check in at a very expensive hotel, with time to rest and freshen up for the gig. This concert was extremely important to me, as I have seen every KC U.S. tour since 1972, except the very short 2008 last one.

I had VIP seats both nights, first row, perfect center opening night, and third row slightly stage left of center for Friday. I went solo the first night, and actually took the wife on Friday. I would have been there Saturday too, but it was a later added date after tickets went on sale, and was my wifeís B-day so I could not press it.

I agree with what others have said, the Vic was a real let down... The seats were the worst, Expensive VIP ticket taking was hard, difficult and rude. It did not have to be that mixed up, but it was...

The Vicís acoustics were decent. That first show was the closest and best view I had ever seen the band from in over 42+ years of shows.
I thought the performances were fantastic! I loved the three drummer thing, being a long time admirer of Pat since his first day, and familiar with the others music as well. The perfect synched up playing was excellent and nobody tried to outshine the other. It sounded great and really worked. Jakko played and handled the vocals well. Tony absolutely shined as always on base, stick and upright. Mel Collins was a dream addition and added so many unique sounds to the new versions of classics. It was great seeing him, as he was there when I first saw King Crimson back in 1972 at the Stanley Theater in Pgh, PA. Robert was there in his fave position, but not in the dark, or shunning the light, playing amazingly as he has since the very start! the occasional smile seen from his face at times...

This were shows that I travelled a long distance for at a very high cost, because they meant that much to me. I am glad I went and wish I had been there Saturday as well. I believe that Friday was the stronger of the two shows and sounded magnificent to these ears. I am really hoping for some downloads or CDs of the shows, and certainly some video of some kind.

A fine selection of tour T shirts were available, and I widened my collection.
I agree as said before, the two CDS Tour Box 2014 is a beautiful collection.
A must have... sounded amazing on my system.
Right before I left for Chicago, I had purchased the LTIA and ITCOTCK box sets, and have been joyfully delving in to those amazing early sessions, and takes.... most enjoyable! And... Starless yet to come.
(along with the Dylan and Beatles Mono Boxes!) All in all, my Big Three
Are keeping me very happy and busy, and funds challenged.

Thank You so much to all involved... Great job.


:: Posted by DanAnderson on October 05, 2014

Phase 1 of Operation Pig Heaven has been accomplished. I am roughly 20 miles south of Seattle saying at my daughterís place. Tomorrow she takes me to the Moor Theatre and will ascend the heights of auditory bliss. After entering the theater I will make a beeline to the merch table. One tourbox and hopefully a copy of Tonyís Road Photos ill be there...and I will gladly part with my money. I thought saw that the merch table takes credit cards. Is that so? Somebody (Hey Sid!) tell me before i get there so that if I need cash American I will be equipped.

I will finally get my question answered: What the hell is Mel doing during the guitar oriented numbers?

Favorite pipe dream wish: Trey makes a guest appearance in The ConstruKction OF Light part 1. Fat chance, however, as he is engaged in his bass trio of him, Michael Manring and Arroyla (sorry for the spelling).

Just a smidge over 24 hours and Pig Heaven officially begins!!!

time to hang it up
:: Posted by kjtdude on October 05, 2014

SF. Warfield.

Frip was not there on his last tour.

Time to let him go. Itís true.



Four Down, One to Go
:: Posted by BlackDogBarking on October 05, 2014

I have been lucky enough to follow the band since they hit LA and wanted to share a few thoughts and opinions...

LA - Night 1

I laughed, I cried, I was blown away. I have seen every tour since Discipline and this was the most emotional I have been at a Crimson concert, mostly due to the opportunity of hearing songs live that I never thought I would. Starless brought tears to my eyes...

I love the Orpheum, great acoustics, comfy seats, and you donít stick to the floor. I never thought I would say this, but Robert was too loud. :-) Well, the backline in general, they were overwhelming the front line, as least from my vantage in the front of the mezzanine.

LA - Night 2

The boys were hot, the sound was more balanced, the set list flowed perfectly fitting the seemingly more energized mood of the band. Sure I missed One More Red Nightmare, but not really much, it was a fantastic show.

SF - Night 1

I went tonight with my old friend who had on one fateful day in the summer of í78 played Red for me on his fatherís high-end stereo. Sure I kind of knew who Crimson was but once I heard Red in all of its glorious beauty, I was hooked.

Why oh why did Crimson have to be booked at the Warfield?!? I (and my friend) despise the Warfield due to its poor acoustics. And it did not disappoint tonight... the sound was not as muddy as it usually was, but it appears that Mr. Bond was fighting that beast and the sound improved throughout the evening.

The band, especially Robert and Pat, seemed to be in good spirits. In fact, I could have sworn I saw Robert crack a smile or 2.

SF - Night 2

I took my wife tonight, who was kind enough to let me embark on this once in a lifetime adventure; she wanted to hear what all the fuss was about. Surprisingly she enjoyed a lot of it, mostly the more mellow, jazzy songs, e.g., Starless, Scarcity of Miracles, etc.

Mr. Bond beat down and tamed the Warfield - the sound was great. He needs to leave notes for the sound guys that follow...

A very energetic show, a big surprise in not opening with LTIA Pt I, everyone seemed extremely engaged and having fun and it came out in the playing. Heck, Robert actually appeared to laugh a few times. And Tony is a true professional, just going with the flow when he had technical problems, couldnít play his bass, and switched to his standup bass without missing a beat.

On to Seattle!

40th anniversary of
:: Posted by hajibektashvili on October 04, 2014

Hi there,

anbody knows about the fate of the forthcoming 40th anniversary edition of "Beat"? hab deen announced for October, now there is too much silence for me not to think it has been postponed again...


Tour Box
:: Posted by emory0 on October 03, 2014


I havenít seen the fantastic tour box discussed here. Itís great, and Sidís voluminous prose greatly enhances the experience. Itís an interesting collection of little bits here and there from the entire span and breadth of Crimsonís, uh, lifespan. Weird alternate takes, some live stuff, also a couplaí tunes we know and love but without the vocals (perhaps the vocal-less versions are also alternate takes, Iím not sure).

Like the current live set the only difficult thing is trying to draw a line through the trajectory of all that stuff over the years. It is, perhaps, impossible: It varies too much and there are so many different contributors over the years. But if youíve heard or own most of the recorded output, itís really cool to hear all these little snippets: They are also enjoyable just by themselves. Iím happy too that Belewís contribution to the band isnít downplayed: Thereís another phenomenal live Level 5 solo on there, along with a few other Belewsongs. And the mastering is good, too: Most of the versions here sound better audio-wise than Iíve heard them previously.

So good work all and, in particular, Sid.

Oh, and a PS: Coltraneís live gig at Temple University in 1966 (where he sometimes sings) just came out on double CD and so far itís kicking my ass. Pharoah Sanders is on there as well as Alice and a bunch of others. Itís really a spiritual performance, and 9 months later Saint Coltrane had passed on.

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