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Orpheum & Compression
:: Posted by Redbert on January 18, 2015

While I have not yet revived my copy yet:

A review at amazonUK  gives clue to what is being heard:

"First off, I suspect that a lot of folks rarely get the chance to hear a recording with little compression. This is such. It sounds quiet, so turn it up a good bit."

In defense of shorter cds
:: Posted by Bakullama on January 18, 2015

Since the digital revolution took hold many musicians and bands have crammed an hour or more of music onto their albums and at first I thought it was a great bargain. Last night I listened to Boz Scaggs (cheeze yes...guilty pleasure). greatest hits CD that clocks in at 70 minutes... All compressed... No variation in highs, lows, ups or downs. All good songs but I had to shut it off after the first hour. The overall sameness of the tracks wore me down. Using Boz as an example, his vinyl album "silk degrees" runs about 40 minutes. Its dynamic, its cohesive as an album, its a classic. Its vinyl and it fills the room in a personal way that the listener connects to as if live. Not so with digital. The only King Crimson CD That I ever whined about the mix and length was TCoL and it is not too bad at about 55 minutes. But it is the ONLY KC album that wears me down due to mix (compression?) and length. In other words, after all these years, Iím leaning towards the "Less is more" philosophy. And am finding that vinyls distortion and slight wobble may be its greatest strength. Music is not performed digitally, it does not lend itself well to digital reproduction. Its like the difference between a painting and digital art... If you look at both side by side....I know that sounds crazy, but I think the more perfect the digital mix attempts to be, the more sterile and dull and less dynamic it becomes.

Someone at another site said that the orpheum mix was like a mix from the 70s and you merely have to turn up the volume. But from now on Iím going back to the vinyl when possible. I know there is plenty of disagreement with my opinion here.... Dont bother debating, its just my personal opinion. Its just me.

Almost every album of great length that I have listened to could have done without a few tracks because they did not fit in, or were just filler... and when busy with other things 70 to 90 minutes of any one artist becomes pretty tedious. Im ready to go back to the 40 minute album. They are more satisfying and leave you wanting more.

:: Posted by francoisgoethals on January 18, 2015

     I must first precise my yesterdayís post about this album on the Guestbook was refused. Officially because written in french... I was pointing the fact the precision we dispose writting in english is absolutely not the same when for instance you are french as I am.
     I was not tender with this record (understand far worse...) and even angry about it, especially when my wife and I were unable to put on the video, showing a static picture of the audience on the Video/TV and on the ordi.)  But thatís the case when you love something that causes a deep deception. Am I unable to charge a DVD ?
     But the main point is the music :
     - The idea of 3 drummers : why ? We are far from the "Keep goiní on" shouted by Bill Bruford on a live take of Fracture falling in pieces : the beauty of struggling men.(3 !).
     - The material is fresh is a strange way to describe old material. Even the intro could have been a much more a creative work.
     - Some parts, like the end of Sailorís have lost all of their mysteries : the shadowed resolutions are now in full light with a too visible arrangement.
     - Mel Collins seems far from his free-rock post-Coltranian highlights in the groupís discography (Earthbound) and even troubles the listening of complex metrics of The ConstruKction of light. The flute parts are beautiful (atonality, sound..).
     - Some of us talked about the mix. They are right.
     - Some sounds of the original takes (fuzz for instance) are clearly better in terms of sensation, "grain",  technologically clear and performing sounds must be used with great care..
     - Greg Lake, Bozz Burrell and Adrian Belew (and, but not for all, John Wetton) remain my favorite singers in KC. Although The letters is well sung in this clearly disapointing opus.

     Is my "spirit of goodwill" respected saying this ? Best wishes.;FG.

:: Posted by Alfonso on January 18, 2015

After several hearings of the Orpheum CD, I agree with most of the posters here, the music is of course, sublime, the performance and arrangements, fantastic, but the mix... I donít like it, the back line is too back, the volume is low, maybe there is absolutely no compression but the playiní of the CD delivers no force, giving a laid back feeling, and Iím sure that sitting in the venue that was not the case. I hope that future complete concerts downloads sounds as this group deserves. And of course, to see them live in Europe this year.

Orpheum Sound
:: Posted by pgeall on January 18, 2015

Is there a bad batch of cds going round? - the sound is truly poor and well below your usual standards. Sorry guys but truth be told itís a let down.

Currently listening to Orpheum
:: Posted by JBeerLTIA on January 18, 2015

I havenít got through the whole thing yet, but just the simple fact that I would have never in a million years thought that Iíd hear Mel freaking Collins play on the ConstruKction of Light... Anything is possible guys. Thank you DGM... Thank you!

:: Posted by kingcrimson7 on January 17, 2015

Robert, excellent,  heavenly.
 we are the light of the world,

Jesus is the light of the world.

World Peace, Now.

The Letters?
:: Posted by Royston on January 17, 2015

Seeing a US Post Office van today brought Live At The Orpheum to mind (despite the now absent logo). Brilliant bit of not-so-subliminal advertising on DGMís part...

Orpheum live, Why on earth 3 drummers?
:: Posted by Wilbert on January 17, 2015

This week The Orpheum album arrived. As a fan since 1970 I was very excited.

The band is strong and has a lot of potential The Letters and Sailor Tail are played wonderful and again and some other parts made me say "yes this is it!!!".  This formation has a lot of potential.

When I heard of this line up for the 1st time, my initial enthusiasm was tempered, knowing 3 drummer were on board. My fear was: wouldnít 3 drummers hijack the music too much: a lot of drumming up front to the disadvantage of the other instruments/musicians? This mostly is the case as far as my memory goes. I questioned myself: why on earth 3 drummers? Wasnít Ian not powerful enough, playing alone and isnít Gavin Ianís successor in this?

Maybe it is the result of the mixing on stage but these live recordings, especially the first half of it, confirm my fear: drums in the face, the guitar and mellotron / keys and even Melís sax in the distance .

At the second half this changes a bit in favour of the sax, mellotron, voice, however the guitar really keeps its distance. A pity because the playing of the instrument by Robert and Jako is fabulous..... Comparing to the older live recordings of this material of 1971 and 1972 (Collectorís Club) of which I have a lot, this new album apparently lacks this fire. However some of the parts give proof of the existence of this fire........

But maybe this is the result of (much too) careful and modest mixing of live recordings, so therefor I am very curious to experience the first studio album of this line up.

On the other hand I love the more íBritish feelí of this album and again I say: Itís all there, waiting to burst out......

King Crimson -Live at the Orpheum
:: Posted by greekstreet on January 17, 2015

Dear Mr. Fripp,

Thank you for ressurecting the beast again. Just thank you.....


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