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RE: Dylan phonies
:: Posted by snkzato1 on July 19, 2016

I can empathize with the majority of your post, as it does suck when the audience seems more interested in their own conversation than the show, but your last sentence threw me off.

"Iím wondering whether a passing grade on a questionnaire should be required before tickets are released: "Name your 3 favorite Bob Dylan Songs that appeared on albums after 1990."

Now, I am assuming you wrote this in partial jest, but still someoneís fandom should never be the gateway to attending a concert. Heck, if I was quizzed like this before seeing the Orchestra of Craft Guitarists last month my response would have been "I think they cover King Crimson songs sometimes" and flunked out. Sometimes people go to shows to discover new acts, or learn more about ones they barely know about. Frankly, sometimes the íhardcoreí fans are the most annoying, boring you endlessly with boring details about íthat one time they played Stairway to Heaven at The Gardení.

Iíve been reading about new tech that may help fight against phones, such as signal jamming bags or Appleís apparent new patents they are working on. I think that may be a little draconian as sometimes texting can be really helpful at a rowdy show, but fair enough it is still frustrating that enjoying the music at a show must be so taxing.

...BB in KC years...
:: Posted by AndrewJohn on July 19, 2016

...I recall the excitement...and also have my own original collection of paper cuttings...

The Autobiography by BB is a great read and one I am sure any person committed to hard work, diligence and sacrifice in their working life can easily relate to. Itís also joyous, fun and reflective of a man who has provided us with so many thrills with his music.

All 7 Classic Albums
:: Posted by caseyjbye on July 19, 2016

So can we have a bit of silly speculation on what tracks might appear on the upcoming tour from the heretofore unrepresented albums Lizard and Starless and Bible Black?

My guesses would be "Cirkus" and "Lament," although Iím sure a lot of folks are jonesing for "Fracture" and a full run-through of "Lizard."

What are your guesses? What do you hope for?

:: Posted by RayMaybe on July 18, 2016

Material from all seven of King Crimsonís 1969-1974 iconic studio albums.
Thanks Robert

Maximum Distress
:: Posted by Royston on July 16, 2016

All this discussion about audiences listening/not listening to performers reminds me of a memorable line from the 1997 film Titanic. The musicians have been playing for some time to boost passengersí morale:

Musician: Whatís the use? Nobodyís listening to us anyway. 

Bandleader Wallace Hartley: Well, they donít listen to us at dinner either.

Re; Radical Action dvd
:: Posted by Valhalla on July 15, 2016

Nice to see this package & filmed live performances. I wonder if there is going to be a single dvd release of the concert film, like Deja Vroom & Eyes Wide Open? For myself, that is all that is required for a Crimhead living in Oz land, so near & yet so far to possibly witnessing a live concert in person! Time will tell perhaps? Cheers.

Radical Action...
:: Posted by andyacunzo on July 15, 2016

I donít suppose there are any plans to just release the 1 disc Blu Ray?  I have no need for 3-5 more discs of the same material.  Iím guessing there are others like me who would love to see the concert video and would gladly plunk down $20 for it but donít feel the need to pay for yet another KC boxed set.  We are a market waiting to be tapped!

Radical Action sets.
:: Posted by Bwilmot on July 15, 2016

I am so excited for this release. I have spent the last few months thoroughly immersed in the Toronto set. It was unclear in the announcement to me if the dvds and bluray contained the same or different material from each other and if either has a 5.1 version of the cds. Will they be DGM excusives or sold by other vendors? Gotta have it no matter what. Brad Wilmot
The DVD and the Blu-Ray editions will contain the same material.

Overly serious leisure time?
:: Posted by emory0 on July 15, 2016

Syncopatico wrote...

"after all itís only leisure time, isnít it?"

Yeah, thatís a good point I donít really know how to address.

In Mark Saltzmanís "Iron and Silk" he describes playing cello at a local event in China, and as he played people pretty much ignored him and ate, played badminton, talked and (as I remember) cooked food. When he stopped (ie, because he thought they werenít listening), a lot of people stopped what they were doing and looked to see why heíd stopped. They then encouraged him to continue, as "everyoneís having a really nice time".

So perhaps I was being overly judgmental about an audience that was "enjoying" music in a way I usually canít. On the other hand, thereís a part of me that insists the Dylan concert was inherently different from the Chinese mode. I really donít know. One difference is that, in Saltzmanís case, no one was there to hear "Mark Salzman". They just knew a westerner with a weird western instrument was playing, so they carried on being fully Chinese. The Dylan audience, on the other hand, had a nowhere-ish feeling: They werenít really listening but they also werenít really connecting with each other either.

Or maybe Iím just old: "You damn kids get off my lawn."

after all it's only leisure time, isn't it?
:: Posted by syncopatico on July 14, 2016

emory0 wrote:

"Aside from that, people were drinking, eating and talking during the slow parts, and cheering loudly for songs they knew."


"Music-making still performs the normal functions: background noise for people eating and talking and drinking and smoking; thatís all right by us, donít think that weíre complaining, after all itís only leisure time, isnít it?"  -- Robert Wyatt (Moon In June: BBC, 1969)

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