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Belew Interview
:: Posted by DannyX on December 18, 2014

From the latest posted link, in The Daily Times: "Over the next 30 years, Belew would go on to become an integral part of Robert Frippís seminal prog-rock band King Crimson, a gig he continues to take part in today..." Not so much, it would seem.

January 13, 2015
:: Posted by Trombone on December 18, 2014

It may be possible to view complaints about anotherís work or daydreams about what another should do as the misguided energy of a creative spirit. One may complain that King Crimson did not have enough material for trombone, or one may organize an outdoor concert  with a brass band performing Schizoid Man on Segways.

What would happen if those who are prone to complain about anotherís work saved that energy to make their own? What would happen if, on January 13, 2015, Guest Book aficionados began directing a  portion of their time and money to make the music that hasnít been made yet?

Guestbook demise
:: Posted by simkin_eden on December 18, 2014

As a long standing fan - from 1969 - when the Internet came along it gave me the chance to reconnect with KC (Iíd drifted away because of things going on in my private life at the time), discovering Elephant Talk made me realise there were other people who appreciated KC in all its incarnations (before then I only knew one person who liked them, he introduced me to then in 1969 but we drifted apart in the 1980s as friendships sometimes do.)

When Elephant Talk changed to a Wiki I was pleased to discover the Guestbook, but I have been surprised over the years to the level of complaining on here, and now we have people posting that they are pleased it is going (if you believe that why are you posting here?)

RF and all the musicians he has gathered around him over the years have produced music that to me is íspecialí and Iíve never encountered any other band/musicians who produce such a diversity of material. I havenít always like everything they have recorded but that doesnít mean it was íbadí or that I should complain on here.

In recent years the material they have reissued has been impressive (and Iím grateful to the work of Sid and others have done on these releases,) Iím the proud owner of the LTIA boxed set and hope one day to afford the Red and Starless sets. To me these releases show the longevity of the music produced, much of KCís work is timeless.

Setting up a replacement for the Guestbook is a costly and time consuming business, but I just hope somebody can do it and there will be somewhere I can connect with those who feel the same way about KC as I do.

About a future guestbook?
:: Posted by emory0 on December 17, 2014

Well, taking a deeper look at what Fripp wrote, I think itís worth considering...

1. Do we want to continue with a fan-based guestbook?
2. What are the parameters/"goals" of a new, us-driven guestbook?

Though I donít have a STRONG desire to continue, I would participate if we felt we could design something that would be worth coming to and that would draw more people (I think weíre a tad inbred here, and if it were just the same people saying the same things I think thatíd be boring). Then again, with Crimson still around and touring again next year weíd probably see an influx of folks...

One thing I do like and have liked about the guestbook is being able to talk about, yes Fripp/Crimson/Eno/Belew/etc..., but also Miles/Trane/Mahavishnu/Porcupine Tree/Arvo Part/Glass/etc...

Someone below mentioned that having separate "rooms" would be useful/necessary: Perhaps even Maximus could have a room in which he approved everyone elseís topic of conversation (though that room might rapidly continue only himself).

Of course, we could also petition/beg Fripp & DGM to please please please keep this guestbook, but it IS kinda tired so a change is definitely in order.

Guestbook end
:: Posted by Nivekjl1 on December 17, 2014

My sense is that this is indicative of a larger scale career change for Mr. Fripp to which I opine that I understand completely. Many hard years have been invested that have bore fruit of quite a variety. I cherish the performances that I have had privilege to attend. My only request is that if Robert has desire to occasionally share his directions with us that would be most welcomed. Robert; thank you for your service to the entertainment forum and may God keep you in superb health! To those that may take up the yolk of guestbooks and GC endeavors I hope you maintain the quality and consideration that was held within the spirit of their creator.

End of Guestbook
:: Posted by markmmarkm on December 17, 2014

It seemed to me there was as much "worship" as there was whinging, but I did not make a study of that.

Well, thanks for having it and thanks to Mr Fripp et al. for your sounds and efforts.

:: Posted by fhc339835 on December 17, 2014

I love it:

2. How do I get the band to autograph the picture Tony Levin took of me in the crowd at the Chicago show? Youíll know me. Iím the guy waving!
3. Do you not agree that it was never really King Crimson without Greg Lake?

2nd Yeah, there is none of me with KC reference, but lotsa of Stick Men and Crimson ProjeKct showing my image: I am willing to sign and send to the bandmates if they gave me their addresses.

3rd I strongly disagree; for my weird taste Crimson started when Greg was gone, meaning with Lizard. The first two KC albums pretty much bore me (but the predecessor GGF is a real treat!). - Uuuh heresy, now the guestbook will be shut down at Christmas!

More generic:

The guestbook can happen anywhere at any place. Does not need to be hosted here. I believe Sid has much more competence, talent and capabilities to invest in his work and projects or in RF/KC related work instead of wasting his efforts to review and release bollocksí and buttheadsí postings (including mine).

If I have inquiries, I can send via electronic mail or in writing. Establishing a direct contact with the artist is key.

I am willing to spend even more cash to buy KCCC (nothing left), downloads (nearly nothing left as well) and box sets (having all, interested in more) and all that stuff. Still waiting for bundles of RF 79, RFS5, KC 96 NAM, the rest of P2 98, the Tool / KC US summer tour 01 including the Tool concerts :-), KC 03, RF 05, RF 06, KC 08, TF 09, TF 10, KC14, 15, 16, 17. Sunday all over the World and a Sylvian-Fripp-Gunn tour bundle would be f*** great. Is there any supplement of the Nashville Rehearsals 97 (one of my favourite albums)?

This site is like a dream come true, and the OUTSTANDING effort, enthusiasm, spirit, craft and goodwill of all the folks at dgm and the artists involved is an essential part of my life. I am very grateful for this and fully committed to support all of you in any possible way.

Thank you!

The internet
:: Posted by toycritic on December 17, 2014

Iím a journalist and Iíve worked in both the pre-internet era and the current one. Therefore Iím old enough to remember when reader comments were rigorously screened and edited for print publication (something I did myself as a young editor). One thing that burns me today is that I can labor all day to produce professional work for our magazine and website, and my talented editors can painstakingly mediate between readers and myself -- and then anyone, anywhere in the world with a computer and an internet connection can add unmediated commentary to the web publication. Sometimes the comments are good and keep us on our toes. Other times theyíre like a sprinkling of rat feces on an ice cream cone. No matter how good the ice cream is, once the rat feces touch it, itís ruined. So I understand why the Guestbook must go. The signal-to-noise ratio had deteriorated and the rats were pooping all over the place. However, Iíll also miss the intelligent comments, including the useful tips (like the password needed to book tickets for Crimís NYC shows). Goodbye, my brothers, and thanks for the goodwill while it lasted.

Could someone grab that baggage?
:: Posted by DannyX on December 17, 2014

Looks like Bob is planning on packing light for the drive to 2019...

Guestbook Commentary
:: Posted by tboyd1802 on December 17, 2014

As a long time, daily visitor to the guestbook I wanted to chime in on Mr. Frippís most recent diary entry.

I agree that the guestbook has outlived its usefulness. While I visit daily, the information content is minimal and the negativity can be a significant distraction to the reason I visit the site. I donít particularly feel like I am part of a community who loves the work of King Crimson via my engagement with the guestbook. I would love to feel like I was part of such a community, and to some extent the news sections of DGM Live do help me to feel connected and engaged. Maybe, however, this is something to consider moving forward. Also, some elements of the guestbook should be retained somehow - maybe time for an overall site upgrade? In particular, I do enjoy user submissions of photos and other "odd" references to the King (most of these show up on the news section, so some way to continue to submit these would be great), and I do like the ability for fans to interact with DGM Live to pose questions and to disseminate the answers.

Finally, before the guestbook hits the great beyond, I feel a strong need to express my gratitude to Mr. Fripp, all of the past and current members of King Crimson, and all of staff that has and continues to make DGM Live possible. The music that you have created, performed and helped to disseminate has been a fundamental part to my life for the past 40 years. Thank you for all you have done, and I look forward to many more years enjoying the wonders of this thing we call King Crimson.

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