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Answer from Tour Box
:: Posted by jhessel on October 01, 2014

My question for Robert Fripp was, "Who rewrote the lyrics of 21stCentury Schizoid Man and will they be published?"  The answer is in the Tour Box. Answer #1 Peter Sinfield  Answer #2 Yes, they are printed in the Tour Box booklet.


Still enjoying my memories of the Thursday and Saturday NYC shows!!

Wishlist for Toronto
:: Posted by busterboy on October 01, 2014

Having been a livelong fan, seen many great shows at Massey Hall as well as many smaller clubs, Krimson has always included Toronto on all their tours, many times to awesome reviews! Iím saddened that this tour neglected a huge fan base, only to do multiple shows in american venues...Please Uncle Bobbie, if you can stir up the Beast once more, donít neglect your patriotic Krim Heads in Toronto. PS. youíd sold out Massey Hall!!

David Bowie Is
:: Posted by caseyjbye on October 01, 2014

Curious if any of the band or crew made it to the incredible David Bowie Is exhibit at the Museum of Contemporary Art while in Chicago (although I suppose someone lived through bits of it). It was the perfect way to spend three hours before the Krimson show this past Saturday. Anyone else in Chicago, I highly recommend it (lots of Belew and a bit of Fripp guitar on the audio portion of the exhibit).

Burning Question for Robert Fripp
:: Posted by microbunny on October 01, 2014

What ever happened to the complete fully mastered 24-track "third" Fripp & Eno album entitled "Healthy Colours" of which we got a taste on the "Essential Fripp & Eno" CD compilation?

I understand from a 1981 Frippertronics Q&A in Philadelphia that Brian has it somewhere...

A Lester Bangs interview with Eno conducted during a Fripp & Eno recording session from this time, describes creating loops for Jon Hassell to perform some solo trumpet on top.
Did this ever happen or could this still happen 35 years later?

This would fill an important musical link to Fripp & Eno and the historically beloved "My Life in the Bush of Ghosts" & "Remain in Light" works with David Byrne and Talking Heads.

Any chance this might one day see the light of day?

Starless box
:: Posted by kevred on October 01, 2014

The Starless box looks very impressive. To all those who have an interest in this period of Crim, or who have enjoyed the Larks or Red live stuff, but not yet taken in this period of live work, I have a succinct message:


For my taste, this is the most fiery and interesting phase of this lineup of the band. This period, which (for me) culminates in the magnificent German shows in March & April of í74 -  is full of exciting experimentation. Songs like "Doctor Diamond" and "Great Deceiver", which would later fall out of the setlists, are tweaked and played with, sounding different every time. And the improvs are wonderfully interesting, some more quiet and prowling, others more bombastic, and itís interesting to hear bits and pieces along the way that would coalesce in the stellar "Asbury Park" improv from íUSAí. To my own ears, this is the perfect "sweet spot" of live Wetton-era Crimson, more focused than what came just before and looser, wilder, and more experimental than what would follow on the final U.S. tour.

And the sounds quality on those "Blue Tapes" shows is terrific. I have the KCCC discs from that series, and a few DGMLive shows as well, and itís really worth hearing for both musical content and sound quality.

For me, that leads to a bit of a quandary. As someone whoís avidly purchased a lot of this material in the past, Iím now looking at an expensive purchase for essentially just four shows that I donít already have (or have access to through DGMLive) - the four as-yet-unreleased Blue Tapes shows. (Of course, that leaves out all of the work involved in remastering, mixing, and the booklet itself that differentiates this set.) Having paid $100 (plus travel) to see the current band in Madison recently, the idea of $55 per show for these new recordings in a series I already love is not easy but still alluring. I hope that someone who buys the set right away will post a review of these never-before-released shows (Avignon, Besancon, Dieburg, Gottingen).

Starless box download ticket
:: Posted by WhiskeyVengeance on October 01, 2014

Just saw the tracklist for the Starless box - yowza! Exciting stuff. But what show will be available via the included download ticket?

:: Posted by Tom239 on October 01, 2014

Grooveshark did not do well in recent court proceedings. A federal judge in New York found that Grooveshark had destroyed evidence ("a sanction for discovery abuse is warranted in this case") in addition to finding that Grooveshark (and several of its staff as individuals) had infringed copyright. Further info is readily available via a web search; news media have reported on the court ruling.

(Robert Fripp has described his dealings with Grooveshark in several diary entries.)

LA Report, first night:
:: Posted by mroberts on October 01, 2014

I was seated in the middle of the balcony. To my right (I was on the aisle) were two fashionable young ladies (and one gentleman). Lucky me, I thought, then quickly realized they may be the least interested in the music in the building. One of the 2 friends arrived about one minute late, so she missed all the announcements. Well, almost right away they whipped out their phones and one started to take pictures. Someone with a blue flashlight was there in a heartbeat to put an end to that. But the woman next to me proceeded to take her phone out about every 5 or 10 minutes to check something (she became pretty discreet about it). Sometimes I would sit like the Thinker and keep my right hand by my face to block the light and distraction. But whenever a song ended she immediately and enthusiastically applauded. And for Schizoid Man she went nuts! Shaking her shoulders and head, suddenly the most emotive and excited person in the crowd! I figure a Kanye West fan? Really, she couldíve been much worse.

I also saw one flash go off on the other side of the balcony. Sigh...

Anyway, I thought with this small theater, thereís not a bad seat in the house. But once the music got going, I wondered how it sounded downstairs. Upstairs it was a bit muddy. I mean, the front line you could hear perfectly and thunderously. They were magnificent. The back line were magnificent, too, but often I had to strain to pick out their parts. (From the 2 previous shows Iíve been to with the Thrak or Power to Believe line-ups, Iím used to hearing everybody in excellent fashion.)

Regardless of the sound, I absolutely loved the show. It was exhilarating. What a wonderful, awesome, fearful and fantastic noise the band can make! I really enjoyed the mix of music from the different KC eras.
I felt I was getting a real treat to hear some of the early 70s songs in full glory! And the rest, too, but that was more of a surprise to me I (not that it shouldíve been with Mel in the band). My brain was so stimulated by this monstrous beast I couldnít sleep!

So, please, please, p-p-p-p-please release some recordings from this tour! I might even go digital and vinyl if thatís an option :-)

Side note: at first I wondered if KC toured just to sell merchandise, I mean, Iíve never seen such a line (before and after the show)! Iíll do my shopping online instead of waiting on line.

Pre-show Announcment
:: Posted by apisch on October 01, 2014

I thought the pre-show announcement was a very imaginative tongue-in-cheek attempt by the band to get their message to the audience.  We all know that past attempts via notices on tickets and doors, and slightly stern warnings by ticket takers, ushers and Robert have not worked.  Robert has a very subtle and low-key sense of humor, and the recording certainly came across to me as such.  - Tony

RE: Hope no RULE BREAKER on 2nd LA show
:: Posted by masanori on October 01, 2014

Additional information, in case the show tries to stop such person on 2nd LA show.

The seat SECTION: MEZZ, ROW: A, SEAT: 108 on the first LA show was NOT my seat. Itís that guyís seat, as only that guy noticed, if he sees here.

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