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I Advance Masked
:: Posted by snkzato1 on April 12, 2014

I just wanted to say real quick that for those who havenít delved into Robert Frippís non KC repertoire that I finally gave I Advance Masked a spin and it is a real treat. Released in the early 80s you hear a lot of guitar ideas being thrown out that sound like early concepts that would end up in Beat and Three of a Perfect Pair. All instrumental, and quite subdued, but you get some classic crazy Fripp-tier guitar tones and patterns. A worthy listen. I found it on vinyl for 2 bucks. Money very well spent!

davidly cracks the Code
:: Posted by DeVito on April 11, 2014

Thanks, davidly. I now have a totally new appreciation of such seemingly quotidian and mundane Diary observations as: "Lotsa bird action by the back door."

KC itinerary...
:: Posted by petem1966 on April 11, 2014

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Waiting Men
:: Posted by jbricker on April 11, 2014

On March 14, The Honorable Mister Venal wrote; "The KC itinerary has come in."

Time to practice the virtue of patience.

Dropped a nice bombshell there didnít he?  As long as Crimson shows up within, say, 250 miles of Houston, Iím happy....

Waiting Men
:: Posted by jbricker on April 11, 2014

On March 14, The Honorable Mister Venal wrote; "The KC itinerary has come in."

Time to practice the virtue of patience.


The Venal Code
:: Posted by davidly on April 11, 2014

I am astonished that none of the DGM Live GBers have picked up on the secret language in Frippís diary entries. Or, maybe emory0 is just being coy.

Hereís an incomplete glossary:
Hotel Acceptable : "I smashed up a hotel room."
To gentle : "Iím fixiní to nail a groupie."
Blowerís : "I stuck my face into a giant mound of blow."
Blowerís with the Weekend FT : various unprintable felonious behavior
It waits : "Somewhere nearby lies a groupie with a giant mound of blow."
Morning reading : Goodness, Oz, read the text in the pictures! The stories-- oh, the stories!

And, oh yeah, any reference to a rabbit is the diarist making fun of Bill Bruford.

a posting with the house rules in mind
:: Posted by andyfromozz on April 11, 2014

I never said RFís diary is redundant... perhaps Mr McKay should read my posting again. I certainly didnít expect the Spanish Inquisition! I think RF is a wonderful musician who has inspired me over the many years since I first heard The Great Deceiver and said WOW! Who IS this band? Many great insightful comments I have read in his diaries over the years

...I wouldnít presume to know what RFís intention is as far as what he wishes to share with his fans, but I would assume that he would not object to a little feedback from his fanbase, I donít think I was being negative. I think his insights regarding the music biz and life in general are interesting, Iíd like to hear more great anecdotes like the Hendrix story...but, Iím sorry if this offends anyone, Iím not so interested in the bunny!

Robert's Diary
:: Posted by paiste4043 on April 10, 2014

  First time in a long time I have posted anything in here but when I read someone telling Mr. Fripp that his Diary is redundant, I believe I would like to point out that the main reason Robert Fripp posts his diary at all is to let his fans know that a musicianís life can be very boring, mundane, lonely, frustrating, frightening existance and sometimes down right suck!!! Nothing hardly glamorous most of the time at all. But to have a wonderful place called home, and to have a wonderful wife and magical rabbit makes all the difference in the world. For a true musician, you need silence to move on with new ideas, discipline and proper channeling.

Paul McKay

Robert's Diaries PS
:: Posted by andyfromozz on April 10, 2014

As Valhalla said, "if I donít enjoy the diaries donít read them". Well Iím trying to explain why I have stopped reading them, though I have enjoyed the diaries in the past, all Iím saying is that over time, Iíve noticed how repetitive theyíve become, as day to day living can often be for sure. I would not expect to read "rock n roll" antics, Iíd just like to hear more about the music, like maybe some stories behind the songs, eg: the story about how he did the solo on Sailors Tale. Thatís an interesting story...Iíd just like to read more of that, less about Wilifred. (no offense, Iím sure heís an adorable pet)

Speaking of drum duos, ...
:: Posted by DannyX on April 10, 2014

...has anyone ever wondered what they might have sounded like had Jerry Marrota remained in the band instead of Pat? Iíve always enjoyed his work with Tony, in Peter Gabrielís band, and elsewhere.

P2/Space Groove
:: Posted by DannyX on April 10, 2014

First of all, it sounds better to me now than it did then, and being a double album, is quite a lot to digest. Belewís drumming is primitive, as on his solo albums, and I donít much care for Gunnís choice of squishy/rubbery bass sounds, or his lack of harmonic exploration here. All in all, the rhythm section is quite tedious, despite itís start/stop zig zag nature, but Fripp provides enough varied textures to hold oneís interest somewhat. Still, there is a sameiness to it all, as might be expected from the format. I like the opening track the best, but amusement is to be found elsewhere (like when Adrian switches to a tabla sound, and Robert and Trey follow suit with sitar and tanpura respectively.) Overall, it sounds like a play date in a room full of new toys...a good time seems to have been had by all, if not so much the listener. But a shared bill with BLUE? Oh my, what gigs those must have been.

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