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:: Posted by NoiseMachine on July 19, 2014

On the off-chance Fripp reads this comment, my condolences to WillyFred. Hoping for a turn-around in the upcoming diary entries, it seems he brought a lot of love and happiness in the Fripp/Wilcox household.

New Travis/Fripp, too!
:: Posted by unclejab on July 19, 2014

The Bowers & Wilkins release of Discretion is set to get the Panegyric treatment as well. Yippee! https://www.burningshed.com/store/panegyric/product/70/5878/

Wishful thinking ó I WISH
:: Posted by gasmrv on July 19, 2014

We donít know if KC will (eventually) perform in Europe ó I am hopeful, but donít take things for granted. The two performances I attended in 2003 were a little underwhelming; the one in 2000 had much more substance.

A real (utterly unrealistic) wish: That the current KC line-up attempt to play Cross Crisis in Lust Storm.

As an aside, some quite interesting recent posts. Been wondering for a while whether, apart from RF, the other very skilful musicians will be able to be really present in a live setting AND deliver, and not just kinda go through the motions, ie just being rather profesional (the only 2008 download I have was/is not convincing at alló good playing, yes, but really lacking soul/trueness/substance).

So, to the rest of the KC gang, and with respect to you all: Go on, take risks, make mistakes, be present, be real, be alive! Experience music as if you were much, much, MUCH younger. I am hopeful.

All the very best.

re: froggy
:: Posted by snkzato1 on July 19, 2014

Hi Froggy, not sure why it wonít let you post a comment (it is my website) and yes I am not as well versed in that eras live material. I will be checking it out based on your comment here. I was not a big fan of TCOL so I skipped on the live shows too. Apparently a large mistake!

I do hope we can at least both agree that Frippís mutton chops must return.

Fripp & Eno - Live in Paris on CD!
:: Posted by sweetfeed on July 19, 2014

Maybe Iíve missed it but Iím surprised this hasnít been talked about here: https://www.burningshed.com/store/panegyric/product/340/5877/

Re: Interim Demands
:: Posted by froggy55 on July 19, 2014

I went through the trouble of setting up a wordpress account, just to post a response to that blog, and it STILL wonít let me log in, so Iíll just response here.

NO IMPROVISATIONS? Itís obvious the blogger was sleeping during the 2000-2001 "ConstruKction of Light" tour.

The live "Heavy ConstruKction" cd has a third disc that is nothing but improvisation. Parts of it sound like the gates of hell are opening up, lol.

By the way, Iíd like to see Heavy ConstruKction re-released with a bonus dvd instead of that outdated computer video that you canít even play anymore.

Fripp and Eno - Paris
:: Posted by kevineden on July 19, 2014




Citation of an RF Passage on the Twitter
:: Posted by Dr_Erock on July 18, 2014

Nice to see the tweetosphere demonstrating a little profundity. The quote is "in times such as those we are living in ... May we trust the inexpressible benevolence of the creative impulse."

For Pebble:
:: Posted by petem1966 on July 18, 2014

Already answered:

New Frippmobile
:: Posted by ironageuk on July 16, 2014

Peugoat 508, nice.

Fripp's New Wheels
:: Posted by Pebble on July 17, 2014

Apologies if this has been covered already, but I see in Frippís diary he got a new, white station wagon.  Anyone know what make it is? 

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