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:: Posted by GregK1 on July 17, 2015

Hi, any news on the THRAK box?
Hear that distant rumbling? It's get closer! Soon...

Now!...energising news
:: Posted by AndrewJohn on July 16, 2015

..KC in UK rehearsing ....thought so.... not sure how I, as a minion, had felt that this week though... but no surprise to have it confirmed.....how exciting...so good to feel somewhat excited the same as when I was 15yearold 43years ago.

Always remember to ídisrespectí time & age especially where KC (and music) is concerned.

...looking forward to the inevitable instability that this latest Kconfluence will unleash....

Sartorial in Tangier
:: Posted by PTurner on July 16, 2015

I must say the gentlemen of KC are looking very elegant, even in rehearsal.

I was going to wear my LTIA tie-dye t-shirt to the Birmingham concert, but maybe I ought to show due respect and dig out my suit. 

what was offensive?
:: Posted by andyfromoz on July 15, 2015

Thatís an interesting comment from RF regarding BBís mix of Absent Lovers causing "deep offense". I wonder what was so offensive about it? Drums too loud in the mix haha! Or was it just the final straw between two strong willed people, each with their own Crimson world view??
Perhaps you can elaborate in your book Sid? Incidentally. is it ever coming out?
cheers andyfromoz
It's due out Xmas. Which Xmas? That would be telling.

Irvine meadows
:: Posted by Bakullama on July 15, 2015

Barrows, I was also at the Irvine meadows show. Itís here for download somewhere, its in my collection. I do remember Fripp messing with his rig at the beginning of the show but I always thought it was intentional... Figured he was looping some frippertronics... Sleepless was really something, Brufords drum kit expansive, Ade was really in top form that night.

:: Posted by barrows on July 14, 2015

I saw two shows of the tour following the release of TOAPP.  I believe the second show was at the Irivine Meadows Amphitheatre in Southern CA.  At this particular show, Sleepless was certainly a highlight; the middle instrumental section worked exceptionally well, with Bill Brufordís drumming really building to a spectacular climax.  I have yet to hear a recorded version which comes close to what happened on that singular evening.  I remember the night started with technical difficulties during Robert Frippís solo opening: RF was noticeably upset that his rig was responding as he desired, then he just let loose with some very loud and scrunched metal chords...

Sid, thanks for the news on Beat 40th, I look forward to the release.

Idioms (cliches?)
:: Posted by tobyhoward on July 14, 2015

I seem to be on a nostalgia-reference roll here!

Re: Adeís "Idioms"...

....check out Steely Danís "Babylon Sisters".

Similar idea. Just saying for fun. Goodness knows the world is big enough for riffing on similar ideas!

cheers all


Francesca Sundsten
:: Posted by arrcee on July 14, 2015

Francesca Sundsten, artist of the  2015 One-Eyed Man is King tour poster, is married to the "Rn" element of King Crimson.

Just a tidbit I thought worth dropping.

:: Posted by The15yearoldCrimhead on July 14, 2015

As a 15 year old guy, Iím bombarded with popular music from my peers so yes, The song "Cheerleaders" most defintely copies the trumpet solo from "Islands". This blatent stealing that has recently errupted all started with Kanye Westís "Power" stealing "21st Century Schoid Man"ís chorus. Very saddening to me that this is very prevelent in the music industry.

:: Posted by The15yearoldCrimhead on July 14, 2015

I like to say "Hello!" to the members and crew of DGM Live. Iím glad to be a member of this wonderful website. But I do have a question and Iím very sorry if this isnít the right place to ask it. Iím 15 so does my age disallow from being a member? It didnít say anything when I registered but I will like to make sure. Thank you.
Hi there,
no age restrictions here!

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