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Meet up before the Philly show 9/13?
:: Posted by ldambrosa on September 13, 2014

Are there any planned gatherings before the Philly show tonight? Just wondering if any fellow Crimheads are up for a brew before the show.......

New York Show Sunday 21st Sept
:: Posted by KPPower on September 13, 2014

Iím travelling from Liverpool to see (and hear, but definitely not record or photograph) this show, and wondered if any other UK audients would be around and fancy a pre-show beer?

I havenít seen a bad review or comment on the shows so far so really looking forward to it.


Elements Tour Box..and there's more
:: Posted by AndrewJohn on September 13, 2014

  ...as an íunder privilegedí UK KC follower it was great to receive the tour box yesterday, so now I feel as with as with the audience and band. My imagination & expectations are suitably overwrought at the prospect of what this cohort of the beast may sound like. So now somewhat satiated, itís a great little gift.

Almost instant feedback from America has been great and the links now available for sure in the halcyon days of teenage years would have been the unexpected pipedream.

All hail to the great SS as well. Smashing words and thoughts, well keeping up with the high standard of liner notes what he wrote in the recent GentleGiant The Power and The Glory fantastic revamp with SW.

 I was there at Virgin Megastore for the soundscapes interlude and recall a giant of a man from Newcastle joining the select throng. Whilst I was rather overawed by the whole experience, having Mark Radcliffe around who I was at school with didnít help either. And as I was also supposed to be in town doing the rounds of employment agencies looking for work I recall the intense concentration I had to employ to contain myself to try and enjoy the event!

 It was heady mix then, but reassuring now to know that KC was to continue to play such a steading anchoring role in this life. 

hey ho.....enough words....back to the listening....

Itís not only taken KC over 40yrs to reach to the expected, but many of us as well.

...I think a remote Scottish island to ponder the eternal beckons.....now who thought of that?!

tonight in Philadelphia
:: Posted by crimsonkng on September 13, 2014

When I got into the car after the concert, I spoke into my phone.  Speech-to-text did the rest.  Hereís my stream of consciousness with minor editing.

The Crim beast was unleashed tonight I never expected them to play half of the songs that they did. I never thought that back in the early 70s as a teenager that 40 some years later I would be witnessing this performance  - this magnificent performance. it was not a concert it was a performance. the audience was extremely respectful and quiet until the last night of the song and quiet before the next note of the song began. Gavin Harrison was amazing and seems to lead the band, to keep the band together. this concert was everything I expected it to be and more. thank you Robert for putting together such a fabulous group of musicians to play my favorite music.  Iíve been to a lot of concerts including lots of Crimson various projects and lots of progressive rock and this ranks up there among the best. I wonít give away the song list and Iím glad that I didnít look at the song list from Albany because I enjoyed being surprised. I feel very privileged to have witnessed it.

Dan in Maryland, USA

Greek Theater June 2 1984
:: Posted by DouglasBramley on September 12, 2014

Pictures of a City was played by the TOAPP lineup on this date?? Can we expect a CC release of this? Have any Guestbookers out there ever heard this version?

wish list / begging
:: Posted by arrcee on September 12, 2014

"King Crimson November 2nd, 2000 at the Modjeska in Milwaukee

King Crimson March 16th, 2003 at the Modjeska in Milwaukee"

I attended both performances and vouch for their wonderfulness. Both are up there on my wish list, also.

Along these lines, thank you for providing us with the 2000 Paris show and the 2001 Madison show, others I have attended. Good Lord, that Barrymore show was LOUD!

Canít wait for the Madison show this tour. Again, Iíll gladly provide cheesecake & champagne for the boys. Just let me know - you have my e-mail address.

Just a pricing question
:: Posted by JBeerLTIA on September 12, 2014

Will the Elements tour box be $25 at the shows as well? I know that some tours can really jack up the merch prices at shows, not that I blame you lovely, beautiful DGM folk, but Iíd just figured to ask, because if itís cheaper through mail order Iíll just buy it today! Cheers The tourbox retails for $25 at the gigs

Crim Vinyl/Elements Box Set
:: Posted by DevlinC on September 12, 2014

First, registering my agreement with Yalien - if the vinyl re-issues are doing well, please consider releasing the 3 albums that never had a vinyl printing.

Secondly, the Elements box set arrived in the post this morning and Iím just over half way through the first disc, having listened to the 2 minutes 35 seconds of Larks Part 1 from the 2014 band. Very interesting - it would appear these old tracks are not being slavishly re-created, but are being somewhat reinterpreted? With the exception of Jakko exactly replicating the guitar leading into Melís flute solo that replaces the original violin, thereís not much there to hint at the piece it claims to be.

Overall, the box is extraordinarily well sequenced and I was surprised to see that the credit for that goes primarily to Sid Smith! Great job Sid - the set takes the familiar and unfamiliar and weaves a thread through the entire catalogue. It breathes new life into familiar territory, in much the same way as the band appears to be doing on the road. A great companion piece, far surpassing the previous 2 tour boxes. Anyone who hasnít pulled the trigger on this yet, get over to Burning Shed or Inner Knot immediately.

Concert Download Requests
:: Posted by caseyjbye on September 12, 2014

Mr. Mundy, below are the dates/venues Iíd love to be able to relive:

King Crimson November 2nd, 2000 at the Modjeska in Milwaukee

King Crimson March 16th, 2003 at the Modjeska in Milwaukee

King Crimson November 8th, 2003 at Park West in Chicago

Robert Fripp October 13th, 2005 at the Rave Basement in Milwaukee

Robert Fripp and the League of Crafty Guitarists November 9th, 2007 at Park West in Chicago

King Crimson August 8th, 2008 at Park West in Chicago

Itís a tradition that anytime Iíve seen Crimson, Fripp, Belew, or the Crimson ProjeKct Iíve gone with my mom, so Iím hoping if any or all of these shows become available, theyíd make for a great present (sheís been a fan since she was working on her Art degree in 1970 when sheíd bring in ...Poseidon to play in the studio while she and her classmates painted).

I know youíre especially busy with the current tour and a large workload outside of that, but I figure it doesnít hurt to ask for possible releases down the road when you may have the time. Thanks for everything you do!

:: Posted by markvankempen on September 12, 2014

Iím deelpy touched by this poem...expressing the feelings of many Crimheads all over the world. Youíre not alone!

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