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LTIA 42nd anniversary
:: Posted by dacope on March 23, 2015

I bought LTIA on May 5, 1973. It was one day after seeing KC for the first time, at the Orpheum Theater in Boston. I was a senior in high school and went with two other schoolmates. Even though we had heard ITCOTKC and ITWOP and loved them, we hadnít listened to much KC after those albums so we really didnít know what to expect. Making things more interesting were the other bands on the bill -- the recently re-formed Spooky Tooth and Black Oak Arkansas. Gary Wright and Mike Harrison were in fine form and Mick Jones (later of Foreigner) was their new guitar player. The only song I remember from the set was "Evil Woman". We were pretty familiar with BOA since one of our group was obsessed with their recently released live album Raunch N Roll. To say their performance was at the opposite end of the spectrum from KC would be an understatement. Bare-chested Jim Dandy strutting and scraping his washboard, a 15 minute drum solo (the latter half played with just his hands), smashed guitars, and flying debris. We were in the 4th row and one of my friends got a piece of broken guitar in his hair. When KC came out after a lengthy delay, they started into LTIA. Bruford was banging away at various things, Cross was hitting those staccato notes, and Wetton just stood there, magnificent in a white suit. When all of sudden this incredible noise came from the darkened corner of the stage where Fripp, all in black and perched on a stool, launched the beginning of our fascination with this unique music. When the band powered into that first monster riff, white lights on floor of the stage illuminated Wetton as his bass thundered. It was a scene I will never forget. Easy Money, Talking Drum, LTIA Part II, and an encore of Schizoid Man blew us all away. That concert remains in my Top 10 of all time! The album was played quite a lot that summer, mostly on headphones in my room as most of my other friends didnít understand it. Still play it a lot today -- in fact, I think Iíll put it on right now!
Great post - felt like I was there!

:: Posted by davidly on March 22, 2015

I echo Shippersí thanks to David Singleton for his entry of the 18th, Vahallaís sentiments toward Sid Smith Ė the latterís appreciation for Daevid Allen and the formerís for his son Orlando Mondayís stellar version of Moonchild Ė, emory0ís return-spirated reaction to all that surrounds the exposure of Exposure, and include a remark that, yes, you are old, but not just, for you are not alone in that, and I hasten to add, Terre Roche rules!

:: Posted by emory0 on March 21, 2015

Man thatís wild. The wildest thing about that Exposure promo is just how...radical?... the song Exposure sounds now. Is this an indication that we now live in shittier times, musically? Would something like that be possible now?

And then the video: Can you imagine that as the promo for something now? "What is this...that guy with the haircut is just staring? WTF?"

And yet it seems so fíin cool. I think I got Exposure before Iíd even heard of King Crimson. I was (and am!) a New York City boy so Exposure seemed to me to be the way music was supposed to sound. How sucky music and popular culture turned out after this. Or am I just old?

David's diary entry
:: Posted by Shippers on March 21, 2015

Thank you, David, for your post from 18 March.

a moment of clarity (or something like it)
:: Posted by jbyrne on March 21, 2015

Keep you complaints, and your regrets, to a minimum.
Best regards, JB

Two Nights In Salford
:: Posted by emmapeelfanclub on March 21, 2015

What the Hell... just snapped up a ticket for the second show in Salford so am set to witness both nights there. Should be a very interesting experience and Iíd like to thank Robert, Mel, Jakko, Tony, Pat, Bill and Gavin (and all behind the scenes) for this opportunity.

bass lines
:: Posted by charlietip on March 21, 2015

Wow ! that Bass....r.i.p.....Andy Fraser.

:: Posted by schizoidman on March 20, 2015

Exposure is one of Robert Frippís best albums. Conceptually strong, thereís something about the journal-like structure which works brilliantly. Itís an album to which Iíve returned again and again and, unlike so many post-punk albums, has never dated. North Star and Mary are beautiful; Here Comes the Flood far surpasses Peter Gabrielís solo album version. It shows RF as a true individual.

Eye Wide Open
:: Posted by Royston on March 20, 2015

And here I was all this time thinking the eyeball belonged to a woman.

Re; Moonchild tribute!
:: Posted by Valhalla on March 20, 2015

A nice version of Moonchild, wonderful!

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