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The next box
:: Posted by thomasc1982 on November 25, 2015

I would love the next mega box to be a massive projekcts set, following on from Thrakbox nicely.

Ps any chance of a new 2016 tour box for next year too?

Re: re-construKction
:: Posted by CrumbledFingers on November 25, 2015

The original TCoL album represents the outcome of Frippís dispute with Bruford: RFís idea was to have three sets of Roland V-drums, played by BB, PM, and AB. Bill (rightly) decided that wasnít something he wanted to be a part of. In the end, Robertís compromise was to have a completely electronic rhythm section featuring just Pat. It didnít take too long to abandon that concept on the road and subsequent albums; unfortunately, this shift took place after TCoL was finished. Had Fripp come around earlier to the idea of the hybrid acoustic-electric kit that Pat preferred--and Bill had employed since the 80ís--then TCoL would have sounded very different, and probably much better.

Obviously itís too late to do anything about that now, but if a remixed TCoL could tease out a little more ambience and presence from the e-drums it would go a long way.

:: Posted by PPmINTY on November 25, 2015

re: brotherbeavis "Hereís one I hadnít seen before--Frippertronics in a barber shop, 1981. According to the website itís from, Robert got a haircut while he was there. http://www.soocatwoman.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/fripp-1-e1364342027699.jpg..."

That pic was taken at the Virgin Records Megastore in Oxford Street, London ("Donít look for it, itís not there anymore...") on 12th March 1981.

I was studying in London at the time, so I WAS THERE, FOLKS!

In fact, Iím pretty sure Iím one of the eager young faces you can see in the middle of the shot, squatting on the floor, peeping over Soo Catwomanís foot! Hereís how I remember it:-

Robert started playing some Frippertronics to accompany the haircutting (by the New York coiffeuse Mary Lou Green), but gave up after a while, due to a misbehaving Revox. Instead there was a lengthy and impromptu Q&A session. I asked him about David Byrneís contributions to "Under Heavy Manners", but I donít remember exactly what was said after all this time! Eventually, Robert picked up the guitar again and, in true Blue Peter "Hereís One I Made Earlier..." style, he soloed over a Frippertronic loop that he had played/recorded in the States a couple of weeks earlier. Some more chat followed. At some point, someone asked if he could play some guitar without the loops, but Robert said that it wouldnít be particularly satisfactory with the equipment set-up he had at hand... When it was all over, we formed an orderly queue at the checkout and had our Fripp-related purchases autographed by the man himself. (Thus my treasured, autographed, vinyl copy of the pink "League Of Gentlemen" album).

Hereís the link to the relevant DGM Live page and the NME article from whence this picture came (sadly, thereís no recording of the occasion in the archive!)

:: Posted by Undisciplined on November 25, 2015

:: Posted by DevlinC on November 24, 2015 wrote:

I presume Jakko is holding the reigns for all modern Crimson remastering

Jakko isnít involved with the remastering process. Ostensibly, that task would fall to David Singleton, at lesat for physical releases. Jakko (and Steven Wilson, previously) do remixing.

40th TCOL
:: Posted by DevlinC on November 24, 2015

I like ChewChewGumChewís idea of a revisited TCOL, reassembled and perhaps augmented with ProjeKct X material, but I donít see it happening. First and foremost because it would be quite an admission of failure, and given Fripp is prepared to put out Crimson albums he likes less unchanged (Lizard and Beat) I highly doubt heíd be motivated to put out a "fixed" version, whatever "fixed" may be.

I presume Jakko is holding the reigns for all modern Crimson remastering, including Power to Believe? Not sure what can be changed on that one realistically, but I could picture a "Double Duo" box set that might feature both albums "revisited" + some of the live footage BootlegTV shot. If thereís a market for THRAK, presumably thereís a market for that too.

:: Posted by brotherbeavis on November 24, 2015

Hereís one I hadnít seen before--Frippertronics in a barber shop, 1981. According to the website itís from, Robert got a haircut while he was there.


where is this thing known as facebook?
:: Posted by Redbert on November 24, 2015

I give up:

where do I find these comments?

"Writing on Facebook, Robert notes that the King Crimson archive, both audio and video, continues to grow. "Road Dog .... ... , the Venal Impulse will triumph in 2017 and put-upon innocents will be encouraged to hand over their hard-earned pay...""

There are so many Fripp fan pages:  which is one is actually Frippís ?

Hi Redbert - I've added a link to the news story that will take you to the correct RF Facebook page.

One, two, three; two, two, Toronto
:: Posted by albemuth on November 24, 2015

My wife and I enjoyed Saturdayís show in Toronto.  We did not experience a spiritual awakening, or a perfect sense of community with the band and audience, or the last word in sound level and compression.  But it was a good show!

I was excited that the current line up brings out some of the jazz in KC, and especially liked the songs that showed modified arrangements with a looser feel.  Pictures of a City and Easy Money sounded especially fresh. The new song "Meltdown" is a major piece, showing many of the angles and angels of Krim from the vantage point of the new line up.  The KC wheel spins on!

Be sure to pick up a copy of the 2015 Tour Box.  KC is a perfect band for such releases, since it has shown a wide amount of variation and, at the same time, a remarkable continuity of ideas. On the way home, I listened to the first disk of the box and it seemed almost like an audio essay on "blues and jazz on the way to metal" in KC.  Some of the tracks have already been released while others are new.  But itís the combination of tracks and the implied historical development thatís particularly interesting.

Paco Baranne Olympia Schizoid Sountrack
:: Posted by pinkmilk on November 24, 2015

Does someone heard the sountrack of this commercial spot ?
Folks, it's Kayne West's Power which uses (with permission) a sample from 21st Century Schizoid Man.

40th Anniversary TCoL
:: Posted by ChewChewGumChew on November 24, 2015

Ok, I accept that there probably wonít be a big box set re-release for The ConstruKction of Light album. But after hearing what Jakko did on the 2015 remaster of THRAK,(which I LOVE!!!) I am asking PLEASE do a 2016 remastered/remix disc with both Jakko and P@ behind the mixing desk! Perhaps a "re-imagined" version with bits of the PX album mixed in. I LOVE "Demolition" from the PX album, more so than "Oyster Soup". Ad Adeís original acoustic intro onto LTIA4... So many possibilities! Not a "big box" set. Just a 2 disc thing. Original, and "New ConstruKction". Thatís all. Thanks.

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