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Radical Action set
:: Posted by onthe3 on September 26, 2016

Thank you so much for this amazing record of the current Crimson. Itís beautifully put together and the idea to make it a "virtual studio album" is brilliant.

Wonderful to hear how far the band has progressed from the Boston shows so early on in the run. Thanks again!

re setlists and free tracks
:: Posted by jeremykeens on September 26, 2016

Again, thanks for these

I am hoping to create a flow similar to íaí concert for them and notice so far that they have all been from the second half of the show they were in (though Sailorís tale seems more usually in the first half but was in the second for that gig - looking for more first half ones - and even an intro soundscape would be great.


Meltdown & Suitable Ground For The Blues
:: Posted by mGarnice on September 25, 2016

With the bounty of old favorites that we had been dreaming of hearing live for so many years, itís easy to lose sight of the new material on Radical Action TUTHOTMM. Its most encouraging that the singerís contribution is so very strong. Itís a band tradition that the singer contributes heavily to the songs Ė defined here as a piece with lyrics. Jakko has no easy feat, replacing the Crimson singer with the longest tenure by far. He nails the essence of a satisfying King Crimson song in Meltdown, and expands it a bit in Suitable Ground For The Blues. The words and voice for both are stuck in my head. It makes me hope for a studio album of new material.

Hitting the headlines
:: Posted by crimson73 on September 25, 2016

So that is what KFC stands for.

review berlin show in tagesspiegel
:: Posted by holmini on September 24, 2016

Hi there,

from the genesis-fanclub forum I have the info of this review of king crimson in tagesspiegel.
in case that it is not already known, hereís a link [in german]

the title says something like íKing Crimson live in Berlin, the complicated lovechants of the star-beastiesí



uk dates this year
:: Posted by carlessandidlemac on September 23, 2016

a big ask i know after an extensive european adventure, but any prospect of uk dates tacked onto the end of this year? Hi there,
sorry but there are no further King Crimson dates planned for the remainder of the year when the current tour ends in Paris on December 4th.

Freebie Downloads
:: Posted by zeconon on September 22, 2016

Thank you Robert and DGMLIVE for the freebie downloads of the tour.

This means a great deal to those of us following the tour At A Distance who are unable to attend the gigs.

Regards john stevens

Setlist in Wroclaw
:: Posted by Thommie on September 22, 2016

Thanks for reply!
Then Iím relieved, setlist.fm is of course not a authorized site and not totally reliable.
That was the explanation I was hoping for.

Kind regards

Thanks for the site - keep up the good work!)

:: Posted by buserian on September 22, 2016

The Blu-Ray most definitely has the centre channel mixed. Canít imagine why this wouldnít be the case with the DVDs. Are you possibly playing the stereo mix by mistake?


Tour Box 2016
:: Posted by brighton on September 22, 2016

Re. The tour box 2016 going on general sale... Is a date set yet? Iím still annoyed with myself for overlooking this (or rather not realising they were available)on the merch desk at the two Aylesbury gigs!
There will be a pre-order announcement in the next few weeks.

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