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Re; Jack Bruce interview
:: Posted by Valhalla on October 25, 2014

There is a wonderful recent interview (50 min), over at the classic rock site.
A superb, funny, humble & entertaining insight into his career from the man himself! Brilliant.

Jack Bruce RIP.
:: Posted by Valhalla on October 25, 2014

Sad news indeed, a very melodic vocalist, bass player & songwriter! Such incredible diversity in his playing & his involvement with so many artists. He was able to kick on for another 10 years after his liver transplant, great for him & his family. Entertaining for us music followers, devout as we can be at times. RIP.

Jack Bruce
:: Posted by DanAnderson on October 25, 2014

I echo Baikulama’s sentiment about Jack Bruce. His contribution to rock music should not be understated. He will be missed.

Questions anyone? Questions? Git yer red hot questions!
:: Posted by Bakullama on October 25, 2014

Apparently there were no burning questions hot enough to pique the bands interest... I read them all and found many quite interesting. When trending it seemed like a good idea. So many burning questions... So little time. The carrot on the stick marketing approach has proven time and time again to be the most effective. To be honest, I get a chuckle out of the rather obvious implementation of such approaches. Always works... Then I asked myself, "Do I really care what kind of music Gavin listens to and all that? " Realised I did not, and that my question was lukewarm to say the least.

A tribute to Jack Bruce who passed today... How a three man band so simply outfitted could turn out such super Stuff... Just amazing. Such talented men. What a great singer.

Regarding burning questions: Robert replies -
simply, the burning questions presented, at least to me, were closer to curiosity than necessity. that is, not quite as hot as smouldering.

Sid comments: Mel Collins did in fact answer all the questions put to him but there's not been time yet to edit and add to the site. The other members of the band were unable to find time on the tour to tackle the questions posted.

:: Posted by emory0 on October 24, 2014

"May I recommend, instead, stepping away from the keyboard, going outside, and enjoying the fresh air and sunshine?"

Why, is there a recording of the 2014 tour out there?

I recommend that no 2014 tour recordings be made available outside the US EVER, and that even those USA-ians wanting such recordings be made to take a sort of desire polygraph: Those wanting the recordings at level above 7 on a scale from 1 to 10 will be declined, though in 6 months they can retake the test to see if they’ve calmed down.

In all seriousness there’s a lot of good music out there from eras past, just waiting to be discovered by raving Crimheads. I got the brand new 2 disc Sun Ra "hits" (compiled by a bandmember) and it is a revelation. Coltrane’s Live in Philly (in which he sings!) is also fantastic, and I am even liking the newish Swans thing (with the baby on the cover).

Live? Ah! I’ll be seeing The Death of Klinghoffer in a couple of weeks, which should at the very least be interesting (there are ongoing protests of it here in NYC).

Today's Oblique Strategy..
:: Posted by AndrewJohn on October 24, 2014

’What are you really thinking about just now? Incorporate’ ......So...

I got to see KC at one show. It was...overwhelming.

Believe it or not, the last time I saw KC was in 1973 on today’s date at a concert that the timeline is confirmed. It was like the way it should be, in the present.

Starless further confirms how I could hear what I didn’t have or experience then, but now have an absolute abundance of.

Phew .....thanks... a very good fairy indeed and so...... plenty of Mincing to be had.

clearly, the solution is
:: Posted by emperornobody on October 24, 2014

for them to do another tour, but this one is filmed by the audiences, entirely on cell phone cameras.

Best DVD ever. :D

It was an honor...
:: Posted by RickBasini on October 23, 2014

I got to see the two Philadelphia shows. It was...overwhelming.

Believe it or not, the last time I saw KC was in 1969 at a concert that the timeline says didn’t exist. It was over the Thanksgiving weekend at the Palm Beach Festival. THE ORIGINAL BAND for shows over two days. It was like an alien invasion.

Anyways, here’s hoping you come back to the States soon (the South this time) and start releasing live CDS from this past tour. I have my Amex Card ready....Rick Basini

Starless Boxx
:: Posted by fhc339835 on October 23, 2014

There was some recent post in regard to the Starless box - missing contributions. Here is what I was writing via email 2 days ago for the Starless in situ competition:

The tryptich is now complete! My favourite band (with its incarnation and specific tour schedule being my favfavfav) has now arrived in Munich. I was happy to find the free download from my hometown - recorded when I was just learning to speak :-)
Wow, this will be a listen trough from box 1 Frankfurt Zoom Club (now Sinkkasten) to box 3 NYC Central Park.
My first impression of the 2014 remasters (Glasgow, Fracture, closing section): I thought the dgmlive downloads have been impressive in their clarity and room temperature, then a huge improvement from the (very fine) TGD box. This is again a climatic improvement.
Thank you all for making this possible. I never even dared to dream of it back then in the later 80’ies, when I became acquainted to the crimson king...

Indeed I am currently re-assembling the stuff a little bit, meaning wav-files editing, e.g. segueing the Mainz blue tape with the bootleg; another great shot is taking Pforzheim Fracture segment, switching to the Fracture segment of Fripp-Gunn ’92, and climaxing it with Toronto closing section later the ’74 tour (I did this with the PF download a couple of years ago).

Even switching to the studio recording may provide very interesting results (e.g. Brescia Exiles cut or Augsburg LTiA cut to the studio) as the painting of both very different styles and presentations amalgamate with some magic.

So far my verdict of what have been listening to: Go and pick it, if you don’t have it. The crystal clear sound of all CDs, even the bootleg recordings, is compelling. Taking the music aside, the box is the best so far, very lovely with wonderful details and very intelligible, insightful and entertaining liner notes, assembled and composed by Sid.

If you are short of means, scrimp and save it.

:: Posted by Rockette on October 23, 2014

>Why should I be made to feel like I’m being childish for asking a business to release something that I want to give them cash for?

I wouldn’t say ’childish’, but I do think you’re being a little naive to expect a business to adapt its release policy merely because you want something now.  These guys have their reasons for doing things, and they don’t owe you or anybody an explanation. Having said that, I’m sure the general desire for downloads will have been noted!

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