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:: Posted by barrystock on September 21, 2014

"The long-suffering elevator operator snaps another in a seemingly endless string of íselfiesí for his peculiar guest. He can expect to be further labored with some truly opaque witticism at the end of the session, and to have the man squeeze a solitary (in both senses of the word) bill into his palm, look him straight in the face, and dart off as if his shoes were aflame. This had gone on for several days, several times a day, and the look on his face was beginning to reflect a sense of crushing inevitability. If the manís sister was with him (the resemblance was unmistakable), or the character he referred to as íThe Presbyterian Ministerí, double all of the above. If all three showed up at once, well...(he turns his face skyward with an imploring look).

:: Posted by stuartmedia on September 21, 2014

"Hey, I thought thatís what you *did* with funk fingers!"

:: Posted by DannyX on September 21, 2014

"Good day. Iím Mr. Dewey. My silent associate Mr. Cheatem here will be filming the proceedings. Mr. Howe will be with us presently."

:: Posted by gregory1 on September 21, 2014

Tony, with all due respect, how am I suppose to set a rule in place that appeals to an audientís better nature when you yourself blatantly flaunt it?

Caption Competition
:: Posted by Arkana150 on September 21, 2014

You know Tony that 15 minutes outside was a joke!

Caption Competition
:: Posted by TeamRival on September 21, 2014

"Oh so you say that three is a perfect pair? Well we certainly beg to differ..."

photo caption contest
:: Posted by colinbeaumier on September 21, 2014

From the discarded pictures of Tony Levinís next book: "Road Diaries, Part Two", after photographing Robert with the eventual "Saturn Peach", the Maestro in earnest, waiting for Jakko to "drop the watermelon"!

Caption Contest
:: Posted by revroth on September 21, 2014

Old-Timey Lovebirds Confused by Tourist Trap

Caption Competition
:: Posted by chapmanstick on September 21, 2014

So wots it a gonna be, we shoot you ora you pay da cash?

Crimson @ NYC, 9/20
:: Posted by emory0 on September 21, 2014

Well that was quite an evening. Since I was living in the UK back in 2008 I havenít seen the band since the double duo days circa 2003 or so.

But this new Crimson is a different band on many levels. Iíd argue that all versions of Crimson from 1981 to the early 2000s were variations on a theme, particularly centered around Belewsongs and those intertwiney guitars. But this new Crimson requires a different set of ears as they are essentially a different band. (For instance, I donít remember any of the 80s era songs being played.)

Of course, I missed Belew, his songs and his playing quite a bit, but there were a few upsides to him not being there: First, after decades in King Crimson Robert Fripp has finally been promoted to lead guitarist! It was great to hear him play as much as he did. Jakko doesnít play the same role as Belew in the band, either: He was more of a rhythm guitarist while Mel Collins on woodwinds seemed to assume some of Belewís solos on some songs.

As for the drummers....well they were great obviously but I got the feeling they were being quite polite and professional. I would love to see this version of the band gel and mature and see the drummers really unleashed: That would be really something.

As for Jakko I continued to get the impression that he felt a little overwhelmed in his role as singer and guitarist for King Crimson: When he gets used to things I think heíll grow into the role quite well: The song Scarcity of Miracles was for me one of the (many) highlights and Jakko seemed to relax a bit as there was no history to live up to.

Lots of other impressions floating around in my head, but itís hard to put together as the band is so different from anything theyíve been for the last, oh, 40 years or so.

Oh: Tony Levin. If youíve seen Crimson with Tony Levin many times itís easy to take what he does for granted, but throughout the evening he played his ass off and reminded us why he is one of the most badass bass players alive: Funky, feeling and technical at the same time.

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