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:: Posted by Bakullama on May 10, 2015

You are probably glad to be home... Hope you enjoyed the States!

Radio2 on 'prog'?
:: Posted by AndrewJohn on May 09, 2015

BB is an excellent choice for the first programme. A reasonable man, for me the No 1 drummer and one who understands the Crim way without bowing to any seniority!

My favourite recollection is seeing Earthworks on their first tour in Manchester. Our family had just lost íDadí Dec87 to the big C early in his life, but manfully my brother came with me to the Earthworks gig in Manchester very soon after. Brother is no írealí Crimson fan but a fine brother. I recall how he pointed out at that BB was behind me at the bar. Too reticent to talk or engage with I recall a very expensive looking overcoat, very important in a Manchester winter. Band on The Wall, was a pub like experience - so this gig is lovely to recall. After seeing KCrim in Liverpool and UK in Manchester, some years before, it was an intimate performance and truly a band performance. 

Our Dad enjoyed the first Earthworks album, when he was played it(on tape!) in the car usually. So the connection with BBís musical force is particularly keen.

Great Fripp solos on other people's albums?
:: Posted by matthusela on May 08, 2015

How about on JuJu Space Jazz on Brian Enoís Nerve Net? Unbelievable. That piece of music is one way without Fripp for about 3 minutes lulling you into a false sense of secirity. Then Fripp drops in with an unbelievable ripping angular, violent, flailing, horrific solo that ends with slower somber chords which limp around in fantastic agony before disappearing and leaving the music behind as if nothing ever happened. Itís incredible and it would be a satisfying and perhaps exhausting experience to listen to that single track alone and then turn off the music for the day.

:: Posted by thomasc1982 on May 07, 2015

I cannot see this happening. If it was then surely the box sets was the ideal home? Also Robert never seems keen on interviews. However it would be brilliant! !

Cheating the polygraph
:: Posted by Bakullama on May 06, 2015

Lets just say its very very good. Placing it in the high "crim related" jazz spot with "Dedicated to you, but you werenít listening". Another one of a kind jazz album.

Polyrhythm Visualizer
:: Posted by UnusualMuse on May 05, 2015

Here is a thing that just has King Crimson written all over it

Crim Doc
:: Posted by JBeerLTIA on May 04, 2015

Iím with Mr. Frost. An extensive look at the history with interviews old and new? That would be very interesting. Iíve always wanted to hear Gordonís side of things. And it would be nice to see an interview with Muir. Has that ever happened?

Guitar center
:: Posted by Bakullama on May 02, 2015

"Retail in the 21st century will be centered around specialized knowledge, unique offerings and personal relationships, both local and digital. Any retailer ... is doomed if they defy those requirements."

Is this statement pointing out anything new under the sun? Pretty sure the same advice was bandied about to 17th century shopkeepers as well.
(Just replace the word ídigitalí with íbronzeí).

A good article nevertheless. In my opinion over use of technology is taking more away from the humanity and soul of art than it is returning, but it is so much fun to mess around with so many mass produced and relatively inexpensive new toys and gizmos... Ask a master luthier to create a custom left handed guitar to your specs... You could buy a whole studio full of middle of the road digitalis for what the guitar would cost.

I remember going into a guitar center in Hollywood quite a few years back... Tons of musical merchandise of all kinds for all pocketbooks. I was really impressed, and broke when I left... They were doing something right as far as retailing goes. The place was packed with customers, I met Sherman Hemsly there in the keyboards section and he told me not to quit my day job, and passed away not long after.

KC documentary?
:: Posted by mikefrost on May 02, 2015

I would LOVE to see a King Crimson documentary! How to do it is a good question. One route to go down would an 1&1/2 - 2 hour affair, another would be a sort of series not unlike the Beatles Anthology. In any case it would be great to see Robert and all the others give their thoughts on KC. Another route to go down could be to take a sort of Classic Albums approach. Larksís Tongues, In The Court, Red at the very least warrant their own documenraty. Are there any plans (or have there ever been) to do something like this?

The Instruments are as Compromised as the Music: The End of Guitar Center
:: Posted by Dr_Erock on May 01, 2015

Eric Garland has blogged about the turmoils of Guitar Center for some time. In his comments he points out that the same kind of business flummery that has hurt music making is at work in the instrument retail sector. And his conclusion about the future of instrument retail points back to the practice of music making.

"Retail in the 21st century will be centered around specialized knowledge, unique offerings and personal relationships, both local and digital. Any retailer ... is doomed if they defy those requirements."

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