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Ladies of the Road go VROOOM!
:: Posted by DrDick on March 03, 2016

I’ve spent the last few days loving every minute of the new Toronto download, reliving memories of probably the best concert I’ve been to (first night at the Lowry). It is so good to hear in such clarity all that was going on from the musicians. The live experience really was outstanding but the live recording brings that totally immersive experience into a new and equally exciting clarity. Whilst I’m loving all the new versions of the classics I must say the thing that really made me smile is Mel’s sax on VROOOM, a real throwback to the Ladies of the Road era and yet making VROOOM something entirely new!

Crimson - Toronto (2015)
:: Posted by Clavius on March 03, 2016

Loving that ’All You Need is Love’ quote by Mel Collins at the end of Larks Tongues In Aspic Part 1. It provides a great contrast.

:: Posted by GratefulJerry on March 03, 2016

Being able to buy the download still isn’t working for me.

Live in Toronto
:: Posted by Mullotron on March 02, 2016

Had to just download and listen to this immediately, and of course, at volume! A dream setlist, brain-tinglingly intricate (and that’s just the drum section), the hands-down most versatile and emotive vocalist of any KC lineup, a "Red" rebuilt seemingly from scratch, Mellotrons present and correct via some time machine orbiting satellite. I could go on but you might be grateful if I don’t. In any case can’t wait for the CD release!

Live in Toronto
:: Posted by strider on March 02, 2016

My wife and I attended the November 19th concert in Toronto and it was an unforgettable experience. The only negative was that the 2nd encore (21st Century Schizoid Man) was skipped apparently because Robert felt that the aggressive recording/photography by at least one audience member had spoiled the experience and violated the spirit of the evening. He had pointed at one individual several times during the show attempting to shame the iPhone wielding weenie into submission but his efforts were unsuccessful. The following night, the night of this recording, both encores were played so we now get to hear the entire concert as the band intended.

Thank you yet again KC!

Concerts with problem
:: Posted by ulrichspiegel on March 02, 2016

Adrian Belew and his Power trio had a hard time in Bonn last week.
Lots of technical failures interrupted his energetic playing. They could not finish lots of the beautiful songs and even had to leave the stage while technicians tried to do their. Adrian explained with maybe different voltage or his exulted dancing. Nevertheless the audience were patient because Adrian made the best out of this and created a beautiful cheerful atmowpshere. But after the audience giving autographs he seemed to a bit under stress.
But a really really dangerous place is Cologne Philharmonie. Cembalist Mahan Esfahnai gave a recital with Concerto Köln- a mixture of Baroque Music be JS Bach and sons,, modern pieces by Gorecki and Fred Frith - and by Steve Reich. Here heaven broke loose: Read what Esfahani writes :
"The concert was with Concerto Köln; we’ve recorded together in the past and decided to perform a couple of the things that we’ve done on disc as well as a concerto by Emanuel Bach and other stray bits and pieces. I was particularly excited to play on the hall’s own harpsichord built by the German maker Burkhard Zander – a really magnificent copy of the 1745 Dulcken that surely is one of the best on the Continent. In the second half, I played – or, rather, intended to play – Steve Reich’s ‘Piano Phase,’ which I perform in a version approved by the composer wherein I play ‘against’ myself, the latter being a pre-recorded track of the first keyboard part. I’ve performed this to acclaim to a variety of audiences and have found that for even the most hard-hearted opponents of modern music, it comes across as an accessible and even ‘fun’ piece. It’s not even all that modern – it’ll turn 50 years old next year!
I should perhaps emphasise here that I was participating in what is a sort of cultural institution in many German cities: the Sunday afternoon concert. This is the concert where typically older members of the educated middle class have their subscription tickets for years and go to hear the requisite amount of pleasant music in ‘their’ Philharmonie. I figured that we were more or less giving them that. And yet…
Within about three or four minutes of the piece, I started hearing clapping. Since I have to wear monitoring headphones during the piece, I couldn’t hear the public very well, but this became quite obvious to me as it was fairly loud enough. I figured that maybe they liked the piece, and I felt encouraged and continued. Another minute went by, and there were rather audible catcalls and hisses and even a bit of yelling here and there. I continued for about another three minutes until it became unbearable, with obvious different factions yelling each other down.
I stopped in the middle of the piece and took my headphones off; the hall at this point was more or less in pandemonium on a scale that I’ve never seen in a concert hall for classical music. I fortunately had a microphone on stage and decided that, well, it was time to use it.
“What are you afraid of?” – this was my first question. I’m not quite sure what took over me, but I was relatively calm as I reflected on the fact that in the country of my origin, concerts are cancelled or banned for minuscule reasons by adherents of a regime that holds deep-set suspicions about music or indeed any art that reflects anything other than mourning. In so many words, I told this to the audience.
The atmosphere was tense but totally fascinating to witness. Most of the people who walked out or catcalled tended to be older men who clearly felt some sort of anger about having to listen to this piece. They were being shouted down by younger people – mostly women, in fact. A few people were crying. Anyhow, there was a bit of back and forth, and I finally said: “we’re going to proceed with the concerto by C.P.E. Bach.”
- See more at: http://slippedisc.com/2016/02/noisy-dissent-disrupts-a-harpsichord-recital/#sthash.0VQtSsSt.dpuf

jus sayin
:: Posted by KantspelldiKc on March 02, 2016

Considering the odds of existence in the present leads one to believe that death is statistically impossible, your welcome.

Reflecting on that night in Toronto
:: Posted by staticghost on March 02, 2016

In the threat of extinction the night before, King Crimson returned Friday with a mighty rushing sound, leaving the fatal sign far behind. The ruckus that almost was the fatality of the band became a springboard that facilitated King Crimson to reach the higher of heights. The will to power through this obstacle is undeniably noble, but to rise above the rabble and pursue the subtle goal of mastery is divine. The energy in the theatre was also undeniable. I felt tense. I expected a drunkard to succumb to his unregulated instinct and disrupt the show. But, no, this did not happen. Instead, the band became a stronger force then the cruel optimism it set before itself in the twilight of its inception. I think that this current ensemble understands full well that the weakness of a few impulsive people could never untie the knot that brings us all together in the first place. That auspicious symbol could not be shattered even when you philosophize with a hammer. The knot is endless I wish all the best to King Crimson and the men behind this force because King Crimson represents the highest in all of us, which is discipline and mastery.

To many more!


Issues with website & Burning Shed
:: Posted by froggy55 on March 01, 2016

I’ve been trying all day to download the King Crimson Live In Toronto, the website tells me my "card information has expired" when my card HAS NOT EXPIRED. After checking with my bank, I’ve discovered the problem is with the website and not my card. I’ve tried contacting dgm admin about this problem, TO NO AVAIL! Also, the burning shed website is dead as a doornail. Can anyone tell me what’s going on?
Hi there
the problem is with the e-commerce site and they are aware of the problem and are trying to resolve the issue. Stay tuned to the News page for further updates

:: Posted by Undisciplined on March 01, 2016

Of course, the news of the Toronto gig was received with great satisfaction. It will be an immense pleasure to relive the experience in some way. The entire evening was very memorable.

No need for me to add more, but thought it might be interesting for everybody to hear of some interaction with other members of Crimson fandom. The Queen Elizabeth Theater is indeed a very classy establishment. Before the concert, hn the lounge area, we conversed with a young couple on their honeymoon from England.

The wife had family in Toronto, which was what brought them to Canada. During the course of conversation, the husband explained that this was a very civilized way to see a show. Over there, he said that 1,000 people would be queued up outside. My retort was that it would’ve been a bit more civilized if we drank the Scotch out of glasses instead of plastic cups! ;)

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