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2000 video footage
:: Posted by fhc339835 on October 09, 2015

Note to David S and DGM Team

This really is great! I love it! Finally you have had the best idea how to use the stuff (which is not perfect for DVD presentation) and broadcast it on Youtube.

A very nice substitute for the deleted GOLD STANDARD live box Heavy ConstruKction, which we are currently raving about on the FB KC blog. I like very much your subtlety to release the footage in a manner that correlates to the picks on the live box - which are the best of the best.

This is the perfect use of YT as a try and taste area. And a true representation of one of the powerful incarnations of the Crimson King.

Best regards and with full support

:: Posted by dwayne on October 08, 2015

Dear Robert,

If filming at least one, or two shows (to cover the whole repertoire) is not an option, and I understand it isn’t... perhaps I even understand why... then would it be such a bad idea to film the upcoming rehearsals, with just one HD camera, at enough distance, that covers all seven musicians, to compile into a nice DVD/blueray some years after this cycle has been completed?

I know it will never capture the experience of witnessing the second Utrecht show with my son and brother and a few friends (which was unforgettable and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for that) but how are we going to explain to our grandchildren in 25 years how incredible this band was if they can’t show them what we saw?

Sincerely, Dwayne

Rehearsal demos
:: Posted by Jospeh on October 07, 2015

After hearing some of the rehearsal recordings from the Islands lineup, I wondered if there are others from other line ups in the vault?  Did the 69 band record any of it’s rehearsals?  Are there rehearsal tapes of the Lizard band?  If there are, will any be released via DGM?

Games Without Words
:: Posted by PPmINTY on October 07, 2015

In the early ’80s, there was a widely distributed bootleg called "Games Without Words", containing the demos and ’works in progress’ recordings of songs for Peter Gabriel’s second and third albums. Many of the demo tracks have subsequently appeared as MP3s, via Gabriel’s own website and elsewhere, as "The Ashcombe Works Demos".

Most of these demo sessions clearly feature Robert’s guitar.

The demos were mainly instrumental versions, but some featured ’gabrielese’ guide vocals.

By the time they appeared in ’finished’ form on the album[s], some of the songs had been completely re-recorded, while others used the ’demo’ tracks as a starting point and then embellished them with further overdubs (and, of course, the finished vocals). The latter are generally the tracks that retained Robert’s guitar parts.

In the case of "Games Without Frontiers", I don’t think the original track was used for the album. It has a completely different feel. It may be that Gabriel played David Rhodes the original demo (having Fripp’s contributions) and asked him to play something in the ’spirit’ of the demo version but more in keeping with the new tempo.

I’m just guessing.

Games without frontiers
:: Posted by dermis on October 06, 2015

I too had accredited the guitar work on "Games without frontiers" to Robert, turns out to be David Rhodes, long time guitarist with PG’s band.

Re: Games Without Frontiers
:: Posted by rkipp683 on October 06, 2015

The album sleeve credits RF with guitar contributions on"No Self-Control," "I Don’t Remember" and "And Through The Wire", but not "Games Without Frontiers." So we might presume that David Rhodes is playing the Fripp-esque lead lines on that track, unless RF can confirm otherwise?


King Crimson 2015
:: Posted by valleygate on October 06, 2015

After waiting for 40 years I finally had the chance to see King Crimson live, this in Birmingham September 15th. After this nothing is the same, all other concerts I have enjoyed before this event have just faded into the background as at best mediocre and this experience continues to grow on me every day.

Ideally I would like to see KC in concert very soon again but until then I would love to see DGM record and release this amazing constellation on DVD. This would help to at least in parts relive this cosmic experience in wait for the next round of concerts. In addition, my friends that missed out needs to see what real music at is best is about and how brilliant the current setup of KC is.

Dear Mr. Fripp, any possibilities to have this dream fulfilled?

Re: Burning Questions
:: Posted by apisch on October 06, 2015

In an attempt to get Sid to answer "Yes":

1)  Is the release date of USA II being kept a secret?

2)  Will audience photos/videos be strongly discouraged at the Crim Japan shows?

3)  Is single malt Scotch whiskey the best remedy for the common cold?

- Tony

New dates added to European Tour?
:: Posted by Antonion on October 06, 2015

For a moment I thought they were announcing that KC were playing in Portugal...


Games without frontiers
:: Posted by orrason on October 05, 2015


does anyone knows Fripp’s contribution to Games without Frontiers from PG3 ?

I always hear Fripp’s guitar there, the guitar is superb.  But Wikipedia doesn´t list him https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Games_Without_Frontiers_%28song%29


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