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:: Posted by willesley on March 29, 2015

Life - a temporary reversal of entropy.

Would it be of interest to know that the guy in charge of the operation of the LHC at Cern when the Higs Boson (God Particle) was confirmed is a Crimson fan.(Since 1969).


:: Posted by Bakullama on March 29, 2015

Yeah Rogadaire, thanks for reply... so much mystery. I find this kind of discussion and postulation interesting at times, but it often ends up being futile. Of course no one person knows anything for certain, and the theories out there range from simple to outlandish, Religious, scientific, even magical. The "LIGHT" seems to be a very important part of the equation, for without it there is nothing as far as human beings are concerned. So "God" said "let there be light"... First thing he had to do I guess. Because all was without form... And void. Thats the story we have been told.

A mere High School education, and 40 years of being a painting contractor, make it difficult for a guy like me to even hazard a guess as to whats really going on... Thankfully there are so many learned and qualified people out there who share there findings and knowledge on these subjects that read like science fiction to me. And I love science fiction. The whole CERN project has piqued my interest... I wonder what is to be gained by it... The risks involved in playing with these sorts of things. Its all interesting and frightening at the same time.

Funny how music over the years has attempted to explore and explain philosophy, god, life, etc. Songs like Peter Sinfields "Still".... Marc Bolans "Nijinsky Hind"... King Crimsons "Epitaph"... To name but a few of billions of songs exploring deep life subjects since man first opened his mouth. Music (and poetry) really is magic and probably the most effective of the layman’s ways to communicate the mystical and magical nature of life by way of dreams, visions, and sounds. Whether music is on the right track or not really makes no difference anyhow.

So Procol Harums "Life is like a beanstalk" is as good an answer as any.

full set
:: Posted by Undisciplined on March 29, 2015

Happy to hear the news of the full set of live material from last fall! Interesting that there haven’t been any mea culpas from those who ranted endlessly about only getting about 42 minutes or so of music on Live at the Orpheum (in DVD-A, no less, and with a very reasonable price!).

This also brings back recent memories of those who referred to the current lineup as another "21st Century Schizoid Band" or (gasp) a "tribute band." After the actual performances, those same fair weather fans feel likewise fad fallen silent.

The lesson from these scenarios? Considering the negativity, which nearly shut down this forum, it’s emblematic of message board/social media conduct in general. A lot of people instinctively feel the need to vent, rant, complain, etc.

Fortunately, there is another way. Live in and appreciate the moment and be content with what we have. Then, there might be rewards of greater gifts to follow...

King Crimson
:: Posted by kingcrimson7 on March 29, 2015

King Crimson is the best band in the world, logically Robert Fripp is the leader, for that reason will always sound at Fripp style even when other musicians, and if Robert is a leader we know loque ahead, heavy metal to Fripp style, if you read this Mr. Fripp, would love to hear another album of the new band, but with original songs, it Heavy, such as larks 4
Heavy it is,
Robert’s what they want friends and girls,  King Crimson forever.


:: Posted by rogadaire on March 28, 2015

Bakallama says:

’’It has become increasingly evident that the energy that powers the universe, which some call the unified or zero point field and others call God, is consciousness. It is this consciousness projected through the interference pattern of energy waves that gives rise to us, all that we perceive and that which we do not.

It can therefore be said that we are all a manifestation of the consciousness from which the universe arises.

This consciousness is who we are, what we are and it is also where we are. Like all energy consciousness is never gained or lost it simply changes form. When you tap into the part of yourself that is infinite consciousness you see the physical form is just the receiver."

This throws together a number of ideas which in themselves are now fairly conventional, but they are not necessarily linked in the way I think is assumed here; nor is it self-evident what these ideas really mean.

I can see why someone might want to ascribe scientific principles to consciousness, but this is a mistake. Such principles can be ascribed to phenomena that consciousness describes, but not, I believe, to consciousess itself. That is because consciousness is nothing more than the state of being conscious (of something), it is not a separate entity that sits outside whatever it is that is being experienced in the moment. I have some sympathy for the idea that consciousness is everything, because it is a reasonable proposition that the universe came about by an act of God’s will, and an act of will is a form of consciousness. But even if that is the case, I fail to see how any further conclusion can be drawn from it. I might be a manisfestation of God’s consciousness, but if so that is something that would be meaningful to God, but not to me. Like everyone else who exists, I can only respond to the world according to own consciousness. Considerations concerning consciousness require a specifc context in order to have meanng, just as all meaning derives from a specific application of conscousness. Consciousness is not the same as unity, and should not be confused with it, and, ultimately, what might be termed objective reality is always just beyond our grasp, however much we might experience tantalising glimpses of it.

:: Posted by kingcrimson7 on March 28, 2015

Song of the gulls is a classic work, Robert Fripp uses his musical style, but with his style, Robert shows that an orchestra can also make notes and melodies that are used to waiting in each new recording, Robert Fripp us brings, Song of the gulls is a work that excites me.

A Day On The Green
:: Posted by Cosmic_1 on March 28, 2015

This is one concert line up I would loved to have seen.

King Crimson and the Grateful Dead

Frame by Frame
:: Posted by kingcrimson7 on March 28, 2015

Frame by Frame, back to impossible structures play, only by signals can be stopped because there may be an error, I repeat study no problem but live must be done, is not easy Robert, instilled in our minds an excellent musical structure not play guitar like always done without error signals no beginning, Robert Fripp should be directed to these notes do silence on time,
Fripp personal style.

Level 5
:: Posted by kingcrimson7 on March 28, 2015

Level 5 is an instrumental that resembles the melodies of Fripp, such as Larks 4 and other more, early resemble but are always different, carefully listening to them, variations, bass drums and guitar will simultaneously in a violent note, and suddenly opened, and fripp makes some notes belong, while the other instruments expected to return to blow, listen to this topic and you will see the world differently.

Life is like a beanstalk, isn't it?
:: Posted by Bakullama on March 28, 2015

This theory has been gaining a lot of steam lately. This article was penned in 2009, and there has been more to back it since then... Probably one of the most fascinating as well... We are holograms... Pixels. Merely a
"Construkction of light." Via waveforms.

"These are the fundamental questions mankind has asked since the moment we came into existence.

Many explanations to these questions have been offered over the years, usually by religion or science. In Western society the explanations offered by these two groups usually contradict each other and as a result, many people continue to pursue these fundamental questions.

In many cases spirituality has been divorced from science and organized religion with disastrous consequences. For centuries Western religions have sought to suppress both science and spirituality. This applies particularly to the spirituality of indigenous and ancient cultures. This agenda has been made clear; from the burning of the library in Alexandria to the continuing slaughter of the native peoples and the destruction of indigenous cultures around the world.

Mainstream science on the other hand, after emerging from centuries of repression, seemingly seeks to denounce religion and along with it spirituality. Scientists began stating the human condition is one of biomechanics alone. This renouncing of spirituality and the ethics by science has led to a quagmire of degradation.

This is a result of scientists asking “is it possible?” as opposed to “is it morally and ethically just?” For instance, it is possible to split atoms, but it is not morally and ethically just.

It is only when one unifies the concepts of science and spirituality that one begins to see the real nature of the universe. Reality is comparable to the concept of holographic illusions; this is very similar to what the ancient and indigenous cultures have been describing for millennia.

Holograms are photons projected through an interference pattern to create a seemingly three dimensional object.

Perhaps many of you are saying to yourself,
“OK… but a hologram has no physical substance and the world around me does.”
Perhaps you are thinking,
“Hell! I can see, taste, smell, hear and touch it so the world must be real.”
How can the universe be an illusion similar to a hologram? What do holograms have to do with ancient and indigenous wisdom?

Let’s start by examining one such ancient idea, a hermetic teaching ascribed to Hermes Trismegistus, “as above so below.” This describes perfectly the fractal and holographic nature of not only the universe but the human body as well. Each cell contains all of the DNA information necessary to create an identical copy of the whole organism.

The same can be said for fractals and holograms, in each part the whole is contained. Break a holographic image in half and you do not get half of the image, you get a smaller version of the whole. Much research has been and is being done by Nassim Haramein and others regarding the fractal nature of the universe and the scaling laws to which it conforms.

The universe including all life forms sentient or non-sentient and non living substances conform to the fractal nature of reality. Changes in any level of the system effects the structure of the whole.

On a subatomic level the similarities between the nature of holograms and the nature of subatomic particles are even more pronounced. Subatomic particles behave in ways that we, from a macroscopic perspective, perceive as not only confusing but also in many cases seemingly random.

An interesting experiment into the nature of subatomic particles, waves and wavicles is the double-slit experiment.

It was determined that subatomic particles can manifest either as,
a wave function
as a particle
Furthermore it was discovered that the action of measuring or observing the particles seemed to be the key in the collapse of the wave function. Think about that for a moment, the observer caused the wave function, which generates an interference pattern, to become a physical particle simply by measuring it.

Many of the greatest minds in physics have contended over the years the function of the role which consciousness or observation plays in the behavior of subatomic particles.

The Copenhagen Interpretation is one such argument discussing the nature of quantum phenomena.

The similarities between the particle springing into and out of superposition from a wave interference pattern of possible locations to a particle with a definite place in time/space as a result of the application of conscious energy and a hologram projecting a seemingly three dimensional image based on light projected through an interference pattern is astounding in its implications.

The difference in substantiality between a hologram and reality has to do with the energy feed and the receiver.

With regard to holographic reality,
consciousness is the energy source
your DNA is the receiver
Even what we perceive as solid objects are all manifestations of wave energy forms.

The atoms which make up the densest rock are mostly empty and the subatomic particles within them are winking into and out of existence as they jump valence shells. Our perception of such “solid” objects is only the brain’s interpretation of the electrical and biochemical signals it is receiving via our five senses.

So solid objects, or our perception of them as solid, is an illusory interpretation of varying frequencies by our DNA and brain.

It has become increasingly evident that the energy that powers the universe, which some call the unified or zero point field and others call God, is consciousness. It is this consciousness projected through the interference pattern of energy waves that gives rise to us, all that we perceive and that which we do not.

It can therefore be said that we are all a manifestation of the consciousness from which the universe arises.

This consciousness is who we are, what we are and it is also where we are. Like all energy consciousness is never gained or lost it simply changes form. When you tap into the part of yourself that is infinite consciousness you see the physical form is just the receiver."

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