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:: Posted by GregK1 on September 09, 2014

Please put tonightís concert up on DGMlive for download as soon as you can. Thanks

Set list -- Spoil away
:: Posted by markmmarkm on September 09, 2014

They arenít playing near my town.

Good luck tonight
:: Posted by DevlinC on September 09, 2014

Just a message while thereís time to say good luck to all the players tonight when Crimson makes its public performance return in about... 4 hours? Canít wait to see the set-list and if it contains as many surprises as it seems it might. Also, best wishes to all attending the show tonight, you lucky dogs!

Holding out hope that a gig gets put up for sale on the site ASAP., I seem to remember the Park West gig from 2008 found itís way to the site fairly soon after although donít remember exactly how much time passed.


RE: Set list
:: Posted by jacethecrowl on September 09, 2014

I think it would be much easier to keep the news area free from spoilers, but I imagine anything goes (as usual) for the forum. Iím going to stay away from this space for about 3 weeks, but if a hot tickle or other tidbit comes into my news feed, so be it.

The Egg
:: Posted by sporkfly on September 09, 2014

Last night was a privilege. Looking forward to tonight. Thanks to Tony G, and to all of KC.

Set list
:: Posted by emory0 on September 09, 2014

Actually, Iíd welcome a segregation in these pages of posts with "spoilers": Put íem somewhere separate I say so that we can click over there if we want, but itís not right in our faces. (Of course, we could simply choose to not navigate over to dgmlive.com, but thatís crazy talk.)

Set list
:: Posted by discorderly on September 09, 2014

...catís out of the bag tomorrow...finally no more speculations...that is until we speculate on the alternate set lists as things progress...(ha!)

kChristmas, err...Crimson Eve
:: Posted by kevinz on September 08, 2014

 I remember when I first heard the "Red" album.  At 14 years old this was unlike anything my ears had ever been privy to.  I needed to find everything this band, King Crimson had to offer.  As I fulfilled those listening urges I knew I needed to see this wonderful music performed live.  But alas, they had "ceased to exist."  I swore all those years ago that if the band ever reformed in any way, shape or form Iíd see every concert they would give in the New York/Tri-State region.  Over the decades Iíve stayed true to those words, even travelling to Nashville for the previous opening nights of a tour.  Funny how it takes the same time to fly by plane to Tennessee as it does on the railroad to Albany. So many wonderful memories, so many more to come.

Thank you Robert for continuing...to continue.

2014 concerts on DGMLive
:: Posted by MichaelCPE on September 08, 2014

If DGMLive put up a concert from the 2014 tour in the next week, then it would be fun to avoid finding out the set list and to listen without knowing what is coming next.

Nowhere near as good as being there, but probably the best those from far away (such as Melbourne, Australia) will be able to get for feeling the thrill of not knowing what is next.

But if it is going to be many weeks (or months) before a concert is put up on DGMLive, then it would be more sensible to read about the set list straight away.

So does DGMLive have the intention of putting up an early concert very soon?

And if so, do any others like the idea of avoiding the set list so that the first listen is a total surprise?

What will it hatch?
:: Posted by Antonion on September 08, 2014

For the fans:

Unexpect the unexpected

For the band

Je vous souhaite "merde"!

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