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:: Posted by 21stcenturyD on September 30, 2014

I was merely trying to give feedback to enhance the experience of the show. That is my opinion, and you have yours. I did not take a picture because I can read.  Look, I truly enjoy Crimson and just thought it was unnecessary for a band of their caliber to  put that recording on before a show.

Boobie behaviour
:: Posted by EnoMan on September 30, 2014

When one is arrogant, self-entitled, and oblivious, of *course* an explicit reminder to keep oneself in check is going to be perceived as "condescending"!

re: "No matter how great a band is, without fans they are nothing."
:: Posted by DannyX on September 30, 2014

Without listeners, perhaps. Still, if a tree falls in a forest...

No photos please.
:: Posted by timohara on September 30, 2014

In light of the comments from the reviewer from St Louis, I re-listened to the pre-recorded message from the band, and I must say that I fail to perceive the condescension or insult there.

I hear an invitation from the band and RF for the audience to enjoy themselves, and a simple request for people to put their phones and recording devices away. No more than that. Not sure why it struck such a nerve.

Even in the six years since Crimson’s last tour, phones and devices have proliferated exponentially at all kinds of public events. An additional reminder beyond what is on the ticket seems well-justified to me. At the one show I saw in Albany, the message seemed to have the desired effect and for me it helped create one of the most memorable and moving live concert experiences I have attended. It’s really a special feeling to be a part of an audience who is so fully engaged and attentive.

Of course, it shouldn’t be necessary to have such a recording:
:: Posted by 21stcenturyD on September 30, 2014

Exactly my point. Crimson is a professional band, and despite NO PHOTOS and RECORDINGS plainly written on the tickets and signs on the door, someone is going to take a pic. Drop the reminder recording. We are all adults and it was very condescending to the fans. Also a "thanks for coming" wouldn’t hurt from the band.

No matter how great a band is, without fans they are nothing.

Starless box Disc 13
:: Posted by Nibbles on September 30, 2014


Starless box full track listing,,,  splendid indeed

With respect to the location of the concert on disc 13, it likely was called

Halle der Fachhochschule

rather than "Halle Der Fachoschule".



Seattle request
:: Posted by discorderly on September 29, 2014

.....hey can we not fly David Cross in for the last gig of the tour? I’m sure he travels light...how much can an electric violin weigh? One vote for a surprise appearance to close out N. America! C’mon guys give him a call....


Lingering question about Blue
:: Posted by Mindwarper on September 29, 2014

Inquiring minds wonder if Mr Fripp during his remastering with Mr Wilson found different or useable version of Blue and will we ever hear it? Is it a bookend to Red? Is there a complete version?

Mindwarper Wonders

I hope to hear Level 5 and all the other glorius controlled cacaphonous musical movements this weekend in SF if all goes well.

Alas Blue was never recorded although the score exists and a section of it was reused/ recycled on Vrooom


Starless Boxx
:: Posted by fhc339835 on September 29, 2014

Dear friends,
The 1973-74 Europe tour is my absolute favorite of all Krim incarnations - especially the already available German gigs from Augsburg to Kassel - thanks for making this happen (and for JW’s liner notes to the Mainz KCCC release).
This helps me a little bit to bear the pain and despair not be part of any of the 2014 concerts 40 years later. I have to accept it, and can enjoy The Elements later once the downloads have been made available. Looking back, I was just about 3 years old when my favorite tour enrolled, and this is okay form me as well not having visited any of the concerts then in retrospect :-).
Some site info corrections:
The venue of the 03-28-74 gig in Dieburg should be "Aula der Fachoberschule" (auditorium of the university of applied sciences).
The Mainz venue is correctly spelt Eltzer Hof, instead of Elzer Hof (one of the three manors of the Nobles of Eltz).
On Disc 26, the date of the Mainz gig is erroneously the one of Arlington TX Hall.
Maybe these changes can still make their way to the upcoming release.

All the best for you and for the lucky punters over there in the US.

:: Posted by abhitaranath on September 29, 2014

Question for anyone reading this regarding the mixes of “Fracture” and “Starless” that appear on the USA 30th Anniversary CD from 2002: Were those two pieces mixed in 1975 with the album proper (even though they couldn’t fit on the original LP), or were they mixed in 2002 explicitly for the 30th Anniversary CD?
They were mixed in 2002 for the anniversary series

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