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Show Requests
:: Posted by pyroseed13 on June 13, 2014

Are there any soundboard recordings available of their 1984 tour? It would be nice have a companion show to Absent Lovers but I donít want to pay for any inferior audience recordings. Also, Iíd like to see the second show from Park West of March 2003 made available at some point. I remember reading that they played an interesting hybrid of The Power to Believe II and One Time at that show.

Opening Act
:: Posted by MarkLiebenthal on June 13, 2014

The last King Crimson mini-tour had no opening act other than Robert performing Soundscapes as people entered the theater. I will be attending all 4 shows in NYC bringing my KC total to 80 since 1971. I was hoping we might have an opening act for the shows in September.  Right now there is an English duo ripping across the world. Drums/Bass/vocals..They are fantastic. "Royal Blood". They would be an awesome compliment. Just a brief thought!

timely too
:: Posted by DannyX on June 13, 2014

The fact that today is June 13, and RFís latest diary entry is April 15, might lead one to surmise that it is perhaps not the best source for up to date information.

:: Posted by KantspelldiKc on June 13, 2014

i predict the diary will announce ticket dates in @ two weeks, so saith Nostral Dummass

Noisy, Droney, Melodic
:: Posted by lotusspray on June 13, 2014

Fans of noisy, droney but highly melodic guitar (I think there are a few of those around these parts) should check out the new platter from 



Go to Bandcamp where you can have an artist approved taste and purchase the work in hardcopy or any number of downloadable formats.

Itís a killer!

A hated surprise...
:: Posted by emory0 on June 13, 2014

"Would it have been too much to expect a heads up, when tickets might go on sale?"

Iím planning a startup that will create very tiny nanobots that will sneak into your house, defeating all security measures, jump up onto your bed while you are sleeping and then grab your eyelids, pulling them open like window shades. Using your eyelids to drag you, the nanobot will pull you over to your computer and then jump on your hands and fingers to force you to type the DGM live URL and then give you a series of increasing electric shocks until you buy tickets.

The First Day reissue
:: Posted by Halloway on June 13, 2014

As pleased as I am to see íThe First Dayí and íDamageí being reissued, I have a slight feeling of disappointment that the former, now on its 20th birthday, isnít being given a more sumptuous re-release.

A second disc containing studio versions of songs such as Blinding Light of Heaven, the rare Jean the Birdman single b-sides and other goodies (didnít I once read that David Singleton had created a 15 minute version of Ingridís Wheels?) and a 5.1 surround mix of the main album would have been a great way to commemorate what I think is an underrated album. Itís also the album that introduced me to King Crimson so I have a special fondness for it for that.

A Hated Surprise cont......
:: Posted by jjfxcjr on June 13, 2014


do King Crimson fans of a certain age, use Twitter? Facebook? I would suggest they donít. They probably shun social media and leave it to their 20-something children.

Whilst I have known about the intention to reform, the announcement of rehearsals et al. for quite awhile, I still think that DGM could find a way for fans and customers to be given a heads up on ticket sales before the ticket zombies grab all the decent seats.

Jim Clark

Hi Jim,
I appreciate your frustration at not having thought to have checked the news page of the main source of news about King Crimson on the internet.  
Social media aside, this website provided news of the gigs to well in excess of 155,000 site visitors (rising to a figure well over double that subsequently) as soon as they were available on June 2nd, June 3rd, June 6th, June 7th, June 10th, and June 11th - I think youíll agree thatís a fair few heads and a fair few heads ups given to fans.

A Hated Surprise
:: Posted by jjfxcjr on June 13, 2014

I have read the diary for years in the hopes of receiving notice of concerts, or when tickets might go on sale.

To whit, I receive a solicitation to buy Fripp/Sylvian recordings (which I already have) and lo and behold there is upcoming concert news contained in the email!

I quickly got on to some ticketing websites and found all decent seats were already gobbled up by professional ticket buying douchebags and being resold at fantastic profits.

I did manage to get two Orchestra seats on the deepest, darkest, far left about four feet below the stage - I will probably need a periscope at the BestBuy venue on September 18.

I donít care about what books he reads, I donít care about Humans, nor rabbit piddle. I have been a respectful audient since 1974 and own approximately 40 different KC and a huge many spin off recordings. Would it have been too much to expect a heads up, when tickets might go on sale? Tickets from what I could tell went on sale ten days earlier....this bites.

Jim Clark
Charlotte, NC and Canary Wharf, UK

Jim - glad you got tickets. As point of information this website / Facebook / Twitter announced news of KC ticket sales on June 2nd, June 3rd, June 6th, June 7th, June 10th, and June 11th.

In addition to specific references and links to ticket sales there have been photo updates on King Crimsonís rehearsals every day since June 2nd.

In addition to that there have been well over 150 posts on the guestbook talking about tickets, concerts, set-list speculation, etc since June 2nd.

In addition to all of the above, a multitude of music-related message boards, websites, blogs too numerous to count have all carried news of King Crimsonís return to live work.

Thereís also been speculation and commentary at all points on the internet (including RFís diary, guestbook and the news page here) since King Crimsonís new line-up was announced in September 2013.

The newsletter you received comes from Inner Knot whose primary business is CD mail order.

While glad youíve been reading the diary for years, the place to check for news about King Crimson live activity has always been the *news* page of this website. 

:: Posted by DannyX on June 13, 2014

After much deep thought and reflection, I feel the most challenging piece to explore the possibilities of the new lineup would be "Trio" from S&BB.

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