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Yep, it's not just about the musicians
:: Posted by tboyd1802 on November 23, 2015

Following up on emmapeelfanclubís (I agree, great name) post, my most recent concert experience was a bit of a bust - and it was certainly not the musicianís fault.

I recently when to a Zappa Plays Zappa concert, where Dweezil and company played the entirety of One Size Fits All - easily my all-time favorite Zappa album. The band was fantastic, the show was great. I love that Dweezil is keeping Frankís legacy alive. However, the idiot three seats down from me would never have known what a great concert this was has he had his head in his phone the entire first half of the show. It was amazing to me how distracting the incessant glow of a phone screen could be, even though it was well off in my peripheral vision. Halfway through Po-jama People I wanted to open up his trap door and forcefully insert that phone where it would never be seen again !-)

At any rate, all I wanted was to forget about my daily problems and be immersed in music that I love, but the glow of this single phone kept pulling back to the reality I was trying desperately to escape for just a couple of hours...

Capturing the moment?
:: Posted by emory0 on November 23, 2015

Emmapeelfanclub wrote...

"but I also know even if I had such things theyíre not gonna fully recreate the feeling of actually being there"

(First, great name by the way: As a kid I was as mesmerized by Emma Peelís hips as I was Catwomanís.)

Interestingly, this has happened to me right "here" (if anything digital can be called a "here") through DGM: Back in 81 or 82 (I canít remember which) King Crimson played the Savoy here in NYC and it was by all reports (including the bandmemberís) a really "momentous" performance, almost one giant moment from start to finish. So I was stoked to see that it had become available as a download...

...which I purchased, and have listened to several times, but I canít really hear the Moment through the recording. Iím not actually disappointed, however, as I didnít really expect to be able to.

:: Posted by WorldLeaderSymes on November 23, 2015

I always switch off my phone and put it away before a show starts - itís the only way to truly engage with a performance.

Have to agree with emmapeelfanclub - I was at Salford on the second night. It was my favourite set list of the tour and I was standing in the wings waiting to take my seat while Crimson were playing Easy Money. Robertís solo was amazing and, from the side of the theatre, the full force of the band was apparent - something that I will remember for ever.

More Moments
:: Posted by emmapeelfanclub on November 23, 2015

Much interesting debate and commentary about "moments" onstage and emory0 is correct when I think over the various gigs Iíve witnessed over my life, there are a few "good" gigs but I barely have any memory because such "moments" didnít happen. Worse what memories I do have tend to be ones involving some idiot I was next to.

Just early this month I went to see a play at a very lovely old theatre in a seaside town. The entire first act was destroyed for me since I had the misfortune to have what Robert calls a "boobie" sat right next to me. He spent the entire time constantly fidgeting - one moment shuffling in his seat... the next, cleaning out his ears, murmuring to his wife... it was impossible to focus on what was going on onstage so I missed a lot of the plot. 5 minutes before the end of the first act, he emitted a VERY LOUD yawn. I wanted to strangle him. Thankfully he didnít return for the second act but the show had been ruined by his selfish and inconsiderate actions.

Bakullama is also very correct in their guessing that if they was concentrating on photography or recording then they would not experience the moment.

My own intent on the now rare occasions I go to gigs is to immerse myself in whatever the artiste is presenting or trying to create. My phone is switched off before I enter the building and I forget about it because Iím there to be a part of the event whereas using a phone/camera it would instantly detach me. Sadly too many gigs have been ruined for me by others who cling to their phones as if itís a life support system. For the time I am in the presence of the artiste, I want the world outside to cease to exist - I want to forget about whatís out there and be a part of the moment. The two Crimson shows, I was amply rewarded but outside of that, I can only recall just one other show where I experienced something extraordinary happening and that was a show by Moloko in late 1998. It was almost a year before they finally achieved fame with "Sing It Back" so at that point, they were hungry, a cult name eager to make an impression and was in a small club with around 100 people in the audience. Up close, personal, no frills or elaborate theatrics, they focused on the music and they made an enormous life changing impression upon me. I was already a fan but that performance took me someplace else and until I saw Crimson, always hailed it as the best gig Iíve ever seen.

Unlikely bedfellows Crimson and Moloko, but theyíre the only two bands Iíve seen that hit the elusive spot. Of course I donít deny Iíd love to have a recording or video of those shows but I also know even if I had such things theyíre not gonna fully recreate the feeling of actually being there - in the moment. Hence theyíre powerful moments embedded into my psyche and memory banks to cherish for the rest of my days.

:: Posted by Undisciplined on November 22, 2015

All this banter about Thursday night absolutely did not occur on Friday evening. Word got out, security was a bit tighter. I thanked one of the gents before show for what he was doing, from our 2nd row vantage point. Signs were on the stage, as indicated in the picture.

Performance was on point to say the least. Everybody seemed locked in and a one-time only experience occurred on stage. RF got out HIS camera and started taking pictures of the audience! Also first time having Scotch at a concert, but thatís another story...

:: Posted by emory0 on November 22, 2015

Whatís funny is that Iíve seen some technically "amazing" concerts, perfectly well executed, but if there were no "moments" I can barely remember them. Meanwhile, I can recall any performance where that special something did happen almost as if it were yesterday.

Examples? Crimson examples are too easy. But at the Wall Street 4 and 5 station about 10 years ago I remember seeing 3 young black women in dresses playing the shit outta Mozart on 2 violins and a viola: Really rocking it with true joy. I stood there dumbfounded: I donít even like Mozart but I loved this and heard it as if it were the first time. When I got on the train I looked around to see if there was someone I could tell about "what just happened", but of course that would have been strange.

Photo Kerfuffle
:: Posted by Wilcox660 on November 22, 2015

I have only just read about the Toronto gig where RF left the stage. As a photojournalist for over 3 decades, Iíve been aware of RFís photo policy & respected it. Very easy to do, really. Itís not just a policy, itís a matter of respect. What raised my eyebrows was when I read the "revised" photo policy allowing photos to be taken once Tony shows his camera. Very cool!

It is my hope that this was just a one-off bit of nastiness by a few jerks in the crowd. Itís not just disrespectful to the band. Itís disrespectful to the rest of the audience as well.

:: Posted by deagan1 on November 22, 2015

House of Blues Los Angeles 1995......as Vroom Vroom grinded to a halt it damn near sucked the oxygen out of the room.

:: Posted by Bakullama on November 22, 2015

Also, something tells me that if I had been concentrating on getting a picture or a recording during the show, I would have surely not been able to experience the fascinating phenomenon.

Collective moments
:: Posted by Bakullama on November 22, 2015

About that otherwordly or timebending or collective feeling... In 2000 at the House of blues in Los Angeles it was very apparent. But I personally sensed it most during the performance of "Deception of the Thrush".... For what itís worth.

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