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:: Posted by DanAnderson on April 10, 2016

I just found out about these last week (https://soundcloud.com/amlehn-fripp-jeanrenaud). Does anybody know if these are available commercially? The Fripp/Jeanrenaud combination is really unique.

KC Tour box 2014 question
:: Posted by Royston on April 10, 2016

I think logan74 is spot on here.

To use a technical term, the Asbury Park Schizoid Man has more twiddly bits than the Providence version. And the 2014 tour box set version definitely has the Asbury Park twiddly bits.

Re: Saudade et al.
:: Posted by Antonion on April 10, 2016

Youíre welcome, pcpaki. Glad to be of help.

KC Tour box 2014 question
:: Posted by logan74 on April 09, 2016

On the packaging of the 2014 tour box set, 21st Century Schizoid Man is listed as being from Providence RI. Is that correct? Because it sounds like that track is taken from Asbury park.

re: In the Wake of Poseidon
:: Posted by nuages on April 09, 2016

This does in fact appear to be the case. I had purchased the ITWOP 180-gram reissue, which came with the download of the pink Island label press rip, and the differences were especially noticeable on The Devilís Triangle. This also appears to be the case with the Atlantic label copies of the album.

Re: Saudade et al & Stick Men
:: Posted by pcpaki on April 09, 2016

Thank you so much, Antonion
for re-tickling the link to

As a reverent fan of Robertís Soundscapes and the intentions that create them,
these pieces created with 2 other artists are a stunning elaboration of that work.
Finding out about the environment they were played in takes the joyful mysteries even deeper!

Also, "Midori" by Stick Men with David Cross is a wonderfully nutritional visit -
I wish to have been in the air of that performance, the performance & recording is so immersive & powerful.

Earnest Thank Youís to all involved with such great work =)

In the Wake of Poseidon (Pink Island) - different mix??
:: Posted by Mawsonics on April 08, 2016

Hello all. Iím a newbie here, with a query about the íPoseidoní album, which Iíve just bought on Pink Island (the first pressing) for the not unreasonable price of £25. Listening to the album, Iíve noticed what sound like differences in the mix; for instance the title track has a longer fade-out, Mike Giles going absolutely ape at the very, very end with an amazing double bass drum írollí. I reckon the fade out is about 10 seconds longer than the (old) CD version Iím familiar with. Also, the incredible ífog horní moment in The Devilís Triangle (at about 3:50) is totally underwhelming, being quite low in the mix and mostly restricted to the r.h. speaker. Iím sure there are other minor differences elsewhere in this track, and also in Pictures of a City. Can anyone back me up on this? Thanks, Chris

NST 1.2
:: Posted by thecraftywidow on April 08, 2016

In answer to the question:

A number of the team are experimenting with this (not this one - Iím too old a dog to learn such a new trick). It does offer all manner of possibilities, but it does mean re-learning a lot of things that weíve spent a long time re-learning from OST, as well as re-learning all the Crafty repertoire.

Time will tell - it usually does, anyway.

The .007 String
:: Posted by Royston on April 08, 2016

Maybe Goldfinger had something to do with it.

New Standard Tuning 1.2
:: Posted by CrumbledFingers on April 07, 2016

In 2012, Robert says in his diary:

A Future Project presented: Gary Goodmanís .007 string was distributed to particular seats in the Circle, with the suggestion that the NST 1.2 tuning Ė C,G,D,A,E,A Ė be investigated. Had Garryís string been available in 1985, C,G,D,A,E,A might have been NST 1.1.

He is referring to the incredibly thin guitar string developed by Gary Goodman of octave4plus.com, which could conceivably be tuned high enough to enable a high A on the top string.

Since then, I havenít heard anything about the tuning being changed, and Robert is still using the high G as far as I can tell from listening to the chords he has been playing, and the Guitar Circle repertoire doesnít seem to have adopted the 1.2 tuning either. Iím interested in hearing why it didnít pan out with the .007 string.

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