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John Wetton
:: Posted by JBeerLTIA on August 25, 2015

My thoughts and positive vibes are being sent to you, Mr. Wetton. You have touched so many of us with your music. You can beat that bastard!

john wetton
:: Posted by jtwillia on August 25, 2015

Best wishes for a speedy and thorough recovery!

Videoing shows
:: Posted by gboland on August 25, 2015

with the Crimso tour coming up in a few days (of which Iíll be attending four shows), I feel I have air my views on this subject, all of us on here know Robertís and bands opinion on the subject, but what us the paying public, I for one find it extremely irritating trying to watch a gig, with a sea of blue screens held above head height videoing the show. Last year we went to see The Crimson ProjeKct in London, and in the row in front of us two lads watched the whole show through an IPhone, and the bloody thing was permanently in the corner of my eye, how selfish are these people, so hereís hoping to an IPhone free tour.


EZ Money
:: Posted by Bakullama on August 24, 2015

What happened so far today in the stock market is virtually impossible and indicates what most folks suspect... Those few responsible are singing "Easy money" while the masses are playing "exiles".

:: Posted by pyroseed13 on August 24, 2015

Are there plans to restock any of the pillows? I would love to have one.

Court NST
:: Posted by Bakullama on August 24, 2015

I know what you mean Curran and thanks for the reply. I do like the sound of court in NST, it seems like a great place to start an entirely new piece like bloggulator says. All speculation aside, I am really looking forward to hearing these older songs reworked but more interested in hearing the new ones theyíve put together. And I really would like to get my hands on one of those picture discs... All in good time. All in good time.

Court NST
:: Posted by curran on August 23, 2015

This post is intended to be a playful response to Bakullamaís post.

I doubt very much that Robert has forgotten how to play "In the Court" utilizing OST... after all, thats exactly what He is doing in the video.
Itís not that he canít find the notes, its that the video visually shows you were in fact the old notes USED to be!

Taken as a delightful demonstration of how He has changed and evolved as a Professional Player and Performer (The words are with P this time)
I for one found it most enjoyable.

Court NST
:: Posted by Bakullama on August 22, 2015

Im thinking that after all these years of playing his guitar with the new standard tuning itís possible that he has simply forgotten how to play effectively the old way... Perhaps his spider fingers just cant go there anymore? Jakko can handle all that, and if we are lucky he can put an interesting new twist to the old tunes.

The Race
:: Posted by snkzato1 on August 21, 2015

Although the video of a bunch of middle aged rockers playing Daytona is quite the treat, what is blowing my mind is the jam session that is accompanying it. Iím kind of flummoxed as to how ThraK became so poppy when every rehearsal Iíve heard is so gnarly, like a futuristic Larks.

That is nothing against ThraK as I do adore it, but Iím wondering why the group didnít continue down that twisted avenue that is being demonstrated here or in the Nashville sessions.

NST and OST?
:: Posted by bloggulator on August 21, 2015

Even to some of us Crimheads this may be a little off the wall - but having just listened to RF playing (what I gather is) the guitar part from ITCOTCK in NST, I found that it has morphed into another fine piece of music with a haunting character all of its own. I must have listened to this clip about 10 times by now, and its growing on me each time!

I am not a guitarist (unfortunately), but there are (technical) ways of checking out how the whole of the song transcribes and what it sounds like, regarding OST into NST.... Yes, I may even spend the rest of my afternoon doing just that!

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