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:: Posted by gmoore on December 23, 2014

Friend: "Is that King Crimson?"
Me: "Yes"
Friend: "Is that Fracture?"
Me: "Yes"
Friend: "Isnít it kind of loud?"
Me: "Itís as loud as it needs to be." 

Thank you for playing in Albany so I could share King Crimson with my son.
Thank you for allowing me to share your life through your diary.
Thank you for putting up with the trials and tribulations of the road/sky/rooms/guestbooks.
Thank you for your autograph which is in your music.
Thank you for your picture which is in my minds eye. 
Be well Mr. Fripp. 
- Greg

Guestbook Demise
:: Posted by Chet_Kincaid on December 23, 2014

Frippís diary has always been the best part of this site, and I have enjoyed the opportunity to peek into his life and learn from it. The diary has delivered more access and transparency than we need, and belies the image of Fripp as someone who simply runs away from fans. I hope it continues.

Users of the soon-to-be-Legacy Web 1.0 Guestbook should note that they can annoy and offend the proprietors even more directly with Twitter, Facebook and other, more recently disruptive services.

[Three paragraphs of pointed pokes at various folks and subjects deleted, lest I become what I despise.]

And so, I bid the Guestbook farewell. As long as Iíve still got a link where to send my money for the good stuff, Iím all set!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !
:: Posted by simplyfan on December 23, 2014

It is a great pity that Guestbook will disappear.
As for me I have no ill will. No resent. No dispute.
I just wanted to send you best wishes several times a year. In that case these are my wishes for the whole long future;
happy birthdays, merry high days and holidays, healthy anniversaries, prosperous new years and a lot of love forever and ever.

Long Live the Guestbook
:: Posted by emory0 on December 22, 2014

Yeah, there was a lot of dopey comments in the Guestbook, and I contributed a few myself.


I feel like, on average, we were a fairly civilized lot. We had some good discussions and, amazingly, I think there was even a female or two and even a couple of black folks (black folks, I feel, are an underappreciated subgroup of Crimson fan). It was a relatively civil place, particularly given how shitty the internet can be at times. Exceptions? Of course. But even Maximus wasnít that bad: He had his heart in the right place, even if he annoyed the living beJeesus outta me.

To put it succinctly, it was a nice enough if not exceptional "place" to come to every couple of days. I thank Sid too for being a fairly light-touch moderator and for putting in the time and effort, and Robert for providing the fodder via the Diary and, eventually, an actual real-life version of King Crimson which, as it turns out, wasnít all that shabby even without Adrian Belew.

whither the icon?
:: Posted by Tom239 on December 22, 2014

If the guestbook is shut down, what will happen to the Forums icon? Will it go away? Will it remain, but linking to an epitaph for the guestbook? Or to the last entries posted, freeze-framed for the ages? Burning questions.

Thanks to all at DGM who have worked over the years on making the guestbook (and the DGM web site in general) possible.

RE: albemuth
:: Posted by snkzato1 on December 22, 2014

1. I was worried about hearing Red for the 500000000th time prior to the concert. Amazing as it is I felt there was nothing new to be done with it, unless a Mr. Wetton wondered on stage and decided to join the group. To my delight they once again reinvented the bloody song 40 years later. What a treat it was to hear that thunderous plodding drum line during the verses. Makes me wonder what an actual drum line would do with it.

2. Not sure if I agree fully, but one issue I often had with KCís multidrummer setups is that they always felt a bit forced as in one drummer clearly had the actual job of keeping time and the second person just made a bunch of joyous racket. I think the brief 2008 line-up was the first to really start to get it right. Pat and Gavin were able to meld on a surreal level. I think it helped that on this tour they all had such wildly different kits that it would have been very hard to trip over each other. Also helped that Mr. Bill had a keyboard as well in order to add some more textures when needed.

Iíd LOVE to have some recordings of those drum rehearsals to see what kind of hypnotic circlings they wandered into. Reminds me of a band called íBoredomsí which has utilized upward of a 100 drummers to create some unbelievably mesmerizing work.

Uncle Bob's Diary
:: Posted by brotherbeavis on December 22, 2014

Dear Uncle Bob,

I hope your public Diary doesnít die.

I greatly enjoy checking in for two reasons:

1. Your very English set of likes, dislikes, favorite places and local custom/travels. This glimpse into a life lived in a culture very different from my own (but with some common reference points) is fascinating.

2. Itís rather like having an eccentric and funny old Uncle with a really interesting perspective on life; itís just fun to check in and see how old Uncle Bob is doing and what heís up to.

Do keep posting, sir. And again, thanks for the Crim date in Seattle in October; it was an experience that I shall always cherish.

A very happy holidays to you, your dear wife, and the Prince of Rabbits,

Dave Wilkins

are you sure about that?
:: Posted by Undisciplined on December 22, 2014

emmapeelfanclub wrote:


Obviously you didnít let it pass, since you seized on this opportunity to resurrect the since-forgotten incident. To compound the situation, you claim to be wounded by the responses to your instigation!

Further it wasnít really necessary to congratulate yourself for pouring over the diary for the last decade & a half or so. Meantime, RF probably didnít ask you to police the guestbook. Far be it for me to try and look inside the manís head, but he probably wants people to think for themselves. Thus, you couldíve at least come up with your own verbal thrusts, as opposed to "dopey."

Oh, and the requests for a Blu Ray werenít so outrageous, as the DVD-A will be a welcome addition to the collection. Not everybody felt the urge to complain about the 41 minutes.

The music of KC
:: Posted by gasmrv on December 21, 2014

Before the guestbook fades awayÖhow about some íinterestingí/ímeaningfulí posts? Please excuse the perhaps somewhat arrogant tone. I propose this: What is it about the music of KC that appeals to you (so much)? Hopefully people write something that goes beyond the usual "Man, I love this/that track/album".

For me, it is a band that has created music that explores/has explored (many) different facets of the human psyche in a way that no other band/musician I know of does/has done. The music of KC is not music I always (or often!) want to listen to, but when I do, it becomes more a need, ie (virtually) nothing else will do, and it not so infrequently has a very cathartic element to it, as if speaking to a person/friend who seems to understand very, very well what is going on.

US Vinyl preorder?
:: Posted by timohara on December 21, 2014

In the words of Derek Smalls, if I might raise a practical question at this point: Will we have an opportunity to purchase the forthcoming Live at the Orpheum vinyl pressing via Inner Knot, or should we preorder from Burning Shed if we want it?
Not sure but will try to find out

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