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Sailorís Tale
:: Posted by mGarnice on August 18, 2016

The studio version of Sailorís Tale is a rightly celebrated Crimso classic. Dense and dynamic, itís a parade of highpoints. But thereís one section thatís in danger of being over-shadowed by the songís famous guitar solo and famous drum fills thatís worth your full attention.

Jump to the minute and a half mark (or a little later on the 30th Anniversary Edition). Thereís a jam between guitar and sax thatís 60 seconds pure dynamite. Its abstract, but grounded in the down and dirty. Its jazz and rock and strange. Itís one of Collinís best solos and one of Frippís oddest, somehow managing simultaneously to be wild and subdued. Itís the perfect set up for the famous guitar solo that follows, but itís also a quintessential Crimson blow in its own right.

How great that recording is! And how great that KC is currently performing this piece live with a lineup that does it justice.

KC Tour 2016 Rehearsals?
:: Posted by brighton on August 16, 2016

Does anyone know if Crimson are rehearsing for the upcoming tour? Thereís been no DGM news on this and I was wondering if new material or any improvs were planned otherwise I guess we can look forward to a mix of old and new again which would be no bad thing.

KC in Brazil
:: Posted by petronijr on August 15, 2016

Dear all, do you have plans to come to Brazil? You have a lot of fans here!

Brest regards!!!

David Enthoven . . . .
:: Posted by cloudscapes on August 13, 2016

Sad to hear about the passing of the E of EG -- David Enthoven.  From my perspective on the other side of the pond it seems that EG really was dedicated to their artists and open to new ideas.  But amidst the sadness I canít help but think that Enthoven smiled every time he thought of Sinfieldís little tip-o-the-hat,  "Come Saturday jump chopper, Chelsea brigade . . ."  Indeed, happy trails Mr. Enthoven . . .  Cheers!

Re: KC tour
:: Posted by richardrogers on August 12, 2016

Bristol KC fans unite! I too was dreaming of a Bristol Colston Hall gig. But Cardiff came up instead and a friend whoís only a casual fan (compared to me at least) bought tickets for the two of us as a chemo completion present. Great gig. And we talked of nothing else for the 90 minute drive home.

Re: KC Tour
:: Posted by pauldoyle29 on August 12, 2016

herbertbass - I also live in Bristol, and I was hoping for a concert at the Colston Hall as it was in keeping with the capacities of the venues on the UK tour.

However, I just jumped on a train for less than an hour and saw the concert in Cardiff - I hope you managed to do the same, it was absolutely fantastic!

KC Tour
:: Posted by herbertbass on August 11, 2016

I know its a big ask but come and do a gig in Bristol. There a loads of KC fans here and youíd also get everyone in the west country. Please.

KC at Fridays Show 04.12.1981 in Box Set?
:: Posted by alexdrumoff on August 09, 2016

Hi DGM Team,

is it possible (or even planned ?) to include the 1981 TV appearance of KC at the Fridays Show in the 80s Box Set?

KC played Elephant Talk and a simply fantastic abbreviated version of Thela Hun Ginjeet.


David's Diary
:: Posted by rogadaire on August 03, 2016

O David, David, Wherefore Art Thou?

Itís been a while (4 months and counting...)

As another guestbooker has commented, thereís lots going on, but with the prospect of a re-jigged dgm site looming (?) my concern, frankly, is that David might be thinking in terms of returning to a more withdrawn role, which, now weíve really been getting to know him, I think would be a blooming shame! Hope springs eternal, though, and I shall continue to look forward to forthcoming updates unless and until we see the following fateful, doom-laden words posted in the news section here...

íDavid has updated his Facebook pageí.

:: Posted by warsaw on August 02, 2016

Hello, a little more about the LIZARD LP. As I said before KC lpís lack the musical bite or intensity of the live KC Band. This creates a combination of exciting musical interplay and weak musical monotony. LIZARD is one of the KC lpís that does not really musically fall apart. WAKE OF POSEIDON is almost totally tight in large part to Peter Giles on bass, what detail and tone. The LARKSí TONGUE LP on the surface should be the defining moment for KC, but despite all the players hard work it missed the live KC of that period. That KC band live was an artful musical event. The LIZARD LP combines the mellotron with the bass, horns, drums, and guitar into a masterful atonal blend of interwoven musical ideas, oneís mind is constantly engaged with the music. The vocal laughing is perfect and the end of side 2 with the guitar solo and circus music is magic. It is all wonderfully weird. Listen and enjoy the journey with LIZARD. Larry

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