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:: Posted by point_moot on April 14, 2016

Happy 45th birthday to the Zoom Club residency!

Is now a good time to ask if the recordings of those shows could be bundled together for a special price for us slackers who have yet to grab them?


Ben Monder Windowpane
:: Posted by albemuth on April 14, 2016

Today, by chance, I noticed that there was a video for Bowieís last song from the last album.  The video for "I Canít Give Everything Away" uses simple graphics (with no image of Bowie) but is weirdly affecting.  As many will know, Ben Monderís wonderful guitar work appears in the last passages, reminding us of Frippís contribution, and guiding us toward the infinite.  The video responds appropriately (stick with it) and feels like a perfect farewell to our good spaceman.

Ben Monder appears to be a very significant guitarist.  He is a "jazz" player, I suppose, but that label does not well describe what he does  Check out his composition "Windowpane," which overlaps a bit with the meditative sounds and discipline of master Fripp. 

As influential as Fripp has been, I do not see him as an easy collaborator.  I cannot imagine him working with either Frissell or Frith, although it is not hard to imagine Frissell and Frith working together (as they did).  That said, I was pleasantly surprised by the Amlehn-Fripp-Jeanrenaud collaboration.

Three of a perfect pair?
:: Posted by DanAnderson on April 13, 2016

Frith, Fripp, Frisell?

I thought of that one a long time ago. Phew. If the three of them could get together and work something out amongst themselves - whoosh! Frisell and Frith worked together in John Zornís Naked City. Frisell and Vernon Reid did a duet album some time ago.

This "three of a perfect pair" would be an odd mixing of three of the premier exploratory guitarists of my lifetime. Wishful thinking, I fear, but...

Hopes and frishes
:: Posted by Turnip on April 12, 2016

Dear Jim,

Heck, man, go for the trifecta: Fripp, Frissell and Frith!

Nirvana-Mouse Smith

Hopes and Wishes
:: Posted by jjfxcjr on April 12, 2016

Howzabout Fripp and Frisell? Iíll produce.

Jim Clark

:: Posted by charlietip on April 12, 2016

not the crimson track...the t v series now on itv 3
this ran for 372 episodes and often features king crimson music in itís story lines....is there a story here..perhaps
Sid knows ?
I've been told that recently screened episodes of the vintage UK cop drama set in the late '60s/early '70s have included snippets of Court and Epitaph as part of their time/place setting soundtrack.

Rehearsals & Blows...
:: Posted by DanAnderson on April 11, 2016

I just received KCCC 42 Rehearsals & Blows. Nice snapshot of what the boys were up to in the midst of the usual KC angst. There were several of the tunes Iíd heard before on a "recording of indeterminate origin." It was nice to hear clean versions of them. As much as I like the finished products, listening to the works in progress is quite a treat in itself. As usual BB and TL are great.

Hmmmmmmm...a disc like this of the current line up...Hmmmmmmm...just a thought.

live in toronto
:: Posted by leakstev on April 11, 2016

two thoughts . . . well many, many, more but these two only for now.

1) thankyou mr. collins for referencing moe koffmanís "swinging shepherd blues" ... i wonder if you referenced a local flautist hero/heroine at each gig?

2. this music is astonishing, beautiful, intimidating!
this band has no need for modesty.
my goodness!

amlehn-fripp-jeanrenaud / recording / Gnawa
:: Posted by emory0 on April 11, 2016

Yeah, I wish there was a disc of that commercially available somewhere. This "downloading" business doesnít interface too well with my stereo, and even when it does Iím always afraid some software upgrade or format change will render these immaterial files nil.

As for Fripp working with Joan Jeanrenaud, for a long time Iíve thought that Frippís Fripperscapes often had the wrong audience (predominantly Crimson and/or rock fans) and that BAM or Barbican would be a much better venue (and in which I have seen almost no photography, though with one really annoying exception that I personally stomped out!)

Speaking of which, on Saturday night I attended a Moroccan Gnawa ceremony (seems a far better words than performance) at a Sufi mosque downtown (NYC). The announcement was made that photography and recording were not allowed (to some moans), but people complied and it was a wild, wonderful night (started around 8:30 and went past midnight, by the way). The musicians were facilitators of what was a tribal/communal experience that offered an opening to all who wanted to enter in, and I have zero doubt that the lack-of-recording had everything to do with this (though video was taken by folks whose job it was to do so). Some folks danced, including women (some Muslim), and those who came up were draped in a blue or white shawl. Incense was burned and food was passed out once or twice. This was music you could EAT, a veritable communion, that became part of you and tied you to others and to the event in a deep way.

:: Posted by sergegirard on April 11, 2016

amlehn-fripp-jeanrenaud-scapes are really very nice to hear and I would buy it as CD immediatly, but I canít find it.


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