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buy tour tickets
:: Posted by navarre9 on June 03, 2016

Hi there, can someone tell me where i can buy tickets for the 2016 tour?
I am trying to find a website with the Madrid dates but i canít find anywhere...

Perhaps an actual concert will no longer be necessary
:: Posted by albemuth on June 03, 2016

Indeed!  David Cronenberg and Marshall McLuhan would be pleased by Emoryís proposal. Long live the new flesh!

RF and Crim Activity
:: Posted by dalehaskell on June 02, 2016

Greetings. I am a life long Crim Head but have never wished to intrude upon the family of KC,Robert Fripp or Toyah all of whom I greatly admire. Rather,I followed the work of said individuals. My many purchases from DGM/Inner Knot/ Schizoid Shop have been most satisfying and life enhancing. There has Never been a KC related release I did not find pleasing. I admit a partiality to the Cross/Wetton/Bruford/Fripp/Muir period and the last three box sets were jaw dropping. There will NEVER be a beast like that again. Never will the earth be so assaulted in our lifetime. Only CAN can make a similar claim. When I was a depressed,frustrated teen,I would blast Starless And Bible Black upon returning from school. Catharsis achieved!
That being said,I wish to extend best wishes to all at DGM for making it the best ever time to be a King Crimson fan. To RF and TW a long and happy life. You both know what you have found in each other,it beams from you in all your snaps together. A gentleman and a goddess -warmest regards to you both!
Only one question: Might there be a new KC album in future? The new songs on Toronto were first class.
I hope my sincerity comes through. There will never be another King Crimson. Itís not the members It IS the entity.
Dale M. Haskell

:: Posted by jeremykeens on June 02, 2016

The irony is that we only got a record of what Adele said because someone else was recording on their phone.

Adele: Opportunity knocks!
:: Posted by emory0 on June 02, 2016

Adeleís speech at the photographers, etc...got me thinking, and I came up with another great business idea. We DGM Guestbook posters can form a company called something like "Concert Snap" or something. Hereís how it works:

For every concert there should be an extra room where high resolution video of the concert is streamed and in front of which fans can take video or even selfies. The idea is that the video version of the concert will look real when videoíd on a crummy phone, and the fansí friends wonít know (or care) that the selfie or whatever wasnít actually taken in the live space itself. This has a lot of advantages:

1. Concert tickets can include the video room (for an extra cost), or just the írealí performance space. Tickets for just the video room can be sold and --who knows? Maybe theyíll go for even more than the real performance!

2. Some video rooms can feature a conveyor belt which moves the fan past the high rez video screen over the course of a few minutes as the fans take their photos and videos. These tickets can be super-cheap, as potentially tens of thousands of ífansí could opt for this: Why sit through an entire concert of your favorite band when all you want is a photo or two to show your friends?

3. VIP ticket holders can get a selfie with their favorite bandmember. For instance, with Fripp--no wait come back--Itíll be a still image of Fripp scowling and turning to leave, perhaps with even an elbow jutting into the apparent ribs of the grinning selfie-taker. No actual Fripp/fan contact will be necessary.

4. In the long run, a "show" will be equated with the images on your phone, so perhaps an actual concert will no longer be necessary, or just one concert at, say, Madison Square Garden, with satellite video showings all over the country.

We could make a mint with this idea, Iím pretty sure. Please contact me and I will tell you where to bring your bags of cash to get in on the ground floor.

Fracture (source)
:: Posted by vargan on June 02, 2016

the 2015 Tour Box Fracture is from April 2nd 1974 Gottingen Germany (aka Disc 18 Starless box).

Fracture 2015 Tour Box
:: Posted by jhessel on June 02, 2016

The booklet credits that version of Fracture to 4/24/74 at the Stadthalle, Gottingen. From the Starless boxed set.
I think Tony Levin was still in high school. (joke)

:: Posted by nuages on June 02, 2016

With all this talk about whether or not they are able to play Fracture, I was taken to looking at my 2015 Tour Box, where Fracture appears on it. Iím almost completely certain that the recording of it that appears on the Tour Box is that of the current line-up. I might be incorrect, but Iím personally sure of it, given Tonyís upright bassí appearance in the middle section. (Please do correct me if my thoughts are incorrect).

French Tour
:: Posted by JeromeMilliet on May 31, 2016

So Happy !

After the amazing show in Paris in nov 2015, KC is back in France & for the first time Iím not going to travel to sse them !

Got my tickets for Marseille & the two gigs in Monte Carlo

Would love a new studi album from the current line up, one of the most amazing one


:: Posted by writingmiles on May 30, 2016

RF can still play Fracture; thereís some bootleg here on the site of a Q&A session with the Double Duo (Adrian was sick), and RF begins to demonstrate playing a part while speaking. Frakctured was the intent, but Fracture was what came out for a few bars. Itís amusing, but a little terrifying.

It is really kind of funny to read suggestions to the band of how to incorporate each fanís personal want.

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