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Best DVD-Audio
:: Posted by chuling on June 24, 2015

I recently purchased a used Oppo BDP-95 Universal Player just so I could play all discs included
in the KC Box Sets. Unit plays Redbook CDs, SACD, DVD-A, and Blu-ray flawlessly.  All Oppo’s have received excellent reviews.  Check Stereophile or The Absolute Sound website for cable recommendations.

hardware recommendation
:: Posted by Undisciplined on June 24, 2015

For the below request for a recommendation for a player to support DVD-A & SACD, mine is the Oppo BDP-95. It’s high quality but not a budget buster. It will also handle the Blu Ray audio hi rez formats, which are included with the recent Crimson box sets. I’ve discussed with our friend, Neil Wilkes, and it meets with his approval.

MLP Lossless?
:: Posted by pcontos on June 23, 2015

DGM followers,

With all of these reissues coming out with MLP Lossless versions, can someone please help me find a DVD-Audio player that can play these.  I have an older (2004) Pioneer which played DVD-Audio and SACD but for some reason it won’t playback MLP Lossless as I think this is even a newer technology from the DVD-Audio in the late 1990’s early 2000’s. DGM goes out of there way to inculde these and these are higher quality than DTS but I can’t seem to find the right player for them.  Also, which cables are best?  Old Analog 5.1 ones straight into the receiver?  HDMI?

Please help.



Paul Contos

Kcrumbs for Visual Artists?
:: Posted by KramNamloc on June 23, 2015

Good news for musicians, re: Apple backing down from their egregious "3 months, no payment" policy. But for photographers, things are very different where they often demand COMPLETE RIGHTS to our work. Taylor is fine with that.

"Now.. forgive me if I’m wrong, but if you take points 2 and 3 in that contract [see link below] (which is provided to Photographers who need to agree to those terms before they are allowed to do their job in photographing you for editorial outlets), it appears to be a complete rights grab, and demands that you are granted free and unlimited use of our work, worldwide, in perpetuity. You say in your letter to Apple that “Three months is a long time to go unpaid”. But you seem happy to restrict us to being paid once, and never being able to earn from our work ever again, while granting you the rights to exploit our work for your benefit for all eternity….

How are you any different to Apple? If you don’t like being exploited, that’s great.. make a huge statement about it, and you’ll have my support. But how about making sure you’re not guilty of the very same tactic before you have a pop at someone else?

Photographers need to earn a living as well. Like Apple, you can afford to pay for photographs so please stop forcing us to hand them over to you while you prevent us from publishing them more than once, ever."
Source: https://junction10.wordpress.com/2015/06/21/those-in-glass-houses-shouldnt-throw-stones/

The Horror....s
:: Posted by Bakullama on June 23, 2015

Gave them a listen. Seems to be pretty standard fare. Not sure I get any of this Fripp in a speedboat comment. Is it just name dropping or what? The girl in their video is quite beautiful though and makes the video worth watching.

Matching the Mole
:: Posted by rogadaire on June 23, 2015

So the Horrors got inspiration for their album by imagining RF in a speedboat chase in Miami, eh? It’s funny, I keep imagining him, dressed in his usual suit and tie garb,  but as a mole peeking up between the shoulders of Messrs Rieflin and Mastelotto.  Now, where could I have got that image from!?    

Taylor on Apple
:: Posted by fhc339835 on June 22, 2015

Wow! Apple found out they should deal differently! Taylor chose the right words for her subservient petition and found the right minstrel of the organisation.

Deeply moved I am by the turning of a character to a respectful person in regard to intellectual / artist property rights. 

Re: Swift reply
:: Posted by Valhalla on June 22, 2015

Whilst I can hear Swift’s message & it has some positives regarding payments & the like to artists etc, I cringed at her ’sucking up’ to a corporate entity. As i sit here typing this on my Mac computer, (yes, even I have supported the mogul), I could almost feel her ’fear’ in her response! The line ’artists etc in my social circles are afraid to speak up publicly etc’ says it all really. Fair dinkum, I almost thought it was an Apple promo in many ways! Almost!

Taylor on Apple
:: Posted by fhc339835 on June 22, 2015

She is so right. Indeed, she should go on touring and sell her art, recorded music and fethishizaion items at concerts and via her own shop.
But she will never change the mind of the executives of any shareholder value driven corporation.
What makes me really anxious is the servile kindness of her words. Have we come now to a stage where the business character being treated with disrespect and humiliation (Taylor Swift as a professional musician) now must position herself with so much verbal servility? I cannot imagine that this is the strange (and a little bit suspicious) way of beating about the bush, Englishmen continue to irritate me - as Taylor Swift is a young US American lady, I don’t think so.
I tend to believe that root of the discrepancy of the core message and the verbal packaging is fear.
We are all rocking in the free world (reference to Neil Young) whilst buying the Stairway to Heaven.

Re; Cyclops
:: Posted by Valhalla on June 22, 2015

Poor old cyclops, he/she cannot even hide under a ’modern’ face lift without raising a few eyebrows, sorry, one eyebrow! He/she has been around for eons & therefore is used to a certain amount of attention. Still, at least an update to the image is somewhat refreshing in a way, but one wonders if it is still the same cyclops lurking underneath. What is that saying, ’a wolf in sheep’s clothing’? Cheers.

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