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Fripp invisible from the Warfield balcony
:: Posted by pdkrimhd on October 06, 2014

I was on the right side of the balcony at the Warfield and I can tell you that Mr Fripp was mostly hidden for most of the performance by the speaker stack on the upper right of the stage.
Hi, limited visibility is of course is a problem inherent in many venues rather than RF deliberately dissing the audience as the previous poster seemed to be saying.

Seattle Tickets
:: Posted by whatisdust on October 06, 2014

Hello all,

I have been waiting, with much excitement, for the mighty Crim as they tour and investigate Walmarts throughout these United States to their last stop, here in Seattle, to see them. Due to emergency surgery in the wee hours of Sunday morning, bottom line is my wife and I canít go! Iíd really hate to see these to go to waste

If anyone wants these two tickets for face value please let me know! The seats are: Main floor left, row x seats 3 & 4.

Contact info: mwlandry@hotmail.com


:: Posted by DannyX on October 06, 2014

KJT must stand for "Kill Joy Time". People must love it when you show up.

to ktjdude
:: Posted by TheEqualizer on October 06, 2014

What are you talking about? I saw the second show at SF. Fripp seemed to be very appreciative of the crowd. He did not come out and high five everyone, but he stepped out from the corners where he plays during the shows and seemed to really appreciate the applause at the end.

Anyway, the show was mind blowing. It was like a musical Cirque du Soleil performance. Frankly, the performances were so good, I was moved to tears at multiple points. I loved the stark contrast in the drummers. Pat was alternating from bashing like a mad man and channeling Jamie. Bill was the model of restraint, knowing he has nothing to prove, but instead, just playing EXACTLY was needed to be played at the given moment (even if that meant playing nothing) rather than playing just for the sake of playing. And Gavin. Words cannot begin to describe his mastery.

I could write for hours, but all of the members were just fantastic. Unbelievable. How someone could see the show and be unmoved is beyond me.

Canít wait for DGM to release the audio recordings, but I hope a Blu Ray is in the cards. This is something that needs to be seen to be believed.

10.5 at The Warfield
:: Posted by rameus on October 06, 2014

Thanks so much for the fantastic show Saturday night in S.F. Brought my son to see his first concert and we were NOT disappointed. Looking forward to the announcement for the release of the live album. Our fingers are already on the button for pre-orders.


fripp not fripp
:: Posted by kjtdude on October 06, 2014

If this is your last tour then be it. I love the music but hate your live shows. Itís one thing to play seated (fine). Itís another to not even thank the audiance at the end. I just saw the SF show and didnít once see RF. You are so special and canít even walk to the front and thank the 8K people that paid to see it. And this is not unsual - RF. U just lost a music fan due to ur crappy live performance.

Are you special? No.

For the record, Robert stood to take the applause with all the other members of the band on both nights in San Francisco as he has done on every night of the tour. This can clearly be seen in several of the videos Iíve been posting, and in particular the video just posted from night one in San Francisco. It may well be you didnít like the music (which is fine of course) and it may well be from your position in the venue you were unable to see Robert. However, you accuse the guitarist of behaviour of which he was simply not guilty.  Robert was clearly visible throughout the entire evening, smiling, playing and clearly enjoying the experience.






Also To kjtdude
:: Posted by microbunny on October 06, 2014

Not sure Iím fully understanding that post either, but in Chicago Frip(p) was most certainly "there" and killing it along with the rest of the band! Therefore IMHO it is not "true" and I would love to see and hear more in whatever form it takes!

To kjtdude
:: Posted by JBeerLTIA on October 06, 2014

Um... What?

:: Posted by KantspelldiKc on October 06, 2014

I had a great time because the moments that shined outweighed my disappointment of the muddled achoustics, often using my imagination to invoke separation, Mel killed it, everybody killed it, historic moment, I have a feeling the recording will be superb being of itís main priority? I thwarted a flash photographer at some risk to his health but he cooperated, his stupidity pushing me over the edge, loaded up on schwagg and said howdy to Patricia, the love and gratitude of the audience was a match to the performance, money talks and bullshit walks but I would have payed any price to see KC at the Zellerbach in Berkeley

Probably WAY too late for (another) burning question
:: Posted by jimbugtm on October 05, 2014

I know, I already posted one, but this is truly burning me up.

In this picture, from Tonyís web diary:

Does anyone who was present that day know WHAT Robert said, that so cracked up the others?

Either way, whether you answer this burning (for me) question or not, I just wanted to pass along a final "ThanKcs!" for putting this all together. I was lucky enough to see and hear the show in Boston on Sep 15, and itís still vibrating in my head.

Canít wait for the tour audio. This will definitely be a tour bundle to download.

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