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The Diary
:: Posted by snkzato1 on October 08, 2014

Iím hoping with the tour over Mr. Fripp will get back to the diary. I really do wonder what his responses were to the shows and if he did find his íjoyí during this tour.

As an aside, Mr. Levin posted this gem in his tour diary

"There will be more King Crimson coming, sometime in 2015 - and you can be sure weíll all post about that as soon as things are confirmed."

Fingers crossed for you poor neglected Europeans. Perhaps the setlist will change too. Easy Money, Cirkus, Epitaph....I guess one can dream.

Sid, I know you said there would not be a DVD from this tour, but any word on if we will get some recordings for download? Iíd love to relive Madison, even with Mr. Billís broken bass drum.

:: Posted by bongomang on October 08, 2014

Hello Team Crim! Thank you thank you thank you. This yearís tour has imbued me with a brand new incarnation of my KC obsession. Sid, any word on when some downloads from the tour will be made available for purchase? I (we) are chomping at the bit to hear it all again! And iíd rather throw my cash at the Crim than most of what I have to spend money on on a regular basis! Saw one of the Best Buy shows. So refreshing. Thanks again!

-Michael (Bongo)

Gig complaints 2
:: Posted by simkin_eden on October 08, 2014

Thanks emory0 for sharing that!

(somebody told me a long time ago that you in the USA donít do irony!)

Of course, over here weíre all just jealous!

and one more thing
:: Posted by andyfromozz on October 08, 2014

Iím sorry but this "no DVD in the pipeline folks" has really pissed me off...itís hard not to take it as a total "fuck you" to the fans from smaller markets like Australia. Or am I just having an unreasonable sense of entitlement here?? Maybe?... all this exciting build up on your website now seems to be nothing more than a colosall cock-tease with no promise of an orgasm at the end...
No live footage available in this day and age! We have thousands of hours of utter shit available on the web...but for one of the worlds most special bands...we get nothing!
that fucking sucks...

no live dvd whinge
:: Posted by andyfromozz on October 08, 2014

Sid, well thanks for finally confirming that for the rest of the world who canít afford the luxury of overseas travel to see their favourite band...that they now have NO chance of ever experiencing it. I guess a few tantalizing youtube snippets here and there is the best we can expect. Lucky Americans, tough titty to the rest of us eh?
very disappointing news to this particular long time fan.
andy from Australia

Deception Of The Thrush
:: Posted by ChewChewGumChew on October 07, 2014

Just curious... In anyoneís mind, is there an official "definitive version" of the "Deception of the Thrush" out there, among all the official KCCC club and download releases? It seemed ever changing.

The Construction of Discipline
:: Posted by Irissky on October 07, 2014

There is a bit from 3:31 to 4:30 in The Construction of Light that sounds similar to the interlocking íGameloní style guitar sound pioneered on Discipline. That may be confusing folks.

Gig complaints
:: Posted by emory0 on October 07, 2014

"From here in the UK, where the new lineup have yet to indicate whether they will be performing or not, it is getting a bit galling to read the moans and groans about KCís gigs. We even have to put up with people posting about how many theyíve been too - even consecutive nights! It would seem to be some people donít know how fortunate they are!"

Me, I had to TAKE THE F TRAIN all the way in from Queens to get to mid-town. It might have taken 30 minutes or more, and those plastic seats are slightly uncomfortable. Fortunately, a friend drove back. Iím still mad they didnít play at the Forest Hills Tennis Stadium however, because then I could have walked over in my pajamas.

As for missing this incarnation of live Crimson, donít worry yourself on that account: Theyíre not for you. Too intense and blatantly musical. Too many wailing Fripp and Mel solos. You wouldnít like them at all.

:: Posted by myshadow on October 07, 2014

The first time I saw KC was at Winterland with the Islands band.  Then the Larks Tongue Band at Berkeley and the Cow Palace and every touring unit that hit Seattle up to last night.
The fact that half of these guys are close to 70  and playing music this intense is dazzling.
After opening with Larks Tongue Pt. 1 came   Vroom and Coda,  were long and almost punishing.  Scarcity was absolutely incandescent. They went into Red and actually started to swing.  The drummers syncopate their parts so that the percussion pans the audience.  They are all different and add incredible texture.  Then the next 5 numbers kind of blended, and the tension was a little off, it was hard to feel which way these guys would go then, on with the flute duet, being a bit longer with Fripp finishing with an actually funny flourish.  He hadnít injected humor in any performance like this and it tickled every one.  I was starting to worry they were scrapping the Islands stuff but that was next.  Both were amazing.  In the Letter, Fripp played a tasty fill that sounded like harpsichord that was just beautiful. Jakkoís guitar parts were great and very tasteful.  Sailorís Tale smoked.  Mel was a bit restrained this gig but ferocious especially during Nightmare and Starless.  Jakko did the churning wah wah thing, Fripp cracked a smirk during this and seemed to cover a bit for Jakko who was having trouble with his ear monitors.  Starless was spectacular, the drummers became one, and it came to a very powerful climax.  They returned quickly for the encore which had Gavin doing the drum solo in 21st.  This gig was absolutely breath taking.  I left exhausted and felt glorious to have experienced it.

The Tour
:: Posted by Ukulele on October 07, 2014


So glad you did this last tour King Crimson. Know it was a lot of work from you all but it really paid off with exceptional music and a lot of joy for the audience. P.S. Thanks for starting on time also and no cell phones YAY!


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