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Toronto Live Download
:: Posted by thrakkie on March 01, 2016

Sounds great. Letís get it out on CD , bluray, 5.1, everything asap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Toronto 2015
:: Posted by aquamine on March 01, 2016

Thank U very much for making a recent show available.
First time that I hear a version of RED with Mel.
For me it makes RED even more RED, as on other tunes on the album Mel/Ian were important contributors of the overall feel of the album.
Nice as well to put his sax in the middle, guitars left and right.
I would have mixed it though a bit different, with him a bit louder in the mix, and more consistent. He seems to play there a bit tentatively stop and go.
Comparing to Pictures and 21st, where he is part of an integrated sound in his riffs, it would maybe make sense as it is, and RED was composed without sax, but here he could maybe be more prominent in a lead way of things.

I smiled during Easy Money, where Mel contributes more in the left channel, a bit reminding me of Ladies, giving a raunchy accent, which maybe could be more pronounced as well.

Jakkoís voice rendition in Letters swings, a surprising,
interesting effect.

Not too sure about the two note progressions in Starless and the then sudden shift to the right, was there something edited out?

Altogether excellent work, and very interesting to hear it in comparison to Orpheum.
Put Construction or Level5 from both concerts directly in sequence. Then U understand, what a great band this is.

Hope to see U live again sometimes.
If Iím in Germany in Sep maybe in Stuttgart.
First time was at Wheeley, last time in Cologne with Discipline. In between numerous times.

Michael Giles Birthday
:: Posted by holmini on March 01, 2016

Happy Birthday to Michael Giles,

Wishing you a happy day today with your loved ones.
Hope all your plans with music and writings evolve fine.

With a cheerfull smile,

Holger from Frankfurt

:: Posted by thecapitolcardiff1971 on March 01, 2016

Great news regarding these new releases: Toronto (March) and new full album (Sept) but does anyone know when the Collectorsí Club, íRehearsals and Blows,í is to be sent out? And by the way ... roll on Aylesbury!

Many thanks,
SP (Gwent) <><

:: Posted by sylvanasheart on February 29, 2016

SID!?Dammit,man.I usually check my emails afore scrolliní into the diggum pages,so I of COURSE pre-ordered da wunnerfullest NEW KCrim release.So cool the info comes out on Leap Day,but then the News informs me I have indeed jumpíd da shark;hereís thí download awaitiní!!!WaDaFug!GOTís ta HAVE it NOW!!!THATís how badly Iíve been craving me some-o-dis!!We say thankee-sai.

League recording from 2007 Somerville MA (US) show.
:: Posted by fconte on February 29, 2016

Back in 2009 I wrote Mr. Fripp about the possible availability of a League of CG show in November 2007 in Somerville, MA. The music was out of this universe and the tones ring in my ear.  Graciously he wrote me back. and said "These recordings are in the hands of Director Nunez. When & if he presents a mix to his satisfaction, it will be made available."

I guess they were never satisfactory to Director Nunez. But to me the performance was divine. I would like to "experience" it again even if it cannot be done live in the moment.



Toronto show release
:: Posted by jveloz2118 on February 29, 2016

Such an amazing performance. I highly recommend it for those of us who werenít able to see the beast in full effect.

Toronto Gig
:: Posted by hmozel on February 29, 2016

I attended the Toronto gig and let me tell you, what a treat itís going to be for those who were not in the audience and what a fantastic souvenir for those who were.

toronto show
:: Posted by abunai on February 29, 2016

this toronto show is insanely good, and i really appreciate getting to hear the development of this group from their USA tour into this one. for a group of such talented musicians to somehow still find ways to get better and improve, figure out new approaches, etc is both humbling and inspiring. would have been so easy to keep things exactly as they were for the first tour, but why settle for the same old(new) thing when you can keep on pressing forward? excited to hear whatís in store for us all in September, 2017, and beyond.

KC- Live in Toronto
:: Posted by nuages on February 29, 2016

Extremely excited to hear the news of a full show finally being released. Although, I have to ask (perhaps Sid can answer), is there a vinyl release of the album planned, as Live at the Orpheum also got its release on vinyl as well?
No plans as far as I know for a vinyl release of the Toronto show.

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