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Piracy & Theft
:: Posted by WaitingMan on April 08, 2015

A refreshingly scathing view regarding piracy & pirates of the digital kind, courtesy of Australiaís Sydney Morning Herald

Meanwhile, even our politicians are weighing in on both piracy & the Industryís bullying response to it.

:: Posted by boblette on April 07, 2015

A really cool looking app for Microsoftís Surface 3 and Surface Pro 3 running Windows 8.1...

Check out this app for the musician who embraces technology.

Iím not affiliated with Microsoft or the developers of this app. But, I have been wishing for something akin to this.

:: Posted by mikefrost on April 06, 2015

When Live In Argentina (CLUB46) was released, it was announced that the KCCC would cease to exist at CLUB50, and that the remaining four releases would be of visual content. Whatever happened? Will we ever see CLUB47,48,49 or 50? If so what could they entail? Complete Japan 1984 footage? Cleaned up Frejus and Munich 82? San Francisco 95?

The Elements of KC back to America.
:: Posted by dbelzile on April 06, 2015

I am pretty sure you have already thought of touring America again with your Elements. Remember that since the last time you guys came to Montreal, Canada, multiple venues have been created on the island of Montreal or in the suburban.

Montreal being the íípoint of entryíí for multiple Prog band in North America, King Crimson will always be received with the required honors, fans and moments for you guys to remember.

As always, Bienvenue ŗ Montrťal,

Oka, QC, Canada


Easter 'Shepherd' ....chocolate enhanced musings ...
:: Posted by AndrewJohn on April 06, 2015

......... I suggest if you want to experience real energy and effect you do not miss the KWS Bandís short visit to the UK shortly. His October gig at Manchester last year was a total blast!

 ...tending the sheep by a true shepherd of the blues with Noah alongside too......

Rising tones not rising sheep
:: Posted by CyNoth on April 06, 2015

Itís the Shepard Effect not Shepherd!

entropy and life
:: Posted by Tom239 on April 05, 2015

We only see water flow downhill. Yet water that has reached the ocean is returned to mountaintops, not by flowing uphill in riverbeds but by weather--a process driven by energy from the sun.

Temperatures in a room naturally tend toward uniformity. But a refrigerator pumps heat out of its interior--if it has a power supply.

These examples show that the natural trend toward increased entropy is reversible at the cost of energy use.

All life requires energy. This is true for each individual (a manís gotta eat) and for the larger process of evolution that got us to this point. Life, a process that exhibits remarkable order and organization, is not a violation of the second law of thermodynamics. It is an instance of what is possible when energy is available.

:: Posted by brage7 on April 04, 2015

Just wonder if The Consrukction of light and Thrak will be available soon on vinyl??

Keep It Down
:: Posted by Royston on April 04, 2015

Thanks to Marked Man for two quite disparate yet resonant posts.

As for the first: if the Shepherd Effect works with descending tones as well as ascending, it might well explain the seemingly endless descent of Coda: Marine 475 (presumably itself a rather nice metaphor).

As for Jack Bruce, Richard Williams wrote a brief but appreciative memorial piece in October 2014 in which he tells of attending a Lifetime gig at the Marquee in October 1970 with Robert Fripp, where "we spent the evening glancing at each other in wonderment as the storm raged through the club, threatening to strip the black paint from the walls. I donít believe the sheer ferocity of it, the unstoppable outpouring, the brutal intensity and sometimes ecstatic interplay, could ever be recreated. Sadly, their records didnít even begin to tell the story."

The seeds of 1972-74 KC were possibly sown that day. Along with Sailorís Tale.

And Iíve always thought that John Wettonís bass part on Fracture (starting at 8:38 on the SABB version) sounds remarkably like Jack.

jack bruce
:: Posted by TheMarkedMan on April 03, 2015

Iíve been listening to a lot of Jackís solo work, especially those first four solo albums from Things We Like through Out Of The Storm and wondered if Robertís path ever crossed Jackís, even just comparing notes (no pun intended) there sure seems to be a lot in common with respect to aesthetic and goals for their music.

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