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Hoodoo & Coda Marine
:: Posted by vargan on September 02, 2016

Hoodoo & Coda Marine 475 were both played on the 2014 tour but not in 2015. 

a DGM Live release of the various opening soundscapes would certainly Unseat The Hold of this Donkey Mind.

:: Posted by PeterW on September 02, 2016

Ok, I was wrong (ish). There is an unlisted take of Coda: Marine 475 under the Backstage Adventures footage on the concert discs.

Radical Action content diffrerence
:: Posted by alexdrumoff on September 02, 2016


thank you! Weīll see what other customers will comment...

Smile of A Waiting Man !
:: Posted by Spinal on September 02, 2016

"Iím so excited and I just canít hide it !
Iím about to lose control and I think I like it ! "

Sorry matron, wrong genre, inappropriate babbling.

What I meanít to say was, Anticipation now building to a crescendo and very much looking to be in the moment, being given the opportunity again to experience the magnificence of a Crimson gig. New dynamics,new sonic revelations and stunning musical interpretations. There, thank you matron, the gripe water works wonders.

" Iím so excited and I just canít hide it !
Iím about to loose control and I think I like it ! " Doh !

Aylesbury X 2

Radical Action
:: Posted by PeterW on September 02, 2016

The best recorded sound from this KC, more detail, width and attack, even on the CDs. The band also sound more confident than when I twice heard them live in the UK, more subtle alterations and amendments from the original studio versions. I particularly enjoyed this take on The Letters but VROOM still sounds empty compared to previous incarnationsí efforts despite this being the largest ever KC live line-up; generally rather good. Thanks and congratulations to all in the Greater Crim.

But the claim of " the set includes at least one performance of every song/piece of music played by King Crimson in 2015" isnít strictly true. Coda: Marine 475 isnít there, neither is the piece that, I believe, was known as Hoodoo. Good to hear Suitable Grounds For The Blues at last though, it doesnít disappoint.

In reply to alexdrumoffís query about the content on August 30, 2016; Iíve got the bigger set and yes, the additional material would seem to be solely the two redundant DVDs.

Format wars & truce
:: Posted by emory0 on August 31, 2016

"With the benefit of hindsight, DVD-A wouldnít be the standard hi rez format. After the box set started to gather steam, the Blu Ray audio really gathered steam."

I remain a big fan of SACD, but I admit itís most likely never going to be the winner of the hi-rez format "war" (if such there still be). DVD-A sounds much better than CD too, so itís all good to me.

Interestingly, I have no idea why I seem to prefer SACD over DVD-A: It has always sounded a little softer to my ears, but this may boil down to the kinds of music I have in that format and the perception on the part of master-ers that SACD is an "audiophile" format.

Blu Ray as an audio format Iím sure will evolve towards excellence as more mastering joints and other parts of the production chain get used to its ins and outs. Itís also defacto pretty ubiquitous now given the fact that so many people have home Blu Ray players already able to play the audio portion (and who knows? maybe some non audiophiles will notice that Blu Ray music sounds a hell of a lot better than mp3s or whatever).

Two questons
:: Posted by Bwilmot on August 31, 2016

I have a couple of questions that probably wonít interest any one else. I have not yet ordered the 40th anniversary USA. I am curious if the original version (as in Jobson overdubs and fadeouts)is contained in the extras. I understand it contalns the later mixes with Cross restored and the extra songs. Can anyone tell me?
My other question is about a concert that failed to make Road to Red. According to the tour dates on Great Deciever the date for this one was June 15, 1974. I was involved in promoting it. The show was in Salt Lake City, Utah at the Terrace ballroom. The openers were Strawbs and Golden Earring. I just wondered if the tapes survived and if it might become a cd or download some day. I assume no one but Sid would know this one. Brad Wilmot

What has the world come to?!
:: Posted by gasmrv on August 31, 2016

hmozel wrote: With a Canada Post strike a looming possibility, DGM might want to consider an alternate carrier (i.e. a courier service) to the Great White North. Would HATE to see the delivery of Monkey Minds stalled at the border.

Some VERY serious First World problems there. Oh dear...

Robert Fripp Retires to Teach Guitar in Derry, New Hampshire
:: Posted by Undude on August 30, 2016

Robert -

I saw this news and thought might find it amusing. :)

"Robert Fripp Retires to Teach Guitar in Derry, New Hampshire"


Good luck to you and Team Crim on the European tour!


Canada Post
:: Posted by hmozel on August 30, 2016

With a Canada Post strike a looming possibility, DGM might want to consider an alternate carrier (i.e. a courier service) to the Great White North. Would HATE to see the delivery of Monkey Minds stalled at the border. What, if any, added expense this would incur I donít know. Hopefully this protracted labour dispute will be resolved by the time the 80s box set is ready to travel! Howard Mozel.

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