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new audio new teKCnology
:: Posted by throbber on April 24, 2016

I remember reading (on a CD liner note maybe twenty years ago) a quote from RF something like "CD digital audio is good. Not as good as analog with Dolby Noise Reduction. But as we don’t have Dolby in the home, CD will do for now."

Back then I was a bit of a hifi-head and used to go on about my Rock turntable, NAD amp, Castle speakers, and all the rest. Nowadays you can buy a stereo for a quarter of what I paid back then, and it sounds a load better. I really think that for the average human being, listening in normal domestic circumstances, CD quality is all one ever needs.

The only problem with CD is that no-one will ever again have the mind-shattering experience of accidentally playing a Black Sabbath album at 45 rpm.

Live in Toronto 2015 CD Album
:: Posted by GodSaveTrudeau on April 24, 2016

First I want to thank Robert and all his partners and musicians over the years for providing to many of us with pieces of art that became a significant part of our lives.

Today I went to downtown Toronto to get my two copies of these wonderful CDs. Of course, first, I listened to them and I relived what was the experience of my November 19th experience. Then as I was going through the CD covers and I read what David Singleton wrote about “why” this album came out as “even more remarkable”... I started to meditate if it was productive and constructive to give an opinion.

For what I understand on November 20th the band decided to perform at “full potential” and with the “most respect” for the audience just because they decided to “make a statement” about the people who used their cellphones on November 19th.

Is that what it takes for you to give us your best? Of course not, it doesn’t sound professional and that’s why I don’t buy the Editorial of this CD.

I can’t believe he decided to punish hundreds of spectators because the actions of a couple, that doesn’t sound mature and professional from some one who is demanding to “optimize” the experience of a performance.

I think The CD’s editorial is just an ungrateful insult to our presence on the 19th and also to our intelligence.  It was not needed to justify the proper performance of the 20th. Maybe without this blog and what was written after the show on the 19th, the show on the 20th was going to be just another show.

As I listen the whole CD from beginning to end I can’t notice any difference of what I’ve experienced on the 19th.  It’s exactly of what we heard on the 19th.


But if indeed it was us who prompted the great performance of the 20th… you and the attendees of the 20th are very welcome.

Now, leaving aside a little bit of the sarcasm. Please let me give you a different perspective of what you don’t see form the stage of from your position as Rock Gods.
And let me be clear that I give you a humble opinion with the highest respect and admiration for who I’m writing to.

First, as international artist, you understand every gig develops according with the mentality and cultural way of life of the people where it’s happening.

Pretend to expect a similar behavior from an audience in Canada comparing it to one in England is not realistic. Can you imagine how a gig will be in Mexico, Brazil, Chile or Argentina. You will end up walking a way after the first song and that’s why maybe you will never go there.

I guess buy now you realize I’m a Canadian, born in South America and that’s important to know because here comes the other perspective about what you should understand about your fans.

Many of us grow up in shitty countries where despite our poor economies, backward education and different culture… we learned to listen and appreciate artists like you. Like in my case, since my dad played KC albums since I was born in 1973. I spend endless hours listening your songs and appreciating the art of your covers.


In my wildest dreams, when I was a child or teenager I could imagine that one day I was going to attend to a King Crimson concert, while for so many North Americans and Europeans was just a matter of buying the tickets on time.

I’m pretty sure it will be hard to understand or to explain what goes through the minds of fans like me when we see our selves in presence of bands like yours.


You can impose to me all the British Rules of Decorum and Posh Behavior and tell me in four different languages to don’t take a picture of you … well, welcome to the diversity of Canada. And as I‘ve read in you Blog, same thing happened in Montreal.


I’m one of the many who took pictures of you and the band, before and after you performed. Not while you were playing.
During the show I couldn’t see or hear anything perturbing the show, beside some attendees stinking to pot or beer, or dressing like they came from the 69’s Woodstock Concert or from a Hell’s Angels meeting. And Going back to the sarcasm; Do we want quality performances and a full controlled experiences? Then it should be imposed a dress code and hygiene policy to attend the concerts… and maybe be played in better venues like The Four Seasons Centre for the performing Arts....

To finalize my point of view, please don’t hurt your liver thinking about cellphones, especially in this era of technology out of control and Social Media. Look at the picture in the booklet that you took of the audience. Do you see how many people are holding phones up high? With apps like Periscope soon you will have people streaming live your performances What are you going to do?  Make a better concert the next day?

Robert; you are my idol and part of my life and my family’s life. I want to thank you for coming to Toronto and for performing for us. Being there was like a dream has come true. I’m sad and at the same time happy about what happened on the 19th because it made us part of this album. Because of that and in the most Canadian way possible let me tell you “I’m sorry” and apologies for pissing you off, although we can’t guarantee you it couldn’t happened again.

Cheers mate !


Blue ray
:: Posted by fhc339835 on April 23, 2016

It is always Crimson pushing me into new technology. CD player, DVD player, now Blue Ray - I never had such stuff prior to certain releases..
I don’t like it but I have to accept the world’s going on.

Blu-ray - cheaper option?
:: Posted by throbber on April 23, 2016

If your PC or laptop can;t read blu-ray, buying an external vlu-ray drive may be the cheapest option.

Bluray Players
:: Posted by froggy55 on April 22, 2016

You can get an LG bluray player for aprox. $60 at Walmart. It’s really worth the investment, because if you don’t have a smart TV, you can also use it to stream your favorite Online network (i.e.: Netflix, Hulu, Youtube, etc.) And, they play DVDs so you don’t have to throw your collection away.

Wouldn’t it be worth it for The Crimson King?

King Crimson Live in Takamatsu DVD option
:: Posted by sergegirard on April 22, 2016

King Crimson Live in Takamatsu DVD option + 1


Jakko and Prince
:: Posted by albemuth on April 21, 2016

Nice tune by Jakko and Henry!  I’m loving Jakko’s contribution to KC and culture in general. I knew Jakko was the bees’ knees ever since The Lodge!

We lost the great Purple One.  I am a secularist but believe in God.  Prince said some things that make me think of KC and Fripp a bit.  For example, “Sometimes I stand in awe of what I do myself.  I feel like a regular person, but I listen to this and wonder, where did it come from? I believe definitely in the higher power that gave me this talent.”

I came up with my own bon mot:
Watching Prince clips today, I thought "this is 50% musicianship and 50% showmanship, both at the level of a master." This is true, but there is another 50% unaccounted for: the emotional and spiritual content, which we must call "the sublime" or "the divine." You might be foxed by the numbers, which add to 150%. But with Prince, this is the something like the correct total.

Might we get lucky?
:: Posted by DanAnderson on April 21, 2016

FRIPP: "The amount of work involved in this is collossus maximare est, with much of the gruntwork heroically taken on by Jakko. We are several tracks into fine-tuning what will, on completion, represent one complete KC performance, drawn from all the shows. A DGM / Panegyric Wonder Release."

SINGLETON: "And yes, it all has to be done again in a couple of months time for the all-singing, dancing, videoing album this autumn (which will also include the pieces not on this CD). There will be some tasters on the DGMLive Youtube channel as we complete them."

Then there’s the release of the concert in Japan (of which I hope there will be a DVD of it as well as I am locked in the 20th century and don’t have a Blu-Ray player).

Mebbe there will be two releases in the future. The aforementioned culling of all the live tracks taken from the best shows and the Japan concert.

Might we get lucky?

Hey SID!

On the next live release and possible upcoming releases
:: Posted by pyroseed13 on April 21, 2016

@mikefrost My assumption is that a compilation of KC 2014-2015 live performances will also be released. But I’m still wondering about a few other things...

1. Will we ever see any additional releases from the 2008 tour? I recall a few years ago that DGM were working on a DVD tour documentary/concert of some kind, and a possible CD release of their NY shows. I would be curious to see what the status is on those.

2. Where does the 40th Anniversary series stand at this point? Can we finally expect Beat and TOAPP this year?

I know the DGM team is working on a lot of projects, so I have no problem waiting. It would just be nice to get an update on these once in awhile...

King Crimson Live in Takamatsu DVD - another question
:: Posted by mikefrost on April 21, 2016

FRIPP: "The amount of work involved in this is collossus maximare est, with much of the gruntwork heroically taken on by Jakko. We are several tracks into fine-tuning what will, on completion, represent one complete KC performance, drawn from all the shows. A DGM / Panegyric Wonder Release."

SINGLETON: "And yes, it all has to be done again in a couple of months time for the all-singing, dancing, videoing album this autumn (which will also include the pieces not on this CD). There will be some tasters on the DGMLive Youtube channel as we complete them."

Wasn’t the "official" live album supposed to be compiled from various shows representing all the songs done on the tour? We’re missing quite a few tracks if it is only from this show. Will these cuts be included as bonus tracks? I certainly hope so, as I’d hate to miss out on footage of One Red Nightmare, VROOOM and The Sailors Tale to name a few.

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