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:: Posted by markvankempen on June 17, 2014

The recenly posted pictures of current KC rehearsals clearly show the members smiling. Could this be the first ever (published) pictures of smiling Crims? Scary.

:: Posted by tim7777 on June 17, 2014

May be wetton?
3drummers who donít even come close to Mr.Bruford.After 3 of a perfect pair Adrian should have left.After Jazz cafe with frippbruford things just werenít right in this band.I saw the shows @ toads place in new haven CT.Thatís when ade was on it.And hats off to Mr.wetton Thank
You.After 3 of a perfect pair it was like what is this?

Full circle for himself?
:: Posted by dubhthaigh on June 16, 2014

Inspite of my excitement at showing the wife the new lineup, she said to me: "They look like a wedding band."

Looks like Iím going by myself again. Again.

re:possible set lists
:: Posted by starmore on June 16, 2014

 Certainly possible KC list,
 arrangements are (kind of) ready to go
based on 2008 shows w/ Belew
Plus Jakko/Mel Collins/ Schizoid Band stuff :
Also the Belew songs listed feature distinct Fripp or Levin bits

Pictures of a City
Construkction of Light
Frame by Frame
One time
Level 5
Talking drum
Larks Tongues 2

Also :
21st Century (basically confirmed)
Sailorís Tale (already ďconfirmedĒ)
Starless (very likely, and the middle section could be great with a large group)
Ladies of the road ( pretty easy to imagine)
Cirkus (that would sound cool with a big band)
They could do Moonchild/Court- and see if Ian is availible as a special guest....
I wish them well, will see the show, I like Jakko and Bill. Everything is fine.No ill will
 I  still do think Belew could fit very well as "lead guitar/support vocal"  and the whole thing would make more sense.....If you think about it, Ian Mcdonald and Belew are the two "guests" who could make it really special. Maybe Wetton...oh and Trey....what a cirkus!

:: Posted by GonzalezPaulo on June 16, 2014

Seeing all the pictures of the new Crimson line-up, leaves me so curious about the songs they will play...

Iíd love to hear material from albums which werenít promoted LIVE, such as POSEIDON, LIZARD and EXPOSURE. Even Call Tomorrow, Erudte Eyes and She Is Loaded would be great (better stop dreaming).

Anything from ISLANDS would be wonderful...

...and EARTHBOUND too.... Peoriaís 2 chord funky improv would be great. Or Groon: after Mel Collins sax blast the 3 drummers interactive ísoloí.

Hope there will be a Blue Ray for those of us who canít travel to see the performances.

1st time w/o Belew
:: Posted by mcamp3811 on June 16, 2014

I have seen KC many times going back to 1981 (my first time). It will be weird seeing them w/o Adrian. With that said, this line-up looks interesting....I would love to hear more pre-Belew material other than Red, and Larks Tongue (the only two I have heard in over a dozen shows)....Heroís doesnít count.

With that said, I wonder is Jakko will sing any Belew material?

More pictures!
:: Posted by EnoMan on June 16, 2014

These are really nice, please keep posting!

Opening Act
:: Posted by Petitwazoo on June 16, 2014

For an opening act for the UK.............letís just rewind.
Did I miss something? Thatís a big assumption youíre making Dusty H
Fetch me some of those nanobots, emory0

Opening Act
:: Posted by DustyH on June 15, 2014

For an opening act for the UK one might wish to consider United Bible Studies who are astonishing, challenging and indeed, mesmerising in the execution of their live performance.

KC Rehearsals
:: Posted by Wilcox660 on June 14, 2014

Looking at photos & reading bits & bobs, it seems like all involved are having a jolly time. Very glad to see this! Great memories for all involved, Iím sure. On my end, I do not yet know if Iíll be allowed to cover a gig, but Iím sure all are going to get a fun evening!

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