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Rough Trade for Singleton
:: Posted by emory0 on May 21, 2015

A potentially very suitable venue here in NYC for David Singletonís spoken word tour would be, of course, the great Rough Trade record store in Williamsburg, that opened up just a couple of years back. Not only do they have records (maybe 60% of their shelf space is devoted to vinyl, BTW), they have an upper promenade level devoted to rock- and music-oriented books. So, doubly relevant. (They also have a big performance area in the back too.) Williamsburg also happens to have a lot of interesting places to eat and drink and do a variety of other things as well (such as a Ping Pong Bar with good tables).

(And BTW this Rough Trade is a branch of the ones in London.)

Midori physical release?
:: Posted by revroth on May 21, 2015

Has anyone actually found a link to order the CD version? I only see a digital album for sale when I click on the link in the news. Many thanks!

Canadian Tour!
:: Posted by Stubarber on May 21, 2015

Super stoked, and pleased to confirm I GUESSED the pre-sale code! Going to the Toronto show on the 19th - travelling all the way from New Orleans!

Bon Anniverse
:: Posted by Drerrolhtout on May 21, 2015

Dear Robert and Toyah

Congratulations on your birthday and anniversary. Itís great to see you both looking so well and cheerful. Looks like we meet again in New Jersey in a few weeks.

Best wishes
Errol H Tout
Mr Australia

Canadian tour
:: Posted by fripponneau on May 20, 2015

The Raoul-Jobin Hall in Quebec city and King Crimson !!!
One word : perfection.
What a show it will be !!! Wow!
And no more working permit for musicians in Canada.
To good to be true.
Thank you so much !!!

:: Posted by jreilly on May 20, 2015

Wondering if anyone knows how to access pre-sale tickets for the upcoming Canadian shows?

It is going on and on and on
:: Posted by fhc339835 on May 19, 2015

It is fantastic that touring of this recent incarnation does not end in continental Europe in September (looking forward going to Paris).
The wheel is reinvented again and again!
You friendly folks in Canada: Rejoice!
I very indulge in the fantasy of KC touring Latin America. You fine, supportive and fanatic people there very deserve it! Markus, Pat and Tony are proving that it is a win-win. Saludos cordiales / Melhors cumprimentos!

Willy Makit - Intro to GC
:: Posted by John59 on May 19, 2015

Funny the parking lot sign I noticed after signing up for íIntroduction to the Guitar Circleí in June 2015...


...hope to survive íboot campí and come out with improved discipline and awareness.

:: Posted by AndrewJohn on May 19, 2015

..just dug out my 1976 copy of In Search of Ancient Gods An Experience in Sound and Music based on The Books of Erich von Daniken...a Quadriphonic Sound Quadradisc CD4 Channel Discrete vinyl release.....yes that what the cover reads!

BB lets rip (only a little) in íEarthboundí and the Sounds from space are ably assembled and contorted by various scientific boffins, almost all British, credited with a little less vigour than the musicians. In fact I find the found space sounds are more compelling than the music, which is 1970ís prog instrumental personified. Good as a soundtrack to a BBC2 documentary perhaps. So combined with viewing the lavish booklet you may enter a world of speculation tempted by Danikenís muse. Not to deeply though. As I write this I have it on the rplayer, and just 15mins in Iím bored already.

 However itís great to have it and now with hindsight grasp how BB was working very much in a period of transition as a session player.

Happy Birthday to RF and BB and thanks for your music and efforts. always rewarding to hear you. The new CD with David Cross & RF is really good. I was a little unsure on first listen, but then track 3 kicked in and then.....well just great. Vintage TV programme was interesting. Some nice hats being displayed by KC players these days.

And hatís off to Andy Fox. As a Salfordian, with an unmistakeable accent almost as exotic as a Wimbournian, he exposed his choices to the airwaves. Great choices...

....one thing though which I think he failed to advertise was that KC is here and now....alive and KiCking in 2015...and will actually be in our home town Salford. In 1976 I was just coming to terms with the fact that KC had gone.....R.I.P.on the USA vinyl release held no promise for the future.

....so just look at us now....call me naive but itís amazing.


Re: Bruford on Absolute Elsewhere
:: Posted by Carnamagos on May 18, 2015

Thanks, DevlinC. I have never heard the record, myself, so Iíll defer to those who have. I wish I could remember where I read (or thought I read) Bruford "denying paternity", so to speak, but I canít. Perhaps my aging memory is playing tricks.

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