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2014 concerts on DGMLive
:: Posted by MichaelCPE on September 08, 2014

If DGMLive put up a concert from the 2014 tour in the next week, then it would be fun to avoid finding out the set list and to listen without knowing what is coming next.

Nowhere near as good as being there, but probably the best those from far away (such as Melbourne, Australia) will be able to get for feeling the thrill of not knowing what is next.

But if it is going to be many weeks (or months) before a concert is put up on DGMLive, then it would be more sensible to read about the set list straight away.

So does DGMLive have the intention of putting up an early concert very soon?

And if so, do any others like the idea of avoiding the set list so that the first listen is a total surprise?

What will it hatch?
:: Posted by Antonion on September 08, 2014

For the fans:

Unexpect the unexpected

For the band

Je vous souhaite "merde"!

Tour Box link...
:: Posted by AndrewJohn on September 08, 2014

I must agree with Powell8....early morning Sunday I saw this and the link was intact.

However, hesitancy prevailed then....so now aiming for the sweet ordering moment after church I waited.....however the link has never appeared again.

Burning Shed has been denied a least another £15 of my hard earned cash....and I am as frustrated as perhaps P8.

Experience proves it was ever thus......so hey ho....onward. We have so much anyhow!

KC alive ....live!
:: Posted by AndrewJohn on September 08, 2014

Best of luck to the 7 that give KC voice..

... and the uncounted others who give them their chance.

Drum solo, 3 drummers
:: Posted by markmmarkm on September 08, 2014

Sounds more like an exercise, rather boring. Had one of them done a Jamie Muir, that would have made it more interesting for me. Interesting to see it tho.

:: Posted by eggplant on September 08, 2014

E G# A#  E G# A#  E G# A# E.  tat tat tat  ta tat tat tat ta tat tat tah....I kind of like it!

 eggplant out.

To a answer the Stick question (Re: Tony's Gear and Sirius stuff)
:: Posted by jimbugtm on September 08, 2014

SankeCained asked:
And am I right in thinking you can get stereo (split mono really) from the two halves of a stick?

The output of the Stick is a stereo output, that it is to say, the melody and bass strings can go through separate effects and amplifier paths. You can also pan each of these channels anywhere in the stereo spectrum, assuming youíre using a mixer with pan controls, or two amplifiers, one on either side of your stage.

It is also possible to route both melody and bass through a single, mono output, which in effect gives you a an extended-range guitar (with some overlap in notes between the higher bass strings and lower melody strings).

I hope this wasnít too long-winded an answer, the shorter version would have been just "yes," but how fun is that? :)


One More Red DreamComeTrue!
:: Posted by mipoch on September 08, 2014

Please sir, I want some more!

Talk about making oneís morningÖ amazing.

:: Posted by royskagen on September 08, 2014

These words are directed to Sid, who sure knows - but will sure not tell (yet). Any plans of filming one of the shows? I canít see any reasons for not releasing the Elements BD! 👍

Skagen, Norway

:: Posted by EnoMan on September 07, 2014

From the details of VIP packages:

"You will be contacted via email by SLO Customer Service approx. one (1) week prior to show date with details about your package elements. Package elements are NON-REFUNDABLE and NON-TRANSFERABLE. NO REFUNDS will be given under any circumstances. NO NAME CHANGES will be permitted."

I remember thinking, these many weeks ago, that "elements" was an odd noun to use in this context, but I didnít entertain it further. Today I wanted to refresh my memory about when the VIP package materials were supposed to ship, and noticed the word again, but, armed with the additional context...wow, Iím a little excited about it!

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