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Thoughts on Venturing Into Joy
:: Posted by jeffo621 on July 01, 2014

Could it be that this song is not actually a new LTiA but a snippet of them rehearsing Part I?

:: Posted by Rhymes_With_Eloquent on July 01, 2014

Iím not suggesting that the title would in any way indicate the musical quality. Iím saying they should retire that moniker.

Tour Dates
:: Posted by Jazzrok on July 01, 2014

Is there any  reason why Michigan is to be excluded from KC performances ???

Larks 5
:: Posted by ZaneCox on July 01, 2014

I believe "Level 5" from "The Power to believe" is Larks Tongueís in aspic part 5.

So a new Larks would probably be part 6.

The new...
:: Posted by emory0 on July 01, 2014

Man if the new Crimson will sound like that then I am stoked. And already, Rieflinís drumming approach combined with Levin has tilted the sound ever-so-slightly Jazz-like. Even grumpy ole man Fripp appears to be stoked, and I guess that almost validates Belew being stuffed into a canon and shot off. (Uh...kinda kidding: If we had to choose between no Crimson at all, ever again and a Crimson without Belew then I prefer the former.)

A venture into familiar territory.
:: Posted by dgardiner on July 01, 2014

Iím getting a bit weary of all this rat-tatty-tat drumming; like ball bearings on a metal tea tray.

Give me a real beat!

Completism and Earthbound
:: Posted by albemuth on June 30, 2014

I was pretty excited when I found Earthbound in a record bin in 1973.  But, although it has its moments here and there, even today I would say it is only for completists.  Other recordings of this version of KC, released only relatively recently by DGM, show that this band was interesting.  But not Earthbound.  Not much.  Bozís scat singing is something I would like to forget.  Itís nice that Boz wanted to mimic American blues and jazz artists (and join Alexis Kornerís band late in the game).  But thatís not what made KC great, that is for sure.

:: Posted by thecapitolcardiff1971 on June 30, 2014

I guess that the above title would be used for a new KC#8 composition if it was felt that it had some musical link with any of the previous parts. If it did not then clearly a completely new title would be used. Just because a piece is called, "LTiA #5" it does not automatically mean it is, íold,í or, ídated,í music.

new down load of the new crim.
:: Posted by tim7777 on June 30, 2014

The drums were to weak.fripp & Tony donít sound great at all.Sounds like the thrak album.I really tried to have an open mind with this down load.The drums were way to weak man come on."I did not like this line up from the start weak very weak.

:: Posted by TheMarkedMan on June 30, 2014

Scatting is the purest form of improvisation there is.  The very first manifestation of music was "scatting".  

I offer no commentary on Earthbound other than it is what it is, improvisation over some familiar frameworks.

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