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Guitar Craft MOOC
:: Posted by Antonion on March 04, 2014

It is not only music. Education is undergoing a major (and almost silent) revolution. People can now access courses by the top experts from the best universities in almost any field of human knowledge, for free.

So, why not an Introduction to Guitar Craft MOOC by Robert Fripp?

It would be something to observe the whole planet whizzing and circulating - literally.

Passing of Paco
:: Posted by dlucero on March 02, 2014

Passing of Paco was huge to me I was lucky enough to see a Friday Night in San Francisco II, I think I was around 19 at the time but those three almost made me give up the guitar, and had never seen anything like it!
Thank you Paco and may you fly from this earth free.

What if ???
:: Posted by apisch on February 28, 2014

What if the Old Goat keels over and needs resuscitated after Luvvie "surprises" him after rising one quiet morning?  Does the Minx know CPR?


More from the Frippoverse
:: Posted by rogadaire on February 28, 2014

The surprise is that this has not already been covered extensively, but there is no doubt that FrippWorld contains an abundance of rich idiosyncratic pickings (and yippee! for that, say I). To the already burgeoning list I would add, in no particular order:

(From Guitar Craft) Whizzing, thrakking, fisting and unfisting (the last 2 sound as though they ought to bring tears to the eyes)

(From Bredonborough/Dayworld adventures) ’broad accents of the local kind’, a variety of ’Mr Boobies’, ’dopeyness’ and ’basement behaviour’; ’gentling’, ’dribbling’, ’hot dates’, tangled-up names (eg ’Belewbeloid’) and, my personal favourite, ’legs snapping like whipcords’!   


re: Lingua Frippa
:: Posted by davidly on February 28, 2014

re. in the matter of albemuth’s contribution to Ornate’s listing of the lexicon: I wouldn’t want to delve deeper into what it might signify, but there is WILF.

The DGM Companion To King Crimson 1969-1995
:: Posted by randomelement2 on February 27, 2014

When I first read about this, my first reaction was ’Oh great, yet another compilation’. Perhaps I thought too soon (we’ll see), but my initial reaction gave me a great idea (to me at least). I was recalling that the Art Bears Box Set includes 2 CDs of songs remixed and reworked by various artists; 3 songs from band members, the rest not. But all very interesting. I think that there would be a lot of interesting artists that would love to have a go at this. How about it, Robert?

:: Posted by Carnamagos on February 27, 2014

"After two years as a member of King Crimson, it was an uphill struggle for John Wetton to learn to play in 4/4 time again".

I chuckled when I read this, but I must also beg to differ. Wetton got ample practice with this measure in Uriah Heep.

:: Posted by albemuth on February 27, 2014

No, I really do believe that Valkyrie is an excellent song.  Let’s put it this way: I wish I could write a song that good!  The elements of even the best pop songs are relatively simple, but making a truly good one is much trickier than just stringing along a bunch of cliches.  It is all very tricky: the exact movement of the melody, the exact phrasing and sound of the words, the exact harmonic changes and timbre, and so on.  You are trying to create a magic spell from primitive materials. 

Wetton’s song made me think a little of Depeche Mode’s song Precious.  From a prog-rock standpoint, Precious is not impressive.  But it is damn close to being a perfect song.  Try writing something that comes within 10% of that.  You might think you succeeded on the basis of some kind of objective measure of the musical materials.  But you’re probably wrong!

Two More Things
:: Posted by Ornate_Coal_Man on February 27, 2014

First: Who can forget that strange form of urban camping often on display here (Indoor Games?) that is suggested by the magic words "It waits". What waits? Usually, to civilian eyes, perhaps the oddest and scariest looking sleeping bag they may have witnessed.

Secondly: the magic word often uttered here: "Computing". One wonders what language lurks, bleeps and loops behind such a word? Visual Basic? C? C++? PL/SQL? Fortran? Machine Language? I’m think way old school would be really cool: Robert Fripp breaks out the ol’ DOS/C prompt! :)

Something in 4/4 time
:: Posted by Royston on February 27, 2014

After two years as a member of King Crimson, it was an uphill struggle for John Wetton to learn to play in 4/4 time again. Now, forty years on, the latest Asia single, ’Valkyrie’, shows how he has finally managed to achieve absolute mastery of this notoriously tricky time signature. He doesn’t miss a beat.

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