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Orpheum plus
:: Posted by Gilbert1567 on December 28, 2014

Sorry if this has been posted elsewhere but RF, in the new Classic Rock,issue 206, states the following, which seems to clear a few things up:
" weíve also been mapping a release schedule for live material from the US tour... letís just say thereís a staggered, increasingly completist presentation planned..."

:: Posted by rboschen on December 27, 2014

I recall listening to ITCOTCK on an 8 track cartridge in a friendís car, probably around 1972. Wow!
Then: Frippertronics, Enoís ambient, the KC catalogue, Bruford, Belew, Levin, Gunn, Heroes and Scary Monsters, Cross, Muir, UK, Soundscapes, Sylvian, the Double Trio, the Stick, the Warr, Simmons drums, S Wilson, Gavin, and P Tree, David Torn, P Gabriel, Jon Hassell, Roxy, TU, KTU, Tuner, 5.1, and on and on and on.

A great initial exposure to an expanding musical universe.

Birthday Wishes . . .
:: Posted by cloudscapes on December 27, 2014

And the happiest of birthdays to Peter Sinfield, a wordsmith and poet of the greatest distinction.  Cheers!

Jesus is our heart
:: Posted by kingcrimson7 on December 27, 2014

Robert, thanks for eveythings, merry christmas and happy new year, from argentina.

Love and Peace.

new live album
:: Posted by dacksman on December 26, 2014

Dear Mr. Fripp (and forum readers)
This is where I put on my big boy pants and apologize to all concerned for my last comments. Have been listening since the first album was released and havenít stopped through all the changes. I have seen all the US tours since 1982. As stated previously, the recent New York show was GREAT!! When I learned of the new live album I was smiling from ear to ear. When I found out it was an abbreviated set, I reacted emotionally & posted my feelings on that idea. my feeling was the show was SO good that I wanted the whole pizza, not a few slices. When I read responses to my post & others who viewed my comments (and those by others)I was struck by two things. 1) Many people were not as lucky as I to have seen the show at all. I now agree that I was wrong, we are lucky (as we have been waiting for you & the band to be active again)for any new recordings. 2)I had planned to order it anyway, so why cast aspersions on itís length? Having now heard the samples on Itunes, I just smile & and am even more grateful. Canít wait to see what the band does from here. Happy belated Xmas & all the best for the future.

p.s. happy birthday Adrian Belew!

Muir's Design
:: Posted by Powell8 on December 26, 2014

A shirt from his design, puh-leeze!

An Anorak's Prayer
:: Posted by markvankempen on December 26, 2014

Oh! Robert, if it Bee Thy Pleasure
to cut me off before night.
Yet make me, My Gratious Sheepherd,
for one of Thy Anoraks to whom
Thou Wilt Say "Come,You Bastard",
and clothe me in a
white robe of righteousness
that I may be one of those singers
who shall cry to Thee

Merry Christmas!
:: Posted by Bakullama on December 26, 2014

Looks like everyone had a very merry christmas. Treys sweater wins awards for just about everything. Cannot be unseen. Best wishes, and a happy new year is upon us.

Blessed 24th
:: Posted by Basile on December 25, 2014

Adrian Belew one awesome musician to sing,front,and play Guitar to crimson music at the same time and to do it so effortlessly,amazes me! One of my all time favorites for sure! It was a project in Pittsburgh with Robert and Trey. Ade played some drums and did some acoustic of Man In A Helicopter and Sun Shining Day. Pretty awesome show.

Happy Birthday, Adrian!
:: Posted by jericsmith on December 25, 2014

My favorite Adrian Belew memory is of seeing Bears at the Uptown Lounge in Athens, Georgia, in either late í86 or early í87.

I was a rabid Crimhead and Twang Bar Geek at that point, so the opportunity to take my poor, unfortunate, ill-educated friends to see Adrian in action was a big deal.

We got there way early, were among the first into the fairly grotty little college bar, and nabbed one of the precious booths near the front of the room, stage left.

Just before Bears were supposed to take the stage, a couple of bouncers approached our happy little table and told us we had to stand, as the table was reserved.

What?!?! Outrage!!! But given the choice to either (a) stand and watch the concert, or (b) be escorted from the bar, the choice was pretty obvious. We stood.

Just as the first song began, we looked over to see the bouncers discreetly escorting the beneficiaries of our largesse to their nice, warm, comfortable, convenient booth: Peter Buck, Mike Mills and Bill Berry of R.E.M. also seemed to enjoy Adrian that night . . . 

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