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1974 concert footage?
:: Posted by mikefrost on May 24, 2015

I noticed that the cover of the Arlington October 6, 1973 download has a photograph that to my eyes is undoubtedly a still from black and white videotape footage. The ghosting, the sharpness of the edges. What does this mean, then? Is there rare footage on the backburner?

Issues Raised by David/The Vicar
:: Posted by emmapeelfanclub on May 23, 2015

Interesting thoughts by David/The Vicar regarding the issues regarding Spotify, YouTube and pledging. Just some quick thoughts and feelings about some issues raised.

I don’t do streaming. I prefer to buy and “own” copies of the music I like. The physical medium is always preferred and it’s interesting to learn such sales are increasing for DGM. I think they’d increase even more if the payment system is expanded here on DGMLive to allow Debit cards and PayPal payments. Not everybody can afford or want Credit cards. Maybe this issue will be dealt with as the DGM site undergoes changes as hinted at earlier this year.

The removal of Crimson music on YouTube. DGM has it’s own channel now so should be able to share whatever Crimson music it likes. It belongs to the artistes and if they permit certain tunes to be used as samplers, fine. It is wrong to see entire albums uploaded by people with no connection to DGM... not only is it copyright theft but also kills curiosity and sales since anybody with a little knowhow knows how to download YouTube videos and convert them to audio which can then be listened to. I do get the distinct feeling that Google/YouTube don’t give a toss about copyright and are hellbent in trashing all copyright laws to make ALL music free which simply isn’t viable and is downright unfair given costs involved in recording, mixing, creating product, artwork etc... like where is the artiste supposed to find the money to pay for all that? Isn’t it fair for them to get some return for their outlay?

Lastly, pledging is an idea I’ve been advocating as one way around these issues. It’s blatantly clear how the corporate trio Universal, Sony and Warners are all continuing to make obscene amounts of money of which pitifully little is paid to the artistes. When I buy an album or product, I’d like my money to be going direct to the artiste - NOT the record company who generally have very little interest in their artistes or product and waste it either on obscene staff salaries or pushing product I have zero interest in.

I have and will continue to support artistes who try to make and sell their own product. I have also contributed to various appeals and causes that have supported the artistes. I like to show my appreciation and gratitude for music I enjoy, so where possible, I’ll give my money as directly as I can to the artiste. For instance, say if and when King Crimson would like to make a new album - if they had some scheme here on DGM whereby fans could help contribute to the costs of recording, mixing etc, then I think many of us gladly would. It would help lighten the load on Robert and DGM, enable the music to be recorded and then enjoyed by the fans, so it’s a win-win situation and no money being siphoned by dodgy corporates in the middle to finance goodness knows what.

What we’ve been witnessing over the last 15 years is complete devaluation of Creativity thanks to digital media. Authors can’t get advances or much in the way of sales now because once a digital copy exists it can, and is distributed and given away freely across the internet with a lot of help from Google who will show you where to find such free entertainment. Music - and musicians - suffer in the same way. Google will point you to blogs - hosted by their own Blogger service - where you’ll find illegal free downloads of almost any music you can imagine. It’s funny... and not funny since who’s making large profits from all this? Google. And are THEY sharing them with artistes and record companies? Not likely and what handouts they do give from YouTube are a joke. “Google is your friend” so they say... not if you’re an artiste trying to make a little income from their work to help create new work or finance a tour.

Much more I could add to this or expand upon but I’m sure other posters here will very likely cover such bases, but they’re just some average thoughts from an average fan!


Recording songs
:: Posted by rogadaire on May 22, 2015

David Singleton’s diary entry reminds me of a comment I once heard relating to recording practices in the early ’60s: ’Did you know the Beatles recorded their first album in 8 hours? And the second one took even longer!’

My own attempts at recording what I have now resolved to be a triple debut LP date back to 1990, shortly after attending a level 2 and a half US Guitar Craft course at the tail end of 1989. At that course Robert had invited recorded contributions of original pieces for consideration for inclusion on a prospective Crafties album. I wrote what was probably my first serious attempt at an instrumental tune, recorded it on 8 track and sent it in. Silence followed. That one piece - which with no idea of its prescience I called ’Zeno’s Arrow’ - did however kick start a process of tunesmithery that has continued to this day. ’Zeno’s Arrow’ is now scheduled to appear on the 3rd of the triple disc set, which I propose to let loose in full on an unsuspecting world in 2017 (or thereabouts).  But not before I’ve finished putting the final touches to the recording (technology and its accessibility to the dedicated amateur having reached a stage where significant improvements can be made to the overall sound of the 1990 recording I think).  Which is all a very long-winded way of saying that this one recording has already been 25 years in the making, with no immediate end in sight - quite appropriate given that it’s title refers to an arrow that is perfectly still in the air and, despite nominally being ’in flight’, cannot actually move. 

David’s noble efforts in marrying music and business, and in sharing his wisdom and frustrations on both, remind me that this is what I once aspired to.  And still do!  At the end of the day what counts is quality.  As I see it, the main difference between 8 hours and 25 years (or longer) is not the time itself, it’s the necessity of a day job! 

Rough Trade for Singleton
:: Posted by emory0 on May 21, 2015

A potentially very suitable venue here in NYC for David Singleton’s spoken word tour would be, of course, the great Rough Trade record store in Williamsburg, that opened up just a couple of years back. Not only do they have records (maybe 60% of their shelf space is devoted to vinyl, BTW), they have an upper promenade level devoted to rock- and music-oriented books. So, doubly relevant. (They also have a big performance area in the back too.) Williamsburg also happens to have a lot of interesting places to eat and drink and do a variety of other things as well (such as a Ping Pong Bar with good tables).

(And BTW this Rough Trade is a branch of the ones in London.)

Midori physical release?
:: Posted by revroth on May 21, 2015

Has anyone actually found a link to order the CD version? I only see a digital album for sale when I click on the link in the news. Many thanks!

Canadian Tour!
:: Posted by Stubarber on May 21, 2015

Super stoked, and pleased to confirm I GUESSED the pre-sale code! Going to the Toronto show on the 19th - travelling all the way from New Orleans!

Bon Anniverse
:: Posted by Drerrolhtout on May 21, 2015

Dear Robert and Toyah

Congratulations on your birthday and anniversary. It’s great to see you both looking so well and cheerful. Looks like we meet again in New Jersey in a few weeks.

Best wishes
Errol H Tout
Mr Australia

Canadian tour
:: Posted by fripponneau on May 20, 2015

The Raoul-Jobin Hall in Quebec city and King Crimson !!!
One word : perfection.
What a show it will be !!! Wow!
And no more working permit for musicians in Canada.
To good to be true.
Thank you so much !!!

:: Posted by jreilly on May 20, 2015

Wondering if anyone knows how to access pre-sale tickets for the upcoming Canadian shows?

It is going on and on and on
:: Posted by fhc339835 on May 19, 2015

It is fantastic that touring of this recent incarnation does not end in continental Europe in September (looking forward going to Paris).
The wheel is reinvented again and again!
You friendly folks in Canada: Rejoice!
I very indulge in the fantasy of KC touring Latin America. You fine, supportive and fanatic people there very deserve it! Markus, Pat and Tony are proving that it is a win-win. Saludos cordiales / Melhors cumprimentos!

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