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New EP Live
:: Posted by bazaflash on November 20, 2014

Thank you Mr. Fripp. Anyone who adresses you with less respect is not a real fan.

September impressions
:: Posted by fhc339835 on November 20, 2014

Here are my notes from early September this year.
"There is life out thereÖ
Öover there in the US. I am in a strange state of mind and feeling, recognizing the bits of information that are graciously streamed in youtube and posted at dgmlive making me happy and sad at the same time. Another KC tour without me, and maybe the last tour ever. But my principle consideration, that my expectations would leave my control once I make my way from Germany to the US, the spending of a total of more than 3 kEUR spoiling my ability to have open ears.
Now it means for me:
- Enjoying the daily pieces, pics, jokes and snippets (You are just great at dgm!)
- Hoping for some downloads soon
- Hoping for video footage for download or on DVD soon (not in 20 years)
and never give up the hope, that the beast makes its way across the Atlantic, e.g to play a series of gigs in one of their favourite towns at their favourite venues (e.g. Paris, Olympia, just to mention one) Ė and I hope for all our good crimsoid brothers and sisters in LAM (eg. Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires), Africa (e.g. Cape Town), Australia (e.g. Sydney) and Asia (e.g. Tokyo) this concept would evolve.
Anyway: Thank you all to make KC2014 in the US happen!"
Now things have evolved, whishes seldomly make it to reality.

New KC album
:: Posted by bloggulator on November 20, 2014

Well, what an awesome surprise for breakfast! A new KC album! 40 minutes is great as well - it will leave us all slobbering on the bit for the next episode :)

Bring It!

40 minutes of bitterness
:: Posted by fhc339835 on November 20, 2014

Who needs a 40 minutes live recording, likely consisting of 5 songs only which encompasses about one quarter of the full repertoire of the live band, one of the tunes being Starless, which already received its definite form both live and studio 30 years ago, thus not necessary?
The same nonsense as USA and Earthbound Ė it is always the feeling of missing limbs.
Besides the very intelligible insights of one of the recent posters how the deal needs to be understood, I believe the one and only rationale to release a 40 minutes live recording (anachronism) is vinyl (another anachronism in my eyes). I always preferred portable music (compact cassettes, now 320 kbit mp3), because there is a life outdoor.
I recently was dreaming of a release similar to the legendary Heavy ConstruKction set, which belongs to the same premium live releases category like Yessongs and Weld-Arc (Neil Young & Crazy Horse) Ė I am crashing very hard.
Thus if the release is vinyl only or vinyl / CD, I would accept it avec raison, and still can opt to pick it or not.
The only LP length KC regular ďon-timeĒ live recording was Level 5 (ironically labeled as EP) with a raison díÍtre, because this recording mainly presented new material.
I am now very pessimistic on future releases of KC. Should the passionate supporter of DGM and the associated artists wait e.g. another 5 to 10 years to enjoy the best music on earth - as the lucky punters in the US made us believe in the short shots on YT? 5 to 10 years is the regular pattern releases are made available to a broader extent here. How many supporters of the first KC have passed then additionally? Will I be alive then? I cannot understand this policy of releases. The (in my eyes poor) 2008 tour has only one release available Ė the tour made its way 6 years ago! ProjeKct Six (excellent) was released as well about 6 years after its short period of existence.
I am baffled, filled with bitterness Ė It is not that I believe that I own anybody of KC or DGM (reference to Peter Hammillís Energy Vampires), I just cannot understand, neither the economic, artistic, logistical rationale nor by heart.
Sorry for not being encouraging (which is a policy on this website), but you should know different positions.
My quote still is: Tour bundle, 175 bucks.
Thanks and best regards

Well I for one...
:: Posted by emory0 on November 20, 2014

I for one am enraged by the massive "fuck you" that a mere 40 minute album of the new live Crimson represents. In fact, itís worse than that: This is the equivalent of having oneís newborn child stolen out of the crib by Santa Clause and then thrown to starving rabbits who tear the child to tiny bits. Oh, and Santa smashed all your prog-rock records on his way out too.

Wait, itís even worse than that: Itís a fist punched into the Eye of God who was crying already because of the short album time. Itís like Hitler and the Khmer Rouge teaming up and invading your favorite concert and then beating the shit out of all the musicians and destroying their instruments. It invalidates me and any music Iíve ever listened to. In fact, it has wiped all the greatest moments of my life (musical or not) clear out of my memory forever, like the time I...SEE? I CANíT REMEMBER!

Oh Fripp you cruel, foul monster.

Pussyfooting, years of guilt, finally admitted...
:: Posted by michaelmadden on November 20, 2014

I brought it simply because I liked the cover, I gave no consideration to what the album sounded like, but over the years has been a constant musical reference, I loved the music, as the much filled shelves of Fripp and Eno music now show...

2015 Live Speculation
:: Posted by AcousticPhenomena on November 20, 2014

American Nightmare: Live in the USA 2014

Side 1:
Larks Tongues Material

1) Larks Tongues in Aspic Pt. 1
2) Talking Drum
3) Larks Tongues in Aspic Pt. 2

Side 2:
Red Material

1) Red
2) One More Red Nightmare
3) Starless

2015 live release
:: Posted by jacethecrowl on November 20, 2014

40 minutes = vinyl LP


40 Minutes Live=New Studio Album?
:: Posted by caseyjbye on November 20, 2014

Please stop the complaining.

People, we know how this works: Crimson puts out ep; ep pays for new studio album. Putting out a full show would require a 2-disc commitment and a higher price tag and higher production cost. Pretty much everyone here and everyone who attended any of this yearís shows and even anyone who griped about living in another country and wanting so badly to hear these shows will pick this up. Plus a ton of casual Crimson listeners who maybe have only ever owned Red or In the Court but have maybe recently read an article that the band was back in action, along with a handful of folks who maybe just saw Levin for the first time playing So with Gabriel and heard rumblings that "Oh, this amazing bass player is in another band people seem to be talking about," plus those who maybe enjoy Belew but donít know much about Jakko and arenít sure if theyíre going to like what he brings to the party will also pick this up. Asking for them to invest in a 2-disc set is going to scare a lot of them away which, again, scares away a lot of funding for the new studio album.

I know Iím making some assumptions here, but this is some posteriori ish Iím íbout. So be grateful that today weíve basically been told the studio album is coming.

Also, down the line a bunch of other recordings from the tour will with all likelihood become available (this is DGM Live--thatís this siteís primary function to document this stuff). Some people had to wait 35-40 years to re-hear a Boz-era show they attended before it was added to the site. There but for the grace of Crimson for touring again in a digital age.

Seattle 1981
:: Posted by myshadow on November 20, 2014

Regarding the Seattle Gig 1981,
Nov. 30, 1981 Seattle, Washington The Shoebox Theatre, that should be the Showbox.

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