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:: Posted by DeVito on July 02, 2014

... Babble, burble, banter... Bicker bicker bicker ... Brouhaha, balderdash, ballyhoo ... itís only talk ... Cheap talk!

2014 tour
:: Posted by 21stcenturyD on July 02, 2014

 I saw King Crimson 10 years ago or so and heard of the tour but by the time I found out about tickets they were all scooped up by scalpers. PLEASE tell me you will tour more than just Oct. Does anyone know if they are adding dates. I CANíT MISS THIS! 

RE: Petitwazoo and LTIA
:: Posted by snkzato1 on July 02, 2014

In response to your question.  There is a video of Mr. Bill playing a drum pattern that sounds like the one from Sailors Tale hence we are figuring it is in the show.

In terms of Larkís.  Hey, if they do a #5 Im all for that (as it would mean new material and could we ever belly ache over new Crimson?). 

Since its first inception Larkís has kind of been a showcase of the band of that era representing some of the most complex work they have written specifically for the line-up.  While musically they do not line-up I feel thematically there is a lot of similarities.

If you have never done it I really suggest making a playlist with all four in order and listen to the progression.  It genuinely sounds like a musical time machine taking you through a huge variety of eras in such a short span.  I found it to be a really interesting musical experience.

LTIA moniker
:: Posted by StarlessBibleBlack on July 02, 2014

I could see as to why someone would get upset in the first place with the larks moniker. Personally, LTIA3&4 are nothing more than pale comparisons to the original two.

That said, I sense an appeal to jazz with the latest iteration of LTIA1 - Listen to the bass line and drums. Weíre not talking about Jamie, Bruford or Wetton. Weíre getting some fresh air, fresh playing, and definitely fresh re-iterations of a classic.

King Crimson should be proud of their work (be it RF or any alumniís contribution!). Like a good music sheet, it needs to breath, exhale, and renew the thought process with every cycle.Unlike most other rock stuff out there, KCís repertoire like other jazz standards, it matures nicely...it can also EVOLVE into something more interesting (Think Brufordís intro solo to Indiscipline, Easy Money 74 vs 73, etc)

The only real complaint is that no everyone going to able to experience this first hand this coming fall! :( bouhou!

Cage digital download
:: Posted by salex33 on July 02, 2014

I check the ET newletter archive. There is one mention of a Cage Digital download made by Chris Van Allen on Friday 11 August 1995. It seems it was avaliable at this address:

Coming back to the Aerosmith track, it is mentionned in the paper that it was the first official download from a major.
Likely, it was not the very first track available legally on the net.

Larks Query
:: Posted by Petitwazoo on July 02, 2014

Iím a regular reader here but clearly missed a couple of things.
Why is everyone talking about LTIA #5? And where did Sailors Tale get mentioned as being Ďin the setlistí?


íMťdťric Collignon et le Jus de Bocseí are impressive but can they do it on Segways?

Venturing Into Joy / Larks' Tongues / Earthbound
:: Posted by jacethecrowl on July 02, 2014

Catching up...

This new track bodes well for the mighty new Crim! Normally I donít care about spoilers, but once the shows start, itíll be hard to stay away from the forum (specifically set list leaks), and I want to be mostly surprised at my L.A. show. I will allow Hot Tickles such as these onto my radar however.

As for the legacy of things titled "Larksí Tongues in Aspic," I think all entries in the series are compositionally-tied and completely credible. Iíd be delighted if the new band cooked up another Part, and weíd all be damn fortunate if such inspiration were to strike them.

Earthbound -- I too am troubled by scat vocals in a rock context, and in fact can only tolerate it as executed the most exceptional practitioners, which Iíd guess would be exclusively in the jazz realm (sorry Boz). But the instrumental edit of 21CSM that appears on the 21st Century Guide to KC is one of the most wonderfully unhinged and thrilling imagined performances Iíve ever heard.

The New Band Members
:: Posted by SEK2344 on July 02, 2014

Iím a bit behind so who are the new band members?

21CSM Brass
:: Posted by DanAnderson on July 01, 2014

Is there a Facebook location for the Segway version of Schizoid Man?

Re: Thoughts on Venturing Into Joy
:: Posted by Rhymes_With_Eloquent on July 01, 2014

Iím not suggesting that the title will be LTIA or that they plan to use it at all on any song, Iím giving my opinion that they should retire that moniker.

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