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Limp Orpheum?
:: Posted by emory0 on March 06, 2016

"As one of those mightily disappointed by the limp Orpheum CD..."

Uh...what? Are you like playing it on computer speakers or something? I play the DVD-A on my Krell/Thiel rig and I think it sounds fantastic: The playing is great and the dynamic range makes full use of DVD-A.

OTOH, perhaps itís worth considering the Orpheum disc as an early snapshot of the 7-piece band in a fairly early stage. Youíre hearing the songs, yes, but after the new discs arrive the Orpheum disc will be about what that band sounded like shortly after formation. I think thatís valuable in and of itself, particularly given the track record of previous KC incarnations.

Download & Physical CD of Toronto show
:: Posted by sonofjorg on March 06, 2016

Hello all, if this has been covered I apologise.

I would like to know if I could download the toronto show and buy a physical CD of the show.
It would seem that both should be made available as a single price.

I would like to listen to it now and then get a cd in the mail...

Is this available, and at what price?

Finally, I would add the moment I buy any CD, I convert it to FLAC, so paying more for both seems excessive. It would seem to me that any KC enthusiast should be able to download the FLAC file now and get the CD when it comes out for the same price.

Cheers, and respect to those keeping this engine running

Paul Jorgensen

Orpheum vs Toronto
:: Posted by Bakullama on March 05, 2016

As one of those mightily disappointed by the limp Orpheum CD and subsequently floored by the power and majesty of KC on their 2015 UK tour, can I just add a few words to the praise for the Toronto recording?

I too love this Toronto show... But The orpheum does not sound limp to me. I like Orpheums "Starless" better. Still trying to decide which "sailors tale" I prefer. Whats great about having both cds is that we can see the progress, the add-ons, etc as they happened over the course of the tour. Mostly interested in Mels contributions and his free forming as his vocabulary expands throughout the touring.

I canít be certain but it seems RFs guitar playing is going through some slight changes along the way as well... Either new effects or just some interesting touches or flourishes... Noticeable on RED. Lets just say Iím glad to have both CDs.

Still trying to digest monkey mind and Meltdown which lyrically appear to be some sort of reactions to guestbook tomfoolery, smartassery, and ill informed commentary (guilty as charged) on some of our parts that perhaps rattled some cages... Just glad it spurred on a new song in the spirit of Elephant talk.

The lyrics reflect the spirit of many of the aphorisms bandied about here... And although I find the whole philosophy quite stifling... it is all fair enough.

Toronto Praise
:: Posted by emmapeelfanclub on March 05, 2016

I echo the many thoughts and praise thatís been given to this extraordinary download/forthcoming CD. I too was underwhelmed by the sound of the Orpheum album though could tell that musically it was superb. Saw the band twice last year and they blew my head away creating an indelible experience that will remain with me for the rest of my life. The audiences I was within were very attentive and the band responded to that... quite a few songs would end and thereíd be a few seconds of silence before we started applauding because we listened carefully and were knocked out by what we were witnessing. A few moments too where time genuinely felt like it stood still as the atmosphere and tension was genuinely powerful. Iíve seen many gigs over my life but KC2015 was totally different to them all.

This Toronto show for me captures the real power of this band onstage much better. Compare "The Letters" from Orpheum to how itís been mixed on the Toronto show and the difference is almost light and day with Torontoís dynamics and power being truly explosive! Itís great also to be able to listen to all the finer details - how Robert and Jakkoís guitar work interweave, Jakkoís superb singing throughout (I greatly enjoy the parts he adds in "Easy Money"!), how the drum trio bounce back and forth and unify as one, Billís Mellotron parts loud and clear as they should be, Tonyís constant invention (which more than makes up for the moments when he was near inaudible at the first show I caught) and Melís superb contributions throughout are nothing but a pleasure and joy. The way it all melds together sure is a remarkable piece of teamwork and Iíve been listening to this show all week since I downloaded it on Monday shortly before what Sid described as the "Great Crim Crash"!

Much amusement seeing David Singleton talking about the show on the YouTube video and jokingly suggesting crashing the servers which in some way did actually happen after the video was posted! If anything it proves that interest is high and deservedly so.

Crimson as we all know have always been an exciting live band and we have a remarkable amount of shows to enjoy and this one stands high amongst them capturing the seven headed beast in all itís power and glory and I look forward to the forthcoming multi-disc set with the video footage which I will purchase from the superb merchandise table when I see the Crims again in September. Actually, I must give an honourable mention to all those involved behind the scenes for helping bring this extraordinary band and itís music to us. Quite a few bands and acts I can think of who could learn a few things from how Crimson/DGM and itís team do things whether it be stage presentation, gig merchandise or offering an impressive amount of live archive material.

This Toronto show has made a very happy bunny and Iím glad to see many others also enjoying it.

Toronto download
:: Posted by MrAlanJohnson on March 05, 2016

As one of those mightily disappointed by the limp Orpheum CD and subsequently floored by the power and majesty of KC on their 2015 UK tour, can I just add a few words to the praise for the Toronto recording?

THIS is the stuff! LTIA1 and Red have never sounded so mighty and the three-dimensional intricacy of The ConstruKction Of Light and Meltdown has to be heard to be believed. Radical Action is a new classic and Level Five has never before sounded so formidable.

Now weíre finally able to hear the seven-headed beast in all its glory, can I just ask why the hell this isnít being released as a mainstream CD? It knocks the Orpheum CD into a cocked hat and certainly deserves a wider audience. Itís about time the best new live band of 2014/15 was introduced to the people outside the concert hall!

Oh, and Iíd like a new studio album as well, ta.

History Of Rock n' Roll
:: Posted by froggy55 on March 04, 2016

Donít know if this has been discussed before, but has anyone seen a DVD boxset of "The History Of Rock ní Roll". Thereís an episode on the seventies, and Brian Eno is being interviewed, and it clearly shows a photo of Robert Fripp, Brian Eno, & Bowie together, and the dvd addresses RF as Tony Visconti! lol Shows how out of touch the American music industry really is!

:: Posted by MudShark22 on March 03, 2016

Semi-lukewarm inquiry:

Did the experience / education received in the stereo re-imagining of Thrak directly inform the stereo mixing process of the 7-headed beast on "....Toronto"?

I ask (selfishly of course) because while the re-imagined Thrak contains audio delicacies not previously available to these ears, the ísacrificeí so to speak was a certain weight or heaviness that the new stereo field tampers. The beauty here is that for whichever Thrak mood i am in, I have both to choose from.

However, "....Orpheum" did not convey to these ears the sheer weight of the 3 shows I saw on that Tour and while i viddyed these shows in my mindís eye, I was hoping (selfishly again) to have an audio document, similar to Bboom/Cirkus or Elektrik, that reflects (but never duplicate) the experience I attended.

So hope is slightly irrational, and perhaps the official bootleg designation of "...Toronto" conveys a more raw interpretation of the source material. I will be buying it because i long ago ceded control of my funds to the RHVL and like I said, I hope.

So did i actually ask a question; likely not. But the information would still be interesting to know.
All the best,

- Thomas

Well I never.
:: Posted by jameslord2 on March 03, 2016

The Toronto boot might just be my favourite live Crim recording ever (and I do have a few!). Whoever mixed this deserves gold stars - very clear and yet absolutely thumping. Bravo chaps :-)

Celebrating KC Footage
:: Posted by buserian on March 03, 2016

"All we have to do now is watch all the footage and decide which bits to use."

I would ask for the dancing from Edinburghís second night make an appearance, if only as an extra or easter egg. Such a wonderful moment deserves to be immortalised.


Hands up to volunteers.....
:: Posted by DrDick on March 03, 2016

Thanks for the info David, bootleg TV style is indeed unnoticeable! Do you require any volunteers to watch all the footage? Although I fear I might be as helpful to you as Will the intern watching all the Top Gear footage in W1A.....

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