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ThraKaTTak and ATTAKcATTRrak Recording Sources?
:: Posted by pcontos on March 14, 2016

I posted this in November and shortly after David Singleton said in his diary that he would eventually posted the sources for Attackatrak.  I don’t think he has yet so I’ll ask kindly again.  Also, if David, Alex or someone can help with the other compilations listed below that would be much appreciated:

Has anyone ever determined where each of the improvs come from on both of these discs?  I thought that information might be in the new THRAK Box but they didn’t reveal.  I saw on Wiki that there was a list on ThaKaTTak but I don’t know how accurate it is.  David Singleton just did the video explaining how he chose the improvs and you can see some of the names of places on the computer he was working on but I don’t know if that is what ended up on the final disc.  Can anyone help?

I’d also be interested in Projeckt One Jazz Café Suite Collector’s Club and Schizoid Improvs from Ladies of the Road.

Thanks guys,


Sunday All Over KC and The Humans
:: Posted by RickyM on March 14, 2016

Over at the Toyah Website, in her March Blog posting, some interesting news re: SAOTW as well as KC and the Humans: 

"Bill Rieflin is taking 2016 off for a sabbatical. Which means, all being good, work on HUMANS 4 can resume in 2017. I am still writing in the mean time and I am spending my Birthday with Bill in Seattle in May.

Because Bill is neither with KING CRIMSON this year nor the HUMANS Robert is talking of re-releasing a live album of SUNDAY ALL OVER THE WORLD and a REMIXED version of KNEELING AT THE SHRINE because he will not record any new KC until Bill is back in action next year, this means SAOTW has his time and attention.

I doubt the release will happen this year…….but it has gone into production as far as planning is concerned."

So, it looks like no new KC studio recordings w/o Bill R. until he returns to active status but some interesting releases coming well into 2017 nonetheless. SAOTW was such an underrated project. I heard they were fantastic live, but personally never had that good fortune to see them firsthand. Now, a potential live release - Yeah!

Hope we Yanks get to see another US KC tour in either late 2016 or at some point in 2017. Fingers crossed.   



:: Posted by emory0 on March 14, 2016

I stop reading this forum for a week or two and look what happens: Drama and excitement and I missed it. Damn.

As for Rieflin I was looking forward to him evolving within the Crimson context. Years ago I really enjoyed my only previous exposure to his playing, The Repercussions of Angelic Behavior: His playing is angular and jazzy, and I was hoping to see that ooze into Crimson as a whole. And maybe it still will if and when he returns, perhaps in time for Crimson to swing through NYC again.

Re; Keith Emerson
:: Posted by Valhalla on March 12, 2016

A lovely tribute by Sid over at Classic Rock. A sad passing indeed of one of rock music’s & not only rock music of course, greatest composers & keyboard maestros. What a sensational player & charismatic individual Emerson was. The most incredible player of his instrument, that I have ever noticed in my years on planet earth. God Bless! RIP.

R.I.P. Keith Emerson
:: Posted by fconte on March 12, 2016

We are all trying to absorb the awful news. He should always be recognized as a great composer in equal billing with his abilities as a performer.

I was thrilled to hear ELP play 21st Century Schizoid Man in Boston several years back. He and Greg also opened a show with Talk with the Wind which was rendered beautifully. Along with Larks Tongues in Aspic (I-IV) and Close to the Edge, Tarkus defined a genre. He will be missed.

God Bless Keith Emerson. Condolences to his family.

:: Posted by MarbleHeadGuitars on March 11, 2016

Just wanted to add a sad farewell to the great Keith Emerson. Many are heartbroken this evening.

Rieflin & Guitar Craft?
:: Posted by DevlinC on March 11, 2016

I wasn’t aware Rieflin was involved in Guitar Craft in the 80s. There’s no mention of it in his Wikipedia or his discography. He seems to appear quite by random in the Crimson patheon in 1999 with the two albums on First World Music. What was his involvement in GC?
Bill has a long association with GC both as a player and as a tutor.

Tree/Fore Tings
:: Posted by davidly on March 11, 2016

Congratulations to Vreeken Mark & Singleton David and band for a job well done.
Solicitation for a smooth sabbatical for Rieflin Bill.

In the Google dialect of Haitian, ’y plisman’ means ’and folding’. Could it be that the Vicar is actually Nigel Tufnel?

See you in September.

A laurel...
:: Posted by HarrySpade on March 10, 2016

... and hearty handshake to you good folks at DGM who are responsible for the latest download, and pretty much everything else you’ve made available. I’m enjoying this Toronto show; while there is a tad bit of distortion in the highs, overall it sounds gigantic on my home theater setup.

I seem to recall Mr. Fripp stating, back in the day, that any given lineup of King Crimson seems to struggle a bit with material from previous lineups. (Am I remembering that correctly?) However it sounds like the current lineup has overcome that bugaboo. The arrangements of the older songs are fantastic, and the new material fits in nicely; familiar yet fresh.

Oh, and I’ll repeat my yearly request for a download of the Plumpton show from 1969. I have the rest of the Epitaph set and would very much like to hear this one.


Re: Connections
:: Posted by rkipp683 on March 10, 2016

You’re surprised at the inner circle of DGM being offended at your slagging of an RF associate who’s worked with him longer (in chronological terms) than Pat, Jakko & Gavin, for instance? Good work DannyX!


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