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The Frippoverse
:: Posted by Ornate_Coal_Man on February 27, 2014

"The Frippoverse"

Having read this blog for many years now, there are certain things that, if one were to google it, would self-referentially relate back to this place. Terms, characters, and vocabulary practically unique to the "Frippoverse". Including, without limitation:

1. "Squerd": Not exclusive to here, apparently a comic book character in the DC Universe as well (I was always, and emphatically so, a Marvel Guy, so yeah, no clue).

2. "Audient". Never an audience member, i.e., a member of the collective, but rather, quite simply, a humble "audient". Atomized to the very essence.

3. "Breadenborough". Like, apparently, Middlesborough, but not nearly as obscure as THAT. Even Gareth Southgate abandoned that sinking ship. I think theyíre stuck in the 3rd division now (err, sorry, League 1). No doubt "Breadenborough" is much too good for "O Jogo Bonito". Then again, maybe not: the "Chattering Classes" have discovered footie, after all.

4.File Under the Mr. McFeelyís of the Neighborhood: "Mr. Cheese Constructionist" and "Mr. Romainís (Lettuce) Emporium" Although, whereas Fred Rogers always donned that sweater, Fripp has apparently traded in the black leather jacket and tie look (originally made famous by certain members of the, ahem, Majority Wing of the old Russian Social Democratic Labor Party) for a proper suit and tie. Still waiting for the Trolley and fish tank...not quite so speedy delivery on these, it seems.

5. "VOG"---"Venal Old Goat": most likely requires an old time wrist watch affixed to the front collar of the suit jacket. "By Jove, Lord Clive, good help is so hard to find. Quite".

6. "Blowerís" The only place in the entire world where patrons apparently receive a complimentary copy of the Financial Times with their cappuccino? I think so. Who knew? Only in the Fripppverse.

7. "Night World". gives headaches to music reporters who donít fact check the newest David Bowie release. Not nearly as ominous as it sounds.

8. the 50000 foot coffee cup, perhaps out of Aliceís Wonderland. Usually appears in the more pastoral scenes (outside of London, thatís what, 98% of England? Why else would the entire non-London population be mandated to subscribe to "Country Life"? :) ). Simply has to be seen to be believed. So big a rabbit can fit into it, with ample room for a yearís supply of carrots.

So, what thinks you all? What other entires regularly reappear in the Frippoverse?

KC Oct. 28, 2003, House of Blues
:: Posted by DeVito on February 26, 2014

I tried listening to that Asia "Valkyrie" thing and couldnít stand more than a minute of it -- felt like I was drowning in a viscous mix of tapioca pudding and cheap perfume. Recovered by listening to the ripping "FaKcts of Life" rave-up from the new House of Blues 2003 download at top volume, chased it with "Power To Believe II" and finished with the crushing version of "Red." Whew. Please, guys, no more Asia!

from the John Mclaughlin website
:: Posted by towzer on February 26, 2014

Dear Friends,
I write to inform you that due to extenuating circumstances , I was obliged to sever my association with Christophe Deghelt and his company, both formal and informal.
For two months he has blocked my access to my Twitter and Facebook accounts for reasons unknown.
Because of this, I have created a new Twitter account that is called: @jmcl_gtr
Please inform as many of your friends as quickly as possible that anything that can be found in the old Twitter account: @JMcLaughlinTour has no connection whatsoever to me, and all enquiries concerning myself, my recordings and tours can only be found on the new account @jmcl_gtr
Please excuse this confusing situation, but we will be up and running within a day or two.
Many thanks and warmest wishes to you all,

New Asia track
:: Posted by ChewChewGumChew on February 25, 2014

WOW! The new Asia track, "Valkyrie" is waaaay cool. JW rules!!!!!

Revulsion will be my epitaph
:: Posted by J_Godfrey on February 25, 2014

Iím a bit concerned that DGM feels the need to reveal Fripp picking up an STI in 1969.  For an individual who, quite understandably, maintains a private life under public scrutiny, putting such information on the Internet is contradicting.

Is Fripp taking a leaf out of Rick Wakemanís books?  Can we look forward to tales of Fripp Flatulence?  Are there any soundboard recordings of KC members peeing in a tin bath?  (Oh crikey, why the heck did I read that Wakeman book?)

On a similar line, I personally hope that the recently mentioned Red-era diaries remain private.  Surely no good can come of it?  Itís no secret that the individuals involved in that recording werenít íbest buddiesí as such, for numerous reasons, professional and personal...  Nothing new there in the world of music/bands.  Such gossip attracts only thinking of the so-called ílowerí variety, right?

In my opinion, the music got made, the í72-í74 band has its following, both then and now...  So canít it be left at that?  If anyone ended up with a hurty penis, does the world need to be reminded?  Let the music continue to speak for itself.

Well, enough of my unsolicited opinions - terribly misguided and misinformed, Iím sure - for now.  Mind your genitals, folks.

KCCC releases being made available at Amazon and record shops?
:: Posted by DanielK on February 25, 2014

It appears that a few KCCC releases have been re-released and can be found at brick and mortar stores and Amazon.

I canít recall seeing anything about this, but maybe I missed the announcement.

Is the plan to release them all, or just a select subset?


Just those titles, Dan.

world's largest
:: Posted by Tom239 on February 25, 2014

Amazon recommends books to its customers, and--as Mr. Fripp noted in his 9 March 2013 diary entry--the recommendations are not always stellar.

According to a recent article in The New Yorker, Amazonís recommendations are for sale: "Amazon demanded ever-larger co-op fees and better shipping terms; publishers knew that they would stop being favored by the siteís recommendation algorithms if they didnít comply." This may not come as a shock to anyone familiar with the ways of commerce (e.g., payola in the music biz) but itís good to be aware of.

:: Posted by albemuth on February 25, 2014

I think this was just another of Robertís overly matter-of-fact statements.  He probably knows that madness is not a choice and entails terrible suffering.  In any case, in a world gone mad, at least some of the people called mad have something to tell us: "If I could turn you on, if I could drive you out of your wretched mind, if I could tell you, Iíd let you know."

It's a mad mad mad mad world
:: Posted by DannyX on February 25, 2014

From the diary, two days previous: "And concerns with the personal wellbeing of a Circler on last weekís course in Caorle."

Going, goin, gone!
:: Posted by eggplant on February 25, 2014

Old school
:: Posted by emory0 on February 25, 2014

"which RF should accept and apologize for"

Well, I didnít perceive this as being any sort of bias, but just an old school (mis)understanding.

Back in the day, we used to think that people went "mad" because their thinking kind of went off. But now we know, for instance, that Schizophrenics (for instance) have a degenerative brain disease. Bipolar/manic depressives are not just people with a pessimistic personality, but their brain is also suffering a physical disorder. Seems thereís relatively little "crazy" left aside from physical disease.

Hello this is eggplant. I guess you know my family. I donít think I have a problem with any of the comments. Bobsí was just an observation made to an email sent to him. Fine, fine, fine.Just a word from the otherside.  W.S.K.

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