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Re: Burning questions give you so much more
:: Posted by markmmarkm on September 19, 2014

Obviously, I cannot answer for RF, but if I may weigh in...

Perhaps we all realize that religious fundamentalism is essentially faith w/o reason.

But strict science just inverts the fundamentalism: reason w/o faith.

Faith, then, is the Satan of science.

Your remarkable experiences are your own, personal evidence.

For answers, I really like Jane Robertsí "Seth" books.

But most any answer elicits further Qís anyway.

"Your particular society has set up such an artificial division between intuitional and intellectual knowledge that only the intellectually apparent is given credence. With all of their dire faults and distortions, religions have at least kept alive the idea of unseen, valid worlds [such as afterdeath environments distorted as heavens or hells]..."

--Seth/Jane, Sess 691

Burning questions give you so much more
:: Posted by Tom239 on September 19, 2014

For Mr. Fripp: What is the most compelling evidence you know of for dualism? I refer to the dualism implicit in Mr. Frippís describing death as a flying away, his assertions that certain house(s) are haunted, and personal experience he describes as having received downloads of music from a not-so-mundane realm, contact with which (if Iíve understood correctly) Mr. Fripp sees as mediated by other than the usual five senses. Iíve had remarkable first-hand experiences (some involving music, some not) that are tempting to interpret dualistically ("spiritualistically", if you prefer)--but I remain unconvinced because dualism creates more questions than it answers, at least as I see it.

Buy the Tour Box!
:: Posted by albemuth on September 19, 2014

Iíve been listening to my copy of the Tour Box and enjoying it a great deal.  There is certainly some truth to Trey Gunnís remark that "KC is RFís vision."  But, at the same time, the Tour Box (and, no doubt, any other conceivable presentation of "the elements of KC") shows that creating KC was an empirical, communal process, spread over many years.  Each of us probably has his or her favorites, but KC is "greater than the sum of its elements."  And maybe thatís why we keep putting together compilations.

Adrian Belew is not on this tour, but the Box reasserts the importance of his contribution (especially his guitar playing). And listening to the various tracks, I am left with the impression that the most recent KC has made a fundamental breakthrough for "the KC drummer."  Someone up the page noted that the three drummers are using rhythmic cells somewhat like the Guitar Craft "circulations."  I agree; it seems to nudge them further away from "fills" and more towards the "inside" of the music.  There is much more to be said about the Box, but I will stop there.

Burning Q for RF
:: Posted by AndrewJohn on September 19, 2014

  Elementally do you know what you are doing?

:: Posted by AndrewJohn on September 19, 2014

..had mine a week in the UK(...still the UK thank goodness!).

 Live In Paris is a great 3CD set. I resisted downloading this waiting for the release and Iím glad I did.

 The music(?) is/was so ínot 1975í then .....

.....now... I wonder if the duo had been exposed to the industrial sounds of England; engineering, steel, foundry, coal works etc in their formative years this sort of industrial, droning repetitious music may not have fascinated them so much. For me these connections resonated when I heard this music with an unearthliness that I clearly have loved.

 However I am also sure that this listening will continue as a rather solitary pleasure.......not many then or now really enjoy this. This sound of course has also been inculcated in KC down the years. Fripps restrained but appropriate, perhaps improvised, guitar is fine.

 Al Okadaís notes are great in the excellent booklet. CD3 can be enjoyed by revealing the possibilities of the looped sounds in a different context and respects the completist, as many of us are. 

After my second listening.....the sense of reward has increased........a good sign.

So looking forward to my next loop back to the beginning.......but now on to Discretion..

(Ps. I recall the considerable derision that came my way at school as I was an advocate of (No Pussyfooting) in the sixth form, especially TheHMC which I got played (perhaps not in full though!) at The New Music Society 1973/4, .......and perhaps ironically, certainly not directly encouraging a fellow to name his dog Frippandeno!

:: Posted by GonzalezPaulo on September 19, 2014

Such a great idea froggy55.... to see Robert performing with Daryl Hall in an episode of Live At Darylís House.

Iíd love to see Fripp playing a live version of that excelent song DONíT BLAME IT ON LOVE which he recorded with Daryl Hall & John Oates on their 1978 album ALONG THE RED LEDGE.

Or some of the best songs on Darylís solo album SACRED SONGS.... SOMETHING IN 4/4 TIME, BABS AND BABS, THE FURTHER AWAY I AM and DONíT LEAVE ME ALONG WITH HER...

Fripp & Eno - Paris Olympia CD verdict?
:: Posted by calyx1 on September 19, 2014

as of today i have not received it yet (thought it wouldíve arrived by now) so i cannot comment. hopefully it will arrive very soon!

:: Posted by Grayzone on September 19, 2014

Question for TL. "Lv is the heaviest element in the band. How does that feel!

My question
:: Posted by kitchens on September 19, 2014

For anyone: In all your travels where did you encounter the best coffee?

Burning question for Mr Fripp
:: Posted by mpkeen71 on September 19, 2014

How many suits did you bring for the tour and who is responsible for getting them dry cleaned?

The Trending of the Crimson King
:: Posted by skullsaw on September 19, 2014

Did anyone else notice that yesterday, for a short time, Crimson was "Trending" on Yahooís front page? Of course you didnít, who the hell uses Yahoo aside from me. But yes, for a few fleeting minutes our favorite boy band was right up there with Kaley Cuoco and Valerie Bertinelli.

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