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:: Posted by myshadow on October 07, 2014

The first time I saw KC was at Winterland with the Islands band.  Then the Larks Tongue Band at Berkeley and the Cow Palace and every touring unit that hit Seattle up to last night.
The fact that half of these guys are close to 70  and playing music this intense is dazzling.
After opening with Larks Tongue Pt. 1 came   Vroom and Coda,  were long and almost punishing.  Scarcity was absolutely incandescent. They went into Red and actually started to swing.  The drummers syncopate their parts so that the percussion pans the audience.  They are all different and add incredible texture.  Then the next 5 numbers kind of blended, and the tension was a little off, it was hard to feel which way these guys would go then, on with the flute duet, being a bit longer with Fripp finishing with an actually funny flourish.  He hadnít injected humor in any performance like this and it tickled every one.  I was starting to worry they were scrapping the Islands stuff but that was next.  Both were amazing.  In the Letter, Fripp played a tasty fill that sounded like harpsichord that was just beautiful. Jakkoís guitar parts were great and very tasteful.  Sailorís Tale smoked.  Mel was a bit restrained this gig but ferocious especially during Nightmare and Starless.  Jakko did the churning wah wah thing, Fripp cracked a smirk during this and seemed to cover a bit for Jakko who was having trouble with his ear monitors.  Starless was spectacular, the drummers became one, and it came to a very powerful climax.  They returned quickly for the encore which had Gavin doing the drum solo in 21st.  This gig was absolutely breath taking.  I left exhausted and felt glorious to have experienced it.

The Tour
:: Posted by Ukulele on October 07, 2014


So glad you did this last tour King Crimson. Know it was a lot of work from you all but it really paid off with exceptional music and a lot of joy for the audience. P.S. Thanks for starting on time also and no cell phones YAY!


Chicago Sept 26 and
:: Posted by abunai on October 07, 2014

I saw Crimson play at Park West in Chicago in 2008 - two nights in a row. Those were incredible shows, and are still some of best shows, from any band, that Iíve ever seen. I was thrilled to finally see them play and was not disappointed.

Then Friday, September 26, 2014 happened... and suddenly it was like I had never actually seen King Crimson before. Not trying to detract from how great the í08 shows were at all, but this - THIS - was King Crimson. The real deal. I was blown away, captivated, barely even wanting to take sips of the drink I had for fear of losing the moment. Iíd be very curious to see if anyone in the band felt íthe beastí was present in the room that night, because I was definitely feelin it! I was looking forward to seeing Starless the most - but much to my surprise, a song I had regretfully not paid too much attention to until that night stole the show for me - The Letters. That song did me in. When it was over, I looked over at my dad and whispered, "What the hell just happened?!"

Side note: I loved hearing a lot more of the free jazz elements of KC in play with this lineup, a genre Iíve been getting heavily into as of late and it was a treat to hear and see. Itís an element from the 70s incarnations of the band I always loved, so happy to see it return.

Many, many thanks to the band and everyone involved in making this tour happen.

One last thing: I couldnít resist sharing the following picture. A couple of months ago our 18 month old started making what we call "the face". The morning after seeing KC at the Vic, it suddenly hit me what the face reminded me of. So I handed him a copy of a certain LP, and this happened.

Indiscipline teased?
:: Posted by SoulForHire on October 07, 2014

A few people on setlistfm are insisting that portions of Indiscipline were played/teased during Starless during the Saturday, October 4, 2014 show in San Francisco. I was there and did not hear anything that sounded like even a snippet of Indiscipline. However, those people at setlistfm are so insistent.

Can anyone (i.e., Sid) verify if Indiscipline was even teased?
Discipline was not played - teased or otherwise.

Gig Complaints
:: Posted by simkin_eden on October 07, 2014

From here in the UK, where the new lineup have yet to indicate whether they will be performing or not, it is getting a bit galling to read the moans and groans about KCís gigs. We even have to put up with people posting about how many theyíve been too - even consecutive nights! It would seem to be some people donít know how fortunate they are!

As for Robertís interaction with the audience - he has never been that kind of performer, he is a musician, and in my view a remarkable one. The two occasions I saw the KC play in the 1970s I went to see him play (and brilliantly too) not to come away complaining that he didnít wave to the crowd or some similar nonsense.

Live Studio Albums
:: Posted by AcousticPhenomena on October 07, 2014


Although Iíd love to see something like this on DGMLive, Iím working for my own personal collection on a little project. I noticed that the Double Trio performed all of the songs from Discipline, so Iíve decided to put together a "Live Album" of discipline performed entirely by the double trio. Does anyone have any suggestions as to particularly ripping performances?

I then started to think which other albums this would be possible for, LTIA and SABB by the 74 guys, and TCoL I think are the only other lurkers, but theyíre sure to sound great! LTIA and SABB will probably have some great pickinís from the new Starless box.


Acoustic Phenomena

Re: DVD?
:: Posted by apisch on October 07, 2014

The only "camera crew" I saw at the Vic Theatre in Chicago on Sept. 26 was Sid.  - Tony

Yep - there's no live DVD in the pipeline folks.

Last night of the Elements tour, Moore Theatre, Seattle, WA
:: Posted by the_misha on October 07, 2014

Just got home from seeing the last night of the "Elements" tour, at the Moore Theatre in Seattle. What an absolutely singular experience! I am fortunate beyond words to have been present for this performance, and blessed to be able to carry this music and these memories away with me. There were so many brilliant moments that any attempt at calling out a "highlight" of the evening would be ludicrous; it would be easier to select a "perfect" star in the night sky. Better to call it what it was: a holistically spectacular musical tour-de-force, an experience not unlike being flung over the back of a wild horse and dragged through the whirlwind of King Crimsonís 40+ year oeuvre.

Also, all of the Crims looked absolutely dashing in formal attire. :D

Seattle...First Impressions
:: Posted by DanAnderson on October 07, 2014

Seattle gig...Phew! The drumming trio restructured the songs. Everyone has praised them but having seen the beast, they are understated in their influence over the material.

I had to listen with new ears.

The second impression was that this Crimson was an organic one. Very little electronic drums, Mel on the sax - organic.

Jakko handled the vocals very well except for on One More Red Nightmare. Either it was no his range or his voice was tired. But you should have heard him in The Letters. After the nearly free-form instrumental section towards the end, thereís a moment of silence. Then he blasts out "Impaled on nails of ice." Epic!

From where I was sitting, it sounded like Mel Collins was undermiked (or my nosebleed was interfering with my hearing - I was up in the rafters. lol)

The crowd was appreciative and not intrusive. Where I was sitting there was attentive listening going on and no photos being taken. This was worthy of the fan raves and the positive news reviews and I am glad I was there.
Okay boys, take a deep breath, get a good nights sleep, and then letís get crackiní on the concert downloads and DVDs! Timeís a wastiní and thereís fans to satisfy and money to be made.

Burning Questions answered?
:: Posted by mutant on October 06, 2014

Did any of the band choose to answer any of the Burning fan questions yet?

I thought mine was pretty good, again whats the deal basically with the headphones Mr. Fripp?

Are you perhaps moonlighting on an aircraft carrier somewhere helping to land fighter jets between stops on this tour or something?   

Iíve seen in ear monitoring for live performances before, but rarely someone wearing full headphones...what brand are they anyways I wonder?

Or are they simply sound protective? 

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