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:: Posted by Yalien on November 03, 2014

If I could ever ask one thing of Robert Fripp, it would be to bring back the one-time track Zoom from Live at the Zoom Club in 1972.

This is one of the most blisterin, jaw dropping pieces of music Crimson has ever produced. Add the improv Zoom Zoom which follows and this is undoubtedly the hottest music Iíve ever heard Crimson compose, record and play. Its a shame it was only a bootleg.

Fripp and co.... do you know how much money youíd make if you brought this song and a rendiution of that improv back onto a 2014 album?

If SWANS can release a triple disc vinyl of 2 hours of proggy avant-garde post-rock, than so can Crimson. I would KILL to hear an album where Crimson didnít truncate themselves and allowed the record to perfectly replicate the live jamming experience.

Zoom and Zoom Zoom are so good, I canít help but wonder what reaction Crimson would have got had they released those pieces on proper recording equipment in the 70s. Iíve never been this moved by music before, even by Crimsonís standards. Why did this song get lost in time?

Kids today have more patience than ever with avant-garde music. I own many popular albums released in the last few years that go above and beyond the 1 LP format and manage to perfect the progressive mentality without pomp and tediousness. The Knifeís Shaking the Habitual from 2013 is a great example of a slick and mean triple album of long musical passages and powerful grooving bursts. Why stick to 45 to 50 minutes when Crimsonís best moments have been in the development of a piece spanning 15 to 45 minutes a track. I want to hear these talented musicians play dammit! :)

Seriously though, please consider resurrecting Zoom and Zoom Zoom. They are too good to let die. Plus, I think the current band could do them justice.

Earthbound 40th Anniversary Edition
:: Posted by WhiskeyVengeance on November 03, 2014

So it seems Earthbound will be a part of the 40th Anniversary Series after all (if the last page of the Elements tour box booklet is to be believed). Will it be another massive box, this time with all the soundboard and audience recordings from the í72 tour? Will we get to hear the glorious Summit Studios recording in 24/96? Does DGM have some kind of secret technology that can expand two-track cassette soundboard recordings made in from the back of a Volkswagen truck in the rain into full 5.1? The imagination is running wild!

Great News!
:: Posted by bloggulator on November 03, 2014

Outside of the (stunning) news from September 2013 when King Crimson re-emerged, and then the recent US tour - the talk from RF of new KC music is the best possible news that I could have ever expected.

Just wow!

An Evening With JeffTruzzi
:: Posted by DannyX on November 03, 2014

"I still have the ticket stub, the end with the price torn off."

(Some) SPOKEN IDEAS ON THE MUSIC SYSTEM...GA - $7, Students - $5.

Those were the days.

Cluck cluck
:: Posted by Bakullama on November 03, 2014

Maybe not sociopathic, but chickenshit in the grandest sense... To put it in fowl terms. All I can say is why? Why bother taping or recording? What good is it?

happy to read the news today
:: Posted by holmini on November 03, 2014

the news today, that Robert Fripp and Jakko M. Jakszyk have begun to work on new material in the kc spirit is not something I would have predicted to expect. As the Elements tour could be looked upon as a completion of king crimson music, featuring music from many eraís of the band - it is stunning news that there might be a further chapter for the future - this news makes me feel very happy ! 

An Evening With DannyX
:: Posted by JeffTruzzi on November 03, 2014

Ha! No, it wasnít me. My friend drove his clunker to the gig.
I still have the ticket stub, the end with the price torn off.

:: Posted by emory0 on November 03, 2014

"But equating that with sociopathic behavior...seriously?"

I knew that would come out kinda wrong. But consider the context: Youíve been been invited as a "friend or family" member to attend a free Crimson concert, and prior to the performance a recording is played of the band asking you not to tape. (And letís not forget Frippís multi-decade, unwavering stance in this regard.)

Seems to me that you have to have something kind of missing in order to proceed with your taping. But my point wasnít so much to try to state conclusively that the taper would have to be a sociopath, but thereís the distinct possibility that the taper will really not respond to ANY combination of messages or context asking not to tape. In that case, I think the usual expectations for a persons normal human behavior have to be relinquished.

Re: Scumbag?
:: Posted by AcousticPhenomena on November 03, 2014

I would just like to say for the record that I went to 2 KC shows this tour and did not take pix, did not record shows, did not disrupt. I was a good boy. I donít want to give off the vibe that I am this guy, rebelliously taping all kinds of shows.

I canít believe RF and JJ are in the studio recording new stuff! And listening to the live cuts! Certainly a great reason to hold off!

Spiritual Practices from the Gurdjieff Work with Cynthia Bourgeault
:: Posted by ironageuk on November 03, 2014

Just occurred to me that this íonline retreatí or íat a distanceí course might appeal to some people who come to Robert and DGM Live from their interest in Bennett and Gurdjieff or who now have an interest in those areas thanks to Robert. Iím participating in, not earning from this promotion, hope thatís ok.

Started today.

Details here

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