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Re; Cat Food download
:: Posted by Valhalla on June 03, 2015

Certainly a ’different’ version indeed! Strange hearing it without Tippett’s ’crazy’ piano playing. Interesting drumming at times also!

sonic snake oil
:: Posted by AdrianReynolds on June 02, 2015

"Whilst many naysayers believe HiDef audio is ’snake oil’, with the right technology, the subtle, yet profound differences in the format are quite pleasurable for the discerning, deep listener of music."

So: those who hear such distinctions are discerning and deep. And the rest of us..?

I don’t have a horse to back in this race - just interested in the ways that people defend/argue/spin their choices.

'let the power fall' reissue and HiDef flac
:: Posted by SonicReducer on May 31, 2015

Hi fellow Fripp-o-philes,

Having recently become enamoured with the sonics of Robert Fripp, especially the ’Frippertronics’, I am curious to know whether the ’let the power fall’ album will be reissued, or is it being suppressed due to legal reasons?

Furthermore, is it possible to have the download FLACs on this site available in HIDef FLAC or DSD? At present the uncompressed FLAC’s are only in the standard ’redbook’ format of 16bit-44.1Hz, while HiDef formats of King Crimson and more recnt Fripp collaborations are avaialbe in the better reolution 192/94-24bit formats..

Whilst many naysayers believe HiDef audio is ’snake oil’, with the right technology, the subtle, yet profound differences in the format are quite pleasurable for the discerning, deep listener of music.

Let The Power Fall is one of the titles that will be reissued but no date has been set for this yet. There are currently no HiDef download plans

Richard Pinhas
:: Posted by revroth on May 31, 2015

Robert has referred to Richard as a personal friend in his diaries on at least one occasion.

In the wake of king Pinhas
:: Posted by TheNightWatcher on May 31, 2015

One of the reasons I love music so much is the process of discovery itself of so many previously-unknown gems. One such recent case for me was the unearthing of a French group called Heldon, which I found upon browsing the discography of japanoise artist Merzbow, for he has made two beautiful records with Richard Pinhas, the mastermind of Heldon.

On further investigation, I ended up acquiring Stand By and Interface, then, enamoured with the whole sound of the project, I acquired the rest and I’m surprised by how powerful the music is and specially by Pinhas’ ability to orchestrate the whole thing. Sure, there are other occasional members but, differently from King Crimson, where the contributions cames from all front more often than not, here it is the guitarist’s vision which dominates single-handedly.

For those like me who cringe at cheap-cheesy generalisations, Richard Pinhas is often called France’s Robert Fripp. And though that can be argued to present a disservice to both artists, in this case it is quite justified, for Pinhas has openly acknowledged Fripp’s influence in his work and Heldon’s discography, mostly Stand By, sounds a lot like King Crimson’s first six years. His guitar tone is the famous laser beam from "Asbury Park". Not only that, but Allez Teia even has a song dedicated to Fripp and Eno, and another one he went so far as to name it "In The Wake Of King Fripp".

That said, Heldon also differs a lot from King Crimson, being very oriented to electronics, many pieces being buit around his Moog Modular synthesizer or at least featuring it with prominence. And that is only example.
One could argue that they were equally influenced by Krautrock as Fripp and Eno, and that would be true, but nothing changes the fact that Pinhas is indeed a self-proclaimed Fripp disciple, and always wore that on his sleeve.

I’d recommend anyone interested to check Heldon.
And for those who know it, what are your views on their work and influence?
The most interesting point for me would be, and I cannot hide it, if is there any evidence that either Fripp or Eno know that such project exists at all?

Joanna Walton
:: Posted by RayMaybe on May 31, 2015

Sadly Joanna was killed in the bombing of Pan Am flight 103

Live from Daryl's House w/ Robert Fripp & A Few Heroes From The Past
:: Posted by dirtycat1 on May 29, 2015

I would give any amount of money to see Daryl Hall perform again with Robert Fripp. I have always been a huge fan of the "Exposure" album on which Daryl contributes not only the soulful singing for which he is so renowned, but also displays an even wider range of visceral emotion for which, at the time, he was not so renowned. I also would like to acknowledge as well as inquire about the availability of Tony Levin, Joanna Walton, Jerry Marotta, Eno (and so on) whose contributions to the recording were vital to it’s artistic success. Would he consider inviting some of these musicians on his show, Live from Daryl’s House? Just some "Food for Thought" from the mind of one devoted & concerned fan…Cheers!

Phil Berkowitz (Musician Entrepreneur)

Re: 1974 concert footage
:: Posted by mikefrost on May 28, 2015

Nope. The footage from Careful With That Axe is from a lower angle. The snapshot from the front of the Arlington cover is higher up (maybe a tier?). The mystery continues...

The cover image is from a set of photos taken by Gary Weisel at the New York Academy of Music a couple of weeks before the Arlington show. You can see more of these on the tour dates page for September 22, 1973

Vicars shakespearian dilemna
:: Posted by Bakullama on May 28, 2015

To stream or not to stream
To suffer the slings and arrows of the big boys.

In my humble opinion, all of this hubbub about rights, royalties, registration, redistribution, remixing, etc. is killing the actual joy of music itself.

As long as there is someone other than the artist with a hand out for a piece of the action... Then it is not a clean and free (or fair) medium.

I believe people are steering away from new and unusual and creative music more and more and are mainly listening to what they are being fed by Disney and the music mafia only. ( and the ever available, drive to work, radio fare, "classic rock" ).... A captive audience. Same as TV... Same as politics... Same as the six styles of shirts in wal-mart.

Thankfully there are a bunch of older guys at progressiveears, here, and other specialized sites who keep the dream alive for the artists and the discerning listeners. No million sellers lately. No GOLD records. The hurdle An independent label has to jump is to get more than 2000 people to look their way.

Its nice to get a new shiny version of LIZARD every year... But crap, I already have a few and I like the old ATLANTIC RECORDS copy best. They should have made the old vinyl self destruct after a year or two.

John Wetton
:: Posted by Bakullama on May 28, 2015

Probably one of my favorite vocalists ever, I found it interesting (and surprising) to hear that he has / had been influenced by "church music".

And that led me to thinking that as we get older do we tend to "come back to, or lean on, God more? Perhaps in a quiet desperation or penance of sorts? I would guess that church music influence was from his childhood or very early years.

I have heard much of Johns works over the years and have not really made a church music connection in the past... Romantic, pondering, introspective maybe.... Not religious though.

And until RFs Churchscapes came about, not much of a religious connection there either... Spiritual perhaps, but no where near Church-like.

That is not to say that John or any of these artists I listen to can’t be or aren’t religious persons. But it just came as a surprise to me.

Just wondering aloud.... No conclusions or statements of fact.

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