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Shallowest murky waters ever, eh!
:: Posted by TheNightWatcher on March 01, 2015

Folks, are we on the run to try to make some of the dopiest posts ever before the Guestbook closes down? Is there a prize to be won? Because if there is, there are people here clearly fighting with all their might to win!

I mean, most of us are with our hearts and brains in the right place, continuing on with our trivias and factual discussions that enrich and expand our lives in small but significant ways via bonding with those who share our interests and learning new things even if small, so the mini-rant above is not for such (prevailing) case. Thatís cool, Iím not that misanthropic! And I do want to know who says "Rock and Roll is about fucking..." too - I donít have that LOG record youíre talking about, so I understand that if I said Steve Albini Iíd be right off the mark.

No, the dopey ones are those small nuclei of uninformed matter-of-fact posts and general conspiracy theoricism abounding from the recesses of deep web or something like that, and Bakullama, you really excelled yourself with the last one. Iíd almost say "Congratulations", but alas, not, I facepalmed so hard through that one and now I have a residual headache thanks to it...

Damn pharaohs, how could we ever trust them! Apart from lasting 3000 years or so of brilliance in achievements for mankind, what did the Ancient Egyptians ever do to us? Them and their many gods who are all manifestations of the devil because they are nothing like our one and true God YHWH continue to fool us today! Man, if only Nectanebo II didnít disappear from history to continue his lineage in the south, the world would not be so fucked up today!

I bet Kazakhstan is their new nation now, because the capital is named Astana as in the anagram for Satan (save one more íaí letter, but thatís to fool us all!). Liars, they say it means "the capital" in their language, but it is OBVIOUS it doesnít, since there is only one true language in the world, the original one, Hebrew, and everything that includes the same letters as the name which must not be named is unmistakably a cognate of that word! It is the capital alright, of the New World Order, if anything!

Come on now, man, Iím pulling a "Poe" on you here, but are you really that gullible to believe in such nonsense?!
Right down to the root, the all-seeing eye is a modern lie -  the name as such was never used in history except by modern conspiracy trash. The founding fathers of the United States actually called it Eye of Providence to imply that God approved of their undertakings. As for King Crimsonís new poster (which I found quite cool, btw!), no, I bet that is just a young Cyclops.
Interesting that you say symbolisms like these are "all over" western cities when Washington DC is actually an exception and not a rule of pre-designed city, most others like London, Dijon, Venice and DŁsseldorf et al. grew out of hand and without planning whatsoever up until modern times, so to assume otherwise is absolutely bogus.

The reason why you see such cheesy symbolism popping up everywhere nowadays is because it is a fad, just like hair metal and leather was in the 80s, just like psychedelia and hippyism was in the 60s, just like idolising Kurt Cobain was in the 90s and 00s, nothing more.
Modern crap like pop and rap stars such as Perry and West use it because they want their cardboard products to sell and because they havenít an original idea in their heads so, since Illuminati conspiracy is en vogue, it is guaranteed that if they go there and adopt these stylistics thereíll be repercussions which are beneficial to their "careers". This is called "Marketing", if youíve never heard of it.
Funny how Tupac Shakur was supposedly killed for trying to expose the Freemasons/Illuminati/Reptilians/What-have-you world control then but now everybody assumes they exist and no-one dies for it. So much for a secret society...
How come everybody knows they exist but youíll never meet anybody who is a member and nobody can do a damn thing against them? Kind of misses the whole point of being secretive: if they hold so much power, they could come out of the shadows right now, admit they are pulling the strings and still remain unfettered.

As "Dukeís Travels" goes: "You kill what you fear/And you fear what you donít understand". Too much goes into an uninformed head and everything becomes a reason to doubt and fear, so try to practise a little critical thinking every now and then - it creates intelligence and does a brain good! Itíll also help you not to group Ancient Egyptians, Khazars, jesuits, Templars, Freemasons, Illuminati together, because they have nothing to do with each other and to call them all satanic is just another reflection of holding ignorance as a trophy.

I could go on and on, but I imagine that would be useless. No amount of skepticism and reasonable argument will take fundamentalists out of their proverbial asses for a taste of Occamís Razor and what the world truly looks like, for to live in their own mental concoctions brings them a sense of wisdom, power and comfort that they would never find elsewhere. The broken heads of these pundits are what is truly wrong with the whole story: so damn dysfunctional and malicious that everywhere they look they project their overbloated egos and imagine the world is out to get them!

I shall conclude by saying that things might indeed get "hairy" if you go deep enough into these matters because you might end up realising that all of this amounts to nothing but paranoia, ignorance and misinformation - the world is much simpler than that, and also much more complex.

Now, donít you think "Songs About Fucking" is the quintessencial brutal punk rock record?

:: Posted by Bakullama on March 01, 2015

The reason I find so compelling King Crimsons music from the first album to the last, is that it is all literally swimming in mysterious and dark imagery. A little less during the Belew period, but still very apparent. From Moonchild to The ConstruKction of light...Starless, Epithah, Great deceiver...someone could probably write a book on that esoteric subject alone...

I talk too much. Sorry.

Dark Symbolism
:: Posted by Bakullama on March 01, 2015

This "illuminati" symbolism is everywhere now, but especially prevalent in the entertainment and music industry. The eye of Horus, the pyramidal shapes, the luciferian hand signs, the masonic checkerboard, etc etc. The Super bowl half time show had Katy Perry riding a beast made of pyramidal shapes across a masonic checkerboard stage, and more, if you watch closely. Popular music videos cannot seem to get enough of this imagery. Rappers and Lady Gaga and Eminem, Nikki Minaj use it for all itís worth. Television shows are dripping with satanic and illuminati imagery. Death cult stuff. Hollywood itself is named after the wood of holly made to cast spells. Like a magic wand I suppose.

Most of the imagery dates back to the time of the pharaohs. Some believe the descendants of the Pharaohs are still around today, running the whole show, perhaps freemasons, Khazars, jesuits, Templars, etc. or that satanic cults have just hijacked the symbolism because it looks cool. Who knows? Whatever the reason, satan, illuminati, occultism et al, is selling like hotcakes. I have a hard time believing this is a good thing. But it is an interesting current to observe... Hey, itsís splattered all over the dollar bill , Washington DC, And most of Western major cities.

For those who find these things of interest, check out the city of ASTANA in Kazakistan. Its a real city, and Astana is of course an anagram for satan. Donít dig too deep tough... It gets kind of hairy.

All seeing eye?
:: Posted by chessplayer on February 28, 2015

The meaning of that KC San Francisco show must be well hidden under the cover of a bunch of cheap illmuminatiís symbols. Frankly, I donít like it.
Rightly, nobody cares.

Trivial trivia
:: Posted by albemuth on February 28, 2015

Is it Julie Christie?

Just kidding!  For the first time, I made the connection between the added voices on the LOG album and the voices on Matching Moleís Little Red Record (which Robert produced). 

re: trivial trivia question
:: Posted by stephen on February 27, 2015

Sara Lee I believe

cat diet as per Andy from oz
:: Posted by StarlessBibleBlack on February 27, 2015

Insightful read Andy! Bravo sir, Peteís written has always been shrouded with so much obscure references and anecdotes. I was wrong for thinking that the cat food was a metaphor for something else!

LOG line
:: Posted by jtwillia on February 26, 2015

Geez... I always thought it was Tipper Gore who said "R&R is about fucking..."
On another note, given all the drummer jokes and such, someone posted to my Facebook page an article which stated that research (done under the auspices of Harvard and Cambridge I believe, so it must be true) suggested that drummers are in fact the smartest musicians. And of course, I thought back to Peter Hammillís "K Group" in the 80s, where Hammill dubbed himself "K", Nic Potter was "Mozart," John Ellis "Fury," and Guy Evans, the drummer, was "Brain." Hmmm...

Iriskeys comment
:: Posted by Bakullama on February 26, 2015

Irriskey said...."I would suggest Mr.Singleton is suffering from the effects of years of selfless devotion to doing his job and doing it well. The problem is that he didnít include self-promotion in his job description. That can be remedied."

Excellent post and assessment, Iím sure David Singleton has all the means and tools necessary to remedy his temporary situation.

For the little guys out here, the "hobbyists" such as myself and others. Promotion is daunting, time consuming, and expensive. I like to see it as a fun and creative enterprise... Only as important as we make it.

David Singleton
:: Posted by Irissky on February 26, 2015

I would suggest Mr.Singleton is suffering from the effects of years of selfless devotion to doing his job and doing it well. The problem is that he didnít include self-promotion in his job description. That can be remedied.

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