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Goodbye To The Egg
:: Posted by markmmarkm on September 15, 2014

I didnít watch it all, who has time for that? Seems to have little point and rather a tease or an abuse at worst of fans who cannot see them live.

Swing Crimson
:: Posted by ablobofatoms on September 14, 2014

Any time spent comparing this slinking, stomping, sKronKing, silken, shimmering, swinging state of Crim, apart from language and lineage, to any other form thereof seems pointless.

Thank you Adrian Belew. These were my first Crim shows where your playing and voice were not present. You are missed.

Thank you to the Crims and team for allowing me two transcendent evenings at The Kimmel Center. I have been attending Crim performances with hope and purpose since 1982 - 32 of my 46 years ago. To have been permitted to hear songs I hold quite dear, unfold live for me for the first time, was gripping, visceral, emotional and cathartic. Memories flooded. Decades compressed into moments, nanoseconds stretched and snapped, synaptic rubberbands. Breath held tensely, unwittingly, repeatedly. A true thrill-ride on the Crimson Koaster, followed by another.

Decades-dormant diamonds dark, not merely dusted off and displayed, were clutched, shaken, and shot forth devil-may-care like dice down a midnight shadow-shrouded alley illumined tenebrous crimson. Dice shot not for the outcome, rather for the thrill of the roll.

This is a most generous and polite band. Lit simply and well. Laserless. No panels of moving light. No viddies. We are granted full view of all the fleet fingers and focused faces and other bits connected to the bodies that make the voices that we hear at launch practically begging the audients at great length, however amusingly, to kindly reciprocate their invitation by controlling all impulses to remind eveyone that Mr. Levin might also be addressed as "TONYYyyy!", et cetera. The world seems chock-full of self-appointed town criers of the randomly obvious, and a few of them buy tickets to King Crimson shows. Foop. Whatcha gonna do. The great majority of audients appeared to honor the favors asked of them. Philly being Philly, it is at least worth noting that we all left our flare guns and AA batteries at home. Or thankfully forgot to bring them.

Please, future concertgoers, allow this band as much as you can of what little they ask of you and Iím confident youíll reap a fine return on your investment. This bandís current approach might open the entire Crim songbook for potential revisiting, reinterpretation and reinvention and hopefully, a return and a few more exciting chapters to be written.
Check your expectations at the door and leave them there. Forever.
See and hear and feel and enjoy the show, a surprise.

A gift.


Pictures of the City of Brotherly Love
:: Posted by albemuth on September 14, 2014

I was very happy with the KC show of Sept 12th. The acoustics were a little distracting at times but did not cause me any serious problems. The drummers were loud but, from where I was sitting (first level), the other players came through well enough (especially Bob "Dynamics" Fripp). There were some sound reflections in the hall, yes. Or was it those rascally drummers?

The important news is that this is a new combination of players and KC, really and truly, has reinvented its wheel again!  I purposely did not look at the set list before I went to the show -- and had some very nice surprises.  What fun!  Of course there are also some familiar pieces.  But most of the songs have been somewhat restructured, abbreviated in some places and drawn out in others.  And the phrasing and tempo of a few pieces has been intentionally changed (seemingly to make room for the drummers or to make the pieces heavier). 

These modifications and reinterpretations were sometimes off-putting and an automated voice in my head would say ďgee is this working?Ē But -- have faith in the process -- this also is what made the show so exciting! Also, I think I finally accepted that a "good KC show" often entails charging to the edge of chaos but, somehow, not jumping off the brink.  Even though Iíve always tended to like the relatively "clean" KC shows, maybe a "hot date" has to get a little messy (sorry for expanding that metaphor too far). Bottom line: I loved the show, was challenged by it, and came away enriched! 

One last note regarding controlled chaos.  The biggest contributor to KCís special kind of chaos is the KC drummer (or drummers).  The present front line brought a lot of impressive smoke and steam to the proceedings.  But when the downbeat came, they hit it with accuracy and relish!  Yow!  The critical balance! 

It was great to see the KC family again, the audience and the musicians.  We were partying like it was 1969!

9/13/14 Kimmel center
:: Posted by starmore on September 14, 2014

There were indeed some pretty big sound issues IMHO tonight (last night by now) at the Kimmel center. There was a complete lack of bass, esp. Stick. The layout of three drummers in front should have been changed for this gig, the room is designed for acoustic instruments and the drums could and did overwhelm the back line. The drum line did try to use dynamics and were trying to be quite careful, but it is just a fact that they could completely muddle up the sound. I could hear Mr. Fripp pretty clearly, he seemed to be aware of dynamics and came out clearly. Jako was next to be heard in my part of the hall, and then Mel would cut thru. Maybe they should have done an acoustic show?

The Crowd was OK, sure there were some losers shouting but plenty of silence at times. Everyone seems older (and heavier, including me).

hats off to Mel, he used to have a Coltrane thing, now it is more David Sanborn-y (at least on alto). Getting a good soprano sax sound is hard, but he did it. And he plays flute too, folks. His additions to (and soloing on) the classic material made it worthwhile for me.

It really seemed like this could have been called THE SCARCITY OF MIRACLES tour with all the same KC tunes and smaller venues, instead of trying to outdo the Double Trio.

I loved hearing the old stuff reimagined (Vroom with a Bari sax rules)
I have nothing but respect for Jakko and Gavin (and Pat and the new Mr. Bill). But I found myself missing Ade and Bruford. Not because they are "better", or anything trivial like that. I just missed them.

Despite the tone of the above I was happy to see the show and my friends onstage, bought the tourbox (a very nice package, great material and overall design) and thank them all for a very good show.

Philadelphia, September 13, 2014
:: Posted by uhclem on September 13, 2014

I had been excited for weeks leading up to this concert. Having read recently that I could expect to hear live songs that havenít been played live for a very long time, this geezer was very psyched. After all, I bought the first album in 1969 on impulse and fell in love with Fripp and co. as a teenager. In the early 1970ís I saw them perform Larkís Tongue in NYC several times. Those were amazing performances. However....my tastes have moved to classical music and the only live music Iíve heard for the last 15 years has been operas and symphonies and chamber music. Sadly, some of it has been performed in Verizon Hall at the Kimmel Center in Philadelphia. I say sadly as the acoustics there are abysmal. I gave up my subscription to the Kimmel several years ago for that reason. I was hoping that amplified, electronic music might fill the hall better. Nope. The Kimmel did a great disservice to this band. We had seats where the sound should have been good enough, but it was a muddle. There were timing errors between the amped vocals and the electric instruments. Tony Levinís bass was drowned out frequently and Frippís brilliant playing kept getting lost in a shrill, way-too-bright wall of mushed together electronic sound. Maybe this is a projection on my part, but the band seemed to know that the sound was terrible and they were trying hard to compensate. Also, the audience was rude. King Crimson is not Led Zeppelin. The clapping before songs ended ruined some of the most beautiful fades - specifically the fade at the end of Larkís Tongue part II. Talking loudly during the performance and yelling between songs (when the band was trying to concentrate) is not in keeping with what (I think) the band wanted to accomplish. In fact, I would suggest that the band should be treated as classical performers: save applause for the end and listen to the entire song cycle without talking or yelling out the names of songs or performers. Yes, I know itís a rock concert - but King Crimson are virtuosos who perform as thoughtfully as any ensemble of classical performers. The audience can show their appreciation at the end with enthusiastic applause and standing ovations. And be rewarded with an amazing encore or two.

Majesty and Wonder
:: Posted by Irissky on September 13, 2014

... In Philly last night. We had to brush off the shards of phosphorus, magnesium and other heavy metal debris after that transcendental performance.

Even after hearing those early tunes on the album for 45 years, experiencing them live was still astounding.

While the sound was over all very good, I would humbly offer that it could be improved further by bringing Jakkoís beautiful voice forward in the mix, adding more of Tony Levinís low range (the gut rattling octave) and last but not least, be bringing out Bobby Frippís wonderful pointillistic cross-picking accompaniment.

The band and crew can rightly be proud of this performance, it was a real achievement. We canít wait to see King Crimson again tonight.

Truly they are íThe Creme de la Crim.í

Fever dream
:: Posted by EnoMan on September 13, 2014

Catís foot iron claw
Neuro-surgeons scream for more
At paranoiaís poison door.
Twenty first century schizoid man.

Clean shirt, new shoes
And I donít know where I am goiní to.
Silk suit, black tie,
Twenty first century schizoid man.

Blood rack barbed wire
Politiciansí funeral pyre
Innocents raped with napalm fire
Twenty first century schizoid man.

Death seed blind manís greed
Poetsí starving children bleed
Nothing heís got he really needs
Youíll never catch me, Iím the gingerbread man.

KC 2014
:: Posted by retlaw on September 13, 2014

Hello all!  Envious beyond belief at those fortunate enough to have seen - or about to see - King Crimson 2014 live.  This will be the first time since 1981 I will have missed KC on tour.  Not the end of the world, but a great disappointment nonetheless. Robert Fripp and Crimson have been such a major part of my life since I was a teen.To know this lineup is being so well received makes me very happy, indeed.  I comfort myself with the fact that just KNOWING that KC is out there, playing live, EXISTING again! - it gives me such joy and a thrill.  I can feel it, not just "feel" it.  Arenít we all so very fortunate just to have seen them ever?  To be alive during their lifetime(s)? I cannot wait to receive the tour box, and look forward to the Starless box, the Fripp and Eno concert cd, and much more. God bless King Crimson, and DGM,and Inner Knot. Oh, and God Bless Sid Smith too!  Hey Mr. Smith - when is your updated Crimson book coming out?????
It'll be out by Christmas. Which Christmas has yet to be determined!

response to arrcee & AndrewJohn
:: Posted by caseyjbye on September 13, 2014

arrcee--man, are you correct about the Barrymore--a notoriously loud venue. I saw Spritualized there on Halloween, 2003, and, along with the loudness, they kept constant strobe lights going for a 45-minute section of the set. My girlfriend at the time literally threw up. Rock and roll! Iím guessing the Beast will be especially roaring this stop on the tour. Have fun!

AndrewJohn, it was heartening to read your post about searching for work when attending the Virgin Megastore performance. Following the completion of her work obligations this summer, my wife and I decided to move across country to be closer to family. Two months ago I gave up a job I actually relatively enjoyed (a rare find these days) and have been searching ever since (and before that) without much luck. Iíd bought my Chicago date tickets before the move and keeping up on the tour updates anticipating the show have been a huge part of my stress relief these days. So Iím especially looking forward to two hours of putting those concerns aside and purely investing my senses in the sights and sounds of this new lineup.

Meet up before the Philly show 9/13?
:: Posted by ldambrosa on September 13, 2014

Are there any planned gatherings before the Philly show tonight? Just wondering if any fellow Crimheads are up for a brew before the show.......

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