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:: Posted by Petitwazoo on March 21, 2014

new king crimson.
:: Posted by tim7777 on March 21, 2014

I understand Dan Cruickshank is already compiling a TV programme that will translate that post for ’the man in the street’ (;)

new king crimson.
:: Posted by tim7777 on March 21, 2014

My frist question is can fripp play as well as he did in 1980?2ndly.The 3 drummers, will they hold up to the high standard of bruford.And this jacko guy who cannot sing what is fripp thinking.Gavins drumming is somthing im not interrested in,neither is pats or rifflins.Its mostly gadetry drumming.I know they will miss a chance  to fuse 2 elements together to make this work.2 elements that were touched on by fripp and bruford but were never fully fused together.I HAVE FUSED THEM TOGETHER RECENTLY AND ITS AND UNREAL FIND.Im interested to see how the 3 drummers fare,having all the where with all they have.Im sorry but these 3 drummers just are not my cup of tea.

Arvo Part ?!
:: Posted by albemuth on March 18, 2014

"I have been thinking of you recently as I am preparing / arranging some music of Arvo Part’s with the view of touring these pieces next year, the year of his 80th birthday."

I am surprised that no one has commented on this.  If I am reading this correctly, then we are talking about a series of concerts in Estonia and other countries by Fripp and another "respected player?"  Such concerts would be hugely interesting and significant: as a Fripp project, as an interpretation of Part’s work, and as a sharing across cultures.  I hope that this is an arising that can be embraced!

(This is entirely aside from the question of whether I am attracted to Part’s compositions; there is no doubt that they are important and of the highest quality.  I do not much enjoy Keith Jarrett’s work, either!)

Trey Gunn
:: Posted by emory0 on March 18, 2014

"I believe the most important loss for the band is represented by the abandonment of Trey Gunn"

I think Trey Gunn is a unique musician: He’s got a remarkably small "footprint" yet chops out the wazoo. His playing never seems to draw attention to itself, even though though it may be some of the more amazing lines you’ve ever heard.

Crimson ProjeKCt tour
:: Posted by Tahuna on March 18, 2014

With the Crimson ProjeKCt romping around Europe right now there’s gotta be some DGM posters getting a taste. So, for the sake of those of us well outside the circumference of this tour circut, let’s have some tasty reviews ...

Re : New Crimson line up
:: Posted by maxtognoni on March 17, 2014

"Personally I am excited that Belew isn’t in the new Crim."

Me too. I believe the  most important loss for the band is represented by the abandonment of Trey Gunn,, an extraordinary musician, the perfect musical partner for Robert.

:: Posted by markvankempen on March 15, 2014

A suggestion concerning the still unreleased King Crimson Collectors’ Club cd 42 - release Live at the Savoy, New York November 7, 1981 - first set, instead.

As the DGM Live downloadable archive strives to contain each and every King Crimson / Robert Fripp recording, the KCCC could  be a selection of the most remarkable KC recordings, which, more or less, it already is.

Tool covering KC
:: Posted by reverendnate on March 13, 2014

Tool has covered King Crimson’s B’Boom this new 2014 Tour!!!! Would be an interesting listen!!!!!!

gas masks
:: Posted by ashiata_shiemash on March 12, 2014

Very Crimson, no?

Fripp's role
:: Posted by DannyX on March 12, 2014

In the interview with THE CRIMSON PROJEkCT, I found Markus Reuter’s view, that Fripp’s influence in the band is as much about what they SHOULD’NT play (a "no" man, as it were), enlightening.

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