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Vinyl Thrak/Goodbye Guestbook
:: Posted by DevlinC on January 06, 2015

In response to emory0:

As Jakko is currently/has already remixed & remastered THRAK for the surround sound edition (and the THRAKBOXX teased in the Elements box, whatever that is), I expect the vinyl version will have been considered. However, the mix doesnít have to change for vinyl - the vinyl printing process corrects for vinylís lack of bass with the RIAA curve. The original THRAK mix would have been fine to put on vinyl too.

Also, as I believe today might be the final day for the guestbook, then goodbye to all here! The guestbook has got me into a fair bit of trouble with Mr. Fripp a few times so in a lot of ways Iím glad there will no longer be a place for me to post when Iím feeling in the mood to rant. Iím also glad Mr. Fripp no longer feels the need to engage with things he clearly didnít enjoy engaging with anyway - better to focus entirely on this new Crimson and new life without bothering with the surrounding noise. Very exciting to be a Crimson fan this year, probably for the last time. Iíll be there every step of the way.

Belated Birthday Greetings
:: Posted by concentricfridays on January 05, 2015

Happy Birthday to both Peter Sinfield and Adrian Belew, two quintessential members of King Crimson who have brought their unique personalities, visions and wordplay to the rare multi-headed musical beast. May you have a few Margaritas and some savory chowder in this new year for yourselves and our planet Earth.

* * * * * * *
Perhaps the Guestbook devolved into -- or has actually always been -- a reflection of each contributorís personality at a particular time in their life. A friend of mine recently mentioned Ego, and not in a kindly productive way. I told him I had frequented a number of bars during last autumn in attempts to meet new people, and he expressed a theory that Ego ruled in bars (not the best and most productive part of ourselves).

I think Iíve sort of naturally drifted away from the Guestbook because I felt that Robert and associates / King Crimson simply moves of its own accord. By "leaving out" of the dialogue, there is more space, less of my own static filling the electronic palette.

Much as the human race adapts to new environs in the film Interstellar, Iím sure the discussion of all  the topics here can take root elsewhere if desire / will and invention is exercised -- because the tendrils have already begun to take form.

Thanks to all the productive commentors and insights over the years. The audio enthusiasts sharing their knowledge was a special treat. Thank you to Sid Smith for is unerring patience and overview, and to Robert Fripp and the entire DGM Live team.


:: Posted by emory0 on January 05, 2015

"Consistent with other releases in the 40th Anniversary series, Thrak will be seeing a vinyl edition in the fullness of time."

But am I wrong, or is that of some moderate significance to those of us very familiar with the Crimson studio recordings?

Towit: I donít think THRAK has ever previously been on vinyl before. And because Vinyl requires mastering different from digital, does that not mean a slightly different mix?

(Basically, Vinyl isnít super-great at the low frequencies because the grooves get very wavy...as a result, low frequencies are often attentuated to accomodate vinyl. Or is that only to fit enough music onto a single vinyl disc?)

Just kinda curious. Though I would personally love to start listening to Vinyl again, I donít think I can ever go back to giving vinyl LPs all the storage space they require. As a result, I only own digital formats.

Guitar Craft Online
:: Posted by codduss on January 04, 2015

Dear Mr. Fripp

First and foremost I would like to thank you for all the music that has made my time on Earth not only bearable, but pleasant (dare I say).

Secondly before the guestbook closes I ask: would you ever consider putting some form of Guitar Craft online for those who are neither so gifted in talent of affluence as to be privileged enough to attend it.

Best wishes in your future endeavors
-CJ Johnson

P.S. Are you ever going to release THRAK on vinyl?

Consistent with other releases in the 40th Anniversary series, Thrak will be seeing a vinyl edition in the fullness of time.

Final Fragg
:: Posted by BillKent2 on January 02, 2015

Dear Team,

It is redundant upon me to inform the disassembled Guestbook posters of a wee scrappy of stained (if not disdained) papyrus found amongst Pabst Blue Ribbon flip tops, Depends-for-men wrappers, empty espresso cans and other tattered matter that fueled the rehearsals (and a few reversals) of the lumbersome, cumbersome but not cummerbunded Band von tristen Sechzehntel, Thing Dismal, and its torrid but not florid waste-coated and fit-to-be-necktied guitarist, Norbert Fragg. In the disinterest of all, the document has been reproduced below

Principia Rerum est Doloris (and if youíre named Delores, you just may qualify for a FREE backstage pass!)

1.    May King Crimson bring money to us all. Including me.
2.    If you donít want to play a part, fake it. With three drummers, none of the audiants (insectoid fans who are affluent enough to drive Audi vehicles) will know the difference.
3.    The music may be old, but the ticket prices are new.
4.    Though we may be too old for the Ladies of the Road, should our turbulent dirges ignite analeptical urges, we must strive to carry the tune.
5.    The reason we have three drummers is that we couldnít get four.
6.    If you donít know what to play, pretend youíre Keith Richards.
7.    If you still donít know what to play, play Dead: Sugar Magnolia, Truckiní, Dark Star or, at worst, Touch of Gray.

Of these, the key TeDious Principles areÖ

Music is never an end, only a means to an end: may ďThing Dismal: Live at Potted Plant" bring us fame, glory, a hit single with a bullet!
If you come to a fork in the road, take it!

With gratitude to Yogi Berra, occasional bouts of anatidaephobia, more than enough floccinaucinihilipilification, a few too many paraprosdokians, a horror of organized bibliotaphistry and never enough beastly bleats from Norbert Fraggís eternal blamesake,

Bill Kent

:: Posted by Redbert on January 02, 2015

"By Hook Or By Crook Iíll Be The Last In This Book"
-John Lennon

:: Posted by llampcat on January 02, 2015

I like T-Shirt Level Five in grey color. specially medium size :)

Thank you
:: Posted by NoiseMachine on January 01, 2015

Just a brief thanks for the guestbook and the diaries. Iíve always found them an inspiration and find myself turning to them when I have larger questions that require perspective. For this I am eternally grateful.

Re; Crimson/Fripp on the box
:: Posted by Valhalla on January 01, 2015

I remember watching an episode of the English sleuth tv show Rosemary & Thyme years ago, Felicity Kendall was one actor in it. At the end of this particular episode, they are standing in a vineyard toasting a glass or three & Laura (Pam Ferris), the second sleuth gardener lady, says ímusic is the wine that fills the cup of silenceí & follows it with íRobert Fripp, King Crimsoní! That Fripp man, he pops up in the most unsuspecting places at times!
Seasons greetings to all & thanks to all involved in the DGM Guestbook, particularly the moderator(s).
I have been waffling on here for a year or two, but have been a casual observer for much longer! All Things Must Pass, as they say! Cheers.

KC On The Box
:: Posted by michaeloc on January 01, 2015

I always thought it strange that Luther (The TV Cop show Gavin was watching), being a fan of David Bowie had never heard of KC.

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