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From the bottom of the page -- on lying!
:: Posted by markmmarkm on November 22, 2014

"A lie divorces who we are from what we are."

The 40-minutes thing
:: Posted by markmmarkm on November 22, 2014

Bruford, in his autobiography as I recall, stated Fripp was like a combo of Stalin, Gandhi, and Marquis de Sade.

Perhaps two of those are at play with the decision of a 40-minute live CD when a CD will hold about twice that.

ProjeKct Four
:: Posted by royskagen on November 22, 2014

As far as I remember back to 1999, when the Dgm Newsletter still came in paper edition now and then, I was really excited when I read about a forth comming release. It was a ProjeKct 4 Live recorded video or DVD. To day I was listening to The Roar of P4, a Great album, and I suddenly remembered this newsletter and thought it would be Fantastic to see this "group" play. What happend to this release? So I wonder if someone else remember this, and if Sid knows anything about this? Cheers, Roy Skagen
Hi Roy,
I worked on the P4 tour and I don't recall any video being shot other than a static camera which perhaps captured snippets of gigs which John Sinks or Robert Frazza would have shot. I doubt these would be enough to constitute an in-concert DVD release etc. I believe there was some bootleg footage though I can't recall which gig this was now.

Why Am I Here?
:: Posted by simkin_eden on November 22, 2014

Im old enough to have heard the In the Court Of The Crimson King when it was released, and since then nearly every King Crimson release has been a revelation of some kind of another.

This was, particularly here in the UK, a welcome diversion from the so-called popular music lauded by nearly all branches of the press. Those of us who found little of interest in the commerciality of the two-and-half minute single at last had something of artistic value and merit to listen to.

Of course KC were not the only ones, but they were the only ones for whom it was almost impossible to predict the musical style of their next release.

Now forty odd years later I am still listening to them in all their forms, and when I do I hear things I hadnt heard before. Nearly all their releases sound still sound new and innovative.

So on this forum many, like me, have arrived here in a mind to find out more and celebrate those we have followed over the years.

To find this year that Robert Fripp felt able to form yet another incarnation of KC was a pleasant surprise, you have to remember that he is not a young man anymore and has done his share of touring. It is good to know he enjoyed it and is contemplating more. For those of us in Europe unable for all reasons to see KC in the USA this year the possibility of a recording of some of those events is something to look forward to.

But Yes there always seems to those who wish to carp. Now we have postings on here that are no more than a litany of complaints.

Not satisfied that the forthcoming release will only be 40 minutes, not satisfied that there will be no download (Im surprised that people only want downloads, yes I do download music but then always transfer it on to CD, maybe it is my age but a want a physical product. Though it may have much more to do with working in computers for over thirty years, I know that losing data is easy to do and difficult to rectify. People seem to prefer physical product, just look at the sales of the LTA, Red and Starless boxed sets [No, not box sets a box set is a matching set of empty boxes, a boxed set is a collection of similar objects in a box!])

I digress.

I daily visit this site for the news and the forum to learn the latest about KC and those with any connection to them (thank you Sid for keeping us all updated) and to see what other admirers think.

Of late there seems to be more whinges than admiration.

Getting it
:: Posted by Rockette on November 22, 2014

>40 minutes? I agree with others who have either implied or flat out have said they dont get it.

What I dont get is that an exceptional band reforms with an adventurous line-up , tours America to rave reactions and releases a CD soon afterwards, and people here are still moaning that they want something else. Glass half full, guys! 45 years down the line, youre lucky theres any music at all.

is it a generational thing?
:: Posted by andyfromozz on November 22, 2014

I have a great turntable and a great vinyl collection
including many well worn KC LPs...most LPs are around 40 minutes long, so Im not upset about the length of the new LP.

(anyway as I always tell the ladies, its not about the length, its what you do with it that counts!)

I am more likely to listen to a 40 minute LP more often than an entire concert anyway...so bring on KC Elements Live!

Really looking forward to it (though I am still bummed that I can never see them play the music too)

Thanks also to the bloke who mentioned Rachel Flowers, just checked her out on YT, she is amazing!

cheers andy from OZ

So Much Humming!!
:: Posted by JBeerLTIA on November 21, 2014

Mr. Smith, if I remember correctly, Discipline was recorded at (or rehearsed?) at Basing Street, question being will this be part of the 81 bundle? If so, hell yes! And if thats the case, any chance of just those downloads being their own little bundle?

Joey The Discipline album and associated sessions will not be part of the forthcoming 81 tour bundle.

new live album
:: Posted by clarkdacksman on November 21, 2014

Dear Mr.Fripp -
Been listening almost 45 years. I appreciate your keeping the band alive for us fans through all these years despite whatever circumstances it has come and gone. The show in New York was great. 40 minutes? I agree with others who have either implied or flat out have said they dont get it. You have the ability to provide us a complete show yet you CHOOSE not to. It is your product & who am I to judge. When I have met you you have been gracious & polite. I agree with your wife in the interviews she did with you; we are there to see you play your music and enjoy what you do. Is it just a tease so there can be further full concert releases as KCC releases? I can only hope the new studio album will be in the same league of enjoyment as previous efforts. I have all of your music with Crimson,most of your solo, collaboration projects and you as a sideman. Scarcity of Miracles was the only thing you have ever done that left me going WTF. I understand you following your muse. King Crimson has provided a vehicle for you to continue the things you do. I will always enjoy when I hear your guitar playing burn through whatever you play on. Please remember what you wrote about the aim of DGM.
I wish you the best.

:: Posted by becarmi on November 21, 2014

Has DGMLive given up on downloads?

Sid wrote "It will be a physical release. "

This is without doubt a step backward.

I have been over the years a strong supporter of DGMLive downloads. I have bought a large share them. I loved the idea of supporting artists directly and having the opportunity to listen instantly to whole concert with the good and the bad. Admittedly, mostly the good in the case of KC.

I find it difficult to be upbeat with mail order CDs with the delay (generally at least a month in my location) and the shipping costs.

I am sorry guys, but a 40 minutes CD of various concerts reminds me of Pink Floyd recent Dark Side of the Moon release of November 16, 1974 gigs (second CD of DSOTM-Experience Edition) without the encore which was Echoes. Very disappointing.

Having said that, I understand that DGMLive is in its own right to do what ever seems appropriate.

RIP Diaries... ?
:: Posted by mipoch on November 21, 2014

Amidst all the speculation, praise, and condemnation concerning the upcoming live album (to which all I can say "Hooray!" - I cant wait for January), I must express my disappointment at the apparent death (?) of the online Diaries.

Ive been reading RFs daily-ish missives for around fifteen years, and the insights and experiences shared in them - on KC, GC/OCG, the harsh reality of life in the trenches of the music business, the charming rituals of life in the West Midlands, of toothsome sweets and, of course, white rabbits - are, Im fairly certain, unprecedented from an artist of RFs stature.

So I cant help but feel a twinge of sadness that that time appears to have come to an end. For me, and I expect many others, it feels like the end of an era; if so, much thanks and gratitude for letting us into your life.

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