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King Crimson Japan Tickets
:: Posted by elbung0 on July 03, 2015


Will it be possible for citizens of countries other than Japan to purchase tickets to the upcoming KC shows there? Iíve read this can be very difficult without a local address/credit card.

( Iím hoping to make the trip from Australia)


Selling Out
:: Posted by ilgebra on July 03, 2015

Regarding accusations of artists "selling out" when they play their own songs, I donít understand what some members of the "general public" expect musicians to do. Theyíre constantly complaining about "selling out" when a band plays its older material, or reforms for a tour, or makes a new album that isnít as good as their old albums, etc. How do they think musicians pay their rent? Buy food or clothing? Get medical attention when theyíre ill? Why are musicians in particular (and artists in general) expected to do everything their fans want for free?

Many of these same people work for sleazy corporations--perhaps even in the music industry--and see nothing wrong with themselves doing what they need to do to pay rent, buy food, etc. They donít demand that their boss work for free or refrain from falling back on the same tricks that got him (or her) to the top of the ladder. Why are so many people so pro-capitalism and yet they condemn musicians for simply trying to make a living in an industry where every card is stacked against them? Itís baffling.

I think that capitalism in general is a scourge and I usually side with its critics. But in the Isle of Wight film by Murray Lerner, when the people outside the gate were complaining that bands should give their music away for free, they were twisting the "fight capitalism" message into absurdity. Go after the record labels that have screwed these artists again and again. Go after the lawyers, the accountants, the radio stations demanding payola, the publications that make demands in exchange for reviews, etc. Tell the person with 5 homes to give 4 of them to the homeless. Iím down with all that. But itís the artists that continually have to be above the desire to have an income. When a band in its 60s or 70s gets together for whatever reason and plays some of the stuff that made people love them in the first place, theyíre just selling out.

This mentality makes no sense in the commercial, materialistic culture of the late 20th and early 21st centuries but itís been around for a long, long time. Itís fortunate that bands like KC and the GD ignore this garbage and play to those of us who appreciate what theyíre doing.

By the way, hearing KC reinterpret their early material in the context of this great new lineup last year was an unimaginable joy.

Many thanks to DGM!
:: Posted by candrsn on July 03, 2015

Limited supplies or not, I just wanted to post a small token of my gratitude for the discount that DGM applied to my Great Deceiver: King Crimson Live 1973-1974 Boxed Set! I had to sell this set a couple of years back and I finally had the extra cash enough to purchase it yet again. Many thanks to DGM!


ps. I think that you all should consider re-releasing the same boxed set. I know that there is the Starless set and the 2-CD collection of exactly the same music, as well as the KC Collectors offering, but the artwork, CD sleeves, and liner notes in this particular boxed set were always spectacular to me. I suppose, though, that it could be my 21 year old self calling to say how much he enjoyed it all when he first heard it all in 1994........astonishing then, just as it is today.

Not Dead ends
:: Posted by albemuth on July 03, 2015

It is interesting to hear that some Grateful Dead fans view the upcoming tour as a "sell out," a "nostalgia act," and a "cash grab."  I do not know much about the Dead but I find it hard to believe that they would do such things.  We heard some grumblings along these lines before KC played the States last year.  But I doubt that anyone who saw those shows would view them as a sell out. 

The Dead need a philosopher in their ranks.  Of course, KC has The Redoubtable Uncle Bob.  Perhaps Deadheads should watch one of the best DGM videos, "Fresh Whenever It Was Written," and hear TRUB speak (once again) about "the assumption of innocence within a context of experience."

RE:Heavy vinyl
:: Posted by masanori on July 03, 2015

Hello, Bakullama
Thank you very much for your response & also for your interesting view or simply "love"(??) on tapes.

My first job required handling of 1/2inch reel tapes on which music was properly recorded. So I think I know how it sounds if using it with fine-tuning. I still have Sonyís so-called Densuke, but I have not used it for 20 years or so. If I were to use it today, the biggest problem may be the maximum length of time it can play/record at once!

As for heavy weight vinyl, yes it might be a trend, but interestigly I remember that in 1980s weight of vinyl varied hugely. Some were so heavy like todayís 200 gramme, some were like less than half of that. But I think I saw no fashion then in which weight matters. Ummm.....

Different topic:

When KC toured US last year, I think I saw the information which looked like saying that itís a farewell tour. I think dgmlive.com said no to that. And now, the first line of this information of Japan tour
looks to me like....stating with a question mark that this might be the final occasion.

Is this tour planned as a farewell tour??
This is not a farewell tour.

Re: Reg & Bernie's Valhalla
:: Posted by Valhalla on July 02, 2015

Good ole Reggie & Bernie eh? Well i should say young for those days, davidly.
Japan is a possible destination in December, depending on a few íobstaclesí.
It is closer than Britain of course, which is a destination I contemplated earlier this year, when those dates were announced! Still, we Antipodeanís get used to some rock bands touring Japan & not dropping ídown underí. Rush, Kansas & Asia have been there during the last 10 to 15 years. If my memory serves me well, I thought Fripp mentioned back on TCOL tour when in Japan, they were looking at possible Oz dates, depending on financial logistics etc! Alas, that didnít work out. Not to worry, checking air flight prices as i type this ímessage in a bottleí!

Thanks Royston / re: Valhalla
:: Posted by davidly on July 01, 2015

For Valhalla: Toward the furtherance of a dream of a long time contributor to the DGM Live GB and longer time fan of things coloured Crim, I endeavour to summon the beast down under with words sung on the debut album of reputedly rejected Reg (with the caveat that for all I know it was songs like these that led to the Venal brush-off):

Come to Valhalla in your own time
Come to Valhalla seek and you will find Valhalla

On the other hand, Japan my be as close as youíre gonna get!

King Crimson To Tour Japan
:: Posted by willesley on June 30, 2015

I Hope Turumarth has been keeping track. Tour of Japan in December predicted by myself on this forum on 7th Feb 2015, has now become reality.

As Sid would say - big toot on the ego trumpet.

Re; Japan concerts
:: Posted by Valhalla on June 30, 2015

It does not look like the mighty Crimson are heading to Australia! I always hoped against hope, that if they ever played Japan, they might just, possibly look at a few Oz dates!
Seeing as these dates run up to the end of the year, it does not look good!
Oh well, as Ned Kelly allegedly said at the gallows, ísuch is lifeí!

On The Road Again...
:: Posted by SSImuse on June 30, 2015

Yíknow, for someone who announced about 15 years ago that he had retired from touring, Uncle Venalís certainly racking up the frequent flyer miles these days, níest pas?

Just an observation...

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