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Venue in Warsaw area :)
:: Posted by rzachol on February 02, 2015

This has been already discussed by RF in "Uncut" last year and I posted an entry about it here, but let me give it another shot:

- a small concert hall 40 km from downtown Warsaw (Grodzisk Mazowiecki)
- 375 seats (too small?)
- the Mayor is a huge rock fan - that is why Gordon Haskell, Billy Cobham, Eric Gales and Wishbone Ash performed there, among others.

I attended the amazing Wishbone Ash gig in May 2013 - very chamber and still very powerful.

How about that ?

A Missing Texture
:: Posted by Royston on February 02, 2015

Listening to Live At The Orpheum filled me with an overwheming sense of sadness that Mel Collins had been absent from things Crimso for forty-odd years. What a waste.

LOL Super Bowl
:: Posted by albemuth on February 01, 2015

Sunday, during the Super Bowl half-time activities, Dave Weigel (who has written some excellent articles on the history of prog) tweeted "Robert Fripp for Super Bowl half time show 2016."

Lost and found
:: Posted by albemuth on January 31, 2015

I think a lot about the varying careers of musicians I’ve admired and wonder why things turned out this way or that way.  Of course, one reason we admire Robert so much is that he persevered and kept his ideas alive through the years, despite all kinds of difficulty.

Lately, I’ve been listening to Dave Stewart.  Of course, he did a lot of classic prog work with Egg, Hatfield, National Heath, and so on.  After 1980, he went on to create some tasty pop arrangements.  Actually, I wonder if the Vicar should tour with Stewart-Gaskin?  It could be "the return of Baroque pop tour." Maybe Sir Paul would even show up. 

Dave Stewart led me to revisit Alan Gowen’s work. I did not appreciate his playing back in the late 1970’s, probably because I preferred Stewart’s more prog-oriented style.  But now I realize what a good composer and player Gowen was: very fluid, playful, and light-footed.  It is a terrible shame that he died young (leukaemia) and so impressive that he worked on a final disk in the weeks he had left.  I listened to the title track of that disk (Before a Word was Said) and it is beautifully composed and performed.

The fact that very few people have listened to Gowen’s clips, made me feel sad that he had been largely forgotten.  But not quite.  Looking around, I see that the rapper Ab-Soul sampled Gowen and Hopper’s Two Rainbows Daily album.  The track is Time is of the Essence.  Very nice indeed and it cheered me up.  Rappers seem to have very broad interests!

Crimson, London 2015
:: Posted by brighton on January 31, 2015

If the rumours are true and Crimson will tour the UK later this year then I’m confused by the possible decision to avoid London to give the UK overall more of a look-in. Would it not make sense to play venues such as Manchester, Birmingham, Cardiff, Glasgow etc and also London?? A venue in the ’London area’ would be just as difficult for Londoners as it would be for all southern folk as the main transport links all head there!!

:: Posted by Bakullama on January 30, 2015

Thanks bro, I love you too, and although our paths have led us in different directions, we still have grunion Run.

Free(PP) Consulting, part II
:: Posted by Antonion on January 30, 2015

"King Crimson already has its audience, but in the case of Soundscapes and The Vicar, we are nothing less than hopeless."  David Singleton, Diary, entry dated 5th January 2015.


I received my copy of Travis & Fripp - Discretion (silver marble vinyl) today. 

This happened in spite of the fact that all three versions of the vinyl edition have been sold out - for quite some time - at Burning Shed, and as I was just about to accept the harsh reality that they were no longer available.


It just happened that I had a look at Tonefloat’s website, and lo and behold, all three flavors were still available at their online shop!


So, here’s the free part:


E J McCarthy, in the 1960s, came out with the 4P’s of Marketing: Product, Price, Promotion and Place (to which Kotler, the marketing guru, recently added a 5th P: Purpose).


It seems obvious, from the description of my recent purchasing experience, that 2P of the marketing mix are not: Promotion and Place (aka distribution).


My advice:


1.      Only one front-office - at www.dgmlive.com - to place orders, from anywhere in the world, of all things DGM.

2.      This centralized interface would - through stock management and order routing - avoid situations, like the one I just described, where sellers and buyers are willing to trade, but the information about the precise location of the market to carry on such transactions are, to say the least, diffuse.

3.      DGM may have as many back-offices as they want to take care of the administrative and logistics of the ordering process (could be Burning Shed, Tonefloat, Inner Knot, etc.). But the customers need not to know, or even care, about it.

This would take all the hassle out of the purchasing experience, leading to an increase in sales (hopefully!) and customer satisfaction.


And, last but not least, it would provide a tighter sense of connection with the artist(s), i.e., “I am purchasing directly from the RHVL himself” rather than from “some greedy capitalist business operation”. That’s promotion.


Time to move from Fripp to Fripppp (and beyond)…

tap tap...
:: Posted by Bakullama on January 29, 2015

...Is this thing on?

Mr. Llama
:: Posted by KantspelldiKc on January 29, 2015

Proud to have you as a friend. For the record his piano melodies reflect his interpretive skills. If I had a capable group of musicians I’d be hitting him up for some tunes, jus sayin

KC live Town Hall May 22nd 1971
:: Posted by Wilbert on January 29, 2015

Yesterday I bought myself a wonderful live concert (DGM Download)  of Mel, Ian, Bozz and Mr Robbie McFripp, as Bozz puts it....

very very good recordings and a enthusiastic band.

Now, in 2015, everybody is glad that Mel joins the current line up, so am I. But listen to his blow out on the Sailor Tale of this recording. Man, this is so extremely powerful, strong and full of fire, pure free jazz!.

For those who are interested in this line up: amongst a few other recordings in that period of time, this one is a must!.

Mind you: Cadence and Cascade is only half, however with one of the most beautiful Mel Collins Flute solo’s...

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