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Introduction and Notice (response)
:: Posted by Progrockdude on November 28, 2015

Donít mention it, man! Keep up with the good work!!

Re; TCoL
:: Posted by Valhalla on November 28, 2015

From my memory & correct me if I am wrong, wasnít Belew disillusioned for want of a better word, at that time following comments or should i say criticism, that he read on Elephant Talk? Hence the ProzaKc Blues lyrics. That song & the title song are the only 2 to my ears, that have a decent melody running through them. I feel as others may, that Belew took his angst out on this album. emoryO says it is íheavy as a ton of bricksí & for me that doesnít mean anything other than, it is heavy & also has a industrial feel to it. Of course the equipment or some of it used on the recording, contributes to that also! Other Crimson aficionadoís I know heard the album & said, íwhat the f..k is thisí? Sure i have heard that sort of comment before in relation to certain Crimson recordings over the decades, but after the wonderful Thrak album, it is an abyss indeed one feels! Thankfully as i said before, TPtB resurrects the Mighty Crim, from that abyss. Excellent comments CrumbledFingers, a good take on the tools of the trade. emoryO is hoping time will test TCoL & that is wishful thinking from my perspective. The album actually sounds dated now, (so many recordings do over time), but i may have a ímentalí block to it & never allow myself to appreciate it again. Maybe in our next life eh? Then we can all sit back & comment again, gee it will sound ídatedí then me thinks! In fact we all will. Cheers.

Islands 2015
:: Posted by strider on November 28, 2015

Winter, 71/72.

Preparing for exams (Honours Math, of all things).

Day had witnessed a Waterloo winter storm, now ice-clad branches glint beneath a cold moon and faint prisms flit across shadowed walls.

Alone in my chilly room above the porch, the rambling house vacant but for me.

Islands is on the turntable, The Well at the Worldís End clenched in my hands.

Ralphís lady fair has been slain, Formentera Ladyís plaintive song is now done. My eyes moisten and my heart sobs deeply, unwitnessed but for the naked branches glancing through the window.

One of those confluences where the senses conspire and give birth to a moment that will last a lifetime.

And now 40 + years later, The Letters spins a musical wormhole that transports me back, and I sob as though a young man again.

Thank you for including some rarely (if ever) performed pieces in your 2015 set list.

TCoL more
:: Posted by Bakullama on November 28, 2015

So... When I want to hear the TCoL songs (and I do) I go to either the October 2000 house of blues live release made available here for download, or the Heavy ConstruKction CD that sounds fantasic to my ears, And yeah, the Level 5 is an excellent EP in all ways.

re: vancouver 26/11
:: Posted by maisondollar on November 28, 2015

KC, thank you (x3) for distributing the joy.

Tremendous. Thought the percussion was bit thin, could have done with a bit of Tony Allen to at least quadruple the number of simultaneously used sticks on stage. I kid. Security was top notch; saw an ejection happen before my eyes - minutes before Schizoid, poor (and i can only assume, illiterate) fool.  

On the subject of said concert-closer, the highlight for me was hearing the absolutely hilarious staccato audience whoops during the 1 beat rests. I donít recall hearing any such reaction at the seattle show last year. Could this be the start of something? My enjoyment of that songís been irreversibly altered and i too shall be doing it next time i hit playÖ

Introduction and Notice
:: Posted by Progrockdude on November 28, 2015

Hello, this is Progrockdude. Not sure if Iím going to be posting here a lot (I probably wonít lol), but Iím here to officially say hi to this community and what not (and probably not be as welcomed |) ). Well, that and another thing.

In the news section, the story "A Zinger at Jack Singer" shouldíve gave a link to the photo gallery of that show, but instead gave a link to the review of that very show from the "VaVoom in Vancouver" article. If Sid/DGM is reading this, whoopsy-daisy....
Whoopsy and indeed, daisy. The perils of updating links while on the move. Thanks for spotting it

:: Posted by emory0 on November 27, 2015

No: You guys are wrong. Forget personal "taste": Your taste is WRONG, I tells ya: TCoL is great, and 10 or 20 years from now youíll say the same thing and also deny you ever disliked it. Come on! Frying Pan? The Construction of Light? LTiA Pt 4? Even Prozac Blues and Oyster Soup? Are you guys nuts? Some of these songs are as heavy as a ton of bricks (which weighs a lot, Iíd say). This beats the hell out of the early Proggy Crim records. The Double Duo was, in some ways, the completion of the arc begun in 1981 with Discipline.

I DO however agree that Level 5 features performances that in many ways exceed the studio versions, but then again live Crimson has always been better than canned.

:: Posted by DanAnderson on November 27, 2015

I think the major shortcoming of TCoL is the fact that the beast didnít tour and rework it as they went along. They did it totally in the studio. Bearing that in mind I think it was a good representation of the next logical step after the ProjeKcts. The Power To Believe benefited from introducing the numbers while on the TCoL tour and it really shows on the studio CD.

Hmmmmmmm...a TCoL box or a combo ProjeKcts/TCoL/TPTB box set would be killer. The addition of Pat and Trey in the mixing bowl turned out to be as powerful a rhythm section as the Wetton/Bruford team.

TCoL as a
:: Posted by CrumbledFingers on November 27, 2015

In the same way that Discipline was, in some ways, a showcase for a particular set of musical tools (guitar synthesizers, Chapman stick, Simmons drums), The ConstruKction of Light seems very technology-driven to me. The V-drums obviously, but itís also the first album where Adrian used digital vocal effects so extensively. Itís most obvious on the opening track, but throughout the rest of the album, heís not actually going back and overdubbing the vocal harmonies--they are being generated in real time, which explains how he could appear to be harmonizing with himself on stage. At the time, that was a pretty neat technological trick.

The other thing Iíll say about TCoL is that, unlike a lot of Crimsonís catalogue, it maintains a consistent quality all the way through it. There arenít any drastic tonal shifts, interruptions, or hairpin turns. I love all of the bandís albums, but I have to admit they have occasionally fallen short in delivering that sustained, dominating presence that carries you from the beginning of an album to its end. In the Court did it. Red did it. Discipline did it. The others, while all great in their own ways, sometimes come off as... disjointed? by comparison. TCoL manages to stay on-track, and I think Adrian deserves much of the credit for his "willful restraint" in not writing a ballad for this album.

The ConstruKction of Light
:: Posted by GratefulJerry on November 27, 2015

Iím really surprised that there isnít going to be a box for TCoL because itís a time that is rich in both audio and video recordings. I do agree with most about the V drums but I also think that a lot of the problem (for me) with the original album is that it sounds constructed in the studio. I know that most of is based on ProjeKcts stuff but it feels cobbled together in the studio. It wasnít until the songs were road tested that they developed their own personality. I though it was part of the reason why they ended up road testing the songs that ended up on The Power to Believe before recording the album.

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