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Madrid concert
:: Posted by xfiles on September 05, 2016

Is the KC Madrid concert at Palacio Municipal de Congresos or at Palacio de Congresos
It’s a bit confusing to know, because they have almost same name, but are different places.
Juha from Finland

Aylesbury 2016 Night One
:: Posted by buserian on September 04, 2016

Back at the hotel, coming slowly down from the first night of the latest Crimson tour. (Or at least, the first night plebs like me are allowed to see...)

Overall, I think, better than the two shows I saw last year in Edinburgh. Then, Mel was having an awful problem with monitors the first night, and Robert seemed distant and the crowd uninvested, with much flash photography. (Yes, there may be a connection there...)

Tonight, all seemed engaged, with Jakko perhaps having a little trouble at points, but delivering nonetheless. His vocals brought tears to my eyes at points.

I won’t spoil the setlist, but the repertoire is broader than ever before, and not just due to the approx. two and a half hours on stage. A number of surprises in there.

The approach to the material is more playful, and stretches a number of songs in ways I haven’t seen before.

I also have to say I was quite impressed with the Waterside. A little bounceback on the louder pieces, especially towards the end, but overall a lot better acoustics than many a concert hall. and the staff were lovely, as were the people on the Friars booths. Time to get them a permanent home, people.

Roll on tomorrow. I’ll be the long-haired, slightly over-weight, middle-aged guy in the fifth row. Yeah, I know...


:: Posted by DevlinC on September 04, 2016

Waiting at St. Albans for a train after tonight’s Aylesbury show.

No set list spoilers from me, you can go to the usual places for that, but what I will say is that this show really took the promise of last year’s tour and bumped it up a notch. Can’t wait to see what else they’ve got up their sleeves.

:: Posted by yoplait on September 04, 2016

interesting evening in aylesbury. hard to focus on first half up in circle 2, due to a crew member hovering with intent at the end of the aisle throughout. a distracting presence, rather as one might assume a performer might feel about being photographed. in the intermission it transpired the issue was a man in a funny hat, whose hat was suspected of concealing recording equipment. no recording equipment was found. the crew member then spoke rather patronizingly to the audience member, whose crime was looking a bit funny in a hat. my bother and I weighed up how we’d feel at the end of such of an intrusion and decided to split rather than bother with the second half.

lucian grainge commented recently about the absurdity of putting obstacles in the way of people trying to enjoy music when very few people are that bothered anyway these days.

Setlist 2016
:: Posted by snkzato1 on September 04, 2016

to be respectful to those who read here and want to go into the concert blind I won’t post a setlist, but I will say that if what is being posted online is accurate I am insanely jealous.

2016 download requests...
:: Posted by jbricker on September 04, 2016

... beginning in 3,2,1....

:: Posted by AndrewJohn on September 04, 2016

...and all that is.

How exciting is all this....!

Hoodoo & Coda Marine
:: Posted by vargan on September 02, 2016

Hoodoo & Coda Marine 475 were both played on the 2014 tour but not in 2015. 

a DGM Live release of the various opening soundscapes would certainly Unseat The Hold of this Donkey Mind.

:: Posted by PeterW on September 02, 2016

Ok, I was wrong (ish). There is an unlisted take of Coda: Marine 475 under the Backstage Adventures footage on the concert discs.

Radical Action content diffrerence
:: Posted by alexdrumoff on September 02, 2016


thank you! We´ll see what other customers will comment...

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