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Re: DVD?
:: Posted by apisch on October 07, 2014

The only "camera crew" I saw at the Vic Theatre in Chicago on Sept. 26 was Sid.  - Tony

Yep - there's no live DVD in the pipeline folks.

Last night of the Elements tour, Moore Theatre, Seattle, WA
:: Posted by the_misha on October 07, 2014

Just got home from seeing the last night of the "Elements" tour, at the Moore Theatre in Seattle. What an absolutely singular experience! I am fortunate beyond words to have been present for this performance, and blessed to be able to carry this music and these memories away with me. There were so many brilliant moments that any attempt at calling out a "highlight" of the evening would be ludicrous; it would be easier to select a "perfect" star in the night sky. Better to call it what it was: a holistically spectacular musical tour-de-force, an experience not unlike being flung over the back of a wild horse and dragged through the whirlwind of King Crimsonís 40+ year oeuvre.

Also, all of the Crims looked absolutely dashing in formal attire. :D

Seattle...First Impressions
:: Posted by DanAnderson on October 07, 2014

Seattle gig...Phew! The drumming trio restructured the songs. Everyone has praised them but having seen the beast, they are understated in their influence over the material.

I had to listen with new ears.

The second impression was that this Crimson was an organic one. Very little electronic drums, Mel on the sax - organic.

Jakko handled the vocals very well except for on One More Red Nightmare. Either it was no his range or his voice was tired. But you should have heard him in The Letters. After the nearly free-form instrumental section towards the end, thereís a moment of silence. Then he blasts out "Impaled on nails of ice." Epic!

From where I was sitting, it sounded like Mel Collins was undermiked (or my nosebleed was interfering with my hearing - I was up in the rafters. lol)

The crowd was appreciative and not intrusive. Where I was sitting there was attentive listening going on and no photos being taken. This was worthy of the fan raves and the positive news reviews and I am glad I was there.
Okay boys, take a deep breath, get a good nights sleep, and then letís get crackiní on the concert downloads and DVDs! Timeís a wastiní and thereís fans to satisfy and money to be made.

Burning Questions answered?
:: Posted by mutant on October 06, 2014

Did any of the band choose to answer any of the Burning fan questions yet?

I thought mine was pretty good, again whats the deal basically with the headphones Mr. Fripp?

Are you perhaps moonlighting on an aircraft carrier somewhere helping to land fighter jets between stops on this tour or something?   

Iíve seen in ear monitoring for live performances before, but rarely someone wearing full headphones...what brand are they anyways I wonder?

Or are they simply sound protective? 

Vic Theater 9/27/14
:: Posted by bazaflash on October 06, 2014

Every show for the last 41 years has been a gift and I accept them as such.

Vic Theater 9/27/14
:: Posted by bazaflash on October 06, 2014

Every show is a gift and should be accepted as such

yo lieutzip
:: Posted by KantspelldiKc on October 06, 2014

In a way we are in agreement, the second sentence of your second paragraph expresses my sentiments exactly, Thrak at the Zellerbach was perfection, I am not an expert on booking venues, just stating the facts, would I lie to you just to get in yer pants............nope

Melbourne - LA - Melbourne in 4 days
:: Posted by jameswills on October 06, 2014

Last week I travelled to Los Angeles to see King Crimson on September 30. As I was leaving the venue I encountered Sid and he asked me what I thought of the show. I wasnít at my most coherent at that particular moment. So Sid (and anyone else who cares to plough through the deathless prose below) - hereís what I thought of the show and some memories of it.

At 8:15 ish and following the "welcome now put away your phones" announcement, the band came on and commenced that improv-ing/warming up noise making that Crimson lovers the world over would recognise. And in that sound I heard that, yes, I was at a King Crimson concert (heart begins to pick up pace) but I also heard the particular flavour of this Crimson, the sound that Jakko and Mel add, the effect on the balance of the band that having three drummers at the front has brought.

I was lucky enough/of sufficient means to be close to the stage. I was on the Pat/Mel side and I could see the facial expressions of the band quite clearly. And so I saw the look of total relish and anticipation on Patís face as he leant across and tapped on the device that triggered the sample of Robert talking to the string players from the end of the Islands album. And as the "one two three, two two three" cued the transition into the first number on the set list I found out what a sharp intake of breath sounds like when everyone around you takes it at the same time. Or maybe it was just me, breathing in at exceptional volume.

From that point I was taking the ride with the band. There may have been "brown notes", it may well have been a poor night from the playersí perspective but if so, I was unaware of this. The band seemed to be playing with my familiarity with the material itself. Not arrogantly or from a sense of ennui with the pieces, it was more as if I was inside the music with the band as they showed me all the fun things that could be done with it. It was immediately, easily recognised as the repertoire it was and yet the band found ways to surprise and delight me not despite my familiarity with the repertoire but because of it.

It might be surprising when I say that the highlight of the night for me wasnít any of those more venerable chestnuts from the repertoire that were played (though I was brought to tears more than once when they emerged). The most magical moment of the night was when "The Letters" was performed. I will admit that this is one of my least fondly regarded Crimson numbers. I usually hit the skip button for that one when I give Islands a play. And yet - the silence in the room as The Letters was played was awesome in the dictionary definition of the word. Jakkoís vocal performance in the piece was beautiful and passionate. As someone remarked to me later - a piece we both had little time for came alive in the room that night. And while there were many other magical moments throughout the set, thatís the first one to mind now when I look back on the night.

Worth spending 43 hours on aeroplanes in a four day period to attend? Unquestionably. I was ready to be disappointed and not regretful but fortunately I didnít need to be. Right now this feels like the most memorable and fulfilling live show Iíve attended. Iím so enormously grateful for it.

:: Posted by HarrySpade on October 06, 2014

I missed the tour, sadly, so after seeing some online chatter about a video release, I have to ask- did anyone see any camera crews at the shows? Iíve not seen that mentioned, and Iím pretty sure events donít film themselves.

As for downloads, Iím ready to buy when one is available!

SF 10/6/14
:: Posted by mindfu on October 06, 2014

Absolutely loved the show, even more than I expected. Also loved the shwag, and in particular the combined retrospective and rarities double CD. Like many others, I absolutely cannot wait for the live CD, and hope also for entire new albums of music with this line up in particular. Jaksyk and Collins are great combinations.

In short, thanks again for yet more great music. Just having a beer while listening to a live 3-drum rendition of Red and Starless, was worth the price of admission right then and there.

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