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Belew not in Crimson!
:: Posted by emory0 on March 12, 2014

"Personally I am excited that Belew isnít in the new Crim."

Funny, but I think Iím experiencing some of what the "original" fans of the 69 to 74 lineups must have felt when the Belew Crimson came on line.

Basically, for the last 30 years the Belew Crimson has delivered a really satisfying experience, and in all the variations we knew not just what to expect, but also that (at worst) BelewCrim would be delivering a pretty fierce show that we could bring friends and spouses to with little to worry about.

But all thatís off the table now! The comfortable/awesome BelewCrim is gone! There will be a new singer! Three drums! Even a reed player! Thatís not King Crimson! Who knows what thatíll be like or if I will even like it! Those are some of the feelings I find floating around.

Ah but the other part of me is kinda psyched to see if this new Crimson can match the intensity of the older versions. And, moreover, I had that old Crimson experience many times...oldguy Fripp seems to know what heís doing so maybe this will be a set of new expderiences that will bring different forms of enjoyment. But it does mean letting go of all those dubious feelings.

Just a dream, dammit
:: Posted by emory0 on March 12, 2014

"Robert is referring to a dream.

Yeah, just in case Bowieís working on another secret album, best to make this clear as soon as possible this time around...

:: Posted by gerolf on March 12, 2014

I was wondering if Robert would consider making the Crimson catalogue available in the (upcoming) high quality pono-environment?

New Crimson Lineup
:: Posted by Valhalla on March 12, 2014

Having been a lurking Crimhead for the past 15 years or so & contributing occasionally to Elephant Talk way back then & with the latest version of Crimson kicking into gear, it is time I joined the DGM guestbook!
Personally I am excited that Belew isnít in the new Crim. I though his time had run itís course with the COL & TPTB albums, although TPTB does have some wonderful music on it! Love his contribution over the decades & I am very much looking forward to seeing & hearing The Crimson ProjeKCt live here in Oz this coming July.
But it is time for something fresh, new & different no doubt! We can hope for new music hopefully & that would be a blast, if not though the live performances will suffice! Cheers.

Trials of the Diaspora
:: Posted by JemLangworthy on March 09, 2014

I hope Mr F enjoys the Anthony Julius book Trials of the Diaspora, which I see features as his morning reading. I copy-edited the book for Oxford University Press, so if he spots any linguistic infelicities, he can blame me. Actually itís not the sort of book one can enjoy - far too unsettling. But itís a fascinatingly disturbing read certainly. I recommend it. And no, Iím not on commission. Iím a freelance editor and have had my fee.

:: Posted by boroski on March 09, 2014

What did Robert mean "More adventures with David Bowie" in his February 4th diary. Just wondering.
Robert is referring to a dream.

RF/JJ photo
:: Posted by schizoidman on March 08, 2014

Good to see the photo of Robert and Jakko rehearsing. Really looking forward to hearing the new KC.

Fake Fripp
:: Posted by emory0 on March 04, 2014

In the News section Sid Smith wrote...

"A twitter account bearing the name of Robert Fripp has announced KC69 are reforming for a one-off concert. Obviously there NO truth to this tweet and we are taking steps to have the account closed down"

Aw, come on! Thatís actually kinda cute. Someone is trying to goad the universe into a reunion of í69 Crimson. Did the fake Fripp say in which town the íreunioní would occur? (And was free beer promised?)

I wish Norbert Fragg would get ahold of that account.

Guitar Craft MOOC
:: Posted by Antonion on March 04, 2014

It is not only music. Education is undergoing a major (and almost silent) revolution. People can now access courses by the top experts from the best universities in almost any field of human knowledge, for free.

So, why not an Introduction to Guitar Craft MOOC by Robert Fripp?

It would be something to observe the whole planet whizzing and circulating - literally.

Passing of Paco
:: Posted by dlucero on March 02, 2014

Passing of Paco was huge to me I was lucky enough to see a Friday Night in San Francisco II, I think I was around 19 at the time but those three almost made me give up the guitar, and had never seen anything like it!
Thank you Paco and may you fly from this earth free.

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