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Trev Wilkins Facebook Page
:: Posted by macnishtop on August 16, 2014

Trev and I arenít friends, so Iím having a hard time viewing his Facebook post...
 I believe you can send people friend requests.

Starless observations in context...
:: Posted by AndrewJohn on August 15, 2014


   ...at Liverpool Empire 1973..

... as 3 teenagers of 16 yrs high on youthful, innocent, and yet reticent exuberance parents drove us from Salford on a cold Oct evening to the concert. This would have been in a beige coloured Austin Maxi, with bench type backseat and no seatbelts. My first girlfriends parents from the Wirral met us there and my mates parents then shared An Evening with Shirley Bassey, oh the contrast. 

Concert notes; KC lighting minimal, a white pure light particular around BB whose stool appeared too hot to sit on, little warmth from the band but some ear splitting sounds from Fripp. Freaking out from just a couple of long hairs stage right. One mates legs moving up and downing ten to the dozen in response to the exciting sounds. My hand clasped tightly to my girlfriend with no chance of getting closer, but yet here with my favourite band and girl....lucky boy. No unofficial cameras, no obvious audience bootlegging...so music of the moment...whatever the quality.....KC in the raw.

Perhaps the greatest disappointment was no Schizoid Man. I recall we moved to the front to effect an encore but to hear the strains of Peace-A Theme just made me smile. Even stood relatively close to DC & JW Cat Food is no substitute. The 4 of us would have one chance to hear this live and you blew it! This sort of behaviour was however to be expected, not then and certainly not by us, but over 40 years of KC íhindsightednessí  us audients are attuned to expect anything that may appear. 

Fripp may interpret KC, but if he led then the guillotine applied would have robbed us all.

Why do we do this KC thing?....because it sounds so goddamn fine!

.....one thing though.....as a now hardened adherent to KC......if the new 7 piece starts with 21stCSM as it did in the beginning....then we may all be happier with what we receive. 

Nb...my wife has just shown me a rather large potato freshly dug out of our small vegetable plot....methinks an omen for a fruitful harvest...... 

Re; Licensed venues
:: Posted by Valhalla on August 15, 2014

Another concert that I went to also unfortunately at a licensed venue back in 1991, was the John McLaughlin Trio, the Que Alegria album tour! Man was McLaughlin pissed off & rightly so! How many times did he stop the playing to ask ípatronsí to keep it quiet during the quieter musical sections! The bar talk, putting it mildly, was all over the music at times. Did they respect that, no way! Mind blowing musical performance though thankfully, Trilok Gurtu on percussion was  awesome to say the least, as was McLaughlin of course & Di Piazza on bass! It was scheduled for another venue, but changed at the last minute due to fire regulations apparently, which led to the ípubí mentality by some of the common folk!

Re; Flash, photos,filming & drunken gits
:: Posted by Valhalla on August 14, 2014

Yes, the licensed venue gig is the most woeful concert to attend, just behind it is the outdoor stadium gig, pathetic! In regards to drunken yobs at concerts in a licensed venue, I had the ípleasureí of witnessing Roger Hodgson & his superb band here in Oz 15 months ago. Only trouble was it was in a ílicensedí venue, The Tivoli here in Brisbane. Loudmouth yobbos all over the place, not shutting their hole & as ísnowmaní said, constantly pushing past to get to their slops trough! All the other Hodgson concerts in Australia were in theatre settings, but as I knew it would be my only chance (unless I travelled to another city) to witness the Supertramp magician, I had to drop down to the pub mentality for an hour or two! A shame indeed as it was a superb show musically! The same can be said of the fools with mobile cameras & the incessant selfish attitude of many gits who presume they have the right to film & flash away because, well because they want to, for whatever reason! Mindless mentality of the ísheepí! What is that saying, íthe smarter the technology, the dumber the userí!

Concert annoyances
:: Posted by Teledan on August 14, 2014

At the KC concerts in NYCís Town Hall in the 90ís, the ushers, very diligently, kept people from going to their seats during the music. During applause breaks, the audients were then permitted to rapidly be re-seated. Iím sure the RF team has some very strict rules they expect venue security to enforce. Perhaps this is part of the reason for the somewhat high, but not ridiculous, ticket prices this time- an actual expectation of etiquette enforcement, with higher than normal venue rental fees as part of the bargain?

Even worse than flash ...
:: Posted by mrsnowman on August 14, 2014

I donít know how it works in the US, but here in the UK, what I find even more annoying than flashes and mobile phones going off is the number of people pushing past me on their way to the bar while the performance is on.

I was at Brian Wilsonís first-ever performance of "Smile" at the Royal Festival Hall in London.  This was an absolutely historic event, something we had all waited 38 years to see.  Yet I couldnít believe the number of people who were more interested in getting some cheap lager in a plastic glass than watching the performance onstage.  This was even more annoying as a seated venue, with people edging out of rows constantly, and expecting you to move for their alcohol dependency.  Why canít they close the bar during concerts??

More details on Starless concerts, please?
:: Posted by kevred on August 14, 2014

The new Starless box set looks outstanding, but I would greatly appreciate seeing a specific list of exactly which concerts are included - dates and locations. Iím sure thereís a fair bit of material here Iíve never heard, but Iím just as sure some of it is material I already own, and Iíd like to know how much before I consider ordering. Same goes for the material described as extras, curios, preparatory, etc. With the Red box set, this info came along eventually; hoping it comes a bit sooner this time. Thank you.

Concert behaviour
:: Posted by richardrogers on August 12, 2014

Negative audience behaviour at concerts, be they rock, classical, jazz or whatever, is always going to be a concern for any artist concerned with giving a good performance, rather than just someone hoping for a "Woo! Hello New York!" and "Itís all about the atmosphere" type of performer.

Flash photography can be something some people can ignore, but I imagine anyone attempting something even vaguely intricate isnít going to enjoy a flash going off in their face every five seconds.

Similarly talking or yelling over the performer if thereís a quiet moment, is right out, as what does this mean for the music performance? Only loud music? Just because a small minority of people are unable to enjoy anything less than 90 decibels?

The problem all stems from the sense of entitlement people walk into the venue with - "Iíve paid MY money for ME to enjoy MY gig." Hence you end up with grown adults behaving in frankly detestable behaviour.

Two years ago I went to a gig at the small Cargo, to watch John Foxx. I took my girlfriend (now wife) and we enjoyed the music. But the the first half of the show was a nightmare. Arrogant sweary beery men constantly knocking Abby over, stepping on her feet, in one case elbowing her, and several times spilling drinks on her. I donít want to be one of those men who is constantly eye-balling anyone who comes close to me and my wife, but it came to that. For the second half of the show we relocated to a better spot and it worked out. But even from there we still had to tolerate every other owner of a phone photographing the show at every possible second. I want to hear and see the show, not the glow 200 mobile phones in front of my face.

I can understand why some people donít want to go to certain gigs even though they want to experience the music. The music, the event, the occasion, it can all be something pretty spectacular. But when you factor in the cost, getting there, hotels, and then on top of that that you might spend a whole night next to someone relaying their life story louder than the music coming from the stage, someone aggressively pushing you around, cameras in the way...a great night out can become a night of aggravation. An expensive one.

Keeping the Kanye
:: Posted by emory0 on August 11, 2014

"The phone and taping issue really depends on the performer."

Definitely agreed. But I think some years back (was it on ET?) there was some vigorous discussion on whether a performer "should" be able to handle some of those distractions. And one of the conclusions reached therein was, "Perhaps, but we canít EXPECT this from Performer X". Whether a specific performerís music is important or worthwhile is a different issue from whether they can overcome bullshit within the context of public performance. Keith Jarrett, for instance, isnít in the category of "showman" to the point where he could (or would!) work past repeated flash photography. And perhaps if he was able to then the music he would make would be different from the music Keith Jarrett actually makes in concert. Likewise for Fripp.

Holding the Kanye
:: Posted by albemuth on August 11, 2014

The phone and taping issue really depends on the performer.  I went to see Kanye West on his Yeezus tour and there was nothing the crowd could do to hold that man down!  He just feeds on the attention, probably sucking the energy out of all those cell phones!  Say what you will about Kanye and his ego, it was one of the more enjoyable concerts Iíve been to in recent decades.  Not a worry crossed my mind and I enjoyed the silly kids (as they enjoyed seeing an old geezer like me).  I even got to hear a little King Crimson with thousands of cell phones recording (the sample in "Power"). 

In any case, remember Walter Benjamin: "Do not build on the good old days but the bad new ones."

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