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Damned if you do and damned if you don't
:: Posted by albemuth on December 01, 2015

As one of the security people said to me at the end of a Toronto show "Any kind of photo policy is going to be difficult, eh?"  He is certainly correct.  

There is no easy solution.  I understand all of the ethical, moral, philosophical, and theological arguments in favor of following the artistís wishes.  And I myself have no desire for any record of my KC experience (except buying something at the merch counter).  But the simple reality is that many of our "audients" are STILL not aware of the issue, because they donít read much about the band, come in late to the show (a large number for the night I attended), or just donít think the announcements are about their particular behavior.  

I doubt we are ever going to reach a KC utopia where everyone in the crowd embraces the idea that "I am you and you are me and we are all together."  Even when everything goes "reasonably well," almost any crowd behavior is distracting at a KC show.  I am sure that there are many like me who worry that, at any moment, things might go completely off the rails.  

After the first night in Tornoto, security became zealous (just trying to do their job).  While KC was playing "Meltdown," I imagined that the title of the piece (which I did not yet know) was "Climate of Fear," since there were a particularly large number of security interruptions in my area.  The fellow immediately in front of me got a text from his babysitter and immediately the well-intending security force was on him with flashlights.  Another audient (or "attendee") in back of me bellowed repeatedly "why are you hassling me?!" before being removed from the premises.  In one way, audience behavior was worse than ever: in all the KC shows Iíve gone to, I do not believe I have ever heard loud yells and whoops during the breaks in Twenty First Century Schizoid Man.  

Over the years, I have been trained by KC and Fripp to not expect "too much" from the concerts.  After all, bands cannot always have good nights.  But, also, I cannot assume that, as a result of audience behavior, the show will go on.  KC was not the only attraction for my Toronto trip.  The exhibit JMW Turner: Painting Set Free, at the Art Gallery of Ontario, was absolutely terrific (not to mention their great collections of Henry Moore and First Nation artists).  Ripleyís Aquarium of Canada is a little on the "commercial" side, but the beautiful displays are none the less breathtaking.  And Niagara Falls sure looks sublime on a clear fall day!  So my suggestion is to make KC just one part of your cultural diet.  Donít put too much of your spiritual and artistic energies in one place!

Picture police
:: Posted by Rockette on December 01, 2015

Thanks to Masanori for the thoughtful post about audience behaviour in Japan. In the UK some train companies have a íquiet carriageí where customers are asked not to make phone calls, talk loudly or play music. On a long train journey in such a carriage, I once asked a lady seated nearby who was making a stream of mobile calls to stop so I could get some sleep - her reply was, "Everyone else is doing it". But she did stop anyway :)

Masanori is right, people copy other peopleís behaviour - "If theyíre doing it, it must be OK". Some people also seem to think that general rules donít apply to them as an individual.

Regarding the prohibition of taking photos at concerts, since musicians arenít able to leap off stage mid-performance and deal with the culprit, itís really up to the venues to police it. They need to: 1. Make the íno pictures, no recordingí policy ultra-clear on tickets and on signs inside the auditorium. 2. Instruct stewards to immediately deal with offenders.

If venues fail to do this, the problem will only get worse.

Aylesbury tickets?
:: Posted by Clockgate on December 01, 2015

Does anyone know where the tickets for the 2016 Aylesbury tickets will go on sale? They are supposed to be available on Saturday 5th, but I cant find any info.
Have you tried the venue?

KC in Victoria, BC
:: Posted by lizziebeebee on November 30, 2015

My first KC show and Iíve been a life long admirer. Deeply so.

I came to this concert with a completely open heart and NO expectations. I left
with an even more open heart and utterly groundless.

Words just wonít cut it here.

Deepest gassho _/|_ from my heart to yours.

Belew & TCoL
:: Posted by emory0 on November 30, 2015

I remember that event on Elephant Talk with Belew!
Some of the ET posters were blabbing about whether Belew really "belonged" in King Crimson (or something like that), which for me was really a discussion about "Why canít King Crimson stay like it was in the 70s", but Belew eventually got annoyed and pointed out that he had written a lot of the material most Krimson fans listened to at that juncture. Belewís post seemed a little moody and I suspect he kinda regretted it later, hence the lyric on Prozac Blues.*

(*: Well, that was my read on the whole affair, which may actually have nothing to do with what Belew or anyone experienced.)

As for me I remember thinking it was a pointless discussion, and I remember joking that we could also replace Fripp with John McLaughlin, replace Bruford with Omar Hakkim and replace Tony Levin with the ghost of Jaco Pastorious, and then King Crimson would be "even better".

First recorded appearance of New Standard Tuning?
:: Posted by CrumbledFingers on November 30, 2015

Does anybody know the first recorded appearance of Robertís guitar tuning? He said it flew by his head in a sauna in September, 1983, but he didnít use it for Three of a Perfect Pair. It would be cool to go into the archives and identify the NSTís live debut, as well as the first "official" appearance of it. Outside of Guitar Craft, my suspicion is that David Sylvianís Gone to Earth may contain the first recorded electric guitar in New Standard Tuning, but I could be wrong.

(Sid, is this commonly known, or will it require some digging?)

Victoria Concert
:: Posted by mightymartianca on November 30, 2015

Just dropping a line to say just how stunning KC was last night at the Royal Theatre in Victoria. Two and a half hours of musical ecstacy. I never thought Iíd have the chance to see KC live, let alone see them play Epitaph, Starless and In The Court Of The Crimson King. Just simply one of the best live shows Iíve ever seen, from the epic drum intro to the final note.

I took my wife, who seemed pretty dubious, but she was sold in less than ten minutes.

A special thanks to David Singleton for his wonderful presentation before the concert. Wonderful to meet the Vicar in person, and the beautiful orchestral take on RFís soundscapes actually moved her to tears.

All in all just the most wonderful evening. I am so grateful to DGM and the band for one of the most enjoyable evenings I have ever experienced.

If the same no photo policy in Japan, too, HOW??
:: Posted by masanori on November 30, 2015

Thereís no question that Japan is one of the countries/regions in which taking picture/filming/recording are (still) strictly prohibited at most concerts. But this does not mean everybody is following this rule, unfortunately. For countless times I have seen audience ignoring rule of concert they were at. Two of my worst experiences may be that noises which occurs when taking a picture during quietest moment of the John Williams (guitarist) concert & audienceís crowd surfing one of whose foot kicked my head from behind at a festival.

On these "countless times" of ignoring rule, I have never seen someone from organisation came & tries to stop them.

As for no photo policy at concert, at most of the concerts I attended in Japan all I have seen/heard were sign(s) or word of "no photo" on screen or on an board which staff are holding up or occasional voice announcement: ALL happened far before the showtime (during many were at merch/toilet or busy chatting with company). Only once of twice I experienced the voice announcement of no photo policy & other rules at few seconds before showtime, after audience took their seat.

In general Japanese people are very very good at being disciplined. But letís not be confused with another fact that they have been educated to do/behave the same as other people (for at least 50 or so years). So especially when people around you started doing what you want to do but have not done because itís prohibited, what can happen (as a group, as audience) ??

I donít think that entire crowd start ignoring rule by this process. But as I wrote above, it can turn into a disaster, I think.

Strongly hope KC will have nice time in the shows in Japan.

PS: Most of them donít understand foreign language AND perhaps they donít see it even if written in Japanese. So I think this http://www.dgmlive.com/diary/photos/RFT21A.jpg does not work in Japan.

Whoo. Yeah. NOOOO.
:: Posted by dgardiner on November 29, 2015

I wish the no photos policy could extend to no Whoops! Or íyeahsí! At the beginning of each song or quiet section.

Can those get edited out?

What happened to...
:: Posted by Progrockdude on November 29, 2015

...the remixes for Beat and Three of a Perfect Pair (mainly the former)? I read of the positivity that the reviewer had for the remixes that Wilson has done (probably got an advanced copy or something), even though it really didnít get a proper release. Which makes me worry that theyíll be skipped over when this reissue campaign (if it ever comes to pass) will end. Whatís going on here, exactly?!

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