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Re: Set List Boston 9/16/14
:: Posted by apisch on October 12, 2014

Take a look here!

Great expectations
:: Posted by Rockette on October 12, 2014

:: Posted by froggy55 on October 10, 2014

>I am extremely disappointed, and upset to learn that a dvd of the recent King Crimson tour is not in the works.

With respect, your expectations are way too high. This was a first venture for a radically new KC line-up after years of inactivity. No-one knew how it would turn out, and committing to filming shows for DVD release (a very expensive undertaking if you want multiple camera angles, surround mixes etc.) was obviously a step too far. Gavin Harrison has said all the concerts were recorded on multitrack, so it looks likely thereíll be an audio release.

>This is a big F**K YOU to us blue collar working class King Crimson fans
>Perhaps John Lydon was correct in his assumption in the 70s when "Prog" bands such as Genesis, became popular with the doctor and lawyer crowd, he accused them of taking rock ín roll away from the working class. Has King Crimson joined the ranks?

Class has nothing to do with this, nor has DGM going "corporate". DGM has released a huge amount of material for committed fans, and King Crimson, who have battled on in some shape or form for 45 years, donít owe their listeners anything.

No DVD...
:: Posted by DanAnderson on October 11, 2014

Well, that surely turns my prediction into mush. I would have sworn that with this big of a deal there would be a DVD of the best of events. Oh well...

Listener request for when you guys start putting out the downloads: please engineer Pat, Bill and Gavin exactly how they were set up - Pat (left), Bill (center), Gavin (right). The beauty of seeing them live was seeing which drummed did what and when they did unison lines.

Any time frame as to when the first of the downloads will happen?

Set List Boston 9/16/14
:: Posted by fconte on October 11, 2014

Does anyone have the set list for the Boston show on September 16, 2014?

To Mr. Harryspade:
:: Posted by froggy55 on October 11, 2014

Thatís awful easy for you to say. You probably got to go!

another one
:: Posted by Undisciplined on October 11, 2014

:: becarmi wrote:

I do not understand all the fuss about the fact that there will be no DVD of this fall tour.

Yeah, me neither, and, yes, I saw them on the tour.  The much bigger disappointment that thereís not going to be a Blu Ray!  That $25, which is burning a hole in my pocket, will just have to be re-directed toward a ticket to a live Stick Men gig instead...



:: Posted by DannyX on October 11, 2014

Not sure which is more laughable, the whining or the scolding. The Lady or the Tiger...

Memories of ITCOTCK
:: Posted by simkin_eden on October 11, 2014

I was sixteen years old, in secondary school in a coastal town in East Anglia (UK).

I became friends with a another boy who was a semi-professional drummer even at that age, one afternoon we walked after school to one of the record shops in the town and there was ITCOTCK in one of the racks, too expensive for either of us to afford.

My friend looked through the bargain bin, removed a low price sticker from one these LPs stuck it on ITCOTCK and then went and bought it at this much reduced price. How he knew of this LP I donít know, unlike me he wasnít as surprised when he first played it.

The totally misleading quiet swirling wind sounds suddenly shattered by raging guitar and almost shouted angry lyrics just blasting out. I was hooked, and here I am 45 years later still listening, still engaged with it, still impressed by the musicianship, still hearing something new in each recording.

Once Schizoid Man finished, the next track was too a surprise, nothing like what Iíd just heard. This was not the way we expected things back then!

ITCOTCK is one of a unique group of recordings, without wishing to sound too pompous, the 20th century equivalents of the works of classical composers of previous centuries - music that will endure.

:: Posted by becarmi on October 11, 2014

HarrySpade is right on! I could not have said it better. I do not understand all the fuss about the fact that there will be no DVD of this fall tour. Music is what count and downloads, hopefully sooner than later, will do the job for me.

Music fanatics
:: Posted by HarrySpade on October 11, 2014

The commentary online just baffles me sometimes... King Crimson release giant boxed sets of their albums and theyíre accused of gouging their fans, or they donít release a live video and theyíre also accused of somehow screwing their fans. Damned if you do, damned if you donít.

I didnít see the 2014 tour, which was a bit of a letdown, but... I and my family are in reasonably good health, weíre not impoverished, the kids are doing well in school, in addition to a steady day job I make some money playing guitar on the weekends, and overall life is good. If I donít have the opportunity to see a concert or buy a video, I wonít foam at the mouth and rant to the digital ether about it.

I would respectfully suggest that other presumably stable adults develop some perspective, or at least count to ten before posting online. The infantile comments Iíve seen here and elsewhere recently are really not necessary.

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