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:: Posted by Bakullama on September 23, 2014

Iím happy that these concerts are being photographed extensively and hope to hear some of the music eventually... Does anyone have a Seattle show ticket for sale? Looks like it sold out quickly.

:: Posted by swaind on September 22, 2014

Have you been injured on the job? Call 1-800-CRIMSON and let the firm of Levin & Fripp LLP fight for YOU! Levin & Fripp? Itís Elemental! (Not admitted to practice law in any state)

Caption Completion
:: Posted by Holdman on September 22, 2014

"Will someone hand me a guitar so Tony can put away his camera?"

Thanks Sid
:: Posted by Powell8 on September 22, 2014

Just a note to acknowledge your taking the time Friday with me for a viddy interview and then Saturday for the conversation we had about the influences the band has had. For me, Hendrix took me out to the "ether" and Crim kept me there. For you, it was a pathway to jazz and jazz rock (myself as well). From chords to lyrics to Bartok to hearing new things from 5.1 mixes, Crim has been a huge influence in my life (and family as well!). Here I am in 2014 learning bass and playing in a group with a violinist and doing I Talk To The Wind! On Thursday, Friday, and Saturday I was one of the many shouting thank you, thank you. I hope Robert heard!

Non-eligible Captions
:: Posted by Irissky on September 22, 2014

For the record only, having already made an official entry:

1) Levin documents the moment of creation, a new Crimson song entitled "A Scarcity of Hand Towels"

2) Tony Levin documents the moment before guitar super-hero Robert Fripp saves life of a falling infant.

:: Posted by chronaut on September 22, 2014

May we please see a digital download concert from this tour. I think I speak for everyone when I say that we need one.


last NYC performance
:: Posted by MarkLiebenthal on September 22, 2014

For me, it was by far the best of the four nights. The band was very tight and Robert played his ass off impeccably. The highlight or really the big one for me was the Marine Coda from Vrroom. Awesome!
One big emotion was during the final curtain call, as Robert was drinking in the crowd, my thought was "is this going to be the last time I meet Robert". After being present for over 100 various performances and record signings was this going to be the final time I share the same room as Robert? Thank you my friend for 45 years of exhilarating joy...

:: Posted by thestaz on September 22, 2014

We ainít plainí "In da Court of da Crimson King." Wadda ya gonna do about it?

Caption Competition
:: Posted by lightningrider on September 22, 2014

You see, as artist we may refuse requests for photos, but since audience is mother to the music, who can say no to a photo of Mum?

Burning question for Gavin Harrison
:: Posted by crimsonkng on September 22, 2014

Gavin -

I saw the Crim performance, the first night in Philadelphia.  I was blown away by your playing and noticed that you do this really funky/cool thing on the snare with your left hand ... almost like a single-stroke roll.  How/where/when did you learn/start doing that?  I thought it was a very cool effect and sound.


Dan in Maryland, USA

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