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hackney 08 september
:: Posted by rja1967 on September 09, 2015

To anyone who is still wondering whether to experience this current King Crimson tour - for goodness’ sake, Get a ticket immediately!!

Hackney Empire was a lovely venue for the Crim’s. Excellent sound, good sightlines, in an atmospheric ornate theatre.

Fantastic set list, lots of new pieces which sounded very Crimson, gnarly and twisty, some very cool percussion pieces too - the six armed Crimson drummer is incredible. From my vantage point in the front row of the balcony I had a fantastic view of the PatBillGavin monster. Each one of these men is an astonishing percussionist in their own right, but together they seemed even better than the sum of their parts. The precision of what they played, and the sheer complexity of their interlocking rhythms must have taken months and months of intensive rehearsal. It was a real percussion masterclass.

The backline was pretty darned good too. Fripp and Jakko shared the guitar duties to the extent that sometimes one would begin a guitar part only for the other to seamlessly take it over without anyone noticing. Tony Levin was rock solid, as always, and Mel Collins played far more than I thought he would, adding sax to previously brass-less tracks like "VROOOM" which actually worked brilliantly. Trying to follow Greg Lake and John Wetton’s distinctive vocals is a tall order, but Jakko was terrific, adding his own personality too.

Also huge thanks to the soundguys - mixing and balancing this band must be an absolute nightmare. Yet somehow Mel’s delicate flute parts soar above the thunderous percussion, and Jakko’s vocals come through clearly, despite the maelstrom of noise.

Best track of the night - "Starless". The power of the band in the closing stages was immense. But it was a close run thing. I could have chosen almost any other track. And I loved the new set list - closing the show with "The Court Of The Crimson King" seems absolutely right and proper, and somehow more appropriate than usual set closer "21CSM".

In short - magnificent.



Level 5 t-shirts
:: Posted by Mikhail664 on September 08, 2015

Ive seen them in pictures of sister Fripp, where can I buy one, I will buy two

..good news..
:: Posted by AndrewJohn on September 08, 2015

..it’s so good to hear that John Wetton was at the Brighton bash and fit enough to support KC. May ’appy days’ continue to rain on after all.

Pre-D Crimson
:: Posted by emory0 on September 08, 2015

"I never liked pre Discipline Crimson."

What? Blasphemy! Burn the heretic!

Actually I know what you mean. Though I eventually learned to love Red, SABB and LTiA, the pre-D Crimson was never "my" band. And prior to LtiA, though I appreciate and even like many of the songs, a lot of that is too proggy for me. I don’t even own a copy of Lizard. Faeries? Witches? Rainbows and unicorns? Nah...

:: Posted by Spingere on September 08, 2015

Time to come clean.

I never liked pre Discipline Crimson. Ok, I liked some of Red but the earlier stuff never touched me.

Then I saw the seven headed beast and it all made sense.

The older songs deserved this band. Robert’s ’hot date’ analogy was spot on and now all I want is another date, or three.

I don’t care (much) if this band makes an album because I will always have the memory of this insane, ridiculous, wonderful group.

Now it’s time for me to dip into the back catalogue again.

Schizoid Cycling
:: Posted by PigletsDad on September 08, 2015

The closing music on the ITV4 coverage of the Vuelta a Espana on Monday 7th September was a version of 21st Century Schizoid Man - I only know the original album version, and it wasn’t that. Did anybody else see the programme, and recognise what it was?

Parenthetical (RED) and New Material
:: Posted by caseyjbye on September 07, 2015

I’m probably asking a question without an answer, but does anyone know why "Red" is listed in parentheses only on the Sept. 1st date? My guess is it was on the list but not played. Can anyone confirm? Sorry to nerd out over this, but I can’t help but be curious.

Secondly, I haven’t heard much (actually anything) about the new material in any reviews of the tour so far. Any thoughts, descriptions, comparisons to other KC material? Come on, people--this is the first new Crimson material (outside of percussion pieces and short improvs last tour) using the official KC moniker since 2003! Someone has to have something to say!

Love letters & Hot dates
:: Posted by gasmrv on September 07, 2015

Just got back from the first London gig at the Hackney Empire.

RF says that a live recording is like a love letter and attending a live performance is like a hot date. Tonight’s performance was certainly a hot date; the ’Live at the Orpheum’ CD does not come close to a love letter.

Stunning performance. Only wish the drums had been mixed a little lower as they not so infrequently drowned the other instruments. I had a third-row seat pretty much in the middle and had a perfect view of all musicians.

Fascinating to see, observe, hear and listen to 3 very distinct drumming and drummer personalities. Gavin Harrison was my personal favourite; Bill Rieflin’s restraint and impeccable timing were quite impressive; Pat definitely belongs in KC.

Jacko was a wonderful surprise.

I saw KC in 2000, also in London, and, as much as I absolutely loved tonight’s performance, I cannot honestly say it was a ’hotter date’ than that very, very memorable one of 3rd July 2000, even when tonight’s repertoire would suggest I should prefer tonight’s.

Crims in London
:: Posted by barnetfez on September 07, 2015

Hackney Empire gig tonight - as near perfect as I could have hoped for (to my ears anyway). Thanks guys.

Mel Collins
:: Posted by Wilbert on September 07, 2015

Happy Birthday Mel,

My favourite Mel Collins Sax-moment is: the Groon Solo on the Eartbound elpee. This hooked me onto Jazz, as a 15 years’ old.

My favourite Mel Collins Flute-moments are: the solo’s on "Lady of the Dancing Water" + "Cadence and Cascade" and Kokomo’s "Happy Birthday".....

(and much more)

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