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RE: P3 Cactus Cafe 1st night
:: Posted by vargan on October 29, 2015

the forbidden fruity fan tape is approx 85min and I had labeled the set list back in 1999 as:
 Hindu Fizz
 Light ConstruKction
 Heavy ConstruKction
 Deception Of The Thrush

*the 2 pieces titled Improv are most likely Cactus Masque & Super Slow. 

So, it looks like the official band release of this show might not include Seizure, Light ConstruKction & VROOOM. 

Last great 'prog' albums of the glorious 70's!
:: Posted by Valhalla on October 29, 2015

Is ’Prog’ a dirty word? To some maybe, for me NEVER! Plenty of wonderful albums to mention, Floyd’s ’The Wall’ & ’Animals’ more so I think. UK & their debut album, Yes ’Going For The One’ & even ’Tormato’, Genesis ’Wind & Wuthering’ & ’Trick Of The Tail’ perhaps, Tull’s classic ’Stormwatch’, Colosseum 2 perhaps with War Dance & Electric Savage? Rush of course with ’Hemispheres’ & ’A Farewell To Kings’. There are plenty of other classic albums.

P3 Cactus Cafe 1st night
:: Posted by kcpebras on October 29, 2015

Does anybody know what happened with the March 22nd 1999 show? It’s mentioned that "The band played a 45 minute set then another after a short break", whereas it appears that there’s only one set available (possibly the first one). I remember the "Masque" booklet where Pat wrote that initially there were 9 hours of music before being edited to about 2 hours and 1 1/2 hours afterwards.

The Last Great Prog Album Of The '70s
:: Posted by PPmINTY on October 29, 2015

...is surely "Western Culture" by Henry Cow, released in 1979.
Lest we forget, that year also brought us "Exposure" by one Robert Fripp.

Then consider these. They also hit the streets in 1979 (listed in no particular order):- Utopia - "Adventures in Utopia" /  UK - "Danger Money" / John McLaughlin - "Electric Dreams" /  Led Zeppelin - "In Through The Out Door" / Frank Zappa - "Joe’s Garage" / Holger Czukay - "Movies" / Bill Bruford - "One Of A Kind" / Dave Greenslade - "The Pentateuch Of The Cosmogony" / Brand X - "Product" / Steve Hillage - "Rainbow Dome Music" / Jethro Tull - "Stormwatch" / The Enid - "Touch Me" ...and those are just the ones in my own collection! I’m sure we can debate whether the Utopia or Zep albums are really ’prog’. Sure sound like it to me! But then, what is ’prog’ anyway?

:: Posted by fhc339835 on October 29, 2015

Team & Friends,

I had a dream: Instead of a videotaped regular performance, the 2015 KC will perform privately and record this event for posterity (e.g. my children and grandchildren).

Refer to Van der Graaf Generator Live at Metropolis Studio, London (UK, not CAN :-) 2012.

This gonna happen?

Cheers from Germany


Last Great Prog CD of the 70's
:: Posted by microbunny on October 29, 2015

If "In the Court of the Crimson King" is widely regarded as the

1st great "Prog" album of the 70’s era (late 69 to be exact).

What is the LAST Great Prog Album of the 70’s ?

Pink Floyd’s "Animals"?

U.K. Debut?

Genesis Wind and Wuthering or further back...Lamb Lies Down On Broadway?

What’s your choice?

:: Posted by willesley on October 28, 2015

David Singleton - Just burned my ears on ATTAKcATHRAK. I heard you explain how and why you did this but I’m still in awe and admiration. Outstanding.

Re; Thrak box review & release
:: Posted by Valhalla on October 27, 2015

Excellent review by John Kelman for this much anticipated release! The 5:1 mix of the Thrak album is what draws one into the void. But what also appeals to me are the live dvd concert recordings, especially the Warfield Theatre concert! Hopefully the Deja Vroom disc on Blu Ray, may sound a little improved from the original! As I previously owned the vhs at first, then the dvd, I always thought it looked & sounded a little course, for want of a better word! I still haven’t purchased Steve Wilson’s remix of the Lizard album, so maybe this will prompt an exchange of Australian dollars to British or US currency at burningshed! Exciting times indeed!

Thrak Box Liner Notes
:: Posted by JBeerLTIA on October 27, 2015

Just out of curiosity, will the book that accompanies the Thrak Box have any new interviews/insights from any of the members? I am an information junkie! Yes - quite a bit of new information is in the essay.

2015 TourBox on commercial sale?
:: Posted by mikefrost on October 26, 2015

Will the 2015 Tourbox see wide commercial release? There are those of us without means to purchase on internet and I’d love to get it before christmas like last year!
Yes, the 2015 tour box will be available in shops (those that still exist).

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