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thanks for the concern
:: Posted by andyfromozz on February 05, 2015

thanks for your concern for me GASMRV (though I don’t know what you are talking about!)
cheers andy from oz

Why Bootlegs?
:: Posted by CourtSage on February 04, 2015

Mr. Singleton wrote:
"RF asked why bootlegs were often more exciting than proper releases. And the answer is absurd amounts of compression"
Are we talking about all of the 1981 Discipline shows which are audience tapes that are now proper releases? Hell the 1974 Central Park show, which has been highly regarded by Wetton and Fripp, was culled from a bootleg cassette.
I just kind of find it funny that its: "No photography, no filming, no recording. Its offensive to the artists. You’re a bunch of egoists who feel like you’re entitled to something because you bought a ticket. But please do send in all photographs, memories and recordings for our next boxset. Thank you!"
Well I guess its okay if you did all that in the 1970s and 1980s.
But back to the question of why bootlegs? Historical reasons. There are a number of great gigs that go undocumented by bands. For example most of Pink Floyd’s tours in the 1970s both pre and post Dark Side of the Moon. It took decades for the band to release the 1974 Wembley shows and the 1980-81 Wall shows. Many feel that the peak of the band’s live performing was during the 1977 Animals tour which featured some incendiary guitar playing from David Gilmour and Snowy White. Another example would be Genesis’ reunion with Gabriel in 1982 (Six of the Best). Although many claim to have seen professional cameras present, the band claims no recording of the event took place. Sound isn’t the best but its good considering it apparently rained throughout the show. There many other examples like Bob Marley’s last show which became an official release and combined with a soundboard recording of the night.

Tour Poster
:: Posted by farranhite on February 04, 2015

your all missing it, sorry if I have missed previous posts ....but
One eye goes laughing,
one eye goes crying
through the trials and trying of one life
one hand is tied,
one step gets behind
in one breath we’re dying

Live at the Orpheum
:: Posted by monkeyman on February 04, 2015

I just recieved Live at the Orpheum, and I must say that the Allman Brothers are in top form here.  It is hard to comprehend that there were only two drummers!  Amazing!  Gregg’s got a great rock and roll voice on the first song, and Whipping Post is the best version I’ve ever heard.   Yeah!  Too bad it’s so short.  Also I missed the vocals on the second song.  Oh well, can’t have everything, can we?  Good Job Guys!
P.S.  Who was sitting in with the saxophone?

King Amazing
:: Posted by Spingere on February 04, 2015

After years of not getting to see Crimson I finally get a chance. Starting in Aylesbury, where I spent part of my childhood, is a gift. Thank you, whoever sorted out the tour schedule.

Thanks to Robert too. I’m already bracing myself for our delightful English cynicism and the barrage of voices of people not seeing what wonders are right in front of them. I wouldn’t have blamed Robert from staying away from the UK altogether. Let’s hope the positive, camera free atmosphere of the U.S. gigs is replicated here.

Anyway, the world is a good place once again. And if the tour poster’s job was to draw people’s attention to the gigs, it’s working fine.

See you in Aylesbury!

That Efffin' Fripp
:: Posted by gasmrv on February 04, 2015

I say it’s about time, after all these years, that Mr Robert Fripp started pleasing Mr andyfromozz.

:: Posted by Bakullama on February 04, 2015

Valhalla, I think that you and I imagine things quite alike as far as this image goes. Could be off base but thats the wonder of imagery. This one eyed young man of privilege digs into the psyche pretty good... Good call with the Blavatsky connotation.

I think I like it.

Re; One eyed cyclops
:: Posted by Valhalla on February 04, 2015

The first thing I recalled upon viewing the "one eyed’ image, was Helena Blavatsky’s ’The Secret Doctrine’. After reading sections of her ’philosophies’ decades ago, now i am reading bits & pieces again! Oh the mighty Crim, what have you done to me? Am I ’looking’ into it too deeply? No pun intended! Cheers.

EU Sep Tour
:: Posted by fhc339835 on February 04, 2015

Looking forward to see the band in Paris - it is a 6 hour drive from Munich with TGV or ICE...

Tour Poster Again!
:: Posted by simkin_eden on February 04, 2015

In the kingdom of the blind, the one-eyed man is King...

You’ve obviously never read the H G Wells short story of the same title where he shows that in the kingdom of the blind even a one-eyed man is at a total disadvantage to everyone else.

KC’s graphics have always been very different and arresting but this is just a rip-off of Magritte’s Le Viol.

Ah well.


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