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Question for Robert Fripp
:: Posted by Spacebass on September 16, 2014

Any chance for a third collaboration with Andy Summers, or at least a sweet DGM download release of those cassettes featured in your diary a few years back?

Thanks for all of the wonderful music over the years!
Robert Cusack

Live Material
:: Posted by Frippertron on September 16, 2014

A quick and simplistic question to Mr. Robert Fripp, is there any plans for a live album of material from the ongoing tour (say, like on CD/Vinyl, etc.) in the coming months/year after the tour ends? This would be nice for anyone who couldnít make it to any of the shows (especially those in Europe).

Thank you, and cheers!

Question for Robert about Acoustic Guitar playing
:: Posted by cschrecker on September 16, 2014

Hi Robert,

I cannot compliment you enough, but simply wanted to thank you for all of the great music youíve provided to the public in my lifetime. My question is have you ever considered playing acoustic guitar with King Crimson on stage? Your acoustic flourishes on various Crimson albums are tasteful, important and beautiful. One of my favorites is the Peace Theme on Wake.

Thanks again for your time, receptiveness and generosity with fans such as myself.

Take care.

Burning question to Jakko Jakszyk
:: Posted by rzachol on September 16, 2014

Do you speak Polish ? Or Silesian ? Iíve seen a big "SILESIA" sign on the picture of your studio ... and how do YOU pronounce "Jakko Jakszyk" ?

Zycza Ci cobys z zycio bol fest zadowolony!

Burning question for Mr Fripp
:: Posted by bientje on September 16, 2014

There can only be 1 burning question for any KC fan in Europe. Is KC considering a european tour after the US shows, and if so please donít forget Brusels dear Mr Fripp

Question to band member
:: Posted by PaulTaylor on September 16, 2014

Dear Mr Collins
I have admired and enjoyed your playing for many years.
In the dim and distant past, I recall watching Paulineís People, and they had on a live boy band on, the bay city rollers, and they had a brilliant saxophone player, who looked suspiciously like you,who then disappeared when the band were interviewed. If that was you, please do not do that again. Have you done worse?

:: Posted by Maximus on September 16, 2014

I once stumbled upon a short audio excerpt from Robert Fripp Unplugged CD(a preview, to be more precise) in which someone asked Robert "Where does the music come from?". Robert replied that "the short answer is, music emerges from silence(...)".

It is one of these statements that makes a drastic change within someone(me), like knowing that steel appears cold to the touch just because it takes energy faster from the finger, rather than being actually "colder"(while both the finger and the steel have the same temperature). Different view on the perception itself, that changed a lot in my thinking and perceiving.

Iím dying to hear the longer answer, so the question, for Robert, remains the same.

Where does the music come from???

Burning Questions
:: Posted by seasider7 on September 16, 2014

I have a burning question for Robert Fripp - is the newly re-formed KC2014 going to play any UK dates? I am certain this would be much appreciated by all the fans here. I last saw the Crims in 1972, so it would be great to see them again.

:: Posted by DanAnderson on September 16, 2014

Question for Robert: what music do you play on your guitar strictly for your own pleasure?

A Question For Mel Collins
:: Posted by foolsmate on September 16, 2014

In response to >>>
"Do you have a burning question for one of the Crims? Is there something youíve always wanted to ask a member of the band but havenít ever had the chance? Well now you can."

For Mel Collins,

When did you become a professional musician and what kind of formal musical training have you had, if any?

(Well, that was not quite one question but a compound of two)

Allan Fredrickson

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