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:: Posted by JeffTruzzi on November 03, 2014

(a more detailed yet still imprecise recollection)

Everyone walked into the Mandeville Auditorium as Robert Fripp was playing electric guitar - Frippertronics, recording bed tracks he would solo over later. After everyone was seated and quiet, he stopped playing, turned off the machines, and gently rocked himself back and forth in his chair with his eyes closed. Total silence, you could hear a pin drop.
The first thing he said was:
"I wonder what you expected?"

I felt like the first day of first grade, when the teacher asks the class something that you KNEW the answer for, and excitedly waved my hand as if I were still in grade school while he picked others who said things like "Distortion" and "Ambience."

Then he picks me, and I say:
"I expected nothingÖ"
The entire room gasps, horrified, as if Iíd just insulted the shit out of him.
"Öin particular."

After a painfully pregnant pause, Fripp said something like:
"Ah, so there IS an innocent in the audience. Well, I trust you will be edified."
The room erupted in applause and mild cheers:
Boy Fripp sure put that bastard heckler in his place!

After the room quiets, he says: "If you are telling the truth, youíre only the second or third person Iíve ever known who thinks that way. Brian Eno is someone who always has a truly opened mind." And then RF proceeded to lecture the room on how bringing our expectations to an event will color and cloud our minds as to what is actually happening, as opposed to what people WANT to have happen. Events, particularly artistic ones, are only fully appreciated for what they are when one leaves their expectations behind.

No expectations. Expecting nothing. I KNEW that was the frigginí answer! Iíd read him speak of this in many interviews. So I was right, and every single one of those bastards applauding against my comment was wrong.

Did Mr. Fripp give me any credit for having had the correct answer? Of course not! Heís Robert Fripp!

Later, in his lecture, he wrote (on a chalkboard) MUSIC at the top, MUSICIAN at the bottom, BUSINESS on the left and LISTENER on the right. He drew an arrow downward from MUSIC to MUSICIAN, and another arrow from left to right from BUSINESS to LISTENER. "Notice that these are positioned at cross purposes."

An enjoyable, unexpectedly exciting - and dare I say, edifying - evening.

:: Posted by emory0 on November 02, 2014

"Iím surprised and not surprised at the same time."

That was my reaction. Of course, it could have been someone who worked at/for the venue and that had no idea of the feelings that Fripp and the band have towards illicit taping.

Aside from the possibility, though, if it WAS someone who was a "friend or family", then we have to acknowledge that there are people out there who have no notion of honoring a commitment if that commitment doesnít buy you anything, In other words, a sociopath. Sociopaths are always among us and, though they may have learned how to look like they are feeling some emotion akin to human emotion, the sociopath isnít capale of that and they indeed ttend to blinldly imitate "real" human life. And thereís nothing you can do about it because there are always people who will do that.

rehearse this
:: Posted by myshadow on November 02, 2014

I have been hoping Pat and Tony convince RF to play Breathless. It may be a number where some one sits it out ala íTrioí or just add a bit of color to the crescendo. 

Re: Scumbag?
:: Posted by markmmarkm on November 02, 2014

Groovy, Bakullama.

Maybe you can convey your observations to Mr Fripp.

Rehearsed but not performed...
:: Posted by DanAnderson on November 02, 2014

Hey Sid,
Tony mentioned in a blog about there were some tunes the band rehearsed but never played on this tour. Do you know what they were? They just killed it on the ones they did play (my favorite being The Letters). The rehearsal set list isn't intended for public consumption at the moment, Dan.

Slack jawed...
:: Posted by DanAnderson on November 02, 2014

Iím surprised and not surprised at the same time. One would think a private show wouldnít be taped but at least one person didnít think so. On the subject of KC bootlegs, Iíll admit that Iíve collected roughly 150 or so since 1974 (a mere trifle by Vargan standards and none of them are pirated official releases, either). Why? Even in some of the most shoddy sounding boots there is something that captures the spirit of the music. Even in crap recordings I can get into and ride that spirit. The spirit of the music is what makes Crimson so different from everyone else. This is why I have also bought at least the different incarnations of each studio release, approximately 3/4 of the live hard discs and the Wetton/Bruford band box sets sold by DGM. My wife doesnít understand it. WE on this forum do.

In my opinion, DGM blew it by not doing a 2008 and immediately releasing a concert. This opens the door for the bootleggers to get their wares out on the net. Is DGM going to lose any money because of this? I really doubt it. Fanatic bootleg collectors donít spend the money for the real stuff. The outrage is justified but at the same time, this is 2014 and this is going to happen. The technology is too good and the bootleggers are too determined to pull it off so there you go.

Weíll just have to wait for the "good shit" to come along to spend our money on.

AB3 in Chi = BIG FUN
:: Posted by Chris_DeVito on November 02, 2014

Saw the Adrian Belew Power Trio in Chicago last night at a great venue, the Old Town School of Folk Music, and it was a blast. Belew exudes joy, energy, and fun nonstop, even when his guitars are breaking down. The trio sound like twice as many musicians -- when drummer Ralph Tobias lets it rip (and Belew gave him plenty of space to do that), he blows away any three drummers (yes, including the recent King Crimson lineup). Best version of "Indiscipline" Iíve ever heard, too (and Iíve heard more than a few). All that and "City of Tiny Lights" -- if you get a chance to see this band, donít miss it!

Reaction to Should I be as slack-jawed as this?
:: Posted by becarmi on November 01, 2014

I saw that too,

Frankly, I am not surprised at all. This is no longer 1974. Things have changed. RF battle against audience recording is a lost battle. When Neil Young is touring, you could be sure that at least one recording will pup-up the very next day. Some of them are very good. I hardly believe that this dent very much Neilís earnings. Even though Neilís gigs are among the most downloaded on dime, perhaps beaten only by Led Zeppelin. The number are not big. The most snatched torrents rarely reach 6000 world wide, even for Led Zeppelin. These recordings are fan made and are exchanged freely. Bootleggers are not longer making piles of money with these recordings. I respect DGMLive decision not to quickly release one 2014 gig. Still, I do believe that this is a mistake. KC fans are very dedicated and widely disperse around the world. Most of us were far away form places were gigs were held. Moreover, tickets were sold quickly. So, very few of us had the chance to ear this music. As far as I know, we have heard officially not a single song played during the last tour. I do not understand why DGMLive did not post at least one song on video. This would have been excellent publicity. It could even have attracted new young fans. Looking at the pictures posted by Tony Levin, the crowds were dominated by the fifty and older. I found DGMLive videos disappointing and I stop watching them. The music is what is important, the rest is detail.

:: Posted by Bakullama on November 01, 2014

Dylan, a lying scumbag and a druggie? Seems many are very upset to find out these are human beings. Before the internet, all the beautiful people were carefully placed before the world by the media machine as heroes, geniuses, pensive artists, and eloquent thinkers. Now we find out they are just like us. The truth overpowers the image we have/had of these folks with negative effects. Quite honestly I preferred the old ways. Get to know these "stars" too well and they run the risk of becoming similar to a bad neighbor who lets his dogs piss on our lawn. Thats human nature. They donít sell em like they used to.

:: Posted by Rockette on November 01, 2014

>the very recent appearance of one from the pre-first public concert at The Egg, the one from September 8th, the night supposed to be an event for FRIENDS AND FAMILY of the band!

Unbelievable isnít it. Who is the mole in the camp? Sometimes itís the person you least suspect...

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