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Re: Gavin Harrison
:: Posted by Valhalla on March 22, 2014

I have witnessed Harrison’s drumming ’live’ twice with Porcupine Tree & he is awesome to say the least. Plenty of feel in that guys playing indeed, & having owned the Tree’s albums before I went to the gigs, I knew he would be sensational! He has it all & I have no doubts at all about his ability to occupy the ’throne’!
A wonderful addition to the mighty Crim! Bring it on! 

Gavin Harrison
:: Posted by bloggulator on March 22, 2014

Tim7777, some interesting comments, even if I disagree entirely re. your opinion on Gavin Harrison. For me, he’s a total groove-meister...with few peers. However, if you’re the same age as Gavin and have been playing drums since 3 years old, would you be so kind as to post a link so we can see you play? What bands have you played with? With that experience, I imagine you have some pretty mean chops to show off!

The new king crimson
:: Posted by tim7777 on March 22, 2014

Gavins playing is clinical.When i have watched him all i saw was clinic.Bruford just played come what may.He just let it happen.With gavin i see someone playing 5 stroke rolls 7s 13,etc.Im trolling no one.I am the same age as gavin.I have been playing since age 3.Now @50 i can honestly say i know a little somthing about drums.Im also black from the school of bruford, al foster,ishmael wilburn,alan white.,and  the  list goes on .Omar hakim would have been a good choice.To me gavins playing is  stiff clinical minded drumming.John bonham once said if your playing a 5 stroke roll whos gonna know.The older i get the more i under stand what bonham was saying.Theirs groove then theirs clincal grove.It will be a huge demand on all 3 drummers to come up with the goods night after night.Can fripp hang tough for this ride.Can he still burn night after night.

Gavin's Drumming...
:: Posted by bloggulator on March 21, 2014

Well, all one has to do is watch Gavin’s clips on youtube etc. to see that he is a drummer of extraordinary technical ability, invention, and precision. He has total mastery over timekeeping, and the sound he gets is always superb - crisp, clean and powerful. The best thing about his playing though - is that he always plays for the song.

These are reasons why he needs King Crimson, and King Crimson needs him. A great match imho!

:: Posted by hfhifi on March 21, 2014

Tim 7777,

You clearly have never bothered to listen to Gavin’s playing. I go back to the days of the LTIA band and BB is and will always be my favorite drummer. While I enjoy Mastellato, he is not a "great". Harrison is the closest thing to Bruford you are ever going to hear. I too saw the NYC shows in 2008 and GH fit KC like a glove.

Gavin is awesome
:: Posted by toycritic on March 21, 2014

I saw the two-drummer Crim with Harrison and Mastelotto and it was fabulous. I am also a big fan of Pat’s work in the ProjeKcts and the Double Duo. The prospect of seeing them together again, with the new element of Rieflin, should be interesting to say the least. Not sure how the whole three-drummer thing will work, but if there weren’t an element of uncertainty, it wouldn’t be Crim.

An addition
:: Posted by jbyrne on March 21, 2014

Hi - here’s an addition for the Tour Dates section under Robert Fripp and The League of Crafty Guitarists: November 17, 1985, at the Acoustic and Electric Music Center in Virginia Beach, VA.  We played two shows.  It was the conclusion of Guitar Craft IX.

Best,   Jeff Byrne

:: Posted by Rockette on March 21, 2014

"Gavins drumming is somthing im not interrested in"

Fair enough. But tens of thousands would disagree - Gavin Harrison is a world-class drummer and a deep musical thinker, and IMO any band he plays in is fortunate to have him.

Gavin's drumming...
:: Posted by emory0 on March 21, 2014

"Gavins drumming is somthing im not interrested in"

Dear Tim7777:
You are a numnuts. Either that or you are trolling us, and this statement above is proof of one or the other.

My brothers once insisted I join them to go see Porcupine Tree, with Gavin drumming. At the end of their set I turned to them and said, "You know, the band backing that drummer was pretty good too..." To which they snickered. (And one of them is a very technical Jazz drummer.) Gavin was truly amazing: Flabbergasting, at times. As for Rieflin my few experiences hearing him on CD indicate that he’s got a more syncopated, almost "black" approach to drumming, yet with lots of Proggy technicality too.

Sounds like you "aren’t interested" in seeing anyone in Crimson you have previously seen.

:: Posted by Petitwazoo on March 21, 2014

new king crimson.
:: Posted by tim7777 on March 21, 2014

I understand Dan Cruickshank is already compiling a TV programme that will translate that post for ’the man in the street’ (;)

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