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Of Coal Men
:: Posted by davidly on June 12, 2015

Itís only fitting that mention be made here of the passing of Ornette Coleman, if not first by this bookís own Ornate Coal Man.  The tributes Iíve read thus far are anything but hyperbole; the guy was  a groundbreaking and beautiful musician.

I have often wondered if Frippís founding of the duo-trio was inspired by Colemanís 1960 double quartet project.  Iíd swear that, like the latter, I have seen Thrak liner notes, not mine, indicating "left and right channel" contributors.  Am I wrong?

Robert Fripp's Diary
:: Posted by tomtomtom on June 12, 2015

I wonder, why is it, that R. Fripp does now update his diary regularly anymore.

R. Frippís diary has been an essential part of my everyday life, and now I feel that a very important piece is missing. I used to read mr. Frippís diary every day in my lunch hour.

Miss that thing.

(Source-DGM Calender 2009)..good wishes..
:: Posted by AndrewJohn on June 11, 2015

..enjoy a reasonable sized piece of cake and glass of something nice to celebrate John Wettonís 10th June birthday... and other KC similarly star dated alumni recently.

Thanks for continuing years of wonderful sounds, music, vision and inspiring energy. Funny how the few notes of music rearranged, reinterpreted and expressed can forge so much pleasure and engaging truths. Long live RíníR.

Sadly the birthday listed on the calendar as the 10th should be the 12th!


Presale for Toronto 11/21
:: Posted by Irissky on June 09, 2015

Does anyone know how to access either the Ticketmaster Presale or the Radio presale which ENDS 6/11 at 10am ?


Did I miss it?
:: Posted by markmmarkm on June 09, 2015

I havenít peeked in in awhile.

Whatever happened to the idea where we submitted questions and the band members answered?

Robert and Mel were the only members of the band who were able to find time to answer the questions. Some of Robert's answers can be found here and here.  Mel's Q&A session is awaiting editing.

Bill bruford.
:: Posted by tim7777 on June 07, 2015

Thank you bill for playing the drums.Iím a drummer been playing since age 3 now Iím teaching my son.He asked me who do I like on the drums. I told him bill bruford. &AllenWhite &AL. Foster.Thank you so much . Best regards from Tim&little tim.gy

:: Posted by simonmacvicar on June 07, 2015

there is no real soundscapes dvd of robert solo which would include all the great things he does including the soloing-as separate bonus on the project 6-belew/fripp duo.But most have all the material contained in whole sets of 2/21/2/26/06&2/27/06.If there does wxist this he should think of maybe doing soundscapes for true 5.1 dvd quality in blu ray quality.Many buyers and if a lot of the louder soloing on those 3 2/06 sets the deepest dvd ever.
Harris Flug-shot in close up where it is the closest shot showing face and hands on instrument at all times-no cutaways so we miss anything he is doing-blu ray allows a lot of time!
Harris Flug

Starless Starlight album
:: Posted by throbber on June 06, 2015

Amazon will sell me this album as MP3 for GBP5.49, but I canít see it for sale anywhere else (eg, Burning Shed) other than as a CD. Before I send money to Amazon (whom I hate) may I ask if it is or will be available as MP3 from other vendors? Or have I just missed it?

The tour 2015
:: Posted by Inkmorr on June 06, 2015

Good Morning
My name is Ingemar and I live in Gothenburg, Sweden and this is my first post here, but I have followed DGM for several years.
Iím really happy and excited about going to Brighton in september for the concert with KC. Iíve been a fan since 13 years of age when the first album was released and the music has been a great inspiration. This wil be my first KC concert. I play guitar myself and once attended a crafty guitar seminar in Norway in 1989 where I learnt and practiced a lot. Though much of the music I have played has been more in a postpunk territory, Crimsons music and Robert Fripps playing has always made an impact. And I really loved his partcipation with Bowie, Talking Heads, Flying Lizards etc.
So, have a nice and musical day and Thanks for nice reading here at DGM.

barriers to music
:: Posted by bloggulator on June 05, 2015

Regardless of quality of audio reproduction, one of the limiting factors is the environment in which the listener is absorbing the music - or attempting such. Much listening is done in vehicles, where a (usually) garbage sound system is competing with the noise of the engine, traffic, street sounds, tires on the road, wind noise, conversation and the like - and, of course, driving demands concentrating more on an ever changing traffic situation, rather than whatís coming out of the speakers. In this, or other similar and common situations, the experience of "listening" is relegated to "partly hearing". Even in fine car audio systems, many of the subtleties of the music are rendered inaudible or go unnoticed because of the inevitable background noise. One of the other common music-absorbing situations - via ísmartphonesí isnít much of an improvement - where often cheap íní nasty headsets and mp3 audio compromise the music - even in more ífriendly" listening situations. And as for laptop speakers.....

How is it possible to listen to *all* the music, as intended by the composer/songwriter, when so many barriers get between the source - and the destination - the ears? The ongoing change of listening habits - prompted by mobile devices etc. have also resulted one of the most anti-musical practices in recording history - the dreaded "volume wars". Mastering engineers (often against their better judgement) are often obligated by the industry to squash the dynamics using brick-wall limiters, multi-band compressors and the like and then pump the overall level into clipping and overload - just so Artist Aís record sounds louder or "more impressive" and "attention getting" than Artist B. "Quiet passages" cease to be.

Even though I am an admitted audio snob (!), and have been since I was in my teens, how did one of the greatest pleasures that humanity can experience - listening to music - devolve into such a puerile situation of "mineís louder than yours"?

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