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..end of tour..Tony's Take..
:: Posted by AndrewJohn on October 10, 2014

  Tony Levin’s choice of a final picture to epitomize the tour is very apt.

...although a collective and happy scene, its more than clear that RF looks joyous. Something I think most of us would want him to enjoy, as perhaps we, as fans, have had in a continuing joy in KC. For some of us this has been for many, many years. So its only fitting that KC has reciprocated this to its main protagonist.

In 1974 when R.I.P. appeared on the USA vinyl I wasn’t surprised. However then we had so little to go on but with TheYPGtoKC and scrapbook a sort of sense appeared and provided a suitable close. But as KC resurrected in 81’ it was clear the gloves were off....we were not to enjoy KC as a distant teenage nostalgia trip.........

and now suddenly it’s 2014(!)...wow!...

 whatever follows.....it’ll be worth waiting for........

.....some of us never grow up, but hell yeah the mantra was always ’Stay Young’ anyway!

:: Posted by farranhite on October 10, 2014

Thanks for the tip Albemuth
Rachel Flowers is expletive awesome.....
Guess if ever Bob wants to retire as band leader, just parachute her in...
Her cover of Peaches en Regalia is a force to be reckoned with as well........
Maybe its a consequence of previous sight issues, but the attention to detail is absolutely astounding. I am just blown away with someone who can exercise such focus and come back with an interpretation which is both totally honest to te original but intuitively adds some clear personal interpretation, particularly in the middle section of LTIA part 1, loved it.

:: Posted by kitchens on October 10, 2014

Level 5 was so heavy it left a void in its wake. When it was over all the air had been removed from the room.

have you got a video?
:: Posted by vargan on October 10, 2014

there was a video camera positioned next to the soundboard in albany capturing a wide angle shot.  perhaps this may be considered for the one of the remaining KCCC releases. 

the perspective i’d like to see would be the drummers wearing go-pros, i think the P@ cam would be very entertaining. 

Congratulations and Flowers
:: Posted by albemuth on October 10, 2014

Let’s hear a big "congratulations!" and "job well done!" for KC.  I am hugely impressed (but maybe not so surprised) that this tour was a GRAND SUCCESS. 

To celebrate the completion of this completion, listen to Rachel Flowers’ cover of LTIA Pt. I and Pt II (soundcloud), if you have not already.  Wow! 

From My Own Private Cell: Fans' Takes on Jakszyk, Part Two?
:: Posted by davidly on October 10, 2014

I am pleased that you took my comment in good humor, andyfromoz. For the way I express my view of the world is not always endearing.

On another note: microbunny commented that Jakko’s guitar work on Larks’ I was at a level worthy of note. I suspect playing in a band replete with legends, standing behind three drummers, and being in constant comparison with vocalists past, one’s picking might go uncommented by default. I’d be curious to read other responses to his playing - on the Tongues and TCoL in particular.

from my prison
:: Posted by andyfromozz on October 09, 2014

Hi fellow aussie Valhalla! regarding: Surely a band playing live for the first time is going to ’test the water’ so to speak?

Seriously? "for the first time"? Come on now, these guys aren’t like other bands, these are among the best in the world, they’ve played live a gazillion times and surely don’t need to test any water before recording!

I apologize for my ranting, I take responsibilty for my own expectation of live footage that I’d already imagined sitting down to enjoy with my fellow KC loving mates...silly me, I’m passionate about the things I love. I realize that I should’ve just hoped for a DVD and not allowed myself to get all worked up, by all the tantalizing titillation. Expectation is indeed a prison...but now I’m out on bail, i hope to have the opportunity to hear this new KC music...but if not, no worries, they aren’t the only musical fish in the sea after all.

entitlement and expectation
:: Posted by andyfromozz on October 09, 2014

I’ve calmed down now and I’m sorry about ranting in the way I did. But I question why on this webpage, which is a means to promote DGM product, everything seemed to be leading towards new KC product. Sure, I am used to missing out on many artists I like who don’t tour downunder, but I suppose I did have some expectation that after all the exciting build up, the payoff would be a DVD for those of us tantalized by the glowing reviews, interviews with blown away fans etc. As far as the expense of filming, was the Shepherds Bush footage on the Japan DVD expensive? Didn’t look like it. We don’t need bells and whistles, I just really wanted to see it! I’m really disappointed that I won’t get that chance. That said, I’m really looking forward to being able to buy a recording at the very least...if by chance that is in the pipeline. and now I think I’ll take a sip of wine from the cup of silence...and shut the hell up...andy from oz

KC DVD release (cont. cont.)
:: Posted by gasmrv on October 09, 2014

I must be getting old...

I’m told Book of Saturday & Moonchild (short version) will also be featured in the double-DVD set (still, it seems, there’s a possibility this may actually be a 3-DVD set).

Also, some exciting news: Footage will definitely be more along the lines of the ’Bootleg TV’ footage seen on the July 2000 London DVD, and NOT the April 2003 Tokyo footage featured on the ’Eyes Wide Open’ DVD set, i.e. a more raw, genuine, faithful, no-gimmicks visual take on the current KC line-up.

There’s also talk of not releasing any DVDs at all, but a 5-CD set instead, 4 CDs featuring all of the aforementioned tracks—with the fifth CD containing completely new material, effectively a new KC album, an album which will include two tracks with the current working titles of "Larks’ Tongues in Aspic Pt. 7" & "Larks Tongues in Aspic Pt. 8".

If the CD box set becomes a reality, it is scheduled for release in the spring/autumn of 2016.

It’s the music that counts.

The REAL burning question
:: Posted by DannyX on October 09, 2014

What did Belew think of the tour?

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