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Madison WI show
:: Posted by eigerblade on October 09, 2014

My wife and I went to the Madison King Crimson concert on Sept. 23rd. What an amazing show. This is the third time Iíve been fortunate enough to see King Crimson in concert (the 70s and the 90s for the other two) and this concert was incredible. Really nice to be able to see Robert smile after the show, and to be able to buy a shirt and cap from his sister at the merchandise table! This will remain one of the top concert experiences in my life. Thank you to Robert and to all the band members for an unforgettable night. (And, but the way, I liked the fact that nobody was holding up their phones to record, but everyone was actually in the moment.) There arenít enough superlatives to adequately describe the show in Madison.

Larks I
:: Posted by microbunny on October 08, 2014

Did anyone else notice that Jakko had somehow managed to play that incredibly difficult long rapid Fripp riff in the middle section of Larksí Tongues Part One ? He repeated it flawlessly, a number of times ! Phew weee.

Amazing that anyone else can play that brilliantly bizarre piece of music.

I suspect that took a LOT of rehearsing to get right.

Well done!

:: Posted by brotherbeavis on October 08, 2014

I have been wanting to see King Crimson live for 35 years, but every time I was near a gig, circumstances intervened. I thought I was going to miss Seattle this time around as well--I was laid off from my job a couple of months ago and have yet to find another. Out of the blue, several friends who knew my situation got together and got me a VIP ticket.

To all the Crims I say THANK YOU. At the Moore I was literally in tears during the first part of Larkís Tongues I--this is music I have been enjoying my entire adult life, and to have it pounded into my sternum so joyfully at close range by the King himself was...itís not so much that I have no words as that there are so many I donít know which ones to use.

I cannot and will not ask any more of you, but I will definitely continue to be an audient--and any further work that comes out, if there is a King Crimson "future," will certainly part me from my hard-earned cash.

Bless you, gentleman, and thanks again.

Dave Wilkins aka Brotherbeavis
Tacoma, Washington

And now...
:: Posted by DevlinC on October 08, 2014

So, the tour is over and it would appear that itís gone rather well.

Whenís the 2015 Europe tour announced?

Seattle, 10/6/14
:: Posted by EricHagelin on October 08, 2014

My 19 y.o. daughter and I attended the concert in Seattle on October 6th at the Moore Theater.  My daughter has inherited a deep appreciation for progressive rock, and KC is one of her favorites.  Iíve been a fan for a long time, though have only been to one previous KC show (Mannheim, Thrak tour).  So... essentially, we had high expectations for an excellent rock show.  My daughter was initially sorry that Adrian Belew would not be in attendance, and I was initially skeptical about Jakko being able to fill Lakeís & Wettonís shoes from a vocal standpoint.

All expectations were exceeded, and all doubts erased.  WHAT A MONUMENTAL CONCERT!!  Thank you to all the band for an evening that was thoroughly and absolutely special!

The music was aggressive, driving, heavy, and purposeful, yet punctuated with timely moments of exquisite delicacy.  Jakko not only ídeliveredí on the vocals, he shone brightly and totally did justice to the originals.  I was super-impressed.  Having the three drummers up front was immensely cool.

The highlights for me were Jakko belting-out "Starless... and Bible Black" with emotive force, the drum solo by Harrison (which felt like a World War III victory celebration), and the supremely-executed stage light fade to deep, saturated red, intensifying an already intense musical moment - well done!

My daughter summed it up perfectly, as we were leaving the hall, when she said:  "I will NEVER get over how good that was."

You guys rocked it.  Thanks.

Tour T-Shirts
:: Posted by evilbastard on October 08, 2014

Any plans to have the Tour T-Shirt available in the shop? 
The tour T-shirts will be available in the mail order shop soon

The Diary
:: Posted by snkzato1 on October 08, 2014

Iím hoping with the tour over Mr. Fripp will get back to the diary. I really do wonder what his responses were to the shows and if he did find his íjoyí during this tour.

As an aside, Mr. Levin posted this gem in his tour diary

"There will be more King Crimson coming, sometime in 2015 - and you can be sure weíll all post about that as soon as things are confirmed."

Fingers crossed for you poor neglected Europeans. Perhaps the setlist will change too. Easy Money, Cirkus, Epitaph....I guess one can dream.

Sid, I know you said there would not be a DVD from this tour, but any word on if we will get some recordings for download? Iíd love to relive Madison, even with Mr. Billís broken bass drum.

:: Posted by bongomang on October 08, 2014

Hello Team Crim! Thank you thank you thank you. This yearís tour has imbued me with a brand new incarnation of my KC obsession. Sid, any word on when some downloads from the tour will be made available for purchase? I (we) are chomping at the bit to hear it all again! And iíd rather throw my cash at the Crim than most of what I have to spend money on on a regular basis! Saw one of the Best Buy shows. So refreshing. Thanks again!

-Michael (Bongo)

Gig complaints 2
:: Posted by simkin_eden on October 08, 2014

Thanks emory0 for sharing that!

(somebody told me a long time ago that you in the USA donít do irony!)

Of course, over here weíre all just jealous!

and one more thing
:: Posted by andyfromozz on October 08, 2014

Iím sorry but this "no DVD in the pipeline folks" has really pissed me off...itís hard not to take it as a total "fuck you" to the fans from smaller markets like Australia. Or am I just having an unreasonable sense of entitlement here?? Maybe?... all this exciting build up on your website now seems to be nothing more than a colosall cock-tease with no promise of an orgasm at the end...
No live footage available in this day and age! We have thousands of hours of utter shit available on the web...but for one of the worlds most special bands...we get nothing!
that fucking sucks...

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