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The Whole
:: Posted by Progrockdude on July 29, 2016


Not trying to sound like a donkey, but I donít need to read the article to respond by saying a resounding "NO!!!!" It doesnít matter if youíre texting, looking up your social media, and/or playing on your app: if youíre not paying attention to the concert you came to see in the first place, then whatís the point of you being there (except, maybe giving the main attraction more revenue)??

A new raging debate
:: Posted by jhessel on July 27, 2016

Is it OK to Play Pokťmon Go at Concerts

I am always amazed by how few people pay attention to the shows they go to. (Usually not a big issue at a Crimson show).

The video style with the multiple layers is, for me, an excellent way to experience the show. My experience in NY with the 7 headed beast was that I would concentrate on a single player at times, but the action from the other players would always draw my attention towards them. The layers is a reasonable facsimile of that phenomena. Great job, canít wait to receive it in the fall!

See you back in NY soon?

to Emory0
:: Posted by andyfromoz on July 26, 2016

thanks for the dead sexy bit! I am hoping, based on the clips from the past showing fellow crimheads (dare I say) just like me, that DGMís T-shirt sizes reflect this fact haha! My wife definitely likes a bit of Crim, more the ITCOTKC era, though she does think Heartbeat is a sexy number...but itís fair to say her musical tastes arenít quite as proggy as mine...my first wife on the other hand, who loved Petula Clark and Richard Clayderman, thought Frippertronics sounded like mosquitos! cheers:-)andy from oz

Re; 3 Drummers
:: Posted by Valhalla on July 26, 2016

Thanks to Dan & rogadaire for your comments relating to your live experiences, always appreciated.
It comes down in many ways to the colossal difference in experiencing a live performance in person & íexperiencingí it at home, repeatedly on the screen. Watching a performance repeatedly is a no win situation in many ways, becoming too analytical at times, observing too much perhaps, every little piece, every nuance & interpretation. Much more exhilarating to witness the actual performance indeed! A one off so to speak, we donít have much time to become too observant I guess! Something like that anyway. We also only know the songs from past performances, with many different musicians contributing their take on a certain piece of music. I certainly donít compare drummers, well I guess I am in a way, but i donít expect them to play the same or similar at all! It is always a new experience indeed, in hearing another human being playing a familiar piece of music. Cheers. 

:: Posted by DanAnderson on July 25, 2016


I wondered the same thing until I saw them live in Seattle in 2014. The taste of the three drummers interacting was nothing short of incredible. It was very Crim-like. If you expect the unexpected, Crim will deliver. The drum trio delivered and they even brought life back to the dreary arrangement of Red. Incredible!

:: Posted by emory0 on July 25, 2016

"Iím a fat bastard."

Yes, but donít forget that as a Crimhead you are automatically "dead sexy": Chics dig us, even if they refuse to admit it.

Crimson drummers
:: Posted by rogadaire on July 25, 2016

Dear Valhalla

Yes you are íthinking too much about ití. 

For what itís worth, I saw KC in London and Manchester last year. One of the things that most impressed me about the band was that - as good as they were in London - by the time they arrived in Manchester they had taken the trouble to further enhance and develop several of the songs by changing some of the arrangements.  The changes were subtle but significant, and all helped improve the overall sound of the songs to an extent I hadnít imagined possible.  

Fundamental to this was Gavin Harrisonís drumming - his playing was very, very good in London, but in Manchester he raised the bar and the additional íspaceí he was afforded within KCís sound was clearly a result of the arrangement changes (at least, that was my strong impression).  Overall effect - in London KC were merely great: in Manchester they were superb. I do not honestly see how Gavin could possibly have been ANY better, or more suited to what the songs required (of course Pat and Bill played their part too - indeed the whole rhythm section played intuitively and intelligently as one throughout). 

We are very, very fortunate to be able to witness a band of this calibre going about their work. All the players are excellent and all have shown that they understand how to temper their personal contributions to fit the reasonable and indeed unreasonable demands of such a mighty beast. That, surely, is more than enough.   

Forthcoming DVD
:: Posted by brighton on July 25, 2016

I too really like the visual overlaying of the forthcoming DVD. You get to see the action simultaneously and this also reflects the multiplicity of the music.There is no strain trying to locate what is being played where and when as it is shown explicitly. Overlaying demonstrates the complexity of this mighty music!

Easy Money clip
:: Posted by andyfromoz on July 24, 2016

Thank to all at DGM for the wonderful appetite whetting clip of Easy Money! I too noticed a lot of criticism on YT about the overlay visuals but I liked them and it goes without saying how great the band played, but I have to mention Jakko, at first, I was in the "I miss Adrian" camp, but after viddying the clip, I have to give credit where itís due, Jakko sings his heart out and sounds every bit as powerful as JW did on the original, I like the vocalizing in the solo section too. I am so looking forward to my box set when it is released (pre-ordered already) along with the T-shirt, though I hope it fits...Iím a fat bastard.
Well done team! cheers:-) andy from oz

Re; Crimson drummers
:: Posted by Valhalla on July 23, 2016

As much as I like Gavin Harrison as a drummer & have witnessed him in action with Porcupine Tree a few times, I sometimes wonder if he is the right guy for the mighty Crimson? I wonder what it would be like with Pat Mastelotto on the main drummers throne & Harrison playing the percussion & all sorts role? I always liked Pat as the drummer/percussionist with the post Thrak Crimson.
It is the older classic era Crimson I am thinking about. The feel factor. Do any other Crimheads out there ponder this sort of íarrangementí, or is it just me thinking too much about it? Cheers.

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