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@6d9: Happy Road to Pearl!
:: Posted by davidly on May 16, 2015

Happy Birthday, Mr. Fripp
:: Posted by jkc1160 on May 16, 2015

and many many thanks for all these years of challenging and satisfying music. May your guitar continue to sing for as long as you wish.

this special day...wishes for Robert Fripps birthday and wedding anniversary
:: Posted by holmini on May 16, 2015

may this day be a brilliant day for you
putting smiles on your faces
bringing to you joy and a twinkling eye from the one above.

I wish you a most-enjoyable tea-time with presents and some time with WillyFred.
All the best for your future projects, the KC-Tour, the Humans & the Kalaidescope man saving all the world

Thank you Robert & Toyah for your fidelity, honesty and open hearts in theses times...

may you feel the spirit of all your loved ones near

a bright future

written in the firmament this evening:
I wish you an romantic intergalactic Boogie Express for:

moonlight dancing in
a star city of miracles

Holger from Frankfurt, Germany

Happy Birthday
:: Posted by Spingere on May 16, 2015

Have a very happy birthday, Robert. See you in Casablanca (well, Aylesbury really. It just didn’t sound as good).


Birthday Robert ripp
:: Posted by Auxois on May 16, 2015

Happy Birthday Robert Fripp ! I will see you at the Olympia in Paris on tuesday the 22 of september. Gérard Bérilley, France.

Go see Steven Wilson in concert
:: Posted by royskagen on May 15, 2015

Hi to all of you who like good music. The SW - Hand. Cannot. Erase. US Tour starts in Worcester, MA. on tuesday 19th. May. I saw the concert in Oslo on 21st. April and it was amazing. Great visiuals and great sound, simply fantastic. This is something you can’t afford to live without. Please go and support Steven Wilson, you won’t regret it! And if you haven’t bought the H. C. E. album - go ahead and do - it is stunning! I’ll drink to that...

:: Posted by TheMarkedMan on May 14, 2015

What one might title a musical collaboration between Robert Fripp and Steve Tibbetts. Fribbetting is what one might call the process. The cover art could perhaps portray one Rodney Toady. "Fribbett" call me loopy but I love the possibilities of this imagined pairing

Diary News
:: Posted by rogadaire on May 13, 2015

I’d like to congratulate David (previously referred to as David Singleton or Mr Singleton in my  posts until now, but I’m chancing my arm with a more informal style now we seem to know him better...) on his successful US tour (will he similarly be adopting the KC approach and following this up with a European tour, I wonder?) and on his now regular diary updates.  I think he has found his niche/voice/call-it-what-you-will as a diarist and, speaking as a regular dgm visitor, this has been an encouraging development for the site (it is certainly refreshing to see apologies being offered for not updating the diary more often!).  I did wonder if the continued absence of RF’s diary - but for the very occasional entry - was a deliberate tactic to enable David to ’find his feet’, in which case ’job done’!  (That’s right, you can come back now, Robert!).    

KC on the radio
:: Posted by AndyFox on May 12, 2015

As much as I enjoy the excellent "Progressive Rock Show" with Graham Harfleet on Salford city radio, I couldn’t help feeling King Crimson was very under-represented on the playlist.

After an e-mail to the show requesting King Crimson be played, I received an invatation to come on the show to talk KC & choose the music as well, how could I refuse!
The hour long KC fest, featuring mostly Live & lesser heard tunes, will be broadcast Live at 10pm this Wednesday 13th May.

If you can’t catch the show Live, you can listen again at:
The Progressive Rock Show is an Award Winning show!
It won “Best Specialist Music Show" in 2014 out of 17 Specialist Music shows on Salford City Radio!

Hope you can tune in & thank you for your time.

Andy Fox.

The Great Deceiver Volume 2 - More Lies and Further Deceit
:: Posted by mikefrost on May 12, 2015

In 2003, Robert wrote in his diary that there were plans to make a collections under the possible title "The Great Deceiver Volume 2 - More Lies and Further Deceit". He said:

David has been mentioning a pile of live 1973-74 Crimson improvs from Europe that we have in the tape store, on 2-track, that have never been released. These have been in the archive for almost 30 years and most of them I haven’t heard since Johnnie, Billy, Davie & Bob pulled them from the air. Or did they pull us from the air? Whatever their origin, David says they are hot. So they might become part of The Great Deceiver - Second Edition or even a separate release: The Great Deceiver -New Lies, More Deceit.

Of course all of this material appeared in the Starless and Road To Red box sets. Still after both, I thought it would be great to have a 2CD collection of the best improvs from the board tapes (not the multitracks, which have been extensively covered before). What about those of us who want to hear the mighty Crim in action but can’t afford the money for two huge box sets (or don’t want 40 version of Easy Money)? Please take this into consideration.

Also how’s the 40th Anniversary releases shaping up? And the 2014 live album?

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