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Excitement builds!!
:: Posted by DrDick on July 20, 2015

Wooohooo!!! My tickets to the gig at the Lowry have arrived, my first KC gig since Shepherdís Bush in 2000! Iím even taking my wife along! She enjoyed seeing Stickmen in Manchester a few years back so fingers crossed she enjoys this too!

Any love for Winnipeg?
:: Posted by onesidys on July 19, 2015

íJust wondering, but does anyone know if KC considered performing in Winnipeg sometime between the Toronto and Calgary dates?

Rehearsel Footage
:: Posted by royskagen on July 19, 2015

Hi, I am very happy to see that the KC rehearsels are being filmed and the guys are doing great. That would work well as a Great bonus on "The Elements of King Crimson Live BD", along with some of the filming from last yearís rehearsels of course. I canít wait, but first London and Hackney Theater in september. What a fantastic year for a KC entusiast... Any news on the forthcomming 2014 live-set, Sid?

2015 Tour Box?
:: Posted by rtkcfan on July 19, 2015

Will there be a new tour box for the 2015 tour?

I greatly enjoyed the 2014 tour box, and Iím hoping that if thereís gonna be a new tour box that we get a few new exclusive stereo remixes from "Beat" and "Three of a Perfect Pair".

I definitely enjoyed Steven Wilsonís new stereo mix of "Sleepless" on the 2014 tour box, and I hope there will be more goodies like that to come! :)

Taken Clueless and Slightly Slacked
:: Posted by The15yearoldCrimhead on July 18, 2015

Iím very confused about the irregularities of the "Unknown Force" that takes down King Crimson and Robert Fripp related musical projects. For instance, I cannot find any studio recordings of "In The Court Of The Crimson King" and "Larkís Tongue In Aspic" but rightly so, I should add. But I find plenty of "Islands" and "Starless and Bible Black. Also a lot of League Of Gentleman but little Fripp/Sylvain. Also I find a lot of TKCCísC too. But with all these videos, they are put on YouTube with integrity and all due respects to the artist(s). But some get taken down and others donít. All I ask is why. Thank you.

Hyde Park 69
:: Posted by wildea on July 17, 2015

I see that the Stones are releasing their 1969 Hyde park concert on Bluray soon.  Any chance Crim was recorded by the same people? I think Keef is a fan of Robert. Maybe the Stones can let King Crimson have the film? 

:: Posted by GregK1 on July 17, 2015

Hi, any news on the THRAK box?
Hear that distant rumbling? It's get closer! Soon...

Now!...energising news
:: Posted by AndrewJohn on July 16, 2015

..KC in UK rehearsing ....thought so.... not sure how I, as a minion, had felt that this week though... but no surprise to have it confirmed.....how exciting...so good to feel somewhat excited the same as when I was 15yearold 43years ago.

Always remember to ídisrespectí time & age especially where KC (and music) is concerned.

...looking forward to the inevitable instability that this latest Kconfluence will unleash....

Sartorial in Tangier
:: Posted by PTurner on July 16, 2015

I must say the gentlemen of KC are looking very elegant, even in rehearsal.

I was going to wear my LTIA tie-dye t-shirt to the Birmingham concert, but maybe I ought to show due respect and dig out my suit. 

what was offensive?
:: Posted by andyfromoz on July 15, 2015

Thatís an interesting comment from RF regarding BBís mix of Absent Lovers causing "deep offense". I wonder what was so offensive about it? Drums too loud in the mix haha! Or was it just the final straw between two strong willed people, each with their own Crimson world view??
Perhaps you can elaborate in your book Sid? Incidentally. is it ever coming out?
cheers andyfromoz
It's due out Xmas. Which Xmas? That would be telling.

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