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Terror and joy
:: Posted by swaind on December 06, 2015

Eager Tokyo
Harken: the Tridrumverate
And the Horsemen Four

(...and please...NO PHOTOS...respect flows both ways.) Domo arigatou gozaimasu.

Schizoid lyric
:: Posted by dwayne on December 05, 2015

Hi Sid,

Do you happen to know why the 2014 Schizoid lyric was no longer used in 2015?



Aylesbury 2016
:: Posted by Harry_White on December 05, 2015

Anybody managed to get tickets yet ?
Waterside Box Office is closed and ATG have had me on hold for 30mins so far.

The extra show in Oslo
:: Posted by thoregil on December 05, 2015

Apparently the third show in Oslo of the 2016 European tour sold out in 20 minutes. Still relatively popular this band.

2016 Tour
:: Posted by crimhead73 on December 04, 2015

Are there any plans of coming back to the states!!!!????

Elephant clicks?
:: Posted by EleKtriK_Udi on December 04, 2015

The past month was a Crimson month for me.
I "rediscovered" my favorite band again, listened to all the studio and live albums, watched live performances on DVD, bought Japanese versions of most of the albums (you gotta have the Japanese editions as well ^o^), found old interviews and shows on YouTube, read the diaries and was all Crimsonised. what a monster was line-up 6! TCOL and TPTB are unbelievable.
I’m having a really great time! and I hope to catch the new line-up live sometime next year (any chance to see you in Israel? ;-)

While listening to my new Japanese edition of Discipline (that sounds great BTW), I heard something that I’ve never noticed before on the song Elephant Talk - right in the 1:00 mark, Robert’s guitar is cut out for a second or two and there are ’clicks’ in the background...for a minute I thought that my CD is skipping, but after checking my other CD, vinyl LP and mp3 file I found that it’s in the recording itself.
I wonder what’s going on there?

phones at concerts
:: Posted by cube_monkey on December 04, 2015

just something I saw about how an american comedian deals
with cell phones (with cameras) at his concerts:


Art and pop
:: Posted by albemuth on December 04, 2015

Emory gives good examples, but I still don’t think they have much to do with KC.  I used to live in the NYC area and went to all kinds of little clubs and theaters; maybe my best experience was Lacy, Charles, and Boykins at Soundscape.  I saw Zorn also.  I stressed the upper-class scene too much, but there is also the extended NYC art scene, which attracts a wide array of people with the appropriate reverence. 

Like it or not, KC started squarely in the pop realm, and was very successful at it. People here seem to forget (or not be aware) that "prog" was a big market in the early 70’s.  That is not to denigrate it, but it makes the problems that developed later (and are still with us) easier to understand.  This point is underlined by the incredibly strong crowd reaction at the start of Epitaph and ITCOTCK (at the show I attended).  Listening to people on public transport before and after the show, I learned that many of them did not know about any KC activity after 1984, and sometimes not after 1974.  We are going to have those drunk freebirds for the rest of our days!  They do not explain ALL of the bad audience behavior.  But it is one reason why we are never going to get rid of it.  The 40th anniversary series: "I am 56, going on 16."

Sailors Tale
:: Posted by Bakullama on December 03, 2015

From Sids news...
"The final night that Fripp refers to was the same evening that overdubbing on Sailor’s Tale was finished. “The solo was, and is, from some other world” notes Fripp.. Late at night, faced with a solo to be played, for which there was no solo available, something happened: a young guitar player was confronted by necessity. And then something remarkable happened…”

Like staring at a blank canvas with no real ideas... I wonder how many artists were confronted by a blank canvas only left to rely on experience, frustration, innate feelings and necessity... The need and urge to create something wonderful with no "plan"... only to come to their senses hours or days later, covered in paint, and come to the realization they were staring at their masterpiece.

I don’t know this for sure and can only guess that Sailors tale may have been named after it’s creation. The creator exclaiming... "Wow! Did I do that!!?" I also wonder if repeating it again for performances needed to be practiced and perfected with some difficulty?

Sailors Tale....One of my favorite paintings for sure.

Jorma's diary
:: Posted by toycritic on December 03, 2015

I’ve always enjoyed Robert Fripp’s diary and recently reread the whole thing. Looking for more of the same, I came across Jorma Kaukonen’s diary on his website. An average JK diary is a set list with pictures and brief comments about how the gig went. When he has more time, he provides a bit more local color for the places he visits -- and he gets around quite a lot for a guy who’s just turned 75. Occasionally he writes longer and those more thoughtful entries are worth lingering over. Jorma’s warm personality, love of life, and dry wit are inspiring and his solo albums of the last 20 years are among his best work ever. Start with Blue Country Heart and Stars in My Crown.

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