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DVD hubbub by snkzato1
:: Posted by Valhalla on October 13, 2014

You are missing the point in regards to people wanting to see íactioní at the recent Crimson concerts! We note that you were able to attend one of these concerts, good luck to you. But to question other fans desire as if it is almost irrelevant, is a touch arrogant, donít you think?
You watch a concert or a film of the concert for the ísameí, or I should say similar reason. It is NOT to watch Angus Young rocking about the stage (no disrespect to Angus intended) or other similar antics from the íentertainmentí of circus performers! It is to enjoy the performance for what it is! Many prefer "a bunch of middle aged men standing (or seated) stationary playing some brilliant music". What is the difference in attending the actual live concert to watching it at home. Well of course being there at the concert is the ultimate buzz, watching it at home is the 2nd choice, more than likely from a frustration point of view in not being at the actual gig, but also from a sense of relief & enjoyment, hopefully at being able to watch the performers play their respective parts. One wonders what your view on this would be, if you had NOT attended one of these gigs? What is the ídancingí comment about! Hope you were joking there, surely! Also, you state "This is music and music is not for watching it is for listening". So why did you attend a concert then? 

The Wizard Awaketh and froggy55 grabs a pitchfork
:: Posted by davidly on October 13, 2014

And here I thought you had already responded to me, andyfromoz.

I didnít equate your choice of language to you personally having a rape mentality; I did hasten to point out to you that the expression you used is part and parcel of rape culture, ie. the male tendency to feel entitled to female gratification because of being "cock-teased" by a womanís existence, often justified because of their appearance or choice of dress ("asking for it"), agreeing to go on a date ("leading one on"), or informing her partner that she doesnít want to engage in sex once she is already in a position of partial undress ("no means yes"), etc.

The fact that you amended your original "colosall cock-tease with no promise of an orgasm at the end..", and likened it to an "íall tease no orgasmí gag" could be an indication, however, that you are at least partially aware of its being an expression of questionable nature. It doesnít necessarily speak to your attitude towards women, but it does say a bit about your original postís overflowing with a sense of entitlement, even if that bit was just a gag.

As to my need to "get some therapy" because of my response, I say to you, "heal thyself".

As to froggy55ís lament for the working class, assessment of the costs involved in the tour and decrying of the corporate Crimson King: Your view is quite simply uninformed.

The Few
:: Posted by Rockette on October 13, 2014

>Are people this flustered over a lack of a concert DVD?

One or two, but as always with a certain type of listener, they are noisy (not to mention incredibly judgemental) and emotional in their demands, which creates the false impression of a larger body of opinion.

:: Posted by emory0 on October 12, 2014

"This is a big F**K YOU to us blue collar working class King Crimson fans who couldnít afford to buy a plane ticket and fly half way across the country, and shell out $300 to see our favorite band"

Calm down there, lilí fella! Youíve got so many assumptions packed into this I canít believe you were, uh, completely sober when you wrote this. First, must it be pointed out that "no plans" doesnít exactly mean "no"? They just completed the tour. Do they really need to have made a decision about video before the end of the tour itself?

And as someone else mentioned, there may be additional tours of this band in the future. New versions of Crimson always seem to take a while to gel, so maybe any plans that have been made for video focus on another tour, perhaps in 2015?

Finally, even though there are 7 players, none of them are particularly showman-like, at least not to Adrian Belewís extent. Thereís not actually a ton to see over-and-above a photo of the band. Certainly, however, there will be audio and thatís what really counts. Iím hoping there will be some actual CDs, too, perhaps of Collectorís Club quality and format.

To summarize: Just chillax a bit and Iím sure all will come in due time.

:: Posted by andyfromozz on October 12, 2014

It should be no suprise that a band as musically extreme as KC, would have extremely different fans. On one side the "childishly passionate" on the other the "po faced, serious music for serious people" brigade. All good, variety is the spice of life! Iíve never accused DGM of "gouging" fans, in fact I think that itís great that we can buy Starless as a single LP or have the megabox. Now that is REALLY giving fans what they want. My childish disappointment at the "no dvd in the pipeline" announcement is my own disappointment. Though I see that some of my fellow fansters are also as disappointed, but some have said they donít care about seeing the band, well bully for them! I took responsibility for my ranting, but I stand by comments that the build up on this site seemed to be a tease towards new KC product, including a live DVD. I actually posted that very question to Sid early in the piece and he didnít reply (which also fueled my fire!) BTW in the broadcast industry, a "teaser" is a tanalizing snippet shown in advance of an upcoming program, so to the person that equated my "all tease no orgasm" gag as having "rape mentality" or words to that effect, get some therapy! Music is what counts in the end, sure Iím disappointed that I wont get to see it, but I continue to look forward very much to at least, hearing it sometime soon. andy from OZ

In the court of the crimson king memories
:: Posted by holmini on October 12, 2014

For me, my first impression of kc music came through my brother

Me around 1993 a keen fan of Tony Banks music, had recently discovered an artist called Toyah who had worked with Tony Banks on "Lion of symmetry" and bought some early toyah records. So before kc, I was first a fan of toyah....

My brother at that time listened to yes, peter hammill, king crimson ... and I remember hearing old king crimson pieces while driving together in a small Fiat Panda car.

For Christmas 93, I had the wish for the collection album "sleepless", and my brother fulfilled this wish.  It  featured 3 pieces from "in the court of the crimson king", some abridged.

I feeled than and still feel that "21st century schizoid man" has a very special energy.
I love the harmonics and emotion of "epitaph",
the flute-sound intermezzo in the end of íIn the court of the crimson kingí for me seemed for me to have been a clear inspiration for Genesis for the Dukeís Travels/Dukeís Ends intermezzo.

Some years later I bought the album "In the court of the crimson king" on LP in a second hand record shop in germany called "the musical box" .  What I loved about it when I heard it recently, is also that there is a lot of room & space & freedom  in the instrumental part of "moonchild" - to my ears that is a good balance to the energetic spirit in 21st Century Schizoid man.

I find "I talk to the wind" (McDonald/Sinfield) beautiful, and sensitive. 
Sometimes I wonder if Robert Fripp still loves that track, too - all the fights in the music business, and to work under bad conditions, and to deal with photographers and bad spirits, ... I could understand if he favoured ístraightnessí as it can be in many cases a sign of more transperency... (that would have been a question for Robert , but way too late - as the tour is over now)

At times when I had the thought that my own memory is weak, I sing to myself the lyrics for "In the court of the crimson king", and as I can remember them, this lifts me up and reassures me ;).

I am thankful for this truly unique observation


DVD hubbub
:: Posted by snkzato1 on October 12, 2014

A lot of tempers are flaring for what does not seem to be a good reason. Are people this flustered over a lack of a concert DVD? As someone who attended the show let me state, subjectively of course, that it would not be the that interesting of a DVD. The drummers were amazing to view, but the back line was pretty motionless during the show (not a complaint, just an observation).

I guess Iím confused why there is such a demand to have a video of a bunch of middle aged men standing stationary playing some brilliant music. There is no Adrian Belew flailing around and even Tony seemed a bit more subdued than in his earlier days (to be fair the last time he was in a KC DVD was what...1996?). I am 100% confident we will get at least one live album out of this tour and that is the way this music is best enjoyed. Crank the stereo and dance to your hearts content. Heck, I was a little bummed that there were assigned seats as it made dancing much more challenging in being respectful to those around me. This is music and music is not for watching it is for listening.

To the individual claiming you HAD to spend $300 for good seats, that is rubbish. Yes some of the shows were pretty vicious in their pricing *cough* The Vic *cough*, but other shows were very reasonable such as in Madison and in Albany where for 40-60 bones you would get a very good seat (The difference in seating between premium $300 tickets and íplebeianí $60 tickets in Madison was comically insignificant). Believe me, as a poor grad student I was pretty annoyed at first at how expensive the tickets were, but sometimes you have to spoil yourself....and eat nothing but ramen noodles for a week! I was more annoyed by how out of this world the íservice feesí are. 14 bucks to take my online order? Give me a break.

I can empathize with the frustration of missing one of your favorite music acts, especially when it is their first tour in 6 years, but it has come and gone. Time to focus on tomorrow rather than lamenting on what could have been.

Go buy your Stick Men and Power Trio tickets.

Online shop
:: Posted by cuicawrangler on October 12, 2014

Out of curiosity: do the artists (King Crimson) get more return if I buy an item (Starless box) on Inner Knot rather than Amazon, or is it about equal in the end? I have found Inner Knotís shipping time to be a bit pokey in the past, but Iím happy to wait a bit if itís the right thing. Thanks!
The artists get a bigger share when ordering mail order via Inner Knot and Burning Shed.

2014 Elements download
:: Posted by jacethecrowl on October 12, 2014

I know DGM is gonna do what they want, but Iím curious if others out there would rather have a complete show (maybe from one they attended) or a curated selection of the íbestí renderings of each song? I didnít get "One More Red Nightmare" in the set I saw, but would also not want it at the expense of something else. Myself, I would rather get the entire repertoire of the tour in one release (that is, a compilation). And I hope itís forthcoming soon!

To Mr. Rockette:
:: Posted by froggy55 on October 12, 2014

That would be all the more reason to film at least one of the tour dates for posterity, donít you think?


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