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Robert's Diary
:: Posted by willesley on September 15, 2016

I note, with sadness and a sense of loss, that Robertís diaries have been taken down.

I shall miss them as the definitive source of reference, as an insight into his thoughts and beliefs, and as close a personal connection as he would allow.

..MM,RF & KC...
:: Posted by AndrewJohn on September 15, 2016

....microbunny thx for bringing this up.

Little Red Record by MM is a great piece of work I think for many reasons.

No way could I see Wyatt being a KC person, but I think both KC & MM inhabit a similar wavelength musically. RFís work with MM coloured, I feel, a great deal of the subsequent KC sound.

...you only have to listen to all the CDS of both of the Cherry Red releases to hear the influence, but especially MMís LRR.....

...well I think so anyway.....back to my burrow cKomrades...

:: Posted by GratefulJerry on September 15, 2016

I just wanted to say that I love the new Radical Action release and thanks for new tour song downloads and even more so for the FLAC option.

Monkey Mind 5.1
:: Posted by Bwilmot on September 14, 2016

Last year I found a crazy deal on a Vizio 5.1 sound bar and got it specifically to start collecting the 40th anniversary series. I have enjoyed it a lot up til now but the Radical Action concert is what it was made for. If I crank it it sounds better than most actual concerts Iíve been too. Itís the first system Iíve had that I didnít have to run over and turn the sound down 4 minutes into Larkís Tongues. Youíve all been there. The aggragate effect of all those drummers is a mind blower along with Tonyís amazing lows. I canít imagine listening to this on tv speakers.
Regarding a previous post, love Robert Wyatt. Saw him pre accident with Soft Machine opening for Jimi Hendrix. His humor and voice made the band as a three piece. Soft Machine second album was the closest thing to what I saw. Absolutely canít see him with Crim, although his quirky style could be compared to some Belewisms. Maybe it would have been ahead of itís time.

Robert Wyatt in 1971
:: Posted by microbunny on September 14, 2016

Hereís a question from way out in left field.
Having just finished reading the authorized biography of Robert Wyatt, I have always wondered if he was ever considered to fill the vocalist shoes of Gordon Haskell after the dissolution of the Lizard configuration. The timing would have been in perfect synchronicity with Wyattís departure from Soft Machine and before he formed Matching Mole. Fripp also went on to produce the 2nd Matching Mole record as well, so clearly there was some sort of mutual awareness. I know that Wyatt is not known for his bass playing, but he is an incredible multi-instrumentalist and Boz Burrell was taught bass for the role by Fripp himself, so that would not have been an obstacle either. In particular his trumpet skills would have been amazing. My mind reels at the thought of what might have transpired had that been the case.

Sid ?

Ful show downloads 2016 ?
:: Posted by alexdrumoff on September 14, 2016

First a big thank you to DGM for the downloads of single tracks from each show of the 2016 tour!

Sid, has the decision already been made to make all or several full shows available later ?

Not as far as I know.

:: Posted by CyNoth on September 14, 2016

The piece from the Berliner Zeitung is not so much a review as an entry for Private Eyeís Pseuds Corner.

Growing live 'album'
:: Posted by jeremykeens on September 13, 2016

As an antipodean fan I want to thank you for the new ísong download from each concertí which you are providing. This is going to build into a great alternative live album and a nice option for those of us who wonít buy the tour (if it is available) and are unsure which concert to buy.
A very generous gift from DGM.

:: Posted by Otohiko on September 13, 2016

Hello fellow Krimheads attending the present tour! As a Canadian sitting this one out, Iím vicariously following the tour in Europe, and itís been brought to my attention that at yesterdayís concert, there were incidents involving flash photos that very nearly ended the concert early. Having been in Toronto last year for the infamous November 19th show, where RF did indeed walk off the stage early, and then seeing the wonderful turnaround for the next two shows (one of which can now be heard on the great Live in Toronto release) - I just have one request for you!

To those of you who are local and/or speak the local language, PLEASE TALK TO THE PEOPLE SITTING NEXT TO YOU before the show, and explain to them how important it is both for the band and for you that they donít take pictures or otherwise disrupt the show. Be friendly, and make it personal - but tell them itís essential. Remind them that shows not only can, but DO get ruined by bad behaviour. Even more importantly, PLEASE TALK TO THE VENUE STAFF. Remind them how important it is they take care of any disruptions. Thank them for the work they do. Ask if you can do anything to help.

Believe me, this DOES make a difference - Iíve seen it first-hand in Toronto, and it really was night and day between the first and subsequent shows, and it shows qualitatively in the music too (as, again, you can judge got yourself from Live in Toronto). Iíd been worried that in Europe, with so many cultural differences and language barriers from tour stop to tour stop, things could get a bit hairy. But I just wanted to remind you that fans, staff and band working together really really helps. You can help too!

Thank you, and enjoy the tour :)

Setlists, maybe a little messed up?
:: Posted by MarKco on September 12, 2016

Hello Everybody,
I saw the post about the setlists of the first dates of the tour (http://dgmlive.com/news.htm?entry=5602). I was at the Aylesbury Riverside Theater on the 3rd for the Family and Friends show and I remember the setlist was different.

Do you notice other flaws in the setlists published in the post?

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