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:: Posted by Tatala on July 22, 2015

I was an original member of the King Crimson Collectorís Club. Recently, while reorganizing my CD collection I noticed there was no Collectorís Club 42. Since I had purchased all of the releases, for a moment I thought it had been lost. However, when I checked online to see which recording it was, I read that Club 42, supposedly planned as Studio Sessions - 1983, was never released.

What is the story behind Collectorís Club Release 42? Why was this number mysteriously skipped, and are there still plans to one day release it?

Just curious.


This was put on hold as at the time a planned expanded Three Of A Perfect Pair was scheduled.  Itís since been decided that this missing Club is not in fact missing but simply contributing silence to the Club series. The 40th anniversary edition of 3OAPP - containing  the material on the proposed KCCC release and much more besides - release date hasn't yet been set. 

prime meters
:: Posted by johnfgibson on July 22, 2015

I am composing, for a young mathematically-inclined friend, a list of King Crimson songs in prime meters. For kicks Iím including the free-meter intro to Larksí Tongues in Aspic part I as 0, even though 0 is not prime. What the heck. But I cannot think of a piece in 11. Can anyone help? Iíd also be grateful for corrections and further choices.

0. Larksí Tongues in Aspic, part I, intro
2. Night Watch, Sailorís Tale
3. Song of the Gulls
5. Larksí Tongues in Aspic, part II, Discipline, Indiscipline, FracKtured, ...
7. Level Five
11. ??
13. Starless

All hail the mighty seven-headed beast of Crim.


Moebius endgŁltig aufgenommen :-(
:: Posted by davidly on July 22, 2015

With respect to the recurrent & more recent conversation on the GB re. in the matter of Live vs. Tape: I was fortunate to see Dieter Moebius with Joachim Roedelius as Cluster live the only time they played the states, and with Roedelius and Michael Rother as Harmonia in Berlin for their reunion not quite as many years ago.

I wonít delve into the aspects of the environs at that time that may have hampered for those performancesí durations the optimal audient uptake of the music, as I believe the posters know the subject well enough. I will say that, absolutely, given the choice, I would prefer to be able to see the recently departed Kluster man of Harmonia again live, and not just because I cannot.

Notwithstanding his manifold field of influence ó which, letís face it, is mortally afoot and, while forever present, not a substitute for the pure original version of the man & his creative work ó I do give thanks to his having been recorded often, for without that, Dieter Moebius might be no more.

YouTube takedowns
:: Posted by Rockette on July 21, 2015

>with all these videos, they are put on YouTube with integrity and all due respects to the artist(s). But some get taken down and others donít. All I ask is why.

IMO putting videos on YouTube without the artistsí permission is disrespectful and displays no integrity. Love of the music is no excuse. Itís hard for artists to keep track of unathorised uploads - musicians have better things to do with their time - which may be why some videos stay on line longer than others.

Fripp Speaks
:: Posted by UnusualMuse on July 20, 2015

"Itís a lot of fun, and Iím profoundly grateful to be in this band." Wonderful words to hear coming from Fripp.

Excitement builds!!
:: Posted by DrDick on July 20, 2015

Wooohooo!!! My tickets to the gig at the Lowry have arrived, my first KC gig since Shepherdís Bush in 2000! Iím even taking my wife along! She enjoyed seeing Stickmen in Manchester a few years back so fingers crossed she enjoys this too!

Any love for Winnipeg?
:: Posted by onesidys on July 19, 2015

íJust wondering, but does anyone know if KC considered performing in Winnipeg sometime between the Toronto and Calgary dates?

Rehearsel Footage
:: Posted by royskagen on July 19, 2015

Hi, I am very happy to see that the KC rehearsels are being filmed and the guys are doing great. That would work well as a Great bonus on "The Elements of King Crimson Live BD", along with some of the filming from last yearís rehearsels of course. I canít wait, but first London and Hackney Theater in september. What a fantastic year for a KC entusiast... Any news on the forthcomming 2014 live-set, Sid?

2015 Tour Box?
:: Posted by rtkcfan on July 19, 2015

Will there be a new tour box for the 2015 tour?

I greatly enjoyed the 2014 tour box, and Iím hoping that if thereís gonna be a new tour box that we get a few new exclusive stereo remixes from "Beat" and "Three of a Perfect Pair".

I definitely enjoyed Steven Wilsonís new stereo mix of "Sleepless" on the 2014 tour box, and I hope there will be more goodies like that to come! :)

Taken Clueless and Slightly Slacked
:: Posted by The15yearoldCrimhead on July 18, 2015

Iím very confused about the irregularities of the "Unknown Force" that takes down King Crimson and Robert Fripp related musical projects. For instance, I cannot find any studio recordings of "In The Court Of The Crimson King" and "Larkís Tongue In Aspic" but rightly so, I should add. But I find plenty of "Islands" and "Starless and Bible Black. Also a lot of League Of Gentleman but little Fripp/Sylvain. Also I find a lot of TKCCísC too. But with all these videos, they are put on YouTube with integrity and all due respects to the artist(s). But some get taken down and others donít. All I ask is why. Thank you.

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