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KC-Live in Takamatsu
:: Posted by brighton on April 21, 2016

Please, please, please could we also have a DVD version of the gig, not all of us have Blu-Ray (yet)!

Question on the new CD/Blu-ray
:: Posted by Progrockdude on April 20, 2016

Absolutely stoked for the new release coming out this year (hopefully...actually won’t be surprised if it gets postponed...like some other particular releases). However, I see it’s just a CD and Blu-ray release. Will there be a DVD option as well, or are we moving on from this piece of tech for better quality? Just curious.

Re: Live In Takamatsu
:: Posted by crimson_fan on April 20, 2016

Will there also be a CD/DVD version of the Takamatsu set?

Palaces of Plastic
:: Posted by Royston on April 20, 2016

"Popping shiny pennies into knickerbocker glories / Palaces of plastic listening to the funny stories”

The lines quites by indoorgames immediately took me back to visits to Brighton’s Palace Pier in the 1960s. Pennies in slot machines, knickerbocker glories (more an ice cream based treat than a dessert) and the plastic facades of the amusements (including the dreaded and somewhat dreadful House Of Hades) on the pier. Not sure where the funny stories fit in though.

Meltdown lyrics
:: Posted by DrDick on April 20, 2016

Hi indoorgames - my take on those lyrics are "Now he lies buried in metaphors and allegory won’t let him breath"

Plastic Palaces
:: Posted by emmapeelfanclub on April 20, 2016

Thinking about indoorgames’ enquiry about the GG+F lyric. the first thought that sprang to mind about the line "Palaces of plastic listening to the funny stories" was the masterful Scott Walker. In 1968 he released his second solo album and one of it’s highlights is a peculiar song called "Plastic Palace People" which is definitely one of the strangest numbers which has provoked many a debate and musing as to just what it’s all about. A rather surreal story involving a balloon called Billy floating over a town of plastic palace people... amazing song, dark and disturbing. Maybe GG+F were referring to that.

DGM Tickles on the iPod...
:: Posted by DanAnderson on April 19, 2016

I put the tickles on my iPod under the "album" name DG tickles. I accidentally created one of the best tracking sequences in some time for any collection.
Heavy Skirmish
Lizard Prince Rupert Awakes
Three of a perfect pair
Mellow II
Strum and solo
Sus Tayn Z ProjeKct Four

The flow of these tunes back to back is amazing. Just sayin’...

Live in Toronto review in Polish
:: Posted by rzachol on April 19, 2016

in one of The main Polish dailies

Plastic Pennies
:: Posted by indoorgames on April 19, 2016

Hi Crimheads!

I have a puzzle for you. In Giles, Giles & Fripp song "Plastic Pennies" there are such lines: "Popping shiny pennies into knickerbocker glories / Palaces of plastic listening to the funny stories”. The first line seems to be about spending money for desserts? Knickerbocker glory, if you don’t know, is a traditional English dessert consisting of ice cream, fruits, jelly and cream layers. The second line is much more mysterious. What it is about? Palaces of plastic are listening to the stories, or maybe palaces are used for plastic listening? In this case what it is – plastic listening? Maybe it is listening of LPs? And what are these funny stories? I’m very interested in what do you think about this.

Vladimir Kalnitsky

:: Posted by indoorgames on April 19, 2016

Hi, guys! Whether somebody knows the meaning of the word INDALICREE (or something like this) with which the second line of the Meltdown lyrics begins:
"Now he lies buried in metaphors
INDALICREE won’t let him breath
Distorting the truth..."
I will be very grateful for the help!

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