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Tour Poster 2
:: Posted by Festus on June 16, 2015

Teledanís observations almost mirror my own.
With a bit of research you can see that it has had different meanings to different cultures over the years. It would be nice if someone explained what message we are supposed to receive. Iím not superstitious or a conspiracy theorist or in anyway cynical but when I first saw it I found it quite unnerving and sinister as Iíd never seen anything like it before.
Truth be told, the more I look at it, the more I donít like it. Maybe Iím not the kind of fan this crimson incarnation wants!

Birthdays and Probabilities
:: Posted by rogadaire on June 16, 2015

I was also quite struck by the co-incidence of May/June birthdays amongst KC-related folk.  I recalled reading somewhere that the size of a class needed for there to be a greater than evens chance of 2 people sharing the same birthday is much lower than most people commonly imagine. So I looked this up again and it turns out that the number is in fact 23 - ie in a class size of 23 the odds of 2 people in that class having the same birthday is (very slightly) greater than the odds of no-one sharing a birthday. And this does not take into account that birthdays are not evenly spread throughout the year - apparently there tend to be more actual birthdays in May than October although both months have 31 days. When this variation is taken into account the relevant class size number comes down to 20 or 21, I believe. On a very quick calculation, I reckon there are 21 people who have played an instrument on a KC album (Iím including live overdubs!). Expanding the KC fraternity to contributors who have not necessarily played an instrument but been actively involved in other ways, such as Pete Sinfield, Richard Palmer-James and a certain Vicar character, this easily brings us to a figure of over 23 for a KC íclassí.  So it would seem more likely than not that 2 members of the class have the same birthday. If so, Iíd say that the early indication is that itís probably in May! (or do the couple of near misses we know about count for nothing? Iíll leave that for a better mathematician than me to work out.....)

Current tour image/poster
:: Posted by Teledan on June 16, 2015

My own inconsequential opinion: I like most of the visual imagery and graphic arts King Crimson has used over the years to accompany their work. But not the current "poster" of the one-eyed person. Somehow it shocks my sensibilities unpleasantly in a way that even the Schizoid Man never did. Interesting that the "pyramid-with-the-eye", like on some U.S. paper currency, can be approximated. Isnít that supposed to be some sort of illuminati symbol, somehow associated with Freemasonry, or Da Vinci, or Newton somehow? I never kept current on such controversy theory symbols.

guitar synths
:: Posted by HughChan on June 16, 2015

As a practicing guitarist myself, I am wondering (if such questions can be answered here) if Robert Fripp has experimented with the Roland GR 55 guitar synth, and if so his estimation of it? My own experience of it is that it is a fairly capable piece of gear, in spite of perhaps pretending to be too many things at once. Its my first and only guitar synth (but not my first synth), so I am curious to know if it compares well or not to other Roland units Robert has used. Also wish to add, I would humbly offer my lifeís savings for the opportunity to jam with KC for 15 minutes (and accept the immediate state of homelessness that would follow...) No words can express my astronomical admiration for your music.

:: Posted by simkin_eden on June 13, 2015

I am alone in finding something interesting in the fact that so many past and present members of KC and of those who have crossed their paths have birthdays in May or June?

I may be biased as my own is on May 15th (same day, month and year as Mike Oldfield as it happens) and the friend of who introduced me to KC way back in 1969 had his birthday on May 14th.

:: Posted by GonzalezPaulo on June 13, 2015

Is the version of MANTRA TRAVEL WEARY CAPRICORN on EPITAPH VOL. 1 (the one recorded live at the Filmore West, San Francisco, 14/12/1969, COMPLETE ?

I am asking because the CHESTERFIELD JAZZ CLUB version  (on Epitaph Vol. 4)  was terribly shortened. Bits of interesting jazzy guitar improvisations were omitted. I had the full version in a bootleg CD and now again via DGM download of the complete show.

I love the melancholic mood of this song : McDonald flute solos, Michael Giles lead vocals  and Robertís jazzy guitar solos. And since there is no studio recording of it,  It would be great to present it in is entirety (if thatís the case).

As far as I am concerned the available versions are:

The MARQUEE CD version (terrible sound / wonderful performance and improvisations).

The PLUMPTON FESTIVAL CD version (with a snippet of BY THE SLEEPY LAGOON by Eric Coates).

The CHESTERFIELD JAZZ CLUB (complete only via DGM download).

The HYDE PARK version  (short, but complete -  or so it seems)

The FILMORE WEST version  on EPITAPH Vol.1. (Great stereo sound, beautiful solos, but  small version). This is the one I am asking if it is complete. Can you confirm that Sid ? Thanks.

As far as I know that is complete.


New sustainer tech in Robert's guitars
:: Posted by PyramidHead on June 12, 2015

Robertís guitars have, since the 90ís at least, usually been equipped with some variant of the Sustainer pickup by Fernandes. This is what allows his played notes to ring out indefinitely (or until he mutes them with his right hand), and is particularly handy for the MIDI guitar side of things, where sustain is sometimes lost in translation.

Anyway, I found this on gearslutz.com regarding a new model called the SRG D1 Drone:


In post number 7:

"But.. Iím building a Type 3 for Robert Fripp."

Looking at the video, it seems to be right up his alley.

David/Vicar Post June 10th
:: Posted by fhc339835 on June 12, 2015

Cite: We regularly spend days on small sections of dodgy bootlegs ensuring that they are as perfect as we can get them (which is, we like to think, why people put there trust in us).

David & Team: I confirm to fully trust in you to do the best job (with reasonable madness) in audio restoration. This is why I committedly support dgm as a business as well as a place where music, the artist, the performance, the listener and the industry come together, not in a performance of the present, but as a performance document of the past.

For the three music collectives rooting back to nearly prehistoric times  I share most of my musical passion for (which are KC-RF, VdGG-PH and Gentle Giant), the treasures hoisted by either artist owned / controlled industry (KC-RF and VdGG-PH) or fandom driven collectives (Gentle Giant - Dan Bornemark et al.) are priceless.

No need for streaming, bootleg purchases or doubtful file sharing. Best results are always created it the artistic output is controlled by the artists.

Mr. Wetton
:: Posted by nungboy on June 12, 2015

I want to wish Mr. Wetton both a happy birthday and a speedy recovery. Like so many, I cannot even begin to explain just how much his music has enriched my life. From KC to UK to Asia to his many side-projects, his rich voice and innovative bass playing have given me so much pleasure and motivation.

Letís hope that we can make a similar birthday wish "same time next year" and many more years!!

Thanks for the music!

John Wetton
:: Posted by richardr on June 12, 2015

Iím listening to Starless Starlight for the 3rd or 4th time, beginning to hear the inside of it. The first time I played it this week, though, what came to mind was hearing Starless for the first time, many (many) years ago. I did not have "Red" at the time, but I had purchased "A Young Personís Guide to King Crimson", the two album vinyl with the Fergus Hall covers, and listening to Starless brought me to my knees. John Wettonís voice, his bass, the melancholy flow of the beginning and the powerful abandon at the end. The song has continued to influence me for most of my life, as it turns out.

I wish John a speedy recovery and Happy Birthday.

Maybe I will even see Bournemouth one day...

Bob Richardson

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