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:: Posted by UnusualMuse on January 08, 2015

"To listen is an effort, and just to hear is no merit. A duck hears also."  ~ Igor Stravinsky

Changes afoot
:: Posted by Bakullama on January 08, 2015

I miss the short lived King Crimson Art and logo stylings from the frame by frame and great deceiver boxset era. The compilation with the horse on the cover. All of that artwork (especially the diamond crown logo) seemed to suit the music so well. Why was that ditched if I may ask?

( And Yes, this question burns my bags.)

Security Project
:: Posted by Spingere on January 08, 2015

Despite saying goodbye the guestbook I see it’s still here so...

UK based fans of Trey Gunn can see him with The Security Project, playing songs from Peter Gabriel’s first four solo albums. The tour starts very soon so check out their website (or Facebook page) if you want tickets.

Um, bye again guestbook.


On Art, Commerce and Audience Responsibility
:: Posted by Dr_Erock on January 08, 2015

DGM-philes might appreciate CBC interview on the show Q

Is our addiction to free content killing creativity? David Byrne and Chris Ruen and the Content Creator’s Coalition interviewed on the CBC.

Stop the dopeyness - save the Guestbook!
:: Posted by rogadaire on January 08, 2015

This is what RF said in his December 10 diary entry:

’So, what is the aim and function of the Guestbook? And perhaps time for a site similar in spirit to Elephant Talk which is initiated and driven by the posters? How about, DGM switches off the Guestbook on January 12th. 2015 and (should anyone have sufficient interest) to switch on an audient-driven site on January 13th. 2015?’

Let’s take that first question. I suppose the aim and function of the Guestbook is whatever RF deems it to be - or not to be - but it seems to me this ought to include:

(i) - a means for audients to actively engage with DGM and its on-going concerns, including a certain ’way of doing things’ and the music of assorted Crims;

(ii) - a forum for fairly like-minded people to earnestly discuss matters KC, RF, the Prince of Rabbits, and anything else that takes their fancy;

(iii) - a driver for DGM business.

If the Guestbook plug is pulled from the DGM site the first and third of these ’functions’ will obviously be seriously compromised and may be lost completely.  As for the idea of a similar forum starting up somewhere else, well, fine, I hope someone takes it upon themselves to initiate that - however the one thing that can be pretty much guaranteed is that the quality of contributions to an ’unofficial’ site is not going to improve beyond what we already see here.  

Now let’s look at the business side. In a previous diary entry RF said that after so many years (I seem to recall it was about 20 years) DGM was finally showing a profit. His conclusion was, ’let’s hear it for the long haul’!  This is laudable, but has RF considered how maintaining a forum such as the Guesbook has helped the DGM coffers? Any successful website - and DGM does a significant amount of business directly through its website - needs regular visitors.  So what’s to get people coming back day after day? I suggest, in this order, RF’s diary, the Guestbook, and Sid’s news updates (sorry, Sid!). However, not only does the Guestbook generate traffic that helps in some way pay the bills, the discussions on it, being handily linked to DGM, helps highlight particular products that may otherwise be overlooked.  An example, from yesterday, is the Vicar’s album.  Having heard one song from this album, I am certainly curious to hear more. But am I curious enough to part with hard-earned cash?  Well, maybe. Yesterday I received a nudge in that direction because of a comment in the Guestbook about the Vicar’s first diary entry for over a year (or it might have been David Singleton’s diary - but surely they are the same person!), opining the difficulty in selling records through DGM. I sympathise very much with David/the Vicar here, and I am tantalisingly close to making the purchase, but guess what, with no Guestbook in the remainder of 2015 I expect that the lack of discussion of DGM ’product’ - and therefore the lack of any enthusiasm generated by said discussion for said product , will have the effect of making it harder for DGM to sell records/downloads.

Of course, I accept that RF feels that he has moved on in his life - and very productively it must be said -  and he is less inclined to deal with the negativity the Guestbook sometimes generates.  But my sense is that the many good and generous comments in the Guestbook far outweigh the bad. And even the negative ones have been seized on by other contributors and exposed for their lack of clarity, humour, goodwill and yes, dopeyness!  Since KC returned to active service there has been a surge in the number of comments in the Guestbook and the overwhelming majority of these have been positive, thoughtful and gracious.  For example, the decision to play in the US with no dates announced for the UK was overwhelmingly met, not with seething resentment as could have been expected from the UK contingent - of which I am one - but with acceptance and gratitude that KC was playing live in any capacity at all (whilst keeping a keen eye out for any future announcements of course...).  

’Never Be Afraid to Let Go of Something Good’. Maybe one shouldn’t be afraid (although, if the alternatives are all worse - deliberately losing something Good doesn’t exactly strike me as a great idea), but the timing could do with some work. With KC back, hopefully, to rude health in 2015 (and beyond?) the interests which the Guestbook serves will be bigger than ever, so the decision to turn it off now seems very strange indeed. There is some ambiguity about RF’s last sentence - it implies that DGM could ’switch on’ an audience driven site, but I don’t now believe that was ever intended.  I hope I am wrong.   

Cat Food video!
:: Posted by DrDick on January 08, 2015

Well I never, whatever next?! If that long lost footage can be found, what next? I comfortably predict that by the end of the week we’ll have found Shergar, Lord Lucan and the King Crimson fan who has never been dopey on the guestbook.....

Cat Food video
:: Posted by Lamont on January 08, 2015

Great to see Cat Food again. Last time I saw it was the night it was broadcast. But are there enough days left in the Guestbook life for someone to tell me what on earth Mr Fripp is doing with his guitar I that little solo?  Is he pulling something across the string? 

Also, Sid, I will the Diary disappear when the Guestbook goes? If so, will the archives remain?

Thanks as always for the work of the DGM team.
Hi - I think what Robert is doing with his guitar in the video is having a laugh. Contrary to a few posts on the guestbook, the RF diary is NOT disappearing and Robert will continue to update the diary when his schedule allows.

I'll miss this place
:: Posted by emperornobody on January 07, 2015

Maybe someone can purchase the .kc web domain and King Crimson can have it’s own internet. Thanks to Mr. Fripp for doing this all these years and allowing this degree of opportunity for insight into his work and music/life in general.

response to bloggulator
:: Posted by abhitaranath on January 07, 2015

A few thoughts on bloggulator’s post regarding alleged dopiness brought about by transitioning the Guestbook’s conversation over to Facebook:

This relegation will doubtlessly result in an increase of dopey commentary, since the nature of both media mandates the dumbing down of virtual communication

How would the the tone and direction of the content/commentary change simply by virtue of logging onto Facebook rather than logging onto the DGM Live Guestbook? Theoretically we would be the same people posting the same viewpoints we’ve had here for years. In other words, Facebook wouldn’t be any dopier than the Guestbook. The dopiness would be equal. :)

meaningful conversation ranges from "difficult to impossible".

There is actually more of a dialogue on Facebook or Twitter (or any proper forum) than on this Guestbook. It’s never been the most straightforward process to reply to someone here, and Facebook facilitates this much more effectively.

Furthermore, many of we netizens deliberately reject both Facebook and Twitter, on account of ethical, privacy and political concerns.

Then create a new Facebook account. Don’t use your real name. Call yourself "Blog U. Later." This would solve your privacy concern. With regards to ethical concerns and political concerns, they are all purely subjective. You will find viewpoints from all over the political spectrum. You will find groups and pages on Facebook you will loathe... but you just may find some that land on topics near and dear to your heart.

This will effectively remove, or excommunicate a number of us from a portion of the web-based section of the King Crimson community.

It doesn’t have to. Beyond interacting with the DGM Live page, you don’t have to do anything else on Facebook. You are not forced to become Facebook friends with anyone. Just check-in to the bands you like for a few minutes a day, and you’re done.

See you all on Facebook and Twitter.


...more dopiness...?
:: Posted by AndrewJohn on January 07, 2015

...there is a marvellous chapter in ’Think before you Think’(Stafford Beer - Wavestone Press 2009). My mother pointed this out to me. ’Social Complexity and the Knowledge of Knowing’, its subtitle, is not an easy read, but some common sense and out of the box brain crunching helps.

I point you to Chapter 6; Strength. With the aid of diagram, picture, words sent with love and in its original version of 1978 Stafford Beer translates how Poise may be achieved, manifested and translated.

I feel this level of Poise and Strength is revealing itself in the KC of now. RF’s level of joyousness is a reflection of the achievement of all the knowledge, love, experience and personal power encouraged by the manner and way of KC.

....naturally I see rainbows all the time and you may wish to disregard this musing from a dopey KC audient.......and it’s only rock’n’roll, but I like it..... 

and did you know, although I may be wrong, that Elvis would have been 80 tomorrow and the date includes the magic 801 ; 08/01/15.

Thanks DGM......here’s to letting go soon.

and looking forward to whatever let’s us go again.

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