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Re; Diary
:: Posted by Valhalla on August 25, 2014

I cannot see why Fripp should be posting his diary comments, he is a busy man at the moment with íthe Beastí! Surely that & other things in life are more important! We have seen a few rehearsal images & heard a small soundbyte of a jam on LTIA part 1, possibly! We now wait for the Leviathan to lurch forward!
Just to clear up any ambiguity - the lack of Robert's updates is because he's been busy busy busy with all of the stuff that comes from King Crimson returning to active service - some of which actually involves playing guitar!

King Crimson Joins Lady Gaga
:: Posted by wheresmybrain01 on August 24, 2014

Is it true that King Crimson will have a display in the Rock Hall? If so, I wonder what Crim artifacts will be in it. I live in the Cleveland area so I might actually be willing to shell out the exorbitant entrance fee to go there now.

Jones, Percy Jones
:: Posted by J_Godfrey on August 24, 2014

Great to see the wonderful Percy Jones getting a mention at DGMLive. Pop, bang, beeeeoooowwww! (that last one is an open A string vibrating against a fingertip).

Percy features in the Love Supreme Collective, co-led by saxophonist Frank Catalano and drummer Jimmy Chamberlin.  The group recently released an EP download, featuring the groupís interpretation of John Coltraneís A Love Supreme.

Mr Jones will also feature in an upcoming trio session with drummer Ritchie DeCarlo and guitarist Scott McGill. Theyíre doing a ícrowdfundingí effort to get their latest collaboration into the world, so drop them a few ££s/$$s if you can!

Best wishes for the Fripps
:: Posted by KentSmith on August 24, 2014

I, too, have been checking back for the next diary entry from Robert Fripp.  Curious, I looked here at the Guestbook to see what I might see, which seems ominously mute on explanation. 

It occurs to me that the absence of new entries may have NOTHING TO DO WITH US FANS, that this may be a private and very personal matter.  It may be that what is usually shared and personal is now full of what is private - in which case I hope that we can be supportive and respectful toward our friendly artist and his interests.  It may be that there has been a personal change and that sharing what is personal will no longer be appropriate - in which case I hope that we can be grateful for our friendly artistís generosity with what has been shared.

What ever may be the case, Iíd like to express my wish for both Robert and Toyah Frippís well-being and for the health and well-being of everyone they love and care for. Iím sure youíll join me in this regard. <3 -k

A Scarcity Of Diary Entries Three (of a Perfect Pair)
:: Posted by jimbugtm on August 24, 2014

Three whole months of radio silence from Robert just helps build the suspense for me.

The only thing Iíve been dying to know is what he said in that bottom image from page 4 of Tonyís June web diary from Elstree Studios, that cracked the other guys up so much.

I hope to see that much joy this Fall.

:: Posted by pupuce on August 23, 2014

..........what about RF diary ?? too busy ?? :)

The Wire Magazine
:: Posted by Hengus on August 22, 2014

Just spotted this in my favourite leftfield music mag:

"Coming with the October Issue - 368 of The Wire:

Robert Fripp talks to Mike Barnes about the legacy and future of King Crimson.

On sale from 11 September"

A Scarcity of Diary Entries II
:: Posted by randomelement2 on August 22, 2014

Sid Smith wrote "Maybe the lack of recent diary entries could be because he has a guitar in his hands most of the time these days?"
Yep, I was aware of that. But Fripp has prepared for tours in the past, and I donít ever remember things this quiet (maybe Iím wrong, but this is how I remember it). Perhaps because the band members, new and old, are learning a whole new/old repertoire, and itís more time intensive?

T Hee
:: Posted by rogadaire on August 22, 2014

Well. Seeing those familiar startled and frightened eyes in such dramatic relief has conjured an image of a rapidly forward moving R Fripp, legs snapping like whipcords, being pursued by an enthusistically ardent innocent of the bearded, balding variety, seeking consumer satisfaction, íbut Mr Fripp, I only asked for a few autographs and a couple of selfies to show the folks...I bet Kate Bush wonít be like this when I see her next month...hey come on!!í.      

..gig garb..
:: Posted by AndrewJohn on August 22, 2014

..is the new T available to us Europeans only if we order thru InnerKnot..possibly then incurring an import tax in the UK?

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