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Garden rules
:: Posted by bucket on July 17, 2014

Dr Rae Gate, Primary compiler and Chief Overlord at entrances2hell.co.uk, has advised that my entrance sighting in Robert’s garden quite possibly might be genuine.

Despite the synonymity of King Crimson with Beelzebub (B’il Sabab, literally "the man with an aim"), he asks that the following safety rules are always observed:

Rule 1: It may be an obvious thing to say but NEVER try to go inside an entrance to Hell.
Rule 2: Always approach an entrance on your stomach.
Rule 3: Don’t shout at the devil (not even with good news).
Rule 4: Wear rubber gloves for 3 or 4 days after your visit.

Re; Roc Docs
:: Posted by Valhalla on July 17, 2014

Yes, the Face to Face interviews are superb indeed! I have yet to watch the Brian May one, but Ian Anderson, Tony Iommi & Jon Lord are brilliant viewing.
The Phoenix Rising Purple MK 4 dvd has Jon Lord talking again, Purple’s best spokesman by a mile. He talks about the Blackmore & Gillan ’feud’ & the reasons of Gillan’s resignation. There were other things going on, but no doubt Blackmore wanted him out, or to get out of there himself perhaps, hence the Lynott & Paice jamming thing! Blackmore was a huge Tull fan indeed, the Barre hands joke, classic Blackmore there one would think. Your friend may have taken that the wrong way. Now to track down that Brian May Face to Face interview with Rick Wakeman.

Front line and Starless...
:: Posted by DanAnderson on July 16, 2014

I was driving to work the other day in a van I recently purchased. I was testing out the stereo system (the most important item in the van, IMHO) with the 30th anniversary Red CD. When the boys got to the bass riff and ominous anti-prog rock Fripp solo, I could hear the mayhem the front line drumming trio could wreak.

Guys, are you listening to me? This could be just this side of totally awesome.

Same with the build up for Dangerous Curves.

Just sayin’.

Imaginary interview
:: Posted by JeffTruzzi on July 16, 2014

John Lydon on "Face to Face with Rick Wakeman" -
I’d pay to see THAT!

Roc Doc correction
:: Posted by JeffTruzzi on July 16, 2014

The Fripp comment wasn’t from a doc, but an article on the 5th anniversary of Hendrix’s death.

Roc Docs
:: Posted by JeffTruzzi on July 16, 2014

My Deep Purple comments were based on recently watching Jon Lord on "Face to Face with Rick Wakeman" (highly recommended) and "Behind The Music." I’ve watched a lot of Rock Docs lately and they are always fascinating, even when on acts I can’t stand. The story often changes depending on the teller, "I was fired" vs. "After he left…" I sure didn’t expect longtime favorite Ian Anderson to remind me of Breaking Bad’s Walter White! Or that Brian May’s guitar tone was inspired by Rory Gallagher. Hearing the alternate guitar solos on "Peg" alone is worth watching "Aja" on "Classic Albums."

A friend of mine hated Ritchie Blackmore because of him saying Tull guitarist Martin Barre should have his hands cut off. Somehow Tull being Blackmore’s favorite band never got to him. Likewise, another friend disliked Robert Fripp being the only negative commenter in a Hendrix doc, something about neglecting his responsibility to music by partying until he died - despite it being true.

New Frippmobile
:: Posted by ironageuk on July 16, 2014

Peugoat 508, nice.

In Concert
:: Posted by davidly on July 16, 2014

Firstly in re. to emory0 and so that there’ll be no mistake, that entry is all mine, but your interpretation of what you say I was suggesting is more or less accurate. I intended my entry as a respectful, if tongue cheeky, satire. It matters less now what form that silence that arrived took and more that it hovered long enough to have, eh, repercussions.

Tariqat’s link to John Del Signore’s lament re. the lack of up-shuttiness at public performances reminds me of another satire I posted here at the height of the 40th celebration mini-tour. I perhaps unfairly conflated those complaining about His Venalness’ refusal to abide with a spittle spewing loud talker prattling on about his experience at a Kansas concert, the live KC performance serving as background music to his musing. Not as much an exaggeration as one might think, I know a type whose only nights out are his/her sole opportunities to catch up with friends and this type sees a concert as just as appropriate a venue as a private dinner party. Amazingly, it would seem they couldn’t possibly be taking anything in while doing the catching up, yet later, they can recount details of the performance. Not surprisingly, however, the recollection is an entirely intellectual exercise devoid of any soul.

randomelement2 re. the fading of Dangerous Curves reminds me of the vast chasm between the autonomic whooping of the rock concert variety and an authentic emotional eruption. It seems to me that the former is the ironic result of insecurity so trained that the decision to whoop and the whooping fall into a pavlovian category, while the latter can take the form of intense silence before and/or after the outburst begins. Sometimes immediately. In other words, the seemingly involuntary response from an audient - that is, someone actually listening - can just as likely move them from cheering to silence as the other way around.

No observable behavior should come as a surprise, I don’t suppose. Even among the ranks of professional performers listening is a constant issue. Musicians with some of the most refined chops never learn to listen, but at least some of them remind themselves to try.

And finally, Rod Evans.

:: Posted by emory0 on July 15, 2014

" Maybe I’m just not rock concert material."

Me neither. Come to think of it, I rarely see rock anymore. Both times I went to see Steely Dan people were holding LOUD conversations near me so I just stood up and ’told’ (well, screamed at) them to SHUT UUUUP: I found it incomprehensible that they’d be screaming about some irrelevant bullshit during a concert. And remember: I paid for a concert, not to hear someone else screaming about how drunk they got some time previously.

In classical and Jazz and pretty much any other kind of concert, this kind of yapping is absolutely unheard of. BUT, I once remember seeing two little old ladies get into an actual physical fight (with swinging purses and everything)  at the Metropolitan Opera when some seat crashers came down from the cheap(er) seats during intermission.

Re; Drum Heavy
:: Posted by Valhalla on July 15, 2014

In regards to Mastelotto being brought into Crimson, I thought I read that Fripp wanted a ’time keeper’, a human metronome perhaps, who played a solid beat or two!
With the Deep Purple comments, Blackmore didn’t necessarily ’severe’ Ian Gillan from Purple, Gillan resigned. Sure there are reasons that may implicate Blackmore, but from what I have read & heard in interviews, there were other mitigating factors. As to Ritchie ’not liking’ Coverdale, well maybe he was ’over’ the Purple thing & he had also met RJ Dio & was into evolving, as a musician should! From reports all those years ago, Paul Rodgers was one name mentioned as a Gillan replacement & Blackmore & Ian Paice had jammed with Phil Lynott also, so things were certainly moving forward! He was looking for a ’bluesy’ type of singer for Purple!
Glenn Hughes apparently was a soul/funk influence that allegedly Blackmore didn’t or couldn’t relate to. There are many reasons things happen in rock bands, just like anything else in life I suppose, especially when human beings are involved!

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