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Kings and Queens
:: Posted by AdrianReynolds on December 11, 2015

Someone has done a good job mashing up Queens of the Stone Age with Kanye West, and one of the tracks is called No One Knows King Crimsonís Power which utilises the Schizoid Man sample that Kanye made good use of. http://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/music/news/this-kanye-west-queens-of-the-stone-age-mash-up-album-actually-kind-of-works-a6765076.html

Security Project
:: Posted by gbruner on December 10, 2015

Hmm... Seems like Trey might be angling to takeover TLevís Gabriel gig.

Security Project
:: Posted by Undisciplined on December 10, 2015

As per todayís recommendation on the New page, definitely check out Security Project if the opportunity arises. They were just in town on Monday night. Very good show, for sure. Trey keeps getting better! As for the material, itís definitely a cut above "tribute band" level for the prog snobs who might scoff at the concept.

Soundscapes Series
:: Posted by Anonymous on December 09, 2015

In Reply to Jeremy.

The intention has always been to upload ALL of the archive, itís just a matter of when time allows.
All of these box set series keep getting in the way, adding videos to Youtube, plus all of the sorting through of STUFF in general, washing up after DGM lunches, it all takes time!


Mr Stormy

Gotta admit, I'm out of the loop.
:: Posted by JBeerLTIA on December 09, 2015

So what is the concern with TCOL? Why is there a problem with doing the reissue? This isnít the first time Iíve heard about it being a problem child.

P.S. My two cents: the V-Drums were as inevitable as they were essential to furthering the Crim sound. Itís an interesting change. If anything was over the top it was Adrianís lyrics... *cringes then ducks down to wait for the coast to be clear*

Soundscape series
:: Posted by jeremykeens on December 08, 2015

Following the recent exciting release of the June 2006 churchscape series, looking at my list of íConcerts to be downloaded as money comes availableí I noticed two runs
Churchscapes - Dezember 2005
Do dixie - feb/march 2006
Is there any chance of these being bundled at any stage?


The Mighty Beast is Big in Norway
:: Posted by royskagen on December 08, 2015

The first two shows in Oslo sold out in 90 minutes, the extra third show sold out in one hour. This is huge! Take Dream Theater i.e. their first gig (last extra show) on February 26. at Konserthuset is still not sold out... Crimson rules!!

Discipline clacks / TCOL
:: Posted by albemuth on December 07, 2015

I never noticed the clicks in Elephant Talk.  But Iíve always wondered about the exact instrumentation in the track Discipline.  When the guitars are interlocking at the faster rate (say 1:30 in), what is the weird "clacking" sound?  Is it just the combined attack of the two guitars?  Is Bartley Buttsford playing castanets!?  Itís a great sound, whatever it is. 

The comments about the TCOL album were interesting.  KCís attempt to go to 100% V drums was brave but did not work to my ears (and most others, it seems).  I wonder if the "hits" were saved (and not just the sounds) and if the patches of the drums could be modified to mesh better with the other instruments?  There was a lot of good on TCOL and Iíd enjoy hearing a new approach to it. 

I even wonder if Belewís acoustic introduction "I Have a Dream" could be resurrected?  I like the mood of that piece a great deal, even though many of the word combinations ring false, by veering (perhaps naively) into ideological territory.  Maybe the words could be modified and Belew could record new verses?  Hey, itís happened before, and on tracks that Belew didnít even sing on originally (Cadence and Cascade)! 

KC in Poland '2016
:: Posted by rzachol on December 07, 2015

The first pool of tickets for each of the 4 gigs sold out - the next one will be available in January.

One of the main Polish dailies writes about the tour here: http://www.rp.pl/Muzyka/151129543-King-Crimson-zagraja-w-Polsce.html

I miss Bredonborough.
:: Posted by Antonion on December 07, 2015

I really do.

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