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..more Observations.... more..oh no no not that Salford stint again!..
:: Posted by AndrewJohn on September 13, 2015

...my wife enjoyed KC on Friday beaming her approval, and now appears to understand how to enjoy the Crim!.....all 7 players, and undoubteably the crew, were in service to the music....my daughter was impressed and thrilled enough to attend a 2nd time.

On both nights goodwill and self discipline on and off stage produced 2 nights many of us will have memorised. Saturday nights timing was immaculate - started on time and we were leaving at 9.50.

It was great fun and we all rocked out.
Smug is a description that can be aptly applied to any fan who feels his faith in KC has now be rewarded. Rieflin also managed a perfectly smug facial expression to an amusing effect on both nights!...cracking only once or twice to a broad attractive smile in collusion with Harrison. Insp. Clousseau with white hair was a suggestion from my daughter!...and spinning a cymbal to produce no audible result was a masterful action of joy! JJ has a gorgeous voice, Mastelotto loves his role in KC, Levin is imperious, MelC(!) plays like he’s at home and Harrison is the demon directing the field. RF calmly, certainly outwardly, joins in stitching the bits together, gluing, support and embellishing when appropriate.

Music is timeless as these hot dates illustrated, but it concerns me now that our time is/maybe not limitless. This KC in the flesh promise so much and yet deliver now. It would be good to feel we had another 46 years ahead of us...at least!

...hang on... deja vu Oct 1973 I felt the same.....may not history repeat?

..more Salfordian observations..(sorry can't resist that!)...
:: Posted by AndrewJohn on September 13, 2015

...agree with all sentiments expressed by Fri&Sat night revellers....Sat night the KC good fairy helped the band nail it...Red after LTIA was inspired placement....PicturesO.A.City swung on Friday....more mellotron on Saturday elevated ITCCK and Epitaph. emotion....DS is correct about the ability of Soundscapes to enrich and challenge emotion....

Lenny Henry's Blues on Sky Arts
:: Posted by thrakkie on September 13, 2015

Think I can see Jakko on the show!

Salford Gigs
:: Posted by Fugazi on September 13, 2015

I was also lucky enough to attend both nights at Salford. like emmapeelfanclub, I was also ’up top’ for the Friday show and near the front of the stalls for the Saturday. Whilst Friday gave me a wonderful overview of the three drumming amigos, my position in the stalls for the second night allowed me to better view the back line four. I’d also agree that whilst Friday was utterly brilliant, Saturday actually topped it. Both concerts felt like totally immersive experiences. The music, of course, was sublime. Apart from that, seeing the looks, occasional subtle prompts and signals between Gavin, Bill and Pat as they literally reinvented the art of rock drumming was something you won’t get on any recording. A great moment on Saturday was seeing Mr T.Levin smile at Mel dropping in a couple of bars of (I think) ’Flight of the Bumblebee’ during his flute solo in ’Lark’s part 1’. My first experiences of the Mighty Crim were worth the wait and will live in the memory a long time (i.e. forever). Thank you Mr Fripp and co (and also an honourable mention to David Singleton for an enjoyable and informative pre-show talk).

Salford Gigs
:: Posted by willesley on September 13, 2015

I echo the sentiments of jcarr73729 and emmapeelfanclub. Friday’s gig was great, but Saturday’s was an exceptional, almost other-worldly experience. The Crim Beast entered the room and blessed us with his presence.

Salford - both nights
:: Posted by jcarr73729 on September 13, 2015

That has to constitute the best use of a weekend I’ve had in years. The same band, over two nights, but two very different experiences. I was seated in similar places both nights, front, centre of the circle, and the sound quality was excellent both nights. I’ve already written, a few posts below, how good the Friday night concert was, but like the poster just below, I too found Saturday to be a step above. It may be my imagination, but the Saturday mix brought the back-line to the fore (not that the drummers ever let you forget them), the sound level felt a little higher, and goodness me did those boys rock! I can’t wait for the official live recordings to be released.

Thanks to David Singleton for his talk before the concert. I wish I had half his enthusiasm for the job.

My best wishes go out to the fan who flew in from Vienna for the concert, a Venezuealan working in Europe. I forgot ask his name, but we had a great chat next to the merchandise desk for best part of an hour. He’d been in town for several hours, waiting patiently for the doors to open. A night in the airport terminal for him, so he’ll be on his way home as I write this Sunday morning. Take care sir.

Finally, thank you to the band that enthralled me over the past two nights with great music, wonderful arrangements, and superb artistry. Please return soon.

Crimson in Salford
:: Posted by emmapeelfanclub on September 12, 2015

King Crimson are the best rock band on the planet.

That may sound like hyperbole but having had the privilege to see both nights at Salford (the first from high up in the rafters, the second, third row from the stage) I feel utterly enlightened by these experiences. This is a band for now. Nobody else sounds or plays like them. It is a 7 headed entity that plays as one. Any of you who have doubts about having three drummers, you have to see and witness it for yourself to realise what an inspired entity they are. Pat is the mad professor. Bill, the cool calm steady presence (and a fine Mellotron player) and Gavin is an inspired free spirit. Watching how they work together is awe inspiring... but so is watching the backline - two seemingly separate entities mesh and coagulate perfectly as one to unbelievable effect. Mel is truly gifted... every solo a delight and I’m so pleased he’s back where he belongs - in King Crimson. Tony Levin never ceases to surprise and amaze me with his constant invention and exploration. Jakko sings like an angel and he sure plays guitar beautifully. Robert? Robert is Robert - seeing and hearing him play those incredible parts and turning in some inventive solos is a treat for all the senses.

The first show was magnificent but the second was extraordinary. I was transported to another dimension. This is timeless music played by 7 musicians in peak form. For this lifelong Crimson fan, seeing Mastelotto, Rieflin, Harrison, Collins, Levin, Jakszyk and Fripp perform this music... well... a hot date became an explosive one.

All I can say is, if the chance is there, SEE and WITNESS this band for real in person. If you’re a REAL fan, you truly HAVE to see them. Experience them "in the moment" - they will take your breath away and take you someplace else. Feel the power - energy - intensity. A live recording captures so much, but being in the moment is something else entirely. To anyone who has the opportunity who may be dithering and having doubts... I simply say this - seize the moment. Take the chance. You will not regret it.

David Singleton’s pre-show talks are also very interesting and well worth your time.

I offer my sincerest thanks to King Crimson for two utterly memorable evenings.
I’m proud and privileged to have witnessed them.

Lizard love . . .
:: Posted by cloudscapes on September 12, 2015

Cheers emeryO!  Ok, love love kiss kiss, thank-you kindly for not taking umbrage at my rebuke of your earlier post.  One point however, if you’re amiable . . . .  That Sinfield’s work did not resonate with you because of its incongruity to your urban upbringing -- did this discomfort extend to your tastes in literature/fiction?  I ask because I believe that one of the steadfast underpinnings of art is its capability to take us away from ourselves in truly memorable and breathtaking ways.  Would you not read any of the marvelous South American/Caribb/Central America/Mexican writers because it was a dodgy fit with your sense of self?  Did you need fiction to be, as it were, ’home based’?  If yes, did you pick up William Gaddis’ magnum opus The Recognitions even despite, or because of, its heft (1000 pages more or less), or did a minimalist like Jay McInerny meet the need . . ?  I, for one, appreciate a writer who respects my intelligence and doesn’t hesitate to ask me to think, or send me to a dictionary -- and I suspect you do too -- hence my enthusiasm for Sinfield’s lyrics/poetry.  So c’mon mate, give him another try.  Like an allegorical tale?  Then have another go at "Cirkus" . . .  In their depth, intelligence, and reach Sinfield’s texts were note for note syllable for syllable as powerful as Fripp’s scores.  Cheers!

Music that moves on...
:: Posted by Bakullama on September 12, 2015

The song lyrics that work best for me are the ones that don’t really direct themselves to anything too specific... The vague and obscure poetry that can conjure up images and feelings, darkness and light, without the crutch of realism and directness. Often great lyrics have no specific meaning at all... Just a collection of perfect words that can bring to mind different emotions, experiences, and an almost telepathic or occultish sense of place or time or (your impressions here).

Same with the music... An album you can play year after year after year and still glean new insights and arrangements in your mind without noticing the sense of times passing....making the album seem obsolete, or just plan dated.

King Crimsons music has the uncanny ability to pull this illusion of time traveling off, And many other bands as well, especially in the so called prog genre. Whereas much pop and rock music tends to remain "stuck" in its era or moment lacking the stuff it takes to move or grow as time passes.

Genius at work at the Lowry
:: Posted by DrDick on September 12, 2015

I’m still absolutely blown away by what I heard at the Lowry last night, the band were absolutely stunning, so tight and so energised! The music was just something else. The experience was similar and yet completely different to my last KC gig at SBE 15 years ago - the music sounded so fresh and new. I also have to say that there was genius in the choice of theatre venues and the amazing logic of having the drummers up front (why doesn’t everyone do it? No plexiglass in sight!). My wife and I were in the top tier at the back and the mix sounded spot on - the drummers definitely sounded like one 12 limbed drummer and the back line melded into one glorious harmony and although built from 4 solo maestros it never felt like disconnected solo. I’m so very glad to have heard this band live playing tunes live I never thought I’d hear live (well except for seeing the schizoid band who were also stunning but An Evening with King Crimson at The Lowry is a very different experience to a half empty sports hall in Rotherham on a rainy Tuesday......). Long live the King, he is very much alive and certainly kicking!

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