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40 minutes and Bible black
:: Posted by markmmarkm on November 25, 2014

40 minutes follows the show-biz maxim of always leave them wanting more -- and one can always re-entice with bonus tracks in a later reissue.

Do only 40 minutes constitute a lie of omission?  (THATíS A JOKE!)

Howís this for honesty?:

The most shoplifted book:

The Bible.

--Thrivent, Fall 2014 quoting NYT according to some booksellers

The Bible is the most stolen book in the US according to 1,227 Quite Interesting Facts That Will Blow Your Socks Off.

--Also Thrivent, Fall 2014

:: Posted by sylvanasheart on November 24, 2014

I,fer one,am striKctly tickled pink-eye that ANYthing is a-cominí down the pike,new or old.Lost some 75 Crim(et.al) downloads to a fried external hardrive and have been castiní a schizoid glare on these pages simply hopiní-n-prayiní Sai Fripp wasnít giving out;and,then,yonder comes MARK VII.Only question I have,some 4-5 months since the last diary entry...well,WILLYFRED?

Burning Question
:: Posted by apisch on November 24, 2014

I have a burning question about the burning questions that were asked of #KC2014 members via the guestbook.  When will some of our "very important" inquiries be answered via videos?  (At least this post has nothing to do with the live album announcement.)
Hi there,
Only Mel and Robert were able to answer any of the questions. There responses will appear on the DGMLive Youtube channel and this site in the next few weeks. 

entitlements and expectations
:: Posted by KantspelldiKc on November 24, 2014

I threw them both away at the Warfield and figgered it was time to make some real money, you know what, Iím good with that

Still pussyfooting after all these years
:: Posted by albemuth on November 24, 2014

The board has moved on to other topics here but I wanted to add at least one more salute to No Pussyfooting at 41 years old.  As a teenager, I got on a bus to purchase this disk when it became available in the USA as an import.  I am pretty sure that I knew, from reading some article or another, that it would not be the usual sort of album.  I do not remember clearly anymore but I am sure I was put off a little by the disk.  Nevertheless, I got the point of the disk pretty quickly.  Maybe it was not really that much of a stretch since I was so acclimated to Frippís guitar sound.

No Pussyfooting quickly became a touchstone.   I think it made me a more careful and patient listener, able to hear subtle changes of emphasis (in phrase and texture). One of the best things about Frippís work is his close attention to detail and the willingness to follow an idea rigorously.  An Index of Metals (from the second Fripp and Eno disk) is also a favorite of mine. 

I might have discovered the rewards of quiet listening from many different artists or types of music.  But it happened to be Robert Frippís work that  I was drawn to and from which I learned the lesson.  For this I will always be grateful. 

:: Posted by Rockette on November 24, 2014

>it strikes me as if that "sense of entitlement", so ubiquitous in modern times, has even infiltrated the KC fan base. This is a shame.

Iím sure the vast majority of KC followers are delighted that the band has successfully reformed and released a CD to prove it. The whingers, whiners and complainers are in a tiny minority, but they make a disproportionate amount of noise.

>Perhaps we should be aware that the band membersí scheduling and work load do not allow for the type of "instant gratification" re. public releases that a number of posters appear to demand.

Well said. I suspect if you gave these people what they demand, theyíd only want more. Release a whole gig, and itíll be "Why isnít the whole tour available for download"? And so on, ad infinitum.

That Sense of Entitlement?
:: Posted by bloggulator on November 24, 2014

Reading some of the recent commentary regarding "a lack of immediate product" in the wake of the tour, or "the forthcoming live album is not long enough" - it strikes me as if that "sense of entitlement", so ubiquitous in modern times, has even infiltrated the KC fan base. This is a shame.

Being familiar with KCís history - a band driven largely by forces outside of industry and marketing convention - should not we all be aware enough to expect the unexpected, or not to expect the expected? Whatís with all the moaning, bitching, whining and bleating? Perhaps we should be aware that the band membersí scheduling and work load do not allow for the type of "instant gratification" re. public releases that a number of posters appear to demand.

When I read, a few days ago, that a King Crimson 2014 live album was due for release in January 2015, barely 3 months after the last chords of the final encore in Seattle faded into the applause, I jumped for joy! The last thing on my mind was "how long the album was to be", or "how many songs" would be included.

Sadly, I couldnít attend any of the 2014 "Elements" shows. Now I shall be able to listen to a sampling of what I missed - and the same goes for so many of us who were unable to see and hear the band live. Surely this is a time to express gratitude, and a cause for celebration, rather than to complain?

And as a final thought, IMHO, this iteration of King Crimson, just from second hand reports, reviews and the actual line up itself - is the strongest of them all. The possibilities are endless.


New KC album...
:: Posted by schizoidman on November 24, 2014

Great news about the forthcoming KC album! Really canít wait to hear this. A vinyl edition would be much appreciated. Forty minutes is exactly right. And then a new studio album, maybe?

Live album and diary
:: Posted by matthusela on November 24, 2014

On the live disc:

Very much looking forward to the live disc. Of course like any fan, I can never get enough, but itís great to get this. Clearly they have their reasons.

On the diary:

Another poster lamented the ending of posting Frippís diary. Say it isnít so. Actually, I donít remember seeing anyone official write that it is so. Sid, is it so?
Reports of the demise of RF's diary are untrue. The diary will be updated as soon as his schedule will allow - as you may have noticed the last few months have been rather busy and continue to be so.

2015 live release
:: Posted by jacethecrowl on November 24, 2014

Personally, Iíd be delighted if my favorite band elected to put out even a measly 7" record. I hope RF and Co. donít read this forum and think -- THESE are the ungrateful creeps that we do this for? Anybody who calls themselves a fan should dial back the outrage, realize this is a band with a plan, and await the riches KC inevitably has in store for us.

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