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Dear Robert
:: Posted by kingcrimson7 on January 12, 2015

Today  I had a good day, I wanted to tell that, and as always in the hands of Jesus

Robert,  King Crimson,  Forever.

 thoughts of my heart, I wish a studio album, but patiently, like you you know Robert

so you we give something powerful, as you know, I admire,

My Friend.

Love nd Peace.






Demise of guestbook
:: Posted by Teledan on January 12, 2015

Infrequent (perhaps three times) poster here. But personal lifelong friend of Robertís. We met in NY in í73. Iím sure he remembers me- Iím the guy with the ponytail and the Pink Floyd T-shirt that asked for the autograph outside his hotel. All I wanted to do was thank him! We formed a fast and lasting friendship- at every appearance Iíve attended since he has glanced my way with recognition.

Opinions opinions
:: Posted by Bakullama on January 12, 2015

Iím afraid I have become the dreaded helpful nuisance.
But kudos to David S. For opening up an interesting and somewhat perplexing conversation concerning his record label. Suggestions from the peanut gallery could or could not only serve to make a problem worse. So Iíll refrain from adding any more to this and leave it to better heads. Thanks for saving the guestbook.

Singleton's woes
:: Posted by emory0 on January 12, 2015

"DGMís connection with King Crimson was probably harmful (as it may also be with Orchestral Soundscapes)"

Interesting. I keep thinking of "the Crimhead ghetto", which I think was a term we used back in the Elephant Talk days.

The Orchestral Soundscapes are, in my humble opinion, worthy of an audience thatís never really heard of Fripp or King Crimson. It compares favorably with the work of some of the Eastern European "mystic" composers and is a lot more than just "Someone took Frippís Soundscapes and arranged them for orchestra". So I hope the DGM gang can get them out there somehow.

It is both sad and, slightly ironic, to see music be the prisoner of its own popularity.

possible Euro tour
:: Posted by natron on January 12, 2015

If the threatened Euro tour happens, is there any chance of making tour T-shirts (or similar) available ahead of time - i.e. the ones that list dates & venues ?  

I realise it feels a bit like tempting fate, but it might help spread the word before rather than after the event.

 Or maybe a special pre-tour design ?

David Singleton's diary
:: Posted by metalindex on January 12, 2015

Iím unsure how many of us noticed, but David Singletonís diary has been updating his diary regularly. In todayís diary, he bears (what appears to be) good news concerning the guestbook.

:: Posted by kingcrimson7 on January 12, 2015

Robert i love play in churh is good, that is good

IS AN APPROACh to jesus, is amazing listen the

churchscape, is beatiul listen,


lark tonge in aspic 4 in love

RENNBER Jesu es la vida

Love Peae.

Farewell musings
:: Posted by mud_shark on January 12, 2015

A fond farewell to the guestbook. It has been a great source of Crimson discussion over the years, in a world that has nowhere near enough of it.

I still have the final Elephant Talk in my archives... Itís always a little sad to see these KC outlets finish up. Am hoping to see something new pop up shortly..

2014 was the year I finally got to see KC after following them for a good 35 years.. Iím happy now!! Thanks RF.

:: Posted by KantspelldiKc on January 12, 2015

Being one is certainly a product of oneís environment, forgive us for we know not what we do, toodles

Our Town,Goodnight
:: Posted by sylvanasheart on January 11, 2015

King Crimson came into my life in 1974 via my cousin,who,being rather Motown oriented,didnít deem Larkís Tongues suitable to his dance-party frame of music.This was also the year of a terrible outbreak of tornadoes that wracked my familyís home and left me with LTIA becoming an important part of processing the tumult of my late-teen life.I wasnít in Kansas,anymore.(Shout-Out to Dark Side of The Moon).Still,I didnít get to know much more of Crimís doings through the latter seventies and eighties save Robertís excursions with Eno and Bowie.Cry yer pardon,Sai,but my next purchase of KC was a three-pak bundle of the first three albums released by Virgin/EG in í93.Then came TCOL with the DGMLive.com address and soon I was immersed in all things Krim,along with the mighty Guestbook.Iíve perused the tirades as well as the felicitations of the many folken who have populated the pages of postings,all to my increasing interest and oft-times entertainment.And,now,from a grand community....diaspora. I can see the sun settiní fast,and just like they say,nothing good ever lasts.

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