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:: Posted by Bakullama on December 02, 2014

Thanks for posting those answers...
"Likes: Overcoming the mystique that only musicians can make music."

I like this answer, being an untrained musician that makes music from time to time... (For better or worse). I like it and agree with it. Here where I Live there is a group of about 10 middle aged women who get together in the park every weekend with bongos, tambourines, shakers, etc. They are by no means "bona-fide" musicians but they usually draw a crowd eager to hear them.

The Eternal Art and Commerce Braid
:: Posted by Dr_Erock on December 02, 2014

Seeing KC in all its glory was a peak experience in my life.

And seeing RF happy was an added joy.

But amidst all the positivity I am missing the rancor and the cold eye RF brought to discussions of the music biz.

The expenses Pomplamoose posted for their recent tour provide a nice snapshot of the state of the art.


And the writer’s failure to disclose his financial interest in the online funding enterprise Paetron is a reminder of the eternal shiftiness of the music biz.


Robert Fripp Looks Back On The '70's
:: Posted by Carnamagos on December 02, 2014

While going through some old boxes recently, I discovered a little clipping that I’d long forgotten. It is Robert Fripp’s responses to a series of questions that apparently were sent to a large number of musicians. There’s no date or publication noted on the clipping, but my educated guess is that it was published in Musician magazine, circa 1980.

Because I have not seen these replies reproduced before, here are some excerpts that might be of interest here.

"Q.: What were your favorite records of the ’70’s?"

A.: Blue--Joni Mitchell; No Pussyfooting--Fripp & Eno; Another Green World--Brian Eno; Heroes--David Bowie; Parallel Lines--Blondie; Fear of Music--Talking Heads.

Q.: Miscellaneous ’70’s faves & dislikes.

A.: Dislikes: The collapse into style and the vaporation [sic] of intent in the so-called English progressive/art rock music. Even more do I dislike the uncritical support of it. ’Art rock’ took the wrong turn and became more intrigued by pseudo-gothic visitors than giving a genuine impression of multi-dimensionality which it at best implied.

Likes: Overcoming the mystique that only musicians can make music."

To withhold comment on some of this nonsense requires great self-restraint on my part, but I intend to exercise it. I hope that others find the replies of interest.

sad postings
:: Posted by andyfromozz on December 01, 2014

I have posted about my sadness in never being able to see KC, Yet many more times, I have posted about my happiness in the enjoyment of KC...in this ever more interconnected world, we can all share our feelings, happy or sad...and of course, no one is holding a gun to anyones heads to read them. I can only hope that in my many postings here, I haven’t tried to impose my way of doing things on anyone.
cheers andy fromoz

TGD's restored syllable
:: Posted by tmansrp on December 01, 2014

I was delighted to hear that the second syllable of "sher-ry", previously missing from the last line of The Great Deceiver in the 2011 stereo and 5.1 remixes of S&BB, has been restored for the Starless box. Surprised, too, as this suggests that someone revisited both mixes to repair them. No mention of this is made in the box set notes. Sid, can you shed some light on this restoration?
The only light I can shed on this was it was, er, restored.

Starless: A Band in Full Bloom
:: Posted by tmansrp on December 01, 2014

As I make my way through the new Starless box – slowly but surely, so as to fully absorb and appreciate each show – I’m struck by how extremely well the boys were playing on that European tour.  They had found their footing as a unit and it shows!  From the first downbeat, a brash confidence exudes from the band and they own the stage from that moment forward.  Even the improvs seem above average to these ears; the band navigates the unforeseen twists and turns of each improv with ease, frequently in uncanny unison.  An abundance of magic was happening of the quality and kind that made them made them, for me, the best live act I ever saw.  I was privileged to see 5 shows by this particular group, one of them the jaw-dropping Arlington, TX show immortalized in this box set, and to this day I can still recall the feeling of something tangible in the air that made each of those concerts unique and very, very special.  My thanks to the DGM team for making this stunning music available and allowing me/us to revisit some of those magic moments all these many years later.  Well done.  Very well done indeed.

To answer your burning question
:: Posted by JBeerLTIA on December 01, 2014

Maximus, THC, or Tetrahydrocannibinol, is a substance found in the plant Marijuana. It is the main proponent in the "high" effect that people get from ingesting such plant. Hope that clears everything up.

Not Sid

Humans touring without Fripp?
:: Posted by DevlinC on November 30, 2014

The 2015 Humans tour was advertised with Robert’s likeness as part of the band. Is he not touring with them?
As far as we know, Robert is not touring with The Humans

Schizoid Lyrics
:: Posted by caseyjbye on November 30, 2014

Sorry if I missed something (tried scrolling through the forum to find an answer, but no luck), but does anyone know the story behind the revised lyrics to "Schizoid Man" from the tour? Sid, maybe you could help on this one? Again, sorry if this was covered already.

Robert invited Peter Sinfield to update the lyrics of the track ahead of the tour and Peter generously obliged. They are reprinted in full in the Elements tourbox.

RF Diary Entry 25 August 2014
:: Posted by StephenBennett on November 30, 2014

Attn. Robert Fripp.

Dear Robert, with your wife’s previous experience as presenter of ’The Good Sex Guide Late’, please ask Toyah to explain to you the term ’fisting’. I’m all for bands doing a bit of bonding, but you may wish to reconsider announcing a session of ’KC fisting’. Particularly in the USA, where they are a still a little edgy about ’alternative lifestyles’.

All the best,
Stephen Bennett-Troake.

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