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Sinfield & other lyric writers
:: Posted by Valhalla on September 12, 2015

Personally, i place quite a deal of importance on certain lyrics in rock music! Peter Sinfield, Jon Anderson, Ian Anderson, The Hawkwind connection of Bob Calvert, Mike Moorcock & Dave Brock, Neil Peart & others of the íprogressiveí rock genre! Escapism is what it is all about in many scenarios, but also a decent story to tell in different ways. Mythology, history, environmental warnings & of course decent satire. Geezer Butler wrote some defining lyrics for Sabbath in the early 70ís, also Peter Gabriel for Genesis. Very lucky in many ways that so many of the quality bands had decent lyrics, much more interesting!

Pat Moments...
:: Posted by bloggulator on September 11, 2015

Bakullama, I attended that very same (absolutely superb) House of Blues King Crimson show with the "Double Duo" in 2000, and came away with a very strong impression of Pat: he reminded me somewhat of how Jamie Muir addresses drums and percussion - any object which is capable of making a (useful) sound when struck has a musical use, in the appropriate context of course. This infers that the potential size of kit for a drummer/percussionist who is into sound design can quite easily expand to ludicrous proportions.... but Pat has very successfully addressed this issue. From what I have seen, he is one of just a few high profile drummers in rock who have fully embraced the philosophy of using a smorgasbord of electronics and unusual acoustic percussion items alongside the conventional drum set components (kick, snare, toms, hats, and cymbals).

That L.A. show came across very strongly, for these ears, that King Crimson was and remains a natural residence for Patís musical sensibilities. RF clearly felt the same - 13 years later, in 2013, Pat was one of 6 special players to get the call - and one of 3 drummers collectively given the (very tough) assignment to "reinvent rock drumming"... ! The evidence - from concert reviewers and audience members this year and last, on both sides of the Atlantic - have informed the world that KCís trio of drummers have done just that, and with flying colors. The latent musical possibilities when 3 drummers of the caliber of Pat, Gavin and Bill joined forces under the King Crimson banner are too mind boggling to get the brain around! I just love it.

Belated Happy Birthday Pat..... and Mel too - and many happy returns....


New Sinfield lyrics!
:: Posted by emory0 on September 11, 2015

"A hope of mine is to one day hear Peter Sinfield penned lyrics with King Crimson once again as a grand finale of sorts."

Iíd point out that the 7 piece Crimson is playing 21st Century Schizoid Man with lyrics that were recently updated by Mr Sinfield.

21st Century Re-Vision
:: Posted by AgentOrange on September 11, 2015

Bakullama on September 11, 2015 wrote:


"A hope of mine is to one day hear Peter Sinfield penned lyrics with King Crimson once again as a grand finale of sorts."


Peter Sinfield has written new lyrics for King Crimson. On the 2014 North American tour with Robertís approval 21st Century Schizoid Manís lyrics as sung by Jakko were changed according to the 2014 Tour Box to:


Catís foot, iron claw

Sykes, Picot and the fat cigar

Knuckles dragging in the desert sand.

Twenty first century schizoid man.


Blood rack, dark wire

Politicianís funeral pyre.

Cursed and poisoned

Bless his heart.

Twenty first century schizoid man.


Death Seed

Blind manís greed

Nothing heís got he really needs

Twenty first century schizoid man.


When I saw them live in NYC I thought Jakko might have forgotten the lyrics. Donít know if they are singing the original lyrics on the new tour.

Happy Birthday Pat!
:: Posted by thingfishp on September 11, 2015

Lots of fond memories from performances, but my favorite personal memory was at the Webster Theater in November, 2000. My buddy and I stepped into the bar next door and there was Pat having a smoke. So we had a beer with him. Come back to the States, guys! The Shubert in New Haven would be perfect!

:: Posted by Bakullama on September 11, 2015

I have very few Pat M moments in my head but the TCoL show at the house of blues in Hollywood Ca. 15 years ago, sure cemented (for me) the Crim in Him! Very interesting and adventurous drummer. happy happy birthday!

Sinfield proggy lyrics
:: Posted by Bakullama on September 11, 2015

... Are what attracted me to KC back in 1974... I discovered Them at age 17 through a friend who was actually a big Hawkwind fan. Some of the most beautiful and intensely imaginative lyrics ever... Still marvel at them today, timeless and mysterious. A hope of mine is to one day hear Peter Sinfield penned lyrics with King Crimson once again as a grand finale of sorts.

Happy Birthday, pat
:: Posted by gregorspencer on September 10, 2015

My favorite Pat moment - when you snuck out the side door of the Paramount Theater, in Asbury Park, NJ, in November, 2000, and had a cigarette with me and my friend Bob, while we were hanging under the overhang, out of the cold November rain before the show.
Plus all the other times Iíve enjoyed you with KC and Stick Men, of course!

Pat, Happy Birthday
:: Posted by Wadofchar on September 10, 2015

Hi, Pat, many happy returns of the day!!

It was the first time for me to see Pat playing live at Hackney Empire this week, so that was my favourite Mastelotto moment, I must say. Oh wait a second, I bought "Broken Wings" 7" single when I was about 18...that might be my favourite Mastelotto moment??

KCís three drum set up was so intricate, precise and powerful, I was completely spellbound!! I was actually sitting almost directly above Patís drum-kit in front row of the Dress Circle, I could see every move Pat made and it was just mesmerizing.

I will send my brother to see the show in Tokyo, Japan in December. As we discussed on Tuesday, all the Tokyo dates were sold out within an hour or so. We, Japanese are fully aware of importance of King Crimson and its concept!!

Hope you are having fantastic time on your birthday, Pat and thank you for the most incredible Mastelotto moment!

With massive respect, Noriko

Big Pat fan here
:: Posted by toycritic on September 10, 2015

Happy birthday to Pat Mastelotto, who ranks high in my personal pantheon of Crim heroes. The Double Trio barely began to use his considerable talents but his emergence in ProjeKcts Three and Four was among the most thrilling and transformative moments in Crim history. Seeing the Double Duo live, my attention was most often riveted on Pat, who seemed to be the nerve center of that version of the band. Now Iím adjusting to Pat in the new lineup. I needed to see it twice just to open up enough new neural pathways to comprehend what was going on. Now Iím so totally into it that if it gets any better, my heart will just burst. Anyway, thanks for the memories, Pat, and I look forward to many more.

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