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:: Posted by GonzalezPaulo on March 26, 2014

" Does film or video survive of the Top of the Pops performance?"
None of it survives as far as we know. Sid

That’s sad. For years I had hoped it would drop on youtube. I kept imagining KC in its infancy miming to Cat Food.

When the remasterd Poseidon came out, my hopes vanished. If a copy existed, it would have already been found and added to the DVD disc... in the same way the brief HYDE PARK footage was added to ITCOTCK DVD discs.

Damn... how could TOTP lose it ?!?!  %$&¨#$@ 

:: Posted by bucket on March 26, 2014

Humans 2, scorpions 0.

Robert Fib
:: Posted by abhitaranath on March 26, 2014

From blug83: There is this entry from DGMLive News from 2006:

April Fool’s joke?

It mentions "DGMLie" a few times.

Axe Victim
:: Posted by emperornobody on March 26, 2014

Forgive me if it’s old news. Poor Bill Nelson, what a shudder-inducing travesty this is

Kinda makes me think of this quote:

“The music business is a cruel and shallow money trench, a long plastic hallway where thieves and pimps run free, and good men die like dogs. There’s also a negative side.” -- Dr. Hunter S. Thompson

Cat Food TOTP
:: Posted by blug83 on March 26, 2014

There is this entry from DGMLive News from 2006:

April Fool’s joke?

New KC Album
:: Posted by FilipLukic on March 25, 2014

We want new King Crimson album!!!
At least double album :)

:: Posted by tim7777 on March 25, 2014

Thank you syncopatico for the correction it was walden.Who is a monster of a drummer.

3/23... and 2014
:: Posted by jtwillia on March 25, 2014

I remember the release ofToaPP quite well-- I was working in a record store, actually a record dept owned by a record store in a surreal rather dilapidated discount department store in Burlington VT, had gotten a "Wait till Monday [or whatever day it was] hoser!" note back from the distributor (who owned the store who owned the...) when I’d put it on an order sheet early... so it was eagerly awaited. Though with some apprehension-- though initially non-plussed by Discipline, the line-up had clicked (actually... this is pretty good... no... this is f-ing amazing!) via some live recordings (Boston, NYC, San Fran) which trickled in during the later Fall ’81 (the record store I worked at then in Amherst Mass was a bit of a hub for tape trading); I was at the UMass Amherst show in early ’82 and was blown away. By ’84 I’d come around to the album itself. Beat, though, had left me cold, and I’d also felt the live performances following Beat had lost some of the unrelenting, ferocious intensity of the Fall 81/early 82 shows. I ended up really liking ToaPP, esp the more experimental side two. Now, as then, I think ToaPP is a notch down from Disciplne (for reasons along the lines of some of the criticisms I’ve just seen here) but really good, and far better than Beat. (Though, I confess I haven’t tried Beat again in probably nearly 30 years... maybe when the new "edition" finally materializes.)
LTiA I remember as being the current Crimson album when I became aware that such a thing as King Crimson existed, though March/April 1973 meant more Billion Dollar Babies and Deep Purple’s Made in Japan at the time. Crimson I got into over a year later on the heels of ELP and Yes mania (though a year after that it was Crimson, not Yes or ELP, that would dislodge Deep Purple from the vaunted teenager’s fave band throne), after being drawn to (after the screaming face) the name of Greg Lake on the liner notes of Court and squashed by Schizoid Man while fish sitting for a young faculty couple at the boarding school my Dad taught at. When Court wasn’t in stock at the store I was at when it had become Crimson’s turn, I opted for the latest (and there was Bill Bruford!), SaBB-- one of Crimson’s high water marks I think, though at 15 on the heels of Yes and ELP I didn’t know what to make of a lot of it. (Impeccable timing of course: a week or so later, Red had become the "latest," and a week or two after that "Crimson Splits" blared from the pages of Rolling Stone.) Court came next, and over the next year plus I made my way loosely chronologically thru the Crimson albums, ending with LTiA and Red (and No Pussyfooting!) on the same day in late ’75. I was familiar with most of the material on LTiA through a boot of the non- SaBB parts of Night Watch/Amsterdam, and USA, but found myself disappointed in the studio performances. LTiA pt 1 I thought, and still find, incredibly powerful, from the opening marimba, to the nervous violin staccato, the crashing metal onslaught, to the unhinged whole-tone guitar patterns in the "jam" (sort of) section, to the beautiful violin interlude, to the crashing finale. But the other songs have always paled for me beside the live performances (though I do kinda like the backwards guitar-- or so it sounds-- on Bk of Saturday). Ah well. I tried the album again with the latest "edition" and found I hadn’t changed my mind. 

On This Date 1970
:: Posted by jacethecrowl on March 25, 2014

Does film or video survive of the Top of the Pops performance? I believe they were just miming to the song but I’d still love to see it.
None of it survives as far as we know.

drummers of colours
:: Posted by syncopatico on March 25, 2014

"Omar" Hakim(?) DID NOT play on (Breathless) from Exposure, but Narada Michael Walden did! (One of my favorite drummers from the mid-70’s *fusion* era, btw.) He was definitely a master at making odd-time signature rhythms GROOVE, as was Chester Thompson... a skill i do agree has been mostly lost by the new(er) generation of drummers.

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