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:: Posted by apisch on July 11, 2014

This has been bothering me for years, after listening to MANY live versions of the song Thela Hun Ginjeet.  Is the "G" pronounced as a hard "G" (gone) or soft "G" (giraffe)?  I’ve always chosen the latter, but think it may actually be the former.  Please answer, so I can finally get some sleep.

Absent Lovers
:: Posted by DannyX on July 11, 2014

"When I was given a copy of Bill’s mix, it confirmed my sense of Bill’s Crimson world-view, and gave deep offence." This statement opens a whole new can of worms....

The brick wall of 84...
:: Posted by emory0 on July 11, 2014

Davidly wrote...

"Joining Crim pals by the window. Ade suggested that yesterday evening’s performance was one for the ages. All agreed. Silence arrived."

Assuming that diary entry is real (and it certainly appears to be), DavidLy seems to suggest that the REAL reason Crimson broke up was because they had acheived the ultimate expression of the 84 band. I, at least, have long felt that the Absent Lovers discs give a far better representation of the 80s band than any of the studio albums.

And that’s a far more satisfying narrative for Crimson, no? Yeah, they’d been ground down by touring and the usual operational and interpersonal issues had clogged up the gears. But Crimson being Crimson (and Fripp, Bruford, Levin and Belew being who they are), it makes far more sense to consider that the band had acheived all that it could musically and so it was time to stop (ie, as opposed to moving onward into museum band status, like the Stones or Pink Floyd, etc...).

A Scent Hovers
:: Posted by davidly on July 11, 2014

Sunday, 12th July 1984


Hotel Mediocre Un Certain Odeur, Montreal, Canada

Rising this a.m. with Crim-sounds du Spectrum in my head, more specifically, a nocturnal, adventurous version featuring Le Batterie Billy Quartet.


Breakfasting Buffet né Trough I...
II, III, IV [images not available]

It occurs to me that the difference between breakfasts English, Continental, French, French Canadian, and French Canadian Continental is one of accent.

Joining Crim pals by the window. Ade suggested that yesterday evening’s performance was one for the ages. All agreed. Silence arrived.

Crimson at festivals
:: Posted by Teledan on July 10, 2014

I went to an event called the H.O.R.D.E. festival sometime back around ’96 or ’97, specifically ’cuz Crimso was booked. I thought "No need to arrive early, they’ll be put on sometime later in the day". Even though we were there by around 2:00, they had already played! Bummer! My friend and I stuck around for some of the more pedestrian fare, Lenny Kravitz, Blues Traveler, et. al., and made the most of it.

:: Posted by crimson73 on July 10, 2014

They did try back in 2003:

"Info, for those UK enthusiasts who wonder why Crimson are not playing in England this year: the Glastonbury Festival turned us down. We are not cool enough for Glastonbury, it seems. Once this might have given me concern." RF Diary, 29 March 2003.

To avoid a disappointment..
:: Posted by AndrewJohn on July 10, 2014

  check out the.....

Jack-knife Monkey Business
:: Posted by AndrewJohn on March 22, 2014 (.......page 53)

Crimson at Glastonbury?
:: Posted by emory0 on July 10, 2014

"Wouldn’t it be hella awesome if King Crimson played Glastonbury?"

Theoretically I’d kind of agree, except Crimson would probably be relegated to an early slot. I’d LOVE to see some top-selling headlining band say, "You know what? I’m going to bring the greatest rock band in the world out" or some such, and then Crimson comes kickin’ ass and takin’ names on a prime-time audience completely unprepared for them.

Ah, but that’ll never happen. The closest that ever came to reality was probably when Crimson was the warm-up band for Tool. I remember Adrian Belew saying he overheard some tool fans saying, "those other guys were good, too", and then laughing that King Crimson was "the other guys".

Glastonbury 2015?
:: Posted by Yalien on July 09, 2014

Wouldn’t it be hella awesome if King Crimson played Glastonbury? The gig of the century imo.

University Challenge Documentary
:: Posted by simkin_eden on July 09, 2014

Yes, being a big fan of UC I paid more attention to what was on the mantle than the dinosaur! Thanks to ever did the grab!

Nice to see modern students are interested in serious music!

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