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I miss Bredonborough.
:: Posted by Antonion on December 07, 2015

I really do.

Tessellation Row
:: Posted by James_Keepnews on December 07, 2015

I think itís awesome that the newest, arguably bestest, Crimson is/are fans of Elliott Sharp and the Soldier String Quartet -- me, too!


Re: Elephant Clicks
:: Posted by EleKtriK_Udi on December 07, 2015

Thanks, CrumbledFingers!
You know, that might be it. but I still donít understand why Robertís guitar is cut out.
I would love to hear Robertís track isolated...
*...paging Mr Stormy...* 

Happy holidays!

Re: Elephant Clicks
:: Posted by CrumbledFingers on December 07, 2015

EleKtriK_Udi, Iím pretty sure the "clicks" youíre hearing are Adrian Belew clicking his tongue to the beat of the song. He does something similar again just before the 2 minute mark. Is that what youíre referring to?

:: Posted by orrason on December 06, 2015


I saw this on RFīs Facebook

The third date in Oslo is now also sold out. We were looking at the possibilities of moving onto Iceland but shipping costs are prohibitive.

Donīt let the money stop you Mr. Fripp.  This is your one time opportunity.  Play in the best music hall in the Nordics and enjoy your stay.  Wish  I could help you to come here over the lake and I guess you have never been in Iceland.  I will be sold out here.

See you in September in Reykjavik.

Toronto KC Dates
:: Posted by reverendkbowen on December 06, 2015

Lamenting that I couldnít see one of the recent Toronto dates. Not from from Pittsburgh, PA-my environs. Just a bit out of reach--like stretching that pinky-finger to the right for a fifth fret. Aware that those dates were likely my last shot at seeing Mr. Fripp play live. Yes, KC is a BAND--I know, and appreciate them, as such. But Mr. Frippís playing is my primary interest. Always has been; always will.

Very us
:: Posted by The_Dim_Knight on December 06, 2015

Just purchased the Churchscape pkg. Thank you.

I was wondering (which, sadly, in itself happens quite a bit) if it would be possible for KC to do a Churchscape, or two. No recording devices of any kind (photo or audio), and even KC not recording the event. No applause. Just music appearing out of silence, and then returning. Directed by the quality of attention supplied by its participants.

Oh, the marketing term for Crim-music is "Avant-Rock."

Terror and joy
:: Posted by swaind on December 06, 2015

Eager Tokyo
Harken: the Tridrumverate
And the Horsemen Four

(...and please...NO PHOTOS...respect flows both ways.) Domo arigatou gozaimasu.

Schizoid lyric
:: Posted by dwayne on December 05, 2015

Hi Sid,

Do you happen to know why the 2014 Schizoid lyric was no longer used in 2015?



Aylesbury 2016
:: Posted by Harry_White on December 05, 2015

Anybody managed to get tickets yet ?
Waterside Box Office is closed and ATG have had me on hold for 30mins so far.

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