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2014 Elements download
:: Posted by jacethecrowl on October 12, 2014

I know DGM is gonna do what they want, but Iím curious if others out there would rather have a complete show (maybe from one they attended) or a curated selection of the íbestí renderings of each song? I didnít get "One More Red Nightmare" in the set I saw, but would also not want it at the expense of something else. Myself, I would rather get the entire repertoire of the tour in one release (that is, a compilation). And I hope itís forthcoming soon!

To Mr. Rockette:
:: Posted by froggy55 on October 12, 2014

That would be all the more reason to film at least one of the tour dates for posterity, donít you think?


:: Posted by Rockette on October 12, 2014

Froggy55, thanks for your reply .

>your remark about a dvd being expensive lacks merit, because a GOOD SEAT WAS A MINIMUM $300! If they canít afford to produce a dvd making that kind of money THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG!

Have you factored in the cost of touring? 7 musicians (inc. 3 Americans), 8 crew, 23 days UK rehearsals, 15 days US rehearsals, rehearsal studio fees, work visas, Transatlantic flights, air freight bills, hotels, per diems, management and agency commissions, vehicle hire, P.A. and equipment hire, equipment repair... thatís a lot of money. Ask any tour or band manager.


They didnít play in London, Paris, Berlin, Rome, Madrid, Oslo, Helsinki, Prague, Tokyo, Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro or East Grinstead either, but I donít see anyone else here shouting about it. Most people seem happy the band has started touring again, and understand that at this stage in their long and illustrious careers, these musicians are not going to undertake the sort of mad tour schedules they did in their twenties.

The KC 2014 Tour
:: Posted by Michael35711 on October 12, 2014

I am grateful KC has returned.

I was not able to see the band.

I hope that live recordings of KC VII, the current band, are released.

I hope that I am able to see this band live in the future.

But whatever the future holds, the formation(3 drums as frontline, trad frontline as backline) is very inspiring for me.

I do hope that I get to see and hear this band, but I am reminded of Keats thoughts on unheard melodies.

The music I imagine KCVII playing is powerful and amazing.

The music KCVII is playing is, I am sure, powerful and amazing.

The relationship between my imagination and KCís reality has always been an amazing place where magic happens, even if the two do not coincide.

Thank you, Mr. Fripp.

:: Posted by farranhite on October 12, 2014

You Tube Hits in the last 7 days

KC 1200
Yes 2510
David Cameron 5680
Pink Floyd (wih a new album to be immenently released ) 11800
Genesis 15500
God 67600

What are we to make of all this?
What conclusions can we draw?
Do you need to release a new DVD to gain popularity?
The ratings give a clear message.....
In last place KC, the neuro surgeons scream for more !!
Close to the bottom "Yes" the cracked brass bells will ring.
The great leader of UK inc ,4th place a politicians funeral pyre possibly?
Next the Pinky Floyds with their impending requiem to Rick Wright, drifting on the echoes of the hours
Genesis penultimate, playing hide and seek with the ghosts of dawn,
And in pole position,you guessed it,  well not suprising  really with Genesis over with.

To Mr. Rockette:
:: Posted by froggy55 on October 12, 2014

I never said they owe me anything Mr. Rockette! But I was already heartbroke that I wasnít going to be able to see them. NO NASVILLE SHOWS, NO CINCINNATI SHOWS. I was hoping a video would have been released on a special tour like this one.

And your remark about a dvd being expensive lacks merit, because a GOOD SEAT WAS A MINIMUM $300! If they canít afford to produce a dvd making that kind of money THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG!

I drove all the way to Cleveland Ohio to the Odeon to see them in 2000. You know how much I paid? $20 and some change!

Hearing this music is one experience, and seeing the physical energy that goes into this music is a totally different experience.

Because I couldnít afford to fly across the country and shell out $300 to see this show, as amazing as I know it was, That tells me that if Iím not rich, then I donít matter!

Re: Set List Boston 9/16/14
:: Posted by apisch on October 12, 2014

Take a look here!

Great expectations
:: Posted by Rockette on October 12, 2014

:: Posted by froggy55 on October 10, 2014

>I am extremely disappointed, and upset to learn that a dvd of the recent King Crimson tour is not in the works.

With respect, your expectations are way too high. This was a first venture for a radically new KC line-up after years of inactivity. No-one knew how it would turn out, and committing to filming shows for DVD release (a very expensive undertaking if you want multiple camera angles, surround mixes etc.) was obviously a step too far. Gavin Harrison has said all the concerts were recorded on multitrack, so it looks likely thereíll be an audio release.

>This is a big F**K YOU to us blue collar working class King Crimson fans
>Perhaps John Lydon was correct in his assumption in the 70s when "Prog" bands such as Genesis, became popular with the doctor and lawyer crowd, he accused them of taking rock ín roll away from the working class. Has King Crimson joined the ranks?

Class has nothing to do with this, nor has DGM going "corporate". DGM has released a huge amount of material for committed fans, and King Crimson, who have battled on in some shape or form for 45 years, donít owe their listeners anything.

No DVD...
:: Posted by DanAnderson on October 11, 2014

Well, that surely turns my prediction into mush. I would have sworn that with this big of a deal there would be a DVD of the best of events. Oh well...

Listener request for when you guys start putting out the downloads: please engineer Pat, Bill and Gavin exactly how they were set up - Pat (left), Bill (center), Gavin (right). The beauty of seeing them live was seeing which drummed did what and when they did unison lines.

Any time frame as to when the first of the downloads will happen?

Set List Boston 9/16/14
:: Posted by fconte on October 11, 2014

Does anyone have the set list for the Boston show on September 16, 2014?

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