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Dammit! (Mad at the universe)
:: Posted by emory0 on August 26, 2014

"would Fripp like to reprise Heroes, and possibly a couple of Blondie songs, in Londonís Hyde Park for BBC2 on September 14th? Heavily yes!"

So King Crimson hasní played for like 7 years, and he hasnít played with Blondie for like a million. And it just so happens that thereís a conflict? Oh universe I shake my fist at you.

Actually, Iíve always found that Frippís non-Crimson guitaring to be more interesting: Itís almost like he doesnít feel it appropriate for him to really lay out like a "lead guitarist" when in Crimson. So I for one am annoyed not to have the opportunity to at least see video of Fripp playing Fade Away and Radiate with Blondie in Hyde Park (though in 2010 I could have simply taken the 82 or 278 busses from my flat down to Hyde Park).

Ah well.

As for the "missing" diary entries, Iím glad there arenít any spoilers there to muck up the fun a few weeks from now.

King Crimson Principle 4
:: Posted by Edisciple on August 26, 2014

4.    If you donít know your note, hit C#.

- Or Python. Or maybe Haskell. Oops!

RF diary update
:: Posted by macnishtop on August 26, 2014

I really want to read the updated diary, but Iím afraid there may be set list spoilers... Can anyone confirm or disconfirm?

Deep Joy
:: Posted by willesley on August 26, 2014

To paraphrase Stanley Unwin

"Then arrivit a celestibold host of Angelodes, all warbly in the throakus and twangit on the harp there. ďHosanna and deep deep joy!Ē they sang.

ďDeep joy indeel!Ē exclaimit Crimheads. ďItís all kicking off here!Ē"

this night
:: Posted by myshadow on August 25, 2014

probably doh....
but at least you got there

Thanks to JBeerLTIA
:: Posted by apisch on August 25, 2014

Iím not sure whether to shout "Eureka" or "Doh!.  Now, I get it...

A Clue for apisch,
:: Posted by JBeerLTIA on August 25, 2014

"This night wounds time..."

Court Inner Gatefold Artwork
:: Posted by mipoch on August 25, 2014

Has an image of the inside artwork of ITCOTCK ever been published WITHOUT the lyrics and creditsÖ i.e., just the art itself?

Starless In Ephesus
:: Posted by apisch on August 25, 2014

Okay, Iíve stared at the photo for hours and still donít get it.  Can someone please enlighten me?

Sound advice
:: Posted by crimson73 on August 25, 2014

Robert is just following the advice I so helpfully gave him back in 2008:

Posted by crimson73 on May 09, 2008
Robert, stop messing about with public speaking, diary writing, photography and all that nonsense. What you can do better than anyone else on the planet is write and play stunning rock music. Other people can speak, write, take pictures but without you there would be no Fracture, Larks IV, Projekcts. Get back to doing what only you can do!

See diary entry 10th May 2008.

Tongue in cheek, of course, and it made sense in the context of the conversation that generated it.

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