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entitlement and expectation
:: Posted by andyfromozz on October 09, 2014

Iíve calmed down now and Iím sorry about ranting in the way I did. But I question why on this webpage, which is a means to promote DGM product, everything seemed to be leading towards new KC product. Sure, I am used to missing out on many artists I like who donít tour downunder, but I suppose I did have some expectation that after all the exciting build up, the payoff would be a DVD for those of us tantalized by the glowing reviews, interviews with blown away fans etc. As far as the expense of filming, was the Shepherds Bush footage on the Japan DVD expensive? Didnít look like it. We donít need bells and whistles, I just really wanted to see it! Iím really disappointed that I wonít get that chance. That said, Iím really looking forward to being able to buy a recording at the very least...if by chance that is in the pipeline. and now I think Iíll take a sip of wine from the cup of silence...and shut the hell up...andy from oz

KC DVD release (cont. cont.)
:: Posted by gasmrv on October 09, 2014

I must be getting old...

Iím told Book of Saturday & Moonchild (short version) will also be featured in the double-DVD set (still, it seems, thereís a possibility this may actually be a 3-DVD set).

Also, some exciting news: Footage will definitely be more along the lines of the íBootleg TVí footage seen on the July 2000 London DVD, and NOT the April 2003 Tokyo footage featured on the íEyes Wide Opení DVD set, i.e. a more raw, genuine, faithful, no-gimmicks visual take on the current KC line-up.

Thereís also talk of not releasing any DVDs at all, but a 5-CD set instead, 4 CDs featuring all of the aforementioned tracksówith the fifth CD containing completely new material, effectively a new KC album, an album which will include two tracks with the current working titles of "Larksí Tongues in Aspic Pt. 7" & "Larks Tongues in Aspic Pt. 8".

If the CD box set becomes a reality, it is scheduled for release in the spring/autumn of 2016.

Itís the music that counts.

The REAL burning question
:: Posted by DannyX on October 09, 2014

What did Belew think of the tour?

KC DVD release (cont.)
:: Posted by gasmrv on October 09, 2014

...forgot to add:

One More Red Nightmare

KC DVD release
:: Posted by gasmrv on October 09, 2014

The double-DVD will be released in 2015 and will feature performances from two (or possibly three) European cities. The DVDs will include the following tracks, in no particular order:

Entry of the Crims
Larksí Tongues in Aspic Pt 1
Larksí Tongues in Aspic Pt 2
Larksí Tongues in Aspic Pt 4
Talking Drum
The Nightwatch
Fallen Angel
Easy Money
The Sheltering Sky
Sartori in Tangier
Level 5
The Deception of the Thrush
Coda: Marine 475
Vrooom Vrooom: Coda
21st CSM
Pictures of a City
In the Court of the Crimson King
Cat Food
The Letters
Lady of the Dancing Water
Ladies of the Road
Sailorís Tale
Dangerous Curves

:: Posted by Cosmic_1 on October 09, 2014

Thank God this tour is finally over.....now maybe Robert can get back to the discipline of catching up on his diary. What is going on with the king of rabbits???

No live dvd comments from Oz!
:: Posted by Valhalla on October 09, 2014

andyfromozz, no need to be so pissed off. I am from Oz & I certainly wasnít expecting a live dvd! Surely a band playing live for the first time is going to ítest the waterí so to speak? To film a gig this early, in my mind, may be a touch risky perhaps, not to mention the financial cost & other matters of filming íliveí as well. In regards to your comment ííseems to be nothing more than a colosall cock-tease with no promise of an orgasm at the end..." Well, there is nothing wrong with that surely? Nothing like a little bit of ítitillationí me thinks! Or to be more precise, some discipline perhaps?

No DVD in the pipeline...
:: Posted by royskagen on October 09, 2014

I fell a couple of tears when I read those words from Sid. I canít believe why the Crims not filming a show for a Blu-ray release. Take Dream Theater - they have just released a live BD from their last tour, and the tour is not even over yet! Believe it or not, we need live footage of this seven-headed-beast called King Crimson... Itís a disaster not showing the world what a Great band KC are, still in 2014. 👍💿💿

Of KC the Wizard
:: Posted by davidly on October 09, 2014

"itís hard not to take it as a total "fuck you" to the fans from smaller markets like Australia. Or am I just having an unreasonable sense of entitlement here?? Maybe?"

Your previous entries to the Guestbook have seemed quite thoughtful and positive, so I assume that in spite of the ease with which you might feel an intentional slight directed at your countrymates personally, that you have come to your senses, understanding that decisions on DVD releases are not on par with other general considerations as they relate to humane behaviour toward fellow inhabitants of this globe.

Full disclosure: I am an American by default but was not among the lukcy, having chosen long ago not to live in America, so being too far away to make the trip. Your default locale is unfortunate as it relates to probably hardly ever, if ever, being able to make such journeys just to attend a concert. I fully understand the frustration; the content in the expression of that frustration, on the other hand, does seem a bit over the top. Unreasonable sense of entitlement? Well, you answered that partially with your followup: "Maybe?"

To wit: "colossal cock-tease"? That is an expression of what has come to be termed "rape culture" which includes the sentiment that just because she turns you on, you got something coming. So yes, the analogy you have chosen would certainly indicate an unreasonable sense of entitlement.

On the other hand, if itís more emotionally expedient, do like I do: As a Yank, I use my one-gazillionth Cherokee blood to imagine I am not a person of privilege. You could just think of yourself as part of the UKís ongoing prison colony project, still being denied the true spoils of the commonwealth.

Madison WI show
:: Posted by eigerblade on October 09, 2014

My wife and I went to the Madison King Crimson concert on Sept. 23rd. What an amazing show. This is the third time Iíve been fortunate enough to see King Crimson in concert (the 70s and the 90s for the other two) and this concert was incredible. Really nice to be able to see Robert smile after the show, and to be able to buy a shirt and cap from his sister at the merchandise table! This will remain one of the top concert experiences in my life. Thank you to Robert and to all the band members for an unforgettable night. (And, but the way, I liked the fact that nobody was holding up their phones to record, but everyone was actually in the moment.) There arenít enough superlatives to adequately describe the show in Madison.

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