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KC mkVIII and Mellow II
:: Posted by DrDick on January 27, 2016

Wow, well I think Iíd forgotten all about KC mkVIII, the fifth man and the rehearsals in 2004 with the proposal for a quintet with Trey and Tony in. All I can say is what a wonderful potential future that might have been and I look forward to more revelations from this period that eventually lead to a slightly different quintet in 2008. Now if only there was an active Crimson chronicler who could inform us all about this period through the medium of an updated book.... hint hint Sid :-)

KCCC 42 in Europe
:: Posted by starless72 on January 27, 2016

Is the new Club 42 CD going to be available also at Burning Shed? Buying from Inner Knot in the US is really expensive for us in the old continent.
Inner Knot only I'm afraid

Friend of Russian1979
:: Posted by toycritic on January 25, 2016

Russian1979, your friend raises some interesting issues. Here are my suggestions:

1) The latest version of King Crimson is the first to integrate three drummers. This gives it something genuinely fresh and new. The recruitment of Jakko Jakszyk and Bill Rieflin also gives the band new blood. And having Mel Collins play on songs that were originally recorded without him (such as "The ConstruKction of Light") introduces another new element.

2) Live albums are an important part of the King Crimson canon. They have always enabled us to see versions of the band in a new light. For instance, the four-CD Great Deceiver box set greatly expanded on the single-disc USA, and the more recent Starless and Road to Red mega-boxes expanded still further. The four-CD ProjeKcts box set is an important and unique piece of work in itself. The many King Crimson Collectors Club releases have taught us more about every lineup, especially Fripp Collins Boz Wallace (Live at Summit Studios is a personal favorite).

3) Whether remastering helps depends on the album. Practical-minded fans donít buy every reissue that comes along. But I always buy the ones that include 5.1-channel surround remixes, since they differ greatly from stereo and are worth the investment. The 5.1 mix on the new Thrak box is a fine example. Sometimes stereo remixes in a higher-resolution format, with better analog-to-digital convertors and other digital tools available now, can also be worth hearing, depending on the album. By hiring Jakko and Steven Wilson to remix the back catalogue, Robert Fripp is enabling them to be heard and revised by a new set of ears.

Best wishes and happy listening to you and your friend.

Re: Vive
:: Posted by nuages on January 25, 2016

King Crimson has been much more than even beyond 2003. While their output of new work hasnít been quite up to former levels since 2003, it is very apparent that their live output is at a new high. In my personal opinion, Live at the Orpheum is at the same level of USA. Orpheum is a truly spectacular album which mixes the standard old tunes played in a way previously unimaginable (see, "Walk On: Monk Morph Chamber Music"), newer old tune music (see "The ConstruKction of Light") and even the new "Banshee Legs Bell Hassle". King Crimson hasnít left their old intellectual output. They are just as radical as they have ever been, if not more so.

Sid's leads into the Beeb
:: Posted by Erik_Skysawed on January 24, 2016


Celestial Fripp Sound
:: Posted by Sid Smith on Sat., Jan 23, 2016

Five Years Rescreened
:: Posted by Sid Smith on Fri., Jan 15, 2016

Thanks Sid for guiding us to Bowie/Fripp-related features on the Telly... However, those fine programs broadcasted by the Beeb are not easily accessible beyond the confines of the UK.

So: the link to the (excellent !) documentary Five Years only works when having an IP-address originating from the Isles... anyway.. for some of continental Europe, one could have snapped from the joint German/French Arte channel.. the only difference being one has to endure the german or french commentary voice. Maybe I just will be able to see it in original version when visiting England early February..  It is a pity this Documentary does not seem to be offered (legally) for purchase..   

The 20 or-so minute extended feature with Tony Visconti on the inner core of "Heroes" (rack-by-track) on the other hand is running clearly .. This is an illuminating lead into how Bowie and Visconti worked, and one can feel the presence of Fripp & Eno through the tracks,..

More of this please!

:: Posted by JBeerLTIA on January 24, 2016

Go see them on the next tour and see if your opinion holds true.

Live albums
:: Posted by Bakullama on January 24, 2016

To my Russian friend... Well i disagree that live albums are a "piece of junk". There have been so many great live albums over the years and ORPHEUM is one of them. To say it is not King Crimson is even more baffling. Humble Pie LIVE at the Fillmore.... Slade alive.... 801 Live... Procol harum LIVE with the Edmonton symphony orchestra.... Jimi Hendrix LIVE at Winterland.... Stranglers All live and all of the night.....Too many great live albums to list. Your friend is just being a contrarian.

Vive to King Crimson.
:: Posted by Russian1979 on January 24, 2016

Hello everyone! I am music-lover from Russia. And i have some questions to this great community. I have a long standing dispute with someone who claims to be a hard-core King Crimson fan.....Please comment his thoughts. As i totally disagree with him.
1 King-Crimson has finished its intellectual activity in 2003. There is no other album that has been recordered after 2003. He is so strange that he is refusing to accept the "Live at the Orpheum" as an an album being published after 2003.....
2. Live albums are a piece of junk, and actually everything that was published after 2003 is not a King Crimson. It is something else.
3. Remastering as he thinks is a musical masturbation

Lament--Another View
:: Posted by Carnamagos on January 23, 2016

"Lament" is one of the pieces from that era that is obviously composed of various "spare parts" contributed by different individuals, yet which coheres and becomes much more than the sum of its parts.

By contrast, "One More Red Nightmare" is an example of that sort of piece which does not cohere and which sounds like an assembly of spare parts (though often excellent ones), full stop.

RFSQ clip
:: Posted by Sean_Hollenhors on January 23, 2016

Oooooooooooooh sweet. That feels good, man.

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