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Concurring with CrumbledFingers
:: Posted by JBeerLTIA on October 03, 2015

I have to agree with CrumbledFingers about Trey’s playing in the Thrak era. I honestly have no idea what he’s doing. I’ve listened to Vrooom, Thrak, Live on Broadway, and the Wiltern numerous, numerous times. The most recent play backs of all of these I have done all I can to pick out Trey’s notes. After listening to Levin since I was literally a baby, I know his playing style so well I can even mimic it, so it helps trying to see what’s what, but there are 6 of these beasts. There are a few things I can pick out, but it’s not even a whole line that I’m discerning. Maybe Mr. Mundy could give us an insight on one of these songs? If you have the time and the fedora is dusted?

:: Posted by JBeerLTIA on October 03, 2015

Sometimes Sid laughs as he tells us no to all our deepest desires :)

Burning questions!
:: Posted by jbricker on October 02, 2015

Only three of them -

1. Is there a release date for USA II, capturing the North American tour of 2014?

2. Will the Japan shows of 2015 be video’ed for potential DVD / Blu-ray release - following the pattern from prior Crim visits in 1984 and 2003?

3. Any target date for DGM show downloads of 2014 or 2015 shows?

Cheers all,
Jim B
San Jose CA

In reverse order:


The release date for USA II will be announced when it's ready.


Trey's volume in the double trio
:: Posted by CrumbledFingers on October 02, 2015

I was just now thinking about how Trey seemed to be consistently drowned out by the rest of the band in most of the live footage of the double trio, especially when they played pre-THRAK material. I honestly still have no idea what he is contributing to Frame by Frame, Red, Larks, Indiscipline, Neurotica, or Thela. It’s tempting to think that he just couldn’t compete with Tony’s low end, but listening to ProjeKcts One and Four that doesn’t seem to be the case at all. I suspect it had more to do with competing with Robert and Adrian. All the same, I’d like to hear a mix that is more Trey-centric than it has been, to highlight the little things he added to the more "classic" pieces. Are there any live downloads that showcase Trey’s contributions in this era?

Crimson dreams
:: Posted by johnfgibson on October 02, 2015

One night in April 2014, out of nowhere, I dreamed I was at a King Crimson concert. I posted this on Facebook and a friend replied, "You know they’re reformed and touring again? They’ll be in Boston in September!" I hadn’t known! I couldn’t believe it! I immediately bought tickets, and five months later my dream came true.

The Boston concert blew my socks off. Since then I’ve been been reliving my dream and actual experience through the reports in this forum on the concerts in the U.S. and Europe. I eventually broke down and bought a tickets, concert and airline, for the November 21st concert in Toronto.

Then last night I dreamed I was at the Toronto concert and they played a seven-headed, three-drummer, full-throttle, modernized version of "We’ll Let You Know". It was astounding --if only I could have recorded the dream!

There have been reports of the band rehearsing material from Starless and Bible Black. My earlier predictions had been for "The Great Deceiver" or "Lament". But who knows, maybe this dream will come true, too. We’ll let you know.

More Cyclops Boy...
:: Posted by willesley on October 02, 2015

I too share DanielBamford’s sentiments regarding the Cyclopean artwork chosen for the tour. It leaves me with an uneasy, unsettled feeling, which I guess was the artist’s intention (and by extension that of the band). I felt so uncomfortable about it that I left both the T-shirt and picture disc on the merch stall. Perhaps not the intended response.

I wonder how I would have reacted had I been introduced to "Schizoid Man" in the same circumstances, instead of knowing him as a familiar old friend?

Don’t hold your breath for a reply from P. J. Crook, Daniel. I believe it to be the work of Francesca Sundsten, Bill Reiflin’s wife. I looked at some of her works on the internet and found almost all of them preferable to Cyclops - but beauty is in the eye as it were.

I much preferred the elements/periodic table artwork which I found to be original and inspired. Speaking to David Singleton before to one of the Salford gigs I was informed that this artwork was done by his son at very short notice proior to the American tour in 2014 and still features on the 2015 tour box. I also understand that this work was provided gratis. Surely some recompense is called for.

One benefit of the Cyclops was that I had sufficient funds to purchase a copy of the Vicar Chronicles and the orchestrated The Wine of Silence, as "plugged" by David in his pre-gig talk. I’m very happy with my decision. You can chalk up at least one success David.

..Cyclops boy..
:: Posted by AndrewJohn on October 01, 2015

..much salivating over KC continues...fantastic!....
...much has been said over more female participation. The side issues alongside KC are always fun and today I was pleased and surprised that a young and attractive bank cashier showed an interest in the Cboy’s badge, one in the set of 6 available on the tour. (Apparently the Salford crowd(Manchester) really went for these!)...’oh it’s just an old rock band that’s come back again with an new image’ was my unscripted and immediate response... I blushed and felt like a teenager again....amazing how thinking on your feet can be so pertinent but so fine!

Edwardian Cyclops Boy, etc
:: Posted by DanielBamford on October 01, 2015

I went to the first Birmingham gig and it was a truly joyous occasion. There was a really good atmosphere throughout. Mr. Fripp looked positively gleeful!

While most people’s attention has understandably been drawn to the triple drummer ’frontline’, the most intriguing element for me was Mel Collins and his sax and flute additions to the more recent pieces ’The ConstruKction of Light’ and ’Level Five’. Marvellous.

The only thing I’m unhappy about is the ’Edwardian Cyclops boy’ artwork, which I find rather creepy. I’m really hoping that they _don’t_ use it for an album cover.

I sent a short and polite e-mail to P. J. Crook a few months ago simply asking for some explanation of the inspiration for and intended meaning of this painting. Was this her own idea or a commission from Robert Fripp? Still no reply.

The origin and significance of Cyclops in Greek mythology is obscure: one possible explanation is a link with ancient blacksmiths covering one eye, since some Cyclops (plural form?!) are described as skilled blacksmiths and craftsmen.

The only other relevant symbol I can think of is ’The All-Seeing Eye’, variously used to represent Fate and Providence, but also ’The Evil Eye’ used in various forms of witchcraft for cursing.

So, what is the intended meaning here?

Has there been any authoritative declaration on the subject from Robert Fripp?

Also, what’s all this back stage business about standing in a circle and throwing the set list up in the air and then pointing down at it?

On his ’Road Diary’ for the tour, Tony Levin jokes that this looks a bit like "hexing" and says he’ll explain it later, but his tour diary has come to an end and he still hasn’t explained it!

It still looks a lot like some kind of witchcraft ritual to me. Has Robert Fripp ever explained this?

Does Robert Fripp’s adoption of the teachings of J. G. Bennett and George Gurdjieff have anything to do with any of this?

Just how far has Mr. Fripp and his ’Guitar Craft’ gone in adopting and propagating Bennett’s and Gurdjieff’s mystical ideas? Does he part company with them on any important points?

Both P. J. Crook and Robert Fripp were perfectly open and straight-forward in explaining the idea behind the title ’The Power to Believe’ and the ’Fin de Siecle’ painting on the cover.

Please could we have some similar explanations about ’Cyclops boy’?

Or perhaps this subject has already come and gone in the guestbook, in which case, please would someone direct me to the relevant earlier guestbook entries?

I’m sorry if anyone thinks I’m just trying to be a party pooper amidst all the current jubilation, but ’Edwardian Cyclops Boy’ has spooked me out. Can anyone put my mind at rest, please?

Empty box...
:: Posted by emory0 on October 01, 2015

"I know I’m shouting into an empty box and nobody is going to take a slight bit of notice of this but I need to get it off my chest."

Which reminds me of the time I saw the Double Trio in 1995 here in NYC: It was my wife’s first rock concert (she grew up in China and we’d never attended any rock performances together). For some bizarre reason, she thought the warmup band Cali Guitar Trio was kinda boring and said, "King Crimson’s going to be just like that, right? We can go home now, OK?" I told her it wasn’t exactly going to be like that so we stayed.

After it was done she said "that was really good", and compared it to a Mao rally, but "without all the bad stuff". She said she understood why folks went to rock concerts.

I’m positively salivating at the notion of getting my greedy, trembling hands on that Thrak box.

Ep is awesome
:: Posted by Bakullama on October 01, 2015

Just received and played my one eyed picture disc... Holy Smokes! Schizoid man never sounded better... A whole new screaming psycho sledgehammer... Lots of power in this live recording with JJ... and the bass is bold and clear regardless of any venue problems that may have been experienced live as some have reported... Jeez, I love a brand new vinyl.

They say picture discs can lose their sound quality faster than black virgin vinyl. So onto a reel it all goes with my collection of favorites which includes Sailors tale and Starless from the orpheum. Looking forward to hearing version after version from the tours one day so I can mix and match, pick and choose, the ones that knock my head around.

Lastly, The drums are ass kicking killer throughout ... It’s truly a whole new sound and experience. In your face jack, loud, clear, and immediate. This is no "blast from the past"... No "Memory Lane" ... No "Goodbye Cream". I get the feeling that RF has been refining his ideas about how the guitar in SM should sound for the last 35 years, and now delivering.

I can hear why everyone is raving about the shows, wish I could see it too, but Schizoid man played as loud as my system could stand, really slapped me around good. Any problems I may have with this disc are honestly not worth mentioning.

You guys are awesome and all-star....Thanks.

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