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Orpheum Sound
:: Posted by fhc339835 on January 24, 2015

post scriptum to my recent post
Today I have the chance to put the disc in my hifi.
Yep, push the direct button - everything’ll be fine.
One observation: indeed the ensemple needs room!
Headphones normally provide room stereophonically but indeed hifi proves better here. Exceptional.

UK arrival of Orpheum...Part 2..a tale of no consequence...
:: Posted by AndrewJohn on January 24, 2015

Sharing the experience.....of waiting.

My pre-ordered item has still not arrived......a problem shared is a problem halved.

I am now behind many in the listening stakes....hey ho ......a display of virtue has been deployed......

...it begs the question now though ...how long before an alternative action, for a relatively low cost is employed.

Tension and release will ensue, as has been experienced, but looking forward to the relaxation of the eventual revelation.

Sound: Live at the Orpheum
:: Posted by brighton on January 24, 2015

I too was not sure of the sound at first (on my modestly priced denon cd system and wireless headphones)... I took the advice of a previous poster who suggested using the ’sound direct’ option (rather than my usual setting of high treble and deep bass). And, hey presto, the sound was even better. Just goes to show that the cd was mixed ’correctly’ and maybe all those doubters could try going back to the basics on their systems.

Live at Orpheum
:: Posted by SoulForHire on January 23, 2015

Just got it in the mail today. This really far exceeded my expectations. To me, the mix gives a great sense of all the individuals. Maybe the sound was muddy when I saw them in San Fran, as the Warfield tends to be, but this disc let me hear much more of the little things than what I was able to hear live. I can’t understand what some people are complaining about. I can’t wait for another recording from the version of KC from DGM!!

:: Posted by deagan1 on January 23, 2015

Just received the cd... sounds fine to me...and thanks for throwing in the Earthbound coaster as well. We were at the Oct. 1 show.....it was a very nice evening indeed!

:: Posted by JeffTruzzi on January 23, 2015

Paraphrasing Richard Nixon: "You won’t have Jeff Truzzi to kick around any more."

I appreciate RF moving into a post-Guestbook stage of his life. I also appreciate his interactions with me, and with us - far superior than would ever be possible in a face to face physical sense.

I thank RF for all the outstanding music of the past, as well as the outstanding music yet to come. Despite my occasional negative commentary juxtaposed with fanboy fanaticism, this is music I have immense love for.

And I thank all of you fellow Guestbookers, for your wit and witticisms, whinging and dining, griping and hyping, and your remarkable taste in music.

All hail the mighty King!

American Horror Story: Freak Show (
:: Posted by caseyjbye on January 22, 2015

So did anyone watch the final episode of American Horror Story: Freak Show? Jessica Lang’s character has a thing for Bowie songs and she sings "Heroes." I’ve gotta give kudos the show band/music coordinator--they do a really faithful rendition with one of the best recreations of Fripp’s guitar lines on a cover version I’ve ever heard. I almost thought it was the original track with replaced vocals, but the version of "Life on Mars" they use, although also faithful, definitely had its variations.

Sid, I’m sure the Bowie catalog is licensed completely separately, but do you know if there was any involvement on Fripp’s end to okay the song’s use? I’d like to think he’d enjoy the way it was applied to the show, but I’d just as soon assume (which I hate to do, but...), unless he was a fan of the show already, his take in response to its use in the episode might be similar to his response to the question "Have you heard the Peter Gabriel II remaster and do you approve?"--(paraphrasing, possibly butchering here) "To answer the second question first: Yes. And to the first question: No."
Robert has no involvement in the sync use of Heroes or any other David Bowie tracks he appears on.

A Haiku...
:: Posted by twatts1000 on January 22, 2015

Thanks for The Letters
the Set is immaculate
Please give us the rest

It went that away!
:: Posted by nungboy on January 21, 2015

Thanks so much for the link, Sid!! It was worth the wait to listen!

Where did it go?
:: Posted by nungboy on January 21, 2015

I admit it...I waited too long...for quite a few weeks, every day when I checked the site I saw that tempting image of Bill Bruford and his KC bandmate (I forget who else was pictured there). The promise was of a different version of one of the tracks from DISCIPLINE. And I waited too long to click on it; it has disappeared. I cannot seem to find it in the older ’News’ section nor by searching. Might you enlighten me as to where it might have drifted off to, Sid? Thanks in advance!!
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