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Champaign-Urbana sessions
:: Posted by mikefrost on May 17, 2015

Just found íRobertís Balladí on YouTube. WOW! I. CANNOT. BELIEVE. THAT. WAS. AN. OUTTAKE!

Itís so beautiful! Which leads me on to the next bit:


Question For Bruford Experts
:: Posted by Carnamagos on May 17, 2015

A simple but seemingly difficult-to-answer question:

Does Bill Bruford play drums on the Absolute Elsewhere In Search of Ancient Gods album (1976), or not? Bruford is credited with an appearance, but I also seem to remember him denying it in an interview.

Does anyone know for certain?

Best Wishes
:: Posted by simplyfan on May 16, 2015

Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary, Mr Fripp!

happy birthday & anniversary
:: Posted by emperornobody on May 16, 2015

 and many more :)

Happy Birthday Robert......
:: Posted by bloggulator on May 16, 2015

..... and many, many more to come. Congratulations to you and Toyah on your wedding anniversary.

Happy Birthday
:: Posted by pgeall on May 16, 2015

Many happy returns and sincere best wishes to you both on your anniversary.

@6d9: Happy Road to Pearl!
:: Posted by davidly on May 16, 2015

Happy Birthday, Mr. Fripp
:: Posted by jkc1160 on May 16, 2015

and many many thanks for all these years of challenging and satisfying music. May your guitar continue to sing for as long as you wish.

this special day...wishes for Robert Fripps birthday and wedding anniversary
:: Posted by holmini on May 16, 2015

may this day be a brilliant day for you
putting smiles on your faces
bringing to you joy and a twinkling eye from the one above.

I wish you a most-enjoyable tea-time with presents and some time with WillyFred.
All the best for your future projects, the KC-Tour, the Humans & the Kalaidescope man saving all the world

Thank you Robert & Toyah for your fidelity, honesty and open hearts in theses times...

may you feel the spirit of all your loved ones near

a bright future

written in the firmament this evening:
I wish you an romantic intergalactic Boogie Express for:

moonlight dancing in
a star city of miracles

Holger from Frankfurt, Germany

Happy Birthday
:: Posted by Spingere on May 16, 2015

Have a very happy birthday, Robert. See you in Casablanca (well, Aylesbury really. It just didnít sound as good).


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