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Thanks Royston / re: Valhalla
:: Posted by davidly on July 01, 2015

For Valhalla: Toward the furtherance of a dream of a long time contributor to the DGM Live GB and longer time fan of things coloured Crim, I endeavour to summon the beast down under with words sung on the debut album of reputedly rejected Reg (with the caveat that for all I know it was songs like these that led to the Venal brush-off):

Come to Valhalla in your own time
Come to Valhalla seek and you will find Valhalla

On the other hand, Japan my be as close as youíre gonna get!

King Crimson To Tour Japan
:: Posted by willesley on June 30, 2015

I Hope Turumarth has been keeping track. Tour of Japan in December predicted by myself on this forum on 7th Feb 2015, has now become reality.

As Sid would say - big toot on the ego trumpet.

Re; Japan concerts
:: Posted by Valhalla on June 30, 2015

It does not look like the mighty Crimson are heading to Australia! I always hoped against hope, that if they ever played Japan, they might just, possibly look at a few Oz dates!
Seeing as these dates run up to the end of the year, it does not look good!
Oh well, as Ned Kelly allegedly said at the gallows, ísuch is lifeí!

On The Road Again...
:: Posted by SSImuse on June 30, 2015

Yíknow, for someone who announced about 15 years ago that he had retired from touring, Uncle Venalís certainly racking up the frequent flyer miles these days, níest pas?

Just an observation...

King Crimson To Tour Japan
:: Posted by jbricker on June 30, 2015

Any plans to - DARE I SAY IT?? - film a show or three?

Heavy vinyl
:: Posted by Bakullama on June 30, 2015

Masonori, I donít think there is really any good reason for 200 gram vinyl except that it looks and feels cool.... Some may tell you that it delivers more low end or bass... Not sure I believe that though. i guess its a trend or fad but I enjoy owning them for some strange reason.

There is something about weight that translates into quality in our minds perhaps. Words like solid, strong, heavy, thick, etc. all better to hear than thin, flimsy, lightweight.

Iím pretty sure I have mentioned this before here but I think that one of vinyls plusses when it comes to sound quality compared to digital, is its imperfection... Vinyls slight wow and flutter help to "vibrate" the air and space in a room.... Giving a sense of warmth or performance. Whereas digital sound is precise and clinically direct... Analog "has an air about it" so to speak. I even prefer cassette tape to CD. For years I owned a huge reel to reel tape machine and was purchasing reels on ebay... They really sounded fantastic. Again, there was wow and flutter that coerced the sound in the air, making it feel very much alive.

Then again I have a pretty wild imagination that I try to maintain in spite of technicalities and audiophile factoids.

:: Posted by masanori on June 30, 2015

What is an advantage of being "heavy" weight on vinyl, instead of less heavy??

Iím still looking for the answer. Not only I love to know that, but also Iím wondering if something else is more vital on vinyl sonically than being "heavy".

While I donít like to listen to "sound" when listening to music, some months ago I noticed that even though I often see "heavy weight" in information of new vinyl release today, some of my vinyl copies from 1980s and even 1970s sound like delivering richer sound than ones from todayís in "heavy weight" vinyl in general. For example, during these months I was shockingly blown away by the "sound" of Vangelisís Chariots Of Fire album. Itís much much lighter vinyl, but something I have not yet experienced before with todayís "heavy weight". Of course, Iím not comparing the two in details because Iím not comparing with the same music. But I started wondering: Being "heavy weight" is really so important on end result sonically, or musically??

BTW I think more than 80 percent of music I bought in last 12 months happened to be on vinyl. I have always chosen vinyl if available also on vinyl, even during all the period since CD started appearing in shops. So I have not changed my mind at all, but of course I spent years in which most of music I bought were on CD.

Re; Chris Squire at Classic Rock
:: Posted by Valhalla on June 29, 2015

Excellent article from Sid. Squire was the man for rock bass playing to my ears! I went to a classic Yes gig in Sydney back in 2003, his sound was a chest pounding experience ! You could feel it big time from the 11 row directly in front! What an experience it was, witnessing those guys playing that music in their prime, immaculate indeed! I was thinking about him last night & hoping he wasnít in too much stress with the chemo & the like. i logged on to DGM first thing this morning to see the comment from microbunny & what horrible news indeed! Squireís diagnosis was of a fatal kind from what I read about it, but to go so soon. His family are who i think of! What a devastating loss for them.
It was good to read Jon Andersonís comments & that they both re connected recently. RIP

Re; New Vinyl
:: Posted by Valhalla on June 28, 2015

Bakullama , interesting to hear about your newer vinyl albums! Thanks for the feedback on that issue! I donít know anyone these days who purchases albums, so i donít have any first hand experience as to their sound quality. Cheers.

Vale Chris Squire
:: Posted by Valhalla on June 28, 2015

Terrible news to hear of his passing. He would be my favourite bass guitarist, melodic, inventive, creative & a sound that was off this planet! Also a wonderful vocalist, Squire & Jon Anderson were instrumental to the success of Yes! RIP

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