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:: Posted by chronaut on September 22, 2014

May we please see a digital download concert from this tour. I think I speak for everyone when I say that we need one.


last NYC performance
:: Posted by MarkLiebenthal on September 22, 2014

For me, it was by far the best of the four nights. The band was very tight and Robert played his ass off impeccably. The highlight or really the big one for me was the Marine Coda from Vrroom. Awesome!
One big emotion was during the final curtain call, as Robert was drinking in the crowd, my thought was "is this going to be the last time I meet Robert". After being present for over 100 various performances and record signings was this going to be the final time I share the same room as Robert? Thank you my friend for 45 years of exhilarating joy...

:: Posted by thestaz on September 22, 2014

We ainít plainí "In da Court of da Crimson King." Wadda ya gonna do about it?

Caption Competition
:: Posted by lightningrider on September 22, 2014

You see, as artist we may refuse requests for photos, but since audience is mother to the music, who can say no to a photo of Mum?

Burning question for Gavin Harrison
:: Posted by crimsonkng on September 22, 2014

Gavin -

I saw the Crim performance, the first night in Philadelphia.  I was blown away by your playing and noticed that you do this really funky/cool thing on the snare with your left hand ... almost like a single-stroke roll.  How/where/when did you learn/start doing that?  I thought it was a very cool effect and sound.


Dan in Maryland, USA

Caption competition
:: Posted by jeffo621 on September 22, 2014

"Security! This gentleman seems to be having some difficulty understanding the no cameras policy"

NY Nights 1 and 2
:: Posted by ozzynugentcrimsonman on September 22, 2014

I was born in 1969, shortly after the Crimbeast. I really discovered KC for the first time by being gifted some odd promotional mixtape circa 1984 that included "Sleepless" which prompted me to quickly consume anything else by the same "band." To record stores and the library I went, listening to everything that had passed (like clouds, or otherwise). I quickly realized Crimson was an ever-changing procession of players and approaches motivated and orchestrated by this Fripp guy rather than a band in the classic sense. As much I loved the 80s music, I found even more to like in the earlier eras, as I am a fan and player of weird metal jazz...which it turns out Fripp & friends more or less invented, along with maybe FZ. 30 yrs to experience Islands, Lizard, deeper Red and Starless tracks live...what a joy the two NYC shows were. Pareles who is often a bit of a schmoe in my opinion, got it pretty right in his NYT review so I wonít bloviate in repetition. But here, where the boys might see it - PLEASE keep Mark VIII alive and thriving as long as you feel like it. Make a record of new stuff. Re-record some old stuff for fun. Do a Broadway residency. Play the Capitol in Port Chester for a week straight (contact me about that). And by all means...release these shows to listen to. Ladies and Earthbound and USA can only be spun so many times...this version of the band stands on its own and stands very tall, in my opinion. Still love Belew...have tickets to his show, but Jakko is the righter guy for this run...and will try and bring my son to Stickmen in NY as well...good good good stuff in every aspect. Thank you all for being talented, funny, and furious.

caption competition
:: Posted by cing54 on September 22, 2014

Gee, Tony, how do I know where you put your toupee!!

Caption Competition
:: Posted by ozzynugentcrimsonman on September 22, 2014

"Tony, why the hell is some dude from Ministry in our wedding anniversary portrait?!"

"Bob Iíve been meaning to talk with you about that."

Caption Competition...
:: Posted by anthemofthesun on September 22, 2014

Back-stage, Fripp produced his own íFunk Fingersí.

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