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:: Posted by fhc339835 on December 17, 2014

I love it:

2. How do I get the band to autograph the picture Tony Levin took of me in the crowd at the Chicago show? Youíll know me. Iím the guy waving!
3. Do you not agree that it was never really King Crimson without Greg Lake?

2nd Yeah, there is none of me with KC reference, but lotsa of Stick Men and Crimson ProjeKct showing my image: I am willing to sign and send to the bandmates if they gave me their addresses.

3rd I strongly disagree; for my weird taste Crimson started when Greg was gone, meaning with Lizard. The first two KC albums pretty much bore me (but the predecessor GGF is a real treat!). - Uuuh heresy, now the guestbook will be shut down at Christmas!

More generic:

The guestbook can happen anywhere at any place. Does not need to be hosted here. I believe Sid has much more competence, talent and capabilities to invest in his work and projects or in RF/KC related work instead of wasting his efforts to review and release bollocksí and buttheadsí postings (including mine).

If I have inquiries, I can send via electronic mail or in writing. Establishing a direct contact with the artist is key.

I am willing to spend even more cash to buy KCCC (nothing left), downloads (nearly nothing left as well) and box sets (having all, interested in more) and all that stuff. Still waiting for bundles of RF 79, RFS5, KC 96 NAM, the rest of P2 98, the Tool / KC US summer tour 01 including the Tool concerts :-), KC 03, RF 05, RF 06, KC 08, TF 09, TF 10, KC14, 15, 16, 17. Sunday all over the World and a Sylvian-Fripp-Gunn tour bundle would be f*** great. Is there any supplement of the Nashville Rehearsals 97 (one of my favourite albums)?

This site is like a dream come true, and the OUTSTANDING effort, enthusiasm, spirit, craft and goodwill of all the folks at dgm and the artists involved is an essential part of my life. I am very grateful for this and fully committed to support all of you in any possible way.

Thank you!

The internet
:: Posted by toycritic on December 17, 2014

Iím a journalist and Iíve worked in both the pre-internet era and the current one. Therefore Iím old enough to remember when reader comments were rigorously screened and edited for print publication (something I did myself as a young editor). One thing that burns me today is that I can labor all day to produce professional work for our magazine and website, and my talented editors can painstakingly mediate between readers and myself -- and then anyone, anywhere in the world with a computer and an internet connection can add unmediated commentary to the web publication. Sometimes the comments are good and keep us on our toes. Other times theyíre like a sprinkling of rat feces on an ice cream cone. No matter how good the ice cream is, once the rat feces touch it, itís ruined. So I understand why the Guestbook must go. The signal-to-noise ratio had deteriorated and the rats were pooping all over the place. However, Iíll also miss the intelligent comments, including the useful tips (like the password needed to book tickets for Crimís NYC shows). Goodbye, my brothers, and thanks for the goodwill while it lasted.

Could someone grab that baggage?
:: Posted by DannyX on December 17, 2014

Looks like Bob is planning on packing light for the drive to 2019...

Guestbook Commentary
:: Posted by tboyd1802 on December 17, 2014

As a long time, daily visitor to the guestbook I wanted to chime in on Mr. Frippís most recent diary entry.

I agree that the guestbook has outlived its usefulness. While I visit daily, the information content is minimal and the negativity can be a significant distraction to the reason I visit the site. I donít particularly feel like I am part of a community who loves the work of King Crimson via my engagement with the guestbook. I would love to feel like I was part of such a community, and to some extent the news sections of DGM Live do help me to feel connected and engaged. Maybe, however, this is something to consider moving forward. Also, some elements of the guestbook should be retained somehow - maybe time for an overall site upgrade? In particular, I do enjoy user submissions of photos and other "odd" references to the King (most of these show up on the news section, so some way to continue to submit these would be great), and I do like the ability for fans to interact with DGM Live to pose questions and to disseminate the answers.

Finally, before the guestbook hits the great beyond, I feel a strong need to express my gratitude to Mr. Fripp, all of the past and current members of King Crimson, and all of staff that has and continues to make DGM Live possible. The music that you have created, performed and helped to disseminate has been a fundamental part to my life for the past 40 years. Thank you for all you have done, and I look forward to many more years enjoying the wonders of this thing we call King Crimson.

:: Posted by rogadaire on December 17, 2014

Odd, perhaps, that lengthy posts on here should seek to celebrate the apparent impending demise of the guestbook...to those for whom the guestbook holds little value I cannot help but wonder what prompts the need to express such thoughts - and in such detail - on the guestbook (!). It seems rather anti-intuitive to me, but no matter. However, I am not greatly surprised that Robert has written in the fashion he has. While I would not agree that the guestbook is at the same level that it always has been - I think it has in the main become much more of a grown-up and intelligent place than it was a few years ago (as well as a valuable source of information on a range of (mainly music-related) topics in its own right) - I would agree that recent examples of blatant disregard of the basic rule to engage in a spirit of goodwill (a rule which I see prominently displayed before me as I write) have compromised its íintegrityí to some extent.

What seems to have been missed, though, is that there are a number of question marks in Robertís diary entry. He is saying íhow about if...í not íthis is how it is going to be (or rather not be)í. There appear explicitly to be 2 potential developments - the setting up of another Elephant Talk type operation by anyone who might be interested in doing that; and, which is far more interesting to me personally, the turning on of a new íaudient-drivení function which would have some relation to DGM and presumably some commonality (but without the negativity, and I was going to add ídopeynessí but I am not sure that can be legislated against!) with the current guestbook. Quite how this would work is not clear - but perhaps that is what is to be decided between now and January 12?

Guestbook Woes
:: Posted by celaoreinim on December 17, 2014

Personally i think the format of the guestbook isnít exactly conducive to discussions at large...moderatorís approval, re: to, digging for updates...thereíre far better boards available to discuss and/or whinge away like progarchives, progressiveears, allaboutjazz etc...despite all this iíll miss an "official" Crimson gathering place though.

:: Posted by Lindsayolive on December 17, 2014

Hello! Long-time reader, first-time poster!

Here are the questions I need answered before the Guestbook is killed!

1. Whatís Bill Bruford really like? (asking for a friend on this one)
2. How do I get the band to autograph the picture Tony Levin took of me in the crowd at the Chicago show? Youíll know me. Iím the guy waving!
3. Do you not agree that it was never really King Crimson without Greg Lake?
4. When do we get THRAK on vinyl?
5. Do you not agree that vinyl is a dead medium?
6. A CD holds 82 minutes of music. The new EP is 41 minutes. Are you saying King Crimson music is twice as much music as regular music?
7. Can I be the fourth drummer?
8. Why did you leave EG Music? I find it strange that this subject has never been brought up.
9. Does the Solar Explorer capture energy from camera flashes to power Frippís rig? That would be way cool.
10. If you already have a fourth drummer, can I sing? I know all the words.
11. I will be in England soon. Can I drop by for lunch? I will bring sandwiches because that squerd?? I canít even.
12. When is Centipede touring?
13. Whatís Eno really like? (my friend doesnít care about this one)

I have more, so hurry up and answer these so we can get to the next batch in time.

Anxiously awaiting.

Guestbook closure & Diary frequency
:: Posted by Thingus on December 17, 2014

Closing the guestbook will be a good thing, too much negativity indeed. As for Mr. Fripp not updating the diary more frequently: sorely missed for inspiration and guidance.

End of the Guestbook
:: Posted by emory0 on December 17, 2014

Eh. We had a good run. Itís been a reasonably interesting place to come to and peruse while drinking morning coffee or whatever. But it hasnít been essential for a long time, if ever. Iíll miss it a bit, but better for it to stop than a long, slow deterioration.

As for Maximus...


I find this response mystifying: Why are you going to so much trouble to show happiness that something others enjoyed is dissappearing? Wouldnít it have been easier to simply stop reading the guestbook comments?

Or do you view this as some sort of affirmation that the rest of us were all communicating wrong?

The Gladiator
:: Posted by Bakullama on December 17, 2014

Marcus Aurelius: You have proven your valor once again, Maximus. Let us hope for the last time.

Maximus: There is no one left to fight, sire.

Marcus Aurelius: There is always someone left to fight. How can I reward Romeís greatest general?

Maximus: Let me go home.

Marcus Aurelius: Ah, home.

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