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KC Tour
:: Posted by herbertbass on August 11, 2016

I know its a big ask but come and do a gig in Bristol. There a loads of KC fans here and you’d also get everyone in the west country. Please.

KC at Fridays Show 04.12.1981 in Box Set?
:: Posted by alexdrumoff on August 09, 2016

Hi DGM Team,

is it possible (or even planned ?) to include the 1981 TV appearance of KC at the Fridays Show in the 80s Box Set?

KC played Elephant Talk and a simply fantastic abbreviated version of Thela Hun Ginjeet.


David's Diary
:: Posted by rogadaire on August 03, 2016

O David, David, Wherefore Art Thou?

It’s been a while (4 months and counting...)

As another guestbooker has commented, there’s lots going on, but with the prospect of a re-jigged dgm site looming (?) my concern, frankly, is that David might be thinking in terms of returning to a more withdrawn role, which, now we’ve really been getting to know him, I think would be a blooming shame! Hope springs eternal, though, and I shall continue to look forward to forthcoming updates unless and until we see the following fateful, doom-laden words posted in the news section here...

’David has updated his Facebook page’.

:: Posted by warsaw on August 02, 2016

Hello, a little more about the LIZARD LP. As I said before KC lp’s lack the musical bite or intensity of the live KC Band. This creates a combination of exciting musical interplay and weak musical monotony. LIZARD is one of the KC lp’s that does not really musically fall apart. WAKE OF POSEIDON is almost totally tight in large part to Peter Giles on bass, what detail and tone. The LARKS’ TONGUE LP on the surface should be the defining moment for KC, but despite all the players hard work it missed the live KC of that period. That KC band live was an artful musical event. The LIZARD LP combines the mellotron with the bass, horns, drums, and guitar into a masterful atonal blend of interwoven musical ideas, one’s mind is constantly engaged with the music. The vocal laughing is perfect and the end of side 2 with the guitar solo and circus music is magic. It is all wonderfully weird. Listen and enjoy the journey with LIZARD. Larry

:: Posted by warsaw on August 01, 2016

Hi, Many folks including Mr. Fripp have issues with the Lizard compositions. I feel all KC lp’s have issues, but Lizard is solid with detail and contrast. The playing is driving and tight. The guitar playing is some of Fripp’s best work. Keith Tippet is one of the best keyboard players on the scene and so is the work of Collins, Mark Charig, and Robin Miller. The hippie corn ball word issue are secondary. the words are always out of place with KC. I would love to hear the entire LIZARD set live. In the long run all KC are excellent and lacking at equal degrees. The lp’s lack the intensity of the live work.  Keith Tippet, Jamie Muir, and Peter Giles were the best players Fripp has worked with in KC. It is funny how good the SCHIZOID BAND sounds doing KC without Fripp. Give LIZARD another listen. One more thing when one listens and watches KC with Jamie Muir it is one of the few times Fripp is almost outplayed. He has a hard time keeping up with Muir. Most of the time Fripp pulls the band along. Some exceptions are the improvisations PROVIDENCE, TRIO, and STARLESS AND BIBLE BLACK.

Another Side
:: Posted by caseyjbye on August 01, 2016

Here’s another side to the recording performances coin via David Byrne.

I miss the Diary updates
:: Posted by jbricker on August 01, 2016

Don’t get me wrong! I know there’s a lot going on, what with Radical Action, On And Off The Road, Beat and 3OAPP and a new website design. And I wouldn’t trade those for diary postings.

But, I wanted to let you all know that the Diary updates are missed.

- Jim B

On Swans
:: Posted by pyroseed13 on August 01, 2016

I also just had the pleasure of seeing Swans, last week in DC. Can’t recommend them enough, but as the other poster noted, be prepared for a loud show. I know this is a pipe dream, but what are the possibilities of Crimson touring with Swans as an opening act? I know Swans are KC fans and Bill Rieflin could maybe guest during their set.

The Swans said
:: Posted by emory0 on July 31, 2016

Progrockdude wrote...


Last night I saw the Swans over in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and let me first of all say that my faith in rock audiences was partially restored. Yeah, there was some photography and videography, but this was very rare and the audience as a whole was incredibly focused, even during the superb "opener" Okyung Lee, who improvised on the cello (and only the cello, no electronics) for an hour.

During the Swans ton-of-bricks set, about 2/3 rds of the way through Michael Gira ranted about people texting in the first couple of rows. He said something like, "We give every ounce of our souls to this so seeing people texting in the first couple of rows is really distracting..." He went on too about how texting was an "evolutionary detour" or something. The audience cheered: People seemed to really want to BE there, and not be somewhere else through their devices.

I can’t, by the way, recommend seeing this band enough. The intensity was astounding. Earplugs required, however.

:: Posted by Dingo34 on July 30, 2016

I just found this site looking for a way to purchase A Voyage to the Centre of the Cosmos by King crimson but the sale just wouldn’t go through...after i clicked on the make purchase button the screen just went white and nothing happened
There was a problem with the e-commerce server but that's been fixed. Normal service should be resumed.

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