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Indoor Games ?
:: Posted by microbunny on May 30, 2016

Iím guessing that one of the great challenges that would have faced the Lizard phase members (at the time of tour rehearsals) would have been how to compensate for the lack of a designated keyboard player. Especially one like Keith Tippett whoís playing is all over Lizard. Not to mention the multi-sectional brass in a number of pieces. This probably explains the avoidance of anything from this era. Cirkus was successfully performed by the Islands band, but weíve heard that. But how about Indoor Games? It would be need to be different of course, but a synthetic acoustic guitar patch for the choruses and then Robert and Bill could more than compensate for the keyboard parts. I would think there would have been a plan to play this one live by that Lizard band before it imploded. Why not revisit that and see it through?

And you could segue the "Prince Rupert Laments" section onto the end of any number of existing numbers very easily and allow Robert to let "loose" so to speak and improvise a nightly solo that would surely be a welcome dose of the unexpected. Maybe even switch out the end of Sailorís Tale with this!

Just a thought or two on how to incorporate a nod to this under-appreciated gem Lizard.

Rehearsals and blows in 81-84 box?
:: Posted by ScottA on May 30, 2016

I have KCCC rehearsals and blows in my to get list but I wonder if this will be included in the 81-84 boxset?

RE: Fracture
:: Posted by snkzato1 on May 29, 2016

I somewhat assume that part of the reason Fracture has not come back is that Fripp may not be able to play it anymore. That or, as mentioned, it was for a specific time and place.

I could imagine a few ways it being redone however, with Jakko and Fripp sharing the duties of the guitar part, or even the percussionists using their electric drums (like in the beginning of LTIA Pt. I) to create the iconic guitar part.

I think also itís sparsity does not exactly welcome an additional 3 musicians vying to fit in. Hearing those renditions from the í74 tour is something special. It is a band firing on all cylinders and in damn near perfect form.

:: Posted by Undisciplined on May 29, 2016

: jeremykeens asked:

Can we have some more details - even if not the full details - soon?

I assume the 3 albums plus live, studio,?????


Best guess:

Discipline, Beat & ToaPP in on CD, DVD-A and Blu Ray audio. The Noise & ToaPP - Live in Japan, Absent Lovers, pretty much every CC issue from Bath through the í83 studio work and then there has been some additional live material, hinted at from one of the recent tour boxes.

Set list
:: Posted by throbber on May 29, 2016

No, Iím not about to tell the band how to do their job by making requests, but commenting on the Toronto 2015 album.

I was worried that it might be like a tribute band playing the Greatest Hits. However, it is a bit more interesting than that. For a gig, I think you really need a mixture of old and new material. The last time I saw Crimso it was (I think) 1981 at the Aylesbury Friars. If I remember correctly, apart from one track it was all music Iíd never heard before, most of it incomprehensibly complicated. I was a bit pissed off. If people have paid what was (for many) a lot of money to go to a gig, it isnít fair to give them only stuff they canít possibly understand at first hearing. The Toronto set list was probably a good compromise. With material taken from so many decades, most people must have found some new, and some familiar. Difficult to get the balance right, but I think it does.

Belatedly Related Muse & Ruse
:: Posted by davidly on May 29, 2016

This is the one! ToaPP ó which, along with TCoL, might measure "most under-appreciated as valued via Guestbook" category ó in all its 21st Century Bigbox Glory!

As regards the autumnal setlist as expressed written consent from GBers beckoning covers of whole cloth, I cannoí help but hearken to the Yootoob ala DGM provided pre last leg wherein the belated birthday boy brandished his best batterie based on Helen Wiggin, proving he, for one, is inclined to the task. Can the rest of the Crim Hebdomad, however, summon the muse required for such fine distinction and deliver unto 2016 their Philosophy of the World?

Music for upcoming shows
:: Posted by llampcat on May 29, 2016

Please, díont play " Yellow submarine" in Stockholm

Music for the upcoming shows
:: Posted by jhessel on May 28, 2016

Clearly King Crimson should play Quadrophenia in its entirety.

Happy Birthday Gavin
:: Posted by AndrewJohn on May 28, 2016

Ennobled & encouraged by the arrival of BBís autobiography I humbly summon the courage to wish you a very Happy Birthday.

Not wanting to be a fawning fan I resisted the temptation to wish RF&T, BE & BB good wishes on the day. But after seeing how gracious was the feedback it seems churlish not too simply join in. Good Wishes well meant & intended are never to be constrained albeit by reasonableness.

Anyway....way back in 2005 hearing you play live in Manchester with PT, but not actually seeing you behind a wall of percussion & drums, your playing shone even beyond an awesome band that night.

Itís just so encouraging that after so many years hearing KC your playing enhances the experience so much.

Thanks a lot and cheers.
(from another Fawning Fan...middle of May baby)

Tales of Lizards Passed
:: Posted by albemuth on May 28, 2016

Iím probably being too arch with my setlist.  Iím just surprised that folks still make requests.  In the concerts of the last two years, some of the best fun for me was not knowing what KC will play next (I avoided reading about it).  I would never have requested The Letters but was stunned by how good it came off. 

Besides, some of the new pieces -- especially Meltdown -- were particularly welcome.  My favorite tales of KC past usually have to do with new pieces that left me with the feeling of "what the hell was THAT?!"

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