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so that enthusiasts don't only post to complain
:: Posted by Undisciplined on July 24, 2014

Since thereíve been a few posts over the years, inquiring about the Fripp & Eno Live in Paris CD, itís time to tip a hat.  The announcement of its impending release comes as welcomed news!

Famous Old Goat
:: Posted by dubhthaigh on July 23, 2014

Itís all product placement any more, init?

En vrac....
:: Posted by francoisgoethals on July 22, 2014

1/ Discovering very old tapes of mine (a quartet called Exclusive Raja), Iíve been strucked by the quality of one, a simple cassette Type I, just set in the middle of the musicians, the recorder being a small red one, trade mark Phillips. If you consider the price of it, one million less than Phil Collins personnal studio, you would admit itís sound is clearly not one million times worse. Just a quarter of it, and maybe superior in fact because of that juicy distorsion and the fact that musicians donít care while recording ! A huge version of "Black Movie", with a monstruous rythm section would persuade anyone of you... Mysteries of recording...

2/ Stricktly no news about the famous horse called "King Crimson", now probably 12...or 13, he won very lately...

3/  Just an idea : many of us donít stand that much some of the contemporary skillful, mathematical, complex,  abstract, "far from biologically supportable" music. And stand no more commercial or comfortable music (I mean, for instance,  Stockhausen and Agnes Obel), but there is a way between,  a difficult way between, a way KC very often filled.  

:: Posted by thecapitolcardiff1971 on July 22, 2014


Your Diary has jumped from May 14th 2014 to July 15th 2015. "Who knows where the time goes?"

Re: Diaries
:: Posted by jimbugtm on July 22, 2014

Thatís odd, but not too odd.

Robertís diary goes from Wednesday, 14 May to Tuesday, 15 July. Could be that íJulyí was inadvertently used instead of íMayí for the most recent entry, unless Robert has perhaps been enjoying an extended stay in Seattle.

In any event, Iím with dwayne, it would be nice to see (and hear) more about the Crimson rehearsals, and Robertís take on them. If the existing pictures are the indicator, things seem to have been quite enjoyable. If that doesnít happen, there will be in-person evidence soon enough.

(the ínot too oddí note: nice to see that even if the month is meant to be May, 15 July *was* last Tuesday, so whatever script is parsing the dates still got the weekday correct.)

My apologies for fat-fingering the diary upload. It should have read (and now does) 15th May.

Crimson Project vs King Crimson
:: Posted by Ornate_Coal_Man on July 22, 2014

Given Tonyís announcement that heís taking a break from touring with the Crimson Project to go into week long rehearsals with King Crimson, I wonder if there are 2 entirely different musical dynamics involved here?

1. Meticulous, extensive rehearsals over a protracted period with King Crimson?

2. Showing up, as if it were a jazz gig, and calling out tunes to blow on, with the Crimson Project?

:: Posted by dwayne on July 22, 2014

Are we to understand Robert is not going to post the Crim rehearsals diaries any time soon?

Italian tribute show
:: Posted by mariozop on July 21, 2014

Yesterday night at Abano terme in Italy, a band named "Microsolchi" made a funny show at the "Woodstock village" festival. Five appreciated traks: schizoid man, I talk to the wind, in the court, larks II and starless. Good show, great music.

:: Posted by KantspelldiKc on July 20, 2014

Sorry to hear that, being so mature must suck

John Luther Adams
:: Posted by lunarorbiter on July 20, 2014


I have been listening to the John Luther Adams epic piece "Become Ocean" and I find that a lot of it sounds like early Frippertronics; more like Frippertronics than The Wine of Silence does. I think you ought to give it a listen. You could do something like this. You would need to learn how to do a computer mock up and then hire a copyist. I liked your collaboration in the Wine of Silence but I found myself wishing it was pure Fripp. I love solo Fripp. I donít care too much for KC or GC. Thatís my own personal preference. I have outgrown rock music.

- Eduardo Cervantes

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