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Crimson Leviathan
:: Posted by Valhalla on July 28, 2014

Viewing the latest Crimson rehearsal images from Pat & Tony, is really getting the adrenalin pumping big time & I am all the way out here in Oz! I am keen to hear Fripp, Jakzyck & Collins tearing it up! Also, being a drummer, the trio format will be very interesting indeed! Having just witnessed the Crimson ProjeKCt with 2 drummers was a blast & I have also watched Harrison playing with Porcupine Tree! Rieflin is an interesting addition for the trilogy effect, good luck to him!
But what about poor old Tony Levin, how is he going to keep all these guys in sync? Sheeeesh, the mind boggles! Bring it on!

Fripp & Eno - Paris Olympia
:: Posted by calyx1 on July 27, 2014

Thank you Sid for clearing up the track list question to the best of your knowledge. I, too, noticed the inclusion of the announcement after íWind on Windí in the new CD edition track list. Given the track times and the length of íWind n Windí there certainly is enough space on Disc 1 to include it in itís entirety.  As a great admirer of this performance, Iím íchomping at the bití to hear this more complete version.  THANK YOU DGM!!!!!!!

Iconic Shows
:: Posted by snkzato1 on July 26, 2014

In celebration of debuting the new Fripp and Eno show I am curious about other iconic shows from various stages of KC and Frippís career. What are shows that you all think are THE shows from certain eras?

I have the legendary Asbury Park, Live on Broadway, and I recently discovered Absent Lovers. I am always looking for more live shows so any input is appreciated!

The Most of MriKcson Mast
:: Posted by davidly on July 26, 2014

43 years ago Steve Peacock of Sounds wrote the following (excerpted here by way of the copious diary entires, press clippings, interviews, i.a. in the album-sized booklet included in The Essential King Crimson: Frame by Frame box set (1991), with which I myself presently pleasingly preoccupy:

May 29, 1971
Mel Collins said that they had been due for a bad gig and friends who saw them at Bristol the night before said that they had been better then, but at their first London gig for nearly two years at the Lyceum on Wednesday King Crimson were far from disappointing.... [snip]

Most of the songs in their set are familiar to people who know King Crimsonís music but equally most take on new and different aspects as the ideas and personality of the players come through the basic structure. Significantly, it was the song that was closest to its original conception [Court Of The Crimson King] that was the least successful on Wednesday. Whereas on the record it very often sounds as if the songs and the construction of the music is the end, on stage with the new band and the lighting effects by Peter Sinfield, what is more important is the way the songs are played. With many bands, recorded music and live music are different and separate experiences; with Crimson, a live performance adds extra dimensions to the experience we aleready have. The framwwork is clearly defined, but within it there is a lot of space, and they use the space well. Mel Collinsí solos were particularly outstanding at The Lyceum, Boz proved to be a more than adequate bass player, a great showman, and a vocalist who veered from excellence (often) to disastrous (occasionally) and Ian Wallace was impressive throughout, but paricularly so when he turned a solo for drums though "VCS 3" from a jokey piece of sounds knockabout into a seriously intentioned and effective piece of music. But however much he may protest the role, Robert Frippís guitar work remains the central to Crimsonís music, and though on Wednesday he never really got the chance to shine thorugh as soloist (perhaps he didnít want to) his guitar playing has a subtle strength that was essentially... [snip]

fripp and eno in paris
:: Posted by rja1967 on July 25, 2014

Iím very excited by the forthcoming Fripp & Eno Paris 1975 CD but although Sid has said itís pretty much the same as the existing DGM download (apart from the extra two tracks), there appears to be a couple of other differences from the download.

The split of the discs is different for a start and the last track on disc one is listed as íAnnouncementí - is this the French announcer that pops up at the end of the "Wind On Wind" / "Discreet Music" and who was missing from the download version? And is "Wind On Wind" longer or still edited?

Doesnít really matter, but Iím curious.

You're right Richard the CD release restores some of the things the download missed. So in that sense is probably a more complete experience. I can't comment on the length of Wind On Wind as I've not heard it yet however. 

Fripp & Eno - Live In Paris 28.05.1975
:: Posted by ikxne_ on July 25, 2014

A reminder that these recordings have been available for a few years as a download via DGM:
I donít think this is mentioned in the blog post or the shop listing and you could be forgiven for thinking that "The long-awaited archive live album from Fripp & Eno is now available for pre-order." might be something new. If your memory is a bit suspect (as mine is), you may already have these recordings.
Hi there
I've amended the news item to reflect that most of the contents were previously available for download

:: Posted by mlasersohn on July 25, 2014

I would just like to take a moment to thank Mr. Fripp for many years of very good music and to also thank him very much for the diary. It is unusual for a public figures to share the private details of their lives so openly. This is only enhanced by the care and gentle beauty I find in Mr. Frippís current endeavors.

Regards, Mark

:: Posted by Fabio_Ribeiro on July 25, 2014

Hello. Just wondering what are the differences between this new CD youíve just announced and the previous download available here at DGM. Is it only the new songs, or is it an entirely new mix/master? Thank you.
Hi there Fabio,
these discs are the same as those available on download the only difference aside from being mastered onto CD is this package contains two extra tracks - the reversed Wind On Water and Later On from the b-side of The Seven Deadly Fins single - which are not included on the download package.

so that enthusiasts don't only post to complain
:: Posted by Undisciplined on July 24, 2014

Since thereíve been a few posts over the years, inquiring about the Fripp & Eno Live in Paris CD, itís time to tip a hat.  The announcement of its impending release comes as welcomed news!

Famous Old Goat
:: Posted by dubhthaigh on July 23, 2014

Itís all product placement any more, init?

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