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To the 2 Big Questions
:: Posted by rogadaire on March 27, 2015

With reference to David Singleton’s Diary, I think that of the 2 questions ’What is Life?’ and ’Why are we the only animals that don’t like walking around naked?’ the former has the simpler answer. The mistake, I believe, is to suppose that ’Life’ MUST involve some special quasi-magical property. If that is your starting point, then you run the risk of tying yourself in metaphysical knots without getting anywhere near a coherent answer.

I would define ’Life’ thusly: ’the state of existence of any entity which maintains itself through interaction with its environment’. 

You might tweak that according to whatever part of the ’equation’ you want to emphasise, and you could expound a lot of words explaining exactly want is meant by ’maintains itself’, ’interaction’ and ’environment’ , for example, in order to demonstrate the critical difference between an amoeba and a robot (although it seems to me entirely possible that in the not too distant future a robot could pass the relevant test. The key to doing so would have nothing to do with the robot’s ’intelligence’ - which is where science-fiction traditionally looks when dealing with ’life-like’ robots and nightmarish scenarios - and everything to do with the robot’s energy conversion/body stabilising features).  But I think the above definition covers the basic practical question of what living beings do that makes them living beings (they do other things too, such as dying and creating other living beings, but I can’t see that these are definitive of life even though they may be essential or inevitable in terms of ensuring the continuation of living things). 

Now, ’Why are we the only animals that don’t like walking around naked?’ is a question that requires careful evolutionary, psycho-sexual, sociological and anthropological study. I don’t know where I’d even begin with that one.

Re; Sunday all Over The World
:: Posted by Valhalla on March 27, 2015

I was only thinking of this album last week, it came into my memory for some reason & I thought, I need to play it again, it has been too long! Then another week of work swamps the reality of relaxation, until now! I purchased this album when it was released, simply because Fripp was involved with his wife Toyah & I was curious. I think it was here that I heard Trey Gunn for the first time also. I have always liked the album, it’s sort of different in a way & a few friends when hearing it at my home asked, ’who in the hell is this’? They sort of recognised Fripp’s guitar, being older Crimheads & all, but they couldn’t work out who the vocalist was. Then after this album came the Fripp/Sylvian album, that’s another story indeed!

nice enough to eat....et all.
:: Posted by charlietip on March 27, 2015

I to fondly remember this album..also Bumpers and the
legendary El Pea..all of which I still have..I suspect for many fans this was their first experience of the mighty Crim..

The First Day
:: Posted by Joseasmit on March 26, 2015

Anyone else think Fripp and Sylvian should reissue The First Day on vinyl? It is so obscure on vinyl. I recently purchased a copy for a quit a bit a money. The seller shipped it to the wrong address. They refunded my money and I don’t think will be seeing that copy. Anyone else out there who wants this album on vinyl?

Strangely Strange But Oddly Missing, or Not Quite Nice Enough To Eat
:: Posted by Royston on March 26, 2015

As many readers of the Guestbook will be aware, Island Records released an ’Island 50 1959-2009’ box set in 2009. The track list includes songs by various artists, including at least one by each of the following:

Fairport Convention
Mott The Hoople
Spooky Tooth
Jethro Tull
Heavy Jelly
Blodwyn Pig
Nick Drake
Dr. Strangely Strange

And, as many readers of the Guestbook will also be aware, each of the eleven artists above contributed one track to the twelve-track ’Nice Enough To Eat’ Island sampler in 1969. The twelfth track (actually track 10) was 21st Century Schizoid Man.

Without it (or any Crim), the above list resembles a curry without the lime pickle.

:: Posted by kingcrimson7 on March 26, 2015

Discipline is a difficult subject, the base is difficult, the drums and bass and guitar must follow the notes, chords Fripp, it really becomes complicated, so that the end of the topic, Fripp should look for Adrian stop, there may be an error.
At trial, no problem, but live, it becomes fearful, Fripp look at Adrian and signal, stop at the same time, it becomes difficult, and impossible to stop, if Robert does not do the signal to Adrian, there may be a mistake for beginners to play guitar, this issue is going to be instructive.

:: Posted by ztj_kc on March 26, 2015

Came across this photo of Mr. Fripp with Brian Eno, and I noticed the awesome sweatshirt he’s wearing. It would be nice to see this go back into production for the DGM shop!

Sunday All Over the World
:: Posted by kingcrimson7 on March 26, 2015

Sunday All Over the World is another excellent work with Mr. Robert Fripp with Mrs. Toyah Willcox, the voice of Toyah is amazing, up and down with ease superior, Robert lit his guitar and did what I wanted, the touch Fripp, notes and riff, those notes, and see that hands as it moves at incredible speed while Toyah sing but while speaking about the strange music of these guys, listen to this recording and will shine.

Guitar Craft Anniversary
:: Posted by RichardCarlsen on March 25, 2015

Thirty years and a week or so ago I entered a room in a building outside of Charlestown, West Virginia and witnessed a man simultaneously tapping out a five count with one hand and a four count with the other. The atmosphere leaned over and took me into its confidence. An experience that I will never forget. Cheers, love, walnut and good wishes on the occasion.

Rick Carlsen 

Larks in popshop
:: Posted by ulrichspiegel on March 25, 2015

At the age of fourteen I was introduced to the Crimson universe when I heard 21stCSM on the radio - my mother who was in the same room did not appreciate it.
Then 40 years ago (or a bit later) German radio station SWR 3 played the whole of side 2 of LTIA in their show Popshop- yes, that was possible in those days. German Beat Club even had the Cross-Fripp-Whetton-Bruford-Muir line-up playing LTIA Pt 1 (as we all know from the KCCC edtion and the Larks box)
ITCOTCK was majestic and overwhelming but LTIA was not only a gate into the stranger, wilder and free sides of rock music but also made me free to listen to jazz and modern contemporary music.

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