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Wheres Pat M?
:: Posted by Bakullama on August 01, 2015

The Bonn Germany Live clip was great. But I wonder why the cameraman kept his lens away from Pat Mastelotto? Who next to Fripp is probably the most photogenic and good looking guy in this particular lineup, and very interesting to watch him drum? I watch a lot of Live concert footage and the drummer action scenes are often the most exciting. Maybe the guy could not get a good shot. Seems odd.

Year 2000 Crim!
:: Posted by emory0 on July 31, 2015

You see? This video only goes to prove my conjecture that the Double Duo is by some measures the best version of Crimson so far (there I said it). Thereís something very compact and almost economical to that band that the Double Trio didnít have: Almost like the Double Trio emitted an alpha particle and slimmed down. And this Germany clip is even before they developed the Power to Believe stuff.

Yeah, yeah, the new 7 piece Crimson is great. MAYBE itíll get as good as the Double Duo was, but the bar is high. But all versions of Crimson seem to take a while to gel and get up to their potential.

As for Belew-bashers, my latest crackpot theory is that Belew didnít have the kind of personality/personna they demand. But listening to his playing alone (forgetting his singing and songwriting) and you quickly realize Belew was quite the monster.

TCOL box??
:: Posted by GregK1 on July 31, 2015

Iím really hoping the reissue boxed set series continues into TCOL and The Power to Believe. That would be fantastic! Iíll take those over any 80s reissues, thanks.

Bonn 2000
:: Posted by david55 on July 31, 2015

Incredible to see this footage - the only chance to watch the Flying Fingers of Fripp do FraKctured on video?

Too bad some Belew-basher has already muscled in on the comments.

Latest soundscape series
:: Posted by jeremykeens on July 27, 2015

The european leg of G3 in 2004 is a great set - very short but sweet: and interesting to have other people joining Fripp for these concerts (and even hearing a bit of crowd noise).

Couple of questions
Any chance of the December 2005 or the Feb/Mar 2006 concerts becoming a tour download?It is nice to have the lot and the discount makes them more compelling.

And, whatever happened to soundscape sundays?

Soundscape Sundays was always intended as an occasional series but it will be back in the autumn for a fresh, regular run.

Prime meter love (Was: Prime meters)
:: Posted by dnewkirk on July 25, 2015

jfg, youíre going to be a busy fellow!

7 includes (bridge of) "Three of a Perfect Pair"; (refrain of) "Frame by Frame"; (end section of) "Lament"...keep digging!

Note the parentheticals. Many, many--most?--pieces employ multiple meters. Sometimes what we in the pleasant haze of memory might call out to a fellow correspondent as "5!" is actually pleasantly permuted in spots; for example, go count the first expository measure of LTIA2 after the intro -- the beginning of that first wonderful build in 5, in which we (thanks to the very recent DGMLive Channel LTIA2 Isolated Tracks posting, now more clearly) hear Robertís layering of multiple guitar parts. Ah, the introduction of that exposition is _not_ 5; thereís an extra beat or two. Might it be, in effect, fast 11, or "just 6"? (Iím going to enjoy figuring this out eventually myself, but I will say that having enjoyed the piece since is initial release I have so far managed to intentionally always save this particular delicious bit of frosting "for later"...) This not-5-at-first structuring is used at least once more in the piece.

And then thereís what the transcriptionist might write and what the composer/player wrote/intended/feels. Sometimes we bop along happily for decades "loviní that 7!" only to encounter sheet music that leadenly plots our favorite section as 3s alternating with 4s. _Well_, then...

And then thereís 7 that bounces (Gabrielís "Solsbury Hill"), 7 that drives ("Frame by Frame" and "Lament"); and 7 that (at least somewhat) menaces ("Three of a Perfect Pair"), and surely other implementations of 7 that flounce and pounce. Somehow 5 seems to be a better base for menace (center section of "Red"), but then I adore the tanks-driving-through-the-living-room terror of the center section of LTIA2 -- which, to me, counts as a syncopated 8.

Many are the paths to Love.

Best regards,


RIP John Taylor
:: Posted by ulrichspiegel on July 24, 2015

The great British pianist and piano teacher John Taylor (aged 72) died during a performance in France due to caridal arrest.
Robert Fripp and John Taylor can both be heard on David Sylvianís Gone to Earth recording (yet not performing during the same song).
I hope the Crimsons are in a good state of health!

THRAK boxxx et al.
:: Posted by ScottA on July 24, 2015

Getting amped as Davidís diary slowly ekes out information regarding the THRAKBOXXX and maybe Beat and 3OAPP.

And now a ConstruKction box too (maybe) next year...This has to be one of my favourite Crim lineups and tours and the one that still divides a lot of people never thought theyíd go for that one next. Wonder what it could possibly include (bootlegTV stuff?)

This years been great for KC and KC related stuff (especially Pat)

:: Posted by davidly on July 23, 2015

T-Levin, monster in eleven.

Dieter Moebius In Ewigkeit/ Forever!
:: Posted by Erik_Skysawed on July 23, 2015

Re: also previous post by davidly 22 july 2015

Cluster: Moebius - Roedelius... true originators
The link to this forum; without Moebius/Roedelius no ambient Eno as we know him, no Bowie/Pop Berlin Quadrilogy as we know it to be... with Cluster influence tracing all over ambient and spontaneous improvisation music, incl. The Orb.. slow music project..

I was fortunate to have been at Clusterís concert on 9 November 2009 in the Sophiensaele / Berlin-Mitte. I was there, as so were about 25 (!) others. I was fortunate to be so close to two true Meister doing their improvisation thing while sending back and forth, tape sounds, rhythms, even samples from CDs.. The best moments sucked me really into the music.. not even a latecomer be a disturbance.. who had to untie his boots and have a full meal of potato chips.. sitting next to me.

The next KC connection I noticed when reading Hans-Joachim Roedelius obituary on Clusterís Kvetchbook-page:


The first part is in english, but then a switch is made into german. I do not feel I am the right person to present an authoritative translation.. maybe a more competent person will do that eventually... otherwise have a go using Googleenglish.  Actually I had to read the text a couple of times to get -what I consider to be-  the true message

The text reveals that Roedelius regrets not having spoken to Moebius since their last split in late 2010. He also indicates the reason for the disruptive halt of their 40 year+ collaboration was triggered by a concert organiser..  looks like some of the destructive forces of the music business was in action.. However, this may not be the real reason for the last end of Cluster.

In between the lines I sense that it became more and more a tedious for them end of the 00s years to follow the free improvisation mode, as Moebius and Roedelius had been doing since they apprehended this from Conrad Schnitzler when they were Kluster. Instead an increased degree of repetition started to become a real threat for what they were considering to stand for as artists. Roedelius even speaks of a fall from grace for the Cluster fan community if they would have continued.

So basically it had been time (again) to pull the plug, as happened for Cluster before in the late 90s and in the early 80s. And here I see the parallel with the Mighty Beast. KC has had its active phases, followed by silent years. The bottom line  is that some working procedures have been steering the Mighty Beast in its different incarnations, maybe there some of these "way of doing things"  were there from the start late 1960s, maybe new procedures came into effect at later versions of KC.. but as far as I can sense RHVL pulled the plug of all previous versions of KC in an immaculate and timely fashion.

That and the drive to keep looking forward.

Moebius - Roedelius - Brian Eno - Robert Fripp -  Miles Davis - true Meister of the arts.
True figureheads for anyone for whom creativity is a mandatory ingredient of for what they stand for.


PS I have no opinion on the newest KC...  I basically skip any text / whatever snippet of sound/image one can grab from the web describing the newest Crimson ProjeKct,,, I also decided to NOT take off the cellophane seal of the live of the Orpheum CD/DVD.and listen to this.... These discs can wait ... after the Utrecht concert in September. 

The greatest gift KC gave me was hearing them in 2000 fully with open ears and mind..  without having heard /read anything about the latest incarnation of KC ..
Maximum Impact  - Maximum Experience - Maximum chance to get into the music.
As I had with Clusterís concert in 2009.

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