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What we all want!
:: Posted by Bakullama on March 05, 2015

So, some want Rock, some want psychedelia, others prefer hypnotic and moving, or dark, or soothing, or witty, shitty, loud and gritty.... Lucky for us this band delivers it all.

In 1999 I and a few others posted in this guestbook that King Crimson should try their hand at a blues type tune... Then came TCoL. I guess someone was listening. Lol. TCoL is still far and away better than most 20th century "rock" albums anyhow.

Let me get weird for a minute and say that I liken King Crimson to an exploratory satellite like Voyager... Exploring deep space... Going places no-one has dared to go before... Seeking out new life, exploring strange new worlds.... (As dearly departed Spock would say) And for almost 50 years now!!!. Hopefully I will live long enough to see what they discover next.
(Theremin sounds)

:: Posted by emory0 on March 05, 2015

""If itís still boring then you didnít play it loud enough." Ahh, I think I understand your criteria now."

I see the problem now: You HAVE criteria. Good (all?) music brings its own criteria and to fully enjoy the wide range of musics out there one must discard pre-existing criteria, no matter how pleasant the conditions of oneís local Bag End may be.

On the other hand, my favorite of Webernís 6 Pieces for Orchestra happens to be the funeral dirge (3?), so maybe you are right. Then again, Boulez was on fire that night. Anne Sophie Mutter playing the SHIT out of Bergís Violin Concerto didnít hurt either.

Re: TCoL...Boring?
:: Posted by DannyX on March 05, 2015

"This was the Guitar RRRROCCCK one always wanted from this band"...hmm, is that what I always wanted?

"If itís still boring then you didnít play it loud enough." Ahh, I think I understand your criteria now.

:: Posted by emory0 on March 05, 2015

"a damn boring album"

Wait, what?

Try blasting Frying Pan from a real system, not your lilí Mac speakers. This was the Guitar RRRROCCCK one always wanted from this band, now delivered in spades. If itís still boring then you didnít play it loud enough.

Also, pay careful attention to what Trey Gunn is playing: His playing style doesnít draw a lot of attention to itself, but when you actually listen to what heís playing all over this disc itís really amazing.

I actually think both TPtB and TCoL are better albums than any of the 80s records.

The Power to Believe
:: Posted by Headless_Horseman on March 05, 2015

Iím glad to see some love for my favourite King Crimson album. Part II is too beautiful for words, so I wonít bother. The album truly is a beautiful and frightening piece of work. I have a lot of love for this 2000 version of this band.

However, I think that little attack on The ContruKction of Light seemed completely unnecessary. Even though I think The ConstruKction of Light is brilliant, intense, and the most musically terrifying thing the band has done, that doesnít affect my opinion on this point. Itís a review of The Power to Believe, not The ConstruKction of Light. So why bother mentioning it?

:: Posted by Bakullama on March 05, 2015

I was hoping an interesting conversation could have come from the imagery / symbolism subject. But certainly this particular forum has no need or desire for such. And I should have known better.

The power to believe review seemed pretty on target. I often wonder if TCoL and TPTB could have been beautifully fused together as one, with the omission of certain tracks that seemed more suited to a great Belew solo Album.

Great songs, please donít misunderstand. But just did not feel fitting.
Prozakc blues
Oyster soup
Frying pan
Facts of life.
Potato pie... (Was not on either) but very Ade.

This post is intended for entertainment purposes only. And the opinions expressed are only opinions, and by their very nature are untrue, unless you agree with them, in which case they are true.

Vinyl orpheum
:: Posted by Bakullama on March 05, 2015

Count me as another who got that same email from amazon about the vinyl orpheum... I took the refund. Iím guessing the vinyl sold out pretty quick?

The Power To Believe review & the 'occult etc' comments!
:: Posted by Valhalla on March 05, 2015

A wonderful review indeed. I agree whole heartedly with the íreviewí of the TCOL album also. I personally think that album is Crimsonís lowest point in many ways, a damn boring album & the few tracks that are played on the Eyes Wide Open DVD, are suffice to represent itís better moments. TPTB was a much improved effort & that íliveí dvd I mentioned, is second to none for sound & filming quality. A Brilliant DVD!
On another topic, I enjoyed the comments a few days ago from both Bakullama & TheNightWatcher. I nearly jumped in myself there for a second, but thought that enough was said already. Cheers.

:: Posted by NoiseMachine on March 04, 2015


I received the same email from Amazon, and opted to stick it out. Anecdotally my band did a small vinyl release for our LP last year, and we had several issues that caused us to delay the release of the physical records for a few months. I am not implying anything about the way DGM or any other parties do business, but there may have been an issue which pushed the entire timetable back.

P Alexandria
:: Posted by DanAnderson on March 04, 2015

What impressed me about the gig was that Ade got sick so what did the boys do? Instead of giving up the ghost for the night, they went into P3 mode and cooked. Many other bands would have taken the night off. Impressive.

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