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The music of KC
:: Posted by gasmrv on December 21, 2014

Before the guestbook fades awayÖhow about some íinterestingí/ímeaningfulí posts? Please excuse the perhaps somewhat arrogant tone. I propose this: What is it about the music of KC that appeals to you (so much)? Hopefully people write something that goes beyond the usual "Man, I love this/that track/album".

For me, it is a band that has created music that explores/has explored (many) different facets of the human psyche in a way that no other band/musician I know of does/has done. The music of KC is not music I always (or often!) want to listen to, but when I do, it becomes more a need, ie (virtually) nothing else will do, and it not so infrequently has a very cathartic element to it, as if speaking to a person/friend who seems to understand very, very well what is going on.

An inspiration
:: Posted by Antonion on December 21, 2014

"You have to distinguish here between anarchy and anarchism: traditional notions of anarchy do without a ruler (if you look at political commentaries on anarchy and anarchism); and anarchism is a political condition where the society is sufficiently mature that everyone is, in a sense, their own personal ruler -  in other words, itís close to enlightenment.

Now, this may well be an aspiration..."

Robert Fripp

:: Posted by Mikhail664 on December 21, 2014

Arrangements and the Crimson drummer
:: Posted by albemuth on December 21, 2014

Thanks RickyM for those Groucho Marx verses.  Groucho will always and forever speak to the present moment! 

We wrote about many topics on this board, from audiophile issues (not a big interest for me) to the political-theological overtones in music (maybe too big an interest for me!).  One thing we might have talked about more is the technical or structural aspects of Crimson-Fripp music.  There is a lot to ask here but I will choose two simple things from the recent tour. 

1. There were many interesting changes of arrangement, but the most surprising to me was Red.  When I heard this in Philly, there were no bent guitar notes in between the phrases!  Instead, the drums filled the space.  I had a very interesting response to this.  On the one hand, I was thrilled.  For many years, I felt that the guitar bends were overdone by Belew and Fripp.  On the other hand, my ear was so very acclimated to those guitar fills that I found myself missing them.  In sum, it was a fascinating variation of Red, one that I always wanted to hear, but had a little difficulty "hearing."  A very Krimso experience! 

2. On a related note, did anyone else feel that this tour was the first time that the Crimson drummer was fully integrated into the band?  In the past, the modus operandi of the Crimson drummer seems to have been to run interference around the edges -- and sometimes the center! -- of the music.  This could be very thrilling, as in Brufordís work with KC, especially in the 1970s.  Fripp tried to get a new solution for this during the 1980s, but it seems to me that the idea got lost in moving from Discipline to TOAPP.  The 1990s and 2000s bands made only small adjustments.  But with the latest tour, there seems to have been a conscious decision to use a structured approach to the drums.  A poster here suggested, in a perceptive review, that the guitar craft idea of "circulation" was being employed.  Iíd be interested in hearing more about this.  But the bottom line is that with THREE drummers, the Crimson drummer never sounded more integrated into King Crimson!

shake it up!
:: Posted by andyfromozz on December 21, 2014

I have great respect for people who are prepared to shake things up a bit when the time is right. More positive energy to aim at new King Crimson I reckon! Thanks to all the interesting and well written posters from all over the globe, such passion!
May 2015 be a rockiní year for all...cheers andy from OZ x

Thank you, King Crimson!
:: Posted by ilgebra on December 20, 2014

With the guestbook about to fade into the sunset, Iíd like to take this opportunity to thank King Crimson, and Robert Fripp in particular, for reforming once again and for playing two of the greatest shows Iíve ever seen back in September. I did not expect to have an opportunity to see the band again and have always been thankful for any opportunity to hear them play.

Since night #1 at the Savoy in NYC on the Discipline tour, Iíve seen at least one show from every tour that passed through NYC. Iíve always appreciated anything the band chose to play--particularly improvs--and never came with any expectations or found myself disappointed that they did not play a particular song. But I do have my preferences and, although I would have enjoyed the new lineup no matter what they chose to play, hearing so many songs from the 1969 - 1974 period was beyond any joy I could have imagined and I am very appreciative.

I attended the Friday and Saturday night shows at the Best Buy Theater this past September. These shows will always occupy a special place for me. I hope that this isnít the last time that KC plays in the area but whether they move on to other parts of the world or return to NYC, I would like to express my gratitude for giving this great music another chance to be heard.

Need a caption contest...
:: Posted by DannyX on December 20, 2014

...for the look on Robertís face in the íLady and the Champsí ad.

Guestbook - RIP
:: Posted by RickyM on December 20, 2014

Well, it was only a matter of time. Change was (is) in the air since the summer of 2013 ... and now, some changes are about to take physical form in January 2015. Who knows fully what the future holds ... we can only hope, but Iím sure in the world of Crimson, it can only mean good things are to come (if history is any indicator).

Iím been following the guestbook pages since the inception (and ET before that), and music journals even before that. Iíve been touched by this entity called King Crimson since their debut, even seeing them as a young 16 year old at the Fillmore in NYC, November 1969.

Last September I had the privilege to be invited to the Albany NY íFriends and Familyí pre-show ... and I was so moved by the music once again, I attended the following two shows there as well. All were stunning, each unique, and all still resonate as I type this. That íothernessí that is King Crimson continues to exists. And it will continue, into the future, as it unfolds. Letís all hope we can be available when it appears once again.

To quote the late-Beatle Harrison: "All Things Must Pass", seems apropos, but doesnít give the complete story of the end of the guestbook in that title. Perhaps two short verses from two classic Groucho Marx lyrics sum things up more.

The first re: the state of the guestbook and the way in which commentary was (is) posted and then received and then re-commented on, gives a hint as to why the end is near for the guestbook:

íI donít know what they have to say
It makes no difference anyway
Whatever it is, Iím against it!
No matter what it is
Or who commenced it
Iím against it!í

And the second, re: the approaching end of the guestbook on Jan 12th 2015. After many years, (and Iím sure) some hard work by the DGM team, Sid (and others), and of course, RF, who provided this platform to appear and exist for us. Letís bit a fond farewell to all with this Groucho Marx gem:

íHello, I must be going.
I cannot stay,
I came to say
I must be going.
Iím glad I came
but just the same
I must be going.í

So, Happy Christmas to all and letís hope for a wonderful 2015 (and beyond). Long live the King!


Whinging and dopiness
:: Posted by markmmarkm on December 20, 2014

The underside of whinging about only a 40-minute forthcoming live CD is a love of King Crimson. But I apologize for being too dopey to know why that run-length was chosen -- and for any perceived whinging!

Thanks again to Robert et al.

In the creative leap, history waits outside.
:: Posted by davidly on December 20, 2014

1)  It would seem that just about everyone here understands that the decision to retire the Guestbook is not a frivolous one.  Thatís a solid leap toward an auspicious 2015!  That the Ribald Hearty Voracious Learner has taken it seriously enough to read everything herein these many years is also commendable Ė and understandable: Even if the only thing that actively discouraged all manner of graffiti in your entryway were that which was woven into the surface of your doormat, you, too, would just have to see what everyone had to spray.  Everything in moderation, right Sid? Thank you both for doing that for so long.  It cannot have been easy.
2)  If thereís a perfect gift in the spirit of the season of hard-earned but fleeting frivolity, itís the Vicar Drummer Jokes App.  And itís free, so even drummerís can afford it.

2b)  Has anyone else noticed an extra special je ne sais something about the Discipline knot as presented white on black on the DGM YooToobs?

3)  For the final time here, I wish all of you, Bredonboroughers & DGM Headquarters dwellers, Guestbook readers & contibutors (whether religious, superstitious, mixed or miscellaneous) a festive Solstice and Happy Hanukkah, likewise Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa and Hijrah, and a contemplative Bodhi Day. Also: my outspoken sympathy in memory of the death of Zarathustra, enjoy the Pancha Ganapati (of colo(u)rs), and Long Live Ashura! To anyone else north of the Torrid Zone: No worries. Itíll be warm again sometime between spring and summer.

2014)  Can it be that much progress has been made in the grief management department over the course of the preceding year? May it be so for all of us as we leap off one page and onto the nextÖ  Avaunt!

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