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66 Shades of Lipstick
:: Posted by albemuth on February 06, 2016

I have a big collection of old LP’s and tapes and, now and then, find time to listen to items I’ve neglected for a while.  Today I gave a spin to 66 Shades of Lipstick by Keith Tippett and Andy Sheppard.  It’s a fine disk produced by RF for EG, back in 1990, before the world ended.  I am not always fond of Tippett’s playing but here his jagged style is offset perfectly by Sheppard’s sax.  RF did an excellent job (to my ears) of balancing the sound.  I’m glad I have a copy of 66 Shades since it is hard to find.  It certainly is worthy of reissue.

:: Posted by mikefrost on February 05, 2016

Will KCCC42 be available to buy in regular brick and mortar record shops? Thank you. mail order only through Inner Knot only, Mike

New material featuring full lineup
:: Posted by jeremyooi on February 05, 2016

The new King Crimson lineup is such a powerful statement. There will never be King Crimson the legacy act, but a work in progress. Speaking of which, can we look forward to any studio work of King Crimson featuring the fantastic lineup? Seven is such a mythical number; King Crimson at present is like a beacon of white light; when refracted reveals a spectrum on which seven different basic colours can be discerned among others.

(Apologies if the question on new material has been answered before)

Wonderfully weird and wondering where the heck is RF?
:: Posted by AndrewJohn on February 03, 2016

...many moons ago I bought Pawn Hearts on vinyl. Only recently have I added various other VDGG albums that feature ’Legs Quiqley’ ....but please someone end my misery.

I pride myself on always being able to spot RF’s distinctive playing and tone on countless pieces. But his PH stuff still eludes me. Now well done to RF for keeping me guessing but I want to know..

(Where and in which tracks; minutes & secs in the usual form?...please)

Hi Andrew,
Here’s your handy cut out and keep RF / Pawn Hearts reference guide.

Timings taken from the 2005 CD reissue

Man Erg

from the section that ends “he tells me true...” 05.58 and an around David Jackson’s sax solo the plaintive high-ptiched notes gradually build to a crescendo, near 6.56.

A Plague Of Lighthouse Keepers

At around 8.38 Fripp adds little Moonchild-esque flourishes during the Presence Of The Night section and more audibly at 9.34 onwards.

“Would you cry if I died” section at 10.38 he chips in morse code notes and brings in a counter riff that goes up against the sax and keys at around 12.02 for a couple of bars.

Many people cite Fripp appearing in the “Camps of panoply...” section at around 20.18 but the Fripp-like sound is clearly Hugh Banton’s modified organ. Again, Banton is responsible for the majestic solo at 21.18 and not Fripp.


..good news..
:: Posted by AndrewJohn on January 28, 2016

..as we struggle with words labels positions players that come go and leave , lets just remember it’s the music we enjoy...

...and as a lucky punter today and early recipient in the UK I can re-assure you Dream Theater’s The Astonishing is.

High standards set early this year with new music for 2016 I fear but also very encouraging... keep going everyone...

Fripp on Heroes
:: Posted by Undergrounddriver on January 28, 2016

This really nice quote is from the new review on pitchfork:

But setting "Heroes" apart was the crucial addition of King Crimson guitar god Robert Fripp, who sprayed his signature metallic tone all over many of the album’s most memorable moments. According to legend, Fripp recorded all of his parts in one six-hour burst of wiry bliss and feedback, often just soloing over tracks he was hearing for the first time. That spontaneity—most of the album’s jam-based backing rhythm tracks were also recorded quickly, over just two days—is part of what makes "Heroes" live and breathe to this day. It’s an album that is constantly morphing, never static. As Fripp’s guitar is shooting electrical shocks, Bowie is bleating saxophone blasts, and Eno is summoning sonic storm clouds that pass as soon as they arrive.

Re: Fripp On Weird Album Shock!
:: Posted by richardrj on January 28, 2016

Nice to be reminded of that Mojo 50 Weirdest Albums readers’ poll from 2014.  Not sure what it’s doing in the News section, though.

Fripp sinfield
:: Posted by Bakullama on January 27, 2016

Ahhh yeah Cloudscapes... The power and the glory revisited, would be quite a treat for our diehard ears. Bring along the old mellotron and more... Fashion be damned!

I was also thinking about what the Russian fan asked concerning the many remasters being unnecessary and I think remasters are just great to have access to, but my funds are short (Bakullama hasn’t sold a CD since 2008 lol ) and I end up sadly passing on almost all of the remixes and masters.

College funds for my two little birds... Thats where my extra bucks go... Because it’s what they want.

All the hours spent remastering and remixing would ideally be spent creating new music, but bottomless pits of creativity we humans are not.

Final curtain . . .
:: Posted by cloudscapes on January 27, 2016

Many months ago Bakullama wrote that his wish would be for one last "Fripp/Sinfield" composition before KC ultimately calls it a day.  I, for one, second that.  With all due respect to Richard Palmer-James, Adrian Belew, and John Wetton, Sinfield is, in my eyes anyway, the KC lyricist.  His lyrics/poetry are every syllable a match for Fripp’s scores.  As the music revealed a rare intelligence, beauty, power, imagination, and even humor, so too did the lyrics.  It might be well nigh impossible to top "Islands" but I can think of no more fitting a finale to the life and times of this memorable band.  But wouldn’t it be lovely to hear one last go-round from these two . . .  Cheers!

KC mkVIII and Mellow II
:: Posted by DrDick on January 27, 2016

Wow, well I think I’d forgotten all about KC mkVIII, the fifth man and the rehearsals in 2004 with the proposal for a quintet with Trey and Tony in. All I can say is what a wonderful potential future that might have been and I look forward to more revelations from this period that eventually lead to a slightly different quintet in 2008. Now if only there was an active Crimson chronicler who could inform us all about this period through the medium of an updated book.... hint hint Sid :-)

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