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Kcrim Oslo
:: Posted by diffraKction on September 28, 2016

10,000 feet fun fair. Trying to tap their feet to the rhythm.
Trying to keep an eye on Pat, then Gavin. Back to Jeremy, when did Mel switch to sax. Sat memorized by Frippís spider fingers. Tony also makes it look easy (money) glad Jakko could join the fun of a Cirkus.

Really impressive set list.Thank You

Hope Jeremy had a happy birthday celebration

:: Posted by markmmarkm on September 27, 2016

Thanks for the downloads! A wonderful gift!

Radical action mp3
:: Posted by Gonzalo on September 27, 2016

First of all, cheers from Chile, still expecting the announcement of King Crimson in Chile, maybe next year... nevertheless we have adrian belew power trio + the aristocrats in november (itís something haha). Well, my request is where i can find mp3 of the Radical Action boxset, because i bought it, but i need mp3 for my car and cellphone, because iím moving house this week and probably i wouldnít have my blu-ray for a month (bad luck, transitory house).

Radical Action will be appearing on iTunes soon, Gonzalo.

$0.99 Flac vs freebie Mp3
:: Posted by jimbobaroonies on September 27, 2016

Hi DGM folks,

First of all, thanks for the 2016 Tour downloads. I was at Aylesbury both nights and its great to have this momento from the shows, brings it all back. Iím curious as to the uptake of $0.99 Flac vs freebie Mp3ís. Personally, on my lo-fi system which is a PC with on-board cound card and 5.1 Logitech Z 5300 speakers I cannot tell the difference between them but choose to suppport Robert and the boys by purchasing Flac (well actually I download both Flac and Mp3 versions, I donít know why but I just do). Fourty-two shows works out at approx £32 in total, seems very reasonable to me even if there is a free alternative. Anyway, just wondering if anyone has any insight as to the Flac uptake vs Mp3?



radiKal aCtion
:: Posted by DanielM on September 27, 2016

I am mainly writing to say that I have been greatly enjoying the visuals as well as the music on my Limited Edition copy of this newest box set. Brilliant versions, well mixed, of KC classics, as well as monstrously good, saxxed-up renditions of latter day tunes.
Are you sure, though, that the band pictured on the DVDís is actually King Crimson?  To be sure, the seated guitarist looks a lot like Mr. Fripp.... but for that, he seems to be having far too much fun!

re: Hoodoo
:: Posted by celaoreinim on September 27, 2016

Hoodoo was a piece that I wish this line-up would pursue more of...it was a sort of avant-jazz piece (think some of the stuff that John Zorn is known for) that starts with Rieflin in a conductor role. He lifted his sticks and hits a cymbal which cued RF and GH to improv, another cymbal crash had them stop...again cued in BR and TL + JJ...etc...i wish more games of this type were more present in the newer pieces; circulations, stop and goes etc.

:: Posted by Tatala on September 27, 2016

I saw King Crimson back to back nights at the Orpheum Theatre during their 2014 US Tour. On one of the nights, as an encore, they performed a brief instrumental, before launching into Schizoid Man. To be honest, I was unsure if this piece was improvised, or a work in progress. On the Internet, Iíve seen it sometimes referred to as Hoodoo. Yet it has not been featured on any of the current line-upís releases thus far (Live at the Orpheum, Live in Toronto, and the Radical Action box set).

I was just curious if there is any information about this particular piece. Was it an actual composition, or an improvisation? Was it ever performed again after the US Tour? And will a recording of it ever be released on CD or through the DGMLive website?

Just curious.

2017 Plans?
:: Posted by midwestdrums on September 26, 2016

To Sid,

I realize this is likely a premature question, but has there been any discussion of KC plans (touring or recording) for 2017? Iím particuarly hoping the band will tour the U.S. again...perhaps the Midwest territories...

To RF, and the rest of the band, congratulations on an amazing set ("Radical Action..."). Very happy fan here, and I wish the band much continued success!

Radical Action set
:: Posted by onthe3 on September 26, 2016

Thank you so much for this amazing record of the current Crimson. Itís beautifully put together and the idea to make it a "virtual studio album" is brilliant.

Wonderful to hear how far the band has progressed from the Boston shows so early on in the run. Thanks again!

re setlists and free tracks
:: Posted by jeremykeens on September 26, 2016

Again, thanks for these

I am hoping to create a flow similar to íaí concert for them and notice so far that they have all been from the second half of the show they were in (though Sailorís tale seems more usually in the first half but was in the second for that gig - looking for more first half ones - and even an intro soundscape would be great.


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