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Forthcoming DVD
:: Posted by brighton on July 25, 2016

I too really like the visual overlaying of the forthcoming DVD. You get to see the action simultaneously and this also reflects the multiplicity of the music.There is no strain trying to locate what is being played where and when as it is shown explicitly. Overlaying demonstrates the complexity of this mighty music!

Easy Money clip
:: Posted by andyfromoz on July 24, 2016

Thank to all at DGM for the wonderful appetite whetting clip of Easy Money! I too noticed a lot of criticism on YT about the overlay visuals but I liked them and it goes without saying how great the band played, but I have to mention Jakko, at first, I was in the "I miss Adrian" camp, but after viddying the clip, I have to give credit where itís due, Jakko sings his heart out and sounds every bit as powerful as JW did on the original, I like the vocalizing in the solo section too. I am so looking forward to my box set when it is released (pre-ordered already) along with the T-shirt, though I hope it fits...Iím a fat bastard.
Well done team! cheers:-) andy from oz

Re; Crimson drummers
:: Posted by Valhalla on July 23, 2016

As much as I like Gavin Harrison as a drummer & have witnessed him in action with Porcupine Tree a few times, I sometimes wonder if he is the right guy for the mighty Crimson? I wonder what it would be like with Pat Mastelotto on the main drummers throne & Harrison playing the percussion & all sorts role? I always liked Pat as the drummer/percussionist with the post Thrak Crimson.
It is the older classic era Crimson I am thinking about. The feel factor. Do any other Crimheads out there ponder this sort of íarrangementí, or is it just me thinking too much about it? Cheers.

The fabric of krim-time
:: Posted by albemuth on July 23, 2016

I wanted to add my "thumbs up" on the terrific Easy Money video.  The next CD-DVD release is, without doubt, essential.

People have lauded the performance but not so much the video shooting and production. Iím pleased with the whole kit and caboodle.  The shooting is probably as good as one could hope for from non-intrusive cameras.  The most intrusive camera ever might be the 1980s TV show Fridays; Uncle Bob makes a heroic effort and smiles for the camera as it bears down and circles around him.

Second, I think the production choice of overlaying images works very well.  I realize that some people would like to see every detail of the Frippwork, but that would almost take us back to Fridays.  Besides, this choice stresses the overall fabric of the sound, which seems appropriate for a KC that puts teamwork first.  By overlaying the images, we do not have to choose this musician, then that one, then the other one.  Or put it this way: the video calls attention to Frippís masterful phrasing in relation to the rest of the band.  That really is something to smile about!

KC on the Highway
:: Posted by KittyB on July 23, 2016

This just a request. How about combining two of my favourite things in life?

I think a King Crimson Cycling jersey would be sooooo cool. Led Zeppelin did a number of them, alas, theyíre no longer available. But the thought of a nice 50 mile ride with KC on the iPod and on my shirt, wellÖÖ.

Easy Money Clip
:: Posted by emory0 on July 21, 2016

Can I first of all say once again that I miss Adrian Belew in Crimson? I donít think thereís anyone else in the world who could play guitar like that and write and sing. And a truly fun, magnetic presence on stage.

That said the Easy Money clip reminded me once again of how much there is to love in the post-Adrian King Crimson: We get to hear Robert play his ass off, which there wasnít a lot of room for in Adrianís King Crimson. What a great clip and what a great solo.

Easy Money in Japan
:: Posted by Progrockdude on July 21, 2016

Iíve gotta say, so far this is the only video footage I saw, and I was blown away. And the download I got of Easy Money in Toronto? This EASILY blows that version out of the water like itís not even funny. CANNOT WAIT FOR MORE CRIMSON GREATNESS!!!

Re; Easy Money clip
:: Posted by Valhalla on July 20, 2016

Wonderful to watch some live Crimson in action. Incredibly excited to purchase this dvd upon itís release! The Crimson concerts filmed in Japan are some of the finest videos out there, in my opinion. It looks & sounds grand indeed! Bravo.

RE: Dylan phonies
:: Posted by snkzato1 on July 19, 2016

I can empathize with the majority of your post, as it does suck when the audience seems more interested in their own conversation than the show, but your last sentence threw me off.

"Iím wondering whether a passing grade on a questionnaire should be required before tickets are released: "Name your 3 favorite Bob Dylan Songs that appeared on albums after 1990."

Now, I am assuming you wrote this in partial jest, but still someoneís fandom should never be the gateway to attending a concert. Heck, if I was quizzed like this before seeing the Orchestra of Craft Guitarists last month my response would have been "I think they cover King Crimson songs sometimes" and flunked out. Sometimes people go to shows to discover new acts, or learn more about ones they barely know about. Frankly, sometimes the íhardcoreí fans are the most annoying, boring you endlessly with boring details about íthat one time they played Stairway to Heaven at The Gardení.

Iíve been reading about new tech that may help fight against phones, such as signal jamming bags or Appleís apparent new patents they are working on. I think that may be a little draconian as sometimes texting can be really helpful at a rowdy show, but fair enough it is still frustrating that enjoying the music at a show must be so taxing.

...BB in KC years...
:: Posted by AndrewJohn on July 19, 2016

...I recall the excitement...and also have my own original collection of paper cuttings...

The Autobiography by BB is a great read and one I am sure any person committed to hard work, diligence and sacrifice in their working life can easily relate to. Itís also joyous, fun and reflective of a man who has provided us with so many thrills with his music.

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