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Hotel Modestlty Acceptable, Glasgow.

Rising from an eventful night, reforming King Crimson. While in discussions with T Lev, Adrian Belewbeloid and the promoter, the promoter announced our 70 dates in November and December. Did this include Christmas, I wondered? I was seriously committed to the reformation and yet - here it was all over again: plans made without much consideration for the players’ quality of life. Well. Something of a relief to rise at 06.00.

Morning reading…

… at the breakfasting trough…

Main industry news of the week: the proposed UMG acquisition of EMI. UMG is presenting arguments about the advantage to the whole of the industry, in a digital world, of their takeover.

Regular readers to this Diary may recall mentions that UMG continues to make available KC downloads from KC’s Sanctuary period…

1.     Despite the Sanctuary contract explicitly negating download rights.
2.    Despite a letter from a UMG lawyer acknowledging that UMG/Sanctuary have no downloads rights to KC…

Dear iTunes,

I confirm that Universal / Sanctuary does not have rights to exploit these albums digitally and they should not have been delivered to i-Tunes by Universal / Sanctuary. I am endeavouring to ensure that this does not happen again.

In the meantime, I confirm that you should take down these albums as soon as possible. Please ask your legal team to contact me if they have any queries about this.

Please could you ensure that I am notified when this has taken place.

Thank you for your assistance Regards

Mr. Useless, Senior Business Affairs Manager, Sanctuary Records Group Limited, 1, Sussex Place London W6 9EA

3.    Despite Clive Fisher, former Power Possessor at UMG UK assuring David Singleton and myself by telephone that UMG’s foolproof system DAVE would prevent any further downloads by UMG (this in 2009).

Meanwhile, despite the despites, UMG continues to make the material available.

If UMG has no control at all, of one relatively small artist it formally acknowledges it should not be making available for download, how does UMG hope to inspire confidence that it can manage a rather-more-conplex-undertaking such as acquiring EMI? UMG to chart a bright new future for the music industry in the digital age? Ring-a-ding-ding, Baby Blue. Time to reach for an Own-Up Form.

10.15    To pack, load the car, and then a MinxWalk around the area before setting off around noon.

19.38    Hotel Quite Acceptable Of The Contemporary Variety, Gallowgate, Newcastle.

A MinxWalk I…


… and leaving Glasgow c. 12.25, arriving here some three hours later. An acceptable hotel…

… that opened last September, not ideally situated I…


… but with a buzzy, contemporary feel. Lunching in the sports-bar type restaurant-bar…

… with sprousy, short-skirted waiter-persons in attendance.

An afternoon of computer-frenzy while T rested up for her evening gig.

20.30    T has set off for her show. Computing furiously here.

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